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Since the beginning of 2018 there have already been two school shootings. In addition to the Florida high school shooting there was also one in Benton Kentucky. There have been many more in previous years. There is a war going on in this country, but it's not a traditional war.

People are interpreting these shootings in the tired old Democrat-Republican, Liberal-Conservative paradigm. "Trump is a fascist and an NRA supporter!" cry those on the "left." "Barack Obama was president for 8 years during multiple shootings, it's his fault!" cry those on the "right."

As long as hatred dominates these false debates, nothing will change. Hatred creates a vibrational resonance that will lead to more killings and further disruption of our society. False narratives have been developed on both "sides" of this conflict. (I refuse to go into them, for that will just stir up more hatred.) Conspiracy theories abound. For the dark army, this is the intended result.

I quoted Bill Casey last month about disinformation, look up that quote. That's where we are right now.

If we take a step back we can see that the situation resembles a chaotic system before it finds balance at another level. That level can be a higher state of consciousness or a lower one. It's up to us.

How can we fight the darkness?

This question is itself false, because the operative word in it is fight. Transcending the darkness is the only way out. This is what the Masters on the planet have been telling us for thousands of years. Guess what: we are in it now. We are living it. The teachings of the Masters used to be nice things we meditated on, and applied when we could. Now they are essential. This is the contest at the end of the world, and it involves individuals all over the planet who must decide to either go to the dark, or go to the light.

The United States is at the forefront. What is happening here will soon happen in other countries.

Those who have turned away from the light have mobilized because they see the end of the road for the old paradigm. But they cannot learn, because they are blind. These individuals and organizations only know how to apply the same tactics over and over: the tactics of intimidation and violence. As the consciousness of the planet rises, their actions will stick out more and more.

What can we do as ordinary individuals to help humanity and the planet? Does going to the light mean fighting the darkness? Nope. That is the preferred solution for the dark army. Entice as many people to resist hatred and intolerance. This just flows power to the dark and create a low vibe that spreads into the mass consciousness.

I am sure of one thing: Hillary Clinton and "those horrible Democrats" are not the real problem. Donald Trump and "those horrible Republicans" are not the real problem. They are  symptoms of the underlying duality that is driving opinions and hardening hearts. The strength of that duality is created, every day, by the decisions individuals make every day. Like a pharmaceutical drug that only treats symptoms, we are looking only at the surface in these false debates. What happens when you take pharmaceuticals? You have to keep taking them, because the drug doesn't treat the cause of the illness, only the symptoms. The drug manages the illness, but the illness is still there. The problem continues.

Being "right" isn't the issue. Finding the "truth" isn't either.

The real problem is a lack of tolerance and compassion. Fighting, debating, marshaling arguments to support your side, all of these are futile and only benefit the darkness. Sure, you can "prove" you're right, but how does that help peace on earth?

The internet is so filled with conflict and hatred (particularly social media) that trying to establish truth about political events is almost impossible. Current events are surface manifestations of the underlying spiritual contest for the hearts and minds of the people of earth. I call it a contest because free will is the modus operandi of the current scene. The current scene is the cumulative karmic consequence of 26,000 years of human thought and activity during the last cycle. If there is a dark army it has been created by US in our various incarnations. Breaking news: Everyone who has ever had an incarnation on earth is participating. WE created the problem, so WE can also solve it.

The most powerful esoteric cycle on the planet is the precession of the equinoxes. We've talked about this in previous blog posts. At the end of every cycle there is a small window where the planet and the human race have an opportunity to plant the seeds that will blossom during the next 26,000-year cycle.

How's it going so far?

"I thought that after December 21, 2012 we were all set. Nothing to worry about."

Yeah, that was very important. But all that assured is no extinction event. We survived. But the quality of our lives? That is an entirely different matter.

Fence Sitting

Consider what happens when (you think) some idiot begins to spout on about [how bad the Democrats are] or [how evil the Republicans are] or [anything that really pisses you off]. Let's say the person uses bogus arguments that really sound stupid. What's your reaction? For me, my fine Irish temper immediately gets riled up. I'm ready to go in there... but that is pointless. What I do now is just step back and listen. I try to find why this person is so agitated. Usually it's because he or she is worried about something. If I think the person is really obtuse and is just being inflammatory, I will walk away ("turn the other cheek."). This is especially important on social media, where shills and haters abound. If I can soothe the person I'll try to do that. If I can't I'll walk away. That isn't cowardice, it's strength.

Argumentation is by definition a conversation without a resolution. This is pointless and only contributes to the negative vibes.

Here is the point of this article: Sitting on the fence is no longer supported in the new energy. What does that mean? Getting off the fence doesn't mean taking a "side." It doesn't mean, "I'll stand firm in my [liberal conservative Democrat Republican gun control second amendment....whatever belief, fill in the blank]. I'll not back down to those morons on the other side." If you do this you have taken a position to continue the conflict.

"But that's nonsense!!" you shout. "Trump is evil! He's destroying our democracy! There is this fact, and that fact..." The other side shouts, "Hillary and her crew are the evil ones! See this fact and that fact..." What's the point of this, other than to promote divisiveness and intolerance?

What does getting off the fence mean? It means you are either supporting the dark army or you choose the light.

Is walking away from a potential conflict better than wading in and showing the other person the truth? The answer to that question is, "Does it help peace on earth?"

The duality now is between love and hate, between intolerance and tolerance, between compassion and indifference. These decisions are being made in their billions, every day on the planet. These decisions determine whether the human race will discover its true potential, or wallow in pettiness and conflict for the next 26 millennia.

The Masters who walked the planet understood this. I'm no Master and I don't expect you to be one either. BUT we have choices in this showdown between dark and light. The darkness is sneaky; it will surround one truth with a dozen lies. This is what Bill Casey meant when he talked about "our program of disinformation."

What I've learned is that the truth isn't as important as being tolerant. Having the "facts" right isn't as important as choosing the position of the light, even when it's really hard.

Does this mean as a country we tolerate pedophiles, people who gun down children, and other harmful criminals? Nope. One of the tactics of the dark army is to make people weak and spineless through fear. Compassion and tolerance doesn't mean allowing criminals to run roughshod. It does mean having enough compassion to out these people without murdering them. Otherwise it's a case of, "We have met the enemy and he is us." Would I care particularly if a child trafficker was killed, or a pedophile? Hell no. However, a program of hunting down and killing evildoers uses the tactics of the dark side to "solve" the problem of the dark side. The difficulty is that every thought, every emotion, and every act you perform on earth is stored in your Akash. When you come back the next time you pick it up. If you are the evildoer, you remember the hate you felt when the "good guys" gunned you down. If you were one of the "good guys," you remember the hate you felt when you gunned down that child molester. The common denominator, on both "sides," is hate. The bad vibes are perpetuated to the next generation, except they are stronger the next time because more killing and hatred is added on top of the existing stuff. This process is called "building up karma." It's what causes civilizations, eventually, to fall.

Some people think that tolerant people are weaklings. It's just the opposite. True tolerance and compassion comes from recognizing the God in you and the God in others. This energy is powerful. Weak people lash out. Strong people keep their own counsel and have mercy on others who may not have woken up yet.

I want to quote three paragraphs from a book I read by Khurshid Ali, The Bible's Last Message to a Dying World. I think this is profound advice. It's about the statement, "love thine enemy." On the surface this is just stupid. But if you look at it closely, it makes sense. It applies very much to the current situation.


The Bible says that we should love all human beings, including our enemies. This is probably the single most misunderstood Biblical instruction. However, loving one’s enemy is in fact very sound advice, which ultimately produces positive results. Normally there exists only hatred between enemies. There are disputes, differences, clashes of interest, and both opponents strive to put down and harm the other. How can one love their enemies when only hatred is present? “Love thine enemy” does not aim at reforming the enemy, forgetting differences, or saying that what he did does not matter.


Neither does it mean that we allow the other person to do us further harm in the future.


Loving your enemy simply means understanding the value and significance of love in your own life by starting to practice love, and aiming at growing in love. “Love your enemy” just means learning to consider everything through the perspective of love. “Love thine enemy” was Jesus Christ’s way of saying that we want to be so strong in our passion for love that even an enemy may not take it away from us.


That basically clears it up for me. Light is strength. Dark is weakness.

One thing I'm sure of: the duality will get even more strident. The test of energy on this planet is reaching its denouement. The pressure is building up. Expect more violent acts from unbalanced persons. Stay calm. The truth will come out not by argumentation and debate, but by practicing tolerance and thus raising the vibration of the planet.

All of us will be forced to choose either the road of tolerance and compassion, or the road of intolerance and hatred. That is the true duality. It underlies and drives all the debate and argumentation.

So, get off the fence. Decide, and do it now. The light needs all the help it can get!

The House of Mirrors

I'll end with a great story told to me by my friend Khurshid Ali, who wrote the book I quoted from above. The story goes like this:

A dog is wandering around at a carnival. He walks into a round room that is called "The House of Mirrors." When he steps into the room he sees a dozen other dogs snarling at him. He advances forward with his teeth bared, wanting to subdue the enemy, but he sees a dozen other dogs attacking him. The dog is shaken; he understands he cannot win. He walks out of the room, realizing that the world is a dangerous place, full of enemies. He lives a miserable life.

Another dog walks into the room and sees a dozen other dogs. They are all wagging their tails, inviting him to play. He rushes forward and sees the other dogs engage playfully with him. The dog lies down on his back and sees the other dogs do the same. He walks out of the room understanding that the world is a friendly place, and lives a happy life.

The dog represents the incarnated human being. The mirror represents the reflection of others to a person's attitude in life.

The human being is separated from everyone else in his or her body. There is a kernel of divinity within, but it is hidden. He or she can only see outside himself or herself, until he or she discovers the light within. That is the test of energy.

The benevolent space brothers are not going to determine the outcome. You and I will do that. All 7.5 billion of us. We made the bed, we are lying in it. The human family who has caused the problem over the past 26,000 years is now on the planet. Now it's time to clean up the mess we made. We can't do that by fighting and arguing with each other. We have to do it by exercising tolerance and being strong in our own light.


Here's an HD broadcast of my favorite musician on the planet, Kurt Rosenwinkel. His quartet plays live in Bagnoregio, Italy.