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Honesty vs Duplicity

What is the difference between integrity and criminality?

The difference is that one is open and confident, the other requires secrecy and results in insecurity. Before one decides to abandon integrity there is already a pulling away from trenchant and correct observation. Secrecy requires a veil of obscurity.

For example, an honest business person keeps a set of books that describe the activities of the business. An honest person would never think of keeping two sets of books, because he or she wants an accurate representation of his business.

A criminal, on the other hand, keeps two duplicate sets of books. One to show the tax man, the auditor and the stockholders, the other he hides. He must hide the second set, because behind the veil of secrecy he is engaging in illegal activities, or cheating his customers or stockholders in some way.

Secrecy always results in a lowering of intelligence.

This is because secrecy obscures truth.

Double–dealing is perfect word for such a fellow, for his stock in trade is confusion and obfuscation. This occurs through unnecessary duplication.

Geometrically speaking, open–ness is the One, and duplicity is the two.

Funny how that works, is it not, for without two–ness a universe could not exist! A universe by definition must involve polarity, or “double–dealing.” In mitosis, a cell divides, creating a duplicate cell. There is nothing wrong with this, unless the intent is to hide or confuse.

In a cancer, for example, cell division occurs too rapidly, creating too many new cells in a disorganized fashion, killing the organism. Ordered division or duplication is growth, unordered duplication is chaos and illness.

Integrity is strength, for an honest person sees clearly, with open eyes. Duplicity is weakness, for it sullies and pollutes perception, weakening conviction and intention. Intention to harm may be powerful, but it is always misdirected! Thus the seeds of destruction are contained within the criminal.
Lets make a diagram of this:

You ––––––––––––> A.

You create some thing –– a business, a product, whatever. You are totally open and transparent. Anyone who looks at A can see that its is A with no hidden agendas. Everything is up front. You are proud of what you have done, and you want everyone to see it.

Shady character Jake the Snake also creates something:

Jake ––––––––––> A

But Jake has ulterior motives. He’s trying to fool people. For Jake, his business is just a cover for some hidden agenda. Maybe he’s a politician who likes power, and he’s trying to sell his political campaign as something that will “help the people” or “move the nation forward.” Maybe he’s an embezzler who keeps two sets of books. What happens?
There are now TWO creations, not one: the front, and the hidden:

Hidden Duplicate A

Two poles set up an energetic gap. If two things were exactly the same, they would BE the same thing. Therefore, A and Hidden Duplicate are different and there is an energy imbalance, causing a flow between them.

But of course, people look at A and say, “there’s something fishy going on here.” That’s because Jake isn’t open and honest about his business. He’s got two sets of books. People pick up on what he’s trying to hide! When you look at Jake, you can FEEL the energy moving from A to Hidden Duplicate and back again. It exudes out from Jake’s every pore, no matter how hard he tries to hide it. That fake smile doesn’t fool an honest being! The best crime fighters can pick up on this energy and it will lead them to Jake’s second set of books, and he winds up in jail.

Because Jake is lying, he has to create another lie to support the inauthentic structure he has built. When George Bush lied about WMD’s in Iraq, he had to create another lie: that Saddam was linked to Al–Qaeda. Then when that was exposed, he created another lie, and another, and another…that’s what happens when you are not open and transparent. Your lies create more and more lies, and more and more energy begins to flow between them. Soon you have a structure that is, like a cancer cell, totally out of control:

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This is duplication in the form of duplicity.
When you create something that is open and transparent, however, order and logic results. This is how the universe itself is built. Healthy cells divide and grow with perfect order. Atoms come together based upon geometric order.

Lying and cover–ups are what Marx and Lenin called the Dialectic:
Thesis–antithesis–synthesis. The Leninist model, however, is built upon duplicity and deception. The thesis is the apparency: A. The hidden agenda is the antithesis, B. This leads inevitably to a synthesis built upon falsehoods, each of which requires the creation of another falsehood:

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In this diagram, each synthesis takes Jake further away from the truth. Chaos and disorder is the inevitable result. Jake begins to feel very uncomfortable, and he can’t figure out why. Because he is trapped in his lies, Jake’s solutions always revolve around his current vibration, and never result in a good solution.

Example: The economy is in a recession. The dollar is weak because so many have been printed and borrowed over the past 50 years. Inflation is rising as a result.

The President announces an “economic stimulus package” and claims that creating more money –– which is what the stimulus package does –– will “benefit the economy.” The President knows that this is a lie. An economic stimulus package will only increase inflation, leading to further economic erosion.

To understand this, pretend you are playing a game of monopoly. The “bank” has only a limited supply of money. Let’s say that it costs $10,000 to buy Park Place and $500 to buy Ventnor Place. The poor players in the game are sick and tired of the rich folks and their domination. So they convince the Bank to print more money. “If everybody had more money, we’d be better off,” they say. So the Bank doubles the money supply from $50,000 total to $100,000. Now the poor people have enough money to buy Park Place, right? Wrong!!! That’s because Park Place now costs $20,000 instead of $10,000. So no one is better off. In fact, the poor are worse off because their money buys less. Instead of a loaf of bread costing $4, it now costs $8. They don’t make any more money at their job than before, but now everything is twice as expensive.

Richard Nixon imposed wage and price controls in the early 1970’s to stop inflation, but of course that didn’t work, because rising prices aren’t the cause of inflation. Increase in the money supply is the cause of inflation: too much money bidding up the price of products and services.

Think about it: if it costs a shopkeeper $3 to buy a loaf of Wonder Bread, she can sell it for $3.25 and make a reasonable profit. But if she has to pay $6 for a loaf of Wonder Bread, she has to raise prices to $6.25.

Is it the fault of the shopkeeper that prices are going up? Is she a greedy price–gouging profiteer? Of course not!

The blame lies with the Congress –– who spend more money every year than the gov’t takes in –– and the Fed, who continually print more money to cover up the politician’s lack of integrity.

Criminality ALWAYS leads to chaos, confusion and disorder. When you ask dishonest people to explain themselves, you get more lies, because the entire structure of their lives is utterly dependent upon more lies to sus
tain it!

By it’s very nature, duplicity creates illness and pain and economic and political turmoil.

A fine line exists between duplicity and duplication. Both words involve creation, which is essential to the very existence of the universe itself. Both words stem from the Latin duplicare, to double. But the manner of doubling makes all the difference!

Honesty and openness creates transparency and order. People LOVE to look at something and be able to see it for what it is. “I love ACME Corp. Their products are so well–made, and they always deliver on time. And when something goes wrong, I know I can always call up and get my problem handled satisfactorily.”

Privacy is over–rated, folks. Openness is strength. Only someone who truly has nothing to hide can be unafraid. If you are afraid, you are dishonest in some area of your life: most likely, the area in which you experience fear.

If you are ever in doubt about how to act, act honestly and aboveboard. BE honest and aboveboard. Avoid lies.

As we have seen above, lies and secrecy create an energetic structure that quickly moves out of your control. You WILL be found out!

The more open you are, the stronger you will feel.

That’s why therapy, when it is done correctly, is so beneficial: the unburdening process is just the acknowledging of secrets; bringing them out in the open, for inspection.

That person is truly strong who can allow others into every nook and cranny of his or her life. The most successful people are those who have bared their souls!
When the criminal is confronted by the truth, he or she very often caves. That’s because it requires so much energy and work to keep lies in place. It drains you, makes you weak. Whereas a person who is open and honest knows who he is and what he is doing, and can point proudly to his creations, and his life.

The phrase “crime doesn’t pay” isn’t some moralistic phrase. It’s the absolute truth. Sure, criminals make money. But what good does it do them? The criminal who lies and kills for money is never satisfied. He always wants more, he is always fighting with others to keep his possessions from other crooks who are vibrationally the same as he is. That’s the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction at work. Such people have lost themselves in their own lies.

We are seeing a great awakening of consciousness in the world today. The rocks underneath the “national security” apparatus are being lifted, exposing the cockroaches who have, through their own version of the dialectic, created chaos and disorder for their own temporary benefit. If you are interested in politics, read the narratives of Christopher Story, one of the bravest people on earth, who is exposing corruption in the very highest places. These exposes may seem strident on the surface, but if you look beneath you will see their beauty, for they expose the light of Truth to the darkness.

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