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The Green New Deal, the Great Reset, “Build Back Better” – these are elitist/globalist code words for the transformation not only of human society, but the earth itself. The super-rich – represented by the elites at the World Economic forum, and their representatives in national governments, medical establishments, and scientific establishments – have a plan for humanity. That plan, essentially, comes down to these points:

* Reduce the population of humanity. This is necessary because human beings and their fossil fuel industries are (supposedly) polluting the planet to extinction. The driving mechanism of capitalism is mindless expansion and production of goods and services to an unsustainable level that will eventually break the resource base of the planet. (There is some truth to this.)

* Create a new human society based on Transhumanism – the merging of human biology with electronics, nanotechnology, gene editing, and AI. The goal is a human population efficiently regulated by artificial intelligence – a superior intelligence that will know how best to regulate a humanity that is out of control.

These ideas are the ultimate evolution of a male-dominated, machine-oriented philosophy that ignores the feminine. The purpose of the current craze of gender-identity politics is to eliminate women from society (because men can give birth). It is inconvenient for the globalists to have life come forth from the uterus. This practice doesn’t fit in with a human society that can be regulated from above. Birth via a woman is sloppy and inefficient. Therefore, women must be denigrated and ultimately eliminated from society, along with other female-oriented concepts like love, compassion, and tolerance.

The brave new world of machines, the Internet of Things, will now be combined with the Internet of Bodies: a blockchained, QR-code based system that transforms troublesome biological  human beings to a data set that can be monitored and controlled from the moment of birth to the instant of death. Human life will no longer come from women, it will originate on bio-printers where designed human bodies come forth from AI-supervised programming.

Coming to a child near you

This crazy plan for humanity, and the earth, can only come from unbalanced minds.

The first step in this plan to create a “new” humanity is related to the global pandemic and the ruthless enforcement of vaccine mandates and lockdowns. This prepares the human race to docilely accept diktats from above, no matter how unreasonable and dehumanizing.

The second step, under the guise of protecting the planet, is to eliminate all fossil fuel generation plants. We can see this in the climate change accords and the Tokyo Protocols, and the recent meeting in Glasgow, Scotland of the G20. This meeting was ALL about climate change – the new buzzword that will be used to destroy industrialized society and reduce population. Of course green energy is not nearly ready to substitute for reliable grid energy, but the elites supporting the Green New Deal and the Great Reset don’t care about that. Their goal is to immediately shut down all energy generation that comes from fossil fuels – currently the source of almost all of the world’s energy.

The third step is the creation of the metaverse – a world of virtual reality that will move humans away from the earth, from the female and from the reality of human biology, and into an artificial world dominated by AI. “Mother nature” is an offensive term to these women-hating and humanity-hating people. It’s happening now. Meta is the new name for an organization that now includes Facebook, and will merge all Big Tech outfits like Instagram and other internet-based social media organizations. The idea here is to take human consciousness away from spirituality, God, and the Creator, and any mention of the earth that sustains us, and install it into a controllable artificial reality.

The fourth step is the chipping and nano-infesting of the human body. These internal interfaces will react with the Internet of Things, and will create the Internet of Bodies, a completely controllable humanity under the regulation and control of our betters.

There you have it folks – the dystopian globalist plan for your future, and for future generations of humanity.

Great Reseters and Transhumanists actually believe – without any proof whatsoever – that consciousness can come from powerful algorithms generated in a computer, and that these algos can magically evolve – in a sort of AI Big Bang – into sentience and consciousness that is superior to human consciousness. This idea is the product of disturbed minds. It neglects the distinction between intelligence and consciousness. Intelligence is not sentient, it is not directed by the higher power, it is merely sophisticated problem solving.

The Singularity– the ultimate evolution of artificial intelligence into a super-intelligence – will never happen. Unfortunately, the globalists don’t know this yet because they have little or no self-awareness. Transhumanism is the ultimate evolution of persons who regard themselves, and humanity, with contempt. Transhumanism and its vehicles, the Great Reset and The Green New Deal, is a humanity destroying idea that has its origins in a complete lack of self-esteem and self-respect.

Our society has been divided ever since Donald Trump appeared on the political scene in 2015, after he announced his candidacy. Trump was and is an outsider to the world’s permanent political class, and the puppet politicians in DC, who have standardized corruption. Even today, at the end of 2021 when Trump has been off the scene for ten months, mass media is all about Orange Man Bad.

Trump came along at the exact right time to expose the dark underbelly of U.S. society: the endemic corruption of our government in DC, the child and human trafficking at the southern border, the drug trafficking (opiates and fentanyl), and the criminalization and weaponization of our justice system. It’s all out in the open now. Even though Trump is no longer in office, he is still the fulcrum around which the division is being exposed. Watch the mainstream news if you don’t believe me.

Donald Trump himself is not the preeminent divider. From a Big Picture viewpoint, he’s not that important as an individual. It’s what he represents that’s important. He is a change agent, a human placeholder for a set of historical forces, or a “fourth turning,” that is reshaping society. Trump is the key energetic force around which the division in our society has taken shape. You either love Trump or hate him; very few people are indifferent toward him.

Good vs. Evil

He is the embodiment of the good vs evil meme.

The division in our society is based around the concept of good and evil.

There has always been a division in the human psyche around good and evil. This is a primitive concept suitable for a small planet and a human race that is still adolescent in its belief systems. Good and evil is a made up concept; it doesn’t exist in the realm of higher consciousness.

In order to achieve peace on earth, the good and evil meme (which is at the heart of karma) must be worked through until it is seen that people are simply making choices using their free will.

One person’s good is another person’s evil. Like all false dichotomies, both sides “flip” depending on which “side” you are on. That’s because there is no truth in the concept, which is used to create division and hatred. Good vs. evil is a karma generator.

Free will >> Karma.

“But killing is evil. There are certain prohibitions given by natural law, and God.”


Killing and even murder are divinely sanctioned. That is clear from even a cursory examination of human history and current events. It is a denial of reality to think that killing is prohibited by God.

“You are nuts,” you say. “World peace is a world without killing and violence.”

Sure, but how do you get there?

“Well, we have to get rid of the violent people. Then we can have peace.”

But how do you eliminate the violent ones?

That’s the 64 trillion dollar question. As Einstein once said, “It is impossible to solve a problem with the same consciousness that created the problem.” World peace can never exist in a  consciousness that supports the confrontational good vs. evil meme.

The denial of free will and the good vs. evil meme lead to absurdities. Consider the Ohio State-Michigan football game, or any national sports rivalry. People on the Michigan side are praying to God to make their team win, because the OSU team is evil. People on the OSU side are praying to God to allow their team victory over the evil Michigan side. OSU has won 14 of the last 15 games, so the OSU folks say that God is on their side! Please, let’s abandon these adolescent concepts, which appear in every facet of society. God doesn’t care which “side” wins. The Creator is hoping that humanity will finally wake up to the ideas of free will and tolerance.

Intolerance and Free Will

Good and evil result from intolerance. Intolerance is essentially a denial of free will. Intolerance creates good and evil because people resist the actions or statements of others. They take sides. They take sides because they are unwilling to recognize the choices others make, and are unwilling to accept the idea that free will is divinely granted to EVERYONE.

The Great Experiment on earth is a test of free will and tolerance. It’s not a test of free will tempered by natural law, God, Spirit, or whatever system of ethics you follow. It’s a test of unlimited free will, granted to us by the Creator.

It has nothing really to do with love. “Love everyone” is an absurd concept. Do you love the neighbor who lets his yapping dog outside at 5 a.m. to wake you up every morning? Do you love the driver who cuts you off in traffic? Do you love the guy with a gun who is breaking into your house and attacking your family? Of course not.

On the other hand, if you were a loving person would you attract a person who breaks into your house?


Love is wonderful and it would be fantastic if everyone could love all people. But in this age of division it’s simply impossible unless you are a Divine Master (in which case you’re not on this planet – you have already graduated).

Peace on Earth

The key to peace on earth is twofold:

1) Accept the clearly demonstrable existence of unlimited and unconstrained free will.

2) Tolerate the beliefs, opinions, and actions of others even when they disagree with yours. This comes under the heading of, “tolerate fools,” or “I can’t create in the experience of others, but I can create in my own life.”

It’s a lot easier to tolerate than it is to love.

To tolerate, all you need to do is remove your agendas from the lives of others.

“But...but...the world is a messed up place and I need to change it.”

No. Change yourself and tolerate the agendas of others. Frankly, nobody cares about your agenda, unless you have produced a visionary program rooted in tolerance and cooperation. In that case, people will voluntarily flock to your cause and you don’t have to impose your agenda on anyone.

Persons who impose their agendas on others have little understanding of self or life.

People care about their own agendas. That’s what free will allows everyone to do. So let them get on with it, and you get on with yours in a spirit of tolerance. Then people find intersecting areas of interest and combine forces. Eventually the whole planet agrees on one thing: today we are not going to be violent in order to get our way.

Tolerance and Love

Peace on earth doesn’t require loving everyone. It does, however, require tolerance of others. Peace on earth doesn’t mean the darkness is eliminated. That comes a hundred thousand years into the future, when we are all Masters.

Even when peace on earth comes, there will still be division and darkness. BUT, a tipping point will have been reached in human consciousness. The vast majority of people will understand that fighting the darkness will just recreate the duality, thus reasserting the old “good versus evil” paradigm.

Good and evil isn’t a natural law. It’s a human-made meme. It comes from being unable to understand what free will is. Free will means you can think and do anything. Fascists, communists, dictators, and sociopaths throughout history object to this because it interferes with their agendas. They think there’s one right way. Their way. That road is paved with 100% failure, killing, misery, and death.

It’s a lot to ask just to be tolerant. But it’s a lot easier than trying to love everyone, particularly when others do nasty things to others, and to the planet, that seem outrageous to you.


The first step to peace on earth is understanding free will and its unlimited sanction to create your own life. The second is recognizing that other people have free will just like you. This can be summed up by a simple statement: Tolerating the actions of others is essential to happiness because – just like at the football game – the higher power is not going to intervene on your behalf against someone else. If you don’t get this then you have to make others comply with your agenda, and that’s an impossible task that just creates more human misery.