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This month I want to begin with a quote from Jose Diex Faixat:

“...the course of evolution starts at a pole of maximum energy (and practically no consciousness at all) [the Big Bang] and ends at another pole of maximum consciousness (and practically null energy) [spiritual evolution out of physical bodies]. Physicists talk about an infinite potential energy amidst the original quantum void, while sages talk about a clear infinite consciousness in the final mystical void. We propose that these two voids are the same and unique Void, perceived by physicists objectively and by contemplative people subjectively, which in itself, is neither objective nor subjective, but “prior” to that dual perspective.  And the most fascinating thing of all is that this Void is not a distant metaphysical reality, but the simple and pure Self-evidence of each and every present moment.”

[insertions in brackets are mine]

— J.S. Faixat,  “Beyond Darwin: The Hidden Rhythm of Evolution,” available at

I don’t think I’ve ever read a more concise explanation of the integral relationship between Spirit and the material world. It’s true. Physics approaches the Void – the underlying vibrational substrate from which all physical form arises – from a material point of view, and metaphysicians approach it from a more mystical perspective. But it’s the same thing! I love the last sentence, which basically says that what we experience (what is evident to the Self) is being created by us in every moment.

In my movies and my radio shows I have expressed this idea. The Void is numerically represented by the zero. Traditional scientists think of space as a dead, lifeless vacuum, and this makes sense from a purely material perspective. But in physics, the concept of the singularity describes something physically impossible: an area of space with infinite density and zero volume. Physicists don’t like infinities because they are untestable and immeasurable, and make their theories unworkable. But that which is the origin of the material universe – the Void – IS an infinity. Of course infinities cannot be described by a physical science, but they are telling science that the true origin of the physical universe is non-physical – something infinite, and beyond the material. The Hindu tradition calls the Void prakriti or avyatka, the ineffable and all-pervasive cosmic substance, the uncaused cause of existence. Science is finally coming around to an understanding that has been known for thousands of years. The spiritual is finally meeting up with the material. When that meld becomes fuller, we will experience a leap in consciousness – or maybe that leap will come when we finally recognize the unity of the material with the spiritual.

Last month we talked about the Akash and the mental plane. We said that as human consciousness moves out of a material awareness and into a higher level, the importance of the Akash was going to be recognized. Chaos theory tells us that the most complex forms can originate from repetitions of basic, simple ideas. The idea is that you begin from a simple equation, get an answer, plug the answer back into the equation, doing this over and over again. From a very simple set of rules you get amazing, sophisticated complexity:

A system like this is self-reflexive – it uses the experience it gets from one go-round to begin another cycle built off the experience of the preceding cycle.

If you looked at the world headlines today, as I did at, you’d think that nothing had changed on planet earth. Bombings, killings, terrorist acts, the refugee crisis in Europe, the economy in the US (and the world economy) etc. etc. etc. If the consciousness of humanity is rising, why all this chaos? Well, the duality – the polarization of attitudes – is coming apart. Humanity is confronting all of the crap it has put into the Akash over the last several millennia. These memes are being acted out on the world stage. Some people think that Ascension to a new consciousness is painless – but it isn’t! It requires a lot of work to transcend the old paradigm. The old memes are vying, along with the new ones, for the control of the hearts and minds of humanity. The dark side is trying to destroy the compassion, the spirituality, and the harmonious feelings that will result in a new society. This is natural – it’s part of the process of Ascension.

The earth is approaching the cusp of graduation to a new consciousness. But that doesn’t come for free. It comes only after we pass through a metaphorical “ring of fire.” The human race has placed, in its collective consciousness, millennia of beliefs based in struggle, conflict, and war. We have put these into the Akash and we cannot advance without transcending them.

We can talk forever about who the bad guys are, but it doesn’t matter, because the motivation for all of the actions human beings take lies in thought. The battle is all on the mental plane. Some say that an extraterrestrial invasion is taking place, a subtle invasion manipulated by evil outsiders (“reptilians”) cleverly based on psychological propaganda in the media. Some say the bad guys are the New World Order freaks who are bound and determined to keep a primitive fossil fuel empire in place, even while they develop and sequester exotic technology that could completely change the course of civilization.

There is a war being fought, but the real action is on the mental plane. The new consciousness is slowly waking people up. More and more of us are aware that we ARE living in a matrix, a delusionary matrix of materialism that ignores the most important factors that create and maintain a civilization. The existence of the Akash is going to become more and more evident to humanity.  It’s going to become more and more obvious that this planet is surrounded by a holographic field of subtle energy that creates a set of potentials that determine the parameters of physical action, and the boundaries of what is and is not possible. And that WE, the human race, create the contents of the Akash. Which means that the bad guys are acting out the memes we put there – all of us!

Let’s for a moment assume that the Akash exists and that it influences thought and action on earth. If that is true, the best way to manipulate a population of 7 billion is to convince people that thought is irrelevant, that thought itself is based in biology, and that consciousness itself is totally dependent on the body. Human beings have complete control over what is placed in the Akash, so it is illusory to say that the “baddies” are responsible. The “baddies,” whoever they may be, are simply taking advantage of human ignorance. Every day we continue to re-create human consciousness along the same old lines of conflict, competition, and war. We think the “governments” or nasty “intelligence operators” are responsible, and come up with conspiracy theories to explain this nonsense. Even if these conspiracy theories are true, however — even if there ARE nasty ETs manipulating human consciousness, or nasty NWO types directing affairs, or a private network of corporations hiding exotic technology — identifying the “cause” of the nasty things will not solve the problem, or change anything.


Because the solution will be, “kill the bastards who are responsible.” Well, let’s say we get a list of all the nasty types on the planet who are doing horrible things and publish them.   The demand will then be for “justice,” which means, “giving these guys a taste of their own medicine.” That is, killing them or getting them off the planet somehow.

You can see where I’m going with this. By doing this, we not only misidentify the CAUSE of the problem, but we also generate a massive infusion of the very memes that we have been struggling under since the last ice age. We simply put more revenge, more hatred, more violence, and more killing into the Akash. Where will that get us? Ten thousand more years of the kind of crap we’ve been living in. Millennia after millennia, more fighting, struggle, and war. Of course that won’t happen because the planet cannot sustain the kind of civilization we have built for much longer. The planet cannot sustain the current fossil fuel empire for even a century more. We have to change in consciousness, or the human race will collapse and we will have to start all over again.

So what is the cause of the problem? Us. Every human being on the planet. We’re in this together. We all contribute to the Akash, every day, 24/7. The bad guys, be they extraterrestrial monsters or pedophiles or violent criminals or sadists or whatever, are simply motivated to action by the collective consciousness. And that, my friends, is created by every individual. The Akash is simply the collection of thoughts and beliefs from every individual on the planet. The good news is that it is dynamic and vibrational in nature. In other words, when new thoughts, new memes, and new beliefs are inserted into the system, the parameters of possible manifestation changes. The vibrational strength of the old memes dies away and the new memes take their place. So the content of the Akash, in every moment, is determined by me and you.

Change is a thought (thoughts) away.

This only makes sense if you can see beyond the material, if you don’t put the cart before the horse. The consciousness of the horse engages the horse body, and the cart moves. Thought comes before action. Templates of thought program the physical DNA molecule to send physical instructions to the physical body. All of this happens beyond the gross materiality evident to the human senses, or to scientific instruments, which must of necessity be designed to match human perception.

The next great crisis of the human race, after we fix the international financial system and the overextended banks, solve the government debt problem, and design a more rational way to conduct business internationally, is the crisis of duality. In other words, what do we do with the scum who start wars, molest children, and greedily stomp on others with only regard to themselves? This crisis may not come for years – perhaps it will take one or two more generations. But humankind will one day face the choice – based in duality – of what to do with those on the “dark side.” If we do not show compassion, if we do not approach the situation in love, our civilization will fail. Practicing revenge in the name of justice will simply enhance and strengthen the duality.

This crisis we face every day in life. The duality is ever present, because our desires, whether fear-based or in the light, inevitably, in the duality, morph from one into the other. Both pleasure and pain are fleeting, because they are but aspects of the duality we live in. Eventually pleasure morphs into pain and, if our hearts are good, pain into pleasure. But both sides of the duality are aspects of the underlying principle, which is love. Love is the OM, the fundamental vibration of the universe, the basis for all other vibrations. The duality comes out of love. Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj has said, “There is nothing wrong with duality as long as it does not create conflict. Multiplicity and variety without strife are joy. In pure consciousness there is light. For warmth, contact is needed.... Love is the meaning and purpose of duality.”  — I Am That, p. 89.

Here we find (for me at least) the most satisfying explanation for the duality (separation consciousness): the coming together in love of that which appears to be separated. I have always looked at the duality as something negative (the conflict of opposites: a necessary evil to be transcended, if possible), but the truly enlightened see it for what it is: a coming together, an exercise in love.

In life, when we face a situation based in the duality (the confrontation between right and wrong, light and dark) the solution is to see the situation as a test. Love dissolves, hatred exacerbates. This test is playing out in the lives of all 7 billion of us, every day. When enough of us choose the path of less conflict, we will be able to see past the strong emotion, the passions generated by what we see as evil or inappropriate acts, and find the love behind the duality. And we will then change the content of the Akash.

If we fail to do this, the lesson will repeat. The circumstances will NEVER be the same, but the choice will be presented over and over, for that is the purpose of the duality: to bring opposites together in love.

The human race is waking up, and we will eventually come to the leaping off point: the graduation point, what is sometimes called Ascension. Ascension, however, is much different than is commonly imagined. It will involve transcending the duality in love. This happens in individual lives, and it will eventually happen collectively.