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The people who own this planet are losing their power and control

International lawyer Todd Callender appeared on the Prather Point show on Feb 16, 20204, shortly after his presentation to the Croatian Parliament on Jan 23, 2024. The two men discussed the worldwide mafia that is attacking humanity, and the G3P, the Global Public-Private Partnership, which is a governance mechanism to foster public–private partnership (PPP) cooperation between international intergovernmental organizations like the United Nations and private companies.

Essentially the G3P is a legal structure that privatizes the world's wealth and resources in the hands of a few psychopaths, using international organizations like the United Nations, the Bank for International Settlements, and the World Health Organization. The G3P is, essentially, the codification of many "conspiracy theories" over the past several centuries about a set of psychopaths who are trying to create a "new world order" that bypasses democratically elected governments and that legally reserves the world's wealth and resources to themselves.

The conversation begins with Callender expressing his opinion on the Tucker Carlson interview with Vladimir Putin.

I suspect that he (Putin) has been collaborating with Trump and Xi to end this dynasty of... the Khazarians or whoever you want to refer to them, the ones who I think are genetically different sociopaths that look like humans – the ones who have owned and ruled this world for millennia. 2024 is the year that humanity retakes our planet.”

[pulls up chart]

This [chart represents] where the world’s laws in every country – literally all of them – were changed in order to accommodate militarized public health. So that’s the diagram that shows who is in charge of this world and how it is they did it and what organs, and we named the organs that are responsible, all the way down to the DoD, which is the execution of the orders to democide our entire planet, 7 billion people or so...

...When one country goes rogue, where a dictator is now ruling things, it used to be that other countries would come to the rescue of the people who were a victim to this dictator, they would force changes by international agreement and they would cut off supplies, and things of that nature, in pursuance of what seemed like humanity’s furtherance, for the protection of humanity. But what we really come to find is that they were all controlled the whole time, they were all facades, exactly how Ukraine is being abused and destroyed on purpose because it is convenient. This is the same apparatus.

So they changed the world’s laws as it related to public health because it is the one and only universal exemption to human rights. Every country that signed on to these multilateral conventions said – in the case of a pandemic, a global health emergency – all bets are off, we will do anything required of us (PHEIC) – we all agree to do everything that is required of us – to confront this. But the nations were not told, our country, the United States of America, wasn’t told that we were creating 470,000 pathogens for the purpose one day of releasing one or more of them to depopulate the planet, to have an execution plan to effectively take away the human rights of 8 billion people  and selectively remove them from the face of this planet. And they all collaborated and they all changed their laws to accommodate the 2005 WHO health regulations which were then utilized, upon the declaration of a pandemic, to take everyone’s rights away and force them into taking gene changing shot the eventually have injured or killed millions if not billions.

We have more than a billion walking dead right now and nobody is going to hold these people accountable [it is legally impossible because of the contracts that were signed between governments and private companies] there is no place to seek redress. My case that sought redress was thrown out of the Supreme Court about a month and a half ago [this is Feb 16, 2023]. They don’t want to hear it. Universally, the owners of these rules have told all of their government organs, “you’re not going to do anything about it. You’re all guilty of [trying to] killing 7 billion people, and none of you are going to do a damn thing about it.” So that’s where we are at right now. This is the use of militarized health to eradicate humanity and I think I’m going to write a book about that.”  

...The Russians were in charge of the U.N. Security Council last year and they put into evidence many of the bioweapons factories they found that elements of the US owned and operated after Ukraine became free of the Soviet Union. One of those biolabs was owned by Metabiota. How do we know that? Wasn’t Hunter Biden one of those shareholders? And John Kerry’s son-in-law? There were notable people who were operating bioweapons factories in Ukraine. Why Ukraine? Because under the law Ukraine is a territory of Russia – no different than Taiwan which is a territory of China – they are not recognized as individual sovereigns by all nations. By some, by mosty perhaps, but not by all. What that means is that they were not a party to the bioweapons treaties. So conveniently they were left out of the bioweapons convention. And lo and behold every major pharmaceutical company in the world has their headquarters in Kiev. Why? Because they are exempt from the restrictions of treaty obligations under the Bioweapons Convention. That is why in both Ukraine and Taiwan there are bioweapons laboratories producing bioweapons because it is not illegal to do so there.

Russsia is the enemy of Blackrock, why? Because when there was a firefight in Astana, Kazakhstan (the capiyal city) , the new home for the BIS, the locals who were deprived of their bank accounts for not having a COVID passport entered into a firefight supported by the Russian Speznatz – special forces guys – and effectively Vladimir Putin took over Kazakhstan. This was 2018, 2019, somewhere in there, along with the BIS banking codes.”

Todd Callender, Prather Point interview

The BIS, which owns and operates all of the central banks in the world via the banking codes, does not own the central bank of Cuba, North Korea, and now Russia.

That’s because Putin kicked out the IMF and the BIS out of Russia and took ownership of their central bank, so it’s no longer privately owned by the Bank for International Settlements. The last guy who did that was Muammar Kaddafi, and look what happened to him! “ So Russia is being persecuted and sanctioned by whom? The owners of the Bank for International Settlements, the same people who own the United States and all of these other countries.”

This whole thing looks to me like a giant doublecross of the owners of this world – the bank for International Settlements being one of their principal organs because it controls the world’s money supply – and half the world is going along with them [BRICS nations]. This one-world government thing, with Klaus Schwab, there’s not a chance it will happen.”

Vladimir Putin took Kazakhstan for himself or maybe for humanity, depending on how you look at it, he took control of the empire that was built by the owners of this world for themselves..


We are now in the Caucescu moment. In the morning he was talking to his enslaved population and in the afternoon he and his wife were being executed. The assets of the owners of the world are being slowly confiscated.

There was a Marburg provision in the PREP Act that gave immunity to the drug manufacturers and everyone else that had anything to do with COVID countermeasures  – so that is the military’s weapon, their response to the Plandemic. So when the six magic words, "Public Health Emergency of International Concern" are uttered by Tedros, the director of  WHO, globally the human rights of everyone are suspended, which includes the rights to informed consent, as found in the International Convention of Human Rights Article 7, the International Convention of Civil and Political Rights, Article 7, and the Nuremberg Codex...and there will be no redress. So the world's governments, per the 2005 International Health regulations and membership in the WHO, said, if those six magic words are uttered by the Director, nobody has any rights and there will be no redress. And we found this is in the Bureau of Justice – the amalgamation of law enforcement, the judiciary, along with Corrections and public heath, they all became amalgamated they all became one upon the utterance of those magic words, so this is how they cut off redress in the courts, it’s how my Supreme Court case, and 12 others like it, were dismissed.... The Bureau of Justice, created in 2006, says that upon the invocation of PHEIC those 4 functions are amalgamated into one.”

When we sued and others like us sued, we got back canned pleadings and they all said the same thing, hey courts you do not have jurisdiction to hear this case so we are not going to answer and you are not going to hear it. Why? because the judiciary and law enforcement – that’s the prosecutor and the guy on the bench – were amalgamated in functions with public health...that’s why they had all 4 functions in the quarantine centers, because that is what is required when a pandemic is declared.”

We are still in a Marburg Pandemic – it was just reinstated this year until 2028! Nobody has Marburg. It’s just a justification for the revocation of our human rights across the planet."

When that invocation happens (PHEIC) 42 CFR Part 70 and 71 are now in force...Guess what? The border is open because of Title 42 it means they have plenary power under public health and nobody can do a thing about it, it’s a public health dictatorship and it’s global.”The Defense Health Agency is now in charge of our public health, and that authority comes from the World Health Organization."


So there you have it. Our betters have worked for decades to codify their plans for us in secret, but now have come out into the open because they feel the need to implement their crazy agenda now. After the 2020 Pandemic failed to usher in their New World Order and their New Normal, The Klaus Schwab's of the world understand they are losing. If we remain vigilant we can shove these people and their crazy agenda into the dustbin of history.

140 member nations of the World Health Organization have signed on to health agreements that suspend human rights


Chemical Weapons:

The first large-scale use of chemical weapons in warfare began in World War 1. The types of chemical weapons used ranged from disabling chemicals, such as tear gas, to lethal agents like phosgene, chlorine, and mustard gas. Adolf Hitler was injured in 1918 by mustard gas.

In his biography of the Nazi leader, the historian Ian Kershaw described how Hitler himself fell victim to a mustard gas attack near Ypres on the night of October 13-14, 1918: “He and several comrades, retreating from their dug-out during a gas attack, were partially blinded by the gas and found their way to safety only by clinging to on to each other and following a comrade who was slightly less badly afflicted.”

“The Nazis developed sarin gas in WW II but Hitler was afraid to use it,” at

When the public discovered that chemical weapons were being used against troops in the trenches, the public was horrified. This led to much less use of these weapons during World War II.

Nevertheless, during World War 2 the Germans developed tabun, soman, and sarin gas, all extremely toxic nerve agents, and used Zyklon B, a cyanide based pesticide, in their extermination camps, although neither the Allies nor Germany used them in combat.


 Chemical weapons were the precursor to biological weapons. The US has had a clandestine/unacknowledged bioweapons program for most of the period after WW II, despite signing the Biological Weapons Convention in April of 1972. Our bioweapons program really got going when the old Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, but under Operation Paperclip (1945-1959) the US imported Nazi doctors who had experimented on prisoners in their concentration camps. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the US placed Soviet bioweapons scientists into our national research labs and other research institutions. Since 2014 or so, gain-of-function research has been ongoing, which weaponizes harmful pathogens and viruses, in a cooperative effort by DARPA, the U.S. military, and the government. Click this link to see a timeline of how Lyme Disease and other bioweapons were developed.

The creation of bioweapons was necessary to the Pandemic of 2020. Here, Todd Callender, international lawyer, presents the timeline of the SARS COV-2 Pandemic. It is clear from this information that planning for such a pandemic has been ongoing for decades. And the next phase of this plan, according to the WHO and the WEF, is Disease X. Disease X is a placeholder name that was adopted by the World Health Organization in February 2018 on their shortlist of blueprint priority diseases to represent a hypothetical, unknown pathogen that could cause a future epidemic.

Todd Callener, Esq., speaks online to the Croatian Parliament, 1/23/24, and outlines the ultimate evolution of biological warfare: the militarization of public health. Mr. Callender's presentation begins at 9:35.

Timeline graphic by Todd Callender, Esq.

The timeline actually begins with National Security Memorandum 200, promulgated by the National Security Council on Dec. 10, 1974.

It laid out a detailed strategy by which the United States would aggressively promote population control in developing nations. Elements could include the legalization of abortion; financial incentives for countries to increase their abortion, sterilization and contraception-use rates; indoctrination of children; and mandatory population control.” 

“Kissinger’s Population control still in effect, group charges,” at

Henry Kissinger was adamant that the earth’s population was too large and needed to be controlled.

Next, the 1994 Cairo Population Accords

dealt with the issues of access to safe abortion, voluntary choice in family planning, the use of condoms to prevent the spread of AIDS, and sexual and reproductive health services for [sexually] active adolescents.”   

Curt Tarnoff, “Population and Development: the 1994 Cairo Conference,” at

In the United States, Mr. Callender shows that the legal groundwork for the 2020 Pandemic began 17 years before the pandemic in 2003 with the passage in the US of the Turning Point Model Act, which essentially gave away our sovereignty to the WHO during a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). See the timeline below and in the PDF.

In 2004 Congress passed the Bioshield Act, which was a ten-year program to develop medical countermeasures to biological, chemical, radiological, and nuclear agents for civilian use. The Bioshield Act sanctioned the stockpiling and distribution of “vaccines” which were not tested for safety or efficacy in humans. A medical countermeasure is a military term that means the medical product has not undergone the testing necessary for FDA approval. These drugs, such as the Moderna and Pfizer jabs,  are experimental.

According to Mr. Callender, this is where Johns Hopkins University was paid $20 million to draft  “model” legislation that could be adopted by all states in accordance with the “health” regulations of the WHO. 

According to Callender, the consequence of this legislation is that, upon the mere declaration of a Public Health Emergency if International Concern, all signatories to the WHO health regulations agreement (140 nations, including the US) would suspend constitutional rights and human rights, and the Article 3 courts (the judiciary in Article 3 of the U.S. constitution) would not be available to citizens. Under this legislation, state authorities could restrict travel and quarantine all individuals indefinitely under mere suspicion alone, and individuals could be forcibly treated with a medical device. This violates informed consent guaranteed by the Nuremberg protocols. Public Health authorities could throw you in jail and forcibly and legally inject you. So this legislation essentially began the process of the militarization of public health.

This was followed in the same year (2005) by George W. Bush’s EO #13295, which revised the list of quarantine-able communicable diseases in accordance with the 2005 revision of WHO’s world health regulations. A Public Health Emergency of International Concern triggers all the nations who signed the WHO agreement to act in the same way, which is what happened during COVID around the world. These communicable diseases included SARS and Marburg. Did you know that we in the US have been under a declared national Marburg emergency since 2020?  

On March 13, 2020, President Trump declared a  national emergency. Right after that  Tedros at the WHO made a proclamation of a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. Just a coincidence of course!

Callender says,

After that the OECD appointed competent authorities to be in charge of every country who had signed the WHO agreement, and when the invocation of the treaty came into effect when Tedros announced the PHEIC, the one world government seized control of all nations who had signed the agreement, who gave their power, by and through their various competent authorities, in agreements done with the OECD, they gave their power to Tedros, an Ethiopian warlord, who gets to declare the public health emergency! Tedros then calls on his experts, which in the case of COVID was the FDA, the CDC, and Dr. Fauci amongst others, the very people who were involved in the creation of SARS COV-1 who genetically modified that disease through gain-of-function research and development. In 2005 the DHS was already setting up quarantine camps, which some were calling FEMA camps, across the United States, in preparation for a global health ‘emergency.’ Various governors were put in charge of those regions. (see map below). The way the law is written in the US, any place can be used as a quarantine center. Including your house or apartment. If you are accused of being sick you are a danger to public health and you’re stuck there. There is no recourse.”

Todd Callender's presentation to the Croatian Parliament
Graphic by Todd Callender

We saw people being forcibly placed in quarantine camps in Australia and New Zealand during COVID. In the US, lockdowns and school closings were implemented, as well as forced vaccinations. Now we know that the “vaccines” do not prevent infection, they do not stop transmission, and they do not prevent hospitalization. They are accurately described as “experimental medical countermeasures authorized for distribution under an Emergency Use Authorization.” So all of these control measures, under the name of public health, were unnecessary.

In 2013 the Defense Health Agency was created, and over 70 COVID patents were issued, based on the original SARS COV-1 patents in 2007. The DHA exists within the DoD, so it is controlled by the military and reports to POTUS, the head of the executive branch.

In 2016 the model health regulations outlined in the Turning Point Model Act were officially adopted at the federal level in Title 42 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 70 and 71, coincidentally not long before the release of the SARS COV-2 pathogen in 2019. The quarantine provisions go in place, you can be tested without your consent and they can also require vaccine passports. It was all planned out years before the “pandemic” occurred.

Callender continues. “After the regulations were issued there had to be a way to enforce them. In 2018 an enforcement network was created, called the Bureau of Justice, which amalgamated law enforcement, Corrections (jails), public health, and the Judiciary.”

The BoJ implements a sort of one-stop trial and detention dictatorship which could be implemented at any of the quarantine camps, or any designated quarantine site (like your home). So you can jail people indefinitely and suspend the constitutional and human rights of any individual. We saw this happen in Australia and in New Zealand where unvaccinated persons were thrown into quarantine camps (prison camps) with no recourse or due process.

In 2020 a clueless Donald Trump issued a declaration of national emergency and in 2019 he wrote EO #13887,

which moved elements of the public health apparatus under the DHA, a Department of Defense agency, effectively militarizing public health and the medical bureaucracy. This made the president and the executive branch subservient to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, who was then in charge of all government responses. It was the U.S. military who actually moved the “vaccines” around, [and it was the DoD (DARPA) who created them.] The DoD hired Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson to make the shots and the Medical Countermeasures were moved around the globe with military equipment. The Pandemic was nothing short of medical martial law.”


Callender says that also in 2019, EO #13887 was placed  into the National Defense Authorization Act (which funds the Pentagon), and the public health apparatus was placed under the Defense Health Agency, making the military in charge of all public health responses by statute. The DHA works on vaccine development as well.

The timeline ends with the military, following WHO-induced mandates, enforcing “public health” provisions locally, in states and federally, in relation to mandatory shots, quarantines, and lockdowns etc. in a “global health engagement” with a whole-of-government approach in the United States.

It’s all been militarized. In 2020 a Public Health Emergency was declared as a Marburg emergency until 2025, so the U.S. government is under medical martial law until August 2025. (Expanded by Joe Biden in January 2024 to extend to 2028!). Marburg is a hemorrhagic fever virus and is considered very dangerous, but no one has it, certainly not enough people to declare a national emergency.

Another bizarre consequence of the pseudo-mRNA jabs is the Pharma companies’ legal assertion that because the jabs are gene therapy using CRISPR CAS-9 technology, anyone who took the shots is now owned by the patent holders of the vaxxes, because they are no longer original humans. According to Callender,  there is a 2013 Supreme Court decision that supports this idea. (Even the assertion that a person who in good faith took a medical product recommended by medical authorities is owned by a corporation is total insanity.)

Looking back along the timeline, it took the US over 50 years to get here. We now live in a country where the public health organs, and medicine, have been militarized. The Defense Health Agency is now in charge of our public health, and that authority comes from the WHO. But the US can get out of the WHO. Although Trump promoted Operation Warp Speed he also defunded the WHO and withdrew from it (of course Biden re-funded the WHO and got the US back in).

Where this will go no one knows. In my opinion, people will never put up with this again, particularly in the United States. Hardly any American citizens know this legal structure, so thank you Mr. Callender for this information.

Todd Callender is also optimistic. He states: “2024 is the year humanity retakes our planet.” It's going to be a wild ride, so hang on!

The Stanford Internet Observatory, and the Election Integrity Project are private sector partners with the government’s censorship operations in a whole-of-government approach to censoring content the government doesn’t agree with.

This is a deep dive into the partnerships between government cutouts like EIP in the private sector who “partner” with government operatives to suppress information, organizations, and citizens exposing government corruption.

Check to see if your university is a member of the Censorship Industrial Complex (mine is).

Scroll down to the tweet, "My response to the Washington Post"

Based researcher follows the info trail.

COVID vax isn't a vaccine, it is a medical countermeasure distributed as the result of a "public health emergency of international concern." This is the WHO's wording.

Also check out the substack of George Webb, Citizen Journalist, at for deep dives.

In this incredible and informative video, Dr. David Martin explains how and when coronaviruses were discovered, how they were weaponized using gain-of-function research, how the mRNA medical countermeasures (vaccines) were developed, and the origins of the 2020 pandemic and its lockdowns.

This is the truth with the bark off, with all the bullshit and the Narratives stripped away. With graphics that represent all of his major points. Well worth the 20 minutes.