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The development of technology cannot be an end in itself

The human race is fascinated with technology, and many believe that arranging our societies around the development of AI, neural chipping, birth-to-death vaccinations, and invasive surveillance technology is the ideal situation for humanity. Unfortunately, the successful implementation of such a society must have a command economy and be ruled from above (or by AI, same thing).

For example, Elon Musk posted today (Nov 24, 2023) an article by Rich Sutton about AI research. It says,

Seeking an improvement that makes a difference in the shorter term, researchers seek to leverage their human knowledge of the domain, but the only thing that matters in the long run is the leveraging of computation....breakthrough progress eventually arrives by an opposing approach based on scaling computation by search and learning. The eventual success is tinged with bitterness, and often incompletely digested, because it is success over a favored, human-centric approach.” [emphasis mine]

Rich Sutton, The Bitter Lesson,

My comment to Musk was as follows: “The more AI research veers away from ‘a human-centric approach’ the less human it becomes. AGI then becomes completely divorced from human values; a robotic, sterile, purely intellectual effort without compassion or affinity for life. Caveat empor.”  (Artificial General Intelligence is a machine intelligence that is as, or more, intelligent than humans)


The prospect of turning human civilization over to AI has not dimmed the rapid embrace of technology in the minds of the general public, or in “stakeholders” that want to use AI for their own purposes.  Microsoft’s “Democracy Forward Initiative,” for example, is a blatant attempt to rig elections by

Providing election security using software called ElectionGuard, to be integrated with all election software systems to be used along with vote counting.

Preserve and support journalism (that aligns with Microsoft’s goals) and helps with pre-publication review (!).

Help local publications create business models for sustainable journalism, thus sponsoring journalism,

Partner with NewsGuard, a “trust” service ranking news sources based on highly biased fact-checks.”

Why does Microsoft, a private corporation embedded in the monstrosity that is our federal government, want to insert itself into our election process? You get one guess!

In the future techno-state (being built right now), individuals cannot be allowed too much freedom, for individual freedom results in many mavericks who do not follow the proposed program for the Greater Good. That’s because the techno-state is a "safe" social organization where all cooperate, behave, and believe similarly. This results in a dictatorial mindset and social structure, with forced cooperation for the unbelievers, as in vaccine mandates and lockdowns in the name of “public health.”

But that was just the precursor to full-on Collectivism.

Human history is the story of individuals who rebel against the dictatorship of the individual (cult of personality) or the dictatorship of the collective. Marx called this the “dictatorship of the proletariat” but it is rule by the majority and the suppression of minority points of view –  which then breeds revolutionaries who eventually overthrow the society. Then the process starts over again. And again, and again, and again... and thus is the history of humanity.

The Final Solution of the techno-state is what I call Collectivism, which voluntarily requires individuals to be chipped and vaxxed for the good of society – and persons like Bill Gates.

Collectivism is not possible until a level of technology exists that can embrace the entire planet – otherwise there are vast areas untouched by the New Order. However, we are at that stage now where all humans can be affected by new, often poorly tested technology and the social structures based upon them. We all experienced an attempted Collectivist reorganization of humanity during the recent pandemic.

Collectivism is far more sinister than fascism (a corporate/State cooperative dictatorship) or communism (the State owns everything), for techno-state Collectivism reaches into the very cellular structure of human DNA via nano-bio-technology and neural chipping. Collectivism is the attempt to re-program humanity to suit an inhuman agenda, not a divine one. Needless to say, such a society will die off and be thrown into the dustbin of history.

Astonishingly (to me), well over half of the people in the Western world believe in Collectivism. These are the people who eagerly embraced the experimental, gene-altering mRNA “vaccines” and the lockdowns and the scientifically absurd, made up idea of “stand six feet apart.” Incredibly, according to the website, “70.6% of the world population has received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine. 13.53 billion doses have been administered globally, and 9,393 are now administered each day.”

With a human population of 8 billion, 70.6% is over 5.6 billion people who received a dose of the untested, experimental gene therapy product; the forerunner to a techno-state chipped and vaxxed population. (Elon Musk and others are busy creating neural chips.)

In the United States, according to, “at least 270,227,181 people or 81% of the population have received at least one dose.”

The data is in

The US is rapidly separating into two societies: one dominated by technology and the belief in artificial general intelligence, and the other that has a more religious/spiritual understanding that rejects Collectivism. I wonder whether there is a correlation between a more spiritual understanding, and those who did not take the “vaccine.” My guess is that there is. These people are what I call “old souls.”

Old souls have had many, many lifetimes on earth and know how the “system” works. These are people who could discern something untoward with the lockdowns, the separation, the closing of schools, and suspect (without having proof) that the experimental mRNA “vaccines” were potentially dangerous.

Well, now the data is in.

We can now analyze the data from early 2021 to the third quarter of 2022, when 90% of the COVID-19 vaccines had been distributed. These results were first summarized in Watson et al. (2022). This study claimed that millions of lives were saved by the mRNA “vaccines.” This story, which appeared in the prestigious journal The Lancet Infectious Diseases, was widely publicized by the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, Reuters, the Associated Press, Science News, and even the Nobel Prize committee, which stated that “The vaccines have saved millions of lives and prevented severe disease in many more, allowing societies to open and return to normal conditions.”

Unfortunately this study has serious flaws.

A follow-up study has been published in Correlation, titled “Quantitative evaluation of whether the Nobel Prize-winning COVID-19 vaccine actually saved millions of lives,” by Denis G. Rancourt, PhD, and Joseph Hickey, PhD. A very readable summary is posted on Dr. Rancourt’s substack at

The authors state categorically that

Our calculations provide graphical proof that “the theoretical proposals of Watson et al. (2022) — corresponding globally to 14.4 or 19.8 million lives saved by COVID-19 vaccination — are untenable, and are not even partially correct.  There is no evidence in actual all-cause mortality data that the COVID-19 vaccine rollouts had any beneficial effect. In fact, the contrary is apparent.”

In the graph above for the USA, all cause mortality deaths (ACM) increased as the COVID-19 vaccines were rolled out. Vaccine doses are in gray, the reported all cause mortality (deaths from all causes) is in blue, and the Watson et al. “deaths averted by vaccination” is in red. As the vax doses increased from 2021, the number of deaths increased, not decreased.

According to Dr. Robert Malone, who holds patents on the invention of mRNA technology, over 17 million excess deaths worldwide were caused by the COVID-19 vaccines. This story of one mother and her son is typical of reports from the vaccine injured. My question is, how many vaccine injured are there?

Changing course

Embracing technology without wisdom or discernment can lead to terrible results. With the COVID-19 vax rollout and now with the development of AGI, artificial general intelligence, new tech products are being developed without regard to their effect on the human race. If humanity is to ever attain real freedom and stability in this world, the human spiritual connection to divine wisdom must be developed and never lost, for this connection leads to a higher level of knowledge and the dissolution of hatred and conflict.

The story of the mRNA vax rollout is the story of mindless and heedless investment in gain-of-function research to develop products that were not properly tested before release. And the same goes for AI research. It is a case of “we do it because we can,” based on the assumption that new technology will always be beneficial.

Instead of mindlessly developing new technology that may actually be harmful to human societies, let’s concentrate on the development of the human spirit and human consciousness.

“Once we see, however, that the probability of life originating at random is so utterly minuscule as to make it absurd, it becomes sensible to think that the favorable properties of physics on which life depends are in every respect deliberate.”

— Fred Hoyle and N. Chandra Wickramasinghe, Evolution from Space (London: J.M. Dent & Sons, 1981), pp. 141

“The chance that higher life forms might have emerged in this way [randomly] is comparable with the chance that a tornado sweeping through a junk-yard might assemble a Boeing 747 from the materials therein.”

— Hoyle on evolution, Nature, Vol. 294, No. 5837 (November 12, 1981), p. 105

Fred Hoyle was a world-renowned astronomer and author. Like many other brilliant and thoughtful scientists such as Einstein, Bohm, Bohr, and Schrodinger, he commented on the origin of life and the universe.

Why do some scientists, particularly physicists, talk about these esoteric subjects? Perhaps it is because physicists are charged with uncovering the laws that govern the universe, and that leads them to discover, as Hoyle said, that “the favorable properties of physics on which life depends are in every respect deliberate.”    

Thoughtful persons are able to look deeper into themselves and discover their divine connection to the Higher Power. This Higher Power has been called God, the Great Spirit, the Creative Source, the OM, the One, and probably many others.

Introspection is something that secularists rarely engage in. Secularists/materialists look outward into the realm of matter and energy for answers; thoughtful persons such as physicists probably also begin with this attitude, but then realize that “the probability of life originating at random is so utterly minuscule as to make it absurd.”

What would a society based on atheism, secularism, materialism, and transhumanism look like? We can see that today; it’s obvious: drug and crime filled cities; violence, conflict and mindless, aggressive competition; journalism based on competing Narratives and Information Influence Operations; environmental disasters like in East Palestine that have destroyed and polluted entire communities (we are more worried about an Israeli-Palestinian Middle East conflict than our own people); and a corrupt ruling class that is far more interested in money laundering operations, war, chaos, and death.

 The point is, a society will fail, inevitably, if the people in it do not recognize the nature of the human being; that all individuals, regardless of their beliefs, are immortal, incarnated  spiritual personalities that have independent consciousness and existence not dependent on the body.

I’ve written about this before, but as the world goes insane, it is becoming clearer every day. Those who cannot see the God in themselves and the God in others will build frantic, violent, and unjust societies based on mindless scrambling for personal gain. They will pollute, trample over others, and do anything for themselves, regardless of the consequences.

Folks, I’m sorry, their aint no magic bullet, no “new” social system, no candidate for president, that can save humanity in the absence of recognizing each individual’s spiritual connection to the Source of all.

I’m afraid things are going to have to get worse before this becomes obvious to enough people so that  a “soft landing” to the political, social, and economic crises that face us is possible.

I am one of a growing group of people who see a Great Awakening across the planet. This is an incredibly painful process as people get chewed up in wars and conflict and violence.

The chaotic social phenomena occurring everywhere across the globe is a process that is working out karma accumulated throughout humanity’s 200,000-year existence. Everyone who has ever had a lifetime on earth is incarnated now; MASSIVE karmic energy that has never been able to be released is being worked through. The karmic and spiritual energy of 8 billion people, combined with an instant messaging and comms system across the planet, is informing the Global Mind. It is also, inevitably, creating political, economic, and social chaos.

Human beings are spiritual entities that exist outside the body. My belief is that the human race has, in the “between lives” area, made a collective decision to advance into the light and into higher dimensions of existence. Unfortunately this requires that the massive, 200,000-year karmic backlog be worked through and resolved. There aint no magic wand that can resolve it because all who incarnate on earth pick up their accumulated karma in the new lifetime.

What if, as in Las Vegas, everything that happens on earth stays on earth? What if individual karma is stored on earth between physical lives, allowing ALL souls to leave fresh and return to Source? That would mean individuals incarnate fresh, live their lives, deposit their karma upon death of the body, and leave pure and clean to return to the loving arms of God.

These esoteric concepts are not meaningless, pie-in-the sky lunacy anymore. The secularists/materialists are building their society now, and we can see what it looks like: a medico-fascist-technological-chipped surveillance state that pollutes the biology and suppresses the light in every human being; a social construct where human beings will own nothing, eat bugs, and be happy living in their IoT and their Smart Cities that will monitor and control their lives from the day they are born to the day they die.

This is the wet dream of psychopaths, secularists, atheists, and materialists who have turned away from their own Light. It is an evolutionary dead end.

We are living a spiritual war; a war of consciousness. This is not understood by the materialists. Those of us who understand Self and our divine nature must simply never give up this understanding, and we are guaranteed to win. It’s called the Great Awakening, brought to you by 8 billion souls who, in their native state of consciousness, connected to Source, understand very well what we are doing here on earth!

It’s just that some of us have realized this while we are in our physical bodies, and some of us haven’t yet. The Great Awakening is the process of more and more individuals coming to this realization without having to “die” first.

H.L. Mencken, scholar, author, and social commentator, once said,

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

from “Defence of Women,” 1923

This has probably been true since humanity came out of the caves and began to organize socially. Throughout history, many forms of human social organizations have been tried, from anarchy to totalitarianism. All of them have butted up against human nature. The “solutions” to managing populations usually involve what Mencken said above.

Reformers and activists, who want to change society for the better, constantly struggle against human nature, for there has never been a political system designed that can equitably force human beings to cooperate and tolerate one another. Efforts to do so inevitably result in coercion, conflict, and war.

The closest a modern political system has come to such an ideal society (and its faults have been manifest) is the one designed by the framers of the United States constitution back in 1787. Under this system – a federal constitutional republic – human rights are inalienable (not granted by the government), minorities are protected, and a system of “checks and balances” is set up between the parts of government so that one or the other does not usurp power to itself. This design for a government created conditions that made the US, after WW II until recently, the wealthiest and most prosperous nation by far in human history. At one point after WW II, the US, with 4% of the world’s population, was producing fully 60% of the economic activity in the entire world. Previous to the US, the tiny island of Great Britain did the same in the 19th century. Both countries had political systems that encouraged debate and the exchange of ideas. Both societies fell when the uglier part of human nature took over, and greed and corruption became rampant.

Unfortunately, social organization under some form of -ism can never overcome the inherent nature of human beings. Let’s take human trafficking, which is a $150 billion industry worldwide. How do you stop human trafficking? Well, you can identify traffickers and try to put them in jail, but that is a very difficult proposition.

The UN’s Global Report on Trafficking in Persons says,

Just how big is the human trafficking problem globally? Without a sense of the magnitude of the problem, it is impossible to prioritize human trafficking as an issue relative to other local or transnational threats, and it is difficult to assess whether any particular intervention is having effect.”

“Global Report on Trafficking in Persons,” United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime,” at

Yup. Even if we could increase our enforcement efforts and put more traffickers in jail, they will simply be replaced by other traffickers because the money is so good.

Human trafficking is a demand-fueled activity, and that involves human nature.

90% of the people involved with child pornography are men (and the demand is mostly fueled from within the United States). How do you stop men with a desire for child porn from wanting child porn? The answer is you can’t, no matter how many well-intentioned activists yell and scream about it, no matter how many laws are passed against it, or forced treatments are given. You can drive trafficking underground, out of the eyes of the public, but if the demand is there it will still occur.

Child abuse and all of the problems of humanity are demand-side activities. The hard truth is this: There has never been and cannot ever be a political system, or any social organization system devised by human beings, that can create equity and prosperity in the absence of a change in human nature.

A change in human nature is a consciousness problem, not a social or political or economic one.

National and international prosperity can only come about when society broadly agrees on tolerance and the allowance of differing points of view. Once that breaks down, even the best system of checks and balances will fail, and society will fall apart as it is doing today in our Age of Rage.

Tolerance, harmony, acceptance of differing ideas, and cooperation are qualities of human consciousness. A civilization that believes human beings are meat bodies will eventually fail because it cannot access the higher qualities of consciousness. Without the recognition of the human being’s divine origins and qualities, society falls apart. Without a correct definition of human consciousness, civilizations fail. This means that a Transhumanist society is an evolutionary dead end. It’s a non-starter.

A strictly materialist/secular society will crumble because it cannot access the higher aspects of human consciousness. Harmony, peace, tolerance, and acceptance of different ideas all originate on the higher plane of consciousness, the plane of Spirit, God, the One, whatever you want to call it. Every human being has access to this higher plane because it is built-in to human biology and human DNA.

It’s about time humanity faced up to this. No -ism ever invented has or will have the power to create peace on earth and a prosperous human civilization for all without an understanding of the true nature of human consciousness.

Maui is a playground for Transhumanists

What is happening on Maui is a taste of things to come, via what some are calling the Global Cabal. In a previous post I showed the video posted by Dr. Robert Malone, of the evidence, presented by two Hawaiian researchers, of directed energy weapons being used on Lahaina city.

Dr. Judy Wood, mechanical engineer, has been posting since 2004 that the Twin Towers were hit by these weapons and much of the material of the buildings were turned to dust. This can also be seen in the vid presented by Dr. Malone, as houses have been literally turned to white ash and dust while trees are still standing. One photo of a car sitting right next to a house that has been turned to ash is particularly notable.


Dr. Judy Wood – images:

Dr. Judy Wood – presentation by Dr. Wood on YouTube:

Dr. Malone  – reposting of vid from two Hawaiian researchers:  Go to 25 minutes in to see the proposed evidence of DEWs.

TPW_Patriot – reposting of vid from previous post: The coverup begins:

So why post this stuff?  

For me, it’s because my niece lived in Lahaina and her house burned down and she lost everything. And because we have to understand what we are facing. There exists, apparently, a group of psychopaths on this planet with malign intentions toward humanity. Here, for instance, is one of Dr. Anna Mihalcea’s posts about self-assembling nanotechnology – quantum dots and hydrogels, in childhood vaccines. This post has a series of videos that show the self-assembly of injected, artificial life within human blood. This new bio-nano tech is part of the rollout of Transhumanism, whose proponents are, evidently, attempting to create a non-biological Humanity 2.0.  (To say this is NUTS is an understatement.)

Dr. Mihalcea has been posting this stuff since 2022. I have seen a number of these posts, and dismissed them at first as the ravings of a conspiracy theory crank. But she posts vids with the articles that show, over and over again, this artificial self-assembling nanotech within human blood. It’s crazy! It is consistent with the theory that evil exists in this world, and that a small group of humans with access to cutting-edge tech are deploying it into the world.

Needless to say, if you have children, think twice about vaccinating them!

Do I vouch for the scientific validity of Dr. Mihalcea’s info? Nope, because I don’t know enough about the subject. I’m not an “insider” or an “expert,” just a concerned citizen. But it is something to be aware of.


Where does this technology come from? Take a gander at the CIA’s In-Q-Tel website. In-Q-Tel is the CIA’s venture capital company, and it funds (with government money), hundreds (perhaps thousands) of cutting-edge tech companies.

According to the website, “IQT focuses on the 15,000+ early stage venture-backed startup companies in the U.S. and select other countries. IQT also identifies and analyzes technologies in all stages of development that are critical to national security.”

Not only does it “focus on” these companies, I believe it also deploys this tech. For example, here is a website from IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), an established commercial organization of the society of electrical engineers. Check out the 6G tech that is already being developed! This is an article from 2020:

Read this document and understand the types of projects these nutcases are working on. It’s not frightening to me, because 8 billion human beings will never accept the mass introduction of these technologies into their lives. BUT a few will, and so they are able to be be deployed. (My theory, as explained on my blog, is that a Spiritual Overton Window exists that is based on the collective consciousness of humanity. It says that no action can be taken unless there is support for it within the human consciousness.)

I’m not saying the IEEE is part of the CIA, but I am saying that In-Q-Tel is funding projects like this all over the world.

If you want to get your mind blown, go to and check out some of the projects the Agency is funding with your money.

We know there exists hidden black programs, called USAPs. These are what Dr. Steven Greer calls Unacknowledged Special Access Programs that are so dark, not even the people who fund the black budget know anything about them. These programs are called “pass through” USAPs because the money is untraceable.

Here is info in this long interview with Dr. Greer, who has been investigating the special access programs for decades:

Catherine Austin Fitts and an economist from Michigan State University have documented “missing funds” from HUD and the Pentagon that total – wait for it – over 21 TRILLION dollars. Check this out:  Click on the link on the web page for the full video. Where does this “missing money” go? Your guess is as good as mine, but why is it being hidden? The people have to take back control of their government.

The Great Awakening

So what do we have here? Money disappearing from the public budget – trillions of dollars – into unacknowledged SAPs and into the black budget. The CIA has its own venture capital company that, in my opinion, funds itself and makes enormous profits for the CIA. I am no insider and can’t prove this, but it makes sense. The wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan cost the taxpayers trillions of dollars. Hell, we could have used one-tenth of that money to fund health care for every American – instead of giving it to weapons manufacturers and corrupt government contractors – and completely modernized our roads and bridges.

The public has been asleep for a long time but more and more people are waking up.

It’s not too late to stop these insidious and anti-human technologies, but we have to be aware of the nutjobs who are actively developing and deploying them. These are a very small subset of humanity, persons who have lost their connection to the Divine, to God, to Spirit, to the Creative Source, call it what you want. They are operating on a materialist philosophy that, if embraced, will lead to the collapse of the human species.    

However, an awakened public can easily defeat the Transhumanists and the crazies who deploy destructive exotic weaponry. The first step in that plan is, as The Who said, to “not get fooled again.”

The tipping point is approaching

The United States is under attack from the forces of darkness. Our government has been taken over by the national security state, which also “advises” mainstream media outlets. Right now the CIA’s selected candidate, Joe Biden, is trying to put the leading opposition candidate in prison for daring to voice opinions that half the country agrees with. The other voice of the people, RFK Jr., is also being massively attacked by his own party and is being denied a place on the debate stage, just as Bernie Sanders was screwed in 2016 and in 2020.

Where is this increase in authoritarianism leading?

Some say it will lead to a worldwide medico-fascist surveillance state, where Big Brother monitors and controls the lives of citizens from birth to death.

I don’t deny that there is a faction (or factions) on the planet with this agenda. I believe that 2024 is the year in which Central Bank Digital Currencies, medical control of the planet by the WHO, and a worldwide surveillance state are going to be rolled out. The precursor to complete government control of your money, the FedNow® system, has already been activated. (Notice the R symbol. This means that FedNow® has been officially registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. If any person or business uses FedNow without prior approval from the gummint they can be taken to court for trademark infringement. The feds want to make sure that they are the only ones who can control your money).

Corporations, and the billionaires who control them, now run the planet. The national security states (intel communities + militaries) of each country have combined to form a loose planetary association that disregard the will of the people, and the public governments of nations states. This loose military/intel group, funded by their corporate buddies and the world’s taxpayers, regard nations states – composed of diverse cultural and racial groupings – as anachronisms. Nation states are the bulwark of diversity. The new planetary Collectivist agenda of our psychopathic overlords must rid the world of these stubborn holdouts to global fascist control.

This development has been building up since the end of World War II and the creation of the CIA by the National Security Act of 1947. It has now reached its culmination with the disintegration of the democracies of the world, in particular, the United States.

The United States is the most important holdout nation primarily because of its Constitution, which states that human rights come not from the State, not from legislation, but are and always have been divinely granted from God and are inherent – despite any law passed to the contrary – to all human beings regardless of race, color, or creed.

 The US is the only country in the world with this distinction written into its constitution. That is why it is the target of pedophiles, fascists, communists, anarchists, satanists, materialists, traffickers, and psychopaths around the world. Apparently the Light is shining so brightly now that the forces of darkness have to come out into the open.

The most pressing attack on the US by the dark forces is the human trafficking and drugs on our southern border. Millions of illegal migrants, with the cooperation of our federal government, are presenting themselves every year at the border, and are being ushered in with free transportation to anywhere in our country. Hundreds of children are being trafficked every day. The U.S. government is cooperating with the drug and trafficking cartels. This is obvious now that the feds have ceased to DNA test smuggled migrants. Before, the cartels would not present so many children as part of fake “families” because they knew that DNA testing would bust them right at the border. Many of these children are raped and sexually abused. A child can be trafficked more than once every day for thousands of dollars. Child trafficking is a $150 billion industry worldwide. Enough fentanyl is being brought into the US every day by the cartels, in cooperation with our own corrupt federal government and their compliant NGOs, to kill every person in the US. In 2021 over 80,000 people died in the US from opiods.

Not only that, but the transgender movement is committing Josef Mengele type castrations and genital surgeries on adolescent teen agers, and children even younger than that. All of this is exposing the darkness.

Elections in the Americas – North, South, and Latin America – are being stolen.  I won’t argue with anyone about this claim because the evidence is so overwhelming. I believe that 2024 will be the Year of Disclosure for this, so watch for it. In Europe, France and the UK have outlawed mail-in ballots because they lead to massive fraud. (In my state, Michigan, we just learned that in October 2020, an outfit called GBI Strategies submitted tens of thousands of fake voter registrations. A police report was written that is available online if you are interested.) Certainly in the US, there was massive fraud in the 2020 election and probably in 2016 as well. In Brazil, the CCP puppet Lula was ushered into power with the help of their Supreme Court (which has massive power in Brazil) and their intelligence community.

The institutional breakdown in democratic countries is a symptom not of the ascendancy of the dark forces, but their desperate last gasp. An overwhelmingly powerful Light is showing the corruption in these societies. Notice that in the closed societies of the world – China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and others – nothing much is happening on the surface. But beneath the surface the people of these countries understand that their authoritarian governments are fighting a losing battle. The light of truth is spreading to these controlled societies as well.

Lies propagate into the future because they falsely attempt to hide a truth (or truths) that are instantly recognizable. Therefore, if there was fraud in the 2016 or 2020 election, these issues will never be resolved until the lies are exposed.

I believe 2024 will see a resolution to many of the truths that have been covered by lies for decades. It is an exciting and terrifying time to be alive, but IMHO the Light is too powerful for dystopian planetary futures to manifest. There will always be pockets of darkness in a world of free will, but as the decades pass these will become more and more isolated, and more and more obvious.

How bad does it have to get? I think it depends on how many wake up and how soon. But that process is accelerating rapidly. 2024 will be the tipping point.

Recognizing the higher aspects of the human being

The classical idea of the separability of the world into distinct but interacting parts is no longer valid or relevant. Rather, we have to regard the universe as an undivided and unbroken whole. Division into particles, or into particles and fields, is only a crude abstraction and approximation. Thus, we come to an order that is radically different from that of Galileo and Newton – the order of undivided wholeness.
— David Bohm [1]

Bohm describes a universe composed of external forms (Explicate Order) that have their essence within an invisible substrate (Implicate Order) from which their shapes and sizes and qualities originate. This concept isn’t new. Plato said, thousands of years ago in his Theory of Forms, that the true reality of physical objects and matter lies within a non-physical essence.

These concepts describe an invisible, higher reality beyond matter and energy and the five human senses.

Why have these impractical ideas survived for thousands of years? I would imagine because they are powerful reminders that there is more to the human being than the material world and the body reality.

Today, our materialist, transhumanist, transgender world scoffs at such ridiculous notions. Today, the only reality is the body reality, the reality of race and gender, not the content of one’s character. “Diversity” has been redefined to be exclusively about the body and its characteristics like skin color and gender. This mundane, tawdry reality ignores the essence of the human being.

Race and gender are physical quantities, but character describes a person’s soul; the essence of the human being that exists on a more refined, non-physical plane of existence.

Those who dismiss this higher reality, and rely only on the five human senses, are missing something quintessential. Perhaps that’s why they have developed myopic philosophies such as determinism, behaviorism, transhumanism, and materialism. On our planet today we see the results of this limited perception: hierarchical societies that waste a large proportion of humanity's energy in funding a war machine, a political machine, and an economic machine that eats up human resources, uber-rewards a few at the top, and stifles the human spirit.

Science as it is practiced today is a mundane activity, limited to mere observing and cataloging the interactions of gross matter. The argument for this limited view of science is, nevertheless, all around us in the machines and electronic devices that have made our lives so much easier. I thank science every day for my geothermal heating and cooling system and all of my appliances. But science exclusively serves technology, which is becoming more and more invasive on a social level. Even our homes are filled with smart devices that can see our every movement, record our words, and track our comings and goings.

Technology has also dramatically increased the amount of stress we are under.

There is something missing from Western society. We can all feel it as we rush through our day. As stress builds up we often wish that we were on vacation and away from the hectic pace of everyday life.

Rudolf Steiner said,

these achievements [modern technology] have nothing to do with the true need of gaining insight into nature...To observe the processes of nature with a view to subjecting its forces to the service of technology is quite different from seeking profound insight into the order of nature with the help of these processes. True science is only present when the human spirit seeks satisfaction for its needs without an extraneous purpose.” [2]

That is spot on.

Observation without an understanding of the human spirit is sterile, for matter and energy itself is a manifestation of an invisible, underlying and unifying principle that creates it. This is evident in a beautiful sunset, a pretty flower, a bubbling brook in a spring meadow, a fall forest with its delightful colors. We feel something greater than just the mere observation of photons impinging on our eyes. There is a powerful connection to something grander that fills us with well-being and joy.

The realm of undivided wholeness is not observable with the five human senses, yet it is an inseparable part of reality. All observation that denies the existence of this underlying reality is not true observation, and will lead to incomplete and fragmented thinking. Look around planet earth and we see evidence of this fragmentation everywhere: in politics, in religion, and in science.

All scientific attempts to limit the human being to a mere collection of electromagnetic and electrochemical impulses have been failures (cognitive scientists cannot even agree on a definition of the mind, or where it is, for example). Attempts to limit self-awareness to the brain have also been unsatisfactory. Those who have had a spiritual experience recognize, without being able to prove or even satisfactorily describe their experiences, that there is a part of themselves that is greater than the physical.

Without true observation we become like a person trapped in the woods, unable to see the forest for the trees. Only the mundane and the commonplace in life become real, and gradually the realization dawns that there really isn’t much point to life. This leads to a feeling of hopelessness.

The discovery of Self requires an understanding and a recognition of the human spirit. Without this understanding, life becomes trivial and mundane, and stress mounts. Understanding the Self ultimately results in a feeling of wholeness and personal power, but reaching this new awareness cannot be taught. There is no formula, or recipe, or equation that can ever represent it or describe it. People like Eckhart Tolle or Neale Donald Walsch, or anyone who has had a near-death experience, can't tell you how they graduated to a new level of awareness. That level is invisible; it is implied, and cannot be manifested on command. But to deny its existence is to deny the Self, and to exist in a lower consciousness.

Perhaps the path to higher awareness cannot be duplicated or formularized because it is so profoundly personal. But the personal experience of the higher realm is what lifts us above the mundane and the commonplace. When one discovers a personal truth it is a revelation! For me, just being aware of the higher reality gets me up every day, ready to face the sometimes boring and difficult stretches of the day. As the world gets crazier and crazier it is a comfort to know that the connection to higher consciousness is available to everyone.


[1] David Bohm, "Wholeness and the Implicate Order," p. 158

[2] Quoted in "The Rediscovery of Color," Heinrich O. Proskauer, p. x


(Caveat: When I refer to science in this article I don’t mean ScientismTM, the politicized version, which is promoted by very confused people who also promote Transhumanism and other materialist nonsense. I am referring to true scientists, who search for the underlying laws that describe our universe.)

Fragmentation in life comes from fragmented, separate thinking. Our psychoanalysts and psychologists consider the human mind to have “parts:” psychic compartments called the ego, the subconscious, and the conscious mind. The spiritualists do the same and talk about the Higher self and the Lower self and the “inner child.”

A whole person knows himself or herself as whatever they have chosen to BE, without these psychic divisions. Such a person experiences a feeling of integrity and strength. This knowing is self–created. In order to be truly whole, we must make our own decisions about how we want to live our lives.

Integrity, or wholeness, is just a well-defined statement of being, which leads to a feeling of self–confidence. Confident people are certain people. Certainty follows from making firm decisions about what is wanted in life, and how to get there.

The current pantheon of psychological “boxes” is very similar to the (fragmented) classical physics model of the universe. Classical physics is committed to the idea that the world around us is mechanistic; composed entirely of separately existing, indivisible and unchanging particles, which are supposed to be the fundamental building blocks of the universe. This idea is proudly encapsulated in the Standard Model of Particle Physics.

Einstein's theory of relativity and quantum mechanics have seriously questioned the mechanical view of the universe, however, and have brought us much closer to a scientific conception of wholeness.

Einstein proposed that the particle model is not primary, and that instead, reality is composed of fields. He proposed a “unified field theory,” which he was never able to get working.

Quantum mechanics went even further in questioning a fragmented, mechanistic theory of the universe, for it proposes that:

1) Movement is discontinuous. An electron, for example, can move from one energy state to another without going through any states in between. In other words, an electron is in one state and then, in no time, is in another. This is a remarkable notion, for it implies that actions can occur instantaneously.

2) Particles can demonstrate dual properties. Light, for example, is at once a wave and a particle, depending upon how it is observed.

3) Non–locality. Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of quantum mechanics to the fragmented and mechanistic approach is the correlated or entangled particle, something first proposed by Einstein, Rosen and Podolsky, and known as the EPR Paradox.

Basically, what happens is that if two particles with opposite spins are combined and then the two particles are separated, it is possible to know the spin of one by measuring the spin of the other, no matter how far apart they are! Somehow, information gets “transmitted” from one particle to the other instantaneously, and regardless of the distance between them.

This phenomenon is known as non–locality and has been confirmed by experiment. It was considered a paradox in Einstein's day, because it violates the principle that nothing can travel faster than light.

We now know that no signal can travel faster than light, but that somehow, through an unknown substrate, information can be passed instantaneously from one point to another in space. This makes no sense, unless we consider that the universe, and all particles and all movement within it, is an unbroken, connected whole, and that the phenomena we observe are just those aspects which we can see with our human senses and our instruments.

Quantum physicist David Bohm, in his book Wholeness and the Implicate Order, says, “if all actions are in the form of discrete quanta [the quantum in quantum mechanics] the interactions between different entities…constitutes a single structure of indivisible links, so that the entire universe has to be thought of as an unbroken whole.”

This concept is not new! Krishnamurthy, referring to the ancient Hindu text called the Vedas, describes the material universe as coming forth from Brahman, the unmanifested potential.

Brahman, according to Wikipedia, “is the unchanging, infinite, immanent, and transcendent reality which is the Divine Ground of all matter, energy, time, space, being, and everything beyond in this Universe.”

The fact that science is coming around to these views is a closing of the circle, and yet another indication that humanity is nearing the end of a cycle of fragmented planetary consciousness, and is beginning to embrace a new paradigm of thought based on wholeness.

This idea of wholeness is also reflected in the hologram, which, if you cut off a tiny piece, still contains all of the information of the whole. Karl Pribham has shown that memories are not stored in cells or localized areas of the brain, but are enfolded over the whole of the brain.

Scientific thinking first created a mechanistic universe in which everything in it had a separate existence. In the 20th century, science advanced our conception of the universe away from the ideas of fragmentation and separation, to one much more consistent with wholeness.

Science and spirituality are becoming closer and closer, but on a much higher level of awareness and insight!

Science, medicine, and mass media do not acknowledge the higher aspects of human consciousness

The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were, and ask why not.

— John F. Kennedy[1]

That is to say, throughout history people who have vision, and who can look beyond the commonplace, have propelled society forward. Newton, Einstein, Curie, Faraday, Maxwell, etc. have advanced our understanding of the physical world. Humanity’s brilliant artists and musicians have inspired us throughout history.

What is the quality of people who can look beyond, as JFK says, the obvious realities?

Wise, inspiring people see beyond the body and the five human sense: they perceive the soul, the divine part of the human being. The ancient Egyptians called the soul the merkaba. The merkaba is a subtle field of energy, approximately 25 feet in diameter, that contains the body. The merkaba connects the divine part of the human being with the material part.

Secular atheists, who dominate the scientific fields, medicine, and the political arena these days, scoff contemptuously at anything beyond the body reality. Maybe that’s why sex, gender, and skin color are so important these days: those who have no awareness beyond their bodies have no conception of spirituality, or the soul, or God, or the higher aspects of the human being. Transhumanism and trans-genderism cannot see beyond the obvious realities, and into the higher realms of the human spirit. That is not their fault, but the rest of us cannot allow such a myopic view to obscure the divinity that is in all of us.

Artists, creatives, and inspirational persons see into these invisible realms for Knowledge and inspiration. Physicist David Bohm describes this invisible realm as the Implicate Order: a substrate that cannot be perceived by the senses of the body, but yet contains the natural and physical laws that maintain our world, and the universe at large.

Imagine the scientist or the artist reaching into this subtle realm for inspiration or Knowledge! The contemplative, the meditator, also does this. This reaching beyond the body is a deep, inner soul urge of every human being.

To see the higher qualities of the human being, one must look beyond the body reality.

Intuition, for example, is that subtle nudge, a very quiet nudge, that, if one is listening, can impart Knowledge. How does one access intuition? Well, as far as I know it can’t be taught. But if one is listening, it can be heard. Intuition is the soul talking to you.

Faith is simply the understanding that something is so without being able to “prove” it to the crude senses of the body. Faith is a reaching toward the higher aspects of life; to the Implicate Order beyond the body’s senses.  

Many people with self-awareness are having a hard time these days as materialists pound their narratives and their propaganda all over social media and mass media. The goal is to destroy the reaching into the higher realms; to squash and invalidate spirituality and the creativity that can only come from beyond. But that is impossible unless self aware persons go into agreement with it.   

The higher realms are there, but are not obvious to the five human senses. However, they can be reached for, they can be taken. So take them.

[1] Address to the Irish Parliament, June 1963.

No matter how hard the Dark tries to hide its activities, the Light must expose it

As the institutions in our government collapse under the weight of their own corruption, clear-headed persons understand that we are in an information/narrative war.

The “news” is simply narrative promotion. FOX, MSNBC, NPR, the MSM news networks, and the alt-news outlets are all promoting their own version of events, but no one is really interested in the truth. This chaos is a result of a consciousness shift on the planet.

A consciousness shift is the independent decision by billions of individuals to throw away the old beliefs in conflict and struggle to solve human problems, and to embrace a more cooperative solution. We see this happening with the BRICS nations as they try to organize an alternative to the U.S. dollar, which has been inflated and devalued due to massive government overspending (Joe Biden’s 2023 budget is $6.8 trillion, which has a built-in  deficit of around $2 trillion), and weaponized against countries the US doesn’t like.

The narrative battle in the media and on social media is a reflection of an old meme structure playing itself out. Fortunately, the collective shift in consciousness that has already occurred has allowed this war to be played out on a higher level: not in global kinetic conflict, but on the battlefield of ideas.

The internet is the platform for the resolution of the old belief system, not the earth itself, as in the 20th century and its global wars and massive death tolls. That in itself is a sign of tremendous progress.

Formal kinetic warfare between governments has disappeared, except for the horrible regional war in the Ukraine. Recall that in March of 2022, just weeks after the Russians invaded, a peace agreement between Ukraine and Russia was largely agreed to, where Ukraine would permanently be a neutral state between NATO and Russia. An outline of this agreement can be found at CNN, in an article titled “Zelensky ready to accept peace agreement,” reported  that “Ukraine is ready to accept a neutral status as part of a peace deal with Russia, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Sunday in an interview with Russian independent journalists. ‘Security guarantees and the neutral, non-nuclear status of our state. We are ready to accept this. This is the most important point,’ Zelensky said. Zelensky told the journalists that, ‘this was the first point of principle for the Russian Federation, as I recall. And as far as I remember, they started the war because of this.’ Any agreement would have to be put to the Ukrainian people in a referendum, he said. But Zelensky once again stressed his desire to reach a concrete peace agreement. ‘So this clause is a security guarantee clause for Ukraine. And since they say it's for them [security guarantees] as well, it's understandable to me, and it's being discussed. It's in-depth, but I'm interested in making sure it's not just another piece of paper,’  Zelensky added. ‘So we're interested in having that paper turned into a serious treaty to be signed.’”[1]

In my opinion, the US didn’t like that agreement and sabotaged it, but that is neither here nor there. The important point is that formal kinetic conflict on the planet has been reduced to one regional area: the Bloodlands, a moniker for that area of the world where war has soaked the land with blood and death for centuries.

Turning the Old System of Beliefs Inside Out

The worldwide narrative battle on the internet is like an object being turned inside out. When you turn something inside out you expose the hidden inner structure of it; the stuff that no one wants you to see. In the consciousness shift, this process is involuntary. Meaning that the Light exposes the Dark, and there is nothing the Dark can do about it.

(To see how a sphere with a blue surface on the outside and a hidden yellow inside surface can be turned inside out, watch the first 23 seconds of this video. The same thing can happen to people and organizations: the deeply hidden parts are exposed)

The consciousness shift is primarily an esoteric, spiritual contest. The forces of darkness cannot win this battle because their proponents have deliberately turned away from the light of their own souls. Light >>>> Dark.

The consciousness shift is the most powerful force on the planet because it mobilizes Light and Truth, all properties of the human soul and the powerful animating source that created and maintains the universe and everything in it. The decisions of almost 8 billion human beings (co-creators) is simply too powerful to be resisted by the small minority of people who are behind the Dark agenda (transhumanism, satanism, materialism).

Therefore the Light must win; it’s just a matter of time, and how much human suffering people will endure before it is fully rejected.

Although it appears that darkness and chaos rule, this is all part of the “turning inside out” process that the Light uses to expose the Dark.

[1] Hande Atay Alam and Josh Pennington, “Zelensky says Ukraine is ready to accept neutral, non-nuclear status,” CNN, March 27, 2022, at

widely held opinions are often irrational

“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”

― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperor

Marcus Aurelius was a stoic philosopher and a Roman emperor from 161 AD to 180 AD, the last of the Five Good Emperors and, according to Wikipedia, “the last emperor of the Pax Romana, an age of relative peace, calmness, and stability for the Roman Empire lasting from 27 BC to 180 AD.” The stoicists believed that practicing virtue in one’s life was a necessary and sufficient condition for happiness, which they called eudaimonia. The literal translation of eudaimonia is “good spiritedness.”

Meditations contains 12 books, but historians think that Marcus Aurelius wrote Meditations for himself, as a source for his own guidance and self-improvement, and that the book was never intended by him to be published. Although a Roman emperor, Marcus Aurelius was a deep thinker and nothing like the mindless leaders and politicians of our day. He believed that it was important to develop a cosmic perspective on life, and to understand that everything we see comes from Nature.

Some pretty smart and wise people lived 2,000 years ago.

2,000 years later...

The quote above applies to our lives today because the majority opinion changes depending on what fear porn is currently being promoted by the mass media and on social media.

“The economy is collapsing!”

“We are now at the beginning of World War 3!”

“If we don’t raise the debt ceiling the government will default!”

“If we don’t lower our carbon footprint humanity will be destroyed by climate change!”

It just goes on and on and on... and there’s a new one every week. These insane narratives – all of which are lies – are promoted over and over again by a mass media whose purpose, it seems, is to spread fear porn and chaos. It is easy to go along with these narratives because not to – as the talking heads and the social media gurus tell us – makes us social outcasts. We feel stupid not to join the majority.

But the majority opinion is often the insane opinion. The majority opinion is often just a narrative – a collection of lies and half-truths designed to scare us. For example, a 4th-generation farmer in South Dakota is being threatened with an eminent domain lawsuit – the precursor to seizing his land – so that a private corporation can build a “carbon capture reduction pipeline” on his property. According to MIT’s Climate Portal,

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) refers to a collection of technologies that can combat climate change by reducing carbon dioxide (CO 2) emissions. The idea behind CCS is to capture the CO 2 generated by burning fossil fuels before it is released to the atmosphere. The question is then: What to do with the captured CO 2? Most current CCS strategies call for the injection of CO2 deep underground. This forms a “closed loop”, where the carbon is extracted from the Earth as fossil fuels and then is returned to the Earth as CO2.”

If this seems nutty to you, well, it is. There are a lot of climate change grifters out there, and they are making a ton of money on incomprehensible programs like these. Part of this majority opinion includes the idea that raising cows is environmentally dangerous because it raises the carbon footprint, and farming itself is dangerous because of polluting fertilizers and gas-guzzling farm equipment. The government of the Netherlands believes just that. The Dutch are the greatest farmers in the world, but their government wants to shut down farming to a large extent because it is (supposedly) environmentally dangerous. Type in “Netherlands farmer protest” into your search engine and read all about this craziness! What is truly dangerous are nutty opinions like this.

The Majority Opinion is that global warming is going to destroy the climate and the planet. But like many majority opinions, it is crazy. Here is a graph  that shows 4 consecutive years of decreasing maxima in the past four 11-year solar cycles:

The last four 11-year solar cycles.

As you can see, for the past 44 years the sunspot numbers – a measure of the amount of solar radiation that hits the earth – has been decreasing. The planet warms when the amount of solar radiation increases, and cools when it decreases. The Majority Opinion doesn’t want to examine the science, because it conflicts with the fear-porn global warming/climate change narrative and the grifters who benefit from it.

Today, Marcus Aurelius’ maxim holds true more than ever.

It seems like a good idea to me to develop a more cosmic perspective on life, like Marcus Aurelius did 2,000 years ago. This involves recognizing our own spirituality and connection to the Infinite. And it would probably be a good idea to observe nature and pay attention to the vast, underlying harmony we see there. Through nature we can perceive the face of the Creative Source.