Monthly Archives: November 2017

Last month we talked about how the increasing consciousness of humanity is leading to higher awareness and more light on the planet. We noted how this seems to be creating more unbalance instead of more togetherness. The recent shooting by that nutjob in Las Vegas is an example of this. It's natural that more light would lead to more imbalance in those who have chosen the dark side. The other side of this phenomenon is that more people are becoming balanced as well. We just don't notice them. The unbalanced persons make headlines because they do crazy things. Bringing more light into the world is a quiet process. Lightworkers don't demand banners and ribbons and awards. This month I'm going to talk about a new trend we're going to begin noticing in the next several decades.

Meditation, affirmations, and lightwork in general will become more effective now that we are past the marker. The result will be human beings that live longer. The new children will come in with higher awareness. Many of them will begin to remember who they were in past lives, because their Akash will be more accessible. Unlike the ludicrous new TV shows, which portray humans getting "powers" but still being mired in the old consciousness of fighting to solve problems, the new humans will simply become kinder, more compassionate, have more wisdom, and will live longer. You can't get "powers" and still have the low consciousness of confrontation. These new abilities only manifest with a higher consciousness. A higher conscious human is well beyond petty fighting and killing the "bad guys." That's a low consciousness attribute. The Marvel universe is fun, but it's ludicrous.

The new children who are old souls – beings who have had hundreds or thousands of lifetimes on the planet – will have activated Akashes. There have been over 5 billion "new" souls on the planet since 1930. This means that even the concept of past lives is irrelevant to most of the population of the planet. Simply because they have only had one lifetime, or two at most. These are the skeptics, the scoffers, the people who mock metaphysics and people who are spiritual. "Look at those idiots," they say. "Past lives! What a crock. You only go around once." I used to get mad at people like this. I had only contempt for them. But I realized that these people are telling the absolute truth. For them, past lives are a crock. That's because they haven't had any! (Or very few).

What is wisdom? Wisdom is understanding based on experience. Old souls have had a lot of experience. Because humanity is still in a lower-consciousness state, people can't see into their Akash – the record of their past lives. But there is a knowingness based on lifetime after lifetime of experience in every walk of life. Old souls know not to go there, or there, or there. If you ask an old soul, "Why do you know this?" most of them couldn't tell you. They just know. This isn't delusion, which is a state of false knowing that comes from the ego. True knowingness comes from the Akash and this attribute only appears in old souls. A large Akash means lots of experience and lots of wisdom. The number of old souls is not large compared to the general population. I said that just in case you've had a hard time here on earth!

Higher Consciousness and Aging

The new human will understand his or her connection to their Higher Self much better. More light on the planet will strengthen this connection. Those who do not choose to go to the light will live "normal" lives. They will get diseases and will live normal life spans. Those in the light will seem odd as they age less quickly. Eventually these people will be looked upon as strange. "How are you doing this?" they will ask. "Are you some kind of freak?"

This is down the road a little way, but some old souls even now may be aging less slowly. If you are such an old soul – especially one who does affirmations with pure intent – you may find yourself in this position someday.

How can you explain to an "old school" person why you don't seem to age as quickly? It may seem pretty lame to those who have no metaphysical understanding. Even if you gave a cogent explanation you would probably get laughed at. Of course you will! Most people on this planet have no experience on earth. They have no earth wisdom, or wisdom about human society. They are just starting out. What you say on a metaphysical level isn't real to them. It sounds stupid to them. These "young" souls will tell you this. And they are perfectly right from their own POV. Somebody famous once said, "Never assign to malice that which can adequately be explained by ignorance." I now understand this statement.

I'm not saying that aging more slowly is a big problem. I'm not saying it will become a big problem. But the potential is there.

In the old energy this problem simply manifested as a person who had a more enlightened POV. You awaken, your opinions change, you get more wisdom, your connection to Spirit increases, you begin to move away from family and friends. This is completely natural. The old crowd sees you as different. That's because you are different. In the old energy you just moved into a new circle and lived a normal life. You found new friends with a more enlightened worldview.

As this process of more light continues it will begin to affect the physical body in a positive way. You will literally begin to age more slowly. You will be healthier. You will (or your children will) live longer life spans. People will begin to notice something other than just a new way of thinking. As the light intensifies human beings will no longer simply join other groups and melt unnoticed into society. People will be able to see physical changes and will wonder what's going on.

If you watched the old "Highlander" series, about immortal humans who don't age, you know what I'm getting at. Some of the problems in that show will begin to slowly manifest in human societies, first in a small way and then in a larger way. Hopefully by the time human life spans are elongated, the light will be so strong that longer life spans will be a universal phenomenon. Almost everyone will be healthier and live longer so it won't be a big problem. Or maybe only to the holdouts who still cling to the dark energy. This is one of the aspects of the duality that will manifest itself in the coming generation. All I'm saying is, don't be surprised if you see it happen. It's a natural consequence of increasing light on the planet.

The Old Meme Structure

On TV I see a lot of ads for XBox and their silly war games. On TV the old memes are presented in show after show. The common theme is the old meme structure: fighting and war and conflict to solve problems. Men and women with guns or swords fight the "bad guys." This adolescent, tired old theme is going to be repeated over and over as those who embrace the darkness fight the new energy coming to the planet. This is old consciousness. It has no place in an enlightened society. It cannot survive in a milieu of increased light.

The darkness is stuck in the old meme structure. Those who embrace it will begin to really stand out in society like sore thumbs.

Why? Because the old energy has no new solutions. They can only do what they know: fight, strike back, beat up the enemy. Their meme structures cannot evolve. They are stuck in glory and heroism and tough-guy-ness. Guys who go over the edge like the Las Vegas shooter will be motivated to really make statements. It will appear that the darkness is winning. In reality the dark forces are simply becoming more and more unhinged and unglued. They will go out kicking and screaming. But they won't change their tactics because they cannot. Their tactics will remain the same as everyone else evolves. Such persons will stand out more and more.

What Is Hidden Must Come Forth

The dark side of the duality, to be successful, must operate in the dark. Their true intentions and their activities must be masked or cloaked. Increasing light on the planet means that these hidden intentions and actions will become known. It will appear that things are getting worse when their crimes are exposed.

Along with the phenomenon of longer life spans, disclosure will occur. By disclosure I mean the activities within the hidden special access programs, and other rocks under which the cockroaches live. Today, talking about this subject makes you a conspiracy theorist. In a few years this hidden knowledge will become something society must deal with.

The planet earth is not alone in the universe. When this becomes known for certain the entire weltanschauung of humanity will undergo a sea change. New points of view will be less criticized. As the truth comes out those who find themselves in the "conspiracy" camp will be able to come out and speak freely, or will have to acknowledge that some of their crazy theories were wrong. In other words, when we finally get the truth we'll have a lot less tension in society. The "hidden" part of humanity will have to come forth even if it does so kicking and screaming.

In the near future, those who embrace the dark will be forced to form into groups in order to survive. These groups will be noticed more and more by human societies. Then human society will have to deal with them.

What does this imply for lightworkers?

Nothing actually! We simply go about our business and spread light. Down the road if you age less slowly you may have to answer questions from those who might consider you odd. But by that time the phenomenon will have become much more widespread. The dark will have slipped further from power. A larger portion of humanity will have come together, so there will be more support than there is now.

In the short-term future look for greater tension in society as the light gets stronger. The big confrontation will occur years from now when the human race has to decide what to do with the perpetrators of crimes against humanity. If we get angry and decide to eliminate these guys we're in trouble, for that will place us further in the dark. It is part of the strategy of the dark forces to make society kill them – for killing is the road of darkness.

The road out is what happened in South Africa. A Truth and Reconciliation Commission to hear the testimony of criminals. And then, hopefully, the publishing of their crimes in a website called Revelations, complete with their names and photographs. That's a much more fitting (and terrible) punishment than execution!