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Science vs Spirituality

Today my friend Khurshid sent me two quotes, and I want to begin our discussion this month with them.
(1) “A mind all logic is like a knife all blade: it makes the hand bleed that uses it.”
— Rabindernath Tagore

(2) “One should use information and logic like a drunkard would use a lamp post – only for support, not for illumination.”
— Sadhguru

These words are from the East. A scientist anywhere in the world would most likely scoff at them. The scientific method is based on the idea that one is totally objective, and simply observes, applying logic, mathematics, and experimental rigor to reach a conclusion that can be supported by facts.

The statements above represent a dichotomy with the scientific method, and one that has been with us for the past several centuries: the disconnect between the physical/scientific and the intuitive, or the spiritual. This dichotomy exists because of two competing belief systems on our planet: materialism and the philosophies or worldviews based on it, vs. metaphysics, idealism, or spiritualism. For some reason these two worldviews, which should be integrated, have become separated in the consciousness of humanity.

These competing worldviews are based on competing definitions of consciousness, and the successful resolution of this conflict will come when we have correctly defined what consciousness is.

Materialists simply believe that consciousness comes from biology, whereas the spiritualist viewpoint says that consciousness is independent of anything physical or material and is the creative principle that has formed the universe. I don’t want to get into a big philosophical discussion, and I also want to say that science shouldn’t necessarily be confused with materialism. Some scientific theories, such as quantum mechanics, have various interpretations (the Copenhagen Interpretation, for example) that can be considered almost metaphysical.

But there is a divorce between science and spirituality in human consciousness at the present time, and which is ultimately responsible for the problems we are experiencing. No, the problems we face don’t stem from corrupt governments or out-of-control corporations or a declining economy. These are all SYMPTOMS of something so fundamental that 98% of the population doesn’t think it important, and it can be summed up in one question: “Who are you/we?”

It seems absurd to say that the definition of something that can’t be measured or defined (consciousness) is at the root of ALL of humanity’s problems. But it is. Modern science, for example, is in a conundrum. Scientists have been searching for a Theory of Everything for over a century without success. There is a huge gap between quantum mechanics and relativity, and gravity has not been integrated with the other forces of nature. There is something very important missing from our scientific theories, which I believe will be ultimately resolved by a correct definition of consciousness.

Advanced science interfaces with thought, and thought is the product of consciousness. (By advanced science I mean electrogravitics, energy from the vacuum, teleportation: you know, the stuff you read about in SF books but a lot of which already exists within the “above-top-secret” classifications in hidden programs. Much of this technology, from what I can gather, is thought-assisted. It really is a shame that you cannot talk intelligently about this subject without being considered mentally unstable, or some kind of kook, but we know that the U.S. Patent Office is sitting on over 5,000 patents in this area.)

Our current fossil fuel paradigm is unsustainable. That paradigm is based on materialism. Only when science formally and seriously begins to study consciousness (NOT neurobiology, which is an attempt to discover the seat of consciousness in the brain) can the human race make a quantum leap toward a civilization that unites these “frontier” science concepts, and materialist disciplines such as engineering. IMHO, all civilizations in this galaxy (or in any galaxy) that “make it” confront this dichotomy, and decide in favor of a metaphysical integration of science and spirituality. Those that don’t turn into Borg and eventually die off, or become degraded and deprecated.
We need BOTH of these concepts to have a rational, balanced, and sustainable society on earth. A reliance on only metaphysical concepts turns us into ungrounded airheads who have no understanding of the physical universe around us. A reliance only on materialistic disciplines turns us into biological robots that can be easily manipulated and enslaved.

Closed System vs Open System

The materialist worldview always leads to a closed system paradigm. A philosophy that accepts consciousness as the creative principle leads to open systems. What is the difference?

The closed system idea can be summed up in three words: centralization of control, or control from above. Closed systems favor dictatorial governments as in Communism, Nazism, and Fascism; science that utilizes scarce fossil fuels whose distribution can be controlled, religions controlled by priesthoods, and interest-bearing loans and currencies that can be issued from a central source.

The open system concept can also be described in three words: sovereignty through unity, or unity with individual freedom. The open system idea favors democracy, greater decentralization, government issued currencies, religious tolerance, non-interest bearing loans, and a more open science that investigates more open, frontier physics concepts.

The two opposing viewpoints can also be described very simply: control the wealth as opposed to share the wealth. You can fit the entire political, financial, and scientific history of earth for the past 5,000 years into these two broad concepts. Paradoxically, the exotic technology in our hidden black programs must of necessity have been developed using the open system, frontier physics idea (if what I've read is true, this technology is well beyond our current scientific understanding), but those who have hidden this technology in “black” programs have used it to attempt establish a closed system, with them at the top of the pyramid (Borg). (The 5,000 patents held by the U.S. Patent Office have been declared a threat to “national security” – read, “the current fossil fuel empire.”)

Here there exists a massive contradiction. Either the closed system concept will prevail, and humanity will subjugate itself by giving up its freedoms for a phony ``collective security'' (Borg) concept, or humanity will recognize its higher potential, and choose an evolutionary path based on an open system concept of the celebration of the individual. Paradoxically, the recognition of the individual leads to an understanding of our greater potential, and a connection to a higher consciousness, which naturally leads to greater cooperation and creativity on a broad scale. A collective security mentality discourages individual creativity and insists that individuals “toe the line.” Such a society must degrade over time and fail.

Those who desire to pollute human biology with electronics, or engage in cloning, or place human consciousness in artificial containers (some in the “futurist” community) are pushing humanity down a dead-end evolutionary path. It will eventually be discovered (if the human race does not take these dead-end evolutionary branches) that biology is nature’s most successful path of evolution, for biology contains the highest amount of life force. Those who favor these efforts will eventually discover, after it is too late, that their labors will only lead to race sterility, atrophy, and decreased intelligence and elan vital (just like the Draco Epsilon Alephs in my novel, The Manchild). Let us hope that humanity is smart enough not to go down this road. We are literally at the crossroads right now!

The collective consciousness of humanity is either going to evolve down the road of integration of these two fundamental concepts, or it is going to implode. It’s as simple as that. And no, we don’t have a lot of time left. The earth is doing her bit, trying to balance her ecosystems and cocoon life safely, while the human race, like a bunch of squabbling children, depletes her resources and pollutes the air and the oceans. The human race must decide who we are – are we meat bodies who only live once, or are we immortal spirits associated with a sacred biology? The collective answer to this question will activate the quantum operator for this planet, and either select an abundant, creative, and glorious future evolutionary path, or a deprecated, dead-end future.

And that is why I wanted to introduce these two quotes. The first one says that a mind that only uses logic is like a knife that is all blade: one will certainly bleed profusely using such an instrument. This quote simply presents the idea of a balance between the heart and the mind; between intuition and logic.

The second quote is a little deeper, suggesting that one should use logic and information for support, but not for illumination. This quote from Sadguru hits the point I want to make this month very squarely: illumination, or enlightenment – which will lead to evolutionary advancement – is not possible using logic and data alone. Illumination is beyond materialism, and beyond present day science (but NOT a true science that understands the correct definition of consciousness). Illumination, or enlightenment, comes from a person’s discovery that he or she is an immortal being temporarily associated with a physical body. We’ve all heard this before, it’s been around for 5,000 years, it’s nothing new. Some in the metaphysical field might even say it’s BORING, we’ve heard it all before.

But the difference is that today we have to ACT, we have to choose which road the human race will go down for the next several thousand years, and we have to do it pretty soon. A window has already opened – a quantum window that is presenting the human race with a set of evolutionary possibilities – actually, two sets of possibilities – one based on the closed system concept and the other on the open system concept. It’s a choice between materialism and an integrated worldview that combines the best of metaphysics and present-day materialist science.

Our decision – the collective decision of the human race about our evolutionary future – is based solely on how we define who we are. (I know I’ve said this before but my guidance wants me to keep repeating it.) And this crucial decision comes down to how we define consciousness! So our discussion isn’t abstract or impractical at all. The irony is that in order to advance, we must understand something that is itself not measureable: consciousness. The solution leads away from materialism (but does not abandon it) and embraces a more positive definition of Self. Heart and mind must merge; East and West must merge, materialism and metaphysics must merge, if the human race is to get over the hump and create a sustainable society – and yes, become a member in good standing in galactic society.

We don’t see this because the process of advancement is invisible – it’s based in thought. A collective decision by enough individuals on the planet in favor of the open system concept – which is the same as saying a decision in favor of an enlightened definition of a human being – will literally reprogram reality. It will push the collective quantum operator toward a glorious future for mankind, and we will have many different possible quantum states to choose from, all of them good!

Humanity’s Future

Right now the planet earth, I believe, is quarantined. Our manned public space programs have been abandoned. Here in the US, even the shuttle program has been scrapped (in 2011). Humanity, in its teeming billions, MUST decide who we are. This decision can only be made by each individual on the planet. It is an introspective decision, requiring us to look inward and find ourselves. The space brothers are not going to land on the White House lawn and save us, because they cannot help us in this matter. However, there are probably intelligent races out there who will have no problem taking advantage of us, just as Manhattan was bought from the native Americans with a few trinkets. Only this time, these trinkets are baubles of a galactic technology that have been around for billions of years and is as common “out there” as toilet paper on the supermarket shelf. In other words, our societies are being bribed by those running the hidden programs with dribbles of a technology that, if released, could literally change the face of our planet and solve most of our problems. But this release cannot occur unless humanity decides on a positive definition of life and consciousness. In other words, a change in physical reality is utterly dependent on a collective change in thought.

I want to summarize the current situation on planet earth from a perspective that is not solely materialist-based. All of my work, including my novels Beyond the Beginning, The End of the Universe, and The Manchild, as well as my Interview With Spirit podcasts (all available on my website, and my movies (on are based around these concepts, and illustrate them.


  1. The galaxy (and the universe) is teeming with intelligent life.
  2. Consciousness is non-physical (meaning, not biologically based). Consequently, the universe is designed around well-being; it is not cold and lifeless.
  3. Advanced science and technology interfaces with thought, meaning that devices can interface with targeted thought impulses. This can only occur when you graduate from worldviews that are based on materialism.
  4. The planet earth is surrounded by grids of subtle energy that contain advanced “frontier” technology in thought-templated form, which means that thought can unlock these advanced templates. These grids also contain impressions of every thought and deed that has ever occurred on the planet (Akashic records). All of this exists on the mental plane.
  5. Every planet and every star and every galaxy is connected on a universe-wide network of subtle energy. You can’t see it – you don’t even know it exists – until you define consciousness correctly.
  6. Biology is the highest evolutionary form for a physical container.
  7. Technology is an assist to consciousness, not an evolutionary goal ( i.e., exclusive focus on technology is an evolutionary dead-end).
  8. Intuition is the access of non-physical consciousness (in the spirit-mind-body framework) to a thought-based universal interface (see the book The Vibrational Universe).

Let’s look at the materialist counterpart to these assertions:

  1. The earth is the only planet with intelligent life in a universe with a diameter of 13.5 billion light years, over 7 trillion galaxies and dwarf galaxies, and over 1022 stars.
  2. Your self-awareness is merely the reaction of your receptor cells to environmental stimuli (meaning that you are a biological robot).
  3. Science already knows everything important there is to know about the universe around us (which means that the current polluting, scarce fossil fuel paradigm is as good as it gets).
  4. Subtle energy doesn’t exist because it cannot be measured by the instruments of science, and was disproved by the Michelson-Morley experiment in 1887. See previous statement.
  5. The universe is dead and lifeless and space is a lifeless, empty vacuum of nothingness. Going faster than light is impossible.
  6. Biology is the seat of consciousness and when it dies your self-awareness is snuffed-out forever.
  7. Technology can allow us to live forever in android bodies or artificial containers. (But if consciousness is non-physical then you are already immortal!)
  8. Intuition, or any kind of self-declared “extra-sensory” perception, is bunk and the twaddle of deluded airheads (only observation of what-is is valid, which means that only the status quo, or what already exists, is valid).

I could go on but I won’t. Now here’s an exercise. Read over the statements in II first, and consult your own inner wisdom. How do you feel about them? Now read the statements in I. How do you feel about them?

The spiritual and physical advancement of the human race involves a shift in thought beyond a strict materialism. Right now this old paradigm is still entrenched in the minds of our corporate, governmental, and political leaders. But that can shift, and shift quickly, when we the people begin to wake up!