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Human Progress

Human progress advances one grave at a time.

This is a modification of the famous quote by Max Planck, founder of quantum physics: “Science advances one funeral at a time.” Which is to say that human beings are resistant to new ideas and to change.

I used to think that if enough people woke up, a rapid change in consciousness would occur. I’ve given up on that idea! Human progress advances one grave at a time. Change occurs slowly, over generations. The old-timers die off and the new children come in. That doesn’t mean things don’t improve! It just happens slowly. It sucks, because aware people can see that the system is broken. It needs to be fixed ASAP!

The Current Paradigm of Knowledge

In physics, dark matter and dark energy comprise fully 95% of the universe. Current science only understands (at best) 5% of universal phenomena. To quote NASA:

It turns out that roughly 68% of the universe is dark energy. Dark matter makes up about 27%. The rest - everything on Earth, everything ever observed with all of our instruments, all normal matter - adds up to less than 5% of the universe. Come to think of it, maybe it shouldn't be called "normal" matter at all, since it is such a small fraction of the universe.[1]

Moreover, over 90% of human DNA is not understood. Less than 10% of our DNA is protein-encoded, that part of the human genome that programs the physical characteristics of individual human bodies. The other 90% must have a function, but it is not understood. Therefore medicine also understands only a small fraction of human biology.

We may conclude that our current knowledge of the universe, and of ourselves, is woefully insufficient. Why is it then, that new ideas are so often ridiculed, even though our understanding is so limited? The famous statement about the progress of an idea perfectly encapsulates this: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

What gets people to accept a new idea that was, a short time ago, strongly opposed? Like the automobile and the computer, the stubborn ones who will only accept the status quo must first die off.

This begs the question: Is science as we know it today at the pinnacle of knowledge? Perhaps ten percent is as good as it gets! The rest may be unknowable. If so, then the current fossil fuel economy is the pinnacle of evolution. Medicine is at its highest point. Communications and travel can’t get any better than they are now.

Most people under the Bell curve will accept the status quo without comment, or could care less. But these people are almost never change agents. They are the followers, not the leaders. It is the old souls and the introspective ones who come up with the new ideas that change society. If you are intuitive at all, you suspect that the current paradigm cannot possibly be the pinnacle of knowledge, or technology, or evolution.

The work of Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project shows us that exotic technologies have already been developed, but are hidden away. See the national security briefing by Greer at

We also know that the Patent Office has issued over 5,000 Patent Secrecy Orders, suppressing new technology under the guise of national security.

It seems that we are not even close to the highest possible level of knowledge.

It doesn’t matter whether you believe Greer or not. In order to develop advanced technology that will save the planet (or, if you believe Greer, get already existing technology released) the mass consciousness must accept new ideas. If we want to advance we must not be satisfied with only ten percent!

Some New Ideas

Let’s say that the human race is always at its highest level of knowledge, corresponding to its current level of consciousness. We know that there are lower and higher levels of consciousness; we see it every day in life! Some people are with it, some are not. If you have ever talked to a macho-man about compassion and harmony, you have experienced this! Macho-man is at his highest level of awareness based on his own personal self-awareness.

In general, we can only know that which is reachable from our level of awareness, because we can’t know what we don’t know. So science is always at its highest level of knowing. The question is, are there levels of knowledge beyond what we don’t know? If there are, the only way to reach them is by raising our collective vibration via a change in consciousness. This opens up new levels of information.

However, the evolution of human consciousness is not guaranteed. The old generation dies off and the new generation comes in, but if there is no one on the planet to spread the light, to raise the collective vibration, the same old shit happens generation after generation. This is what has happened on planet earth for millennia.

That is why the 2012 marker is so important: we made it past all the prophecies that said we should have already destroyed ourselves in a nuclear war. World War III isn’t going to happen, despite the thrashings and flailings of those stuck in the old paradigm. When the new kids come in, they will be coming in to a planet that has evolved, and is evolving (slowly), to higher levels of consciousness. Eventually this generational shift will provide solutions to intractable problems that don’t have a solution at the current level of consciousness.

When new ideas are proposed they are often shot down by orthodox science. Reading Wikipedia is instructive. If you look up frontier science topics like electrogravitics and energy from the quantum vacuum, you will find ridicule backed by science.

Scientific pronouncements still have a big effect on the mass consciousness. However, science assumes that the materialist paradigm is the only paradigm and that the dimension we live in is the only dimension. But if the universe is multidimensional, our level of knowledge is dependent on what dimension we are in. At the third level, the level of materialism, we are trapped in a box. Consciousness – the change agent for advancement – is not even recognized, or if it is, is postulated to be dependent on matter. At this level, human beings are just meat bodies. Poverty, injustice, and conflict is the order of the day. A civilization at the third level is unaware of the higher vibrations, unaware that there ARE higher vibrations and a much higher level of human consciousness. That is why new ideas are ridiculed, and also why new ideas are so important! They postulate concepts beyond the box of 3-D.

The function of the old soul, from lifetime to lifetime, is to keep knowledge of the higher vibrations alive in the consciousness of society. An old soul is one interested in the spiritual and the esoteric. The old soul can think beyond the box of 3-D. If you are reading this, you are probably an old soul! The old soul is approximately one-half of one percent of the population.

For the past 5,000 years the old soul has been fighting the old energy in a sort of retrenching operation. Nothing much changed on the planet until the 2012 marker. Most people would say that nothing changed; that things are even worse now. But they aren’t. They’re better. The light is penetrating the darkness in ways it never has before. That’s why we are seeing so much horrible stuff coming forward. And some funny stuff too.[2]


String theory tells us that there are other dimensions, and that these dimensions are infolded within the fabric of spacetime. This is a scientific statement that we do live in a multidimensional universe. A multidimensional universe is one with a spectrum of vibrational differences. As one travels up the dimensions, new wisdom, and a new physics and a new medicine, make themselves available. The earth is slowly ascending to a higher vibration. This means that the discovery of heretofore unknown information is coming. The discovery of new technology that can literally create a paradise on earth and eliminate scarcity, poverty, and disease is coming (slowly). But only if we continue and expand our spiritual connection with Gaia and with our higher selves. Technological advancement is dependent on spiritual advancement!

The competition for scarce resources creates the evils mankind experiences. But this situation is wholly consciousness-dependent. Scarcity, competition, and conflict is unavoidable within the paradigm of a scarce fossil fuel economy, and fossil fuel science. Disease is inevitable within a paradigm of a materialist medicine.

The seeming inevitability of conflict, struggle, war, and disease has been blamed on “human nature.” But this belief is a distortion. The current paradigm is just a reflection of the current state of human consciousness and thought. In the past, humanity believed that consciousness proceeds from neurons firing in the brain. Within such a vibrational box, a low level of consciousness is inescapable and cannot be changed. Within that box “human nature” must always stay the same.

The idea that human nature is unchangeable is not natural law, but an imposed paradigm of thought. In less conspiratorial terms, it is a strongly held belief, a self-fulfilling prophecy. Before the 2012 marker, the resonant frequency of human civilization did not change even as scientific advancement completely altered the physical nature of human societies. The new children came into a planet that was always at the same level of consciousness. Therefore science and technology cannot be the basis for the true advancement of the human race.

Human Nature Is Not Fixed

Human nature is alterable. Human nature is dependent on human consciousness. Human consciousness is based in thought, and thoughts are changeable. Human consciousness has a physical component, but also a divine component. In order to change human consciousness we must discover that divine component within. In this way we advance the consciousness of humanity and proceed to higher dimensions, where new technology and information is available that will transform our societies. Our advancement as a species is dependent on how well we are able to access our spiritual/divine component.

When it is discovered that energy is abundant, the evils that result from scarcity will disappear. Let’s see what NASA says about this:

In this theory [the quantum theory of matter], "empty space" is actually full of temporary ("virtual") particles that continually form and then disappear. But when physicists tried to calculate how much energy this would give empty space, the answer came out wrong - wrong by a lot. The number came out 10120 times too big. That's a 1 with 120 zeros after it. It's hard to get an answer that bad. So the mystery continues.[3]

Some forward-thinking physicists don’t think this is wrong at all! If indeed there is anything close to 10120 joules of energy in every cubic centimeter of space, that’s enough energy to power the planet until the sun novas. For free! Compare this to the primitive internal combustion engine, coal-fired power plants, and even nuclear energy. It’s a complete paradigm shift. Unfortunately, research dollars in the sciences go almost exclusively into already established channels, thus supporting the status quo.

We will never know if such exciting technology exists unless there is a change in consciousness to a higher vibration. It will never happen at the level of materialism. Even if such technology exists within the “black” programs, as some like Dr. Steven Greer have asserted, it will never be released until human consciousness is ready to accept it. To do that more people with new ideas and higher expectations are necessary.

A “higher vibration” or a “rise in consciousness” just means an increase in tolerance and compassion. A lessening of competition and conflict and an increase in cooperation and harmony will result, which leads to higher creativity and intuition. It seems crazy to say that raising the vibration of mankind will open up a new physics and a new medicine. Sheldon Cooper would at once pronounce this as “hokum.” But it’s only hokum if you believe that ten percent knowledge is as good as it gets.

Drama and Consciousness

Consider that our galaxy has AT LEAST 100 billion stars, and could have as many as 400 billion. If most of those stars have planets, there are several hundred billion planets out there. Some of these planets must have intelligent life. (Nature wouldn’t create such a huge collection randomly, without a purpose. That idea is a materialistic one.) If all planets with life have an equal chance to graduate out of materialism, there are probably a lot of civilizations that don’t make it, and some that do.

The civilizations in the “Star Wars” franchise have galactic technology but not spiritual wisdom. Despite their advanced technology, they have just carried their materialistic nature out into space. They compete and fight with each other on an interstellar scale. BORING! In science fiction this scenario is called “space opera.” Space opera is drama. All conflict is drama, and indicates immaturity. Adolescents (and emotionally adolescent adults) thrive on drama. If you have ever had teenage children you know what I mean.

Drama has been occurring for millennia on this planet. Look at the Middle East. The Shia and Sunni conflict. The Serbs vs the Croats, the Hutu vs. the Tutsi, Darfur, The Hatfields vs. the McCoys, etc. etc. etc. Drama comes from the inability to forgive and to get over yourself. It’s a symbol of a consciousness based in materialism.

The spiritual component of the human being is what will create a new civilization. New technology is an offshoot of the rise in human consciousness, driven by the spiritual component. Discovery of the divine within, on a planetary basis, will lead to a “golden age” society where disease, poverty, injustice, and conflict are things of the past. We advance dimensionally (vibrationally) past the drama of “Star Wars.”

The demarcation line between a true civilization and a barbarism is cooperation and compassion. Jabba the Hut had interstellar technology, but he was still a degraded being of low consciousness.

The significant datum is consciousness. Where are we on the scale of cooperation and harmony? Where are we on the scale of compassion? These are divine qualities and will lead to a divine society as well as an inevitable advance in technology.

The problem for old souls and other spiritually oriented people is that we are a tiny fraction of the population. Very tiny. I don’t know the reason for this, but if you have woken up, it’s your job to keep your light shining! Your work has made the difference, lifetime after lifetime. And it will continue to make the difference.

[1] See “Dark matter, dark energy” at

[2] Here’s a video I found about CNN’s coverage of the Gulf War. This video could itself be fake, but it looks real. Look at the reporter’s hair. It’s not moving, even though the palm tree in the background is blowing in the wind. Notice the blue screen in the background.

[3] Ibid.