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Another Wildcard is Coming

A wildcard event is coming before November 3rd. A wildcard is something no one expected that affects a great number of people. Two wildcard events have occurred since 2016: The election of TRUMP, and coronavirus.

What we’re seeing in the US today is an all-out attack on the institutions of the Old Order. It is part of the great battle between dark and light that pits a modern-day Axis of Evil against the democracies of Europe and North America, and the world’s greatest democracy, India, which is being attacked by CCP troops on its northern border.  The Axis of Evil consists of the CCP in China, the mullahs in Iran, and Pakistan, combined with our own military-industrial-Big Tech-complex here in the US. It is an all-out information war for the hearts and minds of the entire earth’s population.

War is big business, and so is war’s modern equivalent, surveillance. Surveillance uses AI and modern computer networking to create digital firewalls (like the one around China, brought to you by Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Amazon et. al), and massive campaigns of disinformation such as the CCP’s Wu Mao (50 cent) army of posters paid to spread CCP propaganda and narratives in accordance with President Xi Jinping’s 2016 decree that said, “Wherever the readers are, wherever the viewers are, that is where propaganda reports must extend their tentacles.”

Here in the US, a Maoist style Cultural Revolution is underway, as acceptable narratives are being framed by a corporate-controlled mass-media in bed with Big Tech.  The objective: Stop TRUMP by any means necessary.


Two reasons: (1) TRUMP wants to take down the human/child trafficking networks that are embedded in our corporate, entertainment, and political sectors. These networks are pure evil.

(2) TRUMP wants to withdraw our troops from places like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. These are senseless wars that pad the balance sheets of corporations involved in war, and bankrupt the nation.

This was made evident on Tuesday in a piece written by Carl Bernstein, of Watergate fame, in the Washington Post, which criticized TRUMP for withdrawing troops from Syria in another regime-change war. The usual excuse of the warmongers was used: ‘We abandoned our allies the Kurds and let Erdogan in Turkey take over!’  

After TRUMP announced he wanted to withdraw more troops from the insane Afghan war, and also from Germany, "anonymous intelligence officials leaked a series of claims to the New York Times regarding “bounties” allegedly being paid by Russia to Taliban fighters to kill U.S. troops."

According to the Intercept story above,

Opposition to troop withdrawal in both Afghanistan and Germany was not unanimous. There were elements of the progressive left and the pro-Trump right who supported these withdrawals. Yesterday on Twitter, Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna, the former co-chair of the Sanders campaign, and GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz, traded mutual support and vows to work together to defeat the Crow/Cheney amendment:

But this left-right anti-war coalition is no match for the war machine composed of the establishment wings of both parties and the military and intelligence community that continue to use selective, illegal leaks to sabotage any plans to reduce the U.S. military presence around the world."


Wait a minute. I thought we were supposed to want peace, not war.

The strategy of the Maoist Cultural revolution in the US is to erase culture and history by tearing down statues, rewriting history (The NYT’s 1619 Project), and Balkanizing the country by setting up independent/autonomous zones that declare themselves to be separate countries. This has been tried in Seattle, Portland, and in DC.  

These events have been perceived on the right as a communist takeover, and there is some truth to that. The motivation for these groups is revolution and destruction..

But here’s the thing: If we want peace on earth we need massive change. These assaults on our culture from the left are slicing through long-held beliefs and “business as usual.” Even if the intent is to harm, ultimately this chaos will force people to decide what kind of country we want to have.

TRUMP, COVID, riots, and culture change all seem chaotic and anarchistic, but they are occurring because the light is shining brighter and brighter. By that I mean a change in human consciousness is occurring on the planet. People are waking up.

Drugs, arms, and human trafficking, and the networks and groups who participate in them, are preventing the human race from realizing its potential. The darkness must be exposed, and it is being exposed. Along with that comes social upheaval.

These are all signs of huge and rapid change as the light penetrates the darkness and exposes the ugliness that has always existed on this planet for millennnia. It’s going to be exposed, there is no stopping the forward march of human consciousness.

Is it ugly? Yeah. But that’s because the ugliness must be exposed to the light of day. And it is being exposed..  

The Coming Wildcard

Another wildcard is coming that will change the direction of the current chaos. I don’t know what this wildcard is. I don’t have any “insiders” with secret info. By definition a wildcard is something that no one expects. But it’s coming, and it’s going to be positive.

The human race is on a path to higher consciousness and eventually, peace on earth. In order to get there we have to clean out the old meme structure that has been based in struggle, contention, and problem resolution through conflict and war for the past 6,000 years.  

We’re doing that now. The New Cultural Revolution looks like the murderous one began by Mao in 1967 in China. The people behind the New Cultural Revolution have the same idea as Mao did when he said, “All power comes out of the barrel of a gun.”

But this one is going to have a twist, a positive twist, and the coming wildcard is that twist.

It’s been a wild ride in 2020 and it’s going to get even wilder, but stay the course. Chaos is necessary for a while. It’s always darkest just before the dawn.

I am watching with puzzlement the actions of dark army operatives in the recent drama. On one hand, the death of George Floyd has prompted a lot of healthy discussion and debate about race, racial intolerance, and the idea that all should benefit from the way society is organized. Protestors are reacting to the injustice of Floyd’s death, and also to being caged up for three months due to the “stay-at-home” restrictions of coronavirus.

But the discussion is almost exclusively based on materialist concepts like a person’s skin color. There is no mention of consciousness.

For example, Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Brown said, “If you support Donald Trump, you are a racist. Here is where it gets tricky and uncomfortable. Donald Trump is a racist, and if being a racist is not a dealbreaker for you, you are the reason Black people are being murdered for being Black.”

This is an astonishing comment. It says that if you favor the president, you are guilty of murder! This is what George Orwell called Thoughtcrime. It is the basis for a totalitarian dictatorship, for if one’s thoughts are crimes, then anyone can be randomly thrown in jail.

Here’s a total idiot from the Texas GOP, who resigned after posting an image of MLK with a banana in the background:

How stupid is that?

There are plenty more of these insanities but all are based on materialistic ideas that YOU ARE YOUR BODY. This is the entire idea behind identity politics: you ARE your sex, your race.

This is nonsense.

A human being is an incarnated spirit. The body type or the gender is irrelevant.

Civil discourse is utterly dependent on the recognition of a human being’s connection to their soul. A human being is, inherently, a piece of God. We are all brothers and sisters.

Recognition of this idea is the fundamental basis for respect, tolerance, cooperation, and social harmony. It’s the (almost unconscious) recognition that we all come from the Creative Source.

Without this understanding we are a society of meat; a society that will soon degenerate and fall apart. (Sound familiar?)

We have seen this played out in historical events.

In 1917, a group of psychopaths called the Bolsheviks took over Russia, established the gulags, and proceeded to murder (according to Solzhenitsyn) about 30 million Russians. In 1933 a mass murderer by the name of Hitler took over Germany and was responsible for the death of 20 million Europeans. In 1949, another mass murderer named Mao Tse-tung took over China. During the Great Leap Forward between 1958 and 1962, and the mass famine that followed, and again in 1967 during the Cultural Revolution, between 60 million and 100 million Chinese were killed. It's the greatest mass murder in human history, and it's what all communist/fascist regimes do.

And then there is the unspeakable Pol Pot in Cambodia, and ISIS, and right-wing dictatorships in South America and in Africa and in Asia.   

THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FASCISM AND COMMUNISM, as I’ve remarked in earlier blog posts. They are one and the same: tyrannical dictatorships that suppress and murder human beings.

This can only happen when the divine/spiritual nature of human beings is ignored.

It’s pretty simple: successful societies where people are prosperous and where social harmony exists can only be established with the recognition of man’s spiritual nature. This naturally leads to the understanding that A PERSON IS NOT THEIR MEAT BODY. Low consciousness persons don’t see this.

It’s time for those with self-awareness to step forward. Fascists and communists, and other anti-social personalities, have exercised far too much influence during the past 100 years.

We can’t keep voting for people with no self-awareness.   

Here is what happens when good people stand by and do nothing while low consciousness persons direct events:

Man being shamed by fascists from the Chinese Communist Party during the Cultural Revolution
Rioters in Minneapolis burn buildings

The recognition of spirituality must become widespread. No longer can we bow our heads to materialists. No longer can we humor those who say, “You only go around once.” Uh, no. We’re ALL coming back. We’re incarnating again and again on the Wheel of Birth and Death until we come to the recognition of our divine nature.

The CCP in China, and Big Tech here in the West, is taking materialism to another level: scientific materialism. Using AI, internet/surveillance technology, and computer technology, scientific materialists are building cultures based on the idea that human beings are MEAT; somewhat like chemists experiment with millions of molecules in a chemical solution, or particle physicists calculate the behavior of millions of subatomic particles.

The new cultural God of darkness is scientific materialism, a soulless, degrading philosophy that has now spread across the globe, and regards human beings as MEAT.

Look at the picture of the poor guy being shamed above. The materialist is standing to the side with a look of anger and satisfaction on his face. Why? Because this poor soul doesn’t recognize he has one, and doesn’t recognize the soul in others.

The goal of revolution is revolution.

Fascists and communists are low-consciousness persons. They are WITHOUT EXCEPTION materialists.

How can you recognize such persons? By their intolerance and hatred for others, and their narcissism. These people, inside, loathe themselves. This loathing is then projected outward to the suppression of the divine connection to God in others.


You cannot “educate” people to higher consciousness. However, higher consciousness persons can, in their daily life, reject the stupidity of materialism. Not meekly accept statements that identify human beings as MEAT.

Don’t get me wrong, bodies are great. But the body isn’t who you are.  

Materialists reject religion and spirituality. They burn churches and other non-denominational places where meditation and harmony are celebrated. This is the dark army on earth. It is coming out now to be examined by the people of earth. How do you like it so far?

The time for materialism is OVER. Humanity can no longer accept such a degraded and juvenile philosophy.

In the West, as I’ve said before, the big dark secret is human and child trafficking, which is a worldwide scourge. Behind these evil practices materialists will be found; persons without self awareness. To get a small idea of this, watch The Blacklist, Season 1, Episode 2. I won’t spoil it for you, but this episode is actually soft disclosure.

The riots in the streets of America resulted from the light shining so brightly that injustice is becoming more and more intolerable. People who are frustrated lash out. And there are those who organize such activities, seeking advantage for their agenda. This will become clear as the months go by and the history of the year 2020 is written.

Is it madness to say that these “revolutionary” acts of destruction will eventually lead to reconsideration of everything in human society, and ultimately, a better world? In the past, in the era of darkness before 2012 when the fix was in,  this statement would be insane. We saw in the twentieth century how revolution led to the establishment of fascist and communist states that murdered a hundred million human beings. It’s different now, as the coming years will manifest. We’re not heading toward a dystopian future; we’re blowing of the steam from millennia of darkness and walking into the light. The darkness – with all of its ugliness and horror – is providing the contrast  that allows for evolution to the light. Individuals are free, on this planet of free choice, to participate in the darkness or the light. History will show these choices. I don’t want to say the outcome is predetermined, but the light is going to win.

The darkness is a small minority of any human population. The vast majority of people want to get along, cooperate, and live peaceful lives. We had peaceful lives before, you might say – but in the midst of the darkness of drugs, arms, and child trafficking networks. A variant of these dark networks have existed throughout human history for the past 6,000 years. There are organizations on this planet dedicated to supplying children to various dark groups and secret societies that practice satanic rituals and other dark arts. A free planetary society – the goal of the light – cannot exist with the darkness embedded within it. That’s why we’re seeing it come to the surface. Within the next several years, massive exposes of these dark arms, drugs, and human trafficking networks will begin.

The future is bright. I believe that one of the rules of engagement between dark and light is that the dark always has to tell the truth. The truth is hidden alongside a hundred lies, but it’s there if you look for it. The recent events surrounding the George Floyd incident is showing the agenda of the materialists, and I’m not talking about the legitimate, peaceful protests. The dark is being forced to  expose itself, and what it does, as people wake up all over the world. The United States, as usual, is the center of the action. Here, the internal corruption and inappropriateness in our own society is being exposed for the entire world to observe. People all over the world are looking at their own societies and cultures as the US bares its soul.

On June 4, 2020, expatriate Chinese and Chinese whistleblowers declared the illegitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party in front of the Statue of Liberty, and the establishment of the free state of China that celebrates freedom, democracy, and the rule of law for the Chinese people.

This is one of the most historic days in the past 100 years. To see this historic broadcast in Mandarin and in English, click on the link below.

As the light shines brighter and brighter, the Dark Army mobilizes in a desperate attempt to maintain the old order. The old order always uses intimidation and violence to accomplish its ends. By their actions will you know them! The riots in cities all over the country are portrayed by the media as a society collapsing into chaos, but my take has always been different. It's a sign that the light is shining so brightly that that dark is being exposed. The goal of the Dark Army is revolution. But revolution is an old, tired, antiquated concept that just leads to the establishment of a dictatorship. That's not going to happen.

Here's what the Dark Army does:.

Here's a vid of white ANTIFA members spray-painting BLM (Black Lives Matter) on a building, while a black woman shouts "Stop that! They'll blame us for doing this!"

Here's more info:

In 2017, a former Black Lives Matter member predicted the infiltration of groups like BLM by ANTIFA.

So what's this all about? People on the right always blame "Democrats." People on the left blame "Republicans." It aint that. The riots are an organized assault on the light by the forces of darkness. The tactics of the dark are always the same: violence, intimidation, destruction, division. Doesn't matter if it comes from right or left.

ANTIFA is an international revolutionary group that became active in Germany in 1933. It was originally set up to overthrow the Weimar Republic. The logo of ANTIFA is almost the same as a similar group; the Communist Party of Germany:

ANTIFA has been active in Europe, and was exported to the United States. It is known as a "black bloc" organization because its members wear  black clothing, ski masks, scarves, sunglasses, motorcycle helmets with padding, or other face-concealing and face-protecting items. We'll eventually find out whether ANTIFA was behind these riots. But there is certainly evidence of organization.

What's the lesson of the current unrest? That low consciousness divides. and high consciousness unites. Here is what high consciousness does: cooperate across racial and cultural boundaries to clean up the messes made by the dark:

THIS is the message we need to send:

Image from

The dark army is waking up everyone to the true goal: Brothers and sisters in the human family all over the world uniting in peace and harmony.

Despite what it looks like, the light is winning!

Here's a beautiful rendition of "Saving Grace" by the Brian Blade Fellowship band, to celebrate unity and cooperation. In great music, cooperation, harmony, and love are paramount. Listen to the beautiful piano solo by Jon Cowherd and the alto sax solo by Myron Walden -- astonishing!