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What’s Next?

Subtle Energy

A few years ago I wrote a blog post titled “The Universe Is an Information System.” In it I described how the geometry of atomic structure is an information system coded into the basic elements of nature. Last month we talked about an “etheric substance” that contains the programming for everything in nature. This substance has been called the “aether” by scientists and metaphysicians alike. Modern science has deprecated the aether concept, but it has seen a revival in frontier physics. It will (I hope) eventually be rediscovered when we begin to seriously study consciousness from a non-materialist perspective.

The etheric substance is beyond the electromagnetic spectrum and has been called by some remote viewers and psychics “subtle energy,” implying that it cannot be accessed by current science or scientific instruments. I believe that current science is at a dead-end until and unless it incorporates subtle energy. Subtle energy is an intimate part of our sacred biology. Surrounding all physical bodies is a lightbody, or merkaba. Our lightbodies are a sophisticated vehicle of information, communication, and even travel for our consciousness (see my novel, Beyond the Beginning). When in a physical body, the merkaba is invisible because it is beyond the range of our human senses. However, when we “die” we become aware that our consciousness has a geometry and a physics of its own. According to Lee Carroll, my favorite lecturer, subtle energy will soon be discovered by science and it will be a game-changer.

The “invisible” nature of subtle energy has allowed skeptics and materialists to scoff, and claim that such talk is utter nonsense. And from their viewpoint – a strictly materialist POV – it is! However, in order for humanity to advance along the road to higher consciousness we have to look beyond these narrow belief systems.

I have finally learned not to get angry about persons who cannot understand this. First of all, the majority of the population of this planet has this view. Anger or frustration about the self-awareness of others simply keeps me rooted in a lower emotion, and is probably just my own crap coming up to bite me. I have a feeling that the majority is skeptical because when they finally “get it,” there will be an almost instantaneous quantum leap (tipping point) that will propel the entire planet into a higher level of existence. Perhaps there MUST be a stubborn majority that hangs back. These persons act like a capacitor, storing subtle energy that is released all at once, creating broad agreement on a more cooperative way of living and opening up new avenues of thought.

The road to higher consciousness leads through a thicket of old memes and beliefs. We’ve been working through these as the population has risen dramatically over the past 300 years, and especially since 1930. Behind the scenes, in the mental plane, the human family have been incarnating and working out all of the old karma that has been placed into the species grid for the past 5,000 years. This decision has been made by all of us during our between-lives periods, when we reunite with source and see how much progress we’ve made during the most recent lifetime. Sometimes we incarnate as the business partner who screws his friend, working out the karma from past incidents whose energy is still in the grid, offering our friend the opportunity to transcend the old energy from a previous incident and wipe it out.  Sometimes we incarnate as the child who is “different,” offering our parents the opportunity to go beyond the current meme structure and break new ground. The scenarios are as endless as the lives we lead.

Evolution and Chaos Theory

The question is, what will the future look like? What will happen if we do attain consciousness at the planetary level, and how will this come about?

This question has to do with evolution and chaos theory. Does evolution proceed continuously (as Darwin argued) in response to environmental changes, or does it happen in quantum leaps? Is there an underlying set of rules that propels evolutionary change?

In the early 1970s a new theory, called the “punctuated equilibrium” hypothesis, argued that change happens very quickly, separated by long periods of seeming inactivity or stability. This in contradiction to Darwin’s accepted idea (which is much more intuitive) that change is gradual and continuous, over long periods of time, as a result of natural selection and adaptation. Since then, the new theory seems to have gained more and more acceptance.

I would argue that evolution appears to proceed in quantum leaps.  Behind the scenes, in the mental plane, an etheric template with its thought programming gradually builds up in sophistication, even while the physical organism or system shows almost no change at all. When the programming for a new mutation is ready, it appears suddenly in the physical universe. In other words, thought is not separate from physicality, a la materialism: rather, thought subtly drives physicality. I believe something similar has been occurring within the consciousness of the human race over the past several centuries. We are almost ready for a “breakout.” When it happens it will happen quickly, accompanied at first by a lot of apparent chaos.

The first signs of the breakout are the unbalancing of persons who are holding on too tightly to the old memes. You can almost hear the “snap” as some of these blokes go crazy, as in the Orlando shooting. These incidents are a physical precursor that indicates a much broader “mutation” of human consciousness. Some say that the reason for the increase in vibration is that the planet is going through a high energy area of the galaxy, and new energies are coming in. The Hindu tradition of the yugas (see previous blog post) say that the earth cycles through periods of low consciousness and then back again to periods of high consciousness. Regardless of the origin – which I think has more to do with the spiritual decision-making of the entire human family than some physical phenomenon – we are on the cusp of a new reality.

The bridge to that new reality, I believe, leads into a chaotic system with an accompanying increase in subtle energy and potential states of manifestation. In other words, when a system becomes chaotic, more and more bifurcations occur – more and more possible different realities present themselves. In nature, chaotic systems can fluctuate wildly for a short period before settling down to a new level. This is what is happening right now for humanity, I believe. We’re just at the beginning of the entry into a more chaotic pattern.

To see a primitive example of a chaotic system using magnets, here’s a short YouTube video by Associate Professor Lufti Al-Sharif of the University of Jordan. Here you can see that chaotic systems are extremely sensitive to initial conditions. When the starting point changes only slightly, you get a different manifestation. As in the physical universe, so in thought.


A much more detailed (and fascinating!) video that explains chaos theory is by Professor P. C. Deshmukh, “Chaotic Dynamical Systems,” at  This is a series of 5 fascinating lectures.

Chaos in physical systems like the weather, or in population increase or species mutation, refers to an apparent lack of order in a system that nevertheless obeys particular laws or rules, even if we cannot understand the rules that guide the evolving system. We all know how hard it is to predict the weather! It often changes too fast for reliable forecasts. This is because of the chaotic nature of weather systems. However, chaos theory postulates that underlying all unpredictable systems is some underlying rule or pattern, even if we haven’t figured it out yet!

The two main components of chaos theory are the idea that systems like the weather – no matter how complex they may be – rely upon an underlying order, and that very simple or small systems and events can cause very complex behaviors or events. In other words, something that appears to be entirely chaotic or unpredictable (like current events on planet earth) is actually operating under a set of rules. Chaos theory tries to determine the underlying order within the apparently chaotic situation.

Chaos theory was popularized by a meteorologist by the name of Edward Lorenz. Back in the 1960s he was running computerized equations to theoretically model and predict weather conditions. When he entered a number, .506127 to be exact, he ran the computer sequence and got a result. But when he punched in .506 and ran the same simulation, the weather pattern he got was totally different! According to all of the scientific expectations at that time, the resulting sequence should have differed only very slightly from the original trial. In other words, if you start with two things that are very, very close to each other, they should evolve along the same lines, shouldn’t they? That’s what Darwin thought. That’s what seems intuitive. Really, what’s the difference if you start with .506 or .506127? The two figures are almost identical, so the resulting weather pattern should have been very similar. But it wasn’t at all! Lorenz tried this with many numbers that were only slightly different, and got different results each time. Lorenz called this “sensitive dependence on initial conditions.”

It became popularly known as the “Butterfly Effect”: If a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil and moves a few air molecules, a month later there might be a storm in Texas, because of the very, very slight, but cumulative cascading of events brought about by the movement of the butterfly wing.

So Lorenz concluded that a very, very tiny change in the initial conditions (the starting point) – beyond even the ability of human beings to measure them – can cause totally different results. You can see this in the generation of fractals as well. You change the starting point of the original fractal by a tiny, tiny amount and you get an entirely different looking image. It’s fascinating!

The point is, if this is true in physical systems, then perhaps it is also true in the etheric, or subtle, realm. Perhaps physical systems just mirror an invisible but subtle pattern of laws that we haven’t yet worked out. This concept began with Plato and has been recognized ever since: the idea that there is a higher, but invisible underlying reality that describes the physical universe. The more you study math the more you realize that, with increased knowledge, we might be able to set down all of the rules necessary to create a universe, and even life itself! If this idea has validity, then our thoughts and attitudes become much more important. Perhaps our thoughts, in the etheric realm, act like little butterflies that have a large effect on human consciousness and human evolution.

The Future

What will happen to the human race and the planet when enough people make different, but coherent, choices? The planet itself is a set of dynamic, non-linear systems that must be, collectively, sensitive to initial conditions. Like Lorenz’s experiments with weather, even a slight change in thought may make huge changes in our evolutionary path. This means that a relatively determined few out of the 7 billion can have a huge effect on the future evolution of mankind.

If we are entering a chaotic period, how long will the chaotic pattern last? How intense will it be? These are unanswerable, but probably are dependent on the choices individuals make. In other words, reaching for higher vibrational thoughts, leading to higher vibrational actions, will smooth the way in the mental plane for a smoother transition to the next level. That is why every individual on the planet counts right now. The real action is in the mental plane, in your attitudes toward life and your fellow human beings. For example, I was sanding down a wooden arbor for my sister-in-law today. As my sander was going over the wood I saw a bunch of bugs come out. I carefully avoided going into the mass and allowed them to find safety. This is an attitude that just comes naturally now. The sacredness of life is something I can actually feel as a strong vibration. It’s part of the new consciousness, and feels entirely natural.

The idea is to make the transition (“ascend”) as smoothly as possible. Of course there are likely to be bumps and a few bruises, but if individuals get the idea that their contribution is important – it is! – we’ll have a more comfortable ride. Lightworkers, healers, and self-aware persons are most important now! The system is designed, apparently, for a few on the leading edge to do the work of creating the new templates of love and cooperation, grooving them in and making them strong enough for the great bulk of humanity to latch on to. When that happens – viola! – we reach the new level.

I put these ideas in my movie, “Evolution of Consciousness,” which can be viewed for free at I am revising and updating these movies with new codexes so that they will play on modern browsers and mobile devices. Right now they are still in Adobe Flash, but hopefully you can still view them.

So what’s next? The realization in science and in human consciousness that very small changes can have very big effects. This means that we don’t have to go on like we have for the last 5 millennia. A small but determined group of people can create a butterfly effect which will have a huge effect on the whole. So let’s get to it!



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“We must rapidly begin the shift from a ‘thing-oriented’ society to a ‘person-oriented’ society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered.”

——Martin Luther King, from his “Beyond Vietnam” speech

These words, spoken by Dr. King on April 4, 1967 – one year to the day before he was assassinated – are particularly true today, but in ways Dr. King did not anticipate. Our world has experienced an information and technology explosion, which has drastically changed the game since Dr. King made his speech. But his words are just as powerful today as they were back in ’67.

Today the world is run by privately-held corporations, some of whom are concealing technology that is desperately needed to solve the world’s problems. Events since 1967 have shown that Dr. King is right – unless and until the collective consciousness of mankind understands the importance of people and puts people before profit (and technology), we will stay mired in our fossil-fuel matrix. That’s because the key to world peace and prosperity is our own consciousness and the recognition of our co-creative power. People power is more important than technological power!

Co-creation works with an etheric/creative substance that fills the universe and everything in it. In order to discover this we must understand the sacred nature of our own biology and its merkaba, which interfaces with this universal substance. Dr. King anticipated the struggle we are now in, the struggle to enhance our technology without abandoning our spirituality. Without spiritual evolution – which can only be accomplished through our sacred biology  – mere technological evolution is a dead-end.

Our planet is cocooned within its own holographic field, which contains all of the activated thoughts and belief systems of the collective. I have referred to this as the mental plane. This is where the laws of the universe (such as the law of attraction) are programmed and where they live. The etheric/creative substance also contains templates of thought that direct the formation of physical DNA, which designs all of the physical forms on this planet. These etheric templates are all based in health, well-being, and cooperation. However, because this is a planet of free choice, we have the ability to deny, twist, and alter these templates.

Whatever thought forms (beliefs) we insert into the etheric substance will be reflected in the physical universe on the planet. It is literally true that a change in thought and belief will eventually alter physical reality. However, a materialist paradigm does not recognize this idea, and is destined to prolong a culture of “racism, materialism, and militarism.”

The human race must begin thinking of itself as a planetary civilization. This is the next step in evolution, and we are at the cusp of a new awareness that can bring about a new society at the fourth level (third level = group-wide, fourth level = species or planet-wide). This process of advancement has been dubbed “ascension.” Although it is the next, natural step in human evolution it is not guaranteed. It is always possible to backslide. Because we have free will, we may choose, collectively, to ignore the window of opportunity for advancement. A continued insistence on patriotism to individual nation-states will throttle any hope of advancement to the next level.

We are in the End Times right now! The battle today is for the hearts and minds of the human collective, and it comes down to technology/transhumanism vs biology, spiritual growth, and ascension. This issue is going to accelerate massively during the next several years, as a “data dump” a la Edward Snowden from the hidden programs finds its way into the mainstream. Whistleblowers have now come forth to tell us that in the special access programs, technology exists that can help us transform the planet and our societies. Some or all of this beneficial information is going to be released broadly, very soon. A lot of people will naturally become fascinated with technology and transhumanist ideas, and there will be a strong push for “chipping” and even the wholesale transfer of consciousness out of biological bodies and into man-made “containers” such as android bodies. Sound strange? Well, it’s going to get even stranger. There will be a push for a move to a more “virtual existence,” where consciousness will exist in a sort of “cloud,” just as virtual apps (and massive amounts of data) do today. If you doubt this read the article on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, “Inside Mark Zuckerberg's Bold Plan For The Future Of Facebook,” at It has even been suggested that biological bodies are outmoded because they get sick, they are fragile, and they can only live for 80 years or so.

However, technology as we know it today cannot access the etheric substance, only biology can do that. A materialist science will never discover it because it is beyond the EM spectrum and beyond current scientific instrumentation. Our biology, and every planet, star, and galaxy in the universe, is surrounded by one of these etheric fields, which when accessed can lead us to an enlightened state of high consciousness.

Too much fascination with technology/electronics will lead the human race to a soulless future where our biology and our spiritual growth become deprecated.

The Near Future

IMHO, here’s what the near future (1–10 years) looks like. First comes a big data dump and the realization that we have been lied to on a massive scale. Then comes the release of some amazing technology.  Then will come a decision by the collective about what our future evolutionary path will be: over-reliance on technology (dead end) or spiritual growth via our biology (ascension and unity with spiritually advanced galactic civilizations. Note that spiritual advancement CAN go hand-in-hand with technological advancement!). We are, right now, at the very beginning of this. The debate now is between partial or full disclosure (Greenwald and Snowden only released half of the info Snowden took from the NSA). Partial disclosure leads to a continuation of the fossil fuel matrix and a continuation of the materialist agenda for as long as possible. Full disclosure puts us on the path of full release of hidden technology with all of its benefits – as well as an almost inevitable promotion of it by transhumanists and futurists as our savior. Then the human race will have to decide which evolutionary path to take. All of this, I believe, is going to occur within the next decade.

At present our planetary culture is firmly embedded within an outdated materialist science and economy. Our transportation sector, for example is still operating on 19th century technology (the automobile). The modern jet engine was invented over 70 years ago. Our electricity is supplied by coal-fired plants and wires on wooden totems; this technology (alternating current) was invented by Tesla over 100 years ago. Nuclear power is essentially a modified steam engine, which was invented in the early part of the 19th century. Apparently, most people see nothing wrong with this – even though our communications technology has advanced far beyond. Our medical science is still primitive, not having advanced much during the past 100 years. Cancer is still a scourge, even though literally hundreds of billions of dollars have been invested in a cure. Advancements in nutrition and food supply have mainly been responsible for lengthening life spans. Pharmaceutical drugs have helped, of course, but these drugs treat symptoms and do not often provide cures. Alcoholism, heart disease, and other scourges are still prevalent, just as they were 100 years ago. Does this not seem strange?

Soon will come a “data dump” and after that a release of amazing technology that, if used properly, can markedly advance human civilization. Some of the bloggers I read (like Ben Fulford) think that this is the end game. But it’s only the beginning!

Data Dump

What whistleblowers within the special access programs have revealed is so far out of the mainstream that it is almost unbelievable. But it explains a lot. When this information is finally released it will challenge the belief systems of every individual on the planet. It sure as hell did mine! It will also be accompanied by some pretty gruesome information – the other half of the duality.

It has been a severe reality adjustment for me, but I see current events now in a much different light. If even 10% of the whistleblower info I have read is true, we live in a world where our public governments and even our militaries are constrained by a private corporate network that has technology far superior to that in the public sector. (Some of this technology has leaked into the communications sector – which is why it has advanced further than the rest of our current technology.) In previous blog posts we’ve looked at some of the movies and TV shows that have tried to show this to a sleeping public, and to expose the forbidden subjects of “UFOs” and “ETs,” which have been presented to the public as either some kind of kooky nonsense, or “cute” science fiction. The reality is far different.

This new technology is based on a physics that transcends the materialist concept, and the Standard Model. To even accept its existence requires a completely new mindset. The function of the “data dump” will be to shock people out of their sleepwalking complacency, and get the collective consciousness ready to accept a new mindset. Unfortunately this technology, although highly advanced, can still be used for negative purposes.

The human race is in the position of native cultures 300 years ago when faced with the superior technology brought by European colonialists. This new technology, which should have been used during the 20th century to advance the human race, has instead been used to bludgeon our governments (and the public) into submission. At the same time, a spiritual Renaissance is occurring. The average human being is becoming more aware of his or her connection to Source. For some, this is causing a psychic imbalance, resulting in incidents like the shooting in Orlando. This is very understandable, because we have been raised in a materialist culture, and the New Reality is a higher vibrational one that will usher in a new physics, a new medicine, and an ENTIRELY new worldview. This is going to be very hard for some people to accept! Already we are feeling a little funny – the energy of Source is pushing on through the veil of our self-limiting beliefs. Those of us who have already stepped out onto the spiritual path will have an easier time of it. But some of us won’t.

New energies are coming in, and the duality is breaking down. Both the light and the dark side are forcefully presenting themselves now – forcing us to make a choice. We are now in the middle of the window of ascension.

What is the nature of the new reality? Before we can experience this we will have to be introduced to the current reality, which is the purpose of the data dump. The current reality looks a lot different than what we are told by NPR and the New York Times and on the network news and in our university courses. Here are just a few items that will come out within the next couple of years (and these aren’t even the most important ones):

  • After the Apollo astronauts landed on the moon, the human race was ordered off it. The moon (especially the back side, which never faces the earth) has been colonized by dozens of ET races that have super-advanced technology, as well as a significant interest in our planet’s life forms and resources. The idea seems absurd, doesn’t it? But is it really coincidental that our entire manned space program has been scrapped? I grew up during the excitement of the Apollo missions, and President Kennedy’s announcement that “we will put a man on the moon by 1969.” If you didn’t live through that period you have no idea of the excitement it generated in society. Science fiction became hugely popular, and it was accepted that the advancement of the human race would continue through the 1960s and that we would be a space-faring society very soon after that. When I was a child I remember seeing “The Jetsons,” which was a popular acknowledgment of this assumption. But what happened? The assassination of Malcolm X, President Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King... and after the Apollo moon landings over 40 years ago we never went back. The law of attraction, and karma, works both ways. Colonialist powers with superior technology kicked butt on the natives of other countries and cultures all over our planet – now maybe it’s happening to us. What goes around comes around.
  • NASA is a cover for several secret space programs that have advanced technology. NASA is the fossil-fuel space program that has been convincingly used to promote the idea that ETs don’t exist and that rockets and other fossil-fuel based vehicles are the height of our current technology.
  • The Allies defeated the Third Reich during WW II, but the Fourth Reich, with advanced technology, defeated the Allies after WW II. By the 1940s (but too late for Hitler), the Germans had already developed electrogravitic space-faring vehicles that could fly rings around Allied aircraft. The Germans established a breakaway civilization (the Fourth Reich) that has had bases on the moon and Mars for decades. After WW II, a secret battle was fought between the US and the Fourth Reich in Antarctica. The US was soundly defeated. In 1952 “UFOs” appeared over the White House (see,_D.C._UFO_incident) as a warning to the US government not to interfere in the creation of a worldwide national security state. Absurd, right?
  • Since then, however, a worldwide national security state has been established that has funneled trillions of dollars from the earth’s public governments – through the vehicle of extra-budgetary funding – into these hidden programs. (See the Donald Rumsfeld announcement on 9/10/11, where he announced that $2.3 trillion was unaccounted for. This money went directly into the hidden space programs. Here in the US, see the Supreme Court case United States vs. Richardson, 1974, where the Supreme Court struck down investigation into the off-budget funding of black programs). We the people have paid for advanced technology but we have not seen the benefits – other than “trickle down” technology such as mobile phones, which further monetizes the deep national security state. When I watch TV now I see some very silly commercials advertising automobiles (19th century technology). One of these commercials laughably shows a starfield and some sort of light coming to earth. Then the light goes into a car and people get into the car and drive away while the announcer talks about how advanced the vehicle is. It’s funny! The promoted meme here is that fossil fuel technology is the highest it goes.
  • A new physics and medicine has already been developed that can cure cancer and all of the diseases that plague mankind. This one is too absurd to be believed unless you are paranoid, but consider that we have had a “war on cancer” since 1969. That’s almost a half-century and hundreds of billions of dollars without a cure, year after year after year. Investigate the amount of money that goes into cancer research every year, and make up your own mind about this.
  • The galaxy is populated with intelligent life. ETs have been interacting with mankind for several thousand years, at the vibrational level of our collective consciousness. A lot of the advanced technology in the private corporate network has been obtained from ETs. In order to prepare us for what we are about to experience, this theme has been promoted in books, movies, radio programs, and TV programs for over 70 years.

The earth is surrounded by other space-faring civilizations. We shouldn’t be shocked to hear this because we’ve been prepped now for decades. The human race is in the position of the natives being invaded by European colonists several hundred years ago, except now on a broader scale. The parallel is exact, except that a private corporate network has been established as the interface between the rest of the galaxy and the public. The advanced technology has been misused and militarized, keeping more advanced civilizations away from the earth and the human race brainwashed, and in abysmal ignorance. Like the European colonists, a modern day invasion (or infiltration) is occurring for us natives underneath the radar of human awareness, while we watch programs like “American Ninja,” a silly show where contestants try to outdo each other swinging from ropes, jumping over barrels, and in general behaving like well-trained monkeys. Watch this program sometime – I always get a good laugh from it. If history does repeat itself, I’d image that during the Roman Empire we saw similar “bread and circuses for the masses” events in different form, as gladiators fought each other in the arena. (There was even a Star Trek program on this theme, titled “Bread and Circuses”).

For many people this kind of talk provokes a “giggle” response, or even anger – which is part of the programming in the matrix. Until Hillary Clinton mentioned UFOs in her speeches (see previous blog post) no one in authority has been allowed to talk seriously of ETs or advanced technology, unless it is presented as “science fiction,” and Hillary only mentioned it because her polling shows a strong interest in this subject by a small but motivated section of the voting public. But what if the technology in science fiction novels is already a reality?

Again, assertions like these go against the grain of our programming. Despite decades of movies and TV programs, the belief systems of humanity as yet do not allow for the possibility of life outside the planet earth, much less real live ETs with advanced technology. It is instructive to listen to a day of programming on NPR or one of the network news channels, or read the New York Times or the Washington Post, with the above in mind. Current events programming is carefully framed to only present the old memes – conflict, struggle, poverty, scarcity, war, and orthodox medicine and science. Almost 100% of current event stories are framed around these memes. If new ideas are mentioned at all, they are always rooted in the current paradigm.

What’s the solution?

Most people would say that there is no solution because there isn’t a problem, and that this kind of talk is for lunatics. However, a very small (but growing) section of the planetary population is tired of the lies and is creating, in the collective consciousness, a higher awareness. When enough of us do so, a tipping point will be reached that will blow the lid off. I have been looking forward to this for the last 20 years, and I think we’re almost there.

The solution involves the collective consciousness of mankind and our ability to co-create. Not all of the advanced technology in the galaxy can prevent a civilization from connecting to source and literally ascending to a different dimensional reality! This just seems stupid to a lot of people because of our old programming. But we can create new programming! This is the power of co-creation. Seven billion people co-creating a new reality is, literally, an unstoppable force. We have the power to lift ourselves to a new vibration that transcends transhumanism and other evolutionary dead-ends.

The good news is that the laws of planetary evolution assure us that only the human race can place ideas into the collective consciousness of humanity. This planet is sovereign to the native life forms on it (even though we don‘t realize this or apply it). No outside forces can affect the planet earth UNLESS the collective consciousness of humanity agrees to it. Therefore it is not possible for us to lose our power, which is granted to all physical beings by the laws of the universe. However, we can give up our power! We can be convinced to act against our own interests. This applies to the personal lives of individuals as well as the collective consciousness, on a planetary scale.

The sad truth is that we are (and have always been) co-creating the conditions that are enslaving us. Too many of us have bought into the materialist lie of the biological basis for consciousness. In all of my novels and essays and on my radio show I have tried to promote the idea that the only power the “powers that be” (or “evil ETs”) have over us is their superior understanding of the power of consciousness, and co-creation. The overarching theme has been to direct the collective consciousness of humanity along certain lines, and let US create the planetary reality. That’s how it works “out there,” and here as well. A planetary population, when it reaches a certain level, develops a technological infrastructure and it then becomes an attractive candidate for exploitation, just as a corporation with a very healthy balance sheet becomes a target for arbitrage. As above, so below. The trick is to recognize our higher spiritual abilities, and to use them to co-create a different reality. Not all the advanced technology in the universe can prevent this, if we wake up and realize our potential.

Technology Release

Apparently you don’t have to be spiritually advanced to get hold of advanced galactic technology. It’s billions of years old (the universe itself is at least 13.5 billion years old). It’s as commonplace as going to the local Sears store and buying a battery. Apparently, both highly spiritually advanced civilizations, as well as degraded civilizations, can get hold of it (we see this in the Star Wars movies). Moreover, the law of attraction tells us that we will meet other civilizations precisely at our own vibrational level. Look around the planet earth, what do you see? Greed and problem resolution through conflict and war. Scarcity, poverty, exploitation of human beings by human beings. If there is intelligent life beyond the borders of earth, what sorts of civilizations will we attract? Those who match our collective vibrational level: those who have the desire to exploit us, just as we have the desire to exploit others.

How do we attract more spiritually advanced civilizations? By doing what Dr. Steven Greer is doing with his CE-5 initiative: training field groups – independent of the authorities – to go out into the field, meditate on peace and love, and invite other ET civilizations to come here and see that all is not lost on planet earth, that there is a small but significant slice of the population that has reached a higher vibration. There is probably a local group in your area, and if not, you can go to and create your own group. The meditations are awesome and are available as free apps for your mobile.

Folks, this kind of “goofy” talk is going to become more and more commonplace as it becomes obvious that the earth isn’t alone in the universe. Collectively, the human race is going to have to get its head out of the sand and understand that we live in a galaxy where we are the natives and other civilizations have the jump on us. Humanity is living in a sort of cocoon composed of its own adolescent, limiting beliefs. We will either wake up or go the way of our own Native American populations (who have been warning us about the direction of our society for at least the last 300 years).

Fortunately, an understanding of consciousness and the power of co-creation can literally turn the earth into a paradise. The release of advanced technology from the special access programs has the potential to transform the planet and our societies into a civilization that cooperates within itself, declares sovereignty for the planet earth and the life on it, and becomes a sovereign member of galactic society. On the other side, the release of this technology will also fire a debate about the direction of humanity’s future. Over-reliance on technology can lead us down an evolutionary dead-end.

At the present time humanity cannot be classified, under any rational standard, as a civilized society. The most basic definition of a civilized society is a group of people who cooperate and work together to improve the lives of each other and the planet. This is what Dr. King was saying way back in 1967. Unless and until we put people first, and gain more compassion for our fellow man, we’re not going anywhere. It is still possible that we will choose the deprecated evolutionary path of transhumanism.

Sometimes I feel like a guy screaming at a brick wall. Sometimes I feel really stupid. Why am I doing this? I ask myself. But Dr. King also said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” So I feel compelled to keep blogging about this. Esther Hicks always said, “There is never a crowd on the leading edge.” My hope is that the leading edge will soon become commonplace.

The Future

As 2016 merges into 2017, we are going to see at least a partial data dump. Interestingly, I saw a seminal ad on TV today. It’s a State Farm ad. The ad begins with, “What if we lived in a world where nothing went wrong?” It shows cars and people coming together in an intersection and no one getting hurt. It shows a fire in a house going out and being restored. Then it says, “In a world where nothing goes wrong we’ll still need insurance.” The ad then shows several positive things insurance companies can do in a world without disasters, such as funding college educations. This is the first 100% positive advertising I have ever seen from an insurance company. It’s awesome, and to me shows that we are making progress. Insurance companies are all about promoting fear (the Allstate ads), but this ad is about promoting creativity and cooperation. The new awareness is slowly making its way into the mainstream.

In the short term (1–5 years) there will probably be more “compassion events” such as the tragic shooting in Orlando. As human awareness rises, the dark side of the duality will become more and more exposed to the light, causing unbalanced persons to react irrationally. This will result in even more awareness of the ongoing “battle between light and dark” whose goal is the conscious choice by more and more people to go to the light. When that happens, we will have won! And our societies will be living in very, very interesting times. Keep an eye on the website, which is scheduled to launch sometime in July 2016. This is a website designed for the vast majority of the population who won’t readily accept the new information.

Have a great month of July!