Life and living from a higher perspective

life is a contest between self-awareness and the dead doctrine of materialism

Introduction: Premises

●          The earth is the physical playground for a divine, non-physical consciousness that reincarnates into physical bodies over and over. The physical evolution we observe in species is the corporeal mirror of consciousness evolution, because the essence of non-physical consciousness imprints itself on the physical life, lifetime after lifetime.

●          The “mysteries” of life and death are simple and clear if we understand the role of consciousness. Death is terrifying to those who regard human beings as meat bodies.

●          Religion attempts to clarify life and death – which are really misnomers – by postulating the existence of a soul. The soul is the non-physical individual consciousness that reincarnates into different physical bodies. This is as good a term as any, I suppose. The higher self is that portion of the soul consciousness that cannot “fit” into the physical body. The concept of angels and “guides” are the non-physical portion of the soul that acts as an esoteric guide to the incarnated being during the physical lifetime.

●          The craziness we see manifested in human societies today is the resolution of millennia of karma between individuals and groups throughout human history. Acts that appear to be senseless are the culmination, or ongoing process, of previous activity between people and groups that continue to be unresolved at the soul level. In human relations, very little is random.

Consciousness Evolution

As the soul evolves from lifetime to lifetime, it resembles a spring: a rising series of circles stacked one on top of the other. Each circle represents a lifetime. In each lifetime – no matter how seemingly pointless, miserable, or unsuccessful – something is learned during the interaction with the physical universe.

The spring is a good analogy to life and death because it is continuous. There are no “breaks” in the spring, indicating that consciousness continues, unabated, from lifetime to lifetime. Death is just a reorientation of self-awareness from the physical to the non-physical.

The diagram shows birth, the physical life where Knowledge is gained, and then reincarnation and another birth

From the POV of a non-materialist, physical “death” is a temporary phenomenon, akin to a state change in frozen water when it becomes liquid, or from liquid to water vapor. Conscious continues, uninterrupted during the transition from physical to non-physical. From the soul perspective, “death” is a return to the Source of consciousness, and “life” is a temporary physical interlude where the physical being  advances in Knowledge during the physical lifetime.

In my movie The Unity of Spirit and Matter (free on YouTube), I attempt to illustrate this concept from a metaphysical perspective.

Despite the appearance that death is a termination of life, there are no breaks or stops in self awareness. I have tried to flesh out this idea in my book, The Old Soul, which describes the fictional consciousness evolution of an individual human soul over the 200,000-year period that hominid/human life has existed on this planet.

The genesis of the current spiritual war we are experiencing is between those who understand the concept of consciousness, and those who don’t.


The physical universe inherently includes separation and duality as a built-in feature. Hot and cold, light and dark, dry and wet, and the natural differentiation between physical objects and physical bodies is part and parcel of what makes the physical universe. “This tree is different than that tree,” and so on throughout the gamut of species and objects on this beautiful and diverse world.

The physical body of a human being, from a geometric perspective, creates a unique viewpoint of the world, because physical bodies are separate and cannot occupy the same place at the same time. Everyone is perceiving from a different angle and position in the physical universe.

All individuals are unique. From the point of view of consciousness, all creatures on this earth are unique. All lifetimes are unique, for they exist uniquely within the space-time continuum.

Separation and duality create contrast, individuality, and individual personalities. Without contrast there can be no distinction between things, and no identification with things.

Because contrast, separation, identity, and individuality are inherent to physical life, there will be conflict. Conflict can only be avoided when enough people understand the nature of life and consciousness.

The Battle

The spiritual battle is between those with purely secular and materialist beliefs, and those who understand – through having lived many lifetimes on the earth, who have transitioned back and forth many, many times between the physical and the non-physical – that consciousness has a metaphysical origin, and that there is no interruption of self-awareness, ever.

The current conflict around Transhumanism and transgenderism, for example, is muddied by those who have a purely materialist conception of life.

Transhumanism is promoted by strict materialists who are terrified of death, and who believe that consciousness is snuffed out when the body dies. In order to prolong life, augmentation of the physical body, or non-biological containers for consciousness, is required.

The idea that Self is snuffed out at death is terrifying, which is why extreme measures are necessary to implement this distorted perspective of life.

Gender confusion originates in the Akash of an incarnated human being who has had enough lifetimes as both male and female to develop a bias one way or another. The Akash is the soul record of every lifetime a person has experienced, somewhat like a steganography image that has concealed information as part of the image bitmap.[1] The Akash is carried with the person during each incarnation. A being who has had 50 lifetimes as a male may find themselves in a female body. I imagine this could cause tremendous confusion, and even anger. So too for the being who has had 50 lifetimes as a female, suddenly finding themselves in a male body. Yikes!

In the past, people just had to make the best of it. But now, with the advance of medical technology, surgery is available for those who do not accept their current physical gender. Unfortunately, very often these surgeries lead to unfortunate complications, for medical technology is not advanced enough to perfectly gender-inverse a physical body. And there are scumbags who take advantage of these vulnerable people.

Gender identity is one of life’s mysteries that can be explained by an understanding of consciousness. Another is the concept of diversity.

Diversity is an idea that, in its original conception, was a positive concept that allowed for the inclusion of different opinions and ideas. But it has been twisted by those with a completely materialist viewpoint. To a materialist, diversity refers only and strictly to the attributes of a physical meat body. Therefore, materialism is quantitative. A broader conception that includes the Source of consciousness will also include quality.

Quality vs Quantity

Quality is the inherent characteristic of consciousness.

For example, “good” and “bad” are qualitative because they are the conclusions of consciousness during the life experience. Beauty, integrity, love, harmony, and compassion cannot readily be quantified. These conceptions are the considerations of consciousness, whereas materialists will determine worth strictly based on observable physical characteristics. Diversity, to a materialist, means “how many white people are there in the group, how many people of color, how many Asians; how many females, how many males,” etc. Those who can look beyond a materialist viewpoint will not only look at obvious physical attributes, but also at character, intelligence, and the diversity of opinion and ideas.

A materialist ignores these distinctions and considers such ideas inflammatory, unhelpful, and crazy. “What are you talking about?” a materialist would say. “Diversity is a racial and sexual characteristic.” And in this conception of consciousness, they are right.

Nowhere was this better illustrated than the recent debate over the election of the Speaker of the House of Representatives last week. The Democrats voted as one group, time after time, for their candidate. They were very exasperated and frustrated by the Republicans, who kept talking about “diversity of opinion,” and “the exchange of ideas,” and “debate is the way democracy works.” It was evident from those who nominated Jeffries that these ideas were  regarded merely as a front for a group of crazies who just don’t get it. Democrats saw their group as united and harmonious, as opposed to the Republicans, who seemed to want to argue and fight endlessly.

On the other hand, Republicans saw how broken the House is, and were debating how to change it. The Democrats nominated Jeffries primarily because he is a person of color. This fits their definition of diversity. During the process of electing the Speaker, the Republicans also nominated a person of color for the job, but ultimately their concerns were more about what they considered diversity of thought and opinion.   

No one side is completely right or wrong. It’s just a matter of perspective.

An Understanding of Consciousness

Unless the nature of consciousness is broadly understood, fighting and conflict will continue to dominate the political landscape.

For a successful life, quality and quantity must be combined.

Meditation and affirmations (quality) are helpful to good health, and so is eating a quality diet. Getting enough sleep, food, and exercise (quantity) are also important.

For success, the metaphysical must be combined with the physical.

Life is a combination of materiality and spirituality. The two must merge if we are to proceed to the goal of peace on earth and prosperity for all.

[1] The word Steganography is derived from two Greek words- ‘stegos’ meaning ‘to cover’ and ‘grayfia’, meaning ‘writing’, thus translating to ‘covered writing’, or ‘hidden writing’. Steganography is a method of hiding secret data, by embedding it into an audio, video, image, or text file. See “Image Steganography in Cryptography” at

A massive shift in human consciousness is occurring on our planet

Today, here in Michigan, we are in a deep freeze. The temperature at 2 p.m. is 1 degree Fahrenheit. The winds are howling. Many people think that the weather is a sign of the dark times we are living in. That is a logical interpretation of current events, but I have a radically different interpretation.

As the human trafficking on our southern border reaches over 10,000 per day, along with the trafficking of dangerous drugs like fentanyl, and with the war in Ukraine accelerating in its intensity, and the screaming of people on social media continuing, the world definitely appears to be in a dark place. But in actuality, the darkness is being forced to come to the forefront by the Great Awakening of the consciousness of humanity.

There is a massive energy shift on this planet, can you feel it? Even my two cats can; they are usually bouncy but have been acting strangely all day.

The howling winds of change are the planet’s reaction to this awakening. Behind those winds is a massive infusion of light – the light of awareness, the light that uncovers hidden, twisted monstrosities that have been a part of human consciousness and human society for thousands of years. After this huge winter storm the weather will calm and become sunny. So too will the light of awareness become brighter and more powerful.

The earth has consciousness. It exists in cooperation with humanity. The earth has always had a place in human societies – our very bodies are composed of atoms that come from the earth. The indigenous, for 50,000 years, have kept the human connection to earth alive. Anyone who gardens does so also. Farmers must connect to the earth to know the best times for planting and harvesting, and the best ways to fertilize the soil, and when to let it rest. The earth is the source of life and nourishment for any human society.

The indigenous might grab a handful of dirt, smell it, and taste it.

“What are you doing?” you ask.

“I am communicating with my ancestors.”

Dust thou art, and to dust thou shalt return. Generation after generation, the atoms of the human body return to the earth and are co-mingled.

Our modern religions and spiritual teachings have lost that connection to the earth. We live in metal and concrete cities, and many of us only go outdoors to go to work, enclosed in metal machines and working in office cubicles. Our spirituality teaches us about the Ascended Masters, and God, or the angels, who live in an almost inaccessible realm beyond human understanding. As a result, humanity (especially in the West) is stuck in the higher chakras. We aren’t grounded anymore. We have lost that balance, common sense, and inner strength that comes from connecting to the earth.

Consequently, twisted and dystopian systems of belief like Transhumanism have arisen. Transhumanism wants to merge the human body with electronics such as brain-computer interfaces, or do away with human biology altogether by merging with artificial intelligence created from sterile computer networks.

This is a dark road that, if followed, will lead humanity to an evolutionary dead end.

Behind the Transhumanist movement, and the dark forces in general, is a conscious turning away from the light. All materialist movements such as Transhumanism are based on an irrational fear of death. That is why (they think) the human body must be altered with electronics to prolong life as much as possible, or printed bodies must be created, or human consciousness itself must somehow be moved to artificial containers sustained by computer networks. These are irrational pipe dreams that will never succeed.

Those who turn away from the light gnash and snarl and attack the light, but their motivations are always based in the lower emotions of fear and anger and hatred. These emotions are self destructive, and those who adopt them will destroy themselves. This is already evident and obvious in society today.

The solution is to create a belief system that includes not only God, spirituality, and the angelic realm, but to also re-connect to the earth. In this way the human chakra system becomes balanced. All chakras become activated as a part of normal life.

Many people already do this, and they are the happiest people on earth.

A belief system that includes spirituality/God and the connection to the earth automatically activates all of the chakras. The dark insanities that currently manifest will  gradually subside if this belief system is adopted in society as a whole. But we can do it individually, for ourselves, and create a better balance in our lives regardless of the craziness manifesting in certain individuals and groups.

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas this holiday season!

Harmony and cooperation are inherent qualities in humans, animals, and plants

Most life forms on earth are built around perfect mathematical harmony. Most of the life forms on the planet are built around the Phi ratio, a mathematical and architectural concept that represents peaceful cooperation, affinity, and compatibility. The Phi ratio has been known since the time of Euclid, thousands of years ago.

The Phi ratio (also called the golden section) can be stated in one simple sentence: “The smaller is to the larger as the larger is to the whole.”

This doesn’t sound like much, does it? But, like a seed that contains the complex biological information necessary to make an apple tree or a gigantic redwood, the Phi ratio contains information that creates the inherent harmony that allows trillions of cells to form complex organisms like humans, animals, and plants.

To put it simply: Life forms are complex systems based around harmony and cooperation.

Let’s take a quick look at how the Phi ratio works (don’t worry, no math!). We’ll begin with something simple: a straight line. This line has been divided in the Phi ratio:

   a is the smallest segment. It is the distance between point X and point Y. b is the larger segment. It is the distance between point Y and point Z. The whole segment is the length of the entire line, the distance between point X and point Z.

This isn’t a math essay, so I’ll just summarize by saying that the relationship between segment a and segment b is exactly the same as the relationship between segment b and the entire line. It turns out that when you apply this concept to architecture or nature, the result is an inherently harmonious and compatible structure.

Let’s look at what happens when we divide the segments in a rectangle in Phi ratio:

You get a spiral. What does nature do with this information? Look at these images.

Nautilus shell.

Common sunflower. Notice the built-in spirals.

Echeveria Agavoides. Note the spiral pattern of the leaves.

The human body is based on the Phi ratio. The bodies of animals with skeletal structures are all based on proportional harmonies like the Phi ratio. Here’s a diagram of the Phi relationships in the human body:

From The Power of Limits, Gyorgy Doczi, p. 143   

The leg: The distance from the hip to the knee, and from the knee to the ankle.

The face: The distance from the top of the head to the nose, and from the nose to the chin.

The arm: The distance between the shoulder joint to the elbow, and from the elbow to the wrist.

The hand: The distance between the wrist, the knuckles, the first and second joints of the fingers, and the finger tips.

Of course every human body is different and nature can only approximate these relationships. The point is, the design of the human body is based on the mathematics of harmony.

Once you become aware of the built-in harmony in nature you begin to see it in many life forms:

The Indian peafowl. The eyes of its tail are logarithmic spirals.

Galaxies also have spiral arms: Here is a picture of the Milky Way:

The universe itself must have a harmonious underlying structure in order for it to continue in such a self-organizing and cooperative fashion.

(For a detailed explanation of the proportional harmonies in nature, art, and architecture, read The Power of Limits by Gyorgy Doczi, quite probably the most elegant book ever written).

If life and even the structure of the universe are based on proportional harmonies, why is the human race so conflicted? Why do animals kill other animals to survive?

Because, for thousands of years, human beings have been trained and educated in a false belief system about ourselves. Moreover, not all of nature is predatory: dolphins and whales, for example, exist cooperatively, not competitively. It’s why people go to sea to observe dolphin pods and soak in their energy. Animals don’t necessarily have animosity toward each other, even different species:

The human race has chosen to accept the falsehood that human nature – how a human being is inherently biased – is selfish and conflicted. But this goes against the very structure of the human being!

The power of thought and expectation, and our biased education systems, have an enormous influence on our attitudes about ourselves. Perhaps, in the past when we didn’t know any better, there was justification for a service-to-self attitude toward our fellow humans and other life forms. But not anymore. We don’t have to live with the attitudes and expectations of the past. That is what the Great Awakening is all about.

It’s all going to turn out well, because the invisible, underlying information that builds our world and even our bodies – what quantum physicist David Bohm calls the Implicate Order – is cooperative and benevolent. The human race is beginning to look past the facade of our false belief systems and into a true new world order that is divinely inspired and designed.

A look at current events from 40,000 feet


We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of... In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons...who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

— Edward L. Bernays, in Propaganda (1928)

It is the function of mass agitation to exploit all the grievances, hopes, aspirations, prejudices, fears, and ideals of all the special groups that make up our society, social, religious, economic, racial, political. Stir them up. Set one against the other. Divide and conquer. That’s the way to soften up a democracy.”

― J. Edgar Hoover, Masters of Deceit (1947)

Applying the principles of propaganda broadly to the masses was begun by Bernays, who advised businesses in advertising their products. Bernays pioneered the public relations industry's use of mass psychology in their public persuasion campaigns.

As early as 1928, in his book Propaganda, he states:

If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, is it not possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing about it? The recent practice of propaganda has proved that it is possible, at least up to a certain point and within certain limits.”

Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda

In a 1947 essay, Bernays called these mass-influencing techniques the “engineering of consent.” This is a good term because it implies a narrative and an intent to promote that narrative via the psychological techniques of mass persuasion. Although Bernays often bragged about his media campaign successes (among them a very successful campaign to get women to smoke), I’m not sure even he would agree with the saturation of propaganda in our society in 2022. Propaganda is precisely what our corporate news media is doing 24 hours a day.

J. Edgar Hoover published his book in 1947, which was also the year the National Security Act, creating the Central Intelligence Agency, was passed. The CIA is the world’s most effective and secretive propaganda agency.

The broad use of propaganda against the public has been employed for a long time.


Propaganda only works, however, on people who have little or no knowledge of self. Propaganda campaigns assume that human beings are like quantum particles in a physics experiment, unknowing ciphers who can be manipulated by constant persuasion and the engineering of consent. The human being as a programmable blank slate, a mass of protoplasm without self-awareness, is the viewpoint of the materialists.

A person grounded in knowledge, with a spiritual center, cannot be persuaded or convinced by propaganda. That is why, throughout history, these people have been ruthlessly attacked by dictators and other anti-social personalities.

Propaganda and persuasion are techniques used by materialists and/or sociopaths who are looking to get over on society. Since the vaccines came out in 2021, about one-fifth of the U.S. population have refused to be vaccinated. Are these people just conspiracy theorists and nutjobs? Perhaps they are souls who have had many lifetimes on this planet, who have reincarnated over and over again, and who have previously experienced propaganda campaigns.

In early 2021 there was no data whatsoever on the mRNA technology’s effectiveness or long term effects (other than the propaganda released by Pfizer and Moderna) because the vaccines were developed and released in less than a year, without any long-term studies. So why did 20% of the population decide not to get vaxxed? Why didn’t they trust the medical bureaucracy? Some say their decisions were pure paranoia, or just plain stupidity. But maybe it was an inner wisdom brought about through the soul’s experiences on earth. Experience, as we all know, is the best teacher. Experience generates wisdom.

Of course this argument is pilloried by those who believe that a human being is meat, and that when your meat dies your consciousness dies. c’est la vie.

The onset of SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) and a rise in all-cause mortality in people under 50 is a phenomenon first noticed by insurance company actuaries when studying mortality rates in 2021. COVID-19 largely affects those over 60, and particularly those over 70. So COVID isn’t the reason for the rise in these deaths. Since 2021, when the vaccines were released, healthy people in their teens, 20s and 30s have been dying at alarming rates. In Canada 13 medical doctors have died “suddenly and unexpectedly,” and not from COVID. There are opinions on both sides as to whether the vaccine caused these deaths. And that’s the difficulty. The human race is in the middle of an information and spiritual war for the souls, hearts, and minds of humanity. It’s a war between light and dark. 

How does one tell whether a narrative is propaganda or the truth? You have to look at both sides of the issue and make up your own mind. That requires discernment. Discernment comes from wisdom and wisdom comes from Knowledge and experience.  

A human being is an immortal spirit temporarily associated with a physical body. Without this Knowledge (capital K), a person is vulnerable to manipulation, peer pressure, and psychological/propaganda campaigns. One thing is certain in this spiritual war: more of them are on the way.

Social Separation

In these crazy times it has never been more important to find your center. We may not have much control over events, but we can control how we react to them. Fortunately, as the world descends into madness, more and more people are (literally) seeing the light and rejecting the darkness.

Across the planet, the human family is embracing the light of higher consciousness. The dark-light ratio in human consciousness, which for millennia has favored the dark (study history, which is largely a series of wars and conflicts), is tilting in the direction of the light. This is exposing the dark actors.  

As this process continues there will be a gradual separation between those who want contention and conflict, and those who want peace and stability. Society will split into these two camps; not only ideologically and socially, but also physically. In the former camp, fighting and conflict will be the norm and will be isolated to these physical spaces. It is already beginning as people move out of places they no longer consider livable, and move into places that are more conducive to peace and prosperity.

In the first social grouping, Transhumanism and totalitarianism will be embraced. “Parent 1” and “Parent 2” will be substituted for mother and father. In the other camp, the emphasis will be on the family, on peace, on free speech, and on real inclusion regardless of race, color, or creed. We are already observing this socially. Gradually, over the decades, the first camp will become less and less numerous and the peaceful social groupings will grow larger and larger.

Presently, society is chaotic because both camps are spread fairly uniformly throughout society. But that won’t last.

The root cause of this separation phenomenon is based in consciousness. Automatically, this puts understanding beyond the purview of the materialists and the totalitarians, who believe that a human being is meat, and who completely reject the idea that consciousness continues after the body dies. Is this concept so difficult to understand? It is for those who have turned away from the light.

Those who have chosen to reject the light will become more and more confused and will react more and more crazily, because it will seem that an invisible hand (the hand of higher consciousness) is working against them. This will cause them to react in the only way they know: with anger, hatred, and violence, which will be directed against themselves.  


Paradoxically, when the light shines brighter the dark reacts with anger and hatred. This manifests itself in random violence, the politicization of everything from politics to science, and vitriol on mass media and social media.

It appears that the world is being destroyed and that the situation is hopeless. But what if it’s the old world being destroyed? The old world based in darkness. There aint no free rides. We don’t get to wave a magic wand and magically dissolve human karma that has been built up over thousands of years. We have to work through it. My guess is that some of the random violence is due to karma from past lifetimes. What seems random may just be old scores being settled.

[shrug] You can only see this from 40,000 feet. It makes no sense to those without self-awareness, and it isn’t obvious even then. But I’m an eternal optimist, so hopefully my words have cheered you up a little.


Propaganda and mass agitation are the tools of the dark. As more and more people wake up, the effectiveness of propaganda and psychological/information operations will substantially lessen.

The impetus for the breakdown of the old world is the light of higher consciousness. This will eventually cause a social separation between those who embrace the light and those who turn away from it. Gradually, society will stabilize at a higher level of consciousness.

This short post is the result of my morning meditation

The 3 steps to happiness:

Consult personally with the creative source, with God

Step into your power

Live your life magnificently

  1. It is not possible to be happy without knowing and feeling your personal connection to God. The feeling of happiness and joy and love comes from the understanding that you are a magnificent  incarnation of the creator of the universe. Meditate on this. Keep your love of life and the Creator at the forefront of your consciousness.
  2. Stepping into your power is a natural result of this connection. Here you understand your life mission, your soul mission, in this body, on the earth.
  3. Living your life magnificently just means that in everything you do, you reflect the glory of the Creator.

“Before enlightenment, cut wood, carry water. After enlightenment, cut wood, carry water.”

--- Zen koan

A consciousness revolution is underway

The human race is going through a period of chaos. All systems are not GO; they are breaking down. In preparation for what?

I don’t think the world is going to fall apart. The climate isn’t going to kill us, and the nutjobs and psychopaths who run the planet aren’t going to win. They are on their last legs now.

The Crazies

It seems that there are two factions of the crazy “elites.” The first faction is the Transhumanists, who want a chipped human society living in “smart” cities hooked up to the Internet of Things and the Internet of Bodies. The second faction are what I call the Depopulationists. These are the bat-shit crazy people who put up the Georgia Guidestones and who want the human population drastically reduced. These are the people who created the Sars COVID-2 virus, who locked everyone down and masked everyone and kept kids out of school, and who forced experimental mRNA “vaccines” on hundreds of millions of people while denying early treatment options such as hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin (two of the CDC’s safest drugs). This faction’s latest ploy is “Carbon Zero,” using a fake climate emergency to spread fear porn that carbon emissions will destroy life on earth during one of the earth’s natural climate cycles.

Oregon governor Kate Brown signs a bill in 2021. Climate activists wear T-Shirts predicting their own imminent deaths

 The Chinese Communist Party is using Carbon Zero to ruthlessly suppress dissent against their illegitimate regime, earlier this year locking down entire cities like Shanghai while people starved in their apartments. The governments of Canada and the tiny little country of the Netherlands – the world’s second leading exporter of food to the world – are following suit using this hoax, shutting down farmers because they are using nitrogen fertilizers! The result of these actions is not carbon-zero, but a restriction of the food supply. (Coming to the US soon by as many politicians as can be bribed or coerced.) Meanwhile China, the world’s biggest carbon emissions polluter in the world by far, is allowed to continue its reckless burning of coal in unscrubbed power plants with not a word said. Xi Jinping’s duplicitous statement at President Biden’s climate summit in July that China would reach net-zero emissions by 2060 ( with a peak no later than 2030), is a complete joke. According to the New Scientist, Xi’s CCP are continuing to build more carbon-spewing coal-fired power plants. “Some 176 gigawatts of coal capacity was under construction in 2021, and more than half of that was being built in China.” Carbon Zero my ass.

The Transhumanists and the  Depopulationists are a set of people who have little knowledge of Self. Their totalitarian and dictatorial impulses are a remnant of the past, a last demonic ejaculation of karma from the underworld of the collective human psyche.

This is what sane people are facing at this point in time. Fortunately, no one with any self-awareness embraces their dystopian insanity, which is why these policies must be imposed by force.

The Shift

The planet is going through a Shift: a shift away from old self-destructive ideas about human nature and into a more benevolent and harmonious conception that is more aligned with the Creative Source. The Shift is a realignment of how human beings perceive themselves. It is taking place worldwide on an invisible stage: the stage of consciousness.

The Shift is occurring at the level of thought. This idea is, of course, incomprehensible lunacy to the materialists and dystopians who firmly believe in the “human beings are meat” theory of life and consciousness.

Sorry meatians, thought isn’t neurons firing in the brain. It’s no wonder that neuroscientists have never been able to detect a thought. The energy of consciousness evades the investigations of science because it cannot yet be detected by scientific instruments. Science deals with and measures the material world.

Linear vs Non-linear

The Shift is also a move from linear to non-linear thinking.  Many people are taking an emotional approach to life rather than a rational one – a right brain approach rather than a left brain one. These are people who see society and its intractable problems and are reaching for untested and untried solutions, such as using social workers to arbitrate conflicts instead of the standard armed police force. These policies have been a failure so far, but look for more unusual approaches as the old ones, which are used in our traditional institutions and organizations, continue to fail. Just yesterday, in a  New York Times article titled “The Constitution is Broken and Should Not be Reclaimed,” two law professors,  Ryan D. Doerfler of Harvard, and Samuel Moyn of Yale, have stated that the Constitution should be “radically altered” to “reclaim America from Constitutionalism” in order to fit certain conceptions of social justice.  Others have suggested defunding the entire Department of Education, and the FBI. These are radical solutions for endemic societal problems that reflect a desire to completely break from the linear past. Mathematics, for example, is being criticized because there is only one right answer to a math problem. Well, there IS only one right answer to a math problem, but people who say things like this are looking for more intuitive solutions to problems in general. They are using math as an example to say: “Linear thinking excludes too many other viable options.”

Many of the new approaches are irrational and nutty, but they are attempts to bypass linear thinking and replace it with more multidimensional or intuitive approaches. Their origin lies in the shift in consciousness. This social phenomenon will continue as the Shift progresses. Right now, they manifest primarily in political narratives that seek to “get over” on political enemies. However, I believe we will see more and more of this. Who knows, someone is bound to come up with a new approach that most people can agree on!

Linear thinking is represented by the statement, “If it was good enough for my granddad it’s good enough for me.” There are some people who want to go back to the “good old days,” when the world was a much more linear, and simple, place. But we aren’t going back to that old world. Attempts to recreate it will fail because the change in consciousness requires a clean break from old thinking.

During the Shift, the forces of darkness have seen their opportunity to remake the world.  Transhumanists and Depopulationists are ascendant now (temporarily) during the chaos as the new consciousness begins to break up corrupt, stale institutions. Outfits like the World Bank, the IMF – and any institution that lacks integrity – won’t make it to the new reality. Neither will degraded organizations like the World Economic Forum and their dystopian fellow travelers. You will eat bugs. You will own nothing and be happy. Yikes! These people are bonkers.

There is a dark side and a light side to the Shift.  

The good news is that all institutions and organizations with a debased view of humanity won’t survive the new consciousness. They will collapse without any help from the outside, because their view of human beings denies the basic goodness of the soul. In other words, the new consciousness doesn’t have to engage in the tactics of linear thinking: fighting against that which is not wanted. We don’t have to march in the streets or “give them a taste of their own medicine.” Sooner than we think these degraded notions will no longer be congruent with how the majority of humanity views itself. These organizations will fade away quietly, not with a bang but with a whimper.

This is a thought revolution, not a kinetic one. The dark is making it a kinetic fight, but this will fail.

The new consciousness is coming about slowly and invisibly. The new consciousness can’t be stopped by the Old Guard because it is occurring on a level beyond their materialist understanding. That won’t stop the Old Guard from lashing out in any way it can.

In their desperation to save their new world order – which is merely a modern-day version of traditional totalitarianism with new technology – they will act and speak more and more outlandishly and act in the only way they know how: with intimidation, coercion, and disinformation. The Old Guard will use the tried and true techniques of propaganda, which requires constant repetition.  But these organizations will wonder why their messaging is not getting through as it used to.

The reason is because their messages will be on a lower level of consciousness than the bulk of the population. The new kids coming in to the planet are ready for more harmony and cooperation, and will expect it and demand it. They will no longer accept war and conflict as a resolution to problems. Those who are awakening feel the same way, and there are more and more of us every day.

In essence, the Old Guard will eventually and inevitably destroy themselves, because their thinking and their belief structures will become more and more divorced from reality.

This will inevitably (and already has) led to conflict between the old consciousness and the new consciousness. This will not be a standard, traditional generational conflict. Over the next decade or two there will be a “splitting” of society into those with low consciousness and self-awareness, and those with higher self-awareness. The Shift will affect people of all ages and cultures, old and young. This process will happen naturally, because people like to hang out with people who think like them. We’ll see one side of society fighting and competing with each other, and another part of society more interested in cooperation and real diversity of thought. Only this time, unlike the past 6,000 years, the majority will be the good guys. The new awakening in consciousness is affecting the balance between light and dark on the planet. For 6,000 years that balance was always in favor of the dark, which is why civilizations constantly rose and then fell. Now the population has grown so large and so networked that the Shift is possible. The consciousness revolution is quietly underway, out of sight of the dark. Their only solution is to chip and disrupt world society and the world economy, but their plans must inevitably fail.  The vast majority of humanity isn’t falling for it!

The world is moving out of linear thinking

The Bureaucracy

The world is polarized. We are surrounded not by information, but by competing political narratives. Every sector of society is affected, including science.  The linear connections that kept the old system in place are dissolving. The world is becoming more multi-dimensional. New approaches to old problems are being tried (defund the police; unarmed, community-based civil security forces instead of standard police, etc.). So far these have been miserable failures, but change is the new normal. Old solutions don’t work anymore, so new ones are being tried. This looks scary sometimes.

In the US, our “checks  and balances” system of government, where the executive, legislative, and judicial branches stay in their lanes and provide stability, is morphing into something unrecognizable.  Our country is essentially governed now by the Senior Executive Service, which leads hundreds of thousands of established bureaucrats that ignore Supreme Court decisions, Congressional legislation, and presidential directives, and who stay on as political administrations change every four or eight years. In 2016, the Senior Executive Service (SES) had 8,156 members, 7,000 0f whom were appointed by President Obama (not confirmed by the Senate in a true democratic process). Most of these appointees do not arise from inside the respective agencies through a merit system, and are often  unqualified for their positions. The Senior Executive Service, as described by the Office of Personnel Management, is essentially a protective layer of senior bureaucrats that protect the administrative state and direct the operations of government regardless of the will of Congress and the people. According to,

Members of the SES serve in the key positions just below the top Presidential appointees. SES members are the major link between these appointees and the rest of the Federal workforce. They operate and oversee nearly every government activity in approximately 75 Federal agencies.”

In 2022, the Federal bureaucracy runs the government – not elected officials or Senate confirmed agency leaders – and it is essentially election-proof.

The two British comedies, “Yes, Minister” and “Yes, Prime Minister” outline the workings of the bureaucracy and its stultifying effect on  British democracy. These two programs are hilarious and also very educational.

This problem is not new. In ancient China, emperors were dependent on entrenched administrators and bureaucrats. The Chinese first developed the centralized, administrative state thousands of years ago. Brittanica says,

hsien [is] the basic unit of local government in China. The word hsien may be roughly translated as ‘county,’ or ‘district’… hsien became the model for a new type of administrative system based on districts that were all governed by the central power of the kingdom.”

The Communist Party in China, which rules the country with an iron fist, is a logical outgrowth of thousands of years of bureaucratic control. The Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire also had large bureaucracies that essentially ran the day-to-day activities of the empire. Throughout history, rulers have been dependent on bureaucracies that, through sheer inertia and size, have amassed power to themselves. This is now true in the US.

Today, our own government bureaucracy  has developed ingenious systems to bypass the three branches of government. Essentially, NGOs and activist groups submit complaints about policy to various government agencies with a list of demands. The bureaucracy then negotiates with these groups and comes to an agreement, and one or more of the demands become government policy.  (NGO stands for non-governmental organization[1], such as Catholic Relief Services. NGOs very often receive monetary support from state and federal agencies.) This system bypasses the democratic process and ensures that no matter which party is in control, the administrative bureaucracies run the show. My friend Diana, who used to work for a local city bureaucracy as an administrator, described the attitude of the government workers toward their elected boss. “He gives the orders, we ignore them and do what we want.” When the Trumpster ordered his generals to get out of Afghanistan, JCS Chairman General Milley and DoD Secretary Esper simply did not comply. So much for being “commander in chief.” The bureaucracy prevails.

That’s the situation we have in 2022: a gigantic government that sucks $4 trillion dollars out of what’s left of the private economy, run by an immense, unresponsive federal bureaucracy in DC, possibly the most corrupt city on earth. Congress itself is merely a rubber stamp for legislation that is written by K Street corporate lobbyists, and is essentially no different than the pathetic People’s Congress in China, which is wholly subservient to the diktats of the Party, the Ministry of State Security, and the PLA, the Chinese military. The present state of Congress is accurately described by Nancy Pelosi’s defense of Obamacare legislation when she said  in 2010 (no shit, she actually said this): “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it – away from the fog of the controversy.” Nothing new here. The Patriot Act was passed in 2001 at 3 in the morning, thousands of pages of legislation, without any of our so-called “elected representatives” ever seeing the bill or reading it through. The so-called “Infrastructure bill,” a $1.9 trillion boondoggle, was literally introduced and then voted on at 4 in the morning to celebrations. (In Revenge of the Sith, Padme says, “So this is how democracy dies – with thunderous applause.” Yup.)

The checks and balances system for a true, responsive democracy that was devised back in the 1780s is falling apart. The bureaucracy (administrative state) in the United States is trying to create a police state, backed by the corporate media, Big Tech, and Big Pharma, and is unwillingly financed by the people (who have no say in what policies are implemented), and directed by multinational corporations. The new Orwellian “Inflation Reduction Act” authorizes the hiring of more IRS agents. Do you think these guys are coming after millionaires and billionaires like Bill Gates? No, they will more than likely be investigating the working class and the middle class. Or what’s left of us. To see a list of qualifications for these new “agents,” click on the endnote number after the period.[2]

The Biden presidency perfectly demonstrates a government run by an unelected bureaucracy.  Clearly, this man is cognitively impaired, shaking hands with the air, walking off aimlessly on the stage, mumbling words even when reading off the teleprompter. Do you think this guy is running the executive branch? Seriously? This situation – an absentee president run by his handlers – is precisely what the people really running this government want. Without a competent chief executive, the bureaucracy rules unopposed. “End of quote. Repeat the line.” God help us.

That’s where we are now. Competing, hate-filled narratives dominate the “information” landscape. Fortunately, a grass-roots movement to restore common sense is gaining momentum. This, in esoteric terms, is the light reaching out to illuminate the darkness.

Change and Consciousness

The view from 40,000 feet looks different from the situation on the ground.

Let’s take the POV of consciousness, rather than the body reality. The origin of consciousness is not neurons firing in the brain; consciousness is not meat-based. Human consciousness is directly connected to the soul, an esoteric, non-physical awareness that exists independent of the physical body. The soul is itself an aspect of a universal consciousness that is eternal and cannot die. Death is a physical process whereby the soul awareness of the human being departs from a physical body. Consciousness exists before and after the death of the physical body – this is embodied in the ancient concept of reincarnation.

In the last post we discussed the idea that the collective consciousness of humanity has, in the past, not understood its own power. Throughout history we have accepted that human nature is barbaric, and have always waited for the other shoe to drop (my grandfather always used to say, “You can’t fight City Hall”). Well, fuck that. The theory of consciousness that says human beings are meat, and that when you die you’re dead, is an abject failure. It has led to a history of wars, conflict, poverty, and injustice based on a flawed concept of human nature. So yeah, enough of that.

A consciousness revolution is occurring all over the planet. It’s coming from individuals waking up and stepping into their power, understanding that they are more than hamburger. There is no way to stop it. The Transhumanists and their dystopian control structures, with chipped human beings in smart cities surveilled from above by a few psychopaths, isn’t going to happen. The hsien system of ancient China has been brought forward by the dictators in Beijing, using cutting-edge technology, but the Chinese people are waking up. The CCP in China is on its last legs. That system is now being hurriedly transferred to Western Europe and the US in a desperate attempt to create a dark future, but it will never take hold here.

So, the other shoe is never going to drop. Stop worrying and let’s all get a more positive outlook. The esoteric, soul-based system we are all a part of is benevolent. We can’t see this because we have been trained to think of ourselves in a debased, anti-human way. A more positive future is only constrained by the free will decisions of individuals. There are no all-powerful historic forces waiting “out there” to crush us. Our own conception of ourselves has created the problems our societies have faced throughout history.

So fuck it, let’s change that and see what happens.

[1] What are NGOs?

NGOs, or non-governmental organizations, play a major role in international development, aid, and philanthropy.

NGOs are often non-profit and may run budgets of millions or up to billions of dollars each year.

NGOs rely on a variety of funding sources, from private donations and membership dues to government grants.

Advocacy NGOs work to influence public policy. [emphasis mine]

Some well-known NGOs include the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and Amnesty International.

Source: NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) Definition (

[2] Here is an a advertisement from the IRS’s own website, titled “IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agent,” subtitled “WE’RE HIRING SPECIAL AGENTS NOW!” In the list of qualifications under “Major Duties” is the following:

Major Duties

Adhere to the highest standards of conduct, especially in maintaining honesty and integrity.

Work a minimum of 50 hours per week, which may include irregular hours, and be on-call 24/7, including holidays and weekends.

Maintain a level of fitness necessary to effectively respond to life-threatening situations on the job.

Be willing and able to participate in arrests, execution of search warrants, and other dangerous assignments.

Carry a firearm; must be prepared to protect him/herself or others from physical attacks at any time and without warning and use firearms in life-threatening situation; must be willing to use of force up to and including the use of deadly force.

Source: IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agent | IRS Careers

I have no argument with the first three, but the last one? Since when does a tax agency need armored agents to use deadly force? That only occurs in a police state.

As the world descends into chaos, history tells us that it has all happened before. Civilizations rise and fall as if by some natural law of human behavior. Some feel that a civilizational collapse is now almost inevitable; that the events of the past have built up historical momentum that is unstoppable. “It happened before so it will happen again.”

When Donald Trump was president, some people talked about “the rise of fascism,” and compared Trump to Hitler. This is an example of our almost knee-jerk reaction to current events as we compare them to what happened in the past. There’s a feeling that history MUST repeat itself.

Historians try to describe the cycles of history. A popular formulation has been detailed by Strauss and Howe in their generational theory.

According to this theory of history, each generation grows up in a certain cultural and historical era, and the cycles of history proceed in four steps of approximately 20 years in every person’s lifetime (80 years), which the authors called turnings: The first turning is called the High, and it always occurs after a crisis, where individualism is weak and society is confident about where it wants to go collectively. “The most recent High began in 1946 and ended with the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.” If you lived during that time you understand how much excitement there was in the US as the country became the world’s leading economy. The High is followed by the Awakening, where young people look back at the previous High as an era of cultural and spiritual poverty. “The US's most recent Awakening was the ‘Consciousness Revolution,’ which spanned from the campus and inner-city revolts of the mid-1960s to the tax revolts of the early 1980s.” Yup. If you have that lived experience, that’s exactly what it was like. Then comes the Unraveling, where institutions become corrupted and unresponsive to society because people become complacent. This occurred in the US during the economic boom that began in the 1980s to the early 2000s (before the crash in 2008) and led to the culture war between liberal and conservative values. The Unraveling leads to a Crisis (a “Fourth Turning”), which is usually accompanied by war and where institutions fall apart and are rebuilt. That’s where we are now.

Will history repeat itself again?

Explanations for human mass behavior all have one common element: Human nature has been the same throughout history, and it will always be the same into the foreseeable future. This leads to the idea of an unstoppable “historical momentum” that overwhelms society. It is based around a historical concept called the forces of history. Historical forces, it is said, have the power to affect people, and society, over multiple generations.

People have tried to make sense of the human experience over the past 6,000 years by trying to find common elements that drive human behavior. This is an admirable undertaking because if we can discover underlying elements to human behavior we can avoid the wars and the pestilence that has often made human societies miserable.

Sadly, we haven’t been able to do that. Although we have miraculous modern technology, human beings are still killing each other off at a frightening rate.

This is a substack about the view from 40,000 feet, so let’s move our perspective upward. Let’s ask ourselves, “What is a human being?” “Why does human nature never change?”

The standard scientific answer to the first question has always been, “A human being is a bunch of protoplasm that has somehow attained consciousness through the accidental collision of quantum and biological and evolutionary forces.” The answer to the second question is that human nature never changes because human beings haven’t evolved very far past the animals, and are inherently crude, selfish creatures.

What kind of history would you expect from a consciousness like that?

The kind of history humanity has experienced for the past 6,000 years: periods of peace between wars and conflict.

The movers and shakers of “historical forces” have perceived humanity as a collection of meat bodies with no higher awareness. Our social scientists regard human beings as statistical variables, somewhat like quantum particles in a physics equation.

Perception is reality. An individual with such a debased conception of Self is mentally and emotionally stunted. There is no spiritual connection to the Creative Source, the source of harmony, love, and cooperation. Our secular god, ScienceTM, doesn’t acknowledge anything beyond the physical body. ScienceTM serves secular and materialist political narratives that regard humans as something to be chipped, monitored, and controlled like lab rats (for our own good).

Unless humans change their conception about who they are, we aint going to make it. That’s obvious now after 6,000 years of recorded human history. You can’t solve a problem with the same consciousness that created the problem. The solution to human misery revolves not around new governments or new policies, but a new consciousness.

The old ideas and the old paradigms don’t work, and won’t work no matter how many times we tweak the system.

I’ve written a previous blog post that talks about the new track of history. Now I’m going a step further, suggesting that we need to create a new consciousness for humanity. We have to break out of the box of old thinking, and understand that the solution to seemingly intractable problems requires a clean break with the past, and with old, failed ideas about who we are. Something like this: “We are on a fresh, clean track of human history. What happened in the past does not have to repeat itself because human beings can take control of their collective and individual destinies.” 

“That’s dumb,” you say. “Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.” (The origin of this quote likely comes from philosopher George Santayana, who wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”)

This old saw is simply a belief; a remnant of the old conception of human thinking. “Civilizations have collapsed over and over throughout history, so it must be a natural law of human evolution. Here we go again.”


Looking to the past to solve future problems merely perpetuates the old consciousness that caused the problems in the first place. We unthinkingly place on our future timeline the mistakes of the past. And we do this consciously.

Maybe something like this would be better: “Those who fail to create a bright future will default to the old, failed, past.”

It all depends on what you focus on. Successful people might learn from the past but they are always focusing on the brighter future they are creating.

In the past, these suggestions were utter nonsense and a delusional departure from reality.  But that was before the population explosion and the creation of a worldwide messaging system. Now, humanity has the chance for a true, planet-wide awakening during the next 80-year period of history.

“No,” you say, “history will always re-cycle in a similar way because human nature never changes.”

I would like to point out that this statement is just an assumption; a belief. Admittedly, it is a belief that the vast majority of human beings have always held. But it is a self-destructive belief. Fortunately, that is changing. The institutions that have run the world since the end of World War 2 (the last Fourth Turning) are falling apart because of their lack of integrity. They are falling apart because their view of human nature is flawed.

Isn’t 6,000 years of failure enough to convince people that maybe, somewhere in the human belief system about itself, we got it wrong?

Human nature isn’t fixed in stone, it is not an inevitable and immovable historical force. As the finance guys say, “Past results are not an indicator of future performance.” Human nature is simply the individual (and collective) BELIEF of humanity about itself, about what it is. And those beliefs can be altered, consciously.

The old beliefs about human nature are being demonstrated every day as the dead-heads and Transhumanist sociopaths who run the world’s governments and institutions expose themselves and show us what they think of human beings and human nature.

“Sorry, it’s not that simple,” you say. “You can’t change the beliefs of people unless by force. That’s been tried by every dictator in human history.”

Yup. And it’s being tried again. But now human beings have the planet-wide connections to stop it. We have to take a step back and look at what we’re doing.

Our belief systems aren’t working, and they are the crux of the problem. They result in a consciousness that creates poverty, war, and injustice, and in actions and institutions that don’t benefit the majority of humanity.

The solution is esoteric. It’s about a true definition of consciousness that is more than neurons firing in a meat brain.

The good news? People are waking up to this idea, which has been popularized in the phrase, “The Great Awakening.” This just means that people are sick and tired of the old human belief systems and want to create new ones. So let’s do that. Here’s a radical new idea: Let’s go up to 40,000 feet and engage in a house cleaning of the human psyche. Why not start a new consciousness movement that outlines a radical departure from the “Human Beings Are Hamburger” theory of human consciousness? Let’s see where that gets us.

Merely changing governments or policies isn’t going to change human consciousness because these changes are rooted in the same consciousness that caused the problems in the first place. The old solutions won’t work anymore. And we’re running out of time. The world is ready for this now.

So: Instead of focusing on the sordid lessons of history, how about we put our attention on a new idea about human history and human evolution? Let’s consciously abandon the old track and create a new, fresh track of human evolution without all of the old encumbrances. We can do that if we place our focus on creating a better future and ignoring past failures instead of letting the past rule and dictate our future actions. Action follows thought.   Sound silly or impossible? What’s silly and impossible is the same old shit, the same old doubts, the same old degraded conceptions of what a human being is. Let’s change that. We can do this by enough of us agreeing that the Ship of Humanity is sailing on clear seas with a fresh new breeze propelling us into a benevolent future.

“Faith gives us the fixed compass points to navigate by, to know who we are. Absent that we are going to believe the most attractive and seductive lie, or whatever generates in us the most fear.”

— Father Robert McTeigue

Spirituality and religion – the connection to God/Spirit – are what totalitarians fear most. People who understand that they are not meat bodies cannot be propagandized because we understand that life itself, and our own personal self awareness, is not dependent on what happens to the body. We understand that consciousness is divine and ultimately non-physical. Our very essence is independent of the physical world, and therefore, out of their reach.

This is a terrifying idea to the forces of darkness. It is why totalitarians react so brutally and violently when anyone brings up the subject of spirituality or religion or faith, for it goes beyond their authority. Deep down inside, in a hidden recess of their souls, totalitarians understand this. It drives them crazy. They burn churches and attack congregations and forbid all mention of the higher nature of the human being.

 In the world today, under the pressure of a mass awakening of humanity, the forces of darkness have been forced to organize and come out into the open. Over the past two years, under the guise of “climate change” and phony pandemics, we have been locked down, forcibly vaccinated with experimental gene therapies, overprescribed with SSRI’s (anti-depressants), our jobs and businesses shut down, our children forcibly masked for hours in schools. You know the rest. Behind all this is Big Pharma, who have essentially bought off the “public servants” in our parliaments, in Congress, and in the medical establishment.

For example, a new study from UCL (University College  London), published in MedicalXPress, shows that there is no link between low serotonin levels and depression. For decades doctors have been prescribing antidepressants because of this link. Moreover, according to Dr. Robert Malone, it is now established medically that there is a link between antidepressants and violent activity (mass shooters, anyone?). From the study:

Lead author Professor Joanna Moncrieff, a Professor of Psychiatry at UCL and a consultant psychiatrist at North East London NHS Foundation Trust (NELFT), said: "It is always difficult to prove a negative, but I think we can safely say that after a vast amount of research conducted over several decades, there is no convincing evidence that depression is caused by serotonin abnormalities, particularly by lower levels or reduced activity of serotonin.

"The popularity of the 'chemical imbalance' theory of depression has coincided with a huge increase in the use of antidepressants. Prescriptions for antidepressants have risen dramatically since the 1990s, with one in six adults in England and 2% of teenagers now being prescribed an antidepressant in a given year.

"Many people take antidepressants because they have been led to believe their depression has a biochemical cause, but this new research suggests this belief is not grounded in evidence."

University College London, "No evidence that depression is caused by low serotonin levels, finds comprehensive review,"

Oops. Looks like “the science” is wrong and has been wrong for decades. Once again we find the involvement of Big Pharma in the harms that are being done to people who trust the medical establishment.

But there is good news! The link between Vitamin D, and sunlight, to combat depression is strong.

What’s the lesson here?

Perhaps we shouldn’t immediately take some pharmaceutical cocktail (or vaccine) every time we feel bad. Maybe, traditional remedies can help (Ivermectin, anyone?)

Guess what? The FDA (under Emergency Use Authorization, NOT licensure) has authorized a new COVID vaccine!! Yes sir, line up and get your Novavax shots (two-doses recommended by the company). Dr. Malone says that the vax is being promoted to the vaccine hesitant, claiming that the new vax does NOT contain spike protein. According to virologist Malone, this is false. The new vax DOES contain spike protein and is associated with adverse  myocarditis events (blood clotting).

The Root Cause of Human Misery

What motivates people to do irrational things, or act against their best interests? Or go on public mass-shooting sprees?

The root cause is a disconnect from a person’s own inherent spiritual nature. Our society is completely secular. Even the mention of religion or spirituality is roundly criticized by media and spokespersons for government and public institutions.

The hatred of religion and spirituality is the hallmark of those who either lack self-awareness, or who have succumbed to the unending brainwashing that comes from mass media and social media. What bothers me is that people feel miserable following this anti-human narrative, yet they do not connect their misery with their fervent secularism, which denies their personal connection to Source. This is why many turn to drugs. This is why many cling to a politicized scientific narrative that has nothing to with real science, or real investigation. "Mathematics is racist!”

However, it’s better to believe in something than believe in nothing.

Even belief in a dangerous secularism that denies a person their very soul is better than the emptiness and hollowness of no belief at all in anything.

Propaganda, disinformation campaigns, and secularist nonsense fills in the gaps. People become unglued and unhinged.

The secularist narrative is the materialist narrative. The primary belief of all secularists and materialists is the “human beings are meat” theory of life and consciousness. When you die, you’re dead.

I’ve talked about this in most of my posts.

The idea that a person’s consciousness is snuffed out upon death of the body is at the root of all secularist/materialist belief systems. It is the ultimate falsehood. It is the only thing in this world that is 100% WRONG.

As I said in the last post, there is no way to broadly raise a person’s awareness of their  intimate connection to the One. Recognition of your own divinity is a PURELY personal and subjective experience.

Fortunately, the human race is undergoing a mass awakening, for reasons I described in the last post.

A New Track

We’re on a different track now. We can discard the old history, the old narratives, the old “Now I have tos” and “Now I’m supposed tos.”

These are all part of the old track with its wars and conflicts.

This mass awakening isn’t going to happen all at once. It’s happening one person at a time. The filthy closet of the collective human psyche, with all of its self-destructive beliefs and karma, must be cleaned out. We’re going through that process now as a species.

The good news is that EVERY person on this planet can discover that spiritual connection for themselves. It’s personal and subjective, and it’s all yours. Even a totalitarian society cannot deprive you of that Knowledge, even if your body is thrown into a prison.

When you die, you go Home. Some of you reading this understand what I’m saying.

And then you get to come back again, if that is your choice.

This moment in time /evolution is something all civilizations go through. By that I mean, there are other planets “out there” in the galaxy that have gone through the shit we’re going through. Perhaps this is a like a standardized test – the grand Test of light and dark. On a planet of free will, individuals get to make a choice to go either way.

I’m trying to say that the earth experience isn’t for sissies. As incarnated souls, we chose to come here to this rough and ready planet, to help the human race advance in consciousness. Well, we’re in it now! The process of spiritual advancement has begun, initiated by the soul desire of over 7 billion. That’s why this process is so intense, so powerful, so overwhelming.

The more of us who believe we are going to make it, the more of us will create a benevolent future and unleash the power of human creativity. When that happens there will be a a worldwide Renaissance. I see it, I can feel it. Undoubtedly some readers can feel this as well, for it is an aspect of the Light that is beaming forth into the world and exposing the darkness..

Despite appearances, we are on our way to defeating the secularist/materialist crazies, whose narratives are getting nuttier and nuttier every day. Eventually, even they will see the light.

The Mental Plane

In order to make better sense of current events we are going to enter the realm of esoterica and analyze events from 40,000 feet, from the vantage point of the mental plane. Mental plane is a term coined by Marshall Vian Summers to describe an esoteric space that contains the thoughts and the wisdom (and the karma) of the human species.

The mental plane is the collective consciousness space of humanity, created by every soul-infused human being on the planet.

(This discussion makes no sense if you think that self awareness comes from neurons firing in the brain, and that when you die you’re dead.)

We define consciousness as the great American philosopher Arthur Young defined it: a self-reflexive awareness that learns from experience, modeled geometrically on the torus.

Image: Consciousness is modeled on the torus. A torus is like a really fat doughnut with a hole in the middle. Energy moves around it and through it from top to bottom. This illustration shows the human body at the center of a toroidal field.
The energy surrounding the torus moves outward and then inward, reaching out to the world and then moving inward to digest the information and thus learning from experience.

In this discussion, we say that consciousness is an intelligence that is aware of being aware. This definition eliminates phony, programmed AI algos that magically – the process is unexplained – become sentient. The great cartoonist Sidney Harris illustrates the idea of magic masquerading as science:

Yeah. The magical process of AI suddenly but mysteriously becoming self-aware from a bunch of silicon and electricity aint going to happen.

The consciousness space I’m talking about is on the mental plane. It’s an esoteric energy that is generated by 7.3 billion soul-infused human beings, and might look something like this:

Artist’s conception of the collective consciousness space of humanity.

Life Force and Consciousness

The planet provides the living space that is the foundation for the mental plane. The earth itself isn’t a collection of dead things, or an inanimate rock – it contains complex, living ecosystems, and an atmosphere, that are clearly regulated to support humanity and a variety of other species. Therefore, the earth itself is, in a major way, an ally of humanity and all life upon it. It is the platform upon which the mental plane exists.

A purely materialist explanation for consciousness degrades a human being to a pile of meat (Transhumanists call the human body a “meat suit”). Meat doesn’t have self-awareness. Buy some ground beef and try to have a conversation with it! The human body, plus the soul – the animating principle – creates a consciousness space that supports thought. Collectively, then, the human mental plane is a dynamical, ever-changing esoteric system composed of the thoughts, beliefs, intentions, and desires of 7.3 billion human beings.

The idea that all living things, including the planet, are infused with an esoteric component, or a “spiritual” (non-physical) aspect that makes consciousness possible,  has been a part of the human race’s understanding since cavemen looked up at the sky and wondered about the origins of the lights in the sky.

(There is a big debate about whether consciousness has to have a biological basis. Transhumanists say that the substrate upon which consciousness resides can be silicon based just as easily as being biologically based. They are trying to create consciousness from matter, which is doomed to failure. Materialists say that the claimed existence of the soul is also a magical, fantasy creation of deluded people, and has no validity. The entire field of Transhumanism is based upon the fear of body death, which is why they want to create artificial containers to replace the human body that do not deteriorate. Good luck with that, boys and girls.)

Materialists are fond of saying that no proof exists for a spiritual component, but perhaps that argument is simply a lack of understanding and awareness on their part. It could be said that the denial of a human being’s spiritual aspect is the crazy idea.

One can forgive a skeptic or a materialist for failing to understand, for from ground level it does look as if consciousness is entirely dependent on the physical vessel. Implicit in that assumption, however, is the assertion that consciousness dies when the body dies. This is unacceptable to those of us who know better. As Susan Sarandon says in the movie Bull Durham, “The world is a simple place for those without self awareness.”

Moreover, the charge of “no scientific proof” for a non-physical or spiritual aspect of the human being is always rooted in physical evidence, which by definition automatically excludes the esoteric argument and assumes the correctness of the materialist approach.

“Proof” of the spiritual component is always subjective and individual. It cannot be broadly shown to those without this understanding, or with scientific instruments that can only measure physical properties. Materialists cannot disprove the esoteric-soul argument and spiritualists cannot prove the idea that a non-physical component is the animating principle.

 This is the crux of the battle for the souls, minds, and hearts of humanity in this spiritual war. It’s “humans are physically incarnated souls” versus “humans are meat.”

A certain segment of the population (some say the vast majority) simply does not recognize that their physical bodies have been soul-infused. The Chinese call the life force chi. Westerners call this the God force, or just the force, the Japanese call it Ki, the Hindus call it prana. The Hindus say that prana permeates reality on all levels, including inanimate objects. This idea is embodied in reincarnation, the non-physical soul inhabiting different physical bodies through time.

The Fundamental Conflict through History

Thus the conflicts throughout history between the self-aware and the less-aware. I would say that this has been the fundamental conflict of humanity for the past 6,000 years. Forget the political and the economic and the sociological explanations. Fundamentally, those with self awareness are motivated to get along with their fellow man. Something deep inside the person understands that affinity and cooperation are the keys to life and living. This understanding is enough to prevent violent actions and the overwhelming greed that allows one to trample over others, and to start conflicts and wars.

Such are the depravities and malignancies of human beings. They occur only when one turns away from one’s personal connection to one’s own inherent, divine nature. This divine nature is powerful and benevolent.

Even though a person may turn away from their higher awareness, it still exists. Therefore, even the most hardened sociopath is contributing a positive energy (if only in a very limited way) to the consciousness space. Every human is a generator of esoteric energy, for each human is infused with the light-energy that comes from life force. Moreover, free will allows anyone who has turned away to turn back toward the light. Therefore, the game of earth is rigged in favor of higher consciousness; modified, of course, by free will decisions.

You’d never know it by examining the history of humanity! For millennia, humans have turned away from the light, etching history with intra-species wars and conflict.

Now, however, we have reached the End Times. The battle for earth is underway in earnest. Who has the upper hand at this point?

A rational observer would say that evil is ascendant, that fascism and communism and authoritarianism are rapidly subsuming the liberal democracies that are left in the world. From lockdowns to mandated experimental gene therapies to mass shootings, to economic uncertainty, the world seems to be spinning out of control.

Looks can be deceiving. Here we come to the essence of my argument, which is an esoteric one.

Jumping the Shark

Rational observers make a huge assumption: that the earth is on the same historical track it has always been on. Because historians and philosophers and scientists don’t account for the mental plane, and its effects on physical systems, discussions about the direction humanity is going in are all based within the same parameters. Einstein once said, “You can’t solve a problem with the same consciousness that created the problem.”  But that’s what we do, generation after generation.

My proposal is as follows: What if the earth has jumped the shark, or rather, jumped on to a new track of history? How could that even happen?

The only physical evidence for this leap of logic is (1) for the first time in history, all persons on the planet are connected through a worldwide messaging system, and (2) shit is happening on this planet that has never happened before in human history, and it’s happening all at once. This suggests that, esoterically, the earth has switched tracks. The two are linked, I believe.

We are all sitting inside the consciousness field, and we always have been. The difference is that the internet has made everyone aware of it. Peter Russell’s “global brain” has become a reality. Although Russell’s concept refers to the physical nodes and pathways of the internet, there is also a global brain on the mental plane, with over 7 billion human nodes. Again, we must distinguish between a purely physical concept and a more esoteric one, or doom humanity to a degraded existence wherein semi-conscious “meat suits” try to get over on each other until the end of time.

Just as Russell’s global brain is a collection of physical nodes and networks in the physical plane, so too is the esoteric global brain a collection of soul-infused human beings on the mental plane. The conscious thoughts of human beings on the mental plane create the human consciousness space, as in the image above.

Beliefs are just thoughts we keep thinking over and over again. Clearly, the human belief system is oriented around conflict and war, because generation after generation, we have accepted the idea that “human nature” is barbaric and greedy.

Just as with the internet, whose global network contain packets of data, so too does the earth’s mental plane contain packets of data called thoughts. Change the packets, change the orientation of the collective consciousness. Because thought always precedes action, physical conditions can then change.

What if “human nature” is just a dynamical creation of the collective consciousness on the mental plane? A dynamical system is one where the outcome always changes in response to different inputs that come into the system. This suggests that the consciousness space can be changed if the inputs (thoughts) change. Here there are no physical barriers to change. The mental plane responds at the speed of thought. All that is necessary to change “human nature” is a collective re-orientation of thought and belief.

I’m proposing this concept because the human race has made a lot of technical progress, but we are still fighting and killing and screaming at each other the same today as 6,000 years ago, at the dawn of recorded history. Something is missing; some concept we haven’t grasped is preventing us from creating peace on earth and unleashing the creative potential of our species.

The materialist solutions have all been tried and found wanting. That doesn’t stop them from being put forward over and over.

We’re seeing it again. In the spiritual battle for the souls and the minds of humanity, a Transhumanist, technocratic, authoritarian future is being created, complete with AI, neural-chipped humans connected to an Internet of Bodies and wired into the Internet of Things, complete with smart cities, lifelong vaccination, central bank digital currencies, and social credit scores to make sure no one questions the government narrative. It’s the last gasp from the old consciousness that has dominated the mental plane for millennia; one last attempt for a Final Solution for humanity.

The World of AI

The Track of History

Behind this attempt is a flawed conception of human nature.

Imagine that the track of human history is circular. We go around and around the track, century after century, creating more conflict and destruction. The track is so long that, like the horizon line on earth, it looks straight and flat. We think we are moving linearly when in fact we are going in a circle.

The Old Track of History

History repeats itself in eerie fashion; never precisely the same, but always according to the old saw, “The more things change the more they remain the same.” This saying expresses the idea that the human consciousness space never really evolves; it stays stuck in the same old rut of beliefs about itself. That’s because we keep traversing the same circle of history, over and over again.  

Until the “jump the shark” moment.

Jumping the Shark

A jump in consciousness can propel us onto a new track, clear of the old history and the old karma and the old beliefs.

The New Track of History

There is no physical evidence to believe this assertion, except that lately, the trajectory of human events has veered so wildly off-course from the track it used to be on. Of course we have had economic booms and busts before, and even world wars. However, the origin of these historical events had explainable causes, which historians have studied and come to general agreement on. But never have we simultaneously experienced planet-wide lockdowns, experimental vaccines given to billions, the crumbling of formerly stable institutions, gender dysphoria on a massive scale, mass shootings in the civilian sector, hatred and polarization all over social media, and a crumbling world economy. In the US, there are over 200,000 migrants from 150 countries presenting themselves at the border every month since March of 2022.

This is some crazy shit.

These events, concurrently, defy explanation in any terms we are familiar with. To explain them we have to take a jump out of the box of old assumptions and into a more “fuzzy logic” approach. Mathworld says about fuzzy logic,

In effect, much of Fuzzy Logic may be viewed as a methodology for computing with words rather than numbers. Although words are inherently less precise than numbers, their use is closer to human intuition.”

Take that one step further and compute with thought instead of words. Now we have a far more intuitive, fuzzy, and multidimensional computing system. This definition could, perhaps, describe the operation of the mental plane.

If the human race has launched itself onto a different historical track, what might the new track look like?

Well, if such a profound consciousness event did occur, its origins would not be explainable by past events, because we left the old track of history behind. This origins of this event would only be accessible through the mental plane. Materialists, Transhumanists, and sociopaths would have no idea, and would operate as if everything was the same. Unfortunately, access to the mental plane can only be personal and subjective. Fortunately, we are all connected within it, even those who are not aware of it. 

Futurists always look to the past to predict future events. We look to the “lessons of history” to guide us. But if humanity is on a new track, then the history of the old track is gone. When we look out through the train of history’s window on the new track, we no longer see conflict and war and poverty and injustice down through the millennia of history. We see green spaces and clean air and we can all take a fresh, deep breath.

There’s only one problem: We can always re-create the same history, the same greedy and conflicted “human nature” on the new track just as we did on the old track.

Why would we want to do that?

The simplest explanation is habit: “We’ve always done it that way.” We’re used to it. Human beings don’t like change.

The other answer is that the memories of the old track of history are still strong in our minds. Although the new track is historically clear, we see shadows from the old track through our mental and emotional filters. Perception is reality! This encourages us to look to the old past for predictions about the new future.

It is not obvious at all that we are on a different track. In fact it seems that we are quickly accelerating toward a hell on earth. Our memories kick in and we say, “You see, fascism is coming back.” “That politician is another Adolf Hitler.” “We are all doomed.” These premonitions come from our memories of the old track, because these events actually happened on the old track and many of us lived through them.

Things are going to hell because the light of higher consciousness is shining so brightly now that any system, organization, or individual that lacks integrity is collapsing. The dark underbelly of human society, with its human trafficking, drug running, and arms trafficking, is being exposed to the global brain. The crazies in the World Economic Forum, in Big Pharma, and in Big Tech and their nutty plans for humanity are being revealed. Individuals are feeling a sort of “psychic pressure” from the mental plane as the energy ramps up and events change rapidly.  

Perhaps the hell we are experiencing today is just the resolution of millennia of old karma in the human consciousness space. Although the new track of history is clean, the collective karma still exists on the mental plane. However, people are sick and tired of the old belief systems and the old ways. The desire for positive change is so strong it is creating a powerful new wave in the mental plane. Peace on earth and the unburdening of the human spirit requires that humanity’s old karma, and old ideas, be worked through. You can’t solve a problem with the same consciousness that created the problem.

It would be nice to clean out a filthy closet by waving a magic wand. Unfortunately, you gotta put on your grubby clothes, wade in, and get dirty. You gotta be willing to work long enough and hard enough to clean out the old crap, wipe down the filthy and moldy walls and floor, clean out the cobwebs and breathe in clouds of dust. I believe that is what is happening now. Current events are a madhouse of insanity as millennia of karma is being worked out in the collective human psyche.

Read the headlines every day for a new dose of insanity. The unbalanced ones are losing their minds.

Some guy dresses up as a girl and begins firing at a crowd of people celebrating in a parade. A man and his eight-year-old daughter are walking down the street in Chicago and she gets killed by a stray bullet from a gang fight. A guy in a SUV deliberately runs over people in a Christmas parade. A woman is standing by the subway tracks in New York, waiting for a train when some psycho shoves her onto the tracks just before the train comes. People are being mugged on the streets in random acts of violence. Some nutjob with no money spends thousands of dollars on guns and then executes 18 kids while 19 cops stand by for over an hour with riot shields and guns and do nothing (‘the door was locked, we couldn’t get into the classroom’). These are just a few of the acts of insanity that we have never seen before on such a massive scale. They are occurring just about every day now.

These are karmic acts between people that go back to the old track of history. They are unexplainable until we recognize our higher potential, and get more expert on the mental plane. We have to do this because we aren’t going back. We’ve jumped the shark and crossed the Rubicon to another dimension of consciousness and history.   


An awakening of consciousness is occurring on earth, fueled by the desire of 7.3 billion people for change.

We’ve all had enough of corruption, injustice, poverty, war, and conflict. We’re scared because, deep down in our awareness, we realize that we’ve passed on to a new dimension of human existence. People are afraid and angry because they don’t know what will happen, and the historical reference points we use no longer apply. That creates a lot of anxiety.

Chins up! The human race is shedding old, unworkable beliefs about itself. We are about to step into our power – the power of self awareness and the connection to a higher power that will direct events in a much more benign way.

But first we have to clean out the closet. And it’s really, really filthy and cluttered in there.

I’ll leave you with a quote some have attributed to Winston Churchill, the man who saw Britain through the brutal Nazi bombings in World War 2:

The positive thinker sees the invisible, sees the intangible, and achieves the impossible.”