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In December, Prime Minister Macron of France said, “patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism, nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism.” This in response to the nationwide protests by the “yellow vests.” In England, the Brexit debate rages on. On the left, people see the rise of patriotism and nationalism as the precursor to a rise in fascism and an age of darkness. On the right, people see nationalism and patriotism as appropriate reactions to an evil globalist agenda.

Who is right?

We have to look at the situation from the standpoint of the Shift, as we talked about in the last post. The Shift is a readjustment of the fabric of reality brought about by a global change in human consciousness. It is literally altering the background energy of the entire human race. Things are happening that no one expected!

The retrenchment to nationalism is not a broad trend toward fascism, although those with that mindset are undoubtedly going with it. The rise of nationalism is happening because a true globalism based on love and cooperation cannot succeed at this time. There is too much corruption and entrenched darkness within globalist institutions. In Europe, the European Union democracies are being dictated to by Brussels, where un-elected bureaucrats shape foreign and national policies, finance, government spending, immigration, and a host of other things. Brussels has essentially become a Soviet, unresponsive to the needs of the democracies that created it. Thus Brexit, the Yellow Vests, Hungarian, Polish, and Italian objections to mandated government spending policies and immigration.

You can’t impose globalism. It’s a wonderful concept – open borders, free trade, and cultural exchange – but not when the systems that support it are corrupted. The current retrenchment, here in the US and in Europe, is a necessary step toward cleaning out the garbage, dismantling the arms, drugs, and human trafficking networks, and breaking the worldwide corporate-fascist state that promotes conflict and endless war.

During the Shift, human events must be observed and evaluated from the lens of consciousness. The old paradigm is based on materialism. In a lower and older energy where the dark was stronger, we looked at who won and who lost, who has more power, more money, more influence. These calculations filtered their way down into our private lives as well. A “successful” person was one who accumulated more money, a bigger house, more followers on Twitter, etc. Political and economic calculations were also based on these factors, but such a mindset will no longer do.

The problem with the current globalist agenda is that it is composed of elites who don’t want to give up their influence. The situation in France is a perfect example. Fuel increases were scheduled so that the elites who own energy companies in the fossil-fuel matrix could benefit. Well, the French people have had enough! The resurgence in nationalism is a reaction to old-energy policies that are no longer acceptable, both here and in Europe. As we talked about last month, this resurgence is being caused by light penetrating the darkness within human consciousness. NOBODY knows HOW the Shift is going to work because it’s too unpredictable. All we know is that we are heading toward the light. There will be no worldwide fascism; that old system (“the new world order”) has run its course and is beginning to fall apart.

Of course there will be steps backward, but the overall trend is firmly upward for the human race. Our progress can be retarded by hatred, however. Now that the dark and the light are battling it out, it is very tempting to see the people on the other side as monsters. This is just what the old paradigm of thought wants: division via hatred and conflict. If you understand that the basis for the entire conflict is love, light, and evolution OUT of the darkness, it’s a lot easier to see the other point of view. What I’ve learned is that 99% of people, even when they do stupid and even destructive things, do it because they think it’s the best thing to do. “Never assign to malice that which can adequately be explained by stupidity,” is the maxim I follow. The light is unbalancing people. It’s unbalancing me, and probably you too.

I used to think that my discomfort originated from something in my life I was doing wrong. But that is a mis-identification. The reason people feel uncomfortable is a massive change in the structure of energy on this planet. By that I mean a massive shift in human consciousness, which is stirring everyone up. No one is immune! It’s not your life that’s at fault. It’s the Shift.

We asked for positive change, we are getting positive change; but when the dark is exposed it fights back. When the dark is exposed in our personal consciousness, we feel “negative energy.” Guess what – working through our personal darkness is why we came to this planet at this time. We came for the Shift. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy! That’s why people who are aware and awake and who are working to raise consciousness are called lightWORKERS. We are, literally, working with the light and the dark within our own Akash.

Prophecy told us that we were all supposed to die in a nuclear war, but that didn’t happen. Then it was supposed to be a collapse of civilization at Y2K. That didn’t happen either. We never got a comet or an asteroid smashing into the earth. The planet Niburu didn’t change its orbit and wreck the earth. The earth’s crust didn’t shift and wipe us out. A thousand different horrible scenarios never happened. We forget about that. We’re on a different timeline now, gradually entering a higher dimension.

The only solution to our personal and global dilemma is love and compassion. This solution will not only bring about world peace (eventually), inner peace, but also advancements in science and technology that will allow us to generate clean energy directly from the quantum vacuum and solve the pollution problem.

Don’t get too worried about the rise in patriotism and nationalism. Within the next two years or so we will all see the necessity for it as more and more light piles on the corrupt, dark systems that have ruled this planet for millennia. In order to clean house you have to make some messes first, and haul out the garbage. The dark actors can hide behind institutions for only so long; eventually they will have to be rooted out. There will be no problem identifying who the baddies are: these are people who are intolerant and thrive on hatred. As human consciousness rises it’s going to be easier and easier to identify who is with the light and who has taken the dark path. The key point is that it will no longer be possible to fool people with a dark agenda because their ugliness will stand out more and more.

The darkness only knows one way, and that is a low-consciousness solution: fear, anger, hatred, struggle, and killing. More and more people under the Gaussian distribution curve are sick and tired of that! When an old-energy consciousness tries to survive in a higher energy it can only resort to the tried and true, because that’s all it knows. These people will become recognizable even to those who have not awakened yet; for their words and their actions will be recognized more and more as irrational. That’s what happens when the light begins to penetrate the dark.

For example, the Big Pharma executive is pulled up in front of a Congressional panel to explain why his company sells drugs in the US that are known to have harmful side effects. He says, “It’s the capitalist way. We are just making a profit for our shareholders.” That’s old-paradigm thinking, perfectly valid in an older, lower consciousness. But that shit aint going to fly anymore folks. Old paradigm thinking is going to be recognized for what it is: a sick, twisted methodology of grabbing and maintaining influence. People will be amazed at these responses and actions. “Do people really believe that nonsense?” they will say. The sad answer is yes, they do! Lower consciousness is stupid. Hating on these people is pointless, for they truly believe they are doing the right thing in a mis-aligned way. It’s what the dark IS.

The thing to do is isolate the infection and excise it, as you would a cancerous tumor. You don’t go in with guns blazing, firing at will and wrecking the good with the bad. That’s the solution of hatred. Hatred merely perpetuates the old consciousness.

Think about that the next time you are about to hate on the Clintons, or Trump.

Anyway, the nationalist retrenchment is explained from a higher consciousness as a way to isolate the various dark actors in each country and eliminate them. It’s like when you have a weakened chain, you have to examine each individual link to find the defective ones. Or examining a string of Christmas lights to determine which ones are stopping the flow of energy to the rest. Once the chain is strengthened we can build a true globalist world based on love and compassion instead of hatred and war. It’s coming; we are seeing evidence of the Shift every day.

Forget about the “news.” Or watch and read with a grain of salt. The mainstream news media is owned by the elites. Their stories are always biased toward what’s best for the few, not the many. For example, the Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos. What 3-letter agency is Bezos associated with? The CIA. Bezos’ AWS got the cloud contract to supply information storage and retrieval for all 17 intelligence agencies. Even the most naive person would have to admit that the CIA has not been known for its integrity. Who owns FOX news? 21st Century Fox, a media and entertainment conglomerate founded by Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes. What do these news outlets do? Promote conflict and hatred. It’s what the elites want: people fighting each other. The late night “comedy” shows are all about hatred as well, mostly Trump hating. Anything to keep people mired in the old meme structure. Yes sir, most drama shows are advertised with guys holding guns and firing at the “bad” guys.

It’s all so transparent, so silly and stupid! When will people wake up? Well, they are. France and the yellow vests are just the beginning. It’s going to happen all over the world. It started here in the US with the election of the change agent Trump, who began a nationalist movement in the US called “QAnon.” Now it’s spreading to Europe. Check this out:

Yellow vests in France

I laugh when I read the Washington Post, who are constantly claiming that the “Q” phenomenon is just a bunch of fringe crazies and lunatics, which is what John Podesta posted the other day. Yes, I read the Post and follow the website to get both sides.

When you approach the issue from a higher consciousness POV you can see how all is working out well. We are going to the light!

In last month's blog we talked about energy, and said that energy is fundamentally polarized. If the black-hole-white hole phenomenon exists then the duality exists as a fundamental characteristic of the entire galaxy, and perhaps the universe itself. If this is so, then there has always been a conflict between light and dark on the planet. This goes a long way to explaining current events.

Humanity is now confronting a meme set -- a set of beliefs based on the choices we have made -- that we have created lifetime after lifetime. Did you think your thoughts were unimportant? Not so! Every thought you have ever had, every decision you have made, every intention, and every action has been recorded in your Akash and within human consciousness.  We'll talk about what human consciousness is, and where it is, in another blog post. But suffice it to say that every one of us is important, and our thoughts and activities are noted by what might be called an esoteric, metaphysical "accounting" system.

The planet earth, Gaia, is conscious just as we are conscious. The planet earth is the gameboard in a great test of energy, and it cooperates with humanity. By that I mean the planet, through the law of attraction, will bring to humanity that which humanity is focused on. In the past this has meant disease, natural disasters, plagues, and the like. Gaia reflects back to humanity the consciousness of humanity.

The earth is very resilient. Gaia will still be here, with or without us. Humanity's pollution of the oceans and the air is not causing the weather phenomena we see. Ice core records from the Arctic and the Antarctic show a million years of warming and cooling. By the year 2030 it will be obvious that the planet is going through a cooling stage.[1] The ozone layer will heal itself, the oceans will be restocked with food, all in preparation for humanity's gradual evolution over the next thousands of years into ascension status. Until then, there will be LOTS of change. The Trump phenomenon is just the very beginning. The darkness humanity has created will all have to be confronted, which brings me to what I really want to say this month.

Since the end of WWII the advance of technology and communications has essentially created a worldwide corporate-fascist state. I don't mean fascist in political terms, I mean it in a dark-light sense. The dark global infrastructure is engaged in arms trafficking, drugs trafficking, and trafficking in human beings and children. The light is beginning to expose this dark system, which includes a very dark cult that worships satan, traffics children, and uses them in dark rituals. All of this is going to be exposed in great detail over the next several years.

The next stage in the light-exposes-dark phenomenon is the exposure of the worldwide pedophile network. The sick people who engage in these rituals are in politics, business, and entertainment. They worship a horned god who is often shown holding children or babies. People who engage in these twisted rituals believe that the blood of children and even babies has life-giving properties. This may very well be true. NGOs sponsor children's foundations, as do politicians, business people, and celebrities. Some of them are engaged in the buying and selling of children.  Everyone reading this has probably already heard this stuff so I won't go into it more. It is most definitely not fake news.

Below is a representation of Baphomet, the horned god of satan worshippers and pedophiles.

Why am I talking about this dark stuff? Why not just stay totally positive? Because when this gets exposed for real many people will feel that it's a sure sign of the Apocalypse. It's not! It's a positive indication that a dark system that has been in existence for thousands of years is finally being cleaned up. We are at the stage now where the duality is sharpening so that the light can fully see the dark for what it is. It won't be pretty. But human consciousness created it and so must confront it and clean it up if we are to advance spiritually.

People don't want to think that human beings engage in this twisted stuff (see "Ex NYPD Officer: '35-40% Of Washington Is Involved In Covering Up Human Trafficking,'" That's why it has continued to exist. Because it's too horrible.  What did Marshal McLuhan say? “Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.”

Since we passed the marker in 2012, the light is increasing. The darkness IS going to be exposed, there's no stopping it now. But lightworkers should understand that the road to ascension requires a psychic cleanup of the human meme structure and belief systems. Be ready for what's coming. People are going to become unbalanced when this stuff is exposed, they will come to you. Try to remain as positive as you can. Meditate and pray every day. Send light to every corner of the earth. The more we do this the faster the cleanup will proceed.

The Future

Over the next several years, look for the dark forces to organize around some charismatic leader. This will happen because the dark forces will be forced to come into the open by the increasing light that is emanating from human consciousness, where formerly their activities could be carried out secretly. Like some psychopaths, this leader will appear to be charming and extroverted, but this will be more fake news. The purpose will be to bring the planet back to the old energy.

Pedophilia will (and already is) being presented as a "normal" human activity.

There are going to be a number of "wildcards," as Isaac Asimov called them in his "Foundation" SF series. Trump is just the first wild card, more are coming. A wildcard is a change agent, a catalyst that stirs up the hidden, moldy old belief systems and the dark networks that have been functioning on this planet for thousands of years. Change will accelerate as human consciousness gradually frees itself from the old paradigm. There will be no history to compare the coming changes to, because what's ahead has never happened before. We are on a new track! Get ready for change that is different from anything that has happened in human history. Hold your light.

Combine this with the coming weather changes – global cooling – and people will feel like the world is going off the rails, especially in more northern climes, which are going to get colder. The weather change will have one positive effect: it will become obvious after a while that the planet is balancing itself, not going off the rails into runaway global warming. Cooler heads will prevail!  By the year 2030 the weather change will be obvious even to the most die-hard global warming activist.

What else might happen?

1) Organizations that are out of integrity will start to implode. This is already happening within the Catholic Church, where pedophile priests are being exposed. Over the next couple of decades other organizations, such as pharmaceutical companies that are in medicine purely for profit, will either mend their ways or go under. Organizations will either reform (or fail) from within. The people who work in these organizations will start to come forward in greater numbers.

2) Politics will become even more fragmented and divisive until the people demand more tolerance and compassion. Dark actors will be exposed. The underbelly of human consciousness will be revealed, forcing everyone to confront the dark and make a decision: Do we want reform, or business-as-usual? The actors in this play will self-identify either with the light or with the dark. Which side a person is on will become evident by their words and deeds. The measurement will be a simple one: Dark = intolerance and hatred. Light = tolerance and compassion.  People we thought were heroes will turn out to be dark actors, and vice-versa. All of this will occur so that human beings can see the big choice we have to make: to go to the dark or go to the light.

Buckminster Fuller expressed this idea succinctly when he wrote, "Dear reader, traditional human power structures and their reign of darkness are about to be rendered obsolete." (Source – "Cosmography: A Posthumous Scenario for the Future of Humanity.") Bucky was a visionary; he saw the transition to the new energy before it occurred.

3) Those who are sleeping will be awakened. Everyone will have to confront their inner demons and transcend them. Those with little earth experience will have an easier time and will mostly be observers, easily swayed to one side or the other (the sheeple?). For old souls the choice will be obvious. But old souls will also have a much harder time as the Akash is cleaned out. Old souls have probably done all the dark stuff it is possible to do over the millennia. For us our awareness is high, but with that also comes lifetimes of being burned at the stake and being "different."  We have to deal with what we have done and with what has been done to us over many, many lifetimes.

As I have said in previous posts, over 5 billion "newbies" are on the planet now, new souls who have come in since 1930 and who only have a couple lifetimes of earth experience. These are the part of the population within one standard deviation on the normal Gaussian distribution – the Bell curve – about 68%. Check out the graph below. The total population of earth is around 7.4 billion. 5 billion / 7.4 billion = 67.6%! Old souls are outliers, lying between 2 and 3 standard deviations from the norm (between 95.75% and 99.73% on the outside parts of the curve).

Source: Melikamp - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Last month's post talked about the meme war. Both the NPC meme and the Russian bot meme refer to the 68%. The idea behind these memes is that if you have little experience on earth you don't know how life works, so you can be programmed much easier.

Looking at the graph above you can see where old souls are relative to the population (in the red). The situation might look hopeless but it’s not. The good news? Everyone is beginning to awaken, from the middle of the graph on out. Part of that awakening will include becoming more aware spiritually, but also confronting the dark. The duality has two sides.

Spirituality in the Past and in the Future

In the past, it was easier to be "spiritual." When you meditated, or did healing sessions, first you had to clear the space of dark energy. Then you tuned into your channel and did your thing. The channel didn't move, the procedures you used were tried and true. You knew the dark energies were powerful and you felt good spreading as much light as you could. Some people became spiritual leaders. In the old energy this was fine, it was inspiring to listen to recognized spiritual authorities.

It's all different now.

The “source” channel is moving higher due to the infusion of light onto the planet. The light is more powerful now, there is no need to clear dark energy. Yet somehow, the tried and true methods don't work as well as they used to. The entire spiritual scene is changing and it can sometimes feel confusing. You look out at the world and see so many unbalanced people doing crazy things, shooting people in schools and outdoor venues and in nightclubs. You ask yourself, "So this is what the new energy is? I want to go back to the good old days when I was more certain, and knew I could help people in safe and trusted ways."

The old spirituality existed in a milieu where the dark was more powerful, but where you could create a little bubble of light, a safe space. Now everything is moving so fast it's getting uncomfortable. Some have found their channel and can keep up with the changing energy; for them this is the best of times. But what about the rest of us? How do you keep up with such rapid change in a time that is supposed to be evolving to a new and better paradigm but that can feel very uncomfortable?

The Old Paradigm vs. the New Paradigm

What happens when you take an old consciousness and put it into a new energy? Objection, opposition, resistance! This happens because  the old paradigm was slow and linear, but understandable. Before, you made your plans, wrote them down, proceeded logically step-by-step to your goal. Often there was a lot of struggle, because the old paradigm was a zero-sum game: Everybody knew there was only so much to go around, so you better get your piece of the pie. “Nice guys finish last,” was the phrase that epitomized the old paradigm, which featured endless war and a top-down hierarchical structure even within democratic societies.

The new paradigm is different. It's more intuitive, less defined, less understandable logically. People can already feel the difference. Whatever you want to call it, the new energy or whatever, feels different. It’s faster, it’s not so linear; the connections between things sometimes are not obvious because there’s now a multi-dimensional component. The old ways of plodding along step-by-step don’t seem to work as well for most people. There is a LOT of resistance (#Resist).

In the past I never understood the sometimes violent hatred of Trump. I didn’t vote for the guy but he’s our president, like it or not. In a democracy we accept that and move on, working to get the candidate we like in next time. Now I understand that it’s not about Trump at all. (Most people who don’t like Trump will tell you otherwise, but this is mis-identification.) It’s about the character of the new paradigm, the new energy. There’s no escaping it! The very fabric of spacetime is changing its character. There’s a feeling of inevitable, unavoidable change. To some the feeling is one of doom. Well, it is doom, but for the old paradigm.

It’s like the ethers are saying,

“Deal with it! You wanted ascension, you’re getting ascension!”

“Yeah but I didn’t know the road to ascension and higher consciousness would be so hard!”

“It’s about higher intuition and non-linearity. It’s a faster-moving energy now. You wanted change, you got change.”

“I didn’t think change would be like this!”

“The vibration of ‘source’ is changing in response to the demand of humanity for a better world. Did you think that a world mired in darkness would remain the same with just a few tweaks here and there? The road to ascension requires a massive shift into the light. You’re in it now.”

“If Donald Trump is what we get in the new paradigm I want to go back to the old one.”

“Aint happening sweetheart. Once you go down this road, you’re committed. Mr. Trump is just a placeholder for the new energy; more like him are coming. He is helping you to confront all of the problems in society. He’s the change agent, the bull in the china shop. It’s necessary.”

“Resist! Opposition! ...”

We all know the drill. People are going mad, shooting up nightclubs, community centers, synagogues, and even mass public executions as in Las Vegas. Most of us who aren’t going mad are just objecting to the very rapid pace of change. This is a symptom of an old-energy consciousness entering a new, faster moving paradigm.

Who or what do you think is behind this? Do you really think that the Trumpster is responsible? Nope. He's a convenient scapegoat (because of his big ego) for a process being set in motion by the collective consciousness. Trump is just one of many actors in this unfolding drama, which is being driven by the demand of humanity for a better world.

The dark forces are massively resisting change, those who have held power in the old paradigm for ages. Call (((them))) the deep state, the cabal, whatever. These are the folks who had it made in the old energy. These people will not give up their power and influence, or their dark lifestyles. They will fight to the death to keep the old ways. Some of them are vile and evil. During the next decade or so those responsible will be identified and neutralized. Believe it or not, Trump is the guy leading the charge. He is directly confronting (((them))), he is in their faces, he is not backing down, he is telling (((them))) their days are numbered. It’s not about Democrats vs. Republicans. Look at the politicians who have resigned or who Trump pressured out of office:

Left office

Diane Black (R) (Tennessee, District 06)

Raul Labrador (R) (Idaho, District 01)

Luther Strange (R) (Alabama, Senate)



Xavier Becerra (D) (California, District 34)

Jason Chaffetz (R) (Utah, District 03)

Thad Cochran (R) (Mississippi, Senate)

John Conyers Jr. (D) (Michigan, District 13)

Charlie Dent (R) (Pennsylvania, District 15)

Ron DeSantis (R) (Florida, District 06)

Blake Farenthold (R) (Texas, District 27)

Al Franken (D) (Minnesota, Senate)

Trent Franks (R) (Arizona, District 08)

Patrick Meehan (R) (Pennsylvania, District 05)

Tim Murphy (R) (Pennsylvania, District 18)

Pat Tiberi (R) (Ohio, District 12)


Retiring at end of session

Joe Barton (R) (Texas, District 06)

Robert A. Brady (D) (Pennsylvania, District 01)

Bob Corker (R) (Tennessee, Senate)

Ryan Costello (R) (Pennsylvania, District 06)

John K Delaney (D) (Maryland, District 06)

John J Duncan Jr. (R) (Tennessee, District 02)

Elizabeth Esty (D) (Connecticut, District 05)

Jeff Flake (R) (Arizona, Senate)

Rodney Frelinghuysen (R) (New Jersey, District 11)

Tom Garrett (R) (Virginia, District 05)

Bob Goodlatte (R) (Virginia, District 06)

Trey Gowdy (R) (South Carolina, District 04)

Gene Green (D) (Texas, District 29)

Luis V Gutierrez (D) (Illinois, District 04)

Gregg Harper (R) (Mississippi, District 03)

Orrin G Hatch (R) (Utah, Senate)

Jeb Hensarling (R) (Texas, District 05)

Darrell Issa (R) (California, District 49)

Lynn Jenkins (R) (Kansas, District 02)

Sam Johnson (R) (Texas, District 03)

Ruben Kihuen (D) (Nevada, District 04)

Sander Levin (D) (Michigan, District 09)

Frank LoBiondo (R) (New Jersey, District 02)

Rick Nolan (D) (Minnesota, District 08)

Ted Poe (R) (Texas, District 02)

Dave Reichert (R) (Washington, District 08)

Tom Rooney (R) (Florida, District 17)

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R) (Florida, District 27)

Dennis Ross (R) (Florida, District 15)

Ed Royce (R) (California, District 39)

Paul Ryan (R) (Wisconsin, District 01)

Carol Shea-Porter (D) (New Hampshire, District 01)

Bill Shuster (R) (Pennsylvania, District 09)

Lamar Smith (R) (Texas, District 21)

Dave Trott (R) (Michigan, District 11)

Niki Tsongas (D) (Massachusetts, District 03)

Source:  “115th Congress Casualty List,”,

There are far more Republicans than Democrats on this list: 38 to 13. If Trump was the Evil One, why would he force out three times as many members of his own party as the opposition? A cynic might say that he’s doing this so he can gain absolute power in his party, but he already has that; he’s had it since the election win in 2016. My take is a new energy one: Mr. Trump is a necessary phenomenon on the way to a better world. The more you resist change, the more you resist Trump, the more unbalanced you will be and the worse you will feel. Feeling crappy doesn’t help get us over the hump into the new paradigm. Objecting and resisting doesn’t help to bring peace on earth.

During the next two years Trump is going to try to expose the worldwide human trafficking and pedophile networks. I had a dream about that. Things are going to stay hairy until 2020 in the political world; but on the other hand, behind the scenes, improvements are and will be occurring as well. Despite all the animosity and name calling, the economy is doing well, people can get jobs, salaries are rising. Peace has returned to the Korean peninsula. The turnout for the mid-term elections was very high (excitement!).[2] During the last midterms in 2014, voter turnout was at a 70-year low (apathy). People are participating! These are signs we are being blessed from Spirit.

Carry on, don’t give up the ship. The world needs old souls to spread their light.

 Postscript: The Beginning of the End for Big Pharma?

In the Guardian last month I found a fascinating article: “Sackler family members face mass litigation and criminal investigations over opioids crisis.”

This is a good read. It shows clearly how people and organizations who lack integrity will be exposed. More of this is coming.

From the article: “Plaintiffs are now determined to make the Sacklers pay, even though their money is scattered in property, charitable foundations, trusts, a multitude of companies and overseas bank accounts. ’I don’t know where it all is yet, but I’ll find it,’ Conroy said.”[3]

The dark army survives via offshore bank accounts, charitable foundations, and trusts. What’s going to happen when this network is exposed? The fall of Big Pharma, and the exposure of the worldwide human trafficking network. We live in exciting times!


[1] See “Ocean circulation in North Atlantic is at its weakest for 1,500 years - and at levels that previously triggered a mini Ice Age, study warns,” the Daily Mail, Nov 27, 2018.
Also see, "A Little Ice Age Is Where We are Heading, According to Multiple Scientists," Collective, Nov. 3, 2018.

[2] According to the New York Times, “By percent of people eligible to vote, it was the highest turnout of any midterm election since at least 1970 and the first time midterm turnout topped 100 million, said Tom Bonier, chief executive of TargetSmart, a data analytics firm that studies voter data. He based his analysis on the county- and precinct-level data reported so far.” The turnout could be higher once all votes are counted.



Is the polarization in our society reflective of a more fundamental property of energy in the universe?

“In general relativity, a white hole is a hypothetical region of spacetime which cannot be entered from the outside, although matter and light can escape from it. In this sense, it is the reverse of a black hole, which can only be entered from the outside and from which matter and light cannot escape.” -- Wikipedia

Izthak Bentov, Russian physicist, has theorized that at the center of the universe is a white hole – black hole system, in which the white hole sends out energy, which curves around and is then sucked back in through the black hole. Here is a diagram Mr. Bentov drew:

Physicists call this the Circular Universe concept.

Here is an image of our own galaxy.

Milky Way galaxy

Notice the energy coming out from the center, forming the spiral arms. Is there a white hole – black hole system at the center of our galaxy? (Astronomers know that the center of the galaxy contains a black hole.)

Of course, white holes are speculative at this point. But if this is the design of galaxies, then there is a fundamental polarization of all energy in this universe. That would go a long way to understanding why the duality is present in everything we see. Perhaps the duality is a fundamental property of this universe – not just on earth.

If that is so, then all souls on the planet are working through the duality, no exceptions! Masters like Buddha and Christ, who all possessed high consciousness, would show much more love and light than low consciousness humans. Perhaps high consciousness can transcend the effects of the natural energy polarization of this universe. Perhaps this property of the physical universe provides the opportunity for soul evolution.

When I first saw this diagram of Bentov’s I was immediately struck by the idea that polarization, or the duality, might simply be an inherent property of energy. The only way out would be to transcend matter and energy itself – which would be something that only consciousness could do – high level consciousness. It would provide the impetus to evolve spiritually. You’d try every solution you could think of with the intellect, but this approach would only spin you around in a box. In order to get out of the box you would have to look inward and find the God within. The key must exist somewhere within the consciousness (or maybe the DNA) of the human being. This is what the masters and the great yogis and gurus have been telling us for thousands of years.

Whatever the key is, it is probably multi-dimensional. Or at least non-material. It probably can only be reached through an exploration of human consciousness, or a looking inward. It's probably why science, which looks outward at the physical universe, has given us great technological advancement but has not advanced spiritually.

I find it somewhat comforting that that the universe is built around duality. It means that it’s not our fault! Struggle in life is inevitable until you finally twig on the idea that you are an aspect of the One. In order to do that you have to go beyond a purely materialistic worldview and get more metaphysical. You have to understand that there is more to life than making money and  promoting your brand. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it won’t get you anywhere in the sense that you will still be running around inside the box. In order to get outside the box you have to think multi-dimensionally, non-linearly.

It’s a good system. It literally forces you to look for Spirit, however many lifetimes that takes, after you finally get tired of the same-old same-old.

Old souls are awakening on the planet, millions of us. The rest are in various stages of awakening, depending on how many lifetimes they’ve had on the planet. As I’ve said before, over 5 billion new souls have come to earth since 1930 (based on population increases), so the majority of the planetary population is busy building their brands or just trying to survive.

The Meme War

Here in the US the battle is raging. The level of hatred and violence is rising as those motivated by the old energy desperately try to bring humanity back to the old ways. I've already remarked in previous blog posts that this phenomenon is inevitable when the light begins to penetrate the dark. In order to go to the light we have to transcend the darkness, and the programming, that we have created for ourselves over the past 6,000 years.

Every one of my friends sees it differently. They claim that the world is hurtling into doom, that fascism is around the corner (represented by Trump), that the violence  and hatred we observe is an obvious indicator of a world heading toward destruction. I don't get this point of view. It's one of the reasons I keep writing this blog! If you are a lightworker how can you support this idea? Old souls are on the planet to spread light, not to get taken up by old energy remnants that co-create a dark future for humanity. I see this totally the opposite. The hatred and violence is an indicator that we are winning, that light is penetrating the darkness and that the darkness is fighting a losing battle. Sound irrational? In a linear way, it is irrational because a lot of evidence exists to support the "doom-and-gloom" idea.  A more multi-dimensional view requires a person to stand in the light and view current events.

I believe that the meme war is an indication of the progress we are making. I will try to explain.

The Nov 6 mid-term elections are coming, and the action is hot. Lots of people are motivated to vote. During the last mid-term elections in 2014, turnout was at a 70-year low. This year, it will probably be at an all-time high. This is a positive development: a more inclusive electorate.

The dark-light war is heating up big-time, represented in human form by the Trump camp and the Clinton camp. These humans are just placeholders, or board pieces, for the struggle within human consciousness. The duality is becoming sharper: those who favor the dark and those who favor the  light are having to firm up their positions! You can no longer sit on the fence.

This sharpening of the duality has in turn led to a war of memes and information. I want to get into the meme war a little bit because it represents a very powerful phenomenon that is going on within consciousness here in the US, an awakening of sorts. It all began when those who favor the Trump-Russia narrative accused the screamers on the right of being programmed Russian bots, unable to see the obvious. The hint was that these people are merely following a script, and unable to think for themselves. This hit home to those on the right, who have responded with an even more powerful meme: the NPC meme.

I will let the New York Times explain this meme:

NPC stands for “non-player character” and comes from gaming. In World of Warcraft and other online games, people play against other people. But there are also computer (game) generated characters who interact with the human player characters. These “non-player” characters are one-dimensional and can only say and do what their limited programming tells them to. NPC’s have no inner life, no spirituality. The NPC meme image is based on Wojak, the face in the  MS Paint program,

, and evolved into this:

The original Wojak/Feels Guy is now used by memers to portray real human beings, the gray-face is used to represent NPCs.

The fascinating thing about this meme, and the Russian Bot meme, is that they check all the boxes of awakening in popular culture. These memes cut right to the heart of a person’s belief systems. They tap into the movie memes of “They Live” and “The Matrix,” the idea that humanity is programmed to think only in certain ways. Here are a few generic examples:

The fundamental dilemma of the human, according to the NPC meme, is whether or not he or she is an NPC, as shown in this meme:

The idea behind this meme, and the Russian Bot meme, is that if you are “triggered” by the meme, something has activated your programming.

Here is an example of the meme war between left and right, using both the Russian Bot meme and the NPC meme:

The “Russian Bot” meme and the “NPC Meme” both check the conspiracy theory box as well. These memes act as a sort of thought and belief cleanser by asking the question, “Are you a [Russian Bot][NPC]?” Which is the same as saying, “Do you really think for yourself, or do you merely parrot stuff you hear on the news (CNN, NPR, Fox, etc)? Is what you think and say really yours, or is it someone else’s opinion?”

These memes (whether on the left or the right) force you to ask yourself whether your belief system is programmed. It’s a very powerful way to break through what Lee Carroll calls a person’s “box of beliefs.” Many people don’t even know WHAT they believe! The meme war is forcing people to look inward and do a little self-inspection. In this throw-away culture of bling and superficial trendy marketing that places your attention outside of Self, that is a good thing.

Humanity has been Programmed: By whom?

History shows us that humanity has been programmed for thousands of years. History is just war after war, constant fighting and conflict. Nothing ever changes. Oh, a civilization might rise and have a golden age for a while, but it always sinks back down into the muck. Why?

If humans were really independent thinkers, if they truly had at least a little spiritual awareness, the cycle would have been broken long ago. The fact that it has not been broken is a testament to the idea of mental programming. The meme war is breaking open this question all over the planet. In a few simple photos or drawings with text, a powerful message is transmitted. Minds are being challenged, belief systems are being challenged. And that’s a good thing. Even better, anyone can make a meme and post it! Your opinions are only limited by your imagination. This phenomenon could never have happened if the dark was winning. Why? Because the darkness thrives when people are sleeping. Anything that wakes people up a threat to the dark side.

Although the debate is getting more and more contentious, I believe that the meme war is a very positive development. We have been mindlessly going down the road of “technology is our savior” when it is clear now that technology is just another in-the-box solution that can never transcend the fundamental duality that is part of the energy configuration of the universe itself. If the technology-as-savior idea persists without accompanying spiritual advancement, it will lead to a Borg-like, soulless society dominated by AI, cloning (a biological dead-end), or another materialist control system. The meme war, to me, is proof that humanity is beginning to awaken. The very existence of the NPC and the Russian Bot memes show that the human race is beginning to question its programming.

The idea that belief systems can be programmed is a fascinating one, because this idea never could have come about if it were not for technological advances! Computers and computer programming are the basis for this idea. Those who shout the loudest on both left and right are somehow “triggered” by these memes, which question the fundamental idea of Self. Those without self-awareness cannot look inward to examine their soul motivations, which causes immense frustration (“triggering”). Some brilliant person once said that love is quiet. I think that's true. A balanced, compassionate person doesn't need to shout.

Some on the right say that “NPCs” may not even be human – that they are programmed collections of protoplasm that simply react emotionally to events. This is absurd, in my mind.

A far better explanation is that many who get triggered are souls who genuinely want to see humanity rise in consciousness and reach our potential, but they recognize that it’s going to take a long time for this to happen. They want to see humanity quickly reach a tipping point in consciousness, and are frustrated that humans with “lower consciousness” are preventing the collective consciousness from doing so. The motivations of these people are good. Of course, many more on both sides of the meme war simply love to fight. The fascinating thing about the meme war is that even if your intent is only to skewer the other side's programming, the result is positive! It gets people on BOTH sides to look inward and question their programming.

I believe it was Max Planck who said, in respect to science, that scientific ideas don’t get accepted because the community sees how brilliant a new idea is, and embraces it. No, Planck said, new scientific ideas become accepted only when supporters of the old ideas die off. In a previous blog post I summed this idea up with the phrase, “Human progress advances one grave at a time.” I’d imagine that in the old energy, this was true of ANY idea. However, there is a fundamental difference, metaphysically speaking, since the end of 2012. We made it past the extinction events. Humanity is going to survive and go forward on this planet. There will be no WW III, no runaway global warming that will destroy the environment, no meteors striking the earth from space, none of that shit.

So who programmed humanity? A bunch of reptilian ETs a la David Icke? Or was it us? The answer is another question. When will humanity finally get over the view of itself as victims? The meme war is helping us to understand that we are co-creating our lives and our futures.

Humanity is facing the meme structures that it built over the past 6,000 years. We all participated in building this meme structure, that’s why everyone who has ever lived on earth is here now. It is up to us to examine these memes and decide whether we will continue to participate in old, superannuated belief systems. As the saying goes, “We made our bed and are lying in it.” Fortunately, we all have free will and can decide to build something better.

We Are Making Progress

As the consciousness of humanity rises the light penetrates the dark, and old systems and beliefs are exposed. Some begin to fail if they lack integrity or are self-defeating. Those who hold to the old beliefs and  systems will fight to the death to preserve them. But the battleground has shifted with the advancement of the meme war. It has shifted to the thought/mental plane, where all the action is! The mental plane is where beliefs live, and where the motivation for action lies. The meme war is hitting this directly; it is targeting minds all over the planet via the worldwide internet messaging system.

In my opinion, we have advanced incredibly far since December 21, 2012. I never thought we would make this much progress so fast; and yes, we are making progress. Those who think that the world is going down into darkness – on both sides – are accessing the old time fractals, the old potentials that have been hanging around in human consciousness for 6,000 years. The Akash of old souls tells us: “It’s always happened before that when we get to this stage, society collapses. I remember because I lived through it. We’re at that stage now.”

Yeah, we’re at that stage now, but we are making great leaps forward.  2018 has been an amazing year, 2019 will be just as amazing or even more so as the light continues to penetrate dark and hidden structures and organizations. The rabbit hole is very, very deep and we have only scratched the surface of what will eventually be revealed.

We are on a different track than before 2012. The old prophecies and paradigms no longer apply. Rapid change is occurring in a new paradigm that we have never seen before as the planet ascends. Ascension isn't a waving of a magic wand by ascended masters as everyone magically goes to the light all at once. Some of us will be dragged there, kicking and screaming.

Don’t give up the ship just when we’re starting to right the ship. Lightworkers and old souls, this what you came to earth for: to be part of the movement of light that gets us over the hump for good!

And if you feel inspired, make your own memes and post them.


Here is the ultimate "are you programmed" meme. I laugh at these things, hopefully you will too, because it's supposed to be a joke:

Last night I had a dream. I was with my wife and a bunch of people I have never met this time around. Something bad was about to happen. We all knew it. Something was happening to the sky; it was turning colors in a bad way. It was the precursor to annihilation. I woke up shivering; what the HELL was this?

Whenever I have momentous, strikingly vivid dreams I always meditate afterwards, asking my guides what the dream meant. I was given two things. The first was an image I had seen the previous evening. It was a picture of a huge circular area in the Sahara Desert in Northern Africa. This formation wasn't seen until recently, it can only be viewed from space. I was reminded of something I read once about a huge area of fused sand in the same area. The writer remarked that it was the sort of thing that could only be created from very intense heat. The writer speculated that it had come about from the explosion of a nuclear weapon.

Huh? Everyone knows our ancestors were primitive savages and that our civilization is the epitome of evolution on planet earth.

The second thing I was given was that the dream I just had was the remembrance of my presence at the end of a previous civilization on earth. According to Lee Carroll, who channels Kryon, there have been 10 previous civilizations on earth during the last two precessions of the equinoxes, which describes the earth's 26,000-year wobble around its axis.

How can this be? And how can anyone take a dream like this seriously?

If you are like me you have had at least one monumental vivid dream in your life. You know it is true because of the feelings you have when you are in it. These dreams are conscious remembrances from a previous life.  You can't prove it to anyone else of course, but you know it happened. The vividness of the experience, the sensations, the thoughts, the emotions, the interactions with the other people in the dream -- you know it happened. It's a memory of an actual event.

After I woke up I was taken on a sort of guided tour of my experiences at the end of previous civilizations. If you are an old soul and have experienced such memories, you know what I'm talking about.

In the dream there was a  feeling of inevitable, impending doom. Everyone knows it's the end. And it is. I have experienced this feeling over and over again during this lifetime and I always wondered where it came from. I always thought it was because of the untimely death of my mother, who died of leukemia at the age of 28 when I was 3 years old. This death traumatized my entire family because, of course, there is no cure for cancer (well, at least not an officially acknowledged one) and we all knew she was going to die. I have had plenty of counseling in the form of Traumatic Incident Reduction about the death of my mother. I thought I had totally "run it out." But if this was the true source of the feeling of doom, why was it still coming back?

This feeling of doom, I was shown in my dream, goes much, much deeper. Apparently I have been present on the earth for a long time, and have been there for more than one collapse of human civilization on earth. Again, this makes no sense unless you have had a dream like this. It really isn't a dream; it's a re-living of an event.

"This is why you have the feeling of doom," I was told. "It is a remnant from your Akash, the record of every lifetime you have had on the planet."

I was blown away by this, as you might imagine.

Next, the guidance said, "but you/we made it." The presence was telling me that on the tenth try, the human race finally made it past the marker of total destruction.

"OK," I replied. "But I still have these horrible memories and feelings."

I remembered one of the Kryon channels, where he said that time is in a circle: present affects both future and past because all events are connected. "You made it this time. Do you understand the significance of this?"

Suddenly I saw it: present affects past. Success! I went back to all of those past events and told everyone there that we did finally make it, to have hope for the future, that the lives we are leading are not in vain.

This was a remarkable experience, even though describing what I experienced in words sounds lame. But I learned that present does affect past. The feeling of doom lightened considerably. "What you are experiencing are shadows from the past; phantoms with emotional content that still may come up from time to time. But now you know that the light you hold has the power to positively affect events in the past and pave the road to a better future."


Human consciousness has not yet reached the stage where our Akash is an open book. There are a few who probably have this ability, but the vast majority can only get glimpses into the past. And often these glimpses may be fleeting. Unless you have a powerful experience like the one I had last night. These experiences are not provable but undeniable; they are as real (or even realer) than "real" life.

So what does it mean that "we made it?"

"It means that everything is going to be lovey-dovey from now on," you might say. Not quite!

Cleaning up our act

I used to think that. I used to think there would be a tipping point in human consciousness, where everyone would suddenly wake up one morning and realize that love was the answer, Well, that might eventually happen in the future.  What I learned is that we first have to transcend the duality. And that means confronting, as a civilization, all of the darkness we have created over the past 52,000 years. We don't just get to wave a magic wand and sweep everything under the rug. We don't get to be victims and say, "but it's not MY fault!"

If you are reading this you are probably an old soul. That means you have lived many, many lifetimes on the planet and through your free choice, you have contributed to the mess we are all in now.

Last night I learned that each individual has to eventually take responsibility for his or her participation. That is why every human who has ever incarnated on the earth is either alive right now or will soon be coming back to the planet. This period of time is the denouement, the final act of the last two esoteric cycles over the past 52,000 years.

Your guidance will present to you your past participation in a way that is appropriate for you. You will undoubtedly confront things, people, situations, in your life that are a result of your past lives. The karma you have to confront will come from your own Akash. If you are very good at spirituality you can knock out almost all of your karma with pure intent and affirmations. But if you find yourself having to confront  uncomfortable things, it's because it's part of your life path. Before you came here there were markers you set for yourself; personal challenges that you agreed to take care of when you were born.

These are assignments you gave to yourself! So there are no victims; only free will choices.

It's all part of the planetary equation that includes free will.

Passing the marker in December 21, 2012 was just the beginning. It voided all previous 9 collapses of civilization, and all extinction events. There will be no WW III, no planetary pandemic, no meteors striking the earth. None of that shit is valid anymore. There may be time fractal remnants, Akashic remnants of these past events, but they are remnants only.

Now the human race is freely deciding its own destiny. Part of that destiny is confronting the dark side, on an individual and a collective basis.

We are in that battle now. The forces of darkness on this planet are making themselves known. As consciousness rises the dark is panicking. Individuals who choose to reject the light are becoming more and more unbalanced and are doing more and more crazy things. The good news: these people are beginning to expose themselves. No longer is it possible to hide their activities from the world. The drug running, the arms trafficking, the child abuse, the dark rituals, the secret societies who thought they were safe are now realizing that the world is watching.

It's going to be a great show for those who stay in the light.

Globalism vs Populism

After WW II (which paradoxically and forcefully introduced cultures to each other via a planetary conflict) organizations were created that brought the world together. A divided and battered Europe formed the Common Market, breaking down barriers to trade and commerce. In Africa, the Organization of  African States (OAS) was formed. In Asia, the Organization of Southeast Asian States was created, primarily to counter the influence of  China. As the decades passed, especially in Europe, the Common Market became the European Union, which has turned into a rigid, unelected bureaucracy dictating to democracies. Open  borders and free trade have resulted in mass migration into Europe, as well as an increase in drugs, gangs, and trafficking in human beings. This in turn has led to the rise of populist movements who demand a return to the nation state. In the US, this is precisely the agenda of President Trump. Globalists see in the populist movement a return to fascism and the old ways. Populists see in the globalist movement a worldwide imposition of dictatorial overseers determined to snuff out cultural identity via "diversity."

There is light and dark on both sides of this conflict. Ultimately globalism will win out when human consciousness rises to the point where there is no more war and people see the value of cooperation. But we aren't there yet! There will be a temporary retrenchment back to the nation state as humanity clears out the dark actors, who exist on both sides of this struggle. Then, when the light-dark balance has shifted even further toward the light, there will be a natural impetus toward unity and cooperation. Borders will open back up and a global community will be formed. How fast will this happen? As quickly as individual human beings transcend their own dark sides.

That is why old souls are so important. Old souls are going through the Akashic cleansing process first, because old souls have so much experience on the planet and can create so much light. This process is invisible. Old souls who are doing their inner work are creating a path for those to come en masse.

This process of Akashic cleansing may appear (as it has at times to me) to be utterly pointless. Why am I suffering so much? I would ask myself. After I understood that I was cleaning my Akash, the process became simpler and clearer to me. As I clear out my Akash I feel better myself and also affect the past and the future, because time itself is connected in a circle. As old souls clean out their soul closets they help out everyone else, and the planet as well.

There is a point to all this madness!

It's dark vs light for every old soul on the planet. That's where we are at now. Power has truly returned to the people as the infusion of higher energies has transformed the conflict from national leaders to individuals. The battle is in the mental and the Akashic areas now. National actors merely reflect the set of possibilities granted to them by the collective consciousness of the culture or nation.

"But how can individuals change the nation?" people ask. "We are going in the wrong direction."

The answer is that you cannot create in another's experience. The old energy ways of protesting and fighting will no longer work. They will be and are being tried, but their effectiveness is very limited. Violence and intimidation will no longer be effective in the new energy. "Re-education" is pointless today because it is an imposition of belief systems and it violates free will. Those who try this will be seen as unbalanced. It is already evident if you follow current events.

President Xi of China, for example, is leading a great nation down the wrong path. He is creating a surveillance state  based on AI  and the imposition of cultural values from above. This will not work because it is the opposite of the new energy framework. Oh, it may for a time but soon the Chinese people will rebel. President Trump understands this very well, as he continues to pressure China on trade issues. If the Chinese continue along the path they are on, their economy and their social cohesion will suffer. That's my prediction, and it's an easy one to make if you understand that the battle between dark and light isn't some cutesy little metaphysical fantasy. It's for real. Those who go the wrong way in this battle will be punished by the unfolding of events as humanity gradually goes further and further toward the light.

So, old souls, continue your work. You are not alone, there are tens of millions of us all over the planet. More and more people are waking up. Every time you void your karma with an affirmation, or send light into your own personal darkness, you make it easier on yourself and everyone else. You help the planet ascend to a new level of consciousness where true harmony and cooperation will be the norm, and where never again will there be war.

When you void your personal karma you may find that the crazy events of the world don't touch you anymore, because the fear is gone. Your vibe rises; you find more good things coming into your life. And if your path is one of leadership, you will discover that your message of light will reach more and more people (as long as you don't try to control the process).

Old soul, it's an exciting time to be alive, a time you wanted to be here to experience.



Sounds like a weird headline doesn’t it? Well, it is! We are in an amazing time right now, at the end of a 26,000-year esoteric cycle leading to the beginning of a new one. Since around the late 1980s or early 1990s we have been in a “window” between the end of one time cycle and the beginning of a new one. During this period humanity gets to choose the direction for the next 26,000 years. We are experiencing the Beginning Times – where the old energy cycle fades and the potential for a new one appears.

Many people have been talking about this, especially since the Change Agent – Donald Trump -- appeared on the scene. Trump is destroying the old system faster than anyone had imagined. This is causing a lot of fear and anger among those who understand the old system and don’t see anything terribly wrong with it. “Can’t we just advance by improving the old system without overturning everything and upsetting so many people?”

Apparently not!

The planet, and humanity, has never seen anything like this. Current events are the result of a full-out assault by the Light on the old system. Trump isn’t the cause of this – he’s just one of the actors in this great play. He’s the change agent that is taking a wrecking ball to the old system.

The Old System

What is the old system? Essentially it is problem resolution through conflict and war. It is based on humanity’s old conception of itself – a materialistic conception that we as human beings are unworthy, just the meat descendants of mammals. The old religions, science, and medical systems are all based on materialism and low consciousness. Am I saying that Donald Trump is high consciousness? Hardly! Trump is the sort of bloke who will do what he has to do. I call him the lighthouse in the White House. For many of you this will seem absurd. Trump is perceived by many as a fascist and a bully, who is destroying some of the good with the bad. But that’s the way it has to be ladies and germs.

Look on the other side. The defenders of the old energy are largely in the mass media. When the Trumpster shook hands with Kim Jong Un in Singapore back in June, it was a momentous occasion for the light, as I remarked in an earlier post. Yet most of the media treated this with scorn and derision. That’s what the old energy does – it wants things to go back to the old ways. A similar thing happened when the Trumpster talked with Putin in Helsinki. Charges of treason were bandied about in the media. Hey, I didn't know that communicating to another world leader was such a crime!
There was a lot of good in the old system – but it contains more bad than good because it was developed during a time when the dark was ascendant over the light.

What are the components of the old system? Drug and arms running on a planet-wide basis, trafficking in human beings and children, and secret societies that conduct dark, satanic rituals that involve child sacrifice. Don’t believe it? It’s there. “Nonsense,” you say. “If this stuff was going on it would make the headlines.” Well, it is making the headlines, but mostly not in the mainstream media. It’s in movies especially. Others have analyzed the occult symbolism in movies. If you are interested you can look it up. You can also look up "Podesta Art" on google and find some really sick stuff. This practice of child trafficking (and worse) goes back to Biblical times. In the Bible some people worshipped Baal, a Babylonian god. Today, Moloch (another name for the dark side god) is worshipped by sick people on the dark side. Moloch is a horned god, often shown holding babies or children. These dark rituals are part of humanity’s karma which must be resolved.

Why talk about this?

Why talk about this? Why not just stay completely positive and spread love all around?

That is the best solution for sure. But current events are reaching such a hysteria, and the country is at such a state of polarization, that we HAVE to talk about it. Current events on the planet are being driven by the battle between light and dark and it’s very confusing. This little article is my attempt to make some sense of the madness.

Like the sweaty, unlikeable guy with the wrecking ball, the old structure has to be razed to the ground before a new one can be built. The area has to be cleaned up before a new building can be put in its place. That’s what is happening right now. Trump is the unlikeable barbarian with the smelly cigar in his mouth. The old order HATES this guy. If it wasn’t him it would have been someone else. The human being who is the Change Agent is almost irrelevant because the process is being driven by the rising consciousness of 8 billion human beings. WE the people are the catalyst for change. We don’t see this because the process is being driven on the spiritual-esoteric plane. The new energy then filters through to the physical universe and human beings feel it and act upon it.

Conspiracy Theories and QAnon

We are going to have to talk about QAnon, which has made its way into the mainstream.

QAnon is a manifestation of change in the duality. Like it or hate it, it has been gaining more and more attention, even from the New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR, and the major news networks. So what is it?
Let me tell you a little story. When I was 11 years old, in 8th grade in my Catholic school, we were sitting in class when the announcement of JFK’s death was broadcast throughout the school. This was my personal wake up call. A few weeks later I heard a conspiracy theory: that the international editions of major newspapers in the US were shipped before the assassination took place. (This was way back in 1963, before the internet and email. The only way to get info was by reading newspapers and books.) Of course I could never verify this conspiracy theory, but it got me thinking. Back during the Vietnam war, in the early 70s, another conspiracy theory popped up: that there was no North Korean attack on the USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin incident on August 4, 1964, which was the justification for the Gulf of Tonkin resolution in Congress and US involvement in Vietnam. Well, when the Lyndon B. Johnson Library released over 200 documents about the incident in 2005, it turns out that the conspiracy theory was true. (Source: Office of U.S. Naval Intelligence, (See section, “Analysis of the Evidence”). The point is, a “conspiracy theory” can be true, or not. Any conspiracy theory is only as good as how much truth is in it.

Truth conflicts with belief systems. If I said, “There are pedophile rings in every major American city,” that would conflict with the belief systems of 95% of the population. Because perception (and belief) is reality, the above statement is seen as untrue and even crazy. The ultimate conspiracy theory (and the subject that led to a CIA psyop that created the conspiracy theory concept) is UFOs and ETs. If I said, “Major world governments have been in contact with ET civilizations,” most of the population would say it’s nonsense. If I said, “Some of the charitable foundations that deal with children are fronts for child trafficking,” you’d think I was nuts probably.

Does it matter if conspiracy theories are true? The important point is that labeling something a conspiracy theory discourages investigation of it (and that is the intent of the psyop). This is what Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure movement has been saying for 30 years about ETs and UFOs. Greer says it doesn’t matter whether ETs or UFOs exist or not. What matters is the incredible, stultifying secrecy associated with these subjects. Such secrecy harms the democratic process by discouraging free speech and investigation into the matter. If a conspiracy theory is false, then a simple investigation is enough to disprove it. Then we can stop talking about it, because it’s fake. Funny thing: if a conspiracy theory is said to be false by (or some authority) yet it won’t go away, perhaps there is truth in it., for example, was bought by the Washington Post. Who owns the Post? Jeff Bezos. And what 3-letter intelligence agency is Bezos associated with? The CIA. Amazon won a huge contract with the CIA to provide cloud services for the intelligence agency. The CIA doesn’t exactly have the reputation of always telling the truth. So, “truth” sites like can themselves be compromised.

So. Conspiracy theories and Fake News are both representations of the spiritual battle going on between dark and light. So is the intelligence war, which has been on-going since the end of WW II. In the US, it’s now the NSA vs. the CIA. Edward Snowden, for example, worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, which has contracts with the CIA. But Snowden doxxed the NSA, not the CIA. This leads us back to QAnon, who says that the NSA has been taken over by the good guys to spy on the bad guys in the CIA. Weird, huh?

QAnon is supposedly military intelligence, which has access to all SIGINT from every satellite and network in the country. If you are interested, go to and decide for yourself.

Ancient Souls are Here to Resolve Humanity’s Karma

The major actors now are clear. On one side we have Trump and QAnon and Trumpers, on the other side most of the major news media and never-Trumpers. Again, a manifestation of the duality and Donald Trump is square in the middle. He and Hilary are the crucial actors in the play, the fulcrum around which the entire world consciousness is revolving right now. Do you really believe this is a coincidence? Hardly. Trump, and Hilary Clinton, are old, old souls who have been around since humanity came up out of the mammalian gene pool hundreds of thousands of years ago. Trump and Clinton have been here since the beginning when the planet was seeded.
We are living in the denouement of a 200,000-year old play. You can tell these people are ancient souls because all media attention goes to them. They are the focus of the game. This is not by accident! Hilary by rights should be out of the news, but she is constantly talked about. Why would anyone be so much interested in a failed candidate? Because she is an ancient soul who demands attention. She and POTUS have been placed here to help resolve 200,000 years of humanity's karma.

Are there such things as good guys and bad guys? I’ve already quoted from Solzhenitsyn in previous posts so I won’t do it again, but the gist of the quote is that there is good and bad in everyone. You can’t label the mass media as the enemy (as Trump does) and be accurate. You can’t label Trump as the evil who is trying to impose fascism on the country and be accurate. These accusations are black-and-white, un-nuanced, and are indicative of the old energy. It's all part of the dramatic play that is being enacted. It’s what happens when the Light penetrates human consciousness and human hearts and exposes 200,000 years of karma.

But there is good news: The duality and confusion surrounding fake news, and what is the truth, is going to be resolved. There is going to be a resolution and it’s going to occur during the next 12 years or so. It’s going to be resolved because the light is shining too brightly now. So hang on. We’ll finally see who the bad actors are, and who the good actors are. We’ll see what is fake news and what is the truth. That’s because this window between the two 26,000-year cycles only lasts for about 36 years. It began in the early 90s and will last until around 2030 or so. That means we still have about 12 years of potential chaos and confusion to go.

The Great Experiment

This 26,000-year cycle is the most important esoteric time cycle associated with Gaia and humanity. On this planet a Great Experiment is being conducted: a test of energy. Given free choice and a 50-50 balance between light and dark, where will humanity go? Will we choose dark or light?

Lemuria was the real beginning of the test, two time cycles (about 52,000 years) ago. We are now entering the third. There have never been so many humans on the planet, not even close. There are almost 8 billion of us now. The test of energy is set to be resolved during the next 12 years or so and we are right in the middle of it. Every soul who has ever incarnated on the planet is here now, or is transitioning back to the planet after their previous life. Billions more “newbies” have been arriving since around 1930 or so, as we have spoken of before in a previous blog post.

Over 50,000 years of history on the planet (200,000 since the alteration of the human genome and only one species of human with 23 chromosomes, but that is another story) is about to be resolved in our lifetimes. It’s a great time to be alive!

Dear reader, the confusion is going to be resolved, it’s not going to go on forever. May seem like it is, but it won’t, I’m absolutely sure of that.
Finally, let’s talk about the play – the energy test of dark and light. Why is it necessary to have duality and the inevitable suffering it causes? The answer is simple: being perfectly in the light is great but it eventually leads to stagnation. According to the esoteric info I have studied, this is the state of the galaxy. Stagnation, a lack of evolutionary/spiritual progress. So, in the galaxy, one planet is chosen at a time for the Great Experiment: the duality, the energy test. The dark provides the contrast that, using free choice, provides the impetus for change. We are seeing that right now!

But there are rules to this game. One of the rules is that the dark always has to tell the truth. And it does! In all disinformation there is truth, you just have to look for it. In order to obfuscate, the dark uses disinformation to surround the truth with lies. Here is a good example. I have a subscription to the Washington Post. A couple of weeks ago I read an article about QAnon in the newspaper. Here are a few quotes. (I know a lot about the Q phenomenon because I have been following Q from the beginning). The italicized portions are simply factual statements. The rest is opinion:

“’Tampa rally, live coverage,’” wrote “Dan,” posting a link to President Trump’s Tampa speech in a thread on 8chan, an anonymous image board also known as Infinitechan or Infinitychan, which might be best described as the unglued twin of better-known 4chan, a message board already untethered from reality.”

“The thread invited “requests to Q,” an anonymous user claiming to be a government agent with top security clearance, waging war against the so-called deep state in service to the 45th president. “Q” feeds disciples, or “bakers,” scraps of intelligence, or “bread crumbs,” that they scramble to bake into an understanding of the “storm” — the community’s term, drawn from Trump’s cryptic reference last year to “the calm before the storm” — for the president’s final conquest over elites, globalists and deep-state saboteurs.” [all factual]

What Tuesday’s rally in Tampa made apparent is that devotees of these falsehoods — some of which are specific to faith in the president, others garden-variety nonsense with racist and anti-Semitic undertones — don’t just exist in the far reaches of the Web.”[opinion combined with fact]

“The symbol appeared on clothing, too. A man and a woman wore matching white T-shirts with the YouTube logo encircled in a blue “Q.” The video-sharing website came under criticism this week for unwittingly becoming a platform for baseless claims, first promoted on Twitter and Reddit by QAnon believers, that certain Hollywood celebrities are pedophiles. A search for the name of one of those celebrities on Monday returned videos purporting to show his victims sharing their stories.”

(Now you learned something about QAnon).

Same thing with Fox news. They always write articles supporting the Trumpster, but you have to read to the very end to find the other side's POV. It's a tactic. But it's always there if you are patient enough.

Even in the most biased article (whether on the left or the right) the truth is there, because that’s the rules of the game. Major news outlets, the big playas like the Post and Fox, have to tell the truth because it’s part of the rules of the game. If you rise to a position of influence you become a playa and you are bound by the rules.

The point is that the truth is out there. You have to step back into your spirituality, consult your guides, and make up your own mind. You have to use your own discernment. That’s the point of the game of duality: to force humanity to either go to the dark or to the light. It’s why the game is going to be resolved, one way or another, in the next 12 years. The decision made by ALL OF US will set the vibrational tone for thousands of years into the future.
One last work about dark actors and light actors. Those who work on the dark side have the hardest job, by far. Their lives are lived in the dark! But they perform a great, great service. Whether you think Hilary is the dark actor or Trump, please send light to both sides. Remember that “what goes on here stays here.” All souls, when they transition, leave all of their crap on the planet in a special esoteric place and return, pure, to Source, or God. When reincarnation occurs, the pure soul picks up all of the stuff from previous lifetimes just after entering the birth vortex. Imagine ancient souls like Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. Picking up 200,000 years of karma in the Akash for this lifetime! It’s almost incomprehensible. (My new book (in progress), The Old Soul, deals with this).

It’s easy to hate on Clinton or Trump (the mass media hate on Trump. QAnon hates on Clinton). But it’s a LOT harder to send light and love to the side opposite yours. The good news is that the more lightworkers send light and love across the planet, even to those they are disposed to hate, the better and faster the Game will be resolved.

The Endgame

What level of consciousness will we end up having at the end of the window in around 2030? The answer to that is, it’s not known but it’s up to us. Trump and Hilary are just actors on the stage. The outcome is being decided by old souls like us. In our millions, old souls around the planet will determine the level of consciousness for the next cycle. That’s a big responsibility. The billions of newbies on the planet won’t affect the outcome one way or the other, because their experience on the planet is so limited. The real light creators are the old souls. So let’s get to it!

I get emails all the time from wonderful people, offering to activate my DNA and my Akash, give me quantum healing, and a lot of other spiritual programs that really sound great. But are these programs really necessary? Is it possible, all by yourself, to do these things?

In this time of shift, it is. That's because the veil is lifting. The consciousness of humanity is rising; by that I mean that individuals are becoming more aware that Spirit/God exists within them. When I grew up in the old energy I was taught that God was "out there" and that if I prayed or visualized strongly enough, a Higher Power would grant my wish. But if you turn that around just slightly you are able to step into your power. When I began to understand that God was ME, that Spirit was in my DNA, in my merkaba, I began to feel a greater sense of self worth. I began to understand that the only help I need is from God, and that God is inside. So if I just asked the God inside to activate my DNA and my Akash (in all appropriateness) this made the process of spiritual "advancement" a lot simpler.

More than likely, dear reader, you have already figured this out. The problem for many old souls, however, is a lack of self worth. This comes from hundreds or thousands of lifetimes on the planet, awakening, and being shot down by a planet mired in low consciousness. The shamans, the healers, the psychics and visionaries of the past were all attacked. After hundreds or thousands of lifetimes, we simply learned to put a bushel over our light, to not proclaim our understanding for fear of being attacked. Well, this makes it more difficult to really believe that a Shift is in progress and that we can attain a greater knowledge of Self, as some of the great channelers and spiritual leaders tell us is possible.

It IS possible, but we (or at least, myself) have to approach the subject from a slightly different aspect.

If God/Spirit is inside, then each individual can attain a connection to Spirit/God without outside help. Hold on! I'm not saying that you shouldn't ask for help! It's just that, ultimately, all the help you need comes from within you. Surrounding all of us is a 25-foot field of subtle energy that connects directly with our Higher Self and our personal guides. Within your own DNA are the templates for perfect health. Within your own Akash are abilities and wisdom from all of your previous lifetimes.

The mistake I made at first was to say, "OK, if all this stuff is available, where the hell is it??? I've been searching for 50 years now." That's not QUITE the attitude or the approach needed to contact the God within! What I discovered is that the process occurs gradually. Yeah, that really sucks, because if you are like me you want it to happen NOW. I can only describe my personal experience, because everyone is different.

What I noticed is that when I become more in tune with the God within there is more "randomness." By that I mean that things happen more often in a "just in time" manner. I have never been a great planner, but almost all of the plans I do make now never come to fruition in the way I expect. There is an element of multidimensionality, as if my Higher Self is arranging things in the background without my knowledge. I built up an editing business over the years, but a couple of years ago it just went ppffffft! After that I began to get more contracting jobs in my home service business. I noticed that these jobs came from the ethers, just when I needed them. Between these jobs I got inspired to write more books and blog posts. But I didn't get rich. I didn't gain fame. After a while I understood that my life unfolds according to my soul purpose.

For some people like Deepak Chopra, that means international fame. For me, it meant being happily and quietly (emphasis on quiet!)  going about my business. I was told that I was on the exact right life path for my mission this lifetime to the planet.

"Yeah right," I replied. "That's great but it would be nice to be wealthy." And all sorts of other objections. What I learned finally is that you have to know your life path and accept it. When that happens you feel right. You feel comfortable. There's this feeling of  quiet satisfaction, and even serenity. I'm to the point now where I don't want fame and money. If it comes, it comes. If it doesn't, no big deal. I've accepted the idea that my life path this time around is to learn limitation. I was born with a fiery personality, with an underlying feeling of lack of self worth. That's been a trial to me for a long time. Now I understand that my fiery personality is just an expression of an underlying spiritual passion. The lack of self worth issue has been a long time resolving, but when I accepted the idea that the planet really IS in a profound Shift toward greater awareness, I was able to overcome this.

When you learn and accept the lessons you're supposed to learn, life becomes a lot easier. Sure, that's pretty obvious! But knowing something is a lot easier than doing it.

I'm not supposed to be famous this time around. I'm not supposed to have plaques on the wall, and be admired by lots of people. I'm not supposed to be a world traveler. I'm supposed to love my wife a lot, meet people in my little contracting business, write books and blog posts. To stay put in my area. That's how I'm supposed to spread my light. Now, I have no idea what's going to happen after that. Perhaps guys like Deepak Chopra figured this out for himself a long time ago, and then he was guided to become famous. Maybe that's what happens to EVERYONE when they finally get it.

At this point I don't care. I don't care that it took me 66 years to figure it out. Better late than never! I have no idea what my life is going to look like in the future, and I'm happy with that. If I just continue doing what I'm doing I'm happy with that. There's a feeling of calm now, a feeling of serenity even. Not that I don't go into the "shit-hopper" (as my father used to say) like everyone else. It's just that I don't get so angry when it happens anymore. I recognize that events that happen to me sometimes come from my karma, from my Akash, as setups. Once I accept what happens the issue resolves without much problem.

If you are an old soul you have a lot of wisdom from past life experiences. I find that I simply don't get into bad situations anymore. When something happens that I don't like I don't consider it "bad." It's just life, an opportunity to resolve it and grow from it.

All this to say that when you step into your power you will find your life purpose. Maybe your life purpose is to be famous. And maybe it isn't. Maybe, like me, you are just supposed to play your small part in making the planet a better place. Whatever your soul purpose is, you don't need a course on DNA activation, or a ten-step process to activate your Akash, or  any of the well-meaning programs out there. All you have to do is go inside. Find out what YOUR soul purpose is. When you find it you will feel a surge, or a tingling. That's the God inside telling you that you found it. Whatever that is, accept it and go with it.

Inner vs. Outer

As the light penetrates the darkness it's going to be easier to do this, even as events in the outer world become more and more chaotic.

This sounds contradictory but it isn't. As I've said in a previous blog post, there are at least 5 billion new souls on the planet now. 5 billion newbies. You know what happens in groups when newbies show up: these people may be well meaning but they are clueless. They create unintentional chaos. Combine that with 6,000 years of low consciousness that has created a bizarre and inverted human meme structure. What results is chaos as the light overturns old belief systems that are mired in problem resolution through conflict and war. Combine that with political and economic systems designed to support a few elites at the expense of the rest of us.

Chaos is inevitable as the light penetrates into systems, organizations, and individuals without integrity. So let's face it. The outer world will be chaotic for a while.

What's the solution? Go within. This has ALWAYS been the solution. But in the old energy, only a few could do it. As the Shift progresses, it's becoming easier.

As more light comes into the planet, individuals will be able to resolve their  personal life paths. As more light comes into the planet, "causes" become harder to accomplish. Not because these causes are bad, but because the solution for the entire planet has devolved (or evolved) down to the individual level. Individuals now have more and more power to understand themselves. When more people understand themselves, problems with groups will gradually dissolve as individuals become more centered, secure, serene, and less confrontational. Compassion and tolerance will become the accepted standard. In other words, organizational problems will resolve more because the individuals in them will know who they are! Not because somebody with a "cause" is successful at "re-educating" people.

You can see this happening on the national stage as frustrations mount on both sides of the conservative-liberal divide. "Why can't these stupid people see the truth?" is probably the most frequent complaint. In the old energy, the solution was always to mount a campaign. "We have to convince these idiots with the facts that we are right and they are wrong."

This isn't going to work anymore. It's an old energy solution.

As the planet becomes lighter and more multidimensional, old institutions and meme structures are simply going to break apart. This will be perceived by many as the end of the world, or that the sky is falling. I can't think of a better example than Trump's recent summit with Putin in Helsinki. Most of the media simply went nuts, accusing the president of being disgraceful, of being a wimp, of being pathetic, and even treasonous. One commentator compared Trump's performance at the summit to Kristallnacht and the Holocaust! This is very strange because no one knows what occurred during the talks except for the two presidents and their interpreters. When light penetrates darkness hyperbole and exaggeration sometimes result because the dark panics.

The world is (and has been since the Cold War) in an intelligence war, which is caused by a battle between the forces of light and darkness acting out on the world stage. Dark and light exists both on the conservative and the liberal side. I quoted Solzhenitsyn last week, and it will continue to be relevant: "If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?"

Chaos is now the result of the dark-light battle as old organizations, systems, and individuals still in the old energy are turned inside out. This is expected. The outside world  will continue in its chaos for a while; no need to panic. Fortunately we are well past "extinction events" like WW III.  Chaos merchants may promote such, but it aint going to happen.

The more you can go within the more you can stay out of fear; the better will be your understanding of these things. You will be guided to information that will perfectly explain everything for you. All of us are connected to our Higher Selves. Our guidance is waiting for us to ask questions and give appropriate answers.

The solution is always to go within and find the answers, which MUST be unique and personal to each individual. In this time of Shift, you are guaranteed to get the perfect solution for you, because Spirit and your Higher Self understand exactly what you need. Go within and ask!

If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?" — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

The strength or weakness of a society depends more on the level of its spiritual life than on its level of industrialization. Neither a market economy nor even general abundance constitutes the crowning achievement of human life. If a nation's spiritual energies have been exhausted, it will not be saved from collapse by the most perfect government structure or by any industrial development. A tree with a rotten core cannot stand." — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was a Soviet dissenter imprisoned in the Soviet Gulag for his beliefs and his outspokenness for the cause of liberty and freedom.

Inner and Outer

Spiritual life exists on the "inner plane." The "real" world exists on the outer plane. Those who have been awakened have a spiritual life and know what I'm talking about. Those who don't haven't a clue. To those still sleepwalking through life, wealth and acclaim are primary. During the Shift, however, the inner world is becoming more and more important.

Events unfolding in the political arena are reflections of the status of mass consciousness. When the consciousness of humanity is low, darkness is transcendent. When the consciousness of humanity rises, we will see cooperation and peace on earth. The question is: What happens while the process is unfolding? Are we going down or up?

The actions of the players on the stage in the "real world" are limited by the status of the work done on the inner plane. Action follows thought. When thought is elevated action is elevated and vice versa. In the old energy the inner plane was hidden from most of humanity. The level of allowed action varied in the lower ranges. Corruption, tyranny, and perversion were pervasive.

Yet in June, another dictator was liberated from the dark forces when Kim Jong Un and Trump met for their summit. It was a great boon for world peace, for NoKo has been a flashpoint for nuclear war for several decades. All of this was arranged when the president visited Asia in November of 2017. He met with Xi Jinping, Shinzo Abe of Japan, South Korean officials, and Kim himself. It was all worked out in advance. The "summit" was just for show. When Kim fired his top three generals shortly before the summit, the liberation of North Korea was a done deal. This isn't about politics so I won't go into it further, other than to say that the pushback to peace from the dark side is ongoing and will continue.

Those on the right say that Donald Trump was responsible, those on the left say it's fake and that Kim is still a murderous dictator. This is "outer plane" talk. The agreement in November and the meeting in Singapore, on the inner planes, caused a massive celebration. It was anticipated. It is the first big sign that the planet is truly tending toward peace on earth.

In your meditations, go inward and ask about this. You will find great joy concerning it.

Progress of the Light

Look at what has happened in the last two years. First, Saudi Arabia kicked out their corrupt elements and incarcerated them in a hotel last fall. After that, in Armenia, the Armenian military took to the streets with their citizens and forced the dictatorial leader there to resign. After that, in Syria, ISIS was defeated. Now, North Korea. I'd say the forces of light are doing pretty well. Next up on the list is Iran? The Iranian people are choking under the leadership of their corrupt and dictatorial regime. Less than 10% of the people support the regime. Iranians have been taking to the streets since last fall. Look for major progress in this great country and the restoration of Persian culture.

Trump also offered Pakistan (a country with nuclear weapons) a deal similar to the one offered to NoKo: Denuclearize and receive protection. The Pakistani's say they are considering it.

The US has an understanding with China and Russia, despite the doom and gloom in the major news media. China is of course an economic and political rival to the United States, but when it comes to world peace, China and the US are now allies. Moreover, the supposed conflict and ill-will between Putin and Trump is also mostly fake. This will become more and more clear as the weeks and months pass. (After I wrote this a news item stated that Putin and Trump will meet this summer in a third country. I think this will also bear fruit.)

Keep the progress of the light in mind when fear-based stories come out. The tendency in the old paradigm is to say, "Yeah, right. Xi is a dictator who is using social engineering to suppress his people. Putin isn't any better. If you think Kim is not going to renege on his promise to denuclearize (as he has done in the past) you are delusional." That's just what the dark army wants us to think! Invalidate the progress made on the inner plane, stop progress on the outer plane. So investigate, use discernment, consult on the inner planes for wisdom. Fear-based tactics are the province of the dark army.

Clinton hatred, Obama hatred, Trump hatred are all unproductive for lightworkers. We have to celebrate the victories of the light and pray for a good outcome when the dark forces respond. And they will!

The Role of Lightworkers

Who made the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula possible? All of us who are doing their work on the inner plane. More of these events will occur if we keep going. With positive visualization and meditation for world peace, we, as the quantum operators, select from the infinite set of future possibilities those positive values that will manifest in positive outcomes in the world. Of course it also takes positive action, but there are only a few actors on the world stage capable of making them come about. We, the people, select those possible courses of positive action. Guys like Trump and Kim feel the vibe and manifest them.

Peace on earth will come when the human race wakes up to the power of our co-creative consciousness. The only power of the dark side is to hijack our co-creative consciousness by spreading fear and disinformation. This occurs from the "right" and from the "left." Fear is an equal-opportunity employer!

It is counter-intuitive that the more light is spread the more chaos results. We've talked about this before. The dirt and the mess have to be exposed. When it is, the dark fights these revelations and spreads disinformation, engaging in the only tactics they understand: intimidation, chaos, disinfo, and even death.  This is going to continue through 2018 and 2019, at least.

Lightworkers have to stay on their spiritual toes, hold the light, be as tolerant and compassionate as possible. When a society becomes divided, the temptation is to become involved in argumentation. People who are still sleeping are swayed by loudly stated opinions and emotions (fear and anger), which obscures discernment and rational thinking. The Shift is causing many to become unbalanced. If you are reading this you are a lightworker. Don't fall for the Trump or the Clinton hate. Nobody said it would be easy! The Shift is a shift out of old attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs.

The new world is not going to look like the old. It is not a new version of the old. What we are experiencing has never been experienced before on the planet. What I'm saying is that the changes that occur will often be unrecognizable, because we are shifting to a new vibration. Change often causes fear because in the old energy, change usually meant that the other shoe was going to drop, as my grandfather used to say. Well, we have to get out of old habits. Our job is to create peace and enlightenment on the planet, and accept the changes that occur, even if we've never seen them before.

The earth is headed out of a denser, 3D world and into more multidimensionality. This means that a more chaotic pattern emerges to 3D eyes and the 3D mentality. We can see this at the recent summit between Kim and Trump, which was conducted along what experienced observers say is a haphazard fashion. For example,

A former top diplomatic official for the Obama administration said that President Trump granted Kim Jong Un more power than he deserved by flying the American and North Korean flags side-by-side over their recent summit. She also slammed Trump's team for not knowing "what they're doing." Wendy Sherman, a former undersecretary of State for political affairs, said on MSNBC that she was "a little taken aback" by the backdrop when Trump first shook hands with Kim, a historic first for the leaders of the two countries, earlier on Tuesday. "I was a little taken aback by the North Korean flags and the American flags side by side ... We aren't equals to each other," Sherman said. "This conferred power to Kim Jong Un that I don't think he has yet earned."

—The Hill. "Top Obama official: Trump let North Korea look like our equals."  Justin Wise, 06/12/18

This well-intentioned official was judging things by the old standards. The new way will sometimes seem offhand, unthinking, and chaotic. It is more spontaneous and less linear.

What is happening on the outer plane does not always reflect the true state of affairs on the inner plane, because it takes time for new consciousness to manifest. There is a time lag. That time lag is used by the dark to sow fear and contention. Lightworkers don't have to buy into that.

Note: the positive vibes from the North Korean summit have entirely faded in a few short days, and have been replaced by the hatred and anger surrounding the immigration debate. Both the "right" and the "left" are participating. As a lightworker, ask yourself, How did this happen? This is a good example of how the co-creative consciousness of humanity can be sidetracked.

The Lemurian Scrolls

I have been reading a channeled book by Gurudeva called The Lemurian Scrolls. In it he describes what happened in Lemuria 50,000 years ago, when it was realized that millennia of darkness was about to descend on the planet and that we would lose the higher consciousness and descend into barbarism. Back then, according to Gurudeva, the inner plane was much more visible. Peace and joy were accepted attributes and manifested everywhere. People were in telepathic communication. In The Lemurian Scrolls, the author tells about the various monasteries that were established. The purpose of these monasteries was to establish a powerful high vibration and create a place on the earth (Hawaii) that would continue to send out high vibes through the millennia of the Kali Yuga, the dark times we are now living through. Mystics and lightworkers throughout the ages established these "spiritual" places all over the planet, anchoring the higher vibrations and attempting to ensure that civilization didn't completely collapse. These sacred places on the planet still exist. Perhaps these sacred spaces on the inner plane, manifested and grounded in the outer plane, helped us to get through the prophesied destruction at the turn of the millennium.

Dear reader, you are most likely the descendants of those spiritual leaders throughout history who helped to establish these sacred spaces, and who worked to bring the planet out of darkness. Pat yourself on the back! But realize that there is a lot of work still to do. Everyone who was ever on the earth is incarnated (or about to reincarnate) now. We are here to continue our work begun so long ago. New souls have been coming to the planet in their billions, swelling the population to 8 billion. These new souls are acting as a "buffer" to mitigate the effects of the war of dark versus light. Most of them are sleeping, but ready to awaken.

Up or Down?

Are we going up or down?

We are going upward in a two-steps-forward-one-step back fashion. The light makes progress, the dark reacts. If this continues the dark forces will be defeated. Lightworkers are an important part of the equation. Most of you have been here hundreds or even thousands of times. Your life this time around is a continuation of centuries or millennnia of effort. For almost all of us this is a working lifetime. Old souls get lifetimes off after many lifetimes in a row of hard work. A few of the sleeping souls are old souls. Some of these will never wake up, but almost all of them will.

We must see past the discord on the outer plane and understand that the inner plane will become, slowly, more and more visible. The chaos in current events, and the polarization, is caused by the light penetrating the darkness. Hang in there. As my favorite musician, Kurt Rosenwinkel says, (From the song "Hold On"):

It's plain to see we live in our own reality. But was it meant to be that we are all alone?

Stars shine and spirits align, yet we are all different kinds. But we're together, yeah, we're all together. We can find the way home and you know we're not alone. Though the road seems so long we gotta hold on, hold on.

Seek and you will find, it's always been on the prophet's mind. Don't toe the line, you'll be forgiven, yeah, forgiven. We can find the way home and you know we're not alone. Though the road seems so long we gotta hold on, hold on.

Seize the day, don't throw your life away. Feel the trees as they sway and know you're living, yeah, you're living. We can find the way home and you know we're not alone. Though the road seems so long we gotta hold on, hold on.

All through the night they keep saying we gotta fight. But we're just trying to find the light. We gotta be strong, we gotta hold on.

Hang in there!


Postscript: A Note about the NSA

In June of 2013, Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald released documents that showed how the National Security Agency spies not only on Americans, but pretty much the entire world. Most of the world's internet/comm traffic is routed through the US because we have the world's most sophisticated communications and processing infrastructure. It should be obvious now that the world is engaged in an intelligence war, which is part of the battle of Dark vs Light. In the US this battle has now evolved to the conflict between the CIA (dark hats) and the NSA (now controlled by the white hats). The NSA has been portrayed as the bad guy, spying on everyone and invading privacy everywhere, setting up a "New World Order." But what if the NSA is necessary to spy on the bad guys?

This planet is a corporate fascism, run by criminals. Since the advent of the National Security Act in 1947, a clandestine "deep state" has evolved of persons who are interested in worldwide control. How to take these people down? By using the world's most comprehensive spying tool – the NSA. What if the NSA were now in the hands of the good guys? It would mean that every email, text, voice conversation, Skype conversation, mobile conversation, and pic is recorded and stored. It would mean that there are, literally, no secrets. It would mean that the dark army is being exposed in everything it does, all over the planet. Of course it also means that everyone is being spied on, but for me that is a small price to pay to free this planet and create an earth where the creativity and basic good impulses of human beings can flourish.

Things are not always as they seem.

As Below So Above

"What happens here stays here."

This famous Las Vegas marketing slogan also applies to human beings in a more esoteric fashion. We can reword this. "What happens on earth stays on earth." On earth we live in a duality where there is a changing balance between light and dark, determined by our free will choices.

Only a crazy psychopath can love evil. Murder, torture, abuse, perversion in all of its manifestations, are abhorrent. That's why everything that happens on earth, both good and bad, has to stay here. Human consciousness is a combination of spirit in body, combined with the planet's magnetic field and the planetary grids of subtle energy, which record everything that happens here. Gaia is also a planetary consciousness and there is an intimate relationship between human consciousness and the planet. If human consciousness becomes low enough, the planet cooperates with pandemics, earthquakes, weather anomalies, etc. If human consciousness rises, these things disappear. Between humanity and Gaia is a symbiotic relationship. This is separate from the pure consciousness of Spirit, which is beyond time and space.

A human being incarnates as a pure aspect of God/Spirit, coming directly from the One, or the Great Central Source, which is pure love. Aspects of God are personalities who have had incarnations in the physical universe and who have developed an orientation or a point of view, based on all of their experiences. When a being incarnates on earth he/she arrives absolutely in a pure state, a being of pure love. Just before incarnation the person picks up his/her Akash, the sum total of all of the thoughts, emotions, intentions, and actions from their previous Expressions or lifetimes on earth. The Akash acts like a background "filter" for the coming life. It gives a person his or her basic attitude toward life, toward himself, toward other people. The Akash may or may not dominate the personality, depending on how many lifetimes the person has had and the experiences he or she has had. Anyone who has been on the planet for any length of time has been both male and female. The bias of a person's Akash – the sum total of his/her experiences – may be male or female, depending on preference. For example, persons whose Akashic bias is female and who incarnate in male bodies may be gay, or lesbian if it's the other way around. A person may have few lifetimes on earth and their lifetimes may have been fairly quiet, so their Akash will not influence them. Old souls with hundreds or thousands of lifetimes will definitely be affected by their Akashic "energy."

OK, so the person comes in and lives the life. There may or may not be a "soul mission," or an agenda. Many times the mission is to dissolve or transcend karma. I've talked about this a lot in previous posts and have given examples, so I won't go into it, other than to say that beings incarnate in soul families that have past life connections. Aspects of the One incarnate and give each other the opportunity to resolve issues that are still hanging around in their Akash. Joe, who killed Pete in a past life, now incarnates as a father and Pete is his son, giving Joe the opportunity to love Pete. It could and does work out in a practically infinite number of ways.

The idea is that beings come to earth pure, and then pick up all of the shit they had to deal with – and the shit they dealt to others – just before associating with the body. After the person takes his/her last breath, and just before returning to Spirit, the most recent collection of experiences is deposited in that being's karmic "collection." If the person was evil like Joe Stalin or Mao tse-Tung or Adolf Hitler, all of that stuff is just dumped into the person's earth-soul record. It stays on earth. The being then returns, pure once more, into true love and union with the One.

It's a good spiritual system. It guarantees that evil stays in one place, quarantined. It ensures that the purity of Spirit/God remains unsullied. It creates a huge game called the All That Is, whereby beings can experience in an infinite number of environments, and that those experiences – especially on places like earth – can be contained.

What happens when the unresolved karmic buildup gets too high? The civilization fails, goes kaput. From what I've read, there have been 5 civilizations on earth, starting with the one in Lemuria (the remnants of which are the Hawaiian Islands). The 4 previous civilizations to this one all destroyed themselves due to built-up karma. This is the 4th reset since Lemuria. We almost didn't make it again. The karmic buildup was so great after the previous 4 failures that the end result was going to be either complete annihilation in a nuclear war, or we were going to make it. There wasn't going to be a sixth opportunity. By 2012 we were at the end of the second 26,000-year cycle and the planet was/is moving into a new area of the galaxy with a higher energy. By 2012 it was make-it-or-bust.

Well, we made it. We made it out of the extinction scenario. I used to think we were home free, but I was very wrong. All we did at the marker (2012) was to ensure the continuity of humanity, of human civilization. Now we're working the hard part, the transcendence of the duality. We're working through tens of thousands of years of 4 previous failed human civilizations, plus all of the karmic buildup from the present one, which began (roughly) with the Sumerian civilization 6,000 years ago.

How Can God Love Evil?

Does God/Spirit love evil? I don't think even a pure being of light can love evil, that's why it has to be contained. Our angels and guides are there to help us in every moment of our existence, even if we take an evil path. They see us as the pure aspect of Spirit we are inside, even when we choose a horrible path and do terrible things to others in our physical incarnation.

"Love conquers all." That's what Kanye West said to the TMZ guys when they asked him, "How can you love Donald Trump?" Kanye had some kind of spiritual awakening after he got out of the hospital. He began to see the God within everyone, even those who criticized him. When you are in that state you don't even see evil, all you see is love and the connection everyone has to God.

Who knows, maybe God does love evil! That's a level I haven't gotten to yet, if it's possible. All I know is that we live in a spiritual system that is benevolent. It allows us complete free will to mess up our lives in the most gruesome and miserable way – if we choose to do this. It also guarantees that at the end of our physical existence we return to absolute purity and love.

"That's stupid," my father would always say when he was alive. Sometimes we would discuss religion and spiritual matters. "If being evil is rewarded the same as being good, why live a good life? If even monsters like Adolf Hitler go to heaven there's no point to existence."  He could never see the metaphysical POV – that God loves every being. I could never get him to see that a person should live a good life because it feels better. "Dad, people like Hitler live miserable lives because they are evil. You live a good life because you don't want to be miserable." Dad was all mixed up in Catholic dogma. He thought there was something wrong with a God who rewarded evil people and counted them just as valuable as "good" people.

This only makes sense if "what happens here stays here." You don't get to skate if you are evil, because you pick up all the bad stuff you did the next time(s) around. You gotta clear your karma before you graduate out of here.

The good news is that we can eliminate our karma. After the 2012 marker, the light is becoming more and more powerful. It is now possible to transcend the karma in our past lives. It requires pure intent and a belief that it's possible. Of course, old souls will have a more difficult time with this because of the accumulated karma from hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes. The negation of past-life karma may not happen on your first try! However, persistence will cause you to feel a little better each time you repeat your affirmation. You can use something like this: "I am a being of light and I ask the Great Spirit to turn all negative energy in my Akash into light." This wording may not be what you want, but you get the idea. Word your affirmation in the way that sounds best to you. Say your affirmation out loud with as much intent as you can. Ask your guides/angels for help with this. And then prepare, if you are an old soul, for you may experience some strange feelings! If there is negative energy still in your Akash, when the light hits it you may feel weird. Understand that the way out is the way through. The purer your intent, the more you can get your angelic helpers to assist, the easier it will be.

We created the mess we are in. Only we can get out of it. For me, it sometimes feels that what I'm experiencing is coming from an outside source. But it's not, it's coming from my own Akash. The Akash is real, it's a record of all you have done on earth in every lifetime.

The consciousness of humanity is rising but it is still low. There are some people who can "read" the Akash, but for almost all of us the record of our past lives is pretty much hidden from us. I can get vague recollections of some of my past lives, but almost all of my Akash is obscured. When you engage in this process you might not get a good read on what is happening. My experience is just to keep up with the affirmations, ask your Higher Self for help, keep going. You'll feel better and better in a two steps forward, one step backward approach.

Is Evil Necessary for Spiritual Evolution?

Consider the idea that evil is necessary in order for the planet, and humanity, to ascend. Why would this be?

Let's say that the first true human civilization native to earth was in Lemuria around 50,000 years ago (two cycles of 26,000 years). In all of the channeled info I have read and heard, this civilization was much closer to Spirit, with a "higher" consciousness. But it had one major flaw: a lack of knowledge and wisdom that comes from experience. The Lemurian civilization was like a little baby or a beautiful newborn animal.  When you look into the eyes of these beings you see the purity, the joy, the divinity and innocence of God.

What do newborns do? Well, they fuck up. They walk in front of cars, put their little paws or hands on hot stovetops, put forks in electrical outlets. At the beginning consciousness may be very high, but wisdom, knowledge, and experience are very low. How do you take a high consciousness and give it wisdom so that it can ascend the physical in a conscious manner? You give it the duality: free will.

Now you have choices. Now you can gain in knowledge through experience. Trial and error becomes the preferred method of evolution. Experience is gained, accompanied by knowledge and wisdom. And in the process, the dark side is explored.

Is evil a requirement for spiritual evolution? I would hope not! But on this planet, the human race decided to fully explore the dark. The dark provides contrast and an impetus for change. It provides the tension and the energy to make different choices and do things differently.

Higher consciousness not only involves a strong connection to Spirit, but also wisdom; the wisdom not to go down the dark path and destroy ourselves. We are right in the middle of that now. We are in "cleanup" mode. 50,000 years of free will is coming to a head in our generation. Within the next 10–20 years we will be able to clearly see the direction humanity is taking at the beginning of the third 26,000 year cycle.

Release of Hidden Technology?

The president recently made this statement: "We're on the verge of new technological revolutions that could improve virtually every aspect of our lives, create vast new wealth for American workers and families, and open up bold new frontiers in science and medicine, and communication." This sounds a lot like Disclosure is getting closer and closer. For over 70 years advances in physics, technology, and medicine have been hidden in unacknowledged special access programs, in order to protect a fossil-fuel empire. Whatever you think of Trump, he's like a bull in a china shop. He's committed to getting rid of what he perceives as bad actors, and that (hopefully) includes those who are determined to keep us locked into in the fossil fuel matrix and the worldwide central banking system. Dr. Steven Greer insists that we have already mastered gravity control and the release of "free" energy from the quantum vacuum. If Greer and other whistleblowers are right, these two technologies alone could revolutionize life (for the better) on this planet. It's something I've been looking forward to for a long time.

If you want to get an idea of some of this tech and the companies involved, go to the In-Q-Tel website at

IQT or In-Q-Tel is the capital venture part of the CIA. They are investing in these technologies using public money (our money). The list of companies and the tech they are into is amazing.

But this is just the public face of exotic technology – my guess is that we already have tech that could literally change the planet for the better within a generation.

The Duality

When the light shines into the darkness, attitudes polarize. It's not a Democrat–Republican divide, nor a Liberal-Conservative divide. It's about Dark versus Light. It is irrelevant which "side" you are on – what matters is whether you are tolerant or intolerant, whether you manifest compassion or anger. That is the real test.

Unfortunately the battle has become so psychologically convoluted that even the definition of tolerance has been changed. Herbert Marcuse, in a 1965 paper titled "Repressive Tolerance," said

The realization of the objective of tolerance would call for intolerance toward prevailing policies, attitudes, opinions, and the extension of policies, attitudes, and policies that are suppressed. In other words, today tolerance appears again as what it was in its origins, at the beginning of the modern period – a partisan goal, a subversive liberating notion and practice. Conversely, what is proclaimed and practiced as tolerance today, is in many of its most effective manifestations serving the cause of oppression.

Marcuse redefines tolerance as intolerance. This is justified because one side thinks the other side is the oppressor. This is where we are now.

This kind of thinking occurs when society becomes polarized.  Each side sees the other side as the oppressor. The true definition of tolerance – actions based in love – becomes distorted to the dark side. It is important for all those who act for the light to keep this in mind. It's dark vs light, love vs hate. All other dichotomies (an inherent property of the duality) are illusions. If you are Trump hater or a Trump lover, keep shining your light. Hatred and anger obscures that light.

How does the light handle people who are actively criminal, who molest children and traffic in human beings, who run guns and drugs and try to destroy society? Those who are in positions to neutralize such people (like the president and the military) must act. Those who are not need to manifest as much love as possible to raise the vibe on the planet. If enough of us do this, the vibration of the planet will rise to the point where criminals and pedophiles can no longer exist because the collective consciousness is so high that these sick, low vibes simply cannot exist in the consciousness of humanity.

I want to let our greatest president, John F. Kennedy, conclude this post.

Let us not despair but act. Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past – let us accept our own responsibility for the future.

—Speech at Loyola College Alumni Banquet, Baltimore, Maryland, 18 February, 1958

The dark-light conflict on this planet is being directly reflected in current events. As the light penetrates the darkness, evil is being exposed. This is a positive development. When I grew up in the 1950s the fix was in. Nobody ever talked about pedophiles or corruption in high places, except for fringe elements that were silenced by being called "conspiracy theorists." It's actually a LOT better now, even though chaos reigns. This is what happens during a shift from darkness to light. Human systems, like physical systems, are dynamic and non-linear. They follow the laws of chaos theory. First, the elements of the system begin to behave in unexpected ways (wild cards). Elements of the system go off in different directions, causing seeming chaos and allowing for many more choices or paths for the system to evolve. We are in this period now. It's important to keep in mind that the origin of the dark-light battle is the light. The darkness is being exposed because human consciousness is expanding. That's a good thing.

The final battles in these End Times will be two-fold: the exposure of the corruption and the satanism and the pedophile networks that underlie the evil in the government sectors, and the exposure of the hidden special access programs that have sequestered highly beneficial technology. The secrecy surrounding both of these is extreme, because the crimes that are being committed are egregious. The dark is fighting for its very existence. Look for more chaos and more disclosure. Don't be afraid, it's a good thing.

The Duality and the Light-Dark Battle

The duality operates in both the dark and the light sectors. For example, consider the concept of globalism. On the light side, globalism means open borders and greater cooperation between nations. On the dark side, globalism and open borders means that trafficking in human beings becomes easier. During the next two years (2018 and 2019) exposure of this is going to make the mainstream news media and not just "fringe" sites like 8chan. Some of the names involved will be shocking. Some of the events that will be exposed will be almost unbelievable. Many of the most evil people will be shut down, but will be allowed to walk away. That's because to detail their crimes will upset too many people and be too divisive. I have said consistently that 2018 and 2019 will be the key years to begin this process. It has already begun.

The Truth Is Too Unbelievable

What if I were to tell you that JFK was not assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald? The might be believable, but what if I told you that the shooting of Oswald by Jack Ruby in Dallas back in 1963 was totally fake? That it was a movie with crisis actors, filmed on the set of the famous soap opera As The World Turns? Would you believe that? No rational person would because it sounds crazy to even say it. What if it were true? What if the rabbit hole goes deeper than we ever thought?

I remember seeing that incident on the news when I was 12 years old. I always wondered why the cameras were set just right to show the shooter plugging Oswald in the stomach.

If indeed the above is true then we have been lied to since we were born. If it is true then we do indeed live in a Matrix.

Things are not always as they seem.

For example, digital imaging technology is so sophisticated that literally ANYTHING can be faked. So what should we believe?

In these times of disinformation we have to find the God within. We have to use our discernment. We have to go to the light and view everything from that perspective.

Does it matter, really, if the video of Jack Ruby shooting Oswald is a fake? Not really. We know that forces of darkness are active on the planet. Anyone who is even remotely awake can see this now. The only solution to a world of fake news is to trust the divine inner self, and find peace there. As old souls we can do this, for we have woken up so many times before in previous lifetimes.

Weather Changes – The Coming Global Cooling

The transformation of the consciousness of the human race will also be accelerated by the weather. The planet is undergoing a periodic water cycle, which occurs every half-cycle, or every 13,000 years. 13,000 years ago the Sahara was lushly green. At that time the planet was cooler and wetter. We are heading into something similar at the end of the current 26,000 year cycle.

The planet is going to get cooler. In the northern hemisphere winters are going to get longer and colder. Ice core data from the Arctic and the Antarctic show that global cooling and warming are natural cycles, occurring like clockwork over the past 1,000,000 years. Ice ages occur approximately every 100,000 to 120,000 years. Periods of global warming and cooling occur naturally within the inter-glacial periods. Occasionally there are mini-ice ages. The last one occurred between 1645 and about 1715. It was called the Maunder Minimum. We are due for a smaller one now, one that will last approximately 25 to 30 years. The purpose is to cleanse the oceans and allow for more fish and aquatic life that will feed an increasing human population. If you've ever owned a fish tank you know that the water can be treated, but eventually you have to empty out the tank and start again.

Global weather cycles are dependent on solar activity.

The sun operates on 11-year cycles. During these periods solar activity decreases (solar minimums) and increases (solar maximums). Sunspot activity is a good measure of solar activity: the more sunspots, the greater solar activity and vice-versa. The trend of the solar minima and maxima can be plotted. This chart shows the three most recent solar 11-year cycles.[1]

Notice the height of the solar maximums since 1990, in cycle 22, which peaked at about 200. Every 11-year cycle since then, the peaks have gone lower. The latest solar cycle maximum, cycle 24 in 2014, peaked at about 100. So the peaks have been falling in the last two cycles. Some scientists project that the next two cycles will go even lower: thus the mini-ice age. During the last one (1645–1715), snow fields remained year-round even at lower altitudes.

This weather change is going to upset a lot of strongly-held and cherished beliefs in human consciousness. It's going to break paradigms. Climate scientists are already saying that global warming will be "not as bad as we thought." ( It's going to spur a lot of change in human activity, and help to defeat the current world order.

Everything is conspiring for change! The next 30 years is going to be a wild ride. But at the end will be a much better opportunity for peace on earth and humanity much more united and on the same page.

It will become obvious during the next decade that the planet is cooling. During the middle period of the global cooling,  in northern climates, the primitive electrical grid – wires on poles – will be strained to the limit and will fail more and more often.  This will lead to the absolute necessity of new global heating technology, which will come from alternative sources such as geothermal, solar, and the development of new battery technology. It will lead to the release of hidden, advanced technologies that are not fossil-fuel dependent. Our reliance on oil will have to decrease. Necessity will be the mother of invention! Humanity never does anything unless events force us to. The weather, along with the exposure of the evil on this planet, will alter human consciousness forever.

Military Intelligence

Among the forerunners of change is the U.S. military. For most of my life I saw the military as aiding the dark army. We have troops in over 150 countries. Our armed forces have been the hammer behind forced regime change and have assisted multinational corporations in exploiting other countries' resources.

Well, there are white hats and dark hats in the military. Many of the military white hats saw the direction the planet was going in, and their role in aiding a dark New World Order. When Donald Trump was elected (there is a story behind that!) the white hats in the military rallied around Trump. This can be seen by the number of military and ex-military in his administration. In many ways the current administration is an extension of the military. Trump’s Cabinet at one point contained three generals  – Gen. Kelly, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, and Lieutenant Gen. Michael Flynn, who initially served as national security adviser.

Why the military, and especially the Marine Corps? Because this battle between dark and light is not only ongoing in the spiritual realms, but is also a battle on the ground. We can see how the battleground has shifted as the light moves over the planet. First, the imprisonment of dozens of corrupt princes in Saudi Arabia last fall. (The relationships between the Saudis and some U.S. politicians will be exposed.) Next the talks between the Koreas, President Xi of China, and Trump. This will lead (I think) to a reunification of the Korean peninsula and the elimination of the nuclear threat from NoKo. Next was the incredible (and recent) events in Armenia, which have barely been mentioned in the press. The corrupt PM, Serzh Sargsyan, voluntarily resigned after citizens (and the Armenian military!) took to the streets in day after day of protests. Next in line is Iran. French President Macron and German leader Angela Merkel are in DC representing the EU, trying to save the Iran deal that was negotiated back in 2015. Last fall Iranians took to the streets protesting corruption in the current regime.

After that comes Pakistan, who has major connections to Saudi Arabia.

Then the biggie – the Middle East, which has been a threat to world peace for the past 2,000 years. The problem of Israel and its Arab neighbors will have to be resolved before world peace can occur.

And of course, the on-going battle between dark and light in the United States, the key actor in the worldwide drama between dark and light.

What a time to be alive!

We are living at the end of the last 26,000-year planetary cycle and the beginning of the next one. For thousands of years humanity has been mired in an old energy. There has been little spiritual progress. War and conflict has dominated history. That is changing.

Human beings want major change. But humans don't like change when it happens! We go into fear when events don't go like they went before. Well folks, get used to massive change because it's just beginning. From the weather to human events, the pace of change will accelerate. It will become obvious after a while that we are headed to a brighter future. The dark army will try to bring things back to the old energy. They will not succeed because the light is too powerful.

The mantra for the coming changes is, "Things are not always what they appear to be." Look between the lines in the reporting of current events. In order for good results to occur, the darkness must be exposed. During this period it will appear that the dark is winning. It isn't.

Scott Adams: Kanye West and the Golden Age

I thought Scott Adams' explanation of Kanye West's tweets was enlightening.

[1] Source:

If you are an old soul you act ethically because you know you will just pick up the crap you do to others the next time around. Karma accumulates lifetime to lifetime. Those who are new on the planet don't have a lot of karma. They are floundering around, doing the best they can, trying to figure out how the planet works. Old souls (if you are reading this you are almost certainly an old soul) do wake up. In addition to life's challenges, we still face the problem of our built-up karma in the Akash, The Akash of an old soul contains experiences from hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes. During the Shift, the Akash is getting activated. If you are like me, unexpected emotions and feelings come to the surface, many of them unpleasant. You have weird dreams, or even nightmares. This problem simply doesn't exist for almost everyone on the planet. Old souls are less than one percent of the 8 billion. Sometimes it feels like you are an anomaly, that no one understands. In your family you may be the "black sheep." The question is, how do you deal with it? Can you void your karma? The first step is to understand that what is happening to you is perfectly natural as the light penetrates even into the Akash and breaks off lower vibrational pieces of it from your past lives. The second step is to help yourself by understanding energy and how it relates spiritually to the Akash.

An Old Soul Sees His/Her Therapist – Karma is a multi-pole system of energy

"You literally have to live with yourself from lifetime to lifetime. You get a break in between when you die, but you don't get to ignore your past."

"Don't you release all of your karma when you terminate?"

"Yes. All souls leave clean and come in clean. But there's a little thing called Gaia and the karmic imprints you leave while you are here. You deposit these when you leave and pick them up when you come back. What goes down on earth stays on earth."

"Perfect! I'm not coming back then. Why should I return to this place of darkness and death?"

"Because you already signed up for this gig a long time ago. Because you helped to make a big mess and you need to clean it up. You have to finish what you started."

"No way! If I have free will I can do what I want."

"You're not seeing the big picture. With freedom comes responsibility. That body you inhabit right now is just a tiny piece of you. The divine system is benevolent. It is designed to put pieces of God on earth and advance consciousness. What you do here you must take responsibility for."

"Why would God design a system with so much evil and then call it benign? That's not benevolent. It's insanity."

"God designed the system to be benevolent. But you and I make free will choices. If the planet has a lot of evil, it's our evil."

"Why should I suffer because of all those other bozos?"

"That's the attitude that got us into the mess."

"You're just as guilty as me."

"I am! That's why we are having this conversation. If you don't want to keep coming back and suffering, you have to clean up your karma. You have to clean up your mess."

"How do I do that?"

"Life will do it for you. It's automatic, because you have karma with others and they have karma with you. Life will put you into situations with them so that you can resolve them. But if you don't want to make more karma you have to keep your nose clean."

"I don't get it."

"Karma is a spiritual system designed to push you into situations you need to resolve from past lifetimes. If you killed Joe in your last life he might come back as an autistic child you have to take care of. Or maybe he'll be an irritating and irresponsible brother-in-law. Or maybe your idiotic micro-managing boss. You may have multiple situations like this in your life. It depends on how you lived your past lives."

"You're right about that. I never got along with any of my brothers and sisters growing up. I do twice as much at work but my boss doesn't recognize me for it. I'm cursed."

"How have you handled these situations?"

"I never did anything to them! Why would they treat me like that? I –"

"If you haven't done anything to these people then why would these things happen to you?"

"It's not fair. It's not just me, it's them too!"

"That's right. They have karma with you. But if you handle these situations well you can void your karma with them."

"How long does that take?"

"It's simple. At your next family reunion, see how people treat you. You can measure how much karma you have left with them by how you feel about them. You can measure how much karma they have with you by how they feel about you."

"That's too simple."

"No it isn't. Prove it to yourself. You don't like your brother Jim do you?"

"Jim is a jerk. Everybody in the family hates him."

"Karma is two-pole-multipole system. Two poles allow energy to flow between them. If you remove one pole, the energy has nowhere to go."

"So a family is a multipole system."

"That's right. How do you disengage from all of your family turbulence?"

"I can only control how I feel about them, not how they feel about me."

"That's right. But all you have to do is knock down one of the poles and the energy will stop flowing your way. Knock out your pole."

"Yes, but bad vibes are still flying around."

"Not at you."

"How do I feel better about a jerk like Jim?"

[smiles]. "That's up to you. How bad do you want it? How much longer are you willing to tolerate the bad vibes you have in your family?"

"My family is messed up."

"If you knock down your pole at least you won't have to get hammered. Let them fight amongst themselves if they want."

"Fighting each other is a family tradition."

"Do it for yourself. Be selfish."

"I like how you talk. Why I should I do it for them? I'll do it for myself."

"Okay. How will you knock down the pole you have with Jim? These poles are emotional. They are made of energy. They exist in the mind and in your psyche. When you think of Jim what it your first reaction as it relates to you?"

"That asshole! He –"

"Remember, karma. We're looking at your pole, not his."

"OK. The first thing I remember about Jim is that he stole my skateboard and wrecked it. Didn't even apologize. Long story, but it just went on from there."

"How can you feel better about Jim? I'm not asking you to think of Jim as a good guy if he's not. How can you feel better about yourself in relation to Jim, so Jim doesn't bother you? How can you knock down your pole in relation to Jim?"

"I never thought of it that way. Wait a minute – I remember Jim was a great skateboarder. He had a competition back then, destroyed his board doing a monster trick. I always admired his skill..."

"Go ahead."

"OK. Jim did need another board, but he didn't have to steal mine. That feels a little better I guess."

"Here's an experiment. Work on your feelings toward Jim. The next time the family gets together, see how he reacts to you compared to how he reacts to the rest of the family. Work on eliminating your pole with Jim."

Karma and Chaos

What is karma? Is it really as simple as the above conversation? It's almost a cliche to say that others respond to you according to how you feel about them, but that's how it works. Emotions and attitudes and feelings are energy. Lower energy is grating and when you get in the vicinity of someone with lower energy it rubs you the wrong way. Higher energy is expansive and inclusive. It feels good. In general, lower emotional energy repels and higher emotional energy attracts.

What happens when a lower energy comes into contact with a higher one? In my experience, the lower energy either ridges up and walks away, or the lower energy dissolves. In the former case the lower energy is too vibrationally distant to accept the higher one. It can't be in the same space so it has to leave (unless you go down to it. In that case a screaming match ensues). In both cases there is a positive result. The other person either lets go of his or her bad vibe, or goes away if you stay at the higher vibration.

I'm basing this on my own experience. I grew up in a family of 5 children. Our family was mostly dysfunctional. My father was an alcoholic. His wife died when she was 28 years old of leukemia, leaving my young father with two little children to take care of. His mother and father came to live with us in the house and we were raised by my grandparents. Then dad married an enabler, who also had two children from a previous marriage. His new wife's ex-husband was also an alcoholic, who died a few years later. On the day of the wedding Uncle Frank, my maternal grandfather and a family favorite, died of a heart attack. An auspicious start to that marriage! My father's father died of a heart attack when he was 37.

The four of us kids didn't get along too well. Fortunately my brother John was born a year later; he helped to stabilize things a bit. All of us left home by the time we were 17. Mostly what I remember from my childhood was a lot of arguing.

Somewhere along the line I woke up.

When I was in my late twenties I had chest pains and difficulty breathing. I figured this was the end; I was going to wind up like my father's father. I never thought I'd make it past 40.

Those are the times when you have to make decisions. Instead of going to an allopathic doctor I saw a naturopathic doctor. Back then in 1979 these guys were regarded as kooks. Fortunately my family wasn't around to bug me and my wife was OK with it. Long story short, I have been taking an herbal combo that saved my bacon. I'm still taking it. The point is that when I woke up I started working on myself. When the family finally got together in 1997 I expected the usual argumentation, but it didn't happen. Still a lot of griping but, amazingly, none of it was aimed at me. It's an illustration of the "pole" principle. When you knock down your pole people don't send bad energy at you. There may be bad energy flying around you, but it's not directed at you. That's easier to take.

It's not that I was the good guy and the rest of the family were bad guys. We all did our share of karmic contribution. But when you knock out your pole things get a lot more peaceful for you.

This reminds me of the famous n-body problem in classical mechanics. (n-body means multiple bodies). Back in the 1600s Sir Isaac Newton got three known positions for all of the planets from an astronomer. He was able to calculate an equation of motion for all of the planets that predicted where they should be at any given time (their orbit around the sun). But after a few years astronomers saw that these equations of motion didn't do a good job of predicting the orbits of the planets. That's when Newton realized that each planet was affecting every other planet via the interplay of gravitational forces.

As above, so below.

The "gravitational forces" in human relationships are karmic. The multipole emotional system is just a variation of the n-body problem in physics. Or maybe it's the other way around!

Attempts to solve the n-body problem eventually led to the development of chaos theory. Chaos theory shows that even in the randomness of complex systems there are underlying patterns such as feedback loops (people to react to how you treat them), repetition (if you don't learn your lesson the lesson repeats), self-similarity (lessons repeat but in a slightly different form each time so you can recognize them), fractals (dcja vu), and self-organization (sometimes events seem to organize around you – like family reunions with emotional shitstorms). The things that affect physical systems are observable in the interactions of people.

The World Is an n-body Problem

Our country today has a huge n-body problem.

As the light infuses the dark it is exposing the underlying karmic relationships between people. These people can be in different countries. Look at what happened between Kim Jong Un and President Trump – a potential agreement to unify Korea and de-nuke NoKo. If this happens it will eliminate one of two major poles in the recurring (but fading) time fractal of WW III. The other is the Middle East of course. Iran is a minor player also in this ongoing drama.

This could be very important for world peace. A few days after this announcement, in Washington, "Israeli national security officials sat around the same table on Tuesday morning with their counterparts from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and the United Arab Emirates, discussing a dire humanitarian situation unfolding in the Gaza Strip. The summit on Gaza, called by Jared Kushner, the US president’s son-in-law and senior adviser on Middle East peace, as well as Jason Greenblatt, his special representative for international negotiations, marks an unprecedented moment for Israeli diplomacy, as their dialogue with officials from Arab states is publicly recognized for the first time." (Source: Jerusalem Post)  Coincidence? Maybe. Middle East peace talks are one of the biggest oxymorons in human history. The point is that the underlying karmic relationships are unknown – until something happens to illuminate them. Is it possible that Trump and Kim have a past life history? Is it possible that these two have been strategically placed on the planet to do some good? (I discuss this idea in my new novel, The Old Soul.)

Hey, it could all be just another pipe dream. The dark army has tried to start WW III between Iran and Israel. Failing that, the latest strategy is trying to re-ignite the Cold War between Russia and the US and the UK (See the "Russian Dossier," Mueller, and Theresa May's response to the poisoning of a spook living in England [Skripal].) All of these incidents (and many more) are being created by the residual time fractals surrounding the prophesied extinction event after the year 2000, and the incredibly complex karmic relationships between 8 billion human beings.

As I have been saying over the past few months, every human who has ever incarnated on the planet is here right now. The Ascension process is an n-body problem: resolving, once and for all, humanity's karma. The exciting thing is, we don't know where Spirit has placed the relevant actors. Trump met with President Xi Jinping of China on his tour of Asia back in November. My feeling is that Kim Jong Un was there as well, or was at least in the loop, and that a tentative deal has already been worked out. Did you see the pic of Kim as he met with high-ranking South Korean officials? The look on his face told volumes to me. This guy has been a prisoner in his own country and now he is being released (if all goes well). That's my take. If this works out one of the poles of nuclear war will be permanently removed. Did you see the pic of Xi Jinping and Donald Trump after their meeting last year? Both men had smiles on their faces which said, "we got a deal and we are going to surprise the world."

One of the principles of chaos theory is "sensitive dependence on initial conditions," or, the Butterfly Effect. A simple action like a meeting between Trump and Xi and Kim could set off a fractal of positive development. Now that we have passed the marker and the light is growing stronger, there is a greater possibility that this fractal of peace will not become overwhelmed by the dark. It may grow. That is what I am hoping for.

Embedded Corruption

Trump is a change agent, as I have said before. His function is to stir things up. Sometimes this results in steps forward. Sometimes it results in steps backward. The Trump Administration so far in 2018 is chaos. People are leaving and getting fired left and right. New people are coming in. The media portrays events as a battle between Democrats and Republicans, but that is just superficial. It's a planet-wide contest for the hearts and minds of individuals. All nations, groups, and individuals are affected. The light-dark contest is an equal-opportunity employer. The driving force is the light, caused by the rising consciousness of humanity. The engine is karmic relationships. It's an n-body problem.

For example: Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan's political action committee supported the Democratic candidate against the Republican candidate in the recent Pennsylvania midterm election (which the Democrat won). In 2014, the Republican leadership paid Democrats to vote against the Republican primary winner of the Mississippi Senate race, in Cochran vs. McDaniel; apparently Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell didn’t like the idea of having a Republican in the seat. Why do Republicans support Democrats? Because it's not about Reps and Dems. It's about embedded corruption. Both Dems and Reps are comfortable with the corporate relationships that fund their political action committees and that keeps them getting re-elected.[1] Behind these corporate relationships is the Deep State (or the dark army).[2] For voters there are two distinct parties. In Washington DC there is just one big party. That is embedded corruption.

Things are not always as they seem.

What I have learned is that change is occurring in ways that are not apparent on the surface. Because the light is penetrating everywhere, political change is occurring in a reverse-pyramid fashion: The corrupt people at the bottom are being exposed first. Then will come the people at the top.

Change is now reaching deeper into entrenched strongholds of the old paradigm. The result of this may seem completely chaotic until the system settles out. 2018 and 2019 are going to be chaotic years. Greater polarization is occurring, and with it, a shift of attitudes. This shift will manifest in ways that may seem undesirable. The important thing is to keep a positive attitude and help to create a positive future timeline. This is especially true for old souls. The newbies will spin in drama, but we will maintain our balance through it all.

Those of you who are reading this in the United States, tighten your seat belts. In 1776 this country was created on the ideas of freedom and liberty. Our Constitution, battered though it may be, is a document conceived and framed in the light. Since the assassination of JFK this country has been targeted for destruction. The dark army knows that if the US goes down the entire world will be plunged into darkness. This isn't hyperbole! Witness the incredible amount of change and chaos here. The US is now on the front line of the planetary battle between dark and light. As the light gets stronger other countries will also go through this. The light will expose the dark.

Avoid fear. Say your prayers for something good to happen, support the good vibes on the planet. Stay in your light. Don't despair! While others are screaming at each other, be a force for peace and tolerance and goodwill.



[1] An  example of this is the recently fired Andrew McCabe (from the FBI), who received a car worth $100,000 from his wife Lisa's  failed run for a senate seat in Virginia. In Virginia, any monies collected by a political action committee may be retained by the candidate. Source: Kathryn Watson, "Leftover campaign money can fund almost anything in Virginia," Watchdog, Nov. 8, 2013,

[2] Example: The scandal of the Clinton emails (and the 2016 election) being stolen is blamed on Russians. But the facts are very simple. A very brave soul by the name of Seth Rich, an employee of the Clinton campaign, saw those emails and sent them to the infamous Kim Dotcom, who had a secure portal. Kim Dotcom then gave them to Julian Assange, of Wikileaks, who posted them online. (You can read all of them if you care enough.) Seth Rich was killed a day or two after this happened. The Russian card is being used by the Deep State to try to restart the Cold War and create tension.