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Things Aren't Always What They Seem to Be

OK, so we made it past the December 21, 2012 marker. We didn't destroy ourselves in a nuclear holocaust, as was predicted, by the beginning of the millennium. Some spiritual leaders tell us that we have come into the clear. But it sure doesn't seem like it. There is more polarization today than ever. In the US, a huge split has occurred, dividing the country into two bi-polar camps: the Democrats-liberals-Clintonites and the Republicans-conservatives-Trumpites. All data that supports the other side is called "fake news." How is this any better than in the old energy? We were supposed to have undergone some kind of paradigm shift.

We live in an age of information, and disinformation. To hide a truth, it is only necessary to surround it with plausible (and sometimes implausible) lies. For example, the assassination of President Kennedy. The official explanation is that the "lone nut" Lee Harvey Oswald pulled the trigger. But that theory has been shot full of holes (pun intended). Some say that the president was shot with a gun installed in the back of the vehicle, others say a man with an umbrella strolled out and shot the president. Former New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison said anti-Communist and anti-Castro extremists in the CIA plotted the assassination of Kennedy to maintain tension with the Soviet Union and Cuba, and to prevent a United States withdrawal from Vietnam. The "three tramps" theory, in which three CIA agents were arrested and detained briefly at the scene, has some popularity. Dr. Steven Greer says that Kennedy was assassinated because he was going to expose the UFO coverup. Tony Gambino, the former big boss of the Gambino crime family, says it was a mafia hit done by one of their torpedoes who was placed in a storm drain, on the order of the Kennedy family. There are lots of other theories.

The fact that this issue will not go away shows that the truth has still not come out. Whenever the truth around an issue is known, that issue is defused. There is no longer any tension – created by a system of lies – surrounding the issue. There is a saying: the truth goes into the past, lies go into the future.

Lies always perpetuate into the future because they hide the truth. Lies invite investigation because something is misaligned. The more lies hiding a truth, the more energy and tension is created. More lies are necessary to counter these inquiries, which creates a more and more complex structure. This is where we're at now on the planet. Did the Russians interfere with the US election or is that just sour grapes from the loser? The truth has not yet come out because there is so much "spin" –  plausible truths – surrounding the issue on both sides. Eventually the entire structure will collapse and the underlying truth will come forward. When the truth is released people will recognize it. The issue goes away because the energy structure that propped up the controversy no longer exists and the tension around the issue dissipates. Exposure of the truth may lead to the investigation of OTHER issues, but the identification of the core information ("the truth") settles that particular issue.

The point is that "the truth" behind the Kennedy assassination, the Russian issue, or any other issue, isn't as important as that the light is now shining on the darkness. It's the light shining on the darkness that creates the need for more and more disinformation. A worldwide communication network in place makes it harder and harder to hide anything. So there are more lies hiding more uncomfortable truths.

The number of lies surrounding a subject is a good measure of how important that issue is. It is also a measure of how much light is shining into that area. As the balance of light and dark shifts in favor of the light, a lot of shocking stuff is going to come to the surface. In the old energy things were calmer because the dark was still more powerful. The fix was in, as the saying goes.

A higher level of consciousness is going to demand answers to the problems that plague mankind. A lot of rocks are going to be lifted and a lot of cockroaches are going to come out. In order to hide their activities, these cockroaches are going to spin out a lot of plausible truths. Trying to discover the truth is going to get more and more confusing.

As the light increases it causes more resistance from those hiding the truth. Therefore we should expect life on planet earth to get more confusing in the near future.

Is this progress? Some people might think that less chaos and confusion is more ideal. These individuals long for the past; for the "good old days." Well, so does the dark energy. The dark energy isn't a harmful entity, it's simply part of the duality. It's a force, as in physics. Gravity is a force, so is "the dark." You can either go with it or not. You don't say gravity is evil if you have to jump 100 feet from a burning building.

Those who have chosen the darkness will try to force things back to where they were. This is going to cause a lot of chaos. In order to avoid fear, we have to understand what is motivating the chaos: an increase in the light. It seems odd to say that the light is causing an increase in darkness; but it really isn't. In the new energy, the darkness is on the defensive. All it knows is the old methods – it cannot adapt. Therefore we are going to see some outrageous acts of stupidity and  harm caused by unbalanced people. Those who have chosen the dark side will become more and more unstable, leading to more and more irrational acts. This is an unfortunate aspect of the physics of the duality. It is why people will be forced into greater discernment. Among all the lies, what is the truth? This questions boils down to, What is the truth for you? In order to answer that question you need self-awareness. You have to know who you are before you can determine your truth.

Discernment is a function of self-awareness.

Many of us (including me) get sidetracked into finding THE truth. This normally occurs with an issue brought about by the darkness. "What is THE truth behind the Kennedy assassination?" This brought me into a thorough investigation of all the lies surrounding the president's death. It placed me squarely into the dark side. I am no closer to discovering THE truth than I was before I began, but I'm a lot more confused. I concluded it is better to be ignorant and in bliss, than knowledgeable and miserable. You may feel much differently of course. You may be the sort of person who can shine their light into the darkness and not be affected by it. Not me!

I'm writing this because we are all going to be forced to deal with more cockroaches, and more information-disinformation as the light shines more powerfully. Those on the dark side are going to react to the increase in vibration – because it encompasses the entire planet. Everyone is affected. The job of the lightworker in the near future is simple: hold the light. Don't succumb to fear. Understand the physics of the duality.

One of my favorite quotes comes from a baseball movie written by Ron Shelton called Bull Durham. One of the characters says, "Life is a simple place for those without self-awareness." Meaning, if you don't know yourself you simply accept everything. You don't question much. It's mom, the flag, and apple pie; the John and Mary of life. Discernment is very low. That's how it was when I grew up in the 1950s. Life was real simple: the president says A, you believe it, the priest says B, you believe it, the famous scientist says C, that's the way it is. Those were the good old days, right?

I can tell you that life was a lot simpler back then than it is now. The Cold War was on, the good guys and the bad guys were obvious. Information was printed in books and you had to go to the library to get them. You got "the news" from a printed newspaper delivered to your house once a day, and on the network news. There were only three networks back then. The amount of information was orders of magnitude lower than it is now.

Well, the dark energy is trying to go back there. While the light organizes for unity, the dark organizes for control. "The Russians did it," for example, is an attempt by the old forces to recreate the Cold War, and a much simpler time. A time when the dissemination of information was much easier to control.

There's nothing evil about this; it's just a reaction to the increase in light and in vibration. The consciousness of humanity is slowly changing as the old guard dies off and the new children come in. It's going to take a while.

The Physics of the Duality

The duality starts off at a 50-50 balance. Over the millennia we go back and forth into the dark and the light as Spirit tries to create a planetary consciousness that can graduate out of the duality. Civilizations rise and fall, some really beautiful stuff happens and some really awful stuff happens. Nothing much changes until, after thousands of years, the overall balance of the duality goes to the negative. Extinction events occur; Lemuria sinks into the ocean, Atlantis blows itself up, maybe this happens over and over. Finally, after fits and starts, civilization resets again. At the last moment, after billions of people are on the planet, we make it to the new millennium and past the markers of prophecy that said we were going to destroy ourselves again.

Now we are in a dilemma.

Those who have been here before – the old souls, the ones who hold the most light – have an Akash filled with the knowledge of failure. Many of these old souls have a lack of self esteem, because lifetime after lifetime they've been banished from the village for being "weird," or even burned at the stake.

Now the new energy comes in and what happens? These old souls have their Akash's activated. All that old crap comes to the surface. "Here we go again." Even some of the healers and the lightworkers and the shamans feel that it's pretty hopeless even though they still meditate and do their work for the planet. Many of them have physical problems from lifetimes where they have been the stake that was hammered down. Some channeller gets up on a stage and says that we should all celebrate because we passed the markers, that the energy has shifted. Many old souls resonate to this, but all old souls eventually look at the world from an activated Akash that tells them, "Don't believe in this happy-happy shit. If everything is so great why do I have body problems? Why is the world going to hell?"

I'm just talking from my experience folks. I will say that if you are an old soul and haven't experienced the reactivation of your Akash, you probably will! Either that or you are a powerful shaman or lightworker who can stay positive despite anything. If that's you, then you are doing what you came here for. You are the most important people on the planet. But if you're like me, I'm telling you that in your Akash are lifetimes where you were beaten down, but also lifetimes where you were perfectly healthy, when you did your thing and had a good time. All of those experiences are accessible. The bad experiences will activate in your Akash but also the good ones, IF you will allow it. The good experiences are far more powerful than the bad ones in the new energy.

Accessing your Akash to get the good stuff requires the ability to know yourself. It requires you to look inward and find your truth. Doing this will lead to greater discernment and the ability to stay out of fear.

So the physics of the duality is this: increasing Light activates your Akash. That activation brings up energy from past lives. Some of that energy is negative, from the millennia where the darkness was more powerful. An increase in light necessarily activates some of the negative aspects in your Akash, but it also allows you to access the good stuff. If you are one of the 5 billion souls that have only been coming to the planet since 1930, you don't have much to worry about. Your Akash doesn't have a very long track. You only have a couple of lifetimes of experience. It's the old soul that has more problems but who also holds more light. When the light hits your Akash it's going to be powerful. Understanding who you are – a divine aspect of the Creator – gives you powerful leverage.

Use affirmations. Instruct your cellular structure to be healthy. Tell your DNA (the multidimensional part in your MerKaBa) that you want the good stuff.

During the next decade the crap is going to hit the fan, driven by the increase in the light. Those old souls with discernment will not go into fear, and will be anchors of light and stability on the planet. That's you, old soul!