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Sounds like a weird headline doesn’t it? Well, it is! We are in an amazing time right now, at the end of a 26,000-year esoteric cycle leading to the beginning of a new one. Since around the late 1980s or early 1990s we have been in a “window” between the end of one time cycle and the beginning of a new one. During this period humanity gets to choose the direction for the next 26,000 years. We are experiencing the Beginning Times – where the old energy cycle fades and the potential for a new one appears.

Many people have been talking about this, especially since the Change Agent – Donald Trump -- appeared on the scene. Trump is destroying the old system faster than anyone had imagined. This is causing a lot of fear and anger among those who understand the old system and don’t see anything terribly wrong with it. “Can’t we just advance by improving the old system without overturning everything and upsetting so many people?”

Apparently not!

The planet, and humanity, has never seen anything like this. Current events are the result of a full-out assault by the Light on the old system. Trump isn’t the cause of this – he’s just one of the actors in this great play. He’s the change agent that is taking a wrecking ball to the old system.

The Old System

What is the old system? Essentially it is problem resolution through conflict and war. It is based on humanity’s old conception of itself – a materialistic conception that we as human beings are unworthy, just the meat descendants of mammals. The old religions, science, and medical systems are all based on materialism and low consciousness. Am I saying that Donald Trump is high consciousness? Hardly! Trump is the sort of bloke who will do what he has to do. I call him the lighthouse in the White House. For many of you this will seem absurd. Trump is perceived by many as a fascist and a bully, who is destroying some of the good with the bad. But that’s the way it has to be ladies and germs.

Look on the other side. The defenders of the old energy are largely in the mass media. When the Trumpster shook hands with Kim Jong Un in Singapore back in June, it was a momentous occasion for the light, as I remarked in an earlier post. Yet most of the media treated this with scorn and derision. That’s what the old energy does – it wants things to go back to the old ways. A similar thing happened when the Trumpster talked with Putin in Helsinki. Charges of treason were bandied about in the media. Hey, I didn't know that communicating to another world leader was such a crime!
There was a lot of good in the old system – but it contains more bad than good because it was developed during a time when the dark was ascendant over the light.

What are the components of the old system? Drug and arms running on a planet-wide basis, trafficking in human beings and children, and secret societies that conduct dark, satanic rituals that involve child sacrifice. Don’t believe it? It’s there. “Nonsense,” you say. “If this stuff was going on it would make the headlines.” Well, it is making the headlines, but mostly not in the mainstream media. It’s in movies especially. Others have analyzed the occult symbolism in movies. If you are interested you can look it up. You can also look up "Podesta Art" on google and find some really sick stuff. This practice of child trafficking (and worse) goes back to Biblical times. In the Bible some people worshipped Baal, a Babylonian god. Today, Moloch (another name for the dark side god) is worshipped by sick people on the dark side. Moloch is a horned god, often shown holding babies or children. These dark rituals are part of humanity’s karma which must be resolved.

Why talk about this?

Why talk about this? Why not just stay completely positive and spread love all around?

That is the best solution for sure. But current events are reaching such a hysteria, and the country is at such a state of polarization, that we HAVE to talk about it. Current events on the planet are being driven by the battle between light and dark and it’s very confusing. This little article is my attempt to make some sense of the madness.

Like the sweaty, unlikeable guy with the wrecking ball, the old structure has to be razed to the ground before a new one can be built. The area has to be cleaned up before a new building can be put in its place. That’s what is happening right now. Trump is the unlikeable barbarian with the smelly cigar in his mouth. The old order HATES this guy. If it wasn’t him it would have been someone else. The human being who is the Change Agent is almost irrelevant because the process is being driven by the rising consciousness of 8 billion human beings. WE the people are the catalyst for change. We don’t see this because the process is being driven on the spiritual-esoteric plane. The new energy then filters through to the physical universe and human beings feel it and act upon it.

Conspiracy Theories and QAnon

We are going to have to talk about QAnon, which has made its way into the mainstream.

QAnon is a manifestation of change in the duality. Like it or hate it, it has been gaining more and more attention, even from the New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR, and the major news networks. So what is it?
Let me tell you a little story. When I was 11 years old, in 8th grade in my Catholic school, we were sitting in class when the announcement of JFK’s death was broadcast throughout the school. This was my personal wake up call. A few weeks later I heard a conspiracy theory: that the international editions of major newspapers in the US were shipped before the assassination took place. (This was way back in 1963, before the internet and email. The only way to get info was by reading newspapers and books.) Of course I could never verify this conspiracy theory, but it got me thinking. Back during the Vietnam war, in the early 70s, another conspiracy theory popped up: that there was no North Korean attack on the USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin incident on August 4, 1964, which was the justification for the Gulf of Tonkin resolution in Congress and US involvement in Vietnam. Well, when the Lyndon B. Johnson Library released over 200 documents about the incident in 2005, it turns out that the conspiracy theory was true. (Source: Office of U.S. Naval Intelligence, (See section, “Analysis of the Evidence”). The point is, a “conspiracy theory” can be true, or not. Any conspiracy theory is only as good as how much truth is in it.

Truth conflicts with belief systems. If I said, “There are pedophile rings in every major American city,” that would conflict with the belief systems of 95% of the population. Because perception (and belief) is reality, the above statement is seen as untrue and even crazy. The ultimate conspiracy theory (and the subject that led to a CIA psyop that created the conspiracy theory concept) is UFOs and ETs. If I said, “Major world governments have been in contact with ET civilizations,” most of the population would say it’s nonsense. If I said, “Some of the charitable foundations that deal with children are fronts for child trafficking,” you’d think I was nuts probably.

Does it matter if conspiracy theories are true? The important point is that labeling something a conspiracy theory discourages investigation of it (and that is the intent of the psyop). This is what Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure movement has been saying for 30 years about ETs and UFOs. Greer says it doesn’t matter whether ETs or UFOs exist or not. What matters is the incredible, stultifying secrecy associated with these subjects. Such secrecy harms the democratic process by discouraging free speech and investigation into the matter. If a conspiracy theory is false, then a simple investigation is enough to disprove it. Then we can stop talking about it, because it’s fake. Funny thing: if a conspiracy theory is said to be false by (or some authority) yet it won’t go away, perhaps there is truth in it., for example, was bought by the Washington Post. Who owns the Post? Jeff Bezos. And what 3-letter intelligence agency is Bezos associated with? The CIA. Amazon won a huge contract with the CIA to provide cloud services for the intelligence agency. The CIA doesn’t exactly have the reputation of always telling the truth. So, “truth” sites like can themselves be compromised.

So. Conspiracy theories and Fake News are both representations of the spiritual battle going on between dark and light. So is the intelligence war, which has been on-going since the end of WW II. In the US, it’s now the NSA vs. the CIA. Edward Snowden, for example, worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, which has contracts with the CIA. But Snowden doxxed the NSA, not the CIA. This leads us back to QAnon, who says that the NSA has been taken over by the good guys to spy on the bad guys in the CIA. Weird, huh?

QAnon is supposedly military intelligence, which has access to all SIGINT from every satellite and network in the country. If you are interested, go to and decide for yourself.

Ancient Souls are Here to Resolve Humanity’s Karma

The major actors now are clear. On one side we have Trump and QAnon and Trumpers, on the other side most of the major news media and never-Trumpers. Again, a manifestation of the duality and Donald Trump is square in the middle. He and Hilary are the crucial actors in the play, the fulcrum around which the entire world consciousness is revolving right now. Do you really believe this is a coincidence? Hardly. Trump, and Hilary Clinton, are old, old souls who have been around since humanity came up out of the mammalian gene pool hundreds of thousands of years ago. Trump and Clinton have been here since the beginning when the planet was seeded.
We are living in the denouement of a 200,000-year old play. You can tell these people are ancient souls because all media attention goes to them. They are the focus of the game. This is not by accident! Hilary by rights should be out of the news, but she is constantly talked about. Why would anyone be so much interested in a failed candidate? Because she is an ancient soul who demands attention. She and POTUS have been placed here to help resolve 200,000 years of humanity's karma.

Are there such things as good guys and bad guys? I’ve already quoted from Solzhenitsyn in previous posts so I won’t do it again, but the gist of the quote is that there is good and bad in everyone. You can’t label the mass media as the enemy (as Trump does) and be accurate. You can’t label Trump as the evil who is trying to impose fascism on the country and be accurate. These accusations are black-and-white, un-nuanced, and are indicative of the old energy. It's all part of the dramatic play that is being enacted. It’s what happens when the Light penetrates human consciousness and human hearts and exposes 200,000 years of karma.

But there is good news: The duality and confusion surrounding fake news, and what is the truth, is going to be resolved. There is going to be a resolution and it’s going to occur during the next 12 years or so. It’s going to be resolved because the light is shining too brightly now. So hang on. We’ll finally see who the bad actors are, and who the good actors are. We’ll see what is fake news and what is the truth. That’s because this window between the two 26,000-year cycles only lasts for about 36 years. It began in the early 90s and will last until around 2030 or so. That means we still have about 12 years of potential chaos and confusion to go.

The Great Experiment

This 26,000-year cycle is the most important esoteric time cycle associated with Gaia and humanity. On this planet a Great Experiment is being conducted: a test of energy. Given free choice and a 50-50 balance between light and dark, where will humanity go? Will we choose dark or light?

Lemuria was the real beginning of the test, two time cycles (about 52,000 years) ago. We are now entering the third. There have never been so many humans on the planet, not even close. There are almost 8 billion of us now. The test of energy is set to be resolved during the next 12 years or so and we are right in the middle of it. Every soul who has ever incarnated on the planet is here now, or is transitioning back to the planet after their previous life. Billions more “newbies” have been arriving since around 1930 or so, as we have spoken of before in a previous blog post.

Over 50,000 years of history on the planet (200,000 since the alteration of the human genome and only one species of human with 23 chromosomes, but that is another story) is about to be resolved in our lifetimes. It’s a great time to be alive!

Dear reader, the confusion is going to be resolved, it’s not going to go on forever. May seem like it is, but it won’t, I’m absolutely sure of that.
Finally, let’s talk about the play – the energy test of dark and light. Why is it necessary to have duality and the inevitable suffering it causes? The answer is simple: being perfectly in the light is great but it eventually leads to stagnation. According to the esoteric info I have studied, this is the state of the galaxy. Stagnation, a lack of evolutionary/spiritual progress. So, in the galaxy, one planet is chosen at a time for the Great Experiment: the duality, the energy test. The dark provides the contrast that, using free choice, provides the impetus for change. We are seeing that right now!

But there are rules to this game. One of the rules is that the dark always has to tell the truth. And it does! In all disinformation there is truth, you just have to look for it. In order to obfuscate, the dark uses disinformation to surround the truth with lies. Here is a good example. I have a subscription to the Washington Post. A couple of weeks ago I read an article about QAnon in the newspaper. Here are a few quotes. (I know a lot about the Q phenomenon because I have been following Q from the beginning). The italicized portions are simply factual statements. The rest is opinion:

“’Tampa rally, live coverage,’” wrote “Dan,” posting a link to President Trump’s Tampa speech in a thread on 8chan, an anonymous image board also known as Infinitechan or Infinitychan, which might be best described as the unglued twin of better-known 4chan, a message board already untethered from reality.”

“The thread invited “requests to Q,” an anonymous user claiming to be a government agent with top security clearance, waging war against the so-called deep state in service to the 45th president. “Q” feeds disciples, or “bakers,” scraps of intelligence, or “bread crumbs,” that they scramble to bake into an understanding of the “storm” — the community’s term, drawn from Trump’s cryptic reference last year to “the calm before the storm” — for the president’s final conquest over elites, globalists and deep-state saboteurs.” [all factual]

What Tuesday’s rally in Tampa made apparent is that devotees of these falsehoods — some of which are specific to faith in the president, others garden-variety nonsense with racist and anti-Semitic undertones — don’t just exist in the far reaches of the Web.”[opinion combined with fact]

“The symbol appeared on clothing, too. A man and a woman wore matching white T-shirts with the YouTube logo encircled in a blue “Q.” The video-sharing website came under criticism this week for unwittingly becoming a platform for baseless claims, first promoted on Twitter and Reddit by QAnon believers, that certain Hollywood celebrities are pedophiles. A search for the name of one of those celebrities on Monday returned videos purporting to show his victims sharing their stories.”

(Now you learned something about QAnon).

Same thing with Fox news. They always write articles supporting the Trumpster, but you have to read to the very end to find the other side's POV. It's a tactic. But it's always there if you are patient enough.

Even in the most biased article (whether on the left or the right) the truth is there, because that’s the rules of the game. Major news outlets, the big playas like the Post and Fox, have to tell the truth because it’s part of the rules of the game. If you rise to a position of influence you become a playa and you are bound by the rules.

The point is that the truth is out there. You have to step back into your spirituality, consult your guides, and make up your own mind. You have to use your own discernment. That’s the point of the game of duality: to force humanity to either go to the dark or to the light. It’s why the game is going to be resolved, one way or another, in the next 12 years. The decision made by ALL OF US will set the vibrational tone for thousands of years into the future.
One last work about dark actors and light actors. Those who work on the dark side have the hardest job, by far. Their lives are lived in the dark! But they perform a great, great service. Whether you think Hilary is the dark actor or Trump, please send light to both sides. Remember that “what goes on here stays here.” All souls, when they transition, leave all of their crap on the planet in a special esoteric place and return, pure, to Source, or God. When reincarnation occurs, the pure soul picks up all of the stuff from previous lifetimes just after entering the birth vortex. Imagine ancient souls like Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. Picking up 200,000 years of karma in the Akash for this lifetime! It’s almost incomprehensible. (My new book (in progress), The Old Soul, deals with this).

It’s easy to hate on Clinton or Trump (the mass media hate on Trump. QAnon hates on Clinton). But it’s a LOT harder to send light and love to the side opposite yours. The good news is that the more lightworkers send light and love across the planet, even to those they are disposed to hate, the better and faster the Game will be resolved.

The Endgame

What level of consciousness will we end up having at the end of the window in around 2030? The answer to that is, it’s not known but it’s up to us. Trump and Hilary are just actors on the stage. The outcome is being decided by old souls like us. In our millions, old souls around the planet will determine the level of consciousness for the next cycle. That’s a big responsibility. The billions of newbies on the planet won’t affect the outcome one way or the other, because their experience on the planet is so limited. The real light creators are the old souls. So let’s get to it!