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Over the next few years and decades, organizations, systems, and people who do not demonstrate integrity will have a harder and harder time of it. Even materialists understand that something is changing on the planet. There is a new energy here. That which in the old paradigm was the province of metaphysics is slowly becoming more manifest, and is becoming more and more a part of daily life.

That doesn’t mean that earth will turn into a planet of metaphysicians who all love new-age stuff. Even in the new paradigm there is going to be contention, because along with a more harmonious background energy will also come enhanced creativity. Creative people can be very insistent on their point of view! There are going to be more new ideas and new approaches, and that will lead to clashes: Whose way is right?

Fortunately, there will also be greater harmony. There will be more willingness to at least consider the other person’s point of view. We all know what happens in the old energy: Opposing viewpoints are fought for, people get emotional, people get insulted, there is a lot more acrimony than there should be: Because “everybody knows” there is only one right way to do anything! But in the new paradigm there will be a general acknowledgment that “more ideas are better.” There will be less insistence on “my way or the highway,” because this viewpoint is non-inclusive. Like it or not, more harmony leads to greater inclusiveness and acceptance, which can be summarized under the general heading of tolerance.

Paradoxically, more harmony means more creativity and more ideas, which leads to MORE diverging viewpoints. But more harmony also means a greater tolerance for different ideas. That’s the way it’s going to be in a couple of decades, and it’s going to be so generally accepted that conflict and “I’m right” will seem childish. There will be a Renaissance on earth. It may not always be peaceful but it will sure be exciting. The possibility for conflict and war will lessen as the years go by, even as more ideas circulate, because the old guys will die off and the new children will come in. It’s exactly what Max Planck meant when he said that old scientific theories only become accepted when their proponents leave the planet. Apparently the transition from the old paradigm to the new paradigm of thought must happen slowly.

Big Pharma

The medical profession is being bought by the pharmaceutical industry, not only in terms of the practice of medicine, but also in terms of teaching and research. The academic institutions of this country are allowing themselves to be the paid agents of the pharmaceutical industry. I think it’s disgraceful.  — Arnold Seymour Relman (1923–2014), Harvard professor of medicine and former Editor-in-Chief of The New England Medical Journal [1]

Dr. Peter Gotzsche, who co-founded the Cochrane Collaboration (the world’s foremost body in assessing medical evidence), found in a separate analysis that 100,000 people in the United States die each year from the side effects of correctly used prescription drugs, noting that “it’s remarkable that nobody raises an eyebrow when we kill so many of our own citizens with drugs.” 1

Big Pharma is one of the first outfits that will experience problems doing things the old way. That portion of the pharmaceutical industry which makes products only to make money – even when there are serious side effects that harm people – will experience an implosion.

I have noticed on TV and in magazines an almost desperate effort by pharmaceutical companies to hawk their drugs. An advertisement for a quit-smoking drug had, as one of its side-effects (and I quote), “suicidal thoughts and actions.”

Think about that for a moment. If you or I promoted a product that could cause people to kill themselves, we would – rightly – be put in jail. Because such a person would clearly be a danger to society. How do pharmaceutical companies get away with this? Because that’s how the system works here in the US. Even on sports websites now, I’ve seen the lead ad be one for drugs.

Some of the pharma ads on TV are scary. I saw one ad where people are looking (rather crazily) up into the sky at skyscrapers, where the drug ad is positioned. The ad starts with, “if you have (blah blah condition), consider taking (drug).” The look on their faces is blank, as if the people in the commercial are hypnotized. It is totally discomfiting to a rational viewer. Then the list of side effects is shown, and that’s pretty scary too!

According to, the United States and New Zealand are the only two countries in the world that allow DTC (direct-to-consumer) advertising on TV for prescription drugs. Canada allows more limited advertising that are called “reminder” ads. The television airwaves (which are supposed to be public property) are being used by drug pushers here in the US.

(I just want to say I am not banging on all prescription drugs, only those advertised that cause serious side-effects. When I had a kidney stone last year, I thanked God for my Percocet!)

The point is that certain sections of Big Pharma clearly lack integrity. We’ve all heard of the problems with various prescription drugs. Amazingly, properly prescribed and used prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death in the United States, after cancer and heart disease. This is per Dr. Peter Gotzsche, Professor of Design and Research Analysis, University of Copenhagen. This appalling statistic is an example of how humanity has let itself become engulfed by a false medical paradigm. This is not an attack on doctors – who are great people often overwhelmed by this paradigm, and who are doing the best they can within it – but on the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical drugs can do wonderful things but sometimes they kill. To knowingly advertise a drug with serious side-effects (like suicide) is unsupportable in a sane society. Those who participate in systems that lack integrity will, as the years go by, become an endangered species.

What happens in organizations will also occur for individuals.

We often say in the metaphysical community that “consciousness is rising,” but what does that mean? It means more tolerance, more compassion, and more harmony. Institutions and individuals that already manifest integrity will continue without extraordinary difficulty, but those who do not – or which are based on a “dog eat dog” consciousness – will experience greater and greater difficulty. The “dog eat dog” people will complain (and are already complaining) that the world is getting “soft.” Well, they are right! The “macho” consciousness is going to have a difficult time of it because fighting and conflict – however it manifests – is vibrationally incompatible with greater harmony and tolerance.

In the political arena, institutions such as the US Congress, which spends 99% of its time in childish contention and blame, will either have to adapt or it is going to collapse internally. Interestingly, the Congressional job approval rating, according to, has risen to 20.8% (in the period 3/1 – 3/21) from around 14% before the election. This is still a horrible percentage however! Either Congress will manifest greater cooperation and tolerance or it will go by the wayside. That’s true of any political body. People are very tired of contention and they want solutions! Solutions can only occur when people actually listen to each other and work for the greater good. These are characteristics of greater tolerance and greater harmony. Look for it! In a group, the integrity of an organization is proportional to the level of cooperation it exhibits internally and with other groups.

100% Responsibility

Part of being a being of integrity is accepting responsibility for your actions. Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, a practitioner of the Hawaiian healing method of Ho’oponopono, says that taking 100% responsibility for anything you do is the only way to become free. That’s because, if something is unwanted in your life, you share the same “program” with anything or anyone that is causing your problem. A program is a way of looking at things. For example, in the sentence above, “But more harmony also means a greater tolerance for different ideas,” I originally wrote, “But more harmony also means a greater tolerance for competing ideas.” The latter statement came from an internal program of mine that says, “There is only one right idea on any subject, so all ideas must compete with each other and fight it out.” I’m beginning to understand that the manifestations in my life come from my “programs,” which is just another way of saying, my “belief systems.” I like the word program better because a program is an instruction set that dictates action.

According to Dr. Len, one way of dissolving unwanted programs and feelings is to take 100% responsibility for them.

In this vein, my friend Khurshid in Germany has written a profound statement: “To feel elated when in favorable circumstances is child's play, but creating that feeling in adverse circumstances is a heroic deed.” When you get fired from a job (which just happened to me) it is difficult to feel good about yourself. However, when I realized that the other person had nothing to do with my problem – that I was creating a program that caused the client’s reaction – I was able to very quickly step out of it. The program I was running (and which was responsible for the problem) immediately made me feel hugely upset, then feel angry indignation. My first reaction was to make myself right and blame my situation on the other person. But when I kicked in the  program of “take 100% responsibility,” I determined that the situation was an opportunity to open up my heart. It was a blessing, not a curse! It was an important life lesson. As soon as I realized that, I felt a wave of relief flood into me. I can honestly say now that I have no diminution of affinity for the client, and that’s because my situation had nothing to do with the client! As Chris Rock used to say on an old Saturday Night Live sketch, “It’s all about ME,” not about the other guy.

When you start living life in 100% responsibility you eventually reach a feeling of personal power. You understand that nothing happens to you unless you had a hand in causing it. At first (at least for me) there is petulance and indignation (“Look what that idiot did to me!”) but with practice the Responsibility Program kicks in. The important thing about this program is that it prevents your affinity for people, and for life, from diminishing. Taking 100% responsibility seems like a burden, but when you apply it to yourself honestly it can be very freeing.

So how can you tell if you have a “program?” If there is a situation in life that keeps coming up. Relationship issues, work issues, whatever the area of life, programs dictate states of being, and actions, that get you in trouble. The 100% responsibility program is a way to cut to the chase; it’s a relief program that allows you to look inside and recognize what it is inside you that keeps causing the problem. The Infinite is inside of every individual; we are all pieces or aspects of God, Spirit, the Creative Source.  Therefore, by looking inside we can contact any person or thing known to us on the planet.

Ho’oponopono works by clearing your negative feelings. It has nothing to do with the other guy. If you aren’t clear within yourself in an area of life you can’t be happy with yourself in that area. This has been brought home to me in crystal clear clarity – my negative emotions, which are self-generated (they don’t come from others, or from evil interdimensional beings) prevent me from seeing others, and situations, clearly. The Responsibility Program tells me to get to work on myself and clear the negative feelings. It’s hard work. Just when I think I’ve gotten things cleared up something else comes up! Well, too bad. All that means is that I still have more work to do. The great part is that my work doesn’t involve the participation of others. It’s something I can do within myself, so it’s something I can take 100% responsibility for. I don’t have to get permission from anyone except myself! Ho’oponopono is freeing and it’s clearing and the more you do it the better you feel.

If you are interested in this program of self-clearing and responsibility, check out these interviews with Dr. Len on YouTube:

16 minute Inner child meditation with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len:


You can find lots more interviews with this wonderful being on You Tube.

The Akash and the Old Soul

Why do negative emotions continue to come up? Perhaps you are a person who experiences happiness all the time or almost all the time. If so, congratulations, you can skip this section. But I’m not one of them! I have realized that negative emotions can come from your Akash, which is the complete record of all of your lifetimes on earth. Daily life can be a restimulator of your Akash. It seems that this junk is coming from nowhere, but it’s actually coming from an old energy paradigm. If you are an old soul you have LOTS of lifetimes on the planet, and many of them probably involved getting beaten down when you tried to show your light. If you are an old soul ALL of your Akash has been generated in the old energy, when the light was weaker and the dark stronger. Things didn’t always turn out well for the old soul, and all of those experiences have been imprinted and recorded. When you incarnate you pick them all back up again (karma), so it’s necessary to deal with them. The confusing bit is when you don’t realize that a lot of these negative emotions don’t come from the present life, but from the energy of previous lifetimes. You say, “I meditate, I live a clean life, where is all this garbage coming from?” It’s coming from your Akash, old soul.

This will seem preposterous to a being who has only had a few lifetimes on the planet, and for these beings, it is. Almost every negative emotion you experience, young soul, is probably coming from the present life. (There are over 5 billion new souls since around 1930 out of a population of 7.5 billion. That’s the vast majority of people on the planet.)

Since the Shift after 2012, the light is getting stronger – but your Akash, old soul, is still filled with the old energy. It keeps telling you that it’s not going to end well, because that’s what happened lifetime after lifetime, so why should it be any different this time around? (I talked about this in an earlier blog post, “The Vibrations of Doom.”) So you keep getting negative emotions coming up, courtesy of your previous life experience, even though the paradigm has shifted. (One of the consequences of the Shift is the readier accessibility of your Akash.)

How do you handle this? Using affirmations. You just keep thinking or saying, “My Akash is clearing and the balance of it is shifting to the light.” I’ve found this helps me a lot. It is actually possible, but it can be hard at first,

If you are metaphysical and call yourself a lightworker, well, nobody said it was going to be easy! There’s a lot of crap to clean out folks, but after the Shift it’s a lot easier to do it, you just have to be persistent. I spend a lot of my conscious moments nowadays clearing out my Akash, because crap just keeps coming up. But the reward are those moments where I feel a sense of personal power, a feeling of love, and an inexpressible feeling that all is well. That happened to me this morning before I went to work and got stuck in more crap. According to Lee Carroll, it gets easier. You just gotta be persistent.

Young souls don’t have this problem. They have only been here a few lifetimes, and their Akash hasn’t got anywhere near the negative stuff that an old soul has. If you have friends who are young souls and you envy their seemingly easy and uncomplicated lives, remember that these people are just figuring things out. Old souls have so much experience we don’t need to make the mistakes our young friends will make. Our problem is clearing our Akash. But if you look at time not as a linear, straight line that only flows one way, but as a circle, in which the future, the present, and the past are connected, you can literally clear the past and the future from the present by your meditations, visualizations, and affirmations. The energy goes round in a circle to the past and to the potentials that lie in your future directly from the present moment. So a clearing in the present affects both past and future.



[1] Walia, Arjun. (2017, March 1). Peer reviewed 'science' losing credibility due to fraudulent research. Collective Evolution. Accessed at