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What is the role of consciousness in health? The question is pertinent in these days of COVID hysteria and forced vaccinations, where, according to public health officials, healthy immune systems are impossible without experimental vaccines.

Health through vaccination is a purely scientific-materialist concept based on greed and profit.

The role of consciousness and health cannot be answered by science because science is completely materialistic. Science says that a human being is a piece of meat, and that consciousness comes from neurons firing in the brain. This point of view is the basis for  allopathic medicine, and for the policies of the NIH, the CDC, and the FDA. The recent story about the University of Pittsburgh harvesting organs from living fetuses is an example of this mindset.

Science denies spiritual concepts such as reincarnation. Science does not believe in life after death, the soul, God, or anything beyond the five human senses. Science has no understanding of consciousness as an awareness independent of the physical body, or the divine nature of the human being. Is this evil? Well, it is simply the result of low awareness.

Those with low awareness do appalling things such as live organ harvesting, mainly because they don’t know any better. This statement is itself appalling, is it not? Evil is always based in ignorance.

Persons with higher awareness must not doubt their certainty of a spiritual reality, despite the pronouncements of scientists. Science is utterly irrelevant to the subject of consciousness. Those who try to show that science has a spiritual aspect are doomed to failure, because those who have a materialist world view will reject any evidence of it.

To keep your peace of mind, therefore, separate science from your beliefs about consciousness, and yourself. All of us who are awakening are awakening precisely because our spiritual component is becoming activated. Everyone has a spiritual component, but materialists have chosen to deny it.

So be it.

Let these persons live their lives in ignorance of their divine connection to the Creative Source. Those who are awakening will find it much more comfortable to hang out with persons of like mind anyway.

Two worlds

The world is dividing itself into two camps: one with higher awareness, and the other with low awareness. This phenomenon has its origin in consciousness. The law of attraction will slowly separate those with low awareness from the rest of society. This is happening now. Fortunately, the low-awareness camp is in the vast minority. However, you can see by their actions that the low awareness group is trying to gain more adherents using forced lockdowns, useless face masks, dumbing down the education system, and isolating people using fear. These have been the tactics of the low awareness camp throughout human history, and is the reason civilizations fall apart.

Don’t confuse low awareness with a lack of intelligence. That’s all I’ll say about this. Observe events and connect the dots. Human intelligence has almost nothing to do with spiritual awareness. There are some very bright people in the low awareness camp. Transhumanists, for example, have a very high human intelligence, but a very low awareness of anything outside the material world.

Then again, persons with low spiritual awareness can also have two-digit IQs. Example: On August 14th the DHS issued a “terror threat” regarding the upcoming 20th anniversary of 9/11. Check this out:

NBC news reports that this terror threat “is not based on any actual threats or plots.” This would be funny – real life comedy – if the people behind this absurd proclamation weren’t serious. Takeaway: The light is shining very brightly now.

Consciousness and health

Hypochondriacs are afraid of getting sick, and so they do. Their attention is all on illness. Does it work the other way? Can a conscious focus on health create physical health?

Stop. The first thing you may have thought was, “No one can prove that consciousness affects health.” Or something like that. That is scientific (and pseudoscientific) dogma getting in the way of a clean, pure, intention. The statement “consciousness can affect health” cannot be broadly proven. But it can be proven to yourself.

All “proof” of higher truths are subjective and individual.


Because you cannot create in another’s experience. You can only create in your own.

That is the definition of free will. You are sovereign as regards your own life, but that also applies to others as well. All beings are sovereign, but many don’t know it.

If you go to a tarot reader and she tells you that you will be involved in a car accident, you can go into agreement with this and start watching out for crazy drivers. If you do this long enough you will encounter more and more erratic driving. If something bad does happen, the temptation is to say, “The tarot reader was right!”

But this is fallacious. The correct statement is, “I was right.”

You created it.

“No, the tarot reader is famous. She’s almost never wrong.”

No. The tarot reader may be good at convincing others that her predictions always come true, but that’s how far it goes.

Life on earth is basically a con game.

Marketers, politicians, religious leaders, advertisers, the medical establishment, their goal is one and only one thing: Get you to create their agenda.

That’s how life works, or, to be more optimistic, that’s how life has worked. In the past, where low consciousness dominated.

My personal experience

I have applied consciousness to health during this pandemic. I got COVID in January 2020 and was sick for 6 weeks. I recovered. I have antibodies that have lasted for 16 months as I write this. Since Feb 2020 I have not had so much as a cold. COVID-19 was the best thing that ever happened to me, because I have meditated and made affirmations every single day since then. Without being vaccinated.

Do I assert that this can happen for anyone else? Of course not. I know I’m sovereign in my life, but if I am a responsible person I say nothing about anyone else. For me to proclaim that by thinking a bunch of thoughts anyone can cure disease would be irresponsible. I don’t know anything about you or your thoughts, and neither does anyone else. Including Tony Fauci, the CDC, or your doctor or your minister.

My only recommendation is to try it for yourself and see if it works. And if you feel comfortable getting a vaccine while doing it, then go for it. Because if I’m right and consciousness does affect health, the vaccine is irrelevant. Get it or don’t get it, it’s up to you.

Just don’t be put off by “experts” (and especially people who play doctors on TV news shows) who want you to buy into their agenda.

What would a sane planet be like?

A sane planet would be one of cultural diversity, where national borders are respected and opinions and new ideas shared and debated in an attitude of tolerance. A world where freedom is a given, and where human beings understand their connection to the Creative Source. A world where people come together but yet can exist harmoniously within independent societies in a safe environment, a human-centered harmony in the world, respect for animals and people, the pursuit of material wealth but also spiritual pursuits. Freedom is the most precious and expensive thing for human beings, for freedom guarantees creativity and creativity guarantees a dynamic and progressive society. Freedom is the essence of life, and when we get freedom, we get the opportunity to find our higher potential. When we lose that freedom we become robots.

Contrast this to the goal of materialists, totalitarians, and technocrats who have no conception of themselves beyond the meat body. I call this the Fifth Industrial Revolution. It has also been called the Great Reset. Its goal is to plug every human being into the smart grid, inside smart cities, where a virtual and augmented reality awaits, all data is mined and monitored, people become labor units that are assigned jobs for life by a centralized elite (to benefit society, of course), and everyone’s actions, access, and spending is controlled by a social and climate scoring system. All babies at birth are assigned a digital identity (a QR code) that will link to one’s data. Your money is no longer your own because you own nothing, it is in a digital wallet that is synched to a social credit system and can be taken away if you are a bad boy or girl. In this collectivist/technocratic wet dream, all human beings are reduced to a data set within a planetary blockchain.

Here is a meticulously researched article that explains how this is occurring (read as far as you can):

This is a reach far beyond what humanity will tolerate. It is doomed to failure, in my opinion. Nevertheless, it is well to be aware of this attempt to sabotage the human race. It's a necessary component in our rapid evolution out of the darkness. All over the world, the forces of darkness -- which in the past were able to hide -- are being forced by the desire of the human family for peace to come together. This will result in their exposure and identification.

At the crossroads

The human race is involved in a spiritual evolution of consciousness that goes way, way beyond petty, adolescent concepts like Democrat-Republican, or liberal-conservative. We are approaching an evolutionary denouement that will forever decide the fate of humanity, and the planet. It’s happening right now. It’s not a war, or a battle, or a struggle for the hearts, minds, and souls of humanity. “Battle,” “struggle,” and “war” are all concepts based in the duality of right-wrong, and good-evil. This is a collective evolutionary choice between low consciousness and high consciousness. The human race must look beyond adolescent concepts now, and embrace the idea of harmony, peace, and cooperation for our very survival. If we do not, we will de-evolve into a collectivist, dead-end civilization with no hope of evolution to a society where every person can fulfill his or her greater potential.

The human race is emerging into a galaxy with at least 100 billion stellar systems, a galaxy that is teeming with life, a galaxy where most of the civilizations resemble the Star Wars movies: low consciousness combined with high technology. We see the embrace of technology, the worshipping of technology, with an almost religious fervor; as if it will be our savior. This is a trap. Fortunately, we can embrace technology as long as we also embrace our spiritual heritage, our connection to God/Creative Source, and insist on freedom for everyone.

Human rights are inherent and God given. They do not depend on the generosity of the State.

We are now at a crossroads in human evolution that will forever determine the fate of the human race. Once we step down that path there is no going back: our fate is sealed. Humanity will either evolve in consciousness or devolve into a degraded, materialist, Transhumanist society run by sociopaths who believe immortality is achieved by altering the human body and destroying the gateway to the One present in our DNA.

All new, emerging races must make a collective free-will choice to either high or low consciousness. We are there now, in 2021.

Seems impossible, doesn’t it? Why are we the ones who have to decide? It’s happening way too fast, but evolution always speeds up at the end until a tipping point is reached. Then: viola! A new development or mutation is born that has never been seen before.

We are approaching this denouement so quickly that everyone is being forced to choose: conflict or harmony, peace or war, a collectivist hive-mind or diversity and freedom that goes beyond gender and race, that embraces the idea that a human being is a divine creation and not a piece of meat.

Observe events. The darkness wants to hide, to lie, to keep their activities secret. Their goal is a degraded, collectivist, hierarchical glop controlled by a few. Their contempt for human beings and the Creative Source is obvious. It is in your face with censorship, vaccine passports, and the demand that everyone think, speak, and act alike. The light wants openness, transparency, honesty, and a glorious future where all human beings can fulfill their potential.

This is the fundamental choice we all have to make: open up to our higher potential, or devolve.

Choose! No one can sit on the fence any longer; life will force you to the light or to the dark. It’s all part of the evolutionary denouement that either continues the era of duality, or embraces a magnificent future. Make no mistake, we are almost at the tipping point now. The stream of events leading to the spiritual denouement are accelerating. Eight billion human beings are determining the fate of humanity right here in 2021.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Marshall Vian Summers:

God has given you a deeper Knowledge that cannot be manipulated, that cannot be persuaded and that cannot fall under any kind of persuasion, whether its source be human or from beyond the world. Knowledge within you only responds to God and to Knowledge within others. It cannot be manipulated, it cannot be persuaded, and that is why it represents your greatest strength—your core strength, the most reliable aspect of yourself.”

Marshall Vian Summers