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The social justice movement is (depending on which “side” you are on) either a way to reduce the gross disparities in income between rich and poor (along with a host of other social inequalities) or a Neo-Marxist attempt to destroy Western Civilization.  The truth is somewhere between.

In 1949 George Orwell wrote his famous book 1984, in which he postulated what the world would look like 35 years later. Orwell saw the rise of fascism, Naziism, and intolerance, and speculated that if present trends continued from 1949, the world would eventually turn into a vast surveillance/police  state, which he nicknamed “Big Brother.”

The world HAS turned into a surveillance state, led by big tech giants Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, etc., who monitor our communications 24 hours a day. I just saw an Apple commercial for a new “feature” – retinal scanning – which would allow your retinal patterns to be transferred to a database somewhere. That database is likely sitting somewhere in an intelligence agency. We already know that apps like WeChat (which is being used by President-for-life Xi Jinping to create a police/surveillance state in China) and Facebook, and mobile technology, monitor us all the time. Facebook was founded on the same day, in February 2004, that DARPA’s Project Lifelog was terminated (look this up). Big Tech is essentially a tool of the intelligence community. Google’s goal is to collect information on everything and everyone everywhere in the world, and they are doing a good job of that!

So part of Orwell’s nightmare is already happening. But this is the last gasp of the dark army. It will eventually fail. It was begun in the old energy, before December 2012, and must play out in the new timeline. The point is that lightworkers need not be afraid of something that must run its course.

It is instructive to examine the tools used by those with dark agendas. The battle on earth at present is not one between  good and evil, it is one between light and dark. But the battle is being framed as one between good and evil (see my post “Good vs. Evil – Light vs. Dark” on this blog). The “good vs. evil” debate is guaranteed to spawn hatred and contention. That’s the goal of the dark army.

The social justice movement (regardless of its origins, which was probably from the generosity of classic liberalism) has unfortunately morphed into a contentious philosophy that pits victims versus oppressors. Victims are now entire classes of people: women, African Americans, Hispanics, LGBTQ+ – anyone who is considered a “minority.” Oppressors are usually old white guys like me, or entire philosophies like capitalism. The social justice movement now sees capitalism, and even Western civilization itself (which after all was largely built by white guys) as inherently racist and oppressive.

There is little room for discernment, or intelligence, or reasonableness here. It is a worldview based entirely on materialism, which is the hallmark of the dark army. The value of persons  no longer depend on their qualities or abilities, but on their bodies, their skin color, their sex. Those who do not conform have committed what Orwell called thoughtcrime. A thought crime, according to the Oxford Dictionary site, is

a word used in the novel to describe the act of thinking socially unacceptable thoughts or holding opinions that are ideologically distinct from The Party’s.... Thought police, the term for the group in Nineteen Eighty-Four that monitored the populace for any signs of unorthodox thought or action, has also become popular to signify any organization that attempts to suppress freedom of thought.

Source: Oxford Dictionaries, “A look at Orwell’s Newspeak,” https://blog.oxforddictionaries.com/2014/09/30/george-orwell-newspeak/

Intelligence is the ability to discern differences between things. The social justice movement in its present form negates the necessity for original thought, objective observation, and discernment. Oppressor classes are automatically racist (or inherently have other pejorative qualities); victim classes are inherently non-racist and socially acceptable.  In Orwell’s book, The Party used the language of doublespeak and newspeak to gradually dumb down populations, so that citizens could be easily manipulated and controlled.

Here is what the Oxford Dictionary site has to say:

Newspeak intended not only to force the populace to conform their thoughts and ideologies towards those of The Party, but to make it impossible to even conceive of any other point of view. For example, one character in the novel mentions that one of The Party’s most chiefly known slogans, “Freedom is Slavery,” will eventually change; for when Newspeak has reached its goals, the very idea of Freedom as defined in this fashion would be impossible for the populace even to imagine. Other Newspeak words illustrate such attempts to control thought and even the populace’s ideas about reality itself: doublethink, for example, means to hold two contradictory beliefs to be true, but without any cognitive dissonance, allowing one to be unaware of actual contradictions. The slogans of The Party, “War is Peace,” “Freedom is Slavery,” and “Ignorance is Strength,” are perfect examples of this phenomenon. Doublethink as a concept is what allows the totalitarian party to thrive without collapsing in on itself: for example, members of The Party can commit acts they know to be immoral while accepting the idea that no act they commit could possibly be immoral.


Does this sound familiar? Examples of doublethink and newspeak are abundant in today’s political landscape. On both “sides.” Here’s one example: https://pjmedia.com/trending/ideological-enforcement-twitter-blocks-heritage-foundation-director-over-trans-sports-tweet/  Personally, I couldn’t care less about the Heritage Foundation or their opinions. But the article illustrates some of these Orwellian concepts that are taking hold in society.

In Orwell’s 1984, discernment by the population was frowned upon, for intelligent people see the difference between freedom and tyranny. Dictators don’t like this! In the US today, the fake “good vs. evil” debate perpetuates Orwell’s degenerative Newspeak ideas. People are automatically racist or evil depending on their body type, or what they believe, if it contradicts the prevailing ideas as promoted in mass media. It’s a great way to negate the principle of free speech, and religious principles such as freedom of belief. This, again, is the work of the dark army. Dictators and totalitarian governments throughout history have suppressed and banned free speech and freedom of belief and religion. It is happening all over the world today.

But there is a solution to this madness for individuals, as I pointed out in the last post. Good and evil are entirely subjective and will lead to pointless, never-ending arguments and conflict. But light and dark transcend “sides.” It is easy to see whether a person is exercising tolerance, compassion, and love. It is easy to see whether a person demonstrates hatred and intolerance. People are not inherently anything (except children of God)  – because every human being has free will. Therefore, each individual can change his or her mind at any time.

Having your entire life and person pigeonholed into a simplistic category such as “racist” because you believe a certain way, or you have a certain sex or body type, is hurtful. But it is understandable, which I will explain in a second. Being categorized as a “victim” is also hurtful to those with ability and higher consciousness, so it works both ways.

Such narrow-minded accusations suit those who hate – but remember that the primary quality of those in darkness is ignorance and a lack of discernment. Let’s take the viewpoint of the light here! One might say that those who hate aren’t evil at all, but are merely operating on a lack of information that results from lower consciousness.  They have little discernment and can’t see past simplistic white and black categories. Nuance, which comes from discernment and higher consciousness, is lacking. Therefore, responding with hate to hate will only exacerbate the situation for you and for them. Behind the newspeak and the thoughtcrime and the doublespeak and the accusations and the intolerance is stark, raving, fear. People who do this are genuinely troubled.

The job of the lightworker is to spread light, but it gets hard sometimes. However, if you can make the distinction between the false good-evil paradigm and the light-dark paradigm, life gets a little easier.