Life and living from a higher perspective

You may not want to ask this of others, but it’s a good question to ask yourself


Before we begin, I want to distinguish between the “soul” and you. I was raised Catholic. I was told that when I die, my soul would be saved. “Yeah that’s great!” I thought. “But what about me? What happens to me after I die?” The soul, I always thought, was something separate from me, so who cares what happens to it?

To avoid confusion I am going to use the word consciousness to describe the self-aware personality that wakes up every day, goes to work or play; the one who directly experiences life. No, not the body. The body is part of human consciousness, of course, because the body’s receptor cells automatically filter the electromagnetic spectrum and create what we experience as everyday reality. Our definition of consciousness goes beyond scientific materialism, which is the notion that only the physical universe exists.   

The Question

Here’s the question: “What happens after you take your last breath?”

Why ask this question at all? Because the light of spirituality is dimming in our secular, atheist, and rage-a-holic society; a society that glorifies technology and science and deprecates the human connection to the beauty and love of the spiritual realm.

The spiritual realm is the seat of consciousness.

Science and technology are taking humanity down the road to a stultifying scientific materialism that regards human beings as easily controlled and directed stimulus-response digital machines.

Transhumanism is at the forefront of this movement. The goal of Transhumanism is essentially to cheat death and achieve immortality. I suppose that is an admirable goal, but what if the consciousness of every human being is already immortal?

The Prize

My wife and I are watching the Highlander series again. The Highlander was made in the 1990s, and depicts characters who are physically immortal – unless you take their head. The series is fascinating because the writers and producers made the most of a simple concept: A very small percentage of humanity has always been physically immortal. A Gathering of immortals will eventually take place until there is only one left. The prize? The winner becomes mortal and can die.

Why would the prize, after thousands of years of living, be the death of the body? Perhaps, as is made clear in the series, living forever in the same body builds up a lot of trauma. People become so jaded that they want to start over. The main actor, Adrian Paul, is superb at portraying a 400-year-old man and the challenges a person might face living so long.

Even if Transhumanists can create a body that never dies, would that solve the problem of living forever in the same body?

I doubt it. Living forever doesn’t guarantee happiness. Transhumanism doesn’t guarantee happiness. No, Transhumanism is an “out” for those who are petrified of taking their last breath.

Because, you know, what happens after that? Well, blackness I guess. You are snuffed out.

I don’t blame people who are afraid of this outcome, for it is terrifying.


What if there was a spiritual system on the planet that made this question moot? We discussed such a system in a previous post. This system gives you a break every 80 years or so. Then you come back in the process of reincarnation. It’s you, just in a different body. Variety is the spice of life.

If consciousness doesn’t originate in the body, then it is independent of the physical universe. And that means that after you take your last breath, you continue.

Physical immortality a la the Highlander, or Transhumanism, is the process of unbroken, continuous consciousness. Reincarnation is the process of unbroken, continuous consciousness combined with a release of all the trauma of the last lifetime, and a re-start. Sounds pretty good to me.

Everyone has two choices: (1) belief in the continuance of consciousness, or (2) belief in the complete snuffing out of existence after the body takes its last breath.

The irony is that both options result in the same thing, but you won’t know for sure until the body breathes its last.

Most of us simply go through life without asking what we are doing here, and that’s fine. But eventually we must all face the Ultimate Question.

What I don’t understand are people who believe so thoroughly in their own demise. Hardcore materialists have consciously chosen (2), and have created an entire field of science/technology that is receiving massive funding. Apparently there are many on the planet who think this way.

The good news is that no matter who you are, at the end of life, all endings are happy endings: a return to the spiritual realm. It’s something to look forward to.


In this little essay I want to talk about where technology is taking us, and the Bigger Picture for humanity and our planet. First I want to talk about the rapid advances in technology, which are altering our economies and our societies. I believe that this startling acceleration of change is not accidental, but forced.

Technological Overdependence

What will human society be like in an advanced technological future?

Advanced technology has already led to the Internet of Things, where devices of every sort are connected globally, and subject to central control. Central control is the hallmark of advanced technology because it allows for the anti-social element to organize and centralize the population. Central control inevitably leads to a loss of personal freedoms. If resource depletion and pollution continue unabated, it will lead inevitably to a forced reorganization or restructuring of society in order for the population to survive. That reorganization is already underway.

Human societies have always had the option to choose freedom and democracy, or to choose societies based on dominance and control. With few exceptions, we have always chosen the latter. Our centralizing world, with its censorship and wars for resources, is demonstrating the dominance and control paradigm on a global scale.

That is unfortunate, for centralized societies are very rigid socially, and present very few choices or opportunities for individuals. An advanced technological society would not be a happy one, for it would inevitably lead to the suppression of the individual.

Today, dependence on technology is increasing. One might say that technology is almost worshipped. Paths that lead away from technology are being discouraged; paths that lead toward it are lavishly funded.

But there is a downside to technological dependence. In the words of Marshall Viann Summers,

Whatever you are in relationship with influences you, and you become more like it. If your primary relationship is with technology, you become more machine-like yourself—thinking only along certain corridors of understanding, basing your information only on certain precepts, controlling your mind, limiting your mind, ignoring your greater powers and your greater insights. Rational self-control and human logic become very machine-like in this regard. This conformity and rigidity is highly promoted amongst most advanced technological races in the universe.”

The Allies of Humanity briefings, “Technology and the Different Paths to Stability”

More importantly, the more advanced a society becomes technologically, the more spiritual and ethical awareness declines, for the reasons given above. Look at the current world environment, which in some places is descending into barbarism.

There are two kinds of knowledge. The first is mere data and information, the second is knowledge with a capital K, which represents understanding based on the wisdom to apply technology for everyone’s benefit.

The Transhumanists have cheerfully and deliberately embraced advanced technology to the point where they want to abandon themselves as biological beings connected to the Creator, the source of all Knowledge. Transgenderism, where the body is mutilated, is one result of this approach.

Transhumanism is one fork for human evolution, but it is a dead-end fork. I talked about this in the last post: Experiment with technology on the human body and find out what happens. FAFO. 

The other fork is a rational and sane use of technology to help society and all of its members.

Technology presents a difficult problem: A sane technological society would be politically and economically decentralized, yet the natural evolution of technology almost begs for a centralized hub of control. The centralization-decentralization debate represents domination and control on the one hand, and personal freedom and opportunity on the other.

So what’s it going to be?

The Bigger Bigger Picture

Those of us who think about the Big Picture understand that we must expand our conception of human existence beyond this little rock, for there is a big, wide galaxy out there filled with intelligent life. Once a world develops a technological infrastructure, it proves that the beings on it are intelligent enough to be valuable to the galactic community. Such a world becomes an emerging candidate on the doorstep of the galaxy, and is noticed. If that planet is rich in biological and environmental resources, it becomes a great prize.

Personally, I see a guiding hand coming from above, you might say. There seems to be a Plan to use advanced technology to destroy personal liberties and liberal democracy on this planet, and as far as I can see it is being flawlessly executed.

Doesn’t it seem odd that the rapid changes on our world are all going in only one direction? One day we wake up and experience a global “pandemic” that scares the crap out of 8 billion people, and is organized so flawlessly that lockdowns, school closings, pseudoscientific “6 feet apart” social distancing, and “two weeks to flatten the curve” junk science. Experimental gene altering and untested medical countermeasures (“vaccines”) are not only encouraged and widely accepted, but also mandated, and all of it seems not only inevitable and rational at the time. The next day we wake up to find that speech is being censored on all social media platforms. Ten million immigrants are being bused and flown in to our cities from every corner of the world, and no one says anything. And it goes on and on. Do you remember voting on this? On any of it? No. It is being imposed. By whom?

In human relations, conspiratorial plans – particularly ones that involve very large groups of people – never succeed because human beings are too independent and ornery and seek personal advantage.

Yet this world is being rapidly centralized, and it’s happening much faster than any squabbling “elitist” human group could ever accomplish. We are experiencing massive social upheavals that are changing the entire planet, far beyond the reach and scope of any human group of activists or conspirators. Some intelligence with a global view, and the means to accomplish it, is working swiftly and expertly. There is a guiding hand somewhere and I don’t think it’s the WEF or the WHO or the Committee of 300, or any other conspiratorial human group. None of these groups are that smart or that organized or have that much power.

So where is this new direction coming from? Global events involving billions of people are being choreographed almost as if we are living in a stage play. And the actors willingly comply as if the play was a fait accompli. The intelligence or intelligences directing events on this planet are master psychologists, and seem to have an almost flawless understanding of human consciousness.

I don’t think it is irrational to ask whether human affairs are being helped along by forces outside the planet. It’s something to consider and perhaps even prepare for. But how do we prepare to enter a galaxy we know nothing about?

The Emerging Earth

The earth is emerging onto the galactic stage. This galaxy is five billion years old, so likely it is not empty, waiting for us to fly around and colonize other planets. The greater probability is that it’s full up with other worlds with intelligent life, just like the earth.

We have no idea what we will face out there, but what if the galactic presence is already here? (This is the subject of my latest novel, The Intervention.)

Our resource-rich and lush planet, and our 8-billion-strong workforce, are all valuable assets. Just sayin’.

I think it is naive to believe that all worlds in the galaxy are composed of advanced angelic beings, ready and willing to take humanity under their wing and guide us to peace and prosperity.

As above, so below.

The Declaration of Independence for Earth

Popular movies and TV programs have been telling us about the galactic presence for decades. It’s time we listened and responded.

Humanity can prepare for the galactic presence by getting organized. We have to do this not because it is a “nice” thing to do, but because our planet has been noticed. It is finally time to jettison our naive belief that the earth is alone in an empty universe.

We will have to organize anyway, for 6,000 years of fighting and killing each other has to stop. Our problems are too large now, and can only be solved by coming together as a species in a massive global program that supports and encourages life and dismantles the endless war machine. The human race must become good custodians for our planet. We don’t have a choice anymore. 

The Game we are playing is bigger than the petty parochial human conflicts on earth. These conflicts may be influenced by other worlds and other intelligences who see humanity, and this beautiful planet, as valuable assets.

Eventually, like the U.S. colonies back in the 18th century, we can agree on a Declaration of Independence for earth. This Declaration would pronounce that we, the human race, declare the earth to be sovereign. That we refuse to tolerate intervention from other worlds, declare all interlopers persona non grata, and order anyone not born on earth to leave. This would be a legal declaration to whatever intelligences are out there on other worlds.

A science fiction writer once said, “The first step in handling anything is gaining the ability to face it.”  For now, let’s open our eyes to a galaxy that we are entering whether we like it or not.

Incarnation is an idea from Hindu philosophy, popularized in the West by the Beatles in the 1960s, and later in movies. It has permeated Western society. In the baseball movie “Bull Durham,” the Susan Sarandon character Annie says that she was Catherine the Great in a previous lifetime. The Kevin Costner character “Crash” Davis laughs, and says why do people always assume they were someone famous in their past life? “Maybe they were just plain old Joe Schmoe.”

People instinctively understand the idea of incarnation.

More formally, Richa Yadev, in the “Philosophy of Indian Religions,” writes:

“Reincarnation or rebirth is an important concept of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. The doctrine of karma and rebirth represents perhaps the most striking difference between Western (Judeo-Christian and Islamic) religious thought and the great Indian religious traditions.” (Whitley, Kaufman).

“...According to Hindu scriptures, individual souls pass through many cycles of births and deaths, until they are liberated from the bonds of nature through the true knowledge of the self or soul. The impressions called “sanskaras” of our actions make a lasting impression on the mind. When a person is about to die, the soul carries with it a small residue consisting of dominant desires and tendencies as latent impressions. They become the reference for the soul’s next birth.”

SpringerLink, at

The Soul

The soul is a common theme in both Eastern and Western spiritual tradition, and it implies that the essence of a human being is a consciousness that is not dependent upon the human body.

Life after death is embodied in the Western tradition of Christianity, when Christ ascends to heaven on the third day after dying on the cross. Hindus just take this idea to its logical conclusion: The Ascended soul not only has the ability to return unharmed out of the body after death, but also has the ability to return to earth in another physical body. If we accept the idea of incarnation, then a human being is essentially a physically independent consciousness that has the ability to enter a physical body, live a life, ascend to a spiritual place, and return after a period of time to incarnate in a different human body.

Which means that the essence of every human being is an independent spiritual entity.

The Avatar

Ascension and rebirth is embodied in the Hindu concept of an Avatar. Even Wikipedia, the home of orthodoxy, defines Avatar this way:

Avatar is a concept within Hinduism that in Sanskrit literally means 'descent'. It signifies the material appearance or incarnation of a powerful deity, or spirit on Earth. The relative verb to ‘alight, to make one's appearance’ is sometimes used to refer to any guru or revered human being.”

Wikipedia, "Avatar"

The Hindu Encyclopedia says that

Avatāra literally means ‘one who has descended’. The idea of people being avatars is applied today wherein certain persons today are considered avatars. These include examples such as the current Dalai Lama and the Dharma Raja (Spiritual Head) of Bhutan being incarnations of the Guatama Buddha

Swami Harshananda, from The Hindu encyclopedia

So an avatar is the incarnation of a powerful deity or spirit on earth. These definitions of Avatar, however, always limit these entities to almost unattainable personalities like Christ or the Buddha.

Our religions and spiritual traditions, and especially Science, teach us that the “normal” run-of-the-mill human being cannot be divine personalities like Christ or the Buddha. Of course not! A “normal” human being can never attain this status because the human being, science says, is a mere collection of cells and protoplasm. Our “consciousness” is simply a materialistic stimulus-response mechanism to our environment, and when the body dies, the human personality is dead forever.

The New Testament of the Bible is essentially the story of the Christ Avatar telling everyone he meets that human beings are divine, and can all be powerful creators in their personal lives. This message really pissed off the authorities of the time, who felt that this message threatened their power. So naturally, they had to kill him. Modernly, this message pisses off the Transhumanists and the ScienceTM “experts” mired in materialism, so they have to shoot the messenger on mass media and social network platforms.

Why do human beings assign divinity only to Avatars?

I don’t know. Figure that out and you will free humanity from its self-imposed prison. We’ve been convinced that human nature is crude and destructive. Well, those are just beliefs – self-imposed limiting beliefs that 8 billion people create every day.

Perhaps we are all Avatars. An Avatar is a spiritual personality, independent of the body, who incarnates on earth. A human being is a spiritual personality, independent of the body, who incarnates on earth.

Maybe human beings need to re-define who they are.

Redefining the human being

This re-defining process is ongoing, but those who are doing the redefining are the Transhumanists/transgenderists. Their new “redefinitions” of human being ignore the realities of the biological body, including gender.

The astute reader will recognize that if a human being is defined as an independent spiritual entity, not dependent for its essence on biology, then an independent decision about gender is always possible. But you have to live with the consequences of your decision.

At this point you cannot reverse the process. CRISPR technology is in its infancy. Gene splicing and alteration is completely hit and miss. And if you want my opinion, scientists who want to mess around with the human body will discover down the line that it will not lead to good results. In my opinion, Transhumanism and transhumanism are evolutionary dead-ends, as I have said many times before in this blog.

Don’t believe it? Well, fuck around and find out.

If you decide to cut off your breasts or castrate yourself, you gotta live with that. And what if you change your mind later? That’s what de-transitioners are facing up to.

Transhumanism is a complete rejection of the biological body and biological society. Transhumanists want to replace the physical body with printed bodies, or artificially-enhanced biological bodies. Or electromagnetic containers that supposedly store a person’s consciousness.

Good luck with that! Again, FAFO.

The creations of the Creator are greater than the creations of the creations of the Creator. Transhumanists and transgenderists are going to find that out the hard way.

The good news? A human being who understands his or her divine origins and looks inside for wisdom will find it, because the human being is much more than a bunch of chemical DNA and RNA strands. All human beings have an esoteric component that connects us to the Godhead. All human beings are avatars; divine personalities having a temporary physical experience.

This is embodied in the concept of reincarnation.

What would human society look like if people had a greater idea of themselves?

Even the most obtuse, miserable person will discover the Truth of reincarnation when they take their last breath. And it doesn’t matter how bad your physical lifetime was, or how cynical you were.

All endings are happy endings.

The Two Worlds

As technology has advanced over the past three decades it has created the existence of a separate world in human consciousness. This world is every bit as real as the physical universe. Those who spend their lives looking at screens (myself included) know how real it is. In the United States, that comprises, I believe, the majority of the population.

Unfortunately, technology has become a substitute God. Indeed, Transhumanists propose an AI God that will supposedly substitute for the God of us primitive biological beings. The AI God will also replace the God of science that has become another religion over the past century.

Science has had the Last Word on debates about the nature of the world and the universe over the past century. Combine science with AI/Transhumanism and you have a world that is almost totally divorced from the reality of the physical universe. Transhumanists want to build their own bodies and transfer human consciousness into them, thus completing the separation.

The separation between the two worlds has accelerated, particularly since the Pandemic – or shall I call it the “live exercise” as Sec State Pompeo said at one of the Pandemic news conferences with Fauci and Birks in 2020. He was referring to the forced masking, social separation, lockdowns, school closings, and ultimately mandated vaccinations that caused 5.7 billion people to take at least one jab.  A “live exercise,” by the way, is a military training run-through in preparation for the real operation. This is fitting because the pseudo-mRNA gene therapy vaccines were developed by the military via the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) at Fort Detrick and Fort Belvoir, among other laboratories.

Both worlds are sources of information and sensory input, but the goal of technology/Transhumanism/AI is to divorce the human being from the physical body and the physical universe. These days, technology is being forced into the world whether we like it or not.

For example, all new vaccines are going to be computer designed and involve gene therapy, and will be released without testing. (That process has already begun.)

Let’s say I want to buy a new car with a key that goes into an insert on the steering column. Unfortunately for me, those kind of “primitive” automobiles aren’t made anymore. More and more the automobile is becoming a computer-driven, digital mode of transportation connected to the Internet Of Things. All modern cars are now operated from screens. But these vehicles are hackable. Anything on the Internet of Things is subject to electronic surveillance and control, including your smart refrigerator and smart stove and smart TV, and that chip underneath your skin.  Soon, even your money will be completely digital, and owned not by you, but by the central bank.

Uh, no thanks.

Technological Evolution

If technology were to continue to evolve without reaching an evolutionary dead-end, it would assume the form of a biological human being, imbued with Life Force and a soul. AI and technology have their uses in the service of humanity, but I believe they are limited in their evolutionary potential to higher states of consciousness. AI and technology as it is presently constituted comes from a very low consciousness that will use it to control societies, and will not evolve spiritually past that. This will, as the generations evolve away from biology, lead to a gigantic FAIL of the human race. And it probably has on many planets in the galaxy that have embraced technology as their savior.

A purely technological future also divests humanity from the earth, which has nurtured our species for over 200,000 years. Transhumanists would say that the earth provides an intelligent species with the minerals and resources necessary to establish a technological civilization, and after that we don’t need it anymore. We advance, they say, beyond our primitive biology into a glorious electronic future free from physical restraints.

Well, good luck with that. Let those who embrace such things develop their society, and then we will compare it to ours in a hundred years.

The Real Singularity

The earth is an impossibly complex set of dynamic interactions between millions of complex systems that sustain life. Transhumanists embrace a “Singularity” that will become so super-intelligent as to render human beings meaningless. But the universe is already that intelligent, and evolving every day. Just as radio waves cannot be seen and are invisible, yet they exist, so too does the One Consciousness already exist as a singularity, beyond human comprehension.

It’s already been done, folks. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel!

A Singularity created by human beings will be pathetic indeed compared to the Creative Source, which is composed of all consciousness in the universe. As always, the creations of the Creator are far greater than the creations of the creations of the Creator. This is something Transhumanists will only understand when they get far enough down the road to their electronic/AI/ScienceTM society. But by then it will be too late.

The good news is that all endings are happy endings. After you take your last breath you will see the Truth. Your consciousness will continue, you will return Home and see all of your previous lifetimes, your soul mission on this planet, and meet all of your loved ones and friends, even your pets. We will all discover the Singularity of the One Consciousness.

How do I know this? I just do. Take my word for it, even the most horrible, miserable life will end with a complete return to what I call Native State: the reunion of your conscious awareness with everything in the universe. In my meditations I have gotten a very fleeting glimpse of this. And it’s fantastic beyond words. The attempt to create an artificial Singularity cannot ever come close.

These are my thoughts for the day.


I believe that the Two Worlds of human consciousness, if we are successful, will result in a melding of technology with spirituality in the form of Consciousness Assisted Technology (CAT). This is technology far advanced from AI and uses the power of consciousness – which comes from the Creative Source, the true Singularity – to manipulate matter, drive spaceships, and even to connect with other dimensions of existence.

Of course we aint there, not by a long shot.  

However, it’s an exciting future to contemplate. We can get there, but we have to give our human biology (with its invisible, esoteric components) a chance.

Intro: Very often a brainiac like Toby Rogers can express and detail and summarize the complexity of current events in a way that attracts understanding. Here is a short and concise summary of current events that makes sense to me. (5-minute read)

by Dr. Toby Rogers, from his substack:

I’ve seen some crazy things over the last few years but this is off-the-charts insane.

Last week, Michael E. Mann spoke at the EcoHeath Alliance: Green Planet One Health Benefit 2024. Just to recap who each of these players are:

  • Michael E. Mann is the creator of the “hockey stick graph” that has driven the global warming debate for the last 25 years.
  • EcoHealth Alliance is the CIA cutout led by Peter Daszak that launders money from the NIH to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to create gain-of-function viruses (including SARS-CoV-2 which killed over 7 million people).
  • “One Health” is the pretext the World Health Organization (WHO) is using to drive the Pandemic Treaty that will vastly expand the powers of the WHO and create economic incentives for every nation on earth to develop new gain-of-function viruses.

So a leader in the global warming movement spoke at an event to raise money for the organization that just murdered 7 million people and the campaign that intends to launch new pandemics in perpetuity to enrich the biowarfare industrial complex.

And then just for good measure, Peter Hotez reposted all of this information on Twitter, I imagine in solidarity with all of the exciting genociding going on.


Mann’s appearance at this event is emblematic of a disturbing shift that has been years in the making. Serious and thoughtful people in the environmental movement tried to address industrial and military pollution for decades. Now their cause has been co-opted by big tech and other corporate actors with malevolent intentions — and the rest of the environmental movement has gone along with this, apparently without objection. So we are witnessing a convergence between the global warming movement, the biowarfare industrial complex, and the WHO pandemic treaty grifters.

I wish it wasn’t true but here we are.

Before I go any further I need to make one thing clear: the notion that pandemics are driven by global warming is complete and total bullsh*t. The evidence is overwhelming that pandemics are created by the biowarfare industrial complex including the 13,000 psychopaths who work at over 400 U.S. bioweapons labs (as described in great detail in The Wuhan Cover-Up).

Unfortunately “global warming” has become a cover for the proliferation of the biowarfare industrial economy.

Mann’s appearance at an event to raise money for people who are clearly guilty of genocide (and planning more carnage) made me realize that this really is World War III. They are straight-up telling us who they are and what they intend to do.

The different sides in this war are not nation-states. Instead, Team Tyranny is a bunch of different business interests pushing what has become a giant multi-trillion dollar grift. And Team Freedom is ordinary people throughout the world just trying to return to the classical economic and political liberalism that drove human progress from 1776 until 2020.

Here’s how I see the battle lines being drawn:


Their base: Elites, billionaires, the ruling class, the biowarfare industrial complex, intelligence agencies, and bougie technocrats.

Institutions they control: WEF, WHO, UN, BMGF, World Bank, IMF, most universities, the mainstream media, and liberal governments throughout the developed world.

Economic philosophy: The billionaires should control all wealth on earth. The peasants should only be allowed to exist to serve the billionaires, grow food, and fix the machines when necessary. Robots and Artificial Intelligence will soon be able to replace most of the peasants.

Political philosophy: Centralized control of everything. Elites know best. The 90% should shut up, pay their taxes, take their vaccines, develop chronic disease, and die. High tech global totalitarianism is the best form of government. Billionaires are God.

Philosophy of medicine: Allopathic. Cut, poison, burn, kill. Corporations create all knowledge. Bodies are machines. Transhumanism is ideal. The billionaires will soon live forever in the digital cloud.

Their currency: For now, inflationary Federal Reserve policies. Soon, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) that will put the peasants in their place once and for all.

Policy vehicles to advance their agenda: One Health; WHO Pandemic Treaty; social credit scores; climate scores; vaccine mandates/passports; lockdowns and quarantine camps; elimination of small farms and livestock; corporate control of all food, land, water, transportation, and the weather; corporate control of social movements; and 15-minute cities for the peasants.

Military strategy: Gain-of-function viruses, propaganda, and vaccines.


Our base: The medical freedom movement, Constitutionalists, small “l” libertarians, independent farmers, natural meat and milk producers, pirate parties, natural healers, homeopaths, chiropractors, integrative and functional medicine doctors, and osteopaths.

Aligned institutions: CHD, ICAN, Brownstone Institute, NVIC, SFHF, the RFK Jr. campaign, the Republican party at the county level...

Economic philosophy: Small “c” capitalism. Competition. Entrepreneurship.

Political philosophy: Classical liberalism. The people, using their own ingenuity, will generally figure out the best way to do things. Decentralize everything including the internet. If the elites would just leave us alone the world would be a much more peaceful, creative, and prosperous place. Human freedom leads to human flourishing.

Philosophy of medicine: Nature is infinite in its wisdom. Listen to the body. Systems have the ability to heal and regenerate.

Our currency: Cash, gold, crypto, and barter. (I don’t love crypto but lots of smart people in our movement do.)

Policy ideas: Exit the WHO. Boycott WEF companies. Repeal the Bayh-Dole Act, NCVIA Act, Patriot Act, and PREP Act. Add medical freedom to the Constitution. Prosecute the Faucistas at Nuremberg 2.0. Overhaul the NIH, FDA, CDC, EPA, USDA, FCC, DoD, and intelligence agencies. Make all publicly-funded scientific data available to the public. Ban insider trading by Congress. Support and protect organic food, farms, and farmers’ markets. Break up monopolies. Cut the size of the federal government in half (or more).

Our preferred tools to create change: Ideas, love for humanity, logic & reason, common sense, art & music, and popular uprising.

What would you add, subtract, or change in each of these lists?

Blessings to the warriors. 🙌

Prayers for everyone fighting to stop the iatrogenocide. 🙏

Huzzah for those who are building the parallel society our hearts know is possible. ✊

In the comments, please let me know what you would add, subtract, or change in each of these lists.

As always, I welcome any corrections. (Comment on this article at Dr. Toby's substack)

what goes around comes around

Straighten Up and Fly Right is the title of a tune by the great Nat King Cole. Written in 1943, it was based on an old folk tale of a buzzard who offers rides to various animals. When the buzzard gets hungry he throws them off and eats them. But when the monkey gets on the buzzard’s back he wraps his tail around the buzzard’s neck and tells him to “straighten up and fly right.”

(Source: Belinda Cole, “The Meaning Behind The Song: Straighten Up and Fly Right by Nat King Cole,” January 3, 2024,

Why would something from an old song written in 1943 have any applicability today, in these crazy End Times, when social mores and norms are breaking down?

Because there are time-honored human values, based on natural laws of survival, that humans have practiced for millennia. If these natural, behavioral laws are broken, chaos and misery result. “Straighten Up and Fly Right” (SUFR) is both advice and an admonition. It covers both the Light and Dark aspects of life.

 Implied in SUFR is a warning that being devious and untrustworthy will eventually result in a big fail. A con man, for instance, bases his life on lies. He may experience success for a while, but will eventually fail on a personal level. The same thing will happen to a government or a society.

SUFR is also positive advice to practicing integrity in life. Integrity means “wholeness” and leads to discernment. Discernment means seeing clearly, seeing something (a person or a situation) for exactly what it is. This can only come from having and maintaining a clean personal space.

American society is in a SUFR crisis right now. Our government agencies lie to us routinely, from the mantra that the gene altering mRNA medical countermeasures were “safe and effective,” to the quite obvious propaganda about the unemployment rate, the inflation rate, the jobs reports, the immigration figures, and even about guys burning themselves in public across the street from one of the Trump trials in New York.

What happens when personal and institutional integrity breaks down? Well, it’s hard to even trust what appears to be a straightforward news report, and you get lots of conspiracy theories.

Max Crosby Azarello and the breakdown of institutional integrity

When I saw the pics of  Max Crosby Azarello when they put him on the gurney, his hair was untouched as far as I could tell. How do you self-immolate and not have your hair singed? That’s the first thing to go in a fire. Later reports said that Max Crosby Azarello died in hospital, and maybe he did; end of sad story and I am a nutcase. But there is something fishy about that incident if you ask me. Particularly after I read his manifesto.

This may sound cynical, but “on fire” stunts like that are common in Hollywood. Check this out:

And this:

Max’s uncle, Brian Azarello, has written the popular Dark Knight, Joker, Batman, and 100 Bullets comic book series’, and has film industry connections. So Max may have been familiar with how to properly set himself on fire. But why would he want to do that? Well, my explanation is just as plausible as the manifesto.

Max’s motive and his manifesto

What was Max’s motive for killing himself? For me, his manifesto is entirely too rational and reasoned for a guy who is going to SET HIMSELF ON FIRE and die painfully. The manifesto is essentially a rant against what he calls the Ponzi scheme of cryptocurrency. It is not suicidal – there are only two sentences I found, where he apologizes to his family for what he is about to do – and these sentences seem almost an afterthought. It reads like a blog post, not a suicide letter. Does a man really get so upset about crypto Ponzi schemes that he kills himself? Protesting a war, sure. Being in total despair about a cause you are deeply committed to, sure. But crypto?

Who stands to benefit if crypto goes away? Well, that same gummint Max was raving about in his manifesto. A new Fed Coin will usher in a central bank digital currency that the government owns lock, stock, and barrel. The act of mandating a central bank digital currency as the only legal tender would sweep away all of the other pesky crypto exchanges and coins (like BitCoin). The Federal Reserve’s new coin would be the only game in town. Then, the feds will own your money and could monitor every one of your transactions. The gummint would be able to shut down your account at any time if you go against their wishes.

Call me a crazy conspiracy theorist if you like, but this “on fire” incident could have been an Op. Max – obviously an intelligent guy – rails against crypto corruption but never mentions the obvious and most corrupt crypto scheme: the Fed Coin central bank digital currency. Besides, I just can’t see a guy killing himself because he is just so upset about crypto.

The good news is that if this “on fire” incident was staged, Max is still alive. That makes me feel better at least.

Panicky Feds?

I think the feds panicked when Elon Musk issued his Doge Coin, although it didn’t go anywhere. But what would happen if a gold-backed  crypto coin was issued? Or an alternative currency backed by gold? The latter is precisely what the BRICS countries are trying to do: Create a new gold-backed currency that avoids using the weaponized U.S. dollar. China, India, and Russia are buying and storing as much gold as they can get their hands on in preparation for a new non-dollar world currency. That means trouble for a U.S. government that is simply printing money to cover its massive overspending.

Has the U.S. dollar really been weaponized? Well, the new REPO bill was just included in the $90 billion “foreign aid” bill. The REPO bill confiscates $300 billion of Russia’s money placed (in good faith) in U.S. banks that came from selling legitimate products like LNG, oil, and other products.  So yeah.

What goes around comes around

American society is breaking down into two loose camps: Those who follow SUFR (as hard as that may be at times) and those who don’t. We have seen our federal government act against the wishes and best interests of the people for far too long. Resentment is building underneath the surface for many people. The open corruption in government, in corporations, and in the media is undeniable. These are all signs of the End Times. Some commentators wail that “society is falling apart.” But that is too general. Institutions and people who do not SUFR are falling apart. They are imploding and creating gigantic messes.

But these messes will be seen by everyone, and people will start asking questions, and complaining. In Chicago, Mayor Johnson has budgeted $50 million more for illegal migrants, and the citizens are getting more and more angry. “Why isn’t that money for us citizens?” a citizen asked at a City Council meeting the other day, and pointed out the need for services to the communities in Chicago. When you deal honestly with people you don’t piss them off. When you have a hidden agenda and lie to people, they get angry.

The federal government in DC knows it is rapidly losing support among the citizens. So why not bring in 10-15 million “newcomers” who will be very grateful to be housed in 4-star hotels and given monthly stipends for food and basic necessities? That’s going to generate a lot of gummint support. And a lot of votes.


There is nothing complicated about what is happening in American society. We are being attacked from within and without, because our own government has been attacking and overthrowing foreign governments (and killing their people) since Allen Dulles and his CIA overthrew the democratically elected Mohammed Mossadegh of Iran in 1953.

Imagine doing that for over 70 years all around the world. Quite a lot of karma has developed over that period.

What goes around, comes around.

In the upcoming election, voting in people with personal integrity is much more vital than which political party they belong to.

Straighten up and fly right!

Intention and expectation are the force multipliers of human consciousness.

What will your future be like? That question can be answered by, “What do you expect to happen?”

Expectations determine, in a general way (and sometimes specifically) what will happen to you. A person who constantly thinks that he or she will come down with the latest cold or flu or illness has a much better chance of getting sick, because a very strong resonance has been established toward disease. This isn’t rocket science, really. The entire universe contains energies of every different kind. Every atom, every element in the Periodic Table, has a different energy. Every object in the universe has a distinct and unique energy pattern, otherwise it would not have an independent existence. Every person on earth has a distinct and unique energy.

What if human consciousness itself is also an energy? What if the timeline of a person’s life is an actual, definable energy path? In that case, the expectation that the future will be a certain way places that energy on the future timeline. Then, when you get there, you say, “It’s just what I expected. The same old shit.” And it feels comfortable! Because it’s your energy, so it feels totally natural. “Just more proof that the more things change the more they stay the same.”

I have experienced this so many times, and you probably have too.

All of us are working the puzzle of life with energies that are esoteric, and invisible to the five human senses.

But this isn’t what we are taught.

We are taught that only matter and visible energy (such light and color and mass, and “the current reality”) are valid. But this solution to the puzzle guarantees that the future never changes, for nothing new is created. The energy that is put forth into the future remains the same.

But intention is a force. When a person is motivated or passionate, that can be felt. When a person has the expectation that all will be well, it can be felt. We say that person “has a sunny personality.” A person who expects the future to be dark can also be felt.

So why don’t we pay more attention to our own intent and expectations? Because we are taught that doing this is stupid.

Oh, there is a fringe element in society that talks about “positive thinking” and “the power of thought,” but no one really believes this anymore. Our society seems to be coming apart at the seams, and people are at each other’s throats.

But all of this is learned behavior. IT is programmed behavior.

The American Heritage dictionary defines intention as, “an aim that guides action; an objective.” Merriam-Webster says that intention is “the state of mind with which an action is done.” defines expectation this way: “An expectation is a belief about what might happen in the future, like your expectation to stay close with your best friends your whole life.”

These definitions involve aims, state-of-mind, and belief. These terms are not objects, but qualities or aspects of consciousness. They cannot be quantified or measured. All of them, however, have a unique feeling to them. They are energetic projections (vibrations) of human consciousness. They have an independent existence, they can be felt, they are not negligible.

An aim is something a person might visualize. This visualization will have a distinct energy pattern, a unique feeling. A state-of-mind is a person’s attitude toward something. Attitude is also a feeling, an energy. A bad attitude or a good attitude is recognizable, it can be felt. A belief is a person’s decision about something that will guide their actions. Someone’s beliefs about an issue also create an energy that can be felt. If beliefs are criticized this may trigger someone to anger. We have all experienced this.

So intention and expectation are energies, not just something esoteric and stupid that has little meaning or effect in the world. They are just as real as the “real” world around us.

So what happens when a respected or popular person or political commentator comes up with a vision of the future that is dark? Well, it’s their vision. It’s their energy. It doesn’t have to be yours or mine.

Let’s imagine the power of the energy when the intent and expectations of EIGHT BILLION human beings are accounted for. As individuals we are, via our expectations of the future, placing energies on our personal future timelines that we eventually encounter as individuals. Humanity is also doing this collectively.

We are now at a critical inflection point in the history of humanity and this planet. We have been taught to expect negative outcomes (“peace is just an interval of quiet between wars”), but as people awaken more and more are rejecting this pre-programmed nonsense.

We don’t need 8 billion human beings all intending and expecting a positive future to get a positive future. That’s because the Light is so much more powerful than the dark.

It only takes a relative few of us to create a tipping point in human consciousness, which is in chaos right now.  Maybe we can give it a new direction and a new momentum. Those who understand the power of the Light can be spiritual warriors in this effort. And we can do it quietly, with our family and friends, and in our meditations. And it will spread across the planet, because the Light illuminates the darkness and people respond to the Light.

AI, as it is being applied today, will result in a techno-fascist nightmare. Don't fall for the AI fear porn.

“AI is not actual intelligence, rather it is a front for surveillance and social-credit algorithm implementation.”

— Dennis Rancourt

You either believe the shite about artificial intelligence or you don’t. I don’t. The idea that self-aware consciousness can evolve from a bunch of algos in a computer system or network is, IMHO, a wet dream of sociopaths.

AI is an idea based completely in materialism; it is divorced from the divine connection inherent in every human being. In fact, AI – or indefinite life extension – is based on a morbid fear of death. This fear comes from not understanding that the spirit/consciousness that occupies the body is already immortal. It’s based on the idea that when the body dies, the consciousness of a person is snuffed out. That indeed is a scary notion, but fortunately it is the Big Lie on planet earth. For some, this discovery will not be made until they take their last breath. But that doesn’t mean that such persons must dictate the direction of our entire society.

There is no reason to be afraid of AI because human innovation will always be able to out-maneuver AI systems. Divine inspiration/intuition is far greater than AI, which is always based on human created data. Jeffrey Prather says this succinctly: “The creations of the Creator are far greater than the creations of the creations of the Creator.”

The great American philosopher Arthur Young models human consciousness on the geometric figure called the torus. In a torus, energy flows up, through, and around the center; it reaches out to the material world and then goes within to digest what it has learned, and then forges outward again to apply what it has learned.

Author's concept of toroidal human consciousness

The torus is a self-contained energy source. In my novel The Old Soul, I discussed the potential for consciousness modeled on the torus, and I do believe it is possible. But the current state of AI technology, with its neural implants and chips, is designed to create a techno-fascist surveillance state. As far as I know, serious work on actually creating a self-aware consciousness has not even begun.

Consciousness has the quality of having the awareness of being aware. It is one thing to model consciousness on a geometric figure such as the torus, it is another to design consciousness, materially, to have the awareness of being aware. Although technology has come a long way it isn’t even close to creating true artificial intelligence. Because the Cabal of psychopaths who run this planet understand that the human race is awakening, people like Sam Altman and Elon Musk have had to hurry forward their plans for a Smart AI world. And so they have been forced to develop PsyOps to scare people into accepting their future dystopian world.

AI today is just a fear-porn PsyOp. It is only possible to create the Great Reset if you have fearful human beings who have swallowed the idea of their own worthlessness. But this is precisely what materialism teaches: that the human being is merely a hunk of meat with certain body sensors that react to the world and transmit data to the brain. Materialists think of the human being as a stimulus-response automaton.

If you believe that when you die you are dead, you can be convinced that life extension by polluting the body with electronics or programmable nanoparticles is just great. Transhumanists go so far as to idealize consciousness in some artificial container (a printed body, or an electromagnetic/computerized vessel) is a good idea, because such a person has no idea of his/her divine nature. Make no mistake, Transhumanism and AI go hand in hand and both are dead ends.

Materialism is by definition pessimism; it is a denial of our true spiritual nature. A materialist has no faith or intuition, which are inherent qualities of consciousness. Manly P. Hall says that “pessimism is an inevitable result of a hard sharp look at circumstances without inner light to sustain us.” Yup.

This inner light has been traditionally called Faith. I don’t like this term because it implies a mindless belief in something that doesn’t exist. But it does. Faith can also be defined as the knowledge and understanding that a human being is an immortal divine consciousness temporarily associated with a body in the physical universe (the concept of incarnation).

All of the great discoveries of our world have come from human beings who acknowledge their inner light. Materialists do not possess the intuition necessary for great insight. Communism, for example, is totally materialist. Communist states like the old Soviet Union and the PRC cannot innovate; materialist states must steal ideas and technology from societies who recognize the creative impulse that comes from the inner light of true consciousness/self-awareness. Materialist societies will collapse and die because they don’t acknowledge the life-giving energy that comes from the Creator.

I am reminded of another quote from Manly P. Hall, who says,

...we find that large bodies of knowledge, particularly scientific knowledge, exist to destroy faith. They want to take away from us, the belief in those very invisible principles upon which we depend to give us peace of soul, peace of mind, and peace of heart. So in this confusion, many persons have lost their spiritual orientation. They have lost their ability to accept the fact that here is a universal good, a universal reality that life is purposed, that there are reasons for things. And as gradually the sciences have limited perspective and forced the individual into a constant acceptance of material things as the only realities, As this goes on faith dims and hope fades away, and the individual is reduced to a state from which he escaped ages ago, by rising above the level of materialistic, primitive existence.”

Transcribed from a Manly P. Hall lecture

Artificial Intelligence, as it is currently being applied to society, is dystopian. Don’t fall for the hype and the AI PsyOp. At some point true artificial intelligence may be developed, but this research will have to be conducted by persons with self-awareness, and who acknowledge their inner light. Such discoveries will always benefit humanity because they will be oriented toward harmony and the betterment of all.

Here is a fragment from a book published in 1895 called Etidorpha. These words, which prophecy the ultimate end of science, ring true today.

What, to the mother, can replace the babe that has been lost?"

"The next world," I answered, "offers a comfort."

"Bah," he said; "does not another searcher in that same science field tell the mother that there is no personal hereafter, that she will never see her babe again? One man of science steals the body, another man of science takes away the soul, the third annihilates heaven; they go like pestilence and famine, hand in hand, subsisting on all that craving humanity considers sacred, and offering no tangible return beyond a materialistic present. This same science that seems to be doing so much for humanity will continue to elevate so-called material civilization until, as the yeast ferment is smothered in its own excretion, so will science-thought create conditions to blot itself from existence, and destroy the civilization it creates. Science is heartless, notwithstanding the personal purity of the majority of her helpless votaries. She is a thief, not of ordinary riches, but of treasures that can not be replaced.

Before science provings, the love of a mother perishes, the hope of immortality is annihilated. Beware of materialism, the end of the science of man."

Etidorpha, Chapter 29

Modern science has been perverted. Much of it has been politicized to serve Narratives and Agendas. Mathematics has been declared to be “white supremacy,” medicine has been perverted and subverted to the purposes of Big Pharma, many flawed peer review articles submitted to journals are approved by review committees with agendas. “Climate science” is a joke, a series of political statements designed to make money for their adherents. At the recent meeting of the World Economic Forum we were told that “Disease X” is coming – another created bioweapon that will somehow spread all over the world and threaten humanity. But this one will be different from what Mike Pompeo, at a news conference in 2020, called the “live exercise” that was the COVID-29 “pandemic.”  

Yes sir, “Disease X”, which is already being secretly researched and perfected in the biolabs of the world, will soon be released on the human race. Or at least that is what we are being told by those who adhere to the perverted version of science I call ScienceTM

Remember when Anthony Fauci said “I am the science?” Fauci and his minions assert that science is no longer the search for truth via impartial investigation using scientific experiments. No, the New Science (ScienceTM) is used in support of a planned propaganda campaign that promotes a dystopian techno-fascist medical surveillance state.

This would be funny if it were not so obvious.

Just as capitalism is in its dying throes – finance capitalism, whose goal is not the production of goods and services to support a healthy and prosperous population, but the engineering of fake fiat money and credit to support a class of sociopaths in their desire to steal the world’s resources –  so too is science, which has been perverted to serve the ends of the New World Order.

Fortunately, people are waking up to this. As millions of migrants controlled by brutal and murderous drug cartels are forced into Europe and the United States, with the accompanying drugs and human trafficking, the problem is becoming greater and greater. Cities like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, who in their generosity call themselves “sanctuary cities,” are discovering – just as the rare financiers and brave scientists and medical doctors who still cling to true scientific research and who are pilloried for it, and even the rare politicians who work for the greater good – that an unhinged collection of psychopaths have risen to the top of these professions.

Normally scum, because of its filthy and burdened nature, sinks to the bottom of a pond. But today, the Light is shining so brightly that these operators are being exposed.

This movie is going to have a happy ending, if we allow it; if we do not fall for the diktats of nutjobs and crazy people. If we do not sink into despair, the rising tide of Light will make all clear. There is another plan – different from the evil plan – that is being accepted by an ever greater number of the 8 billion souls on this planet. That plan is one of integrity and reward for merit, hard work, and ability, along with the exposure of grifters, plagiarists, and sociopaths.  

It’s coming.

In 1895, people could see the ultimate evolution of science 120 years later. The plan for the resurrection of humanity is in the ethers, it’s in the air we breathe, because we are all creating it.