There's a big, wide galaxy out there.

And it has discovered spaceship earth.

The Intervention

When a species advances far enough to create technology, it gets noticed. Unfortunately for us, most of the civilizations “out there” aren’t lovey-dovey space brothers and sisters. Those societies exist, but most space faring races live on planets with limited resources and have been forced to collectivize. That means their societies are totalitarian. The Borg isn’t just some science fiction Star Trek fantasy. It’s real, and it’s coming our way. Already we see the signs of it, as governments around the world suppress human rights and freedom in the name of security and control.

The worldwide lockdowns and forced vaccinations were just a trial run for the establishment of a planet-wide collectivized society. The galactic Collectives see the earth as a great prize, but humanity doesn’t have a clue what it is facing. There’s good news, however. 200,000 years ago, the human race was Uplifted by a technologically and spiritually advanced race, which has given humanity a deep spiritual understanding and a potentially advanced awareness that can allow it to discover its true potential, and join the network of advanced planets.

If we can avoid falling into the Collective trap.

Based on the brilliant work of Marshall Vian Summers, The Intervention describes what the human race is up against now that we are ready to move out to the stars.

The Space Grid

Philo Rothman is a senior tech at Uploads, the company that maintains the Space Grid. The Grid is the successor to Elon Musks' Space X and Star Link programs. The Grid has tens of thousands of satellites that surround the planet and it provides instant worldwide communications anywhere on earth.

Philo discovers that the galactic Collectives are using the Grid to influence the leaders of earth and create a planet-wide collective for all of humanity. To defeat them is possible, but at an appalling cost.


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