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Resistance: My Report

Last month we talked about resistance and how suffering is only the resistance to life. Well folks, I did perform my life experiment and I’m here to tell you that it really is true: resistance creates suffering. I’ll tell you how it works for me. I said last month that I was born with the awareness that there was something beyond the physical, material universe. Well, I discovered that I had a fundamental resistance to EVERYTHING. Meaning, that when I looked at an object – or another person, or anything – I saw separateness. And this conflicted with what I knew about the oneness of the universe and everything in it. So on a very, very deep level, when I saw ANYTHING it pissed me off!

Does that make any sense at all? I was irritated that things appeared to be separate when I knew them to be linked, or connected! But I couldn’t SEE that connection. All I saw was people carping and fighting each other, nations fighting wars, people on TV making snide remarks at each other (even on comedy shows), people cutting each other off in traffic, murder on the news, etc. In other words, I had a fundamental objection to life! Now that, ladies and germs, is resistance on very, very fundamental and invisible level. That’s why I said last month that the more awareness you have, the harder it is because you see both sides of the duality at a deeper level. And, of course, aware people EXPECT to see the good stuff so we discount it, but we don’t expect to see so much bad stuff, and it hits us hard. Of course most people will just roll their eyes at this, because most people just accept what is. Well, I never have. And if you are even a little bit like me, you understand this.

Why does this fundamental resistance happen? Because self-aware people understand that we are spirits in a material world, and that we have a fundamental urge toward unity, cooperation, and love. But when we come down here to earth we see that everything is screwed up, everything is the opposite of what it is supposed to be! And that creates a profound resistance. This resistance is completely invisible though, and inaccessible to therapy, unless you are doing therapy at a very deep level that has not yet been possible on this planet at our level of consciousness.

My resistance to life at such a fundamental level caused a very broad irritation at everything around me. It was responsible for my “temper.” And I suspect that people who have a hard time on this planet – psychopaths, criminals, etc. -- have developed this resistance as well through what they have experienced in life. You can have this irritation on a more subtle level, which is what I had, and which caused me to have a “temper,” or you can have it on an even deeper level, which causes you to have a very strong objection to life itself. This can be observed in sociopaths and in psychopaths.

I have a feeling that many “social rejects” are very, very aware and sensitive people, and they can’t stand to see so much crap around them, and so they just lash out because they can’t handle it. In this scenario, the most sensitive people are the bad guys, and the dullest are the good guys! I don’t know if that makes any sense, but it gives me a totally new orientation on “bad” versus “good.”

What if the good guys are just the dumbasses, and the really sensitive and aware people are the bad guys who just can’t stand living on this crazy planet? It gives you a new perspective, and a more compassionate attitude toward the evil guys. (Of course the most brilliant and successful people are the aware ones who have little or no resistance to life and who barrel ahead enthusiastically. These are the well-adjusted, successful people. But it again comes down to your level of resistance.)

If the basis of true evil is really a fundamental objection to life (because it should be good and not bad!) then I can understand the bad guys a lot better. Because when you are bitter (which is just to say that you expect things to be really good and they aren’t) you are coming from a level of good, and then bad comes forth from fundamental goodness. So the basis for all evil is good. Metaphysically this makes sense because consciousness (love, creative principle) created the duality and everything, both good and bad. But it’s a quintessential re-orientation to understand that all evil is frustrated good! Of course that doesn’t make evil actions any easier to tolerate, and sometimes you just have to treat evil like you would a junkyard dog: isolate it or kill it. But the problem with killing anything is that it reinforces the violent consciousness that brings about evil in the first place.

Taking evil out of the world by killing is just a temporary solution, because it doesn’t reboot the level of consciousness, it just reinforces the old consciousness. The physical body is taken out but the violent act just goes into the Akashic records and into the planetary grids, and the next time the being comes back (or somebody else, or everybody still on the planet who now have to work through yet another violent killing) he or she reunites with that energy. Remember what Einstein said, that you can’t solve a problem using the consciousness that created it, you have to go out of the box.

People say that forgiveness is important and it is. But in my experience, forgiveness only happens when you truly can let go. If you are continually irritated by life, true forgiveness is impossible. Oh, you can SAY you forgive the person but emotionally and vibrationally you really don’t. That’s why the understanding of resistance is so important. For me it was a general, broad resistance to everything, a sort of fundamental objection to the duality. Now, when I find my temper rising, I just stop and say, “You’re resisting. You don’t have to like it, but don’t resist it.” It’s working. Maybe it will work for you too.

My friend Khurshid objects to the idea that evil is frustrated good and says that evil is evil, it is simply a person’s nature to be evil, just as it is the scorpion’s nature to bite, or the man who slaughters the beautiful little lamb because all he sees is how much flesh the animal will bring in money. Perhaps that is true. Perhaps the Creator needs these souls to push us along on our path to evolution. Perhaps dealing with evil is a necessary component for evolution and spiritual growth. How do you deal with the rabid dog? You either have to quarantine it or kill it. At this level of consciousness we have no cure (this level of consciousness CREATES the rabid dog, or the guy who kills the lamb). If you think that evil is really good, you can be harmed very badly by evil because you are too naive and trusting. Of course that is true, but I’m not talking about being delusional. I’m just saying that ultimately, evil (just like the duality) is an offshoot of good, of the divine, because it exists in a universe created by the One consciousness, the source of love and all things good. For my own peace of mind, it helps me to think of evil as an unfortunate consequence of not having enough good in one’s life. And what I do know for certain is that the evil soul will leave the body upon “death” and will become whole again, and join the One consciousness once again. Perhaps the soul’s assignment was to be evil for a lifetime. But I do reject this explanation because we all come from the One Source, and are fundamentally divine and good.

A Higher Level of Consciousness

Now I want to get back to what we talked about last month: that a human being already has, within him or her, a level of higher consciousness. Just by being alive you join a community of beings that are aspects of the one mind, or universal consciousness. All of the dimensions of existence are infolded within your biology and your consciousness. We don’t reach these levels of higher consciousness not because we cannot, but because we believe we cannot, or only by spending years in arduous and difficult study.

On the Interview With Spirit show my guidance constantly told me that the impetus for change on this planet does not come from on high, from the corridors of power. The people there are stuck in their systems, systems which maintain their power and control. The so-called powerful people of the world cannot go beyond the consciousness they are already in, which creates and maintains the status quo. If they do they risk destroying the protocols that allow their system to perpetuate. So they are stuck.

Therefore, we cannot look to our (so-called) “leaders” to get us out of the mess we are in. That impetus must come from we, the people, the 7 billion, as opposed to the ten or twenty thousand who hold the reins of power. The people in power are constrained by the ethics (or lack of) and the protocols of the system they are in. To diverge too much from their systems of thought would destroy the system they have set up. However, we the people are free to do whatever we want.

What holds us back is the idea that we are powerless. But this self-limiting idea comes from the materialist paradigm, that in order to change we have to “fight the system,” or build a physical infrastructure to replace the old one. But that infrastructure is already controlled by the “upper ten thousand.” The real action is at the level of thought. Again, every point in space/time is connected with every other point, in every dimension. Our thoughts literally go into the planetary grids of subtle energy and re-program physical reality. Therefore, when we change our ideas of what is possible, we also alter the potential set of possibilities that can manifest. Quantum mechanically, we (consciousness) are the operator that chooses a different state or set of states among many different potential states, and which then, because of our choice, begins to manifest. We can literally reprogram our reality.

How it works is that the “masses” get the idea that they are no longer powerless. Instead of apathetically accepting the status quo, or organizing and fighting in the streets against the bad guys – which comes from the consciousness of rebellion and revolt (and which just vibrationally reinforces the status quo) – we imagine that the set of possible manifestations has changed, to encompass a world where new technologies can enter the real economy. What we know from studying the black or hidden technologies is that almost everything that can be dreamed up in thought also has a physical counterpart. According to Dr. Steven Greer, the world’s foremost authority on the disclosure of exotic technologies and extraterrestrial contact, we mastered “anti-gravity,” or electrogravitics, in 1953. That’s 62 years ago. That’s how far ahead the classified programs are to the public technology that is dribbled down into the economy. (Our “smart” phones are really very dumb. In these hidden programs we have consciousness- or thought-assisted technology that can interact with appropriately designed devices).

All life, and every point in space and time in all universes and in all dimensions, are connected. All life, which is to say consciousness, has access to every one of these dimensions and times at any time. Therefore the all-that-is is one magnificent interconnected manifestation, at all times in communication with itself. Everything you can perceive is alive, because it is composed of thought-substance. Thought-substance is a creation of consciousness, or the creative principle. Therefore everything in existence was created by consciousness, including everything in every universe, and even things like “inanimate objects,” such as rocks and even man-made objects such as toasters and beer mugs, because all of these things are made, ultimately, of thought-substance. Every element of the Periodic Table, if broken down to its ultimate reduction, is thought substance. This occurs at a level even below the Planck scale.

Separation is just an illusion. Awareness of self as an individual, or the awareness of being aware, is an ad hoc creation of consciousness, in order to play the game of physicality. Erwin Schrodinger, one of the founders of quantum physics, said, “There is obviously only one alternative, namely the unification of minds or consciousnesses. Their multiplicity is only apparent, in truth there is only one mind.” This idea is prevalent throughout the history of philosophy, science, and religion: the idea that one universal consciousness exists, and that physical beings are simply an incarnation or an aspect of this universal consciousness. If that is the case then within us all is a higher, interdimensional consciousness just waiting to be accessed.

The Truth is Far, Far Stranger than Fiction

Within the bowels of our classified programs is the knowledge that in the galaxy at large, technology has been developed that allows inter-dimensional communication and travel. In our “black” programs we have some of this technology. Relativistically speaking, it isn’t possible for matter to “break the light barrier.” As your speed approaches the speed of light time slows and mass increases. But apparently the light barrier is the gateway that separates slow and dumb from inter-dimensional travel. Clearly, in a galaxy that is around 100,000 light years across, just sending a message from one end to the other would take 200,000 years! But apparently, this exotic technology has found a way to break that barrier. When you blow past the light barrier you become inter-dimensional, and can access the various dimensions and universes of the all-that-is. An interdimensional object or being looks ghostlike, because it is in a sort of astral level of manifestation, able to access different dimensions.

Going “astral,” or “interdimensional,” can also be done via pure consciousness – in other words, you have a personal lightship that can be programmed to access the various dimensions of the all-that-is. I wrote about this in one of my novels, Beyond the Beginning. Apparently interdimensional access technology has existed in this galaxy for millions and probably billions of years. The planet earth is just coming into awareness of these things. It is a fact that the truth is far, far, far stranger and more exciting than fiction. A great explanation of this is given by Dr. Greer in his presentation called “The Crossing Point of Light,” which you can find on or on You Tube.

Therefore the universe, and all dimensions, are interconnected. This isn’t airhead talk, it’s practical and scientific. Our governments have made contact with extraterrestrial beings, even though this information is being withheld. The galaxy is teeming with life and it is communicating from one end of our galaxy to the other – a distance of over 100,000 light years. The human race, if it can transcend the planetary kleptocracy who have withheld this amazing technology from the public and the public governments, can literally change the face of the earth and create a truly sustainable society.

Sitting in the bowels of the “black” programs is also technology that can extract clean energy from the fabric of space. This is not so surprising, considering that Nikola Tesla was perfecting these systems back in the early part of the 20th century. Stubblefield and Tesla created the famous “earth battery”, which transmitted energy through the ground. You can find this image on the internet if you look it up. If these technologies has been investigated further, we would already have had clean energy in the 20th century. Instead, J.P. Morgan, Westinghouse, and others decided that it would benefit them more to use wired transmission of power and charge for it.

According to Dr. Greer we already have the technology to literally transform the face of the earth and create a sustainable society that will last for hundreds of thousands of years, if necessary, until we become enlightened enough to reach a state of higher consciousness. Therefore, it is now only a matter of raising the collective consciousness high enough to allow the release of this hidden information. And THAT, ladies and germs, is something that individuals can do simply by meditating, lowering resistance to life, and generally raising our individual vibration. It is now just a matter of choosing a different future IN THOUGHT, for the hard work of dreaming up the physical devices to distribute clean energy all over the planet has already been done. The human race is actually in excellent shape, for now the future of humanity is not dependent on a kleptocracy of corporate interests who are invested in the current fossil fuel empire. Even the “upper ten thousand” understand that their empire is on very thin ground. Their only weapon is to convince the people to maintain a self-limiting paradigm of thought, to continue to believe in the materialist agenda, and to not choose a brighter future.

And that is a very slim chance indeed, for over half the population of this planet is living in poverty and massively desires change. The current system is based on control from above by a relative few, and does not have the capability or resources to benefit the entire population. So what is holding us back? Only our self-limiting BELIEFS. All that is necessary is to raise the vibration of this planet enough to allow the release of technology that has already been developed.

I can see the beauty of it now. Even though the advancement of the human race has been held back now for over a century, we have yet advanced in knowledge and technology, even though the more beneficial technologies – electrogravitics, energy from the vacuum – have been withheld. However they have been studied and mastered (and unfortunately, weaponized) but can yet be put to good use. So the kleptocracy has withheld vital technology yet it exists and can, with a little effort, be put into commercial use to benefit the whole of mankind. The hard work of research, prototyping, and development has already been done! It is as if the human race has a hidden Christmas present that can only be accessed with a special key – but that key can only be accessed by simply moving forward in thought.

The Kleptocracy

Kleptocracy is a good word to describe the fossil fuel empire that has been artificially imposed on the human race for the past several decades. Kleptocracy comes from the Greek words “κλέπτης - kleptēs, "thief" and κράτος - kratos, "power, rule," hence "rule by thieves.” “A kleptocracy is a form of political and government corruption where the government exists to increase the personal wealth and political power of its officials and the ruling class at the expense of the wider population, often with the pretense of honest service. This type of government is generally considered corrupt, and the mechanism of action is often embezzlement of state funds.” – from Wikipedia, kleptocracy. We have seen $2.3 trillion embezzled from the public treasury as of Sept 10, 2001, and certainly more since then. Our Congress is the very definition of the pretense of honest service. Yet we cannot blame our public servants too much, for those who have honestly tried to release this vital information have been intimidated and threatened. According to Dr. Greer, when Jimmy Carter discovered that he was out of the loop on the black programs, he was told, “if you want to finish your first term, Mr. President, you will leave this issue alone.”

The ET issue is intimately connected with this hidden galactic technology, most of which has been reverse-engineered from shot-down ETVs. I remarked last month that the SDI initiative was an attempt to weaponize space with sophisticated scalar electromagnetic weaponry, capable of disabling ETVs that visitors to earth travel in. These are interdimensional craft that can travel beyond the speed of light, but yet have to “materialize” into this density in order to fully communicate with us.

You might ask, who are the nutsoids that are shooting down these craft? It’s the good ol’ military-industrial complex, which President Eisenhower warned us about just before he left office on January 17, 1961. No president or government official since then has been “in the loop.” The kleptocracy has taken the entire subject of ETs and exotic technology out of the hands of the public governments. People like Dr. Greer have been trying for over twenty years to force government disclosure, but here we are in 2015 and it still has not yet happened. However, we have seen that this advancement cannot come from the corridors of power. It is up to us. We, the people, must raise our consciousness and allow our planet to advance, or ascend, up the dimensional pathway so that we transcend this kleptocracy, and join the galactic community.

Every planetary civilization that makes it goes through this. Apparently there is a “zone of fire,” or material/spiritual density, that all planets in this galaxy must transcend. Earth is no different. Perhaps this baptism of fire is simply necessary in order for a young civilization to attain spiritual maturity. As I said, I have no idea of the divine plan, but this “hero’s journey” seems to be an intimate part of evolution, in this sector of the universe. The rewards of success are far greater than we can possibly imagine! But they depend utterly on world peace and the coming together of humanity. Imagine, instead of just the planet earth as our playground, that we have the entire galaxy, the entire universe, and all dimensions and universes in the all-that-is! Now that’s something worth striving for!

The Galactic Year

Let’s take the long view. Consider that the solar system rotates around the galactic center, just as the earth orbits around the sun. This period of galactic rotation is called the galactic year.

According to the Physics Factbook, estimates of the length of one galactic orbit range from between 225 to 250 million terrestrial years. One galactic year is thus one orbit of the solar system around the galaxy, just as one orbit of the planet earth around the sun is one planetary year. As planetary civilizations in the galaxy advance, they become more evolved. If only one galactic year takes 225 million years, then the potential for technological and spiritual advancement must be profound.

Think of how quickly we have advanced in a mere 5,000 years! Think of the civilizations out there that are more than one year old. If galactic evolution is comparable to life spans on earth, then there must be beings out there who are so advanced it boggles the mind! The civilizations we will encounter when we finally rise above the petty bickering and warmongering consciousness prevalent on the earth today is astonishing in its potential. We are on the cusp of this right now!

I am going to do my part by lowering my personal resistance to life and meditating every day. If we all do this we can raise the collective vibration enough to really make a difference.