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WHA #75

The World Health Organization’s World Health Assembly #75, May 22-28 in Geneva, Switzerland, is proposing new amendments to the International Health regulations that will create a one-size-fits-all global health strategy. The new amendments will mandate specific responses by all countries in the world affected by a health emergency. These amendments will simply be added to the existing regulations so that it does not need to be ratified by the world’s governments. The amendments to the existing WHO health regulations will push vaccinations, distributed by GAVI, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation organization.  

In a sneaky, backdoor manner, the Biden administration signed these amendments for the US in January, but did not release information about it until April 12 when it popped up on the WHO website.

In effect, the new amendments take away a country’s sovereignty in a health emergency, and power devolves to the WHO’s Director General. This is also a power grab by Gates, who will be in charge (and making money) from every vaccine produced during a declared pandemic.

Here is a summary of what the amendments say:

As required, the WHO finally published the US “amendments.” It shows the deletions and as well the new additions. What the Biden Administration changes do is to transform a previously advisory role for the WHO to national governments on not only pandemic responses but also everything tied to national “health,” with an entirely new power to override national health agencies if the WHO Director General, now Tedros Adhanom, determines. The US Biden Administration and WHO have colluded to create an entirely new treaty which will shift all health decisions from a national or local level to Geneva, Switzerland and WHO.

Typical of the Washington amendments to the existing WHO Treaty is Article 9. The US change is to insert WHO “shall” and delete “may”: “If the State Party does not accept the offer of collaboration within 48 hours, WHO shall may…,. In the same article now deleted is “offer of collaboration by WHO, taking into account the views of the State Party concerned…” The views or judgment of say, Germany or India, or USA health authorities become irrelevant. WHO will be able to override national experts and dictate as international law its mandates for any and all future pandemics as well as even epidemics or even local health issues.

Moreover in the new proposed Article 12 on “Determination of a public health emergency of international concern, public health emergency of regional concern, or intermediate health alert,” WHO head–now Tedros in his new 5-year term–alone can decide to declare an emergency, even without agreement of the member state.

The WHO head will then consult his relevant WHO “Emergency Committee” on Polio, Ebola, Bird Flu, COVID or whatever they declare to be a problem. In short this is a global dictatorship over citizen health by one of the most corrupt health bodies in the world. The members of a given WHO Emergency Committee are chosen under opaque procedures and typically, as in the current one on polio, many members are tied to the various Gates Foundation fronts like GAVI or CEPI. Yet the selection process is entirely opaque and internal to WHO.

Among other powers the new Pandemic Treaty will give Tedros and WHO the power to mandate vaccine passports and COVID jabs worldwide. They are working on the creation of a global vaccine passport/digital identity program. Under the new “Pandemic Treaty”, when people are harmed by the WHO’s health policies, there’s no accountability. The WHO has diplomatic immunity.

Former WHO senior employee and whistleblower, Astrid Stuckelberger, now a scientist at the Institute of Global Health of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva, noted,

“if the new Pandemic Treaty is adopted by member states, “this means that the WHO’s Constitution (as per Article 9) will take precedence over each country’s constitution during natural disasters or pandemics. In other words, the WHO will be dictating to other countries, no longer making recommendations.”

A global, authoritarian vaccination regime under the guise of health emergencies is the Dark Army’s Final Solution to the pesky billions who demand ridiculous things like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The wretched sociopaths in GAVI and the WHO want to create a worldwide collective hive-mind society, which has already been implemented by the CCP in China. The Chinese government, as of this writing, has locked down over 400 million people during its insane policy of “zero COVID.” Expect similarly irrational policies in other countries if these amendments gain traction among the world’s governments.

Fortunately, self-aware persons will never tolerate such dictatorial policies. This is the last gasp of the dark army, which is advancing its agenda worldwide in an attempt to stop the Great Awakening.

It will never work.

The goals of the dark army are Transhumanism and the creation of a collectivist, authoritarian, techno-fascist medical lockdown state. Their tactics: fear and intimidation.

The idea that an entire planet of almost 8 billion humans could be forced into such a mind-washed condition could only be envisioned by delusionary, power-mad psychopaths.

All human beings are being forced to choose what kind of planet we want to live on.

It’s in your grille now, ladies and germs. Those with self-awareness will understand instinctively which way to go.

The world is being divided in two: Those with self-awareness, and those without. Those who understand their divine origins, and those who are materialist meat-heads who can be herded by the latest fear porn and propaganda campaign.

Speaking Spiritually to Old Souls

Let me speak from the POV of an old soul who has seen this before. For old souls, the planet earth is not our first rodeo. We have been on other planets in other civilizations that have gone through the “barrier.” The barrier of light and dark. The Test.

Every civilization goes through this. Free will determines success or failure. Some planets make it and others don’t.

On earth there is a contingent of old souls who recognize this. These are the people who are waking up.

We’re going to make it.

Old souls have been on planets that didn’t make it. There is a “feeling” associated with the collective consciousness on every planet that has gone through the Test. Old souls recognize the feeling of failure and success.

There’s a feeling of doom and inevitable failure associated with civilizations that don’t make it. There is also a feeling of success for those that do.

Enough old souls are awakening to ensure success.

The Great Awakening

Peace of earth is not going to happen in our lifetimes. On this planet of free choice there will always be those who choose the dark. But over the generations the shift, or the balance, between low and high consciousness is gradually going to shift to the light.

The most effective strategy of the Dark is to present itself as an overwhelming force that cannot be stopped. The WHO amendments are a good example. Already influencers are chirping about how evil it is, how humanity is going to be under the thumb of  tyrants, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

This is an overreaction. The WHO can pass all the amendments it wants. Illegitimate governments all over the world can sign on to them. But a reservoir of self-aware persons around the globe (growing more numerous every day) won’t buy into it. Fortunately, the percentage of anti-social persons is at most 10% of the population.

The Great Awakening has forced the Dark Army to advance their plan too quickly. Another generation, perhaps, and it might have succeeded.

Not now.

So let’s take a step back and get centered. The Dark has been forced by the Light to organize for its survival. The Dark cannot succeed except in stealth and secrecy. The light is shining so brightly now that the Dark operatives have been forced to come out from under their rocks. Their activities are being exposed, indicated by the publication of the new WHO amendments.

Is it too late to prevent the amendments from being adopted at WHA 75?

Probably. So what?

These pathetic psychopaths pass their diktats assuming that the world’s population will mindlessly obey, like sheep. Not going to happen.

Let’s listen to Yuval Hariri, the Transhumanist guru. He’s a very sincere psychopath, and one of the spokespersons for the globalist/WHO agenda.

This is what he says:

COVID is critical because this is what convinces people to accept, to legitimize, total biometric surveillance. If we want to stop this epidemic — we need to not just monitor people, we need to monitor what is happening underneath their skin.”

How about that folks? Is that the kind of world you want to live in?

Well, get set because sincere little sociopaths like Hariri and Klaus Schwab are all in. Fortunately, their low self-awareness blinds them to the absurdity of their own ideas and beliefs. Moreover, no sane person will give up his/her sovereignty for this psychotic plan, no matter how much intimidation is applied.

Here is Hariri’s (and the WEF, and the U.S. government’s) plan for humanity. Listen to this nutjob outline what he thinks is best for you and me:

Maybe in a couple of decades, when people look back, the thing they will remember from the COVID crisis, is: this is the moment when everything went digital. This was the moment when everything became monitored — that we agreed to be surveilled all the time. Not just in authoritarian regimes but even in democracies. This was the moment when surveillance went under the skin.”

See Emerald Robinson, “Yuval Hariri Tells You What The Vaccines Really Do,” at )

Even though our globalist elites are dead serious, it’s (almost) funny to think that a person could have turned away from his or her own divinity so far as to embrace this nonsense. However, there is a certain feeling of inevitability in Professor Hariri’s statements, is there not?

Well, it’s not inevitable. It’s simply the belief system of a very low-consciousness individual.

Psychopaths sound convincing because of their tunnel-vision, and their self-centered focus on their personal agendas. It’s why so many sociopaths have risen to the top of organizations: they concentrate on nothing but themselves and their personal goals. The Law of Attraction rewards those with fixed attention on any subject.

Fortunately for the rest of us, Hariri and Schwab and Grimes, Elon Musk’s partner, are the best the Dark has got. Behind the scenes are people like Ray Kurzweil and Nick Bostrom, who envision a technical singularity where AI becomes self-aware and quickly surpasses human intelligence, turning humanity into its pets. (I wrote a novel about this concept, titled The Old Soul.)  Bostrom and Kurzweil et. al are intellectually brilliant folks who are also materialists. They are fixated on the idea that when you die you’re dead. Transhumanism, and the Collectivist hive-mind society they envision, is a desperate attempt to prolong their lives and their consciousness. Transhumanism is what happens when you begin with an absurd, false premise that consciousness disappears when the body dies.

The Denouement, Act I

The denouement for human society is approaching here in Act I. The talk now is of nuclear war. Of course this is insanity. The consciousness of humanity has moved the Overton Window far beyond that, but many are still mired in the past.

The Overton Window, developed by American policy analyst Joseph Overton, frames the range of policies that a politician can recommend without appearing too extreme, given the climate of public opinion at that time. There is also a spiritual Overton Window that frames the allowable thoughts and actions based on the collective consciousness of humanity. This spiritual Overton Window has made nuclear war impossible.

(Author created from original source image by Hydrargyrum - Own work, based on discussion here and diagram here.Original W3C-unspecified vector image was created with Inkscape. CC BY-SA 2.0 File:Overton Window diagram.svg Created: 12 January 2015)

Nothing like this has ever happened in human history

Do events right now resemble ANYTHING that has happened in history? Nope. What we are experiencing is completely new. What we are seeing is full-blown insanity as thousands of years of human karma is being brought to the surface and worked out. Brought to you by Pfizer, but mostly by the Light and the rising level of human consciousness.

Yes folks, this is what progress and advancement in consciousness looks like: nutjobs and mentally and emotionally unbalanced people dramatizing their inner darkness for all to see. The Light uncovers the darkness in all of us, and exposes it.

You can see how nutty the Dark is. Just read the headlines on any given day!

The light is exposing nutjobs all over the world. These people stick out now like sore thumbs because the light, like a match struck in a dark room, is beginning to illuminate the darkness.

  We can all do our part to move the Overton Window upward by not buying into the craziness of unbalanced people.

Here’s where we are now:

The next step – and the goal of those who promote war and fear – is Transhumanism. Transhumanism masquerades as cutting-edge technology designed to increase life spans. It includes gene therapy (CRISPR), cryogenics, computer-brain-interfaces, nanotechnology (both biological and electronic), and a host of other crazy shit. To understand more about Transhumanism, you can go to the lifeboat site where you can find this article: I wrote an entire book about this, a novel called The History of the Future.

But its main goal is to promote a technocratic society where humans all have neural chips, digital IDs, and social credit scores. Human beings will not own anything, as the WEF head Klaus Schwab famously said. All humans will live in smart cities with every appliance and useful object having a smart chip that can connect to the internet. This infrastructure, called the Internet of Things, is being built right now. The ultimate goal of Transhumanism is the Internet of Bodies, chipped humans who communicate with the IOT and who can be regulated “for our own good.” This mindset – clearly psychopathic – is favored by a very tiny segment of humanity. Unfortunately this segment has a lot of power right now. Some people will embrace it – but not those who recognize their divine connection to the Creative Source.

The Dark Army on earth is mobilizing all of its forces now. Their goal is to re-form human society into a planetary Collective. The control paradigm has been the ultimate goal of nutjobs throughout human history, and it has taken many forms. However, now technology exists to make it happen all over the world. The creation of a human termite colony is well on its way, at least in the minds of the crazies who are promoting this to the rest of us.

The common personality trait of the Transhumanists is inflexibility and a rigidness that refuses to acknowledge even obvious facts. Unfortunately, as Erich Fromm pointed out, there are large sectors of the population who will always be willing to turn over their power. The reasons for this are simple: fear and insecurity. This is obvious now as people continue to wear masks even as populations have achieved herd immunity from COVID, and  when it was long ago proven that masks are ineffective in stopping the spread of COVID.

What we have seen since the beginning of 2020 is the spread of fear porn, which is necessary to create the fear that will motivate people to turn toward authority for answers.

The point is, it is irrelevant what form that authority takes. The only requirement is the creation of fear and insecurity in the population that will cause people to turn their human sovereignty over to others.  The authority could be a government, a local school board, a medical bureaucracy, a charismatic politician, the list is endless. And the format of the fear porn could be a war (Russia-Ukraine) or a pandemic. Or something else.

We have already reached Orwell’s 1984. Nancy Pelosi said the other day (defending yet another COVID supplemental spending bill) that more government spending will reduce the government deficit. Think about how absurd that statement is, yet the press accepted it without even a comment. Seriously, if you have a credit card with $10,000 on it and you spend $5,000 more on the card, does that reduce your credit card debt?

Media and politicians are deliberately creating cognitive dissonance, where two opposing thoughts can uncritically be true. Orwell called this Doublethink: a process of indoctrination whereby the subject is expected to simultaneously accept two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, even when their own memories or knowledge is the opposite.

Today a politician said that sending lethal arms to Ukraine will help the cause of peace.

War is peace, friends, and deficits can be cured by more spending.

These absurdities are a sign that the ruling elites are getting desperate. Free speech is dangerous to the hive mind that Transhumanists desire. So is real science, which contradicts the absurdities of official narratives that must create fear in the population to succeed.

Within the objectives of the Dark Army are the seeds of their own destruction.

In order for a hidden agenda to succeed it must be surrounded by lies and contradictions. Inevitably that agenda will collapse. The Dark is accelerating their agenda in the hope that they can remake human society before the masses wake up.

Unfortunately for them, the masses are waking up pretty quickly!

What’s Next

No one can precisely predict the future, but general trends can be seen. We have to expect that a significant portion of humanity will fall into fear. This has already happened with the pandemic, but the pandemic is just the opening shot in the Dark Army’s game. The percentage of people still in fear now is receding after COVID-19 has largely made its way through the population and created herd immunity (despite the lockdowns, which was an introduction to a Transhumanist world). However, some people have been permanently scarred and will be prime candidates for the next virus, or the next crisis. Observing social media and the actions of warmongering and fear-mongering politicians and media hacks, one can easily see how emotions are whipped up.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, the Transhumanist agenda is being quietly implemented.

This thread is a bit misleading, because the CCP in China have already implemented most of the WEF’s Transhumanist agenda. Chinese citizens already have digital wallets and social credit scores, which the government uses to ruthlessly suppress dissent.

I mention the pandemic and the war in Ukraine because of the old saw, “never let a crisis go to waste.” Underneath the media and politicians screaming fear porn and World War 3, the remake of human society proceeds apace.

So – prepare your consciousness, old souls and awakened humans. Expect that another crisis will come, and another. Discernment is not a luxury anymore, it is a necessity to maintain sanity. You can see how people are getting triggered by events. These poor souls are the ones who have no problem giving up their personal power to a narrative. However, as Prof. Mathias Desmet has pointed out, doing this creates a form of hypnosis to the narrative. This process of giving up your power and not exercising discernment is called Mass Formation Psychosis. It is something to be avoided, and it can be avoided with a little mindfulness, and a resolution never to give your power away.

More narratives will be created. So what? If someone is screaming at you about pandemics, or war, (or anything), maybe it’s because there is a hidden agenda behind it. Hidden agendas are always surrounded by lies. So maybe the people promoting the latest crisis are lying to you. Maybe.

Persons interested in truth are calm and knowledgeable people. They don’t have to shout to be heard, because they have the truth on their side.

Only the nutjobs are screaming. Only the unbalanced people with agendas are so insistent on being heard! It’s the insistence that is so irritating, isn’t it? Along with it comes the rejection of logic and reason that is part and parcel of the demand that you go along, despite all the evidence to the contrary. That’s the psychosis part of mass formation psychosis. Don’t give your power away!

What’s coming next?

A lot of craziness.

Why? Because we have all been leading linear lives. In the past the fix has been in, the narratives accepted, and life went on. The only problem is that the old system came with a lot of bigotry and injustice and exploitation. The elites at the top had it made, and have been running the show. The human trafficking and child trafficking networks, the arms and drug-running networks worldwide were simply a part of “the way it was.”

“You can’t fight city hall” was the agreement for most of the population. Live and let live.

That’s all changing now.

A worldwide awakening is breaking through the linearity of old narratives and systems. Organizations and systems that lack integrity are falling apart. The human race is moving out of The Box into a higher consciousness. We’re already seeing crazy stuff we have never seen, things that could never have happened before. We’re going to see more of it as unbalanced people dramatize their hidden agendas and their fears. The good news: the light will keep shining brighter and brighter.

Life will be OK if you exercise discernment and stay in your power and postulate a glorious future for yourself and the planet. The power of co-creation is awesome.

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

― George Orwell

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”

― Mark Twain

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”

― Joe Klaas, Twelve Steps to Happiness

“The truth is what you aren’t allowed to talk about.”

— Anonymous

We are living in a world where the light of truth is overwhelming the darkness of lies and deceit. People are getting triggered as their own personal demons rise to the surface. This snippet below is the perfect example of what Prof. Mathias Desmet calls “Mass Formation Psychosis.” Which is worse: the old guy deliberately triggering the student, or the emotionally disturbed student swearing at the old guy?

Here we have two competing “narratives” in the information war, acting out their frustrations with each other. There is no common ground, or at least no willingness to find common ground. This is what happens during a quantum leap in consciousness: the light of awareness finds every dark corner in your psyche.

The common theme of both competing narratives is, “Why can’t those stupid people on the other side see the truth?”

Each side is seeing (and feeling) the truth. It’s just pissing them off, as Joe Klaas said.

The truth behind the transgender movement is a completely spiritual phenomenon, but is being treated by both sides as materialistic.

Consider a soul who has 20 lifetimes on earth. This soul has been one gender that entire time, because it’s more comfortable to live in a body you are familiar with. Let’s say the soul has been male for 20 lifetimes in a row. The bias in their Akash, therefore, is oriented toward maleness, and liking women. Now the soul finds itself with a female body. They are still psychologically oriented toward the male, so this lifetime they become a lesbian. And vice-versa for gay guys.

Or, perhaps they are so confused by the “sex change,” and hate it so much, they decide to switch genders. Before that was not possible, but now medical science has advanced to the point that a person can alter their body to become the old gender.A newly minted man who has been female for 20 lifetimes insists that she/he is still a woman (and she is because that soul has been a woman for a thousand years). A newly incarnated woman who has been a man for 20 lifetimes insists that he/she is still a man (and he/she is because that person has been a man for a thousand years).

A human being is a soul in a body. A purely materialist view of gender causes the truth to be obscured. A lot of anger results. A lot of triggering happens, because people instinctively understand that they are a spiritual being in a body. But neither narrative sees this. People just wind up screaming at each other instead of acknowledging the truth.

The truth can piss you off if you have no experience being one gender or the other. It’s like getting on the scary rollercoaster. Once you’re up there screaming you are stuck. You can always jump off, but that solution is permanent. And, of course, you just get right back on the Wheel of Karma. The spiritual system on this planet doesn’t let you avoid hard problems. You come back and try again, no matter how much you taunt others, or get triggered.

The truth is that an awakening is taking place on our planet. The old systems mired in darkness, greed, and power are being exposed. That is really upsetting to both narratives because the world used to be a lot quieter. Human trafficking, drug running, corruption, greed, and power-hungry politicians have always been around. It’s just that before, the fix was in.

Now the truth is being exposed, and it’s ugly.

This world has been mired in materialism for millennia.

Materialism is like fake news: it’s just not true.

A human being isn’t just a piece of meat. The world is slowly waking up to that fact. The darkness inside each of us is getting exposed and triggered.

You might get criticized for telling the truth, but you can do so with a clear conscience. You don’t have to remember all the lies you told, and make your new lie consistent with the fake stuff you’ve been promoting. Mark Twain had that right.

The things you aren’t allowed to talk about are labeled “conspiracy theories.” One conspiracy theory was that COVID came from a bioweapons lab in Wuhan, China. Fake news are still promoting the wet market / animal origin theory, but hardly anyone believes that lie anymore. The people who promoted that lie had to keep telling lies until they got busted.

Of course, Orwell’s maxim comes into play during times of universal deceit. You get blasted for telling the truth because it penetrates the lies and fake news. It’s a revolutionary act.  

Telling the truth even if it isn’t allowed is hard, so you have to be really motivated. Remember the old saying, the truth at first is ridiculed. Then it is fiercely resisted and arguments are marshaled against it (this is the stage we are in now: Competing narratives are created and mass formation occurs as people blindly adhere to one or the other). The third stage is, “Oh yeah, I always knew that.”

Here’s some truth: Ukraine and Russia are engaging in a regional conflict that has absolutely no significance to the United States – other than the price of oil going up because of fear- and war-mongering by the U.S. media. The conflict interests the military-industrial-Wall Street-Big Media complex because these groups profit, but not the working class and the middle class in America. Let me quote political analyst CJ Hopkins, who absolutely nails the situation:

OK, the first thing we need to look at, and dismiss, and deny, and pretend we never learned about, is this nonsense about “Ukrainian Nazis.” Just because Ukraine is full of neo-Nazis, and recent members of its government were neo-Nazis, and its military has neo-Nazi units (e.g., the notorious Azov Battalion), and it has a national holiday celebrating a Nazi, and government officials hang his portrait in their offices, and the military and neo-Nazi militias have been terrorizing and murdering ethnic Russians since the USA and the Forces of Goodness supported and stage-managed a “revolution” (i.e., a coup) back in 2014 with the assistance of a lot of neo-Nazis … that doesn’t mean Ukraine has a “Nazi problem.” After all, its current president is Jewish!

...It doesn’t really matter who the masses are being told to hate this week … the Russians, the Unvaccinated, the Terrorists, the Populists, the Assad-Apologists, the Conspiracy Theorists, the Anti-Vaxxers, the Disinformationists … or whoever. In the end, there is only one enemy, the enemy of the United Forces of Goodness, the enemy of the unaccountable, supranational global-capitalist empire (or “GloboCap” as I like to call it)."

CJ Hopkins, "The Revenge of the Putin Nazis"


The Ukrainian government, including Zelensky, also lied about Russians critically damaging the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant in a way that caused radiation levels to rise. They used this lie to justify getting US/NATO involved.

I am not taking sides in this conflict. Putin is an oligarch and a former KGB officer, but he has not been lying about his intentions toward the Ukraine.

What affect us much more than the Ukraine is the South China Sea and Taiwan, which is Silicon Valley East. Taiwan makes 70% of the high end chips that go into your laptops, into your cars, into your smart TVs, even into your refrigerators. You think it’s hard to buy a car now? If the CCP takes over Taiwan you may not even be able to find a car. Or a laptop. Or a refrigerator. But our elites are, day after day, hyping the evil Putin and his second-rate economy, and ignoring China. It’s a total deflection. It’s also good for war and “defense” contractors, who can supply aid and arms.

What we have in Ukraine is a war between corrupt oligarchs in Russia and corrupt oligarchs in Ukraine, 6,000 miles away, forced by NATO's expansion to the borders of Russia. Let's let them fight it out -- they've been doing so for centuries. Our elites are great at creating crises and conflicts and narratives, then demanding that the sons and daughters of the working class spill their blood in foreign countries. Enough!

Lies are the stock-in-trade of the dark army.

Truth is the mainstay of a prosperous and successful society.

How can you tell whether your narrative is truth or lies?

Apply it in life and see how successful you are. The Ukraine-Putin narrative is going to blow up in the faces of our elites because it’s mostly based on lies.

I have noticed the development of a curious social phenomenon: society is self-organizing into two camps: a balanced, well-adjusted part and an unhinged, fearful part. No one is forcing this action: events themselves are causing it. Therefore, there is no one to “blame.”  This is, I believe, a positive development.

The unhinged camp is led by the folks and their minions in the World Economic Forum (Transhumanism, authoritarianism, and medical malpractice) and their allies in Big Pharma, the Chinese Communist Party (economic and political slavery for all those unfortunate enough to be in their sphere of influence) and, of course, the Great American Empire with its endless wars across the globe.

The Pandemic of 2020 was (is) a manifestation of the unhinged camp. Gain-of-function research began in the GAE’s NIH and at Fort Detrick, was transferred to the Wuhan lab in the CCP for final development, and the lockdowns and vaccine mandates were promoted by Big Pharma. This created an entire class of people who are mired in fear, aided and abetted by mass media and social media.

The bad actors are being identified. They are self-organizing because they have to. Big Pharma, Big Tech, the CCP, the WEF, and the crazies in the U.S. national security state are aligning around their own destructive impulses. This process of self-organizing will continue. The names of those involved will become known, and the Dark Army on earth will eventually collapse.

When Pfizer, Moderna, and the CDC are forced to release the data they have been hiding about the COVID vaccines, the corruption in the pharmaceutical companies will be revealed. It won’t be pretty.

The Dark Army

For the Dark Army, the Pandemic was supposed to be the beginning of a worldwide, authoritarian surveillance state complete with smart cities, the Internet of Things (every Smart object in the world connected together) and the Internet of Bodies (Brain-Computer-Interfaces in the brain that connect to the Smart Grid). But in fact, it is the beginning of the end. There will always be those who want to give up their power. But the overwhelming majority of human beings on this planet won’t accept a chipped human society. I’m not saying that a chipped society won’t be formed, I’m saying that if it does form it will self-organize and self-isolate. That’s because human beings are divine creations of the Creative Source, of God. Most people recognize this at some level. Only those who turn away from the light will embrace a chipped, Transhumanist society. The others will self-organize around human dignity, human rights, and community.

Divine Providence works in strange ways. That which appears to be horrible may be necessary in this low-consciousness environment. The rise of the dark forces on earth may be essential to wake the sleeping populations of the world.

We can look to Canada and the Trucker Freedom Movement to understand this. Over half of the cabinet of the Trudeau government are members of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum. When the truckers came to Ottawa, the government sent jackbooted UN troops onto the streets to beat and tear gas the peaceful protesters. RCMP officers on horses ran into the crowd, trampling people. This is the mindset of the Dark Army. This is what they understand: force, violence, and intimidation. It’s their modus operandi, and it cannot succeed within an awakening population. This was manifested when the Trudeau government cancelled the Emergency Powers Act, which in effect gave the PM and the government the power of a dictator.

The Minister of Finance began seizing funds from GoFundMe and GiveSendGo, seizing private bank accounts, and jailing journalists. What happened shortly after that? The Canadian government cancelled the Emergency Act. Although the vaccine mandates are still in place at the federal level, most of the provinces have canceled them. The peaceful protest was a resounding success!

Here in the US, Biden extended the emergency powers of the president. However, a massive trucker movement is on its way to the DC area, inspired by the Canadian truckers.

Both trucker movements are entirely self-organizing. The people – the working class – organized a populist movement, motivated entirely by actions of the Dark. No one is really in charge!

What are the goals of the Dark Army? Power and territorial domination. Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are followers of Putin’s saying about diplomacy: “Politeness and weapons are far more effective than politeness alone.” The goal of Vladimir Putin (according to one narrative) in his conflict with the Ukraine is part of a twenty-year-old plan to annex former Soviet Republics like Ukraine (some analysts say that he only wants the Crimea. OK, that’s better!). These are the goals of a psychopath. The goals of the CCP and the Belt and Road initiative is not to annex just a paltry few former Soviet Republics. The CCP wants to establish a worldwide slave/surveillance society ruled by Beijing (now that’s a goal worthy of a real psychopath!). What has been the goal of the Global American Empire for the past fifty years? The very same: global economic and political hegemony. [ Want to find out what’s really happening in the Ukraine? This article, written in 2014, precisely explains the history of Russia and Ukraine and NATO’s involvement: Here’s a short vid that explains the situation in 2022: ]

That is how the darkness rolls.

Because weapons of mass destruction have the capability to obliterate large portions of humanity and the planet, modern warfare tries to avoid the violence and destruction of kinetic warfare. The “new” (and better!) way to make war not love was outlined by two PLA colonels in their 1999 book “Unrestricted Warfare.” Information and psychological operations are the pillars of the new warfare. Cyber attacks, hacking, censorship, Transhumanism, and fake “science” are the tools of modern warfare.

The Role of Consciousness

Humanity is working through thousands of years of karma and low-consciousness beliefs. In order to have peace on earth we unfortunately have to work through the dark ideas we have accepted for millennia, and their accumulated karma. That’s because our institutions have accepted these ideas. The bureaucracies who run our institutions have accepted them, especially the people at the top. Even so, entrenched bureaucracies are not immovable objects when the irresistible force of the Light is strengthening throughout the world.

Consciousness is the key variable in the success or failure of any society. In the past, the balance of light and dark was in favor of the dark, and so societies throughout history rose and then fell again.

It’s different now. The balance has shifted in favor of the light. Humanity is awakening. The darkness will lose because it has a degraded and incorrect definition for consciousness. Consciousness is non-physical, an aspect of the Creative Source that created and maintains the universe. The pathetic idea embraced by the Dark is that consciousness is dependent on meat, and when your meat dies you’re dead.

Is it any wonder that these people embrace Transhumanism? Transhumanism is a degraded materialist program to eliminate biology (along with the “woke” program, it particularly targets women). This is madness. Associated with our biology is the esoteric gateway to the One. Of course materialists scoff at this idea. Because their awareness is so low they cannot understand or accept their own divine nature.

This is why the dark must self-organize and self-isolate. Their ideas about life contain within them the seeds of failure, of de-evolution, of ethical and spiritual self-destruction. This means that the vast majority of people will reject them.    

How do I know this? Because this isn’t my first rodeo. What humanity on this planet is going through has been experienced on planets throughout this galaxy. Many of these civilizations didn’t make it, but some of them did.

We're Going to Make It

I am certain now that the earth will make it. I have no “scientific proof” of course, just a knowing that comes from, I don’t know, soul experience I guess. Many of those reading this have the same confidence. It’s a soul confidence. There probably aren’t a lot of us on the planet, but there are enough. Just having the confidence and certainty that we’ll make it puts a powerful, powerful intention, and light, on the future timeline.   

The real action is on the plane of thought. Action follows thought. Thought influences everything from cellular structure to world events. Certainty, or “knowingness” is even more effective. The certainty that something will occur, without any counter-intention, means that the desired thing will manifest. The key variable is “no counter-intention.” When there is nothing in the way of a thought/intention it allows manifestation.

Life is full of uncertainties because 8 billion people are jostling around on this planet. How many people in life have ZERO counter-intention about events in their lives, or their goals? Hardly any, or the world wouldn’t be in the shape it’s in. However, old souls can have certainty on metaphysical subjects like “peace on earth.” So many of us do! It may not occur in our lifetimes, but that’s not important. What’s important is that the human race has planted its feet firmly and surely on the road that inevitably leads to world peace.

That’s the signal.

The noise is the pandemic, the invasion of Ukraine, the vaccine mandates, political corruption, Big Pharma, Big Tech, media propaganda and fear porn, blah blah blah. It’s not noise to the people experiencing hardship. But from 80,000 feet old souls can see the Big Picture.

No matter what happens, no matter how many people die, the human race is going to make it.

What is death? A going Home to the Creative Source, and then a return to the planet to make things better. It’s the wheel of life and the wheel of karma. What we are seeing in the world today is a resolution of karma. Everyone who has ever been on earth for the past 200,000 years of human history is here now. Imagine working through 200,000 years of karma all at once! It’s going to take some time for things to work out.

But they will.

In these crazy times of official narratives and media propaganda there is one fundamental bedrock principle: THINK FOR YOURSELF.

At the end of 2021 Italy, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and Austria are mandating vaccinations for every citizen, and closing off the unvaccinated from access to society. This is happening around the world, almost exclusively in (formerly free) democratic countries.

It is impossible to predict the future because the entire planet is moving from an old system and onto a new track. There are so many billions of variables in play because the system is fluctuating wildly. The only way to get a handle on current events is to take a viewpoint from 40,000 feet.

Humanity is involved in a spiritual ascension. In order for that to happen enough of humanity’s karma must be resolved to expose the underlying evil and darkness. This involves exposure of the arms trafficking networks, the drug trafficking networks, and most important, the human slavery networks with their pedophilia, child abuse, and the sexual abuse of women.

That is happening as I write this.

This exposure is inevitable; the only question is how fast it will occur.

Mass formation

In the US today, journalists, activists, politicians, and people on social media mostly push narratives, not information.

In December of 2021, the country is completely polarized, largely around one figure: Donald Trump. Trump has not been president since January 2021, yet the mainstream media news is either pro-Trump or anti-Trump. Donald J. Trump lives rent free in the heads of almost every American.

The Trump phenomenon – a divisiveness and a preoccupation that borders on obsession – is an offshoot of what psychologist Prof. Mathias Desmet calls “mass formation psychosis,” (MFP), which is associated around the world with the lockdowns and forced vaccinations being attempted by many of the world’s governments in relation to COVID-19. In a nutshell, MFP occurs when a society is overcome by fear and discontent (COVID), and is exacerbated when people are separated and lack social bonding (lockdowns). When society also experiences what Prof. Desmet calls a “lack of sense-making,” (events have no definitive causation and seem to have occurred senselessly) mass phenomenon can emerge. In Prof. Desmet’s words:

So: meaning, anxiety, and discontent that is not connected to a specific representation. So it needs to be in the mind without the people being able to connect it to something. If you have these four things—lack of social bonds, lack of sense-making, free-floating anxiety, and free-floating psychological discontent—then society is highly at risk for the emergence of mass phenomenon. If this free-floating anxiety is highly present in a population, and the media provide a narrative, which indicates an object of anxiety, and at the same time, describe a strategy to deal with this object of anxiety, then all the anxiety connects to this object and people are willing to follow the strategy to deal with this object, no matter what the cost is. That is what happens in the beginning of mass formation.

Then in a second step, people start a collective and heroic battle with this object of anxiety. And in that way, a new kind of social bond emerges and a new kind of sense-making. Suddenly life is all directed at battling the object of anxiety and in this way, establishing a new connection with other people. And that, the sudden switch of a negative state, a radical lack of social connection, to the opposite, to the massive social connection that is experienced in a crowd. This sudden switch leads up to a sort of mental intoxication. That’s what makes mass formation, or crowd formation, the exact equivalent of hypnosis. All people who have been describing, who have been studying, mass formation, such as Gustave Le Bon, for instance [William] McDougall, [Elias] Canetti have remarked that mass formation is not similar to hypnosis; that mass formation is exactly equal to hypnosis. Mass formation is a sort of hypnosis.

What happens is that at that moment, when people experience mental intoxication, it doesn’t matter anymore whether the narrative is correct or wrong, even blatantly wrong. What matters is that it leads up to this mental intoxication. And that’s why they continue to go along with the narrative, even if they could know by thinking for one second, that it is wrong. That is the central mechanism of mass formation. And that makes it so difficult to destroy it. Because for people, it doesn’t matter when the narrative is wrong. And what we try to do is we all try to show constantly that the narrative is wrong. But for people that’s not what it is all about. It’s all about the fact that they don’t want to go back to this painful state of free-floating anxiety.”

From the website, “Mass Formation (Psychosis) and the Coronavirus Narrative,” Interview with Prof. Mattias Desmet by Reiner Fuellmich and the Corona Investigative Committee, at

This is precisely what is happening in the US regarding COVID, the vaccine, and Donald J. Trump. A schism in U.S. society has formed. Competing narratives completely black out information from “the other side,” because blind adherence to a narrative makes sense of events (even if the narrative isn’t science- or data-based) and prevents you from sliding back to a state of anxiety. Each side is convinced (or determined) that their side is correct, and the other side is wrong. In mass formation psychosis, pseudo-science and propaganda largely replaces the free flow of information, particularly as regards medicine and the medical bureaucracy.

That is not to say that everyone in the US is suffering from MFP; that is far from the case. However, mass formation phenomena does acutely manifest itself on social media and in the news media, and in discussions about politics or current events. You may see it if one of the memes or tropes from a competing narrative is brought up in a group or in a discussion forum. Someone may become “triggered” when one of these memes is challenged, because it threatens the overlay that protects them from the fear and the senselessness. Once you familiarize yourself with the narratives on both sides, you can spot the mask, get underneath it, and have a real conversation.

Interestingly, many arguments, even on subjects like COVID or vaccine mandates, will eventually devolve to pro-Trump or anti-Trump. Donald J. Trump is, apparently, the human avatar, or representative, of a national schism in the United States.

That’s the state of affairs as I write this.

However, mass formation can also work to the positive. The population of the US is around 327 million, and everyone is divided into two camps! That means that there is tremendous agreement and cohesion within each camp on the narrative each supports.

Both narratives agree that the world is filled with disinformation.

So, what happens when the truth comes out?

Some will stick to their narrative because it protects them from the uncertainty that created the narrative. It would be too uncomfortable for them to acknowledge anything else. But truth is recognizable to everyone; you have to deliberately turn away from it. Lies are exposed by the truth, if it really is the truth! As truth exposes lies, the cohesion formed within each group will gradually produce broad agreement on a new narrative: the factual one, the scientific one, the one based in data. The two competing narratives will crumble underneath the weight of the lies and untruths contained within each one. A mass formation will then occur around a more constructive narrative; one that can actually lead to problem solving instead of endless debate and hatred.

How can this happen?

The new time track

As I said in my last post, peace on earth will probably not eliminate evil, but it will establish enough tolerance to achieve an interval of relative peace (as opposed to the present insanity) where people can step back, assess the truth, and begin again in a spirit of enough tolerance to get back in communication with each other. Life will not be like it was before the pandemic. That life was lived on an old circular track, where humanity’s past was a burden and an impediment to clear sight.  “The more things change the more they remain the same” was the hallmark of the old track, because the train of humanity kept revisiting the past over and over again as it kept traversing the same circle.

But what if humanity is on an entirely new, fresh track? One where the past no longer exists?

What if the circular track of human thought has a bypass that leads to another track above it? That track would have no past to slow us down. The bypass has always been there, the higher track has always been there, we just never saw it. More and more of us are seeing it. We’re on the shunt now that leads up to the new track.

Stuff is happening that has never been seen before: worldwide pandemics, lockdowns of entire nations, forced vaccinations, people getting triggered and doing insane things.

If the past is no longer there as a massive anchor, holding us back, it also means that we’re going to see more and more crazy stuff. The system is in a chaotic state where all possibilities are being explored and past karma is being resolved, before the system settles down to a higher state of consciousness. On the old track, the past, and tradition, limited the set of potentials.

How fast we get off the shunt and on to the new track is entirely dependent on our free will choices.

Eventually, people will recognize that the planet is on a new timeline; a track where past conflicts and hatred don’t exist. Imagine that the train of humanity, instead of going round and round on the old track of war, hatred, and conflict, moves to a clean one with no past. The track is clear! We still have the ability to create the future on the new track just like the past on the old track, but the clear track will allow ages-old karma to work itself out.

The Light is shining brighter and brighter. Evil is being exposed. The agendas of the Dark Side are coming to the fore. To resolve the karma we must face up to it, inspect it, and work through it.

It’s chaotic, because everyone who has had a lifetime on earth, in the past, is on the planet now. The planet is like a huge gameboard where everyone is working out their karma with everyone else.


Here are my predictions for 2022:

The world will soon achieve herd immunity from COVID and its various strains. According to Dr. Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine platform, the latest strain, Omicron,

is 10 times more infectious than the original variant and two times more infectious than Delta. Omicron will become the predominant strain in the USA very shortly. So, whether vaccinated or not, Omicron is more mild and will spread throughout the land. Let me write that again, all evidence shows that Omicron is more much more mild and vaccinated or unvaccinated will catch this variant...There have been NO DEATHS reported anywhere in the world with Omicron, including in the USA. Now there will be, because older people, people with high co-morbidities will catch Omicron and will die. People die from the common cold too. We can expect this – do not be swayed by the fear-porn that is sure to come when these deaths happen.”

Interview with Dr. Malone

I’m sure that deaths will be reported from Omicron, but if Dr. Malone is right, Omicron will allow everyone to develop antibodies and immunity to any other strains that show up. Omicron is a sign that the virus has mutated itself into relative harmlessness, compared to the original and it’s offshoots up until Delta.

The forced vaccinations will fail, mainly because the effectiveness of the vaccines has been greatly exaggerated. When the truth about the ineffectiveness of the mRNA vaccines is broadly acknowledged, people will be able to get past the false narratives of Big Pharma. Those who resolutely promoted them will no longer have the influence they once had.

Transhumanism will become the next focal point. Transhumanism is a completely materialistic field that is interested in “improving” humanity via artificial means such as CRISPR (gene altering), neural chips (Elon Musk), nano-biology (which will insert responsive programmable nanobots into the body), the new mRNA vaccines (which use lipid nanoparticles to transfer mRNA sequences to reprogram cells), and, of course, AI or artificial intelligence.

AI systems are ubiquitous in corporate culture. They are being tested on the ground in China, where the regime has allied with Big Tech in the West to create a ubiquitous surveillance state complete with digital IDs and social credit scores. The goal is to replace humans with AI systems, build a “smart grid” that connects everything in the Internet Of Things, and ultimately create what Transhumanists call the Internet of Bodies, where chipped and nano-botted humans are surveilled from the moment of birth to the instant of death. Watch for this; it’s coming to a screen near you in 2022. AI also includes the newly created Metaverse, which replaces humans with avatars in a fake, digitally created Virtual Reality universe. All of these metaverse networks, of course, go right to the cloud and those who participate in them are recorded and monitored. The idea is to diminish human contact and association, and replace it with artificial constructs that can be easily controlled.

Humanity is engaged in a spiritual ascension. But first, we must get through the agendas of the Dark Side. In 2022, these agendas will become more publicized. A significant proportion of the population will welcome them.

Past 2022, I think we’ll see a gradual diminution of the acceptance of these technologies by the majority of the population. Mainly because the promoted effectiveness of AI and virtual reality are highly exaggerated. All of them are based purely on intelligence, which cannot replace consciousness

For example, the intelligence behind the new Engineered Arts’ Ameca robot appears to have consciousness, but it is purely a simulation. (Please watch this 40 second video.)

There’s nothing behind those eyes except an algorithm (designed by a human being with consciousness) but Ameca itself has no inherent consciousness. These “human” robots are fake, like Transhumanism itself. They are essentially data collectors, whose information goes back to a corporate or government database, and/or an AI surveillance and monitoring system.

Transhumanism will fail because the motivation for life extension promoted by Transhumanism is purely based in fear: the fear that consciousness is extinguished after death of the body. So of course, the body’s life must be extended by any means. Behind Transhumanism is the materialistic belief that a human being is a piece of meat, and that consciousness and awareness are snuffed out when the body dies. This is an adolescent postulate, which every person who has self-awareness understands. Sadly, those who go for this will be those with little or no self-awareness. But the rest of us won’t go there!

An imperfect world

All of us were born into an imperfect world, a world of low consciousness. Right now, the world is being run by those with low consciousness. Nevertheless, to continue to expect low consciousness in the future will create a future the same as the past. Therefore, it is important for those with self-awareness to postulate a future where humankind solves its intractable problems.

We are on a new track now, but if our expectations do not rise above the “same old shit” we’ll get the same old shit. If you are reading this you are almost certainly an old soul, someone who has had lifetime after lifetime on this planet. You’ve seen it all, probably, and know how events used to go: toward a bad result. Well, it’s different now. We’re on a new track, without the burdens of the failed past.

It’s up to us. Those with self awareness, and old souls, understand the problem and the difficulties. However, we have one huge advantage: the power of co-creation. We understand that although humanity has 100% free will to create anything, the laws of the universe have been designed to support whatever decisions we make. So many people are waking up, that the balance between dark and light has now tipped the scales in favor of the light. Therefore, our expectations and intentions for a positive life and a positive future have been enhanced. Now isn’t the time to bemoan what happened in the past, or look to current events and say that the dark is winning.

It isn’t. It’s being exposed.

Karma is being worked out with 8 billion souls in ways that are so inexplicable and complex that no one can understand it. Moreover, the process of a soul incarnating is not random. All souls choose their environments and their parents; the Big Guy doesn’t just shove you into a body. All souls before incarnation are completely aware of the Big Picture and understand every variable in the equation of earth and in the human family. People go where they are most needed. Souls understand the karmic groups on the planet, their own soul family, and each person has a soul purpose and a soul mission. So, everyone is placed where they can do the most good. Free will obviously alters that situation, but millions of people die every day, and millions more come in fresh and new, into the new track, with soul missions that are better understood and have a greater chance of success.

Those who turn to the dark side are sticking out like sore thumbs. The light is shining so brightly that it takes a conscious effort to turn away from it. Chins up!

Everything is for the best, in this best of all possible worlds.”
— Dr. Pangloss, in Candide

Voltaire wrote this phrase as a sarcastic and damning expression of delusional persons who remain optimistic despite the reality of negative events. But this sentence can also be regarded from a higher perspective.

In these days when everything seems to be going haywire, and wrong, there isn’t a lot of meaning to the idea of the “best of all possible worlds.”

Or is there?

A materialist, an atheist, a secularist will tell you that the world is going to hell because life is a meaningless concatenation of random events. This philosophy, as we talked about in the last post, results in people believing that the earth is headed for a catastrophic climate event that will destroy life on the planet. To a cynic, such a conclusion is obvious and inevitable.

But what if there really is such a thing as natural law? In that case, life is not random, but is operating along benevolent lines that have created a beautiful planet, and complex ecosystems, that nurture and support life.

Now we have to throw in the variable of free will.

It is obvious that free will is a variable in this play we call life, for what we see as reality is so complex and bizarre that it could only result from the unfettered decisions of 8 billion human beings.

It appears that life is random (so materialists can be forgiven for thinking this) because there are so many individuals on the planet making so many free will decisions. Yet life goes on despite the madness. The earth supports life; it cocoons millions of species within a myriad of different environments. It appears that some kind of universal operating system is holding everything together; uniting so many variables to form a complex, but unified, whole.

Despite the madness of human events in certain places, the world keeps working.

In other words, given free will and irrational human decision-making, we are living in the best of all possible worlds.

I’m not sure Francois-Marie Arouet would agree with me, but the earth – despite the changing climate cycles for the past several millions of years – seems to be well regulated. Apparently, the operating system that regulates the earth has no agenda. Humankind is free to destroy itself if it wants to, or evolve peacefully in cooperation with Gaia. Either way, the earth isn’t going anywhere, despite the claims of climate lunatics over the past century.

If natural law exists then it regulates the earth, and all the life upon and within it. So humanity is also subject to natural law, as are human events, with the governing variable of free will added in. Therefore, Dr. Pangloss was right: Everything is for the best, in this best of all possible worlds.

The Shift

What does an evolution in consciousness look like?    

My guess is, a lot like current events.

Humanity is undergoing a psychic cleansing; old karma is being worked through. Everyone who has ever had a lifetime on earth (and has accumulated karma) is working it out.

So events seem random, unexplainable, and scary.

Humanity is undergoing a shift in consciousness. This will result in an understanding of the importance of seemingly esoteric variables such as thought, intent, and expectations. These are qualities of consciousness. They are not scientific or quantitative.  They are attributes of consciousness that affect the physical reality of our society, for action always follows thought.

This idea has been around since Plato, and probably before.

Thought, intent, and expectations interact with natural law (the universal operating system) to affect physical reality.

As the earth gradually emerges into a galaxy teeming with life, this will become more and more obvious.

The crazier human events get, the more important it is to understand the power of thoughts and beliefs. Our expectations about future events place those expectations and beliefs on the future timeline. Human events are, essentially, a gigantic self-fulfilling prophecy of the human collective consciousness.

The Shift is the process of coming to realize that there is a higher power, a powerful esoteric system that is beyond the adolescent conception of materialism and secularism. These philosophies are taking us to their ultimate evolutionary direction: Transhumanism. Transhumanism is the materialists’ wet dream: a future where biology is altered and merged with technology to interface with artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, this evolutionary path is a dead-end for humanity. It will create a dystopian technocratic future where human beings are reduced to apps in a planetary blockchain run by AI. It will create, as it evolves, a dumbed down human race that will exist as a collectivist hive mind before the technological singularity absorbs us into an artificial super-intelligence where human beings are no longer necessary.

Of course this scenario is sociopathic. It is promoted by people like Ray Kurzweil of Google, who believe in the inevitability of humanity's merger with the technology it created, a concept widely known as “the singularity.” In this vein, Jose Luis Cordiero of Singularity University at Google (who works with Ray Kurzweil) said to the audience at the recent Transhumanist conference in Spain: “You are here by mistake. You are the last non-designed [by AI] generation.” These people actually believe this!

Before we roundly criticize Mr. Kurzweil and Mr. Cordiero, let’s remember the maxim that we live in the best of all possible worlds, with the variable of free will. Concepts like Transhumanism are necessary in order to show humanity the possible outcomes of its evolutionary choices. Do we want to live in a dystopian society? How would we know whether it’s bad or good unless it becomes a viable option?

People learn best through experience. AI is now being embraced by many in the scientific community, who are doing a good job publicizing it to the public. We are seeing what a Transhumanist world might look like, with proposals like Elon Musk’sneural chips implanted into the brain to allow communication with any computer on the web (hackable humans!). With our free will, we must decide collectively whether we manifest that dark path. Therefore, we should all thank Mr. Kurzweil, Mr. Musk,  Mr. Cordiero, and other Transhumanists, for bringing these ideas forward and into the human consciousness.

It’s all part of the Shift.

The Great Awakening

This is a general term that describes the shift in human consciousness from a materialist, technocratic conception into one that recognizes a higher power that created the universe, the earth, and all life everywhere. Opposing this idea is the Great Reset, the Dark Army’s conception of a collectivist hive-mind society under the boot heel of a global technocracy controlled by  sociopaths.

This isn’t a battle between dark and light so much as a set of possible choices.

I’ve used that phrase a lot until I understood that the dark-light framework is a dichotomy that forces you into a mentality of conflict. Human consciousness is beginning to rise out of that duality and into a more peaceful and pan-determined outlook on the problems that face us as a species.

I found this definition of dichotomy on Wikipedia: “A dichotomy is a partition of a whole into two parts. In other words, this couple of parts must be

• jointly exhaustive: everything must belong to one part or the other, and

• mutually exclusive: nothing can belong simultaneously to both parts.”

The key is the phrase, “nothing can belong simultaneously to both parts.” Here we have a built-in exclusivity that promotes division and conflict. If we look at current events not as a battle or a fight, but as merely a set of choices to be freely accepted or rejected, we can avoid verbal and physical conflict. This, I believe, is what the Great Awakening is all about.

In order to validly accept or reject a concept it must be manifested, and must be experienced. Therefore, the presence of darkness or evil is a necessary component to an advance in consciousness.

Evil will disappear tomorrow if people don’t embrace it.

People who abuse others were themselves abused. Human nature is actually benevolent, not cynical or violent. Human beings incarnate as souls that are directly connected to God, or Spirit, or the One. The earth is simply an experiment where a person comes in untainted, then picks up the karma from their past life. In the past, that’s all we had to roll with. Now, that old karma is being resolved in an accelerated process where 8 billion of us are here all at once. That’s why events are so crazy! The dark memes in human consciousness are on full display now. They must be confronted, worked through, and transcended.

Concluding Thoughts

We are living in the best of all possible worlds. Our free will choices set the bar low, or high. Ideas don’t battle each other; that conception itself guarantees conflict. When we look at the current crazy situation as a series of choices, rather than a fight, we can gain clarity on where we’re going.

In the September issue we talked about going beyond good and evil, and dark and light. We said that humanity was on an evolutionary path out of millennia of low consciousness, and gradually (but painfully) moving to higher consciousness.

Dark and light are polar opposites, but two sides of the same coin. Focusing exclusively on the light ignores real problems that have been created over the millennia: memes, emotions, thoughts, and intentions that are still rooted firmly within the human psyche. Therefore, “staying in the light” without a cleanup of old energy is nice, but it won’t transform consciousness on this planet. Humanity has created such a huge depository of negative energy that it must be confronted if we are to move to a higher state of consciousness.

A science fiction writer once said, “The first step in handling anything is gaining the ability to face it.”

We are facing a multi-millennia buildup of dark memes and energy created via the exploration of low consciousness. That stuff doesn’t go away. It’s all recorded in the collective consciousness of humanity, and within the esoteric fields that are part of the earth.

Gaia records everything that happens to her. Including the thoughts, emotions, and activities of human beings. That’s because the purpose of a planet – any planet – is to nurture and support life. There’s a record of human experience in human consciousness – the Akash – and one the planet stores as well.

The point is, these recordings don’t go away. They are permanent. Unless confronted and transcended, they leave a permanent stain within the collective consciousness.


Of course, the above section would be regarded as utterly nonsensical and delusional by materialists. A quote from a “meaning of life” website reflects the mindset of such people:

“Human life has absolutely no meaning. Humans are the outcome of blind evolutionary processes that operate without goal or purpose.”

There are many, many people on this planet who firmly believe this. Including scientists.

Here are two more quotes from the same site:

“It is time that we admitted that faith is nothing more than the license religious people give one another to keep believing when reasons fail.” And, “The belief that there is God is based on a bunch of assumptions. We live in the age of science where there is no room for assumptions.”

For those with any spiritual awareness at all, the idea that life occurred accidentally on this planet is preposterous. It is always forwarded by materialists and atheists, people who have no understanding of the divine nature of life. And that’s OK because such do not know any better. It’s simply a limitation imposed by low awareness. As someone once said, “Never assign to malice that which can adequately be explained by stupidity.”

Gaia was created to support life; that is its goal and purpose. Despite the efforts of humans to pollute the planet, the earth is not, after 4 billion years of evolution, going off into radical climate change that will kill off the life it has worked so hard to create the optimum conditions for. If you question people who believe in catastrophic climate change you will discover (1) they are atheists and materialists (secularists), and (2) they are uniformly motivated by fear. They will make the most irrational and outrageous statements, over and over, despite the fact that their dire predictions for the fate of humanity and the planet never come true. Unfortunately, such irrationality is part and parcel of the collective human psyche.


Oregon governor Kate Brown signs bill in August 2021. Next to her are climate change activists. Image credit:

Looking beyond the Commonplace

So – the human race must face the memes it has created over the millennia, which are stored in what Jung called the collective unconscious. These things don’t magically go away until they are confronted and transcended. We’re seeing that now in the financial realm, as the world’s finances are essentially on the verge of meltdown. The budget situation in the US, in which the debt ceiling must be raised by September 30, is affecting all investors in the world who hold dollar-denominated securities. Exacerbating this is the potential $320 billion collapse of the huge Chinese real-estate company, Evergrande. Moreover, Janet Yellin, the U.S. Treasury Secretary, announced in September that if the US does not raise the debt ceiling again (this is like putting more debt on a massively overdrawn $29 trillion credit card), the US will begin defaulting on its debts on October 15th, and the government will have to shut down.

(Update: On September 30, Congress passed a Continuing Resolution to increase the debt ceiling until December 3rd, when the problem will have to be faced again. Nothing has been confronted, nothing has been solved, the can has just been kicked down the road.)

The world has now reached a financial denouement, which will hopefully be the precursor to a spiritual denouement.

A huge battle is now being fought in Congress, as Democrats (who control the entire government) want to “spend” $10 trillion this year – a $5.2T budget, a $1.2T “COVID relief” bill (already passed) and a further $3.5T “infrastructure” bill. (I put “spend” in scare quotes because there is no funding for a good portion of it. The Fed will simply print more money to “fund” the spending).

Where will this end? I’m hoping, in finally facing the fact that the world is in a gigantic debt bubble that must collapse. Once it does, the world will have to decide how to properly run its finances. This will, I hope, lead to a more rational financial system. The financial scare will force people to look inward and ask themselves what kind of a world they want to live in. And what kind of leaders they want to elect.

It will force people to look beyond the commonplace; to look past business as usual.

The Bad Guys Are Always the Problem

In legends and myths (and human history) it’s always “the bad guys” who cause problems. “If only we could get rid of these horrible people our system could work.”  Societal collapse is blamed on the fact that there is always, in any human group, a few percentage points of the population who are sociopaths and psychopaths. The rise and fall of civilizations is explained by “the good guys” building society up, and “the bad guys” tearing it down.

This is fallacious, I think. Societies on earth rise and fall not because there is an inveterate part of humanity that is inherently evil, but because we haven’t yet devised a rational and sustainable way of organizing our societies. If we did, this “bad guy” portion of society would disappear.

The difficulty lies with the uninspected meme structures within the human collective consciousness, most of which are based in materialist concepts that deny the true nature of the human being. Over the millennia, we have built up self-destructive memes and beliefs that have simply become accepted: It’s perfectly OK to smash others to get ahead, when someone attacks you, you have to attack them back, and on and on. These memes all have one thing in common: human-on-human violence and hatred.

The solution is not in the physical, action plane (let’s start a war or take to the streets or pound someone on social media to redress our grievances). It’s in the mental and spiritual plane. Until humanity accepts its divine origins, and begins to confront the meme structures and the negative energy and activity that comes from them, we’ll continue to see the future reflect the past.

The human race can no longer afford adolescent beliefs such as materialism and atheism, unless we want to devolve back to complete barbarism.

I don’t think that is going to happen.

People are fed up with thousands of years of low consciousness and negative energy. That’s why we’re seeing millennia of old karma being resolved. It’s in the news every day; it’s in your face.

The human race is on the path to higher consciousness. But first it must confront its dark past. The financial meltdown is just one aspect of this confrontation, but the solution is the broad recognition of mankind’s divine origin.

We’ve come as far as we can with the old meme and belief structures. What used to be thought of as “pie-in-the-sky,” woo-woo thinking is now a necessity. Spirituality and religion are the most important attributes the human race has at this time. We cannot lose them in a tidal wave of technocracy, statism, and materialism that is sweeping the planet.

The evolution of consciousness is the single most important matter on the planet right now. It is a point of departure to a new world where life is celebrated and people have the freedom to realize their full potential.

What is the role of consciousness in health? The question is pertinent in these days of COVID hysteria and forced vaccinations, where, according to public health officials, healthy immune systems are impossible without experimental vaccines.

Health through vaccination is a purely scientific-materialist concept based on greed and profit.

The role of consciousness and health cannot be answered by science because science is completely materialistic. Science says that a human being is a piece of meat, and that consciousness comes from neurons firing in the brain. This point of view is the basis for  allopathic medicine, and for the policies of the NIH, the CDC, and the FDA. The recent story about the University of Pittsburgh harvesting organs from living fetuses is an example of this mindset.

Science denies spiritual concepts such as reincarnation. Science does not believe in life after death, the soul, God, or anything beyond the five human senses. Science has no understanding of consciousness as an awareness independent of the physical body, or the divine nature of the human being. Is this evil? Well, it is simply the result of low awareness.

Those with low awareness do appalling things such as live organ harvesting, mainly because they don’t know any better. This statement is itself appalling, is it not? Evil is always based in ignorance.

Persons with higher awareness must not doubt their certainty of a spiritual reality, despite the pronouncements of scientists. Science is utterly irrelevant to the subject of consciousness. Those who try to show that science has a spiritual aspect are doomed to failure, because those who have a materialist world view will reject any evidence of it.

To keep your peace of mind, therefore, separate science from your beliefs about consciousness, and yourself. All of us who are awakening are awakening precisely because our spiritual component is becoming activated. Everyone has a spiritual component, but materialists have chosen to deny it.

So be it.

Let these persons live their lives in ignorance of their divine connection to the Creative Source. Those who are awakening will find it much more comfortable to hang out with persons of like mind anyway.

Two worlds

The world is dividing itself into two camps: one with higher awareness, and the other with low awareness. This phenomenon has its origin in consciousness. The law of attraction will slowly separate those with low awareness from the rest of society. This is happening now. Fortunately, the low-awareness camp is in the vast minority. However, you can see by their actions that the low awareness group is trying to gain more adherents using forced lockdowns, useless face masks, dumbing down the education system, and isolating people using fear. These have been the tactics of the low awareness camp throughout human history, and is the reason civilizations fall apart.

Don’t confuse low awareness with a lack of intelligence. That’s all I’ll say about this. Observe events and connect the dots. Human intelligence has almost nothing to do with spiritual awareness. There are some very bright people in the low awareness camp. Transhumanists, for example, have a very high human intelligence, but a very low awareness of anything outside the material world.

Then again, persons with low spiritual awareness can also have two-digit IQs. Example: On August 14th the DHS issued a “terror threat” regarding the upcoming 20th anniversary of 9/11. Check this out:

NBC news reports that this terror threat “is not based on any actual threats or plots.” This would be funny – real life comedy – if the people behind this absurd proclamation weren’t serious. Takeaway: The light is shining very brightly now.

Consciousness and health

Hypochondriacs are afraid of getting sick, and so they do. Their attention is all on illness. Does it work the other way? Can a conscious focus on health create physical health?

Stop. The first thing you may have thought was, “No one can prove that consciousness affects health.” Or something like that. That is scientific (and pseudoscientific) dogma getting in the way of a clean, pure, intention. The statement “consciousness can affect health” cannot be broadly proven. But it can be proven to yourself.

All “proof” of higher truths are subjective and individual.


Because you cannot create in another’s experience. You can only create in your own.

That is the definition of free will. You are sovereign as regards your own life, but that also applies to others as well. All beings are sovereign, but many don’t know it.

If you go to a tarot reader and she tells you that you will be involved in a car accident, you can go into agreement with this and start watching out for crazy drivers. If you do this long enough you will encounter more and more erratic driving. If something bad does happen, the temptation is to say, “The tarot reader was right!”

But this is fallacious. The correct statement is, “I was right.”

You created it.

“No, the tarot reader is famous. She’s almost never wrong.”

No. The tarot reader may be good at convincing others that her predictions always come true, but that’s how far it goes.

Life on earth is basically a con game.

Marketers, politicians, religious leaders, advertisers, the medical establishment, their goal is one and only one thing: Get you to create their agenda.

That’s how life works, or, to be more optimistic, that’s how life has worked. In the past, where low consciousness dominated.

My personal experience

I have applied consciousness to health during this pandemic. I got COVID in January 2020 and was sick for 6 weeks. I recovered. I have antibodies that have lasted for 16 months as I write this. Since Feb 2020 I have not had so much as a cold. COVID-19 was the best thing that ever happened to me, because I have meditated and made affirmations every single day since then. Without being vaccinated.

Do I assert that this can happen for anyone else? Of course not. I know I’m sovereign in my life, but if I am a responsible person I say nothing about anyone else. For me to proclaim that by thinking a bunch of thoughts anyone can cure disease would be irresponsible. I don’t know anything about you or your thoughts, and neither does anyone else. Including Tony Fauci, the CDC, or your doctor or your minister.

My only recommendation is to try it for yourself and see if it works. And if you feel comfortable getting a vaccine while doing it, then go for it. Because if I’m right and consciousness does affect health, the vaccine is irrelevant. Get it or don’t get it, it’s up to you.

Just don’t be put off by “experts” (and especially people who play doctors on TV news shows) who want you to buy into their agenda.

What would a sane planet be like?

A sane planet would be one of cultural diversity, where national borders are respected and opinions and new ideas shared and debated in an attitude of tolerance. A world where freedom is a given, and where human beings understand their connection to the Creative Source. A world where people come together but yet can exist harmoniously within independent societies in a safe environment, a human-centered harmony in the world, respect for animals and people, the pursuit of material wealth but also spiritual pursuits. Freedom is the most precious and expensive thing for human beings, for freedom guarantees creativity and creativity guarantees a dynamic and progressive society. Freedom is the essence of life, and when we get freedom, we get the opportunity to find our higher potential. When we lose that freedom we become robots.

Contrast this to the goal of materialists, totalitarians, and technocrats who have no conception of themselves beyond the meat body. I call this the Fifth Industrial Revolution. It has also been called the Great Reset. Its goal is to plug every human being into the smart grid, inside smart cities, where a virtual and augmented reality awaits, all data is mined and monitored, people become labor units that are assigned jobs for life by a centralized elite (to benefit society, of course), and everyone’s actions, access, and spending is controlled by a social and climate scoring system. All babies at birth are assigned a digital identity (a QR code) that will link to one’s data. Your money is no longer your own because you own nothing, it is in a digital wallet that is synched to a social credit system and can be taken away if you are a bad boy or girl. In this collectivist/technocratic wet dream, all human beings are reduced to a data set within a planetary blockchain.

Here is a meticulously researched article that explains how this is occurring (read as far as you can):

This is a reach far beyond what humanity will tolerate. It is doomed to failure, in my opinion. Nevertheless, it is well to be aware of this attempt to sabotage the human race. It's a necessary component in our rapid evolution out of the darkness. All over the world, the forces of darkness -- which in the past were able to hide -- are being forced by the desire of the human family for peace to come together. This will result in their exposure and identification.

At the crossroads

The human race is involved in a spiritual evolution of consciousness that goes way, way beyond petty, adolescent concepts like Democrat-Republican, or liberal-conservative. We are approaching an evolutionary denouement that will forever decide the fate of humanity, and the planet. It’s happening right now. It’s not a war, or a battle, or a struggle for the hearts, minds, and souls of humanity. “Battle,” “struggle,” and “war” are all concepts based in the duality of right-wrong, and good-evil. This is a collective evolutionary choice between low consciousness and high consciousness. The human race must look beyond adolescent concepts now, and embrace the idea of harmony, peace, and cooperation for our very survival. If we do not, we will de-evolve into a collectivist, dead-end civilization with no hope of evolution to a society where every person can fulfill his or her greater potential.

The human race is emerging into a galaxy with at least 100 billion stellar systems, a galaxy that is teeming with life, a galaxy where most of the civilizations resemble the Star Wars movies: low consciousness combined with high technology. We see the embrace of technology, the worshipping of technology, with an almost religious fervor; as if it will be our savior. This is a trap. Fortunately, we can embrace technology as long as we also embrace our spiritual heritage, our connection to God/Creative Source, and insist on freedom for everyone.

Human rights are inherent and God given. They do not depend on the generosity of the State.

We are now at a crossroads in human evolution that will forever determine the fate of the human race. Once we step down that path there is no going back: our fate is sealed. Humanity will either evolve in consciousness or devolve into a degraded, materialist, Transhumanist society run by sociopaths who believe immortality is achieved by altering the human body and destroying the gateway to the One present in our DNA.

All new, emerging races must make a collective free-will choice to either high or low consciousness. We are there now, in 2021.

Seems impossible, doesn’t it? Why are we the ones who have to decide? It’s happening way too fast, but evolution always speeds up at the end until a tipping point is reached. Then: viola! A new development or mutation is born that has never been seen before.

We are approaching this denouement so quickly that everyone is being forced to choose: conflict or harmony, peace or war, a collectivist hive-mind or diversity and freedom that goes beyond gender and race, that embraces the idea that a human being is a divine creation and not a piece of meat.

Observe events. The darkness wants to hide, to lie, to keep their activities secret. Their goal is a degraded, collectivist, hierarchical glop controlled by a few. Their contempt for human beings and the Creative Source is obvious. It is in your face with censorship, vaccine passports, and the demand that everyone think, speak, and act alike. The light wants openness, transparency, honesty, and a glorious future where all human beings can fulfill their potential.

This is the fundamental choice we all have to make: open up to our higher potential, or devolve.

Choose! No one can sit on the fence any longer; life will force you to the light or to the dark. It’s all part of the evolutionary denouement that either continues the era of duality, or embraces a magnificent future. Make no mistake, we are almost at the tipping point now. The stream of events leading to the spiritual denouement are accelerating. Eight billion human beings are determining the fate of humanity right here in 2021.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Marshall Vian Summers:

God has given you a deeper Knowledge that cannot be manipulated, that cannot be persuaded and that cannot fall under any kind of persuasion, whether its source be human or from beyond the world. Knowledge within you only responds to God and to Knowledge within others. It cannot be manipulated, it cannot be persuaded, and that is why it represents your greatest strength—your core strength, the most reliable aspect of yourself.”

Marshall Vian Summers

“Chance occurs in your life when there is no other attribute in your consciousness to change it.”

This is a quote from Lee Carroll that I modified. It fits in perfectly with the vibrational universe concept. It says that if a person does not apply the co-creative power of consciousness to make free will decisions about their life, chance (probability, entropy, and randomness) will result. What happens to you will seem coincidental. One will often feel like a subatomic particle subject to the quantum mechanical laws of probability. One will naturally feel that you don’t have any control of your life.

And you will be right. In the absence of conscious intent, randomness reults.

There are two major paradigms of thought in human consciousness. They have been around for 6,000 years of recorded human history.

The first paradigm is materialism. Materialism says that there is nothing beyond the five human senses. “I’ll believe it when I see it.”  Materialism rejects anything that has not already manifested. Why? Because it’s not apparent to the five human senses. Quantum mechanics is, essentially, the mathematical formulation of the materialist concept. Of course there are various interpretations of the theory. David Bohm’s classic book, “Wholeness and the Implicate Order,” is a brilliant attempt to place a higher perspective on a set of mathematical statements. Like anything in the human meme structure, quantum mechanics can have a dull, materialist focus or a higher focus.

The other paradigm is what some people call “spiritual.” This paradigm says simply that there is more to perception and knowledge and wisdom than the five human senses. Unfortunately, this paradigm cannot be proven (yet) to those with materialist leanings. And so religion, philosophy, and spiritualism have often been rejected as evidence-free by the scientific community, the medical community, and skeptics.

There is one distinction that connects these two paradigms: Scientific proof relies strictly on the manifestation or behavior of some phenomenon in the physical universe, whereas “spiritual” phenomena are almost entirely subjective.

Belief, religion, and spirituality rely on a wisdom that transcends mere physical manifestation, and is therefore regarded by materialists as pure delusion.

Both sides are correct!

For the skeptic who relies on probability to run their lives, belief really has no part in it. “I’ll make a plan, follow the plan, and hopefully things will work out.”

Faith is a concept that has no place in a purely scientific approach to life.

Those who have faith, however, have an inner wisdom derived from many incarnations on the planet. They remember, even if vaguely, the process of death and rebirth. They know they’ll come back. Warriors throughout history understand this very well. Our Native American ancestors, in their ritual battles to the death, knew this very well.

The Consciousness Factor

Chance is simply the events that occur to a person when he or she relies on probability to run their lives. In the absence of a life plan, the random interactions of people will determine what happens to you on a daily basis. However, those who have coherent life plans firmly seated in their consciousness introduce attributes that can alter events that would normally have been simply random. This is often called “luck.”

 These attributes of consciousness are created by conscious meditation or visualization. I’m not talking about magic. Magic is when a person makes a statement and the physical universe immediately responds. “I want a new Porsche” and bam, there’s one sitting in your driveway.

This is, of course, absurd.

In a human race with such low consciousness, where war, struggle, and conflict are a part of the collective reality, one cannot wave a magic wand or make a half-hearted incantation and expect immediate results. However,  by placing consciously created attributes in one’s consciousness, one can interface with the universe’s operating system to alter results which would have normally been a result of pure chance or probability.

This paradigm comes from an attribute of, “I am a child of the Creative Source, and I expect that what will happen to me will always be benevolent.” It comes from an inner knowing that God is much, much bigger than we think, and that there is a Higher reality all around us, waiting for us, using free choice, to manifest it.

To a materialist this idea is absurd, for consciousness itself (according to Paradigm 1)  comes forth from the physical world. To say that consciousness can change physical reality is a meaningless tautology: “A is A because A is A.”

You choose Paradigm 1 or Paradigm 2 depending on your attitude toward yourself and life.

If you choose Paradigm 2, understand that any success you have with it will be purely subjective. By this I mean that you will never be able to prove that your thoughts or expectations had anything to do with any success you have. “Oh, you just worked very hard.” “You got lucky.” “You’re a member of an oppressive class and I’m a victim. That’s why you’re successful and I’m not.”

You can never show to others how your conscious efforts (visualization, meditation, intent, expectation) to place attributes on the path of chance causes a diversion in your favor, because the process is invisible to the five human senses. Paradigm 2 requires wisdom that goes beyond the purely physical world.

But that’s OK, because the more you do this, the more certain you get that good things will happen. And perhaps, good things that are even better than what you imagined.

A Higher Reality

The difference between Paradigm 1 and 2 is simply the understanding that a human being IS connected to a higher reality, and that free choice determines the content of your box of beliefs. Beliefs are just thoughts that you think over and over again, to the point where they become accepted data points in your consciousness that determine your attitude, intent, and expectations toward a particular subject. Over the years many people simply become fixed in their beliefs, and this sets up a vibration that broadcasts itself to the universe. With this mindset, life doesn't change much.

My 91-year-old stepmother, for example, has three or four beliefs that rule her life. Among them is, “No one ever calls or comes over to see me.” This is simply not true, as her children call her almost every day, and I go over there fairly regularly to see her. We have been trying for years to get her to go to the senior center, which has a free bus that picks up seniors and gives them a ride home. However, she has set up a belief system that leaves her dissatisfied no matter what happens!

In this way we create beliefs that can act as roadblocks to our happiness. Similarly, we can just as easily create beliefs that interfere with chance and probability, and which can propel us along a path of greater happiness.

It’s our choice to be miserable or happy.

One of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read on this subject is a little story by the great writer Frances Hodgson Burnett, titled The Dawn of a Tomorrow. Written in 1905, it describes how a wealthy but miserable man who contemplates suicide is saved by a dirt-poor but enlightened woman living in a hovel. Burnett was Deepak Chopra before Chopra was born. (Also check out The Secret Garden, one of the best children’s books ever written, and quite enjoyable for adults as well.)

Paradigm 1 is easy: float along in life and hope for the best. Paradigm 2 is harder at first, but becomes easier the more you practice. Paradigm 2 is quiet, not loud. It is also more subjective because the methods you apply are not quantifiable or observable. It’s a funny thing though: you can discern your connection to the higher power and how it is working for you. That understanding provides great happiness and satisfaction.

“Soul sharing” is the idea that the soul is a non-physical consciousness that experiences in the physical universe. As human beings we experience human consciousness, which is the physical awareness a human being has when part of his/her soul consciousness is associated with the physical body. Compared to soul consciousness, human consciousness is limited because only a piece of the soul’s awareness, which is part of the Creative Source, can “fit” into the physical body. So, most of the soul awareness exists outside the physical body, at the level of God/Creative Source/Spirit, or whatever you want to call it. In this way, physical entities can “share” soul awareness, for all human beings have souls, and a soul can share more than one physical body. Perhaps soul sharing is the explanation for “soul mates,” the almost complete bonding of two human beings in a love relationship.

I’m interested in this subject because my wife and I are soul mates. There’s such a strong bond between us that even after being together for 45 years, it’s hard to be away from each other. It just feels so right to be in the same space with each other.

I had an interesting experience in soul sharing this morning. I have had pets my entire life. I grew up with a cat and a dog, and have lived with cats for thirty years with my wife. We have seen them grow up and die, and then we get new ones. Recently our two cats both died within three weeks of each other. For some reason these two leaving us was much more devastating to me than the others. After three months we decided to get two kittens from the Humane Society.

After Sergei and Nicky died I told my wife that the next two cats we got would be reincarnations of Sergei and Nicky. Jenny looked at me and said, “I don’t think cats or animals reincarnate.” My favorite spiritual lecturer, Lee Carroll (Kryon) says that animals don’t have souls.

Well, I don’t believe that after what happened this morning. Two days earlier we walked into the Humane Society and immediately were attracted to two little kittens. One of them was black and the other tiger-striped, just like the two we lost. (Of course, just because the bodies look alike is no reason to assume that the consciousness of the animals is the same.) But the energy of these two guys was similar to the energy of our previous two cats when they were little. So, we took them home.

On Sunday morning (as I write this) I was in bed with the two little kittens. (Kittens are angels without wings.) Jenny was out of the room making coffee. Both of them climbed up on the bed The tiger-striped on had the energy of Sergei, and of two other cats we’ve had. The black one had the energy of  Nikky and another cat we lost. So what the hell, I started talking to them on a soul level, calling them by their previous names to see what happened. I immediately felt a sense of love and a presence that I can’t describe, it was a feeling of reunion with long lost loved ones.  The tiger-striped cats sat on my chest and started to purr loudly. He was rubbing his head against mine, the black one did the same. There was an unbelievable feeling of togetherness, a feeling that everything was perfect, that  all the cats I’ve ever had were there in that moment. Tears of joy started rolling down my face. It lasted for about ten minutes of absolute bliss.

A scientist, a skeptic, or a materialist would call this utter nonsense, but who cares about those dead-heads? It was an experience I’ll never forget, a connection to the Creative Source through the vehicle of two little kittens. Who knows but that there were others there as well, perhaps human loved ones who shared part of their souls with me as well.  It was such a profound, deep feeling of perfection and bliss that I sometimes share with Jenny.

I’m convinced that animals do have souls, or the equivalent of a soul. Consciousness isn’t separate like human bodies are. From my previous meditations I’m pretty sure that there is a collective consciousness of animals species like cats and dogs, just as there is with the human family. It’s almost like, if you have had one cat or dog or other pet, you have shared them with the entire collective consciousness of the species. In that broad sense all life everywhere is linked via soul-sharing, or consciousness sharing. After my experience this morning, I have no trouble at all accepting this idea.

An experience like this is intensely personal and subjective. It cannot be adequately explained using language. It can easily be dismissed by skeptics and materialists. However, anyone who has had a spiritual experience doesn’t care. These spiritual insights are far more real than the physical world we live in every day.  They have a powerful feeling of inclusion and connection with an energy far greater than the mundane events of “real” life.  These experiences remind one that there is far, far greater reality beyond the body reality of the five human senses.  But there’s no algorithm or formula or seminar that you can teach to others, so that they may have a similar experience. This is why my work has always revolved around finding your own personal insight.

Follow the Leader is an outdated concept

“Follow the leader” or “follow the hero” simply doesn’t work to create a personal connection to the Creative Source, although it can be inspiring. The best seminar I ever attended was by a guy who called himself Drunvalo Melchizedek. Seriously folks, I have no patience with pretension or hype, but this guy was the real deal. He basically told stories and we got together in “pods” of eight for surprisingly effective group meditation sessions. Drunvalo was my inspiration  for writing my geometry book on polyhedra. The point is, this guy didn’t hold himself up to be a guru or a spiritual master. He did his thing and sent us home. He taught us about the merkaba, and how to create a surrogate merkaba, which led to the greatest spiritual experience of my life. He said, “if you can do this you become more than human.” This is exactly and precisely what happened to me a month later.

Spiritual experiences are  personal and subjective – the surrogate merkaba

I’ll describe this briefly. Creating a surrogate merkaba is done by asking permission from the earth and then going through a few simple steps. A month after taking this seminar Jenny and I went up to northern Michigan for our annual fall vacation, to a house on Lake Michigan. The next morning a fog blanketed the entire lake. You went outside and saw white. It was a magical day, completely still. Not a sound could be heard except for the gentle lapping of waves on the Lake Michigan beach. Visibility was about six inches. I thought: “OK, let’s test to see if this surrogate merkaba stuff is for real, or is it bullshit.”

I’m a skeptic at heart. I don’t believe anything unless I can feel it or see it for myself.

So I followed the steps to create a surrogate merkaba above the lakefront house. This involves the creation of a spinning vortex of energy. And just like a computer program, you give the surrogate merkaba instructions. You create it, program it, and then let it do its thing. My instructions were: “clear away the fog in a way that shows purpose.” I imagined that the fog would clear off gradually in a way that would prove it wasn’t just random movement of water vapor.

I did this at 8 in the morning.

We went out for a short hike (interesting because visibility was about one foot) and came back. We had something to eat and I was doing some writing. About three hours later I remembered about the surrogate merkaba I created. I went outside and looked around.

Nothing. There was no change. I shrugged and chalked it up as a failed life experiment, and then I forgot about it. We had lunch and I went back to writing. About an hour later I went outside looked out at the lake. The fog was still thick. There was no breeze, no movement outside. I casually looked up at the sky, and saw that the fog had begun to clear in a perfect circle directly above the house where I had put the surrogate merkaba.

It was remarkable. Fog everywhere, a small, perfect circle of blue sky directly above. I marked it down as a purely coincidental but interesting physical phenomenon, and went back in  the house to continue writing my book.

An hour later I stepped outside and looked at the sky again. The circle was bigger, the “hole” in the fog larger, but the surrounding fog was as thick as ever.

OK, by now I am totally intrigued. An hour later I step out again, the blue hole in the sky is larger now, but still almost a perfect circle. To make a long story short, over a time period of about 8 hours, the fog cleared away from the lake in an almost perfect circle. The circle of blue sky got bigger and bigger and bigger. Then, about five in the afternoon, a breeze picked up and scattered the fog.

I knew what the seminar leader meant when he said, “If you can do this you become more than human.” This was a demonstration to me that consciousness can have a direct affect on the physical universe.

After that experience I didn’t feel the need to do more experiments. I never made another surrogate merkaba. I didn’t have to. I will never forget that magic day in the year 2000 as long as I live. 

It’s funny because Jenny was tired that day and, after our morning hike, never stepped foot outside the house. There was no one else in that area that day in the twenty houses on that beach. Jenny and I were alone; so in a sense this experience is completely subjective because no one else saw it. Or maybe they did, and remarked about the curious phenomenon of the circle in the sky. A scientist would explain it as a random movement of water vapor molecules, but nothing remarkable.

But for me it was life changing. It led me to write ten books. I have still never felt the need to make another surrogate merkaba; once was enough.

I tell  this story to illustrate that inspiration from others is important, but  any spiritual experience is always personal. Neale Donald Walsh and Eckhart Tolle are inspirations, and their books are great, but no one can explain to you how to connect with the Creative Source. Drunvalo was wise enough not to tell us what might happen if we created a surrogate merkaba. He just gave us the info and encouraged us to have at it. That’s the sign of a great teacher.

So – look to others for inspiration but consult your own inner wisdom. The world right now doesn’t need leaders and followers, it needs people who will look inward to find the God inside. Or, perhaps, it needs more little kittens and puppies to lighten people up.