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For the past 5,000 years the human race has been operating on the principle of karma. Karma is an energy that pushes you into situations in order to resolve issues that crop up from lifetime to lifetime. On a planet where people routinely lived only 50 years or less (80 years within the last century) there is never enough time to learn anything or gain wisdom. Just when you begin to get enough experience and you are starting to figure things out, it’s time to take a dirt nap. The spiritual system that has evolved, then, is to resolve issues in previous lifetimes during the next lifetime. When a human being incarnates the next time around, he or she picks up the energy (karma) from all previous lifetimes. There is a proclivity, or a set-up (karma) that pushes you willy-nilly to meet people and to become involved in situations that give you the opportunity to resolve the karma from previous lives. Before the Shift the veil was so thick, and lifetimes have been so short, that karma was really the only system that gave any chance to bring light into the darkness of a civilization that descended from cavemen.

I gave an example of this in a previous blog post, about a guy who gets robbed by two footpads, so I won’t repeat it. All of the issues of karma come into play in this example, which is typical of situations people find themselves in, lifetime after lifetime. Almost always they don’t involve robbery, but they do involve issues that everyone faces: problems with the boss or a co-worker, problems with mother-in-law, sister, or brother, difficulties with women or men in relationships, problems with money; the list is practically endless.

Karma is a Spiritual System

Karma is a spiritual system because it gives all involved an opportunity to resolve these issues. Very often these issues are not resolved because spiritual awareness is so low, and more karma builds up (see the example of the robber). However, every so often a miracle occurs and someone will become self-aware and bring light into the situation. When this happens, the karma resolves for all beings involved, and can even resolve karma connected with the issue for  previous lifetimes. Thus progress is made, even if it is slow and painful. However, sometimes karma builds up to such a degree that an entire civilization is destroyed (such as in Atlantis) and the process has to start all over again. On a smaller scale, nations or empires rise and fall because of karmic buildup. When a nation collapses it has simply built up too much unresolved karma and the culture implodes.

The point is that karma is a spiritual system for advancement. It is often thought of as a curse for humanity. When something bad happens people sometimes say, “My karma brought me this.” Well yeah, but on a planet with such a low consciousness, how are you going to advance the species? On a planet where people think that fighting and violence is the only way to resolve issues, where a desire for power or influence is regarded as the highest attainment, and where most people believe themselves to be meat bodies, karma is the best spiritual system possible, particularly when free will is in operation. Karma is a spiritual system that can bootstrap a civilization up the ladder to greater awareness by offering the possibility to make enlightened decisions. On a planet with over 7 billion people, it happens billions of times every day. Therefore karma is not a negative, it’s a positive.

The importance of the Shift is that our civilization actually resolved enough karma over the past 5,000 years that we were able to make it past the threshold point of destruction. This only happened very recently, around 2012 during the completion of the 26,000-year precession of the equinoxes (which is what the Mayan Long Count calendar was all about).

The more people on the planet, the greater the opportunity for more positive life decisions to be made. Because light penetrates darkness it is more powerful. Therefore a relative handful of persons compared to the rest of the population have made (and are making) a huge impact on the planet’s spiritual balance.

Now we are headed off into unknown waters, but those dangers do not include a destruction of civilization. The balance of light and dark has shifted now in favor of the light. This doesn’t mean we are home free at all, but it does mean we have a much stronger potential to create peace on earth and to begin the process of actually building a planetary civilization that cooperates and recognizes its higher potential.

Old and New Souls

The Akash – the record of all thoughts, intent, and actions from all lifetimes – is, however, filled with the karma built up over the millennia. Fortunately, the population buildup has resulted in 5 billion or so “new” souls who only have a few lifetimes here. Therefore the karmic accumulation in the vast majority of souls is low, and can be changed rather quickly in comparison to “old” souls, who have hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes on the planet. And so, old soul, the clearing of your karma is the most important thing you can do, for the greatest source of the old energy is us! Old souls not only have more light to shine out into the world, but also more karma to clear.

It is almost certain that if you are reading this you are an old soul, for old souls are interested in esoteric and spiritual subjects. That’s because we’ve been here so many times we have a lot invested in how it turns out. In the higher vibration after the Shift, the Akash speaks to us: old feelings, thoughts, and intentions boil to the surface and we don’t know where they come from. It’s just old karma coming up to be cleared, like when you open that old closet door and junk comes spilling out into the hallway. You can either trip over that old stuff every time you want to go somewhere, or you clear it out of the way.

There is good news, however. The shift in the balance of consciousness has made it possible for individuals, and even cultures and nations, to completely eliminate karma as a method of spiritual advancement. This means that even after millennia of war, by using pure intent, we can clean up the Akash in our personal lives. If enough of us do this it will have a profound effect on the planet, for Gaia’s consciousness is tied to human consciousness. The Bible tells us that man was given dominion over the earth, which just means that the planet and the life upon it was set up to advance the human race and provide a system that would advance consciousness here. I’d imagine that this setup is common to many planets out there in the galaxy.

The key is raising awareness on a collective basis to the tipping point, where people recognize the stupidity of war and fighting. When the collective Akash of humanity is cleaned up enough it will change belief systems. Right now the vibration of the planet is still mired in conflict and war, but that is changing. Waiting for us in the planetary grids are laws of physics and medicine that will allow us to tap clean energy safely from the quantum vacuum, and medical breakthroughs that will completely eliminate disease. These templates of knowledge, however, can’t be accessed until the collective vibration reaches a certain threshold.

The keys to this new knowledge are vibrational ones. The “door” behind which these new discoveries wait is a vibrational door, because we live in a vibrational universe. ALL progress is dependent on advancing spiritual awareness of who we are. As long as humanity is mired in a paradigm of scarcity and unworthiness, and believes in the stupidity and denseness of materialism, we will struggle at a low level of knowledge, but as soon as we raise our vibration enough these discoveries will open to us. In other words, getting past a primitive, polluting, and inefficient fossil fuel economy is directly dependent on raising consciousness.

The spiritual system of karma was the best possible one during the old paradigm, but is outdated after the Shift. A person’s karma can now be fully resolved in this lifetime. How can this happen? First, by realizing that it’s possible. Second, by the use of affirmations and pure intention. Free will allows us to make these choices, but we will make them only if we begin to understand the power of consciousness and co-creation. This stuff used to be esoteric and almost nonsensical to many before the Shift; it was a pipedream in a world of low consciousness dominated by the foolishness of materialism. But we made it out and now it’s possible.

The Cycle of Birth and Death

What is an “old soul?” I have always thought of karma, and the Cycle of birth and death, as a very linear, straight-forward, one-way street. The explanation I’ve always heard is that you live a lifetime, time passes, you go back home, you try again the next time during the next incarnation. I’ve always thought of past lives like a string of Christmas lights wired in series; first you live lifetime A at time A, then you live lifetime B at time B, and over a long, long time you have a very experienced being that has had a ton of experiences. You could have 1,000 lifetimes on earth in this way, gaining experience, knowledge, and wisdom in each separate lifetime.

But this way of looking at spiritual evolution now seems a bit myopic to me. It is completely linear and time-based, which is the way we experience time on earth. However, the all-that-is isn’t linear; it’s dynamic, quantum mechanical, and inter-dimensional. Out of the physical universe there is no time, because Spirit sees everything at once. What is really happening, I believe, is that when you terminate your physical expression you go back to the One and reunite with all of the “pieces,” or aspects, of yourself (selves). You are actually living every lifetime all at once from the POV of your non-physical, Higher, self. In other words, when you come back from this lifetime you meet up with all of your Expressions that have been living lives on the earth timeline at the same time. One piece of you goes into lifetime A, the other into lifetime B, and so on. Because this is all happening at the same “time” from the non-physical POV, every single lifetime immediately affects every other one. “Past” “present” and “future” are irrelevant concepts. If you, in lifetime 233, have a breakthrough, that will affect all of your other lifetimes concurrently. If you have a breakthrough in lifetime 878 (the present lifetime, say), it affects all of your other “past” and “future” lives simultaneously, quantumly.

So an “old soul” isn’t a being who has lived many previous lifetimes one after the other on some linear timeline, it’s a being who IS living multiple lifetimes all at once. An old soul is “bigger,” meaning the old soul is capable of splitting off more and more of himself/herself to incarnate into the physical universe. As the planet evolves spiritually, more and more beings gain more and more experience and power. More and more are able to live multiple lifetimes at the same “time.” So when you have your life review, all the “pieces” of you come back together and you see how in lifetime 345 you did something really good, but how you messed up big-time in lifetime 27. When you go again, all 878 “pieces” of you go back onto the timeline simultaneously to try again. The system, in this way, is basically a “re-do” or a reboot of the entire timeline of your presence here on the planet.

The potentials for each lifetime are known because of the Akash, which is an experiential record of every soul that has/will ever come here. These experiences can be analyzed and “set-ups” can be constructed to maximize the spiritual potential of all souls who incarnate on the planet. Before the Shift this had to be done with Karma: there was so little awareness that for the common good you had to be “shoved” into situations in order to resolve them. But now, with awareness rising, it’s possible to vacate that karma and set up an entirely different paradigm, or configuration space, for the evolution of the planet and humanity. This is something really, really new and we gotta get used to the idea that life is dynamic and quantum mechanical, not linear. For old souls this is going to be a lot harder than for the young “kids.” (The age of your physical body has nothing to do with it.)

Right now there are a lot of “young souls” who aren’t experienced enough to split off too many times, so you have a lot of beings here for the first or second or third time. Newbies. That’s how the population rose from 2 billion in 1926 to over 7 billion in 2011. Lots of beings, apparently, wanted to come here during the denouement of this 26,000-year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes, but they don’t have a lot of experience on earth. So we got a huge population explosion, and a lot of people who aren’t quite with it yet. The advantage of this is that most of the planet has very little karma build-up.

You don’t get 5 billion more people by accident. Something this monumental isn’t a “coincidence.” The planet earth right now is apparently a pretty big deal.

This explains why the present lifetime after the Shift is so important. Because all souls on this planet are living their past lives concurrently, they are all inter-connected. The Shift has allowed us, in the present life, to make huge spiritual gains and affect all of our other lifetimes, both past and future ones.

In effect, every soul who isn’t a total Newbie (first-timer) is a collective, or group, consciousness. Old soul, there are more than one of “you” living concurrent lifetimes.

Joe Schmoe Has a Conversation with His Higher Self

Joe Schmoe comes back Home from lifetime 878 (the present for us) after doing nothing important his entire life. The few friends he had thought Joe was pretty much a nonentity, and Joe thought that about himself as well. In this lifetime Joe was taking a vacation. He didn’t give a crap about the Harmonic Convergence, or Y2K, or spiritual advancement, or metaphysics. Ten years before he “died,” one of his friends dragged Joe into a spiritual conference where somebody was channeling. Joe thought the whole thing was hilarious; all he saw was a self-promoting charlatan sitting in a chair, pretending to be a psychic. He could hardly prevent himself from laughing out loud, especially at all the dupes in the audience. After it was all over his friend said, “Wow, wasn’t that great?” and Joe said, “That was the biggest bunch of bullshit I’ve ever seen.” Anyway, ten years later, Joe takes a dirt nap. Just after he breathes his last breath he sees a whole bunch of people he is intimately familiar with but almost all of whom he has never seen before in his life. These people are all congratulating him on his life. Joe’s first thought is, “What the f---? I’m supposed to be dead!”

The conversation goes something like this:

“Who are all of you people?”

Joe recognizes the guy who was channeling at the meeting ten years ago. “It’s OK you thought it was stupid. You were taking some time off.”


“Hi Joe!” Joe sees a beautiful woman who strangely reminds him of his grandma Jessie.

“Are you... no, it can’t be! You’re supposed to be old!”

“Grandma” Jessie laughs. “Oh no, Joe, angels don’t get old.”

Joe is confused but his whole being is infused with a sense of love, joy, and well-being. When Joe was perplexed on earth he automatically reached for a beer, but he realizes for the first time that he doesn’t have a body anymore. Joe isn’t used to feeling this good. He’s used to thinking of himself as a zero. “Where am I?” he asks.

“You’re home, Joe.”

Joe looks around and feels a fantastic feeling of connection with everyone there. He can’t believe it. Joe didn’t have many friends when he was on earth, but there are so many people here patting him on the back he feels like a hero.

After he gets acclimated, Joe gradually gets to know everyone. Suddenly he understands that a lot of those present are HIM.

“So that’s what you meant about the Higher Self,” Joe says to that part of him that was the channeler.

“Yup, that’s it.”

“I don’t understand the purpose for my life,” Joe says, realizing how dense Joe Schmoe used to be.

“Oh, don’t worry Joe. You were there at that meeting so that another person in the audience felt comfortable, because she was just as skeptical as you. After you talked with her and joked around, she had an epiphany at that meeting.”

The Great Experiment

Joe gradually understands that all of the “pieces” of him are engaged in a gigantic planetary experiment, a test of free will the results of which have a profound effect on everything in the universe. As he gets to know all of his aspects Joe feels a sense of power and wisdom. As he integrates back with himself Joe feels like God, and understands how important he is to the rest of the universe. He understands that he is an old soul, original to the planet, and that by splitting himself off into so many pieces he is able to carry his light all down the timeline of the human race. Joe understands that there is a purpose for everything, that the universe is intelligent, and that nothing happens by accident.

Joe feels great love for himself and for all life everywhere. He is greatly admired for the work he has already done and at this point his feeling of self-respect is unlimited.

Joe sees that he is one soul of billions that are associated with the planet earth and that every incarnated being is part of a gigantic human family. He sees that earth is just one of quintillions of planets in the universe with intelligent life, and that each planet has its own family of souls, and that they are all engaged in a monumental universal experiment. Joe is so happy he would probably have crapped his pants if he were still human.

After a while he meets with a being who is responsible for meeting and greeting souls who “die” and sending off souls who are ready to be born again. Even though Joe is reveling in a feeling of power and joy, he begins to get excited about “going back in” for another try. All 878 of his physical Expressions (for Joe is fully re-integrated with himself now) are chomping at the bit, ready to see if they can raise the vibration of earth a little more and enhance the evolution of all life in the universe. Joe sees how magnificent the Creation is, and the memories of his troubles and sorrows on earth have been long forgotten. He understands how trivial they are, even though they seemed monumentally important when he was just Joe Schmoe.

Joe finally understands that what he used to think was an insignificant, rubbishing little life actually had immense importance because he made thousands of important decisions that had the potential to change the balance of light and dark on the planet.

Joe understands that misery and sorrow are all self-fulfilling prophecies, and that after the Shift on earth, when he comes back in again, he will remember a lot more about the between-lives area the next time around. He will be able to have a greater influence all along the timeline and enhance his own life and the lives of everyone on the planet. Joe looks forward to peace on earth and being part of the blossoming of the human race, which now has a chance to finally realize its true potential.

Joe begins the process of “splitting” again, and says goodbye to all of his aspects before incarnating in another human body.

But this time around it’s going to be a lot easier.