Monthly Archives: November 2008


When people hear the word “persistence,” they often think of the long, hard road toward manifestation. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” “Nothing ever comes easy in this world. You have to work for it.” “Put your nose to the grindstone.” These are some of the phrases I heard when I was growing up. For me, the word persistence had a ring of hopelessness, as if it were something that only a very few could ever achieve, and only by struggle, sweat, and effort.

I have learned that persistence is important in manifestation, but it has very little to do with time.

Why don’t your thoughts instantly materialize? One of the reasons is that they are simply not powerful enough. A vague idea or a fuzzy plan is not going to get executed because the templates of thought that created it are not sophisticated enough, just as a child’s drawing of a house cannot be built in the physical universe (well, it could be built, but it would be a mess!).

All physical objects have an associated thought template. The physical representation of this template is in the form of a schematic, a drawing, or an action plan, but the origin of the template is in thought. The function of the schematic is simply to help you remember the thought template! A skilled technician, artist, or planner, if he or she works with the thing long enough, can eventually manifest that template without aid of the schematic. When you lose that template of thought, even if you have the schematic, you lose the knowledge that enabled you to build it. A blueprint for a house, for example, is incomprehensible to someone who does not know how to read blueprints! That’s because the thought template that created the blueprint is absent.

Because the thought template is invisible, it is often overlooked. Thought evolves: you don’t get a great idea for a new business, for example, or a new product, fully formed and fleshed out, instantaneously ––unless you are already very, very experienced in that field. Like the guys who founded Dreamworks, the movie production studio. In that case, you have already evolved your thought to a sophisticated level. Your “book of thought templates” is very sophisticated indeed! On the other hand, there is NO TIME LIMIT on how quickly you can evolve your thought. That is entirely up to you! That is why persistence has little to do with time: it only has to do with your own vision, your own intelligence, and the strength of your intention. When your vision becomes sophisticated enough, you will spring into action and the thing will begin to manifest almost of it’s own accord.

When the builders arrive at the home site, there is nothing but an empty lot. However, in the minds of the construction crew, the house is already built; for within their minds and hearts, the house already has physical existence, and their thought has evolved sufficiently to create it. If you have ever been in the presence of someone with knowledge and skill, you understand immediately that for them, “time” has little meaning in the sense of what they have decided to create. The building of the house, for example, is almost an afterthought to the construction crew, for their creative template is so real that the physical construction of the house is a foregone conclusion. That is what happens when thought has evolved in sophistication: manifestation is inevitable.

“Oh, that is bunk,” you say. “Dreamworks was made possible because those guys were all multi–millionaires.”


Geffen, Katzenberg and Spielberg were multimillionaires because their thought had already evolved enough to create manifestations. Money is like the oil that makes the engine work. If you’ve ever looked at an internal combustion automobile engine, it is a pretty complex operation. It’s not going to work without a little oil, obviously, but the oil is almost an afterthought compared to the complexity and sophistication of the engine itself.

If you are worried about money, then your idea is still too fuzzy. A completed thought template –– about anything –– breeds self confidence, and will attract others of like mind to it, like a magnet. The money will follow.

Persistence, then, just refers to the evolution of your thought. And that is something that is entirely under your control! If you can throw out your worries about time as a barrier, and concentrate instead on creating and fleshing out your vision of what is wanted, the road to manifestation will go a lot smoother. The word persistence will take on an entirely new meaning; a much more benign one, and one that is closer to the truth of the creative process, and the manifestation of your dreams.

Kenneth James Michael MacLean