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“You create your own reality.” If you have read anything metaphysical or spiritual over the past two decades, you’ve often heard this phrase. Scientists, people with “common sense” (whatever that means!), realists, and skeptics scoff. “If you create your own reality, why don’t you make yourself millions of dollars. Then you wouldn’t have to write such rubbish.”

This month we’re going to explore that idea.

The genesis of this month’s report comes from my study of the science behind climate change. For the past 25 years or so, after I woke up in this life after a long, drowsy sleep, I have been writing books, doing radio shows, and blogging about spiritual and metaphysical matters. Ever since I came into this world I felt that something was wrong. I have always felt that our fossil fuel technologies were decadent and that there was something much better. When I studied the whistle-blower testimony of people who had actually worked in the special access programs I discovered that we already have the technology to completely wipe out disease and pollution, and the ability to create a new society on earth. I investigated the merkaba, the 24-foot field of subtle energy that surrounds all human beings and which houses our human consciousness. About fifteen years ago I had a profound experience using my own merkaba, which I have related before so I won’t go into it, other than to say it had to do with consciousness positively affecting the weather. I knew after that that if human consciousness became more tolerant and more loving, the weather on this planet MUST also change to reflect that. I went about my life convinced that the human race and the planet earth were eventually (and hopefully, sooner rather than later) headed for a planetary golden age. I have heard about the new energies coming into the solar system, which will hopefully jump-start us in this direction. Then I began to study the science of climate change and got bowled over. I discovered that the earth goes through inevitable, cyclic climate change and that there’s nothing anyone can do about it. It literally made me sick to realize that all of my hopes and dreams for the planet were just pipe dreams, and I felt really, really stupid for ever having believed in such nonsense.

Then I had a talk with my Higher Self.

Climate Change

Climate change on earth is caused by a number of factors, including the position of the earth-moon system in relation to the sun (the Malinkovich cycles) [1], ocean currents, solar radiation, and volcanic activity. By drilling down into the polar ice, climatologists have been able to study the earth’s climate as far back as the last million years, and have discovered that the earth’s climate, for all that time, has been cyclical. The largest climate cycles are 430,000 year and 140,000 year cycles. It turns out that over thousands of years the relationship between the earth and the moon, and its relationship to the sun, causes the orbit of the earth to “flatten,” and gradually get further and further away from the sun, and then it swings back to get closer and closer to the sun. (For those of you who are more technically minded, the eccentricity of the earth’s elliptical orbit increases while the length of the semimajor axis increases). When the earth is furthest away from the sun, glaciation and Ice Ages result. Much of the land surface of the northern hemisphere is covered in ice and snow. During the past 500,000 years there have been five ice ages on earth. When the orbit of the earth “unflattens” the planet moves closer to the sun, and global warming occurs.

The earth also undergoes a cycle approximately 24,000 years long called the precession of the equinoxes, which causes the earth to wobble like a spinning top. Halfway through this cycle, the northern hemisphere of the planet is at an angle to receive more solar radiation, and northern winters become warmer and shorter. When the wobble swings the other way, winters in the southern hemisphere become warmer and shorter.

Moreover, the angle of earth’s “tilt” also changes, going from approximately 21.5 degrees to about 24.5 degrees in a 41,000-year cycle. This tilt of the earth also affects the amount of solar radiation the planet receives.

There are also 240-year (approx.) global warming cycles and 130-year (approx.) global cooling cycles within the larger cycles. Right now the earth is coming out of a 240-year warming cycle and is about to enter a cooling cycle. By the year 2019 or 2020 this will become evident, according to David Dilley, a former NOAA climatologist.[2]

Climate on earth may also be affected by sunspot activity. The Maunder Minimum (1645–1715), was a period of extremely low sunspot activity that generally coincided with the Little Ice Age in Europe and North America. Some summers became so cool that crops would not grow, and winters were unusually harsh.

Ocean currents also affect the level of cold during winter in the northern hemisphere, and what are called “El Nino” years. Warm water from the eastern equatorial and eastern-central equatorial Pacific makes its way to the western coast of South America, warming the oceans and the atmosphere, which then flows northward, causing warmer winters such as we are experiencing in 2016 in the United States.[3] Moreover, according to Dilley, warm water surges enter the Arctic Ocean from the north Atlantic, melting the polar ice cap. For instance, a very warm water pulse caused 10 years of warm global temperatures in the 1930s, and a second very warm pulse 72 years later caused 10 years of warm global temperatures from 1998 to 2008.

Volcanic activity can have a big effect on the earth’s climate as well (because they spew fine particulate matter into the atmosphere, which circulates around the globe, blocking solar radiation) and are often associated with periods of global cooling. Tambora in 1815, Huaynaputina in 1600, Ringitoto in 1350, and Eldgja in 934 AD are examples. After Tambora erupted in 1815, the United States experienced the “year of no summer” in 1816, when crops did not grow. Presently, volcanic activity is increasing in the Pacific Rim. If a major volcanic event occurs within the next few years, further global cooling is almost assured.

To me, this is almost a test. Are we really getting beyond the third density? If so, then perhaps the cycle of erupting volcanoes will abate, and if so, the cooling cycle might be more moderate. After my personal experience with my merkaba and the weather, I am using it as a sort of benchmark. If “you create your reality” is really true, and humanity is ACTUALLY undergoing a consciousness shift, then we should eventually see a moderation in weather patterns. As man’s collective consciousness grows softer and more compassionate, we should see this reflected in global weather patterns. Valid or not, this is my own personal barometer of how we are doing.

Clearly, climate change is a very complex set of interacting factors. The most accepted reason for global warming, by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change at the UN  (IPCC), is that man-made dumping of CO2 into the atmosphere is the cause. This is echoed as well by mass media It is reasonable to make this assumption because the most recent 200-year period of global warming coincides with the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. However, Dilley shows that the level of CO2 has almost no effect on the earth’s climate, and that the CO2 level right now is perfectly consistent with previous climate cycles. You can make up your own mind by studying the science (links below).

It is pretty clear to me that we should now be about to enter a period of global cooling, which could have dramatic effects on the weather in the northern hemisphere. When I began to investigate the science behind climate change, I first thought that there is really nothing we can do about global weather cycles that have been around for at least 1 million years. I became quite depressed, actually, thinking that all of my spiritual activity over the past twenty years was worthless. Really, what’s the use of postulating a golden age on earth when an inevitable global cooling cycle is coming regardless! In the past, these global cooling cycles were often accompanied by severe cold, crop failures, many deaths, and in general massive disruption to life. “The materialists are right!” I thought. “This channeling I’ve been doing, and all of my books, radio shows, and meditations are just so much crap. I’m going to freeze my tookus up here in Michigan and there’s nothing I or anyone else can do about it. This talk of a golden age on earth is for fools.”

Well, that’s when I decided to have a talk with my Higher Self.

I actually demanded that I be given an answer to this question. For two days I moped around, totally depressed, until I got over myself and began to let the higher vibrations in. When that happened, everything became clear.

The Multi-dimensional Nature of Reality

The planet earth has been firmly lodged in third-density reality for a long time. The civilization that rose after the end of the last ice age 18,000 years ago hasn’t known anything else. But if the universe is multi-dimensional, no civilization is ever firmly lodged in any dimension of reality. The collective reality of the planet earth and humanity is strongly influenced by what 7 billion people believe, and what 7 billion people choose.  By that I mean that no matter what “reality” or dimension you are in, you have a spectrum of choices of different realities that are in proximity to where you’re at. Of course, the planet earth isn’t suddenly going to jump from third density to seventh density, and we’re not all suddenly going to become non-corporeal beings of total light. The range of choice is restricted. But we can jump or graduate to 4th density reality, which is a hell of a lot different (and better) than the firmly materialist reality we have known for the past several millennia.

My guidance tells me that all dimensions (“densities”) are contained in the all-that-is somewhat like a photoshop image. There can be an infinite number of layers in a photoshop image, all these layers are completely separate from each other, yet all of the layers affect each other. In photoshop, layers can be created and destroyed, they can be turned off and on by the click of a mouse. But consciousness also has this capability. In a vibrational, multi-dimensional universe, physical reality looks different at different vibrational levels.  What is written in stone at one level is changeable or programmable at a higher level. What is an unending million-year cycle of climate cycles in one dimension may not be so in another. This allows beings free will to choose whatever density to experience in. It’s a beautiful system that fully validates free will, and provides the opportunity for literally an infinity of experiences. At each vibrational level different physical laws apply, and a planet can “jump” to a different vibrational level.  We can make a crude analogy here to a subatomic particle such as an electron, when it jumps from one orbital or energy state to another.

The Power of Human Consciousness to Co-Create

The power of consciousness has the capability to move its associated physical reality to another energy level as well. That’s because matter and energy are interchangeable, and physical matter is just condensed consciousness. In other words, physical reality is inherently and innately responsive to thought and intent—even in third density. It’s why free will isn’t just a woo-woo metaphysical concept. It’s why co-creation works! This is what we have not yet fully understood as a species, but it’s a concept more and more of us are beginning to comprehend. A quantum jump in the energy state of a subatomic particle just mirrors the ability of consciousness to do the same thing. The model for all physical reality is derived from templates designed by consciousness, just as the DNA molecule is the blueprint for our physical biology.

Sri Nisargatta Maharaj says, “The world you perceive is made of consciousness; what you call matter is consciousness itself. You are the space (akash) in which it moves, the time in which it lasts, the love that gives it life.” — I Am That, p. 250.

This idea has been expressed for thousands of years. It is the ultimate truth behind both science and religion.

The recognition of the power of human consciousness to co-create what manifests in our physical reality is the barrier we must cross in order to establish a true and lasting civilization on this planet. It is the lesson all young and evolving planetary cultures must learn. It is the most difficult lesson to learn, because in a materialistic third density co-creation seems like so much nonsense, or totally unreal to the vast majority of people.

Co-creation seems difficult because in third density we are trained to anticipate the future by what has happened in the past. Our memories of past experiences just reinforces this. “How can little humans alter the universal forces of planetary orbits and climate change?” Well, true co-creation—a planet-wide or species-wide agreement on a positive outcome or goal—has never been attempted in the history of planet earth since the last ice age. In other words, a species-wide scientific experiment in the power of consciousness has never been conducted (it would be far too dangerous to the present system). To say something is impossible before it has even been attempted is pure silliness! We haven’t tried it because we don’t believe such a thing is possible. Science tells us that there are immutable natural laws that cannot be interrupted or changed, and that only fools believe in such nonsense. But this attitude—actually a powerful vibrational orientation—is how the power of human consciousness is co-opted, how we defeat ourselves before we ever begin. Our own belief systems hold us back.

Science is wrong: the power of human consciousness is unimaginably great. We should try it! Really there is no excuse now, with a worldwide communications system in place.

When I had my little talk with my Higher Self, I was reminded about all of the shows I did on Blog Talk Radio, the Interview With Spirit show and I began to understand that the information imparted during those shows wasn’t just metaphysical nonsense! It was real, true information. Those shows were about the multi-dimensional universe and the co-creative power of consciousness, and the power of consciousness to choose a different reality and literally move up the dimensional/vibrational scale to a different density. When I finally let go of my personal crap, it was like a light came into my consciousness and I could see the truth. We do co-create our reality! We can move up the dimensional scale and avoid massive disruptions, whether those disruptions are World War, devastating climate change, or a total global financial meltdown.

The keyword here is can.

The human race has free will to choose. If we choose to remain brainwashed in third-density thought, we will simply create millennia more of what we have experienced up to now. The earth will continue, inexorably, to repeat the climate cycles we have experienced for the past million years. Nothing will really change, unless we utilize the co-creative power of our own consciousness.

“But the planet earth is also conscious!” you say. “The earth, in order to support 7 billion people, must rest just as humans do. That is why we have periods of cooling and warming.” Well, maybe that’s true and maybe it isn’t. One thing I know for sure is that there are multiple earths in multiple dimensions, and some of those earths resemble what we would call a paradise. Human consciousness has the ability to choose one of those earths and make it a reality. If we wake up.

“Third Density” Reality is Just One of Many Potential Realities

One might be forgiven for thinking, after studying climate data, that the people of earth had just better accept that glaciers will form again, many parts of the earth will become uninhabitable, food will become much scarcer, and the population will decline by several billions. That may certainly be true of third-density earth and the reality that exists in that dimension. But consciousness has the power to lift a planet and a civilization to a higher dimension, a dimension where these incontrovertable facts are no longer the prevailing reality.

My guidance reminded me that we live in a multi-dimensional universe – and that the third density of reality is just one of many. In third density the above climate factors are unchangeable and indisputable. The forces involved are too dense, too immovable! The earth moves gradually away from the sun, causing periods of extreme cold and glaciation, and there’s nothing consciousness can do about that. The caveat is, in this dimension.

The idea is to move beyond the solid, dense, immovable and incontrovertable reality of the third density and into a dimension where thought has a much greater affect on physical reality. That is the dimension we are entering into as you read this, the fourth density of reality. This is the truth of what is being called Ascension. It’s a lot bigger than I ever thought. Ascension, to me, was the idea that individuals could become more spiritual and ascend out of the body into a higher plane. But what it really is, is the collective ascension of an entire planet and civilization into a higher dimension. Now that’s big!

What I realized is that the materialists and the skeptics are right. And so are the spiritualists!

In third density, thinking and intent have a hard time going against the massive solidity of that spectrum of reality. So the materialists are right. However, consciousness can gradually move an entire planet and the life upon it to another level of reality where thought and intent have a much greater influence on what is manifested from the vibrational soup. So the metaphysical people are also right.

Literally, what you believe is what manifests. “Oh pooh,” you say. “Reality is solid and unchanging so just accept that and stop your whining.” But a belief system like that is rooted firmly in third density and those who accept this will remain in third density until those beliefs change. Period. That’s how co-creation works! When enough people desire a better life and begin to understand what consciousness is and what it can do, a civilization rises in vibrational tone and begins to access a different set of realities. Literally, new physical laws are discovered that were invisible prior to a change in consciousness. Consciousness is the operator that selects, from a set of potential realities, the one that will manifest. When consciousness changes its mind, a different set of physical parameters literally come into effect. It’s magic.

I talked about this extensively on the Interview With Spirit show from 2007 to 2014. My guidance kept hammering this point home in show after show, and I sometimes wondered why it had to be repeated so often. Well, now that the earth should be going into another 130-year period of global cooling, I understand why. The universe is set up to be responsive to consciousness in the physical and in the non-physical planes.

If we do nothing, of course, then the old cycles will continue to manifest.

When you change one layer in a photoshop image, it does not affect any of the other layers unless you tell the program to allow it. Every layer is independent, but at the same time can be programmed to communicate and let itself be affected by the other layers. This is the role of consciousness in the Ascension process.

But Ascension aint going to happen by continuing in the same old patterns of thought. Einstein said, ‘You can’t solve a problem with the consciousness that created the problem.’ However, armed with new knowledge, we can actively co-create a brilliant future for this planet and all the life on her!



Those of you who have read Maharaj will recognize that the true janni is not concerned with climate change or what dimension we are co-creating in. He or she is beyond space and time and lives in bliss, no matter what happens. But 99.99% of us aren’t there—because this planet is still moving out of third density. We are all living in the world and want the best for ourselves and for all life everywhere.



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