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“Shift in consciousness.” “Raising consciousness.” On the IWS show I was constantly talking about this. Lots of people talk about it, but what does it mean?

Well, we are primed, after last month’s article, to tackle this subject in a more detailed way. In last month’s article I presented a diagram that showed the yin-yang symbol and its simple but powerful geometry. In that diagram is a very large circle that contains two smaller circles, which touch at an infinitely small point I called a singularity – a singularity of consciousness.
(The traditional yin-yang symbol below is really just two circles inside a bigger circle. The black and white dots are just the centers of the two smaller circles. Compare the two pictures below to see this)

The diagram above represents a universe. Every universe (or dimension of existence, if you want to call it that) comes forth from the sea of vibration created by CONSCIOUSNESS. Each universe is self-contained, but is also connected to all of the others. This means that interdimensional communication and travel is possible.

Consciousness, from which the physical and the virtual worlds are formed and maintained, is a non-physical Creative Principle. Consciousness is “that which creates and which experiences what it has created.” In other words, consciousness has the ability to create tiny quanta of energy, and combine them to form more and more complex structures (evolution), and then experience or see or perceive that which it has created. This entire process of creation and perception is entirely within itself. It’s self-contained. The fancy term for it is “self-reflexive,” which means, “the ability for something to affect itself.” This is what the Creative Principle can do – influence itself. We all understand this because we know that our thoughts make our world, as the Buddha said. We can change our entire outlook on life simply by getting new thoughts and a new attitude.

Therefore, we have the ability to influence ourselves! This tells you that a human being has a spiritual, or non-physical component. A human being is always linked or connected to the Creative Principle, the One consciousness that created and maintains the universe. A human being is just a little aspect or “piece” of something much vaster, experiencing through the senses of a physical body. Erwin Schrodinger, one of the founders of quantum mechanics, said it very well: “Multiplicity is only apparent, in truth, there is only one mind...”― quoted in The Oneness of Mind, as translated in Quantum Questions: Mystical Writings of the World's Great Physicists, 1984, edited by Ken Wilber.

Jesus the Christ understood this when he said, “I am the alpha and the Omega.” This dude was not being arrogant or egotistical, but he was describing himself in the most accurate way he knew – as an immortal native state being beyond space and time, temporarily inhabiting a physical body and experiencing the physical world that consciousness (the Father) has created. In Christianity, the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit may be seen in the yin-yang diagram as CONSCIOUSNESS, PHYSICAL, AND VIRTUAL.

At the present level of collective “Kardashian consciousness” on earth, these statements seem totally delusional. But that is only because we are mired in a pathetic and adolescent materialism that denies the existence of the virtual, and the true nature of consciousness. I am certain that within the next 50 years, the statements above will be acknowledged as “common sense.” Common sense just reflects the current state of collective consciousness: the memes and patterns of thought and expectations that are agreed upon by humanity as a collective. Common sense today says that a human being is a meat body and that consciousness is biologically dependent. This is like saying that the genesis or origin of the refrigerator comes from the refrigerator blueprint. Both of these things are physical, and matter cannot create other matter. We know this from physics; conservation laws tell us that matter can neither be created nor destroyed. A caveat should be added to this statement: matter and energy can neither be created not destroyed by other matter and energy.

The history of this current civilization on earth is one of fighting, conflict, war, poverty, and the degradation of human beings, which is a perfect reflection of the agreed upon memes of the collective. This collection of dumbed-down memes has created a civilization that uses less than 10% of its creative potential. I can’t say it any better than Christain de Quincey in his article in Tikkun magazine, “Nature has a Mind of its Own:”

Today, we live in a world dominated by the story called scientific materialism, where nature is believed to be made up of "dead" stuff, of lifeless atoms and molecules. Nature has no consciousness, no feelings, no intrinsic value, meaning, or purpose. And so we relate to nature without sufficient respect for its inherent sacredness. We plunder and rape and exploit it, and the consequences are not at all pretty. We face looming crises in ecology, in social systems, and in our personal lives as we struggle to make sense and meaning out of a world made up of cold, mindless, meaningless stuff. In such a world, all life -- including human life and consciousness -- is just a fluke, an accident. This is an alarming story, and it has drastic consequences.

Our history of violence and disrespect for life comes out of the worldview stated so elegantly by de Quincey. It is a backwards worldview that makes peace on earth and cooperation seem like a pipe dream. But the truth is that “peace on earth” is just a basic prerequisite for a civilization. Cooperation on a planetary scale, far from being a starry-eyed ideal, is merely a starting point, a starting point that can only come from greater awareness. Greater awareness cannot come from matter and energy – cognitive scientists and neuroscientists can study the brain from now until 1,000,000 AD and they will never discover the seat of the mid or of consciousness. The seat of consciousness, as indicated by the yin-yang diagram, is in the non-physical CONSCIOUSNESS portion of the diagram.

How does an individual or a group “raise consciousness?” It can’t happen by educating people. It can only happen through inspiring people to see their greater potential. It can happen individually through meditation or reaching out for a feeling of well-being. It can also happen invisibly, behind the scenes, as billions of native state beings incarnate on the planet. This is the big secret!
“Raising consciousness,” or “higher consciousness,” simply means a greater awareness of the non-physical from the physical. In the yin-yang symbol, it means a greater “inductance” [1] from the CONSCIOUSNESS portion of the diagram through the singularity and into the physical. Once a threshold level of CONSCIOUSNESS is reached, awareness of the virtual from the physical is possible. Within the virtual are “new” laws of physics that allow energy access through the vacuum, interstellar and interdimensional communication and travel – everything we’ve read in science fiction books. The earth has a subtle information field in the virtual realm that contains all of this information, but it can only be accessed collectively when a “critical mass” or tipping point in awareness has been reached.

The tipping point – the point at which enough awareness of Spirit has “penetrated” the consciousness of humanity – results in the ability to perceive the virtual realm . This process has been ongoing since the last ice age destroyed the previous civilization on planet earth, and forced us to begin anew. There has been, over the past 6,000 years, a gradual increase in the population of earth. In the twentieth century, from about 1926 until the present, we have seen tremendous growth of the human population from a little under 2 billion to over 7 billion. This huge increase in the number of incarnated beings is literally creating a spiritual increase or amplification of consciousness. In other words, every human being has a mer-ka-ba, which exists in the VIRTUAL part of the diagram, is invisible to the five human senses, and contains the programming to keep our bodies functioning and healthy. Our mer-ka-bas are directly linked to the CONSCIOUSNESS part of the diagram.

You might say that the CONSCIOUSNESS part of the diagram represents our Higher Selves, the complete being from which our physical expressions are an aspect or a “piece.” The VIRTUAL portion of the diagram represents subtle energy – the invisible but real energy of the mer-ka-ba, and the templates for all physical form. Seven billion mer-ka-bas, all interacting with each other and with the planetary mer-ka-ba, is literally creating an amplification of spiritual energy on the planet, and is forcing open the singularity to allow more and more awareness of CONSCIOUSNESS into the physical. The population increase is literally creating, gradually and slowly, a potential “Big Bang” experience of consciousness. When I say “Big Bang” I mean a tipping point to an awareness beyond the physical and into the VIRTUAL and CONSCIOUSNESS portions of the diagram.

On the IWS show, I talked for years about the phenomenon of increasing awareness. I described it as a slow process whereby billions of souls – all physically incarnated aspects or “pieces” of consciousness, interact with each other on a small planet. Each human being has an electromagnetic biofield in the physical realm and a subtle-energy field (mer-ka-ba) in the virtual realm. The MerKaBa of a human being is approximately 30 feet in diameter, and it interacts, as we said above, with the planet’s MerKaBa. And, of course, the planet’s MerKaBa surrounds and penetrates the earth, so everyone on earth is in communication with it, just as the magnetic field of the earth, and the earth’s atmosphere, surrounds and supports our bodies. Seven billion human beings, interacting and communicating, “stir up” our biofields and our MerKaBas, as well as the earth’s MerKaBa, creating what I called on the show an increase in the “background vibration” on earth. This background vibration is invisible to the five human senses, because it exists in the virtual part of the diagram. It crudely corresponds to the physical force discovered by Casimir – a force that exists even when matter and energy is cooled to absolute zero, sometimes called the “zero-point energy field.” The rapid increase in the human population is leading to an increased awareness of the virtual, and of CONSCIOUSNESS. It is opening the singularity to allow more awareness to seep through into the physical.
The big secret is that this process is occurring under the noses of the materialists. To a materialist, what I’ve said here is patently ridiculous, and that’s a good thing! Because they’ll never be able to stop the process, simply because they deny the process exists – until the tipping point is reached. And then it won’t matter! Fortunately, we’ll take them along with us on our dimensional journey.

This journey is a journey of consciousness, greater understanding, greater love and compassion for life. And the reward is new physics – an interdimensional physics that can solve the energy problem on earth and make each individual energetically self-sufficient.
Let’s compare raising consciousness to what happens on a vacation, or at a party. Dozens of stressed-out, bickering people get dressed up and go to the party. Suddenly, everybody is laughing and talking and interacting, and the stress is gone. Why? Because there’s a party consciousness now, not a “life” or a “work” consciousness. The party consciousness is simply an agreement to let go of the memes of “daily life” and assume the memes of “the party.” It’s simply a change in thought. People join the party and there is a palpable feel to the consciousness of the party. It’s easy to join in because it speaks to the nature of consciousness, which is joyful and fun-loving.
What’s the difference in the two levels of consciousness? The daily life consciousness is a set of memes that says (1) money has to be made to pay the bills, (2) you have to have a job even if you hate it (see (1) above), and (3) in a world of scarcity the only way to get ahead is to bull forward and step over the other guy if necessary. But the party consciousness is all about relaxing, communicating, sharing, having fun. It’s the difference between a consciousness of “work” and one of “play.”

It’s funny, isn’t it, that materialists have an answer for this as well? We are taught in the fable of the ant and the grasshopper that fun and play leads to starvation, while the ant who works hard stores up supplies for the winter. At the end of the fable, the ant tells the grasshopper to fuck off, and kicks him to the curb! The moral of the fable is that people who don’t toe the line and rock the boat have a hard time. But just the opposite is true! We are told that fun-loving people are irresponsible and will let you down. But the truth is that cooperative people are inspired people, and that fun and joy is a result of inspiration. Inspiration, fun, love, all the positive emotions – come when individuals and groups link up with CONSCIOUSNESS.

(Materialists will also say that the only reason there is a “party consciousness” is because of the alcohol consumed, which is responsible for loosening people up. But that is absurd. First there is the assumption of the party consciousness, which may lead to the consumption of alcohol because people want to have fun (you don’t drink alcohol or do drugs at work, unless you are a jerk). If too much alcohol or drugs are consumed, people get nasty and the party consciousness is destroyed. In every way materialism is a backwards philosophy, and explains nothing.)

So what have we concluded about raising consciousness?

The most important factor is the population increase, which is creating a huge spiritual amplification. Rev. Dr. Malthus was wrong, period. The population explosion is what will save us, not ruin us. It has been responsible for the gradual but inevitable increase in awareness over the past several decades, and it will continue to supply the “spiritual energy” necessary to get us to, and over, the tipping point. It is happening beyond the influence of the powers-that-be. Therefore it is reasonable to conclude that unless there is an extinction event, the tipping point will be reached and that we will experience peace on earth and an entry into a golden age on earth. And we are beyond extinction events since we made it past the December 21, 2012 marker. Cheer up folks!
We have also concluded that it isn’t possible to raise consciousness by educating people, but by inspiring them. Inspiration is a direct link to Spirit, and it is something we all recognize. Leading an inspiring life influences the planetary mer-ka-ba in a positive way, and also the biofields and mer-ka-bas of everyone around you. Inspiration, that’s the ticket! Inspiration is a win-win for the planet, for humanity, for individuals, and for all the other species on our planet.

Get set for the golden age!

[1]The terms I am using in this paragraph describe physical properties, and are not applicable to non-physical consciousness. But we have to have some way to describe something that is non-physical to a being in the physical universe. I use the term inductance here to describe the accessing or transfer of consciousness to a person in the physical universe, because it is vaguely appropriate. Inductance is defined in electromagnetism and electronics as “the property of a conductor by which a change in current flowing through it "induces" (creates) a voltage (electromotive force) in both the conductor itself (self-inductance) and in any nearby conductors (mutual inductance).” -- Wikipedia, “Inductance.”

The appropriate term here is self-inductance. In other words, a change in attitude of a physically incarnated being can create a change in itself – a more powerful link to the timeless and divine CONSCIOUSNESS portion of the diagram, of which a human being is a physically incarnated aspect.)