What are the two Native American moral principles?

1) Nothing must ever be done to harm the children.

2) All is born from woman.

Now look at the  evil that is assaulting our country. This evil is directly aimed at these two principles. Child trafficking and human trafficking (along with pedophilia and Satanic Ritual Abuse), drug running, and arms running. These three scourges go directly into our cities and undermine our economies and our young people. They are the three pillars of the Dark Economy. The purpose of the Dark economy is to destroy life. It’s product is death.

Many coyotes at the U.S. southern border that provide border crossing "services" also partner with sex trafficking rings. Many of these victims are children. According to the State Department, these coyotes transport sex trafficking victims to the US on behalf of gangs, cartels, and other trans-national criminal organizations. Amnesty International reports that well over half of all adult females will likely submit to “cuerpomátic,” a Spanish slang term meaning “rape in exchange for migration assistance into the United States." (See Bonello, Deborah and Erin McIntyre, “Is Rape the Price to Pay for Migrant Women Chasing the American Dream?” Splinter, 10 September 2014)

The idea that a man can “identify” as a woman directly violates the second Native principle. With all due respect to trans people, this is simply crazy talk. We see this when biological males who "identify" as females participate in women's sports, wrecking opportunities for women and girls. Actions like these dehumanize and attack women – as if women didn’t have enough problems in our male dominated society.

Vaccines are now being offered to protect against a virus that the population has long ago achieved herd immunity against, and which is now mutating into different strains. There is now talk of mandatory vaccination. Mandatory vaccination under the guise of public health simply uses the enforcement power of the State to squash human rights and freedom. It is a hallmark of totalitarian sociopaths.

Update 2/24: Here is a list of the ingredients in the Pfizer vaccine, from the CDC and FDA websites that describe the Emergency Use Authorization fact sheets for all vaccines that have received a EUA (https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/covid-19/eua/index.html):

The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine includes the following ingredients: mRNA, lipids ((4-hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6,1-diyl)bis(2-hexyldecanoate), 2 [(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide, 1,2-Distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine, and cholesterol), potassium chloride, monobasic potassium phosphate, sodium chloride, dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate, and sucrose

IN INDIVIDUALS 16 YEARS OF AGE AND OLDER at https://www.fda.gov/media/144414/download

There are fact sheets and ingredient lists for all four vaccines (see the CDC site link above). I would love someone to explain the science behind this. What are these ingredients and how do they affect human biology? Without knowing the answers to these questions, it is foolish (in my opinion) to allow this stuff into your body. But hey, that's just me. I like to know before I go.

You don’t believe that the new COVID vaccines are experimental? Here is what the CDC and the FDA say about them:


The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine is an unapproved vaccine that may prevent COVID-19. There is no FDA-approved vaccine to prevent COVID-19. The FDA has authorized the emergency use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine to prevent COVID-19 in individuals 16 years of age and older under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).”


The next step in the dark agenda is weaponizing food. Bill Gates has told us that we should stop eating meat and embrace phony meat substitutes like “Beyond Meat,” which Gates has himself invested in.

This is another psychological operation by the dark Army.

Gates is now the largest private landowner of farmland in the US. NPR reports that more and more farmland across the U.S. is foreign owned, including by CCP-owned companies.

The plan of the dark is to create more viruses. They are mainly used as economic weapons to enforce lockdowns and destroy small businesses, while keeping open big box stores run by the multinationals. The vaccines (whether they are effective or not) are a way for Big Pharma to make a lot of money, and are promoted by elements in the medical establishment (just watch the news to see who they are).

The opening of the U.S. southern border with the new immigration bill and Biden's new Executive Orders has two purposes:

1) Wage deflation. A massive influx of unskilled workers will compete against U.S. working class blacks, Hispanics, Asian, and poor white workers. This is the North American counterpart to the slave labor camps in China, run by the CCP. The globalist business model depresses wages all over the world while increasing the balance sheets of multinationals. Add phony, made up international “crises” that lead to endless foreign wars and you get the destruction of the working class and the middle class, as well as massive wealth redistribution to the elites

2) Create more voters for the globalist agenda. This starts with massive government giveaways which increase the size of government and destroy the currency, inviting uncontrolled immigration. Eventually the private sector disappears and the government is the only employer, and the economy is destroyed. This happens in all totalitarian societies. The focus is ALWAYS on destroying small business and entrepreneurs. Our southern border is completely controlled by the drug cartels, who traffic people, children, arms, and drugs.

Another pillar of the Dark is using race to split society apart. The Nazis used race very effectively to destroy German society and rise to power, what time they then demonized the Jews, put them in concentration camps, and murdered 6 million.

Does this sound familiar to the US of today?


These Dark people are insane and can never succeed. BUT the dark can make us uncomfortable if we go into agreement with them.

What can you do personally?

1) Talk to your neighbors; form local communities.

2) Buy from LOCAL food producers (ranchers, farmers). Support LOCAL small businesses.

3) Do not take vaccines if you don’t know what is in them.

4) Do not listen to mainstream media. Or rather, listen but don’t automatically accept this information. These outfits are professional lie factories. They offer only narratives and propaganda.

5) Use your personal discernment. In this age of disinformation, asymmetrical warfare, and economic warfare, pass all information through your personal discernment filter. TRUST YOURSELF and your divine connection to God.

6) Keep in mind the two Native principles above. Our indigenous have kept their connection to Gaia and the Great Spirit. They are the emissaries of sanity in an insane world.

7) KEEP THE FAITH. Trust in God and humanity. The dark exists to propel evolution forward to a society where peace and cooperation become worldwide. Yes, it’s painful. But always look on the bright side! Try to be an inspiration to others.

The primary conflict in the world today – and for the past 6,000 years – isn’t political, economic, or social. It revolves around one simple dichotomy: Admiration vs. Envy.

If someone tells you about a success they had, do you want to applaud them, and try to emulate them? Or do you feel diminished and envious of their success? Do you find reasons why the successful person is “privileged” and “racist”, or do you feel inspired (even if you DON’T want to emulate them)?

This is really the fundamental issue humanity has faced over the millennia, for it exemplifies the contrast between good and evil, of tolerance vs hatred. The diminished person feels hatred toward the successful person and wants to tear him or her down. Sadly, this hatred is self-imposed. It is self-hatred.

This is precisely what is happening in the US right now. Self-Diminished persons riot, tear down, loot, and steal. Some of this is simply honest frustration and should be tolerated. Social justice is an admirable cause. But when violence and hatred are involved it’s self-defeating and results in chaos and anarchy.

Here’s a little video I found. It’s called the Israel Test. Israel is pilloried by folks in the media who use success to foment hatred. This is what nazis, fascists, and communists do. It’s no accident that tyrannical states hate Israel. On far-right and far-left message boards, hatred of Israel and Jews is commonplace.

Passing the test

See if you can pass the Israel Test. Passing is simply getting through the 4:37 vid without turning it off before the end. Notice I didn’t say that failing the test is getting pissed off, screaming that the narrator is full of shit, or calling the Israeli embassy and giving them a piece of your mind. You don’t have to believe a word of it if you don’t want to. To pass, all you have to do is get through the vid until the end. As you’re doing so, examine your thoughts and feelings regarding success and failure: your own, and others. This exercise will tell you more about yourself. It might also tell you about the social and political programming we all live within.

Take the test, I dare you.

If you are reading this you are an old soul, someone who has come to the planet to see humanity through the Great Awakening.

The Great Awakening is reaching for the higher awareness of human consciousness, and connecting with the divine.

In this process, that which is incompatible with peace, tolerance, and harmony is being exposed. Old souls are here to hold the light during this cleansing process. All memes of darkness are coming to the surface of our awareness. They are being manifested in human societies. This is necessary. Old souls are here, not to fight the darkness, but to envision humanity and the earth as it is in a higher reality: the reality that manifests human potential to its fullest.

This higher reality is not an illusion: the darkness is an illusion. Anything that does not reflect the magnificence of every human soul is an illusion.

On a planet of free will, however, one is free to embrace anything, even dark things. The collective, all 8 billion of us, create everything that is within human societies.

The universe is vibrational. ALL things, including human consciousness, have a vibration. What we see manifested in our societies is the interface between the vibration of human consciousness and the perfected reality that is our soul. We are walking around in these physical bodies, seemingly separate, but each human being is essentially walking IN our soul, or that part of it that the physical body can accept.

Your personal vibration determines how your life is, for the interface – what manifests in your life – will reflect to the most minute detail the picture of life you are painting for yourself. We are all artists then. The question is, what kind of an artist? What picture are we painting?

As the human drama unfolds during the awakening of humanity, I find myself fighting against the darkness, observing the evil and telling myself how ugly it is. But this is futile, for it creates the vibration of evil.

Old souls have a big advantage, for we have had many lifetimes on earth and we know that we don’t need to go to the dark side, no matter how tempting it is. Some of us are star seeds: souls who have lived through the uncomfortable process of waking up on other planets in this galaxy. We know how ugly it is, but we also know the glorious outcome.  

I have to say that on earth at the present time, humanity is being rapidly accelerated through this process. My intuition tells me that the process of uncovering and transmuting the darkness should be going more slowly. But it’s not. We are being asked to confront decades of human evolution every day. Lenin said, “There are decades in which nothing happens. And there are weeks in which decades happen.” It’s true. It seems that time is rapidly accelerating; things are changing so fat it’s unbelievable.

I am feeling a massive tension in human consciousness, as if something huge is going to break. There are those who are becoming triggered and unbalanced. The darkness is literally panicking. They are rushing their plan ahead, way too soon, because they can see the writing on the wall.

Old souls can see what is behind this massive wall of change: world peace, diversity of opinion, and tolerance. This is why we are experiencing so much censorship and intolerance these days, especially on social media. Those who want human societies to embrace group think and a hive mind mentality are going all out now to suppress diversity of opinion.

That’s the problem for the dark: to be successful they must stay hidden. Exposure will ruin everything. Therefore, tyranny and the stifling of opinion is vital.

This phenomenon is all part of the Great Awakening, for we don’t get to wave a magic wand and undo in a second what it took humanity a hundred thousand years to create. Over the millennia the human race, using free will, has explored the darkness. All of us, through many lifetimes, have done evil – the same evil that is manifesting now.

But the evil is manifesting because the light is exposing it.

The situation is ugly because all of us must confront it, and choose something better. Choosing better is a decision of the entire human family beyond the veil. For some reason the year 2020 was chosen as the beginning of an accelerated path of evolution for this planet. We all chose it. Everyone who has ever had a lifetime of earth is alive today, or is coming in. It’s a massive effort by all 8 billion of us to choose a brighter future.

Materialism is dead. The materialism of science (which has been perverted to serve political ends), and the deliberate ignoring of the divine nature of every human being, is in its final act. The final act is, admittedly, hard to confront. But it’s like diving into a pool of cold water. It’s all or nothing. You brace yourself, you know it’s going to be a shock, but you decide to throw yourself in. At first it’s painful, then you get used to it, then the water warms up and you have a nice, refreshing swim.

We’re in the shock phase. We just jumped in.

Human consciousness determines what is allowed and what is not. Therefore, the more people who choose the light raise the bar of allowable actions. Imagine a slider going up and down. In low consciousness the slider bar is very low, and just about every evil act is permitted. When the bar is raised higher, we leave behind the very worst of human activity. As the bar gets raised higher and higher (as human consciousness becomes more aware of its connection to the divine) more and more of the dark memes and activities are left behind.

In this way we change the definition of human nature.

The Great Awakening is raising the bar of permitted action. Evil is being closed off at the bottom and more beauty and integrity is visible at the top end. In the closing-off process at the bottom of the bar we are seeing the ugliness we have created over the millennia.

Old souls see this ugliness and realize that it’s part of the process of choosing higher consciousness.

Human nature is changing as everyone sees evil exposed. Those who are on the dark side are showing themselves. It’s their last shot to centralize control and to enslave humanity. Their only hope is that people become afraid and submit to tyranny.

People see this and choose a more positive path.

Without dark there cannot be light. This is an old saying from famous TV oil painters Bill Alexander and Bob Ross (Bill’s student). The Great Awakening is exposing, inevitably, the dark side of human consciousness. It is necessary.

During this process painful things happen. I just lost my two beloved pets in the space of three weeks. It’s excruciating. I’m tempted to give up, to say that life sucks and not worth it. But something inside me says that my two guys are having a great time and that something better is coming. I know they were both at the end of their lives and they wanted to go out together, just as they came in, together in the same pod at the Humane Society. That doesn’t make it any easier, but this has forced me to look past the barrier of the illusion of death into a more multidimensional reality. Nothing ever dies. Life, consciousness, throughout the universe, is alive in a timeless reality. Our own human lives, the lives of our pets, are all real beyond the barrier of illusion. I have been forced to confront this like never before.

Beyond the barrier of illusion, beyond the darkness, is the light of the soul. Every human being on the planet (and even our pets) are reaching for that now. The controllers are doing their bit to show humanity what a dark future looks like. Hating them serves their purpose of enslaving humanity in hatred and darkness.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

He is creating an illusion of evil. A convincing version, of course, but the Great Awakening would not be possible unless it was. Stay strong in the light, despite reasons not to. Vibrate to the divine nature of your soul, to the essence of who you are, and what materializes in your life will be always be for the best.

Fossil fuels cause pollution and waste and are inefficient sources of energy. Replacing fossil fuels with clean energy should be a priority for national energy policy.

But not like this.

How stupid is this?

A picture is worth a thousand words. The absurdity of a fossil-fuel powered vehicle towing another fossil fuel powered generator charging an electric car is just dumb.

In this vid, we see a GM spokesperson showing off an electric car. Somebody asks her what is powering the electric car battery. Listen until the very end when she realizes that the coal-fired energy plant powering the building is also powering the electric car.

I’m all for getting rid of fossil fuels. But we need a rational green strategy. Electric cars aren’t going to cut it.

There isn't Enough Electricity

Toyota CEO agrees with Elon Musk: We don't have enough electricity to electrify all the cars:

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda’s comments at the company’s year-end press conference deserve notice and no little amount of respect. He knows more about cars and their economic ecosystem than just about anyone else on the planet:

The Wall Street Journal was in attendance and noted the CEO’s disdain for EVs (electric vehicles) boils down to his belief they’ll ruin businesses, require massive investments, and even emit more carbon dioxide than combustion-engined vehicles. “The current business model of the car industry is going to collapse,” he said. “The more EVs we build, the worse carbon dioxide gets… When politicians are out there saying, ‘Let’s get rid of all cars using gasoline,’ do they understand this?”

CarBuzz has mischaracterized Toyoda’s comments. It’s not “disdain for EVs” he’s expressing. It’s disdain for the failure to count the cost of what politicians are proposing. More EVs will demand more electricity.

Toyoda is getting at two things. One, EVs are not powered by magical unicorn emissions, they are powered by the means we use to generate electricity. In Japan, the United States, and everywhere else, that’s fossil fuels to the tune of a huge majority of our electric power generation (61% in the U.S., with wind and solar making up about 17%...

If the politicians who are pushing to ban gas cars and force everyone over to EVs with renewables at their present or near-future state of development do understand any of this, they’re not letting on. They’ll wreck modern industry.

Toyoda isn’t alone in this reality check. Elon Musk recently sounded a similar note. Note well that he also has no “disdain” for EVs. He’s building his empire on EVs, and his Teslas make EVs flashy and desirable. Yet he’s sounding a similar warning to Toyoda’s.

Perhaps two of the world’s leading car experts should be listened to before Tokyo, Washington, or any other capital follows California’s lead and bans gas cars without considering the ripple effects


Disposal Problems

Electric cars are supposed to be more environmentally friendly, avoiding the stink and pollution of fossil fuel vehicles. But there’s another side to this story.

The disposal of used electric batteries poses a terrible pollution problem, similar to that of nuclear waste.

More than 1 million electric vehicles were sold worldwide in 2017. The study authors estimate that those cars alone will ultimately result in 250,000 tons of discarded battery packs. If those were to end up in landfills, they’d run the risk of going through a process called “thermal runaway,” which is basically a chemical reaction in the battery that can cause it to heat up, potentially to the point of burning or exploding. (It’s the reason why TSA prohibits spare lithium-ion batteries in checked baggage when you board a plane.)

The electric vehicle industry needs to solve its battery  disposal problem.


How much waste would be generated if millions more electric cars were sold each year?

Moreover, batteries used in electric cars contain cobalt. Two-thirds of the world’s cobalt production comes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a communist dictatorship that sends tens of thousands of African kids into mines, scrabbling and retrieving cobalt. These kids get sick and even die.

From CNBC: “The African nation supplies more than two thirds of the world’s cobalt but human rights groups have raised concerns that the industry relies on child workers.”


Oops. We don’t worry too much about the inconvenience of human rights in our Brave New World run by AI, Big Tech, and multilateral corporations interested only in the bottom line.

While virtue-signaling drivers in the West proudly show off their electric cars – trying to solve a global warming problem that might not even exist – African kids are being exploited and dying. Battery waste is piling up.

Pesky problems like human rights get brushed under the rug in the name of economic “progress” and climate change activism. This is the new scientific materialist technocratic state that is being pushed by Big Tech and our “elites.”

The “new normal” and “build back better” doesn’t include real research into clean, unlimited sources of energy. It’s about time we as a nation rearranged our priorities.

Changing Energy Research Priorities

We need a massive investment in R & D to study overunity devices – devices that can take energy from the vacuum, or utilize what Tesla called “cosmic energy.” We need to study the push-pull effect of permanent magnets, which hold their charges indefinitely. Properly arranged, permanent magnets could turn a generator rotor or induce a flow of current through a wire.  

Instead, we get absurd “Green New Deals” that rely largely on fossil fuel technologies, and use conservation to make people do without. Meanwhile, the elites fly on private jets and live in mansions with the carbon footprint of small towns.

The United States is known for its ability to innovate. Let’s get off the fossil fuel bandwagon and on to some real research into frontier physics. We can do it! It will be public money well spent.

Update 2/24:

Mexico gives up on renewables, revives coal industry

Mexico, the eleventh biggest population on Earth, was all enthused about renewables a few years ago, but now they are actively winding back wind and solar and reactivating coal projects. Mines are being reopened, coal miners are being hired and the state owned Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) has been told to buy electricity from its own coal generators before they buy electricity from the privately owned renewables generators."


NPR reports that China is building more than 300 NEW coal-fired energy plants around the world. Why? Because renewables aren't reliable as of yet. We need a lot more research into non-fossil fuel solutions.

The Power of Faith

I discovered what faith means today. Last month we had to put down a beloved pet, and now the other one is sick. Anyone who has pets understands how much you love them and are attached to them. Feeling crappy about  that reminds me that current events are making a lot of people physically ill, as lockdowns destroy jobs and depress spirits. Feeling sad and hopeless has never been more common in the world today.

But faith – here I mean true faith, not some stuff you learned in church or your parents told you about or you learned in a new-age seminar or heard in a Tony Robbins lecture – can help out a lot.  A sick pet or loved one is in bad shape. True faith says that anything that doesn’t reflect the perfected version of a person or animal (or situation) is an illusion. This may seem delusional (or plain stupid) but it’s not! That’s because all physically incarnated beings are made in the image of God. What we do with that perfected image is up to us – and this includes pets, for pets have consciousness and free will, just as humans do.

Dr. Fauci says, “You have to prepare for the worst, so that if the worst happens...” Well, as a matter of public policy you do have to prepare. But while you are preparing for the worst you can envision the best. When I see my sick pet I see him as perfectly healthy, despite the reality of him being sick. Sickness is an illusion, perfect health is the true reality. It is an acknowledgement of a higher power, a benevolence, that is responsible for the creation of the universe and everything in it. Benevolence is the default, for the universe could not exist unless harmony was the primary variable. When you look at anyone in this way it makes you feel better, and the other feel better as well, because you acknowledge the higher truth within them, and within yourself.

The process of true faith is not invalidated if my pet dies, because I have seen him always as healthy and happy until the end. This makes me feel better, makes him feel as good as he can, and puts out good vibes into the universe at large. Does it mean I don’t get sad? Of course not. But I have the courage to always focus on the positive and celebrate life.

Seeing anything as a perfected version of itself creates a powerful vibration, and transmits it to the other, and to the universe at large. Seeing everything in the light – despite the illusion of wrongness – is uplifting to you and to the other. It creates a feeling of unity and harmony.

When I look at my pet as sick and probably dying, I put that vibe out to him. It doesn’t help, believe me. Same goes for anyone, or any situation.

Faith is having the courage to see the best in everyone and everything, despite appearances.

This is what Christ (Lord Sananda) did. This dude went around seeing the sick as completely healed. He did it with 100% certainty so that the sick person saw it too, and cognized perfect health, and was cured. We know that spontaneous healings occur, for this very reason.

It takes courage to constantly see perfection in a bad situation. But what’s the alternative? Observing suffering and agreeing with it makes it stronger, and it makes you feel like crap.

It’s not easy when you’ve been on this planet for any length of time, for the world teaches you to “prepare for the worst.” There is so much suffering and misery, yet acknowledging this as “reality” simply puts more of it out there.

It really does take courage to see the best despite the worst. This is why health care workers and first responders are so important. They see the best even when dealing with the worst. These people, every day, are heroes. I understand that now with a conviction I never had before.

So, let’s translate this idea to current events, which are a mess. First let’s look at the illusion. Then we’ll take a look at the situation from a higher perspective, a truer perspective, through the lens of faith and courage.

The Illusion

The occupation of DC by 40,000 National Guard troops for the inauguration. (On Jan 24th the National Guard Bureau announced that between 5,000 and 7,000 troops will remain in Washington until at least mid-March!) Patriot Missile batteries deployed. Barricades everywhere, and even barbed wire. Empty streets. Coast Guard ships blocking the waterways around the Capitol. The President of the United States (while he was still in office) being banned from Twitter and Facebook by Big Tech oligarchs. The government now being run by octagenarians. Charges of massive election and voter fraud. Calls for family members and neighbors to turn in their parents and friends as enemies of the state. Lockdowns and pandemics that cause more damage than the disease itself : “Based on what has been said, there can be no doubt that the number of deaths attributable to the lockdown policy measures alone exceeds the number of deaths prevented by the lockdown many times over.”

Oh, my. This is the illusion. It seems that the darkness is ascendant, but the true reality is that the Old Order is collapsing.

We’re Not Going Back

I watched in amazement as the inauguration of Biden took place on a literally empty National Mall. No one was there except friends and families of the Bidens. The cameras never shifted their focus from the Capitol steps. Compare that to the millions of people at the Obama and Trump inaugurations, and the real celebrations, in ’08 and ‘16. In contrast, the recent inauguration looked like a bad B movie with no audience.

The massive lockdown and militarization of the nation’s capital is a desperate attempt by the Old Order to return to the days of endless war and “business as usual,” and to lock out the people from the political process. Business-as-usual means legislation written by K-Street lobbyists and rubber stamped by Congress, moving supply chains from the US back to slave labor camps in China, creating fake international “crises” which result in foreign wars, and in general making life hard for the working and middle classes and easy for big multinational corporations. The good news? That era of human history is ending. Why? Because people all over the world are fed up with it!

I said in 2017 when Trump arrived on the political scene that he was a wrecking ball. His function and purpose was to expose and tear down the walls of a totally corrupt political and economic system. He wasn’t supposed to be nice, and he wasn’t.

He did that. At least, he started to do that. In the process he created a populist movement (people’s movement) on both left and right. The MAGA/Patriot movement, and the new People’s Party created by progressives, are ALL a response to Trump. So, good can come out of bad! These populist movements have different political views but want the same thing: peace and prosperity. (I don’t count ANTIFA because they riot and burn and aren’t interested in peace.)

The ruling class is terrified of these populist movements, who represent the people they are supposed to govern. Xi Jinping, the tyrant who runs the CCP, said so in his 2017 speech in Davos, where he outlined the totalitarian one-world government (led by Xi Jinping and the CCP of course) that we are seeing today with censorship of free speech on social media platforms, in universities, and in the workplace.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked for “crew-manned machine guns” to be a part of security forces in Washington, D.C. ahead of the inauguration.

Liberals and conservatives are natural allies because we are working class and middle class people united against crony corporate capitalism (in the US) and tyrannical state capitalism (CCP). Liberals and conservatives believe that people should be free to live their lives without censorship and coercion. That’s not what the “elites” want – the people who go to Davos every year and decide how the plebes will be governed by the “best and brightest.”

Xi Jinping gave another speech to the World Economic Forum’s virtual “Davos Agenda” conference on Jan 25th. Couched in flowery language, Xi basically said that the entire world must abandon the diversity of nation states and cultures (he called these “small circles”), and “unite” under the leadership of the communist party. In totalitarian techno-speak, “unity” means complete centralization. It’s the international corporate business model: localism is bad, total centralization of power is good. Remember what Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum (Davos) has said: In the new normal, “You will own nothing and you will be happy.”

This is the illusion my friends, a dark illusion created by misogynists and psychopaths. Why would any rational person agree with this? The only reason we see it manifesting is because people are agreeing with it. “There’s nothing we can do, the world is doomed.”


Now is the time to find the courage to have faith, to see the world as it should be: peaceful, cooperative, and prosperous. Having faith is merely a trivial application of the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration. That which you concentrate on becomes more powerful and real. Action follows thought. Agreeing with the dark makes the dark stronger. Seeing the true reality is much more powerful and feels much better!

The Near Future

When the light shines on the darkness, evil is exposed. In the near future, we’re going to see a lot of bad stuff. The process of transformation doesn’t come from waving a magic wand and instantly things are better. It comes from shining the light and confronting and handling whatever messes are exposed. It’s like spring cleaning.

Ladies and germs, the current chaos is not going away until the darkness on this planet is exposed. Trump was the opening act in a play that will likely take years to complete. Everything before Trump the Wrecking Ball comes under the heading “The Fix Is In.” You lived your life and ignored the darkness of arms trafficking, drugs trafficking, and most heinous, human and child trafficking and child abuse, Satanic Ritual Abuse, and pedophilia. You were happy because life was predictable, even if the dark underbelly of society almost never presented itself (unless you looked for it). That’s not possible anymore because it’s ALL going to come out.

The battle between dark and light is getting hot and heavy!

The U.S. election chaos was just a precursor to something much bigger and much darker that must come out if humanity is going to have peace on earth. There cannot be peace on earth until the darkness is fully exposed and humanity confronts the evil it has created in human societies. We are all responsible and we must all participate in this undertaking.

The darkness is being exposed because the light is shining upon it. The light of truth comes from 8 billion souls wanting peace, harmony, and a better future.

We can never go back to the old order, just as a person with higher awareness can never go back to being stupid. Humanity is now on a long arc of history that can be called Higher Consciousness. Doesn’t appear that way, does it? That’s because humanity’s demons must first be confronted and exposed. It’s happening right now.

The first to fall will be Big Pharma and their attempt to “vaccinate” the entire population of earth with mRNA bio-devices. This effort is based on pure greed. COVID can be controlled with HCQ and zinc sulphate. A study in Spain found that COVID deaths were reduced 82% by simply administering Vitamin D.

Once the bad actors in the pharmaceutical industry are exposed, real medicines that revitalize human cellular structure can be released. This is something Trump never understood, or is playing us about. My guess is that when he got COVID, he was treated with one of the new revitalizing medicines, so he was all for promoting the fake vaccines (Operation Warp Speed). I noticed how vital and energetic he looked after getting treated, and he remarked how revitalizing it was. Unfortunately, I don’t think the vaccines currently on the market are designed to do that. IMHO these new revitalizing medicines will not be released until the bad actors are neutralized.

(BTW if I’m right we’ll see that the past four years of Trump was a complete acting job. I mean, nobody can be that belligerent all the time. Something big is in the works having to do with the recent election, and we’ll see it by the end of 2021. Most of my friends think Trump is just a barbaric moron, but I think he’s playing at Sun Tzu. Watch for some momentous events by the end of this year, events that will completely change perceptions about reality.)

The Big Picture – the True Reality

I’ve said this before: What is happening on earth is primarily a spiritual process. The human family has made a decision to propel humanity on the road to higher consciousness.

Once it begins (and it has begun with the Pandemic of 2020), the process is NOT reversible.

Human beings have souls. Souls are aspects or personalities of the One consciousness who have had experiences in the physical universe. The energy of the soul cannot “fit” into a human body. Most of who you are  is not in your body; it is a non-physical entity that exists outside the physical universe, but this collection of souls affects every aspect of human society. What occurs on earth is a direct result of the decisions of the human soul family beyond the veil. The only rule (constraint) on this planet is free will. All human beings have free will, and can decide to go to the dark or the light. You might say that human consciousness in the physical body is the human soul walking on earth. You ARE your soul, or as much of it as you are willing to access. Therefore, a strong connection between every human being and the human soul family exists. Anyone with self-awareness can feel this connection and the powerful energies and intent that is driving human beings to the light. The dark feels it also, which is why the children of darkness are organizing and mobilizing. As Bob Ross always said, “you need dark in order to show light.” The dark acts as an impetus for action.

 The light exposing the darkness is an inevitable, invisible, and unstoppable process that manifests itself in the physical universe. This means that the evil and the ugliness WILL come to the surface. It WILL have to be confronted. This is what the human family beyond the veil has decided. It’s happening.

Now is not the time to wail and moan and say that the world is falling apart and that doom and chaos is our fate. Or to say, now that Trump is gone, everything will be okey-dokey. Sorry, but Trump is not the problem and never was. WE are the problem. Trump is/was just another actor in the unfolding human drama that is being written by the consciousness of everyone on the planet.

What is true is that the Old Order is falling apart. The New World will rise from the ashes, like the phoenix of mythology. We are not going down the tubes, we are cleaning out the filthy closet of human consciousness.

We are all living it now.

The Dark Ones are and will expose themselves. Get ready for it. This process is just beginning. Chaos and evil are an inevitable (and unfortunate) part of this process. That’s the way it goes. The way out to world peace is the way through the darkness and into the light.

Now is the most exciting time to be alive in the history of humanity. What happens in the next several years will determine our fate for the next 5,000 years. It will propel humanity forward to an advanced spirituality and, over hundreds of thousands of years, unite all human beings with the One consciousness.

The souls on the dark side are playing the most difficult roles, for they have volunteered to live lives of misery and low consciousness. They have agreed to engage in terrible things in order to wake the rest of us up. They are acting out the evil memes that all of us have created in human consciousness through hundreds and even thousands of lifetimes, over thousands of years of human activity on the planet of free will. Everyone who has ever had a lifetime on earth is here, now. That’s because we have to resolve the problem we created by exploring the dark side over the past several millennia.

If you take the Big Picture view and study current events you can see how the dark always tells the truth, you can see how this human play is moving inevitably forward to expose the darkness to the light of truth. There really is a divine plan and there are lots of human beings here to see it through. If you are reading this you are one of them.

Two steps forward, one step back.

The solution isn’t verbal or physical violence and contention, marshaling arguments for your side and against the other side. It’s taking a step back and exercising patience and tolerance. Let the unbalanced ones fight and argue. Meditate, pray, stay updated on current events. Don’t just read the media you agree with; throw away confirmation bias. Use discernment. On social media and comment sections, be the voice of reason, tolerance of opposing views, and common sense. If you can’t do that, avoid commenting at all.

The new world will take the best elements from both sides. Look for them.

Having true faith takes courage. Winston Churchill – who led Britain through WW II over the Nazis – said:

Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality that guarantees all the others.”

Faith, courage, and a bright new future go hand in hand.

Joe "I don't even know what I'm signing, man" Biden signed 17 Executive Orders during his first two days as president. These EO's eliminated thousands of jobs in the energy industry in the US and Canada, solved the "toxic masculinity" problem by allowing biological men to compete against (and crush) women in sports, allowed the Communist Party of China access to the U.S. power grid, made it easier for CCP companies and their military to access U.S. capital markets, and in general made life easier for the corporate overlords who have bought off our politicians, who are hiding behind barricades and thousands of militarized National Guard troops, protecting themselves against a population they have been "elected" to govern.

You can find these EOs in the federal register, at federalregister.gov, under Presidential Documents.

Let's celebrate! We now have a president who is "protecting our democracy!"

If you haven't yet been totally brainwashed by our corporate controlled Mainstream Media, you might find some comic relief in this little vid Watch it before the Big Tech oligarchs (who are protecting us from Domestic Violent Extremists like the lady who made this vid) take it down:

The only questions now are,

Where is the next manufactured international "crisis"?

When will the next "regime change" war start?

It's so great that we got rid of Trump, because we are now living in a real democracy!!

Biden got 80 million votes! Where is everyone?

In my last post (Something Big Is Coming) I naturally assumed that because of such an alarming military buildup -- with at least 30,000 National Guard troops, a no-fly zone over the city, barricades everywhere, Patriot missile batteries deployed, closing of all waterways by the Coast Guard -- surely the Capitol was expecting a massive attack by some very well-armed and violent extremist group.

But the answer is much simpler than that: Paranoia! The globalist/endless war elites are terrified of the people they are supposed to govern. That's why they barricaded DC. This is why they talk about a "new normal."

The new normal -- backed up by the power of the State -- makes sure that the plebes think the right way (Big Tech suppression of free speech), say the right things, and act the right way. What we saw in DC today is the forced barricading of an unpopular junta from the people. It's what the "elites" are planning for the rest of America. The only question in my mind is, what is the next manufactured crisis? Where in the world is the next regime change war? How many American soldiers will have to die to satisfy the greed of the military-industrial-complex?

Update Jan 21: Don't laugh. Look at this:

"Growing terror threats in the region." Yup. It's only been ONE DAY since BIDEN took office! Welcome to the "new normal." Or should I say, the old normal?

Update Jan 22: National Guard Troops continue to arrive in DC! WTF?

The Goal of the "New Normal"

Here, in a video by Don Winslow (I will not give the link to it), is a summary of the "new normal" our "elites" want to build in America:

They are hidden among us, disguised behind regular jobs.

They are your children’s teachers. They work at supermarkets, malls, doctor’s offices, and many are police officers and soldiers.

In this new war, the battlefield has changed. Computers can be more valuable than guns.

And this is what we need now more than ever: an army of citizen detectives.

I’m proposing we form a citizen army.

Our weapons will be computers and cellphones. We, who are monitoring extremists on the internet and reporting our findings to authorities.

Remember, before the Navy Seals killed Osama Bin Laden, he had to be found. He was found by a CIA analyst working on a computer thousands of miles away.

It’s up to you.

Simply replace the Orwellian word "detective" with "State informant" (its true meaning) and you have the correct interpretation. This program pits family member against family member, and neighbor against neighbor, just as in the fascist/communist states of the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and Communist China. The goal: break up the family, the fundamental unit of a healthy society. This is a call to turn America into an Orwellian nightmare.

Mr. Winslow is right: it's up to you to embrace tyranny or freedom, liberty or communism.

The political goal of the New Normal is to create a true one-party state with rigged elections and eliminate all opposition. Just as all totalitarian dictatorships do. (So much for "protecting democracy.") And no, this isn't about Republicans and Democrats. Both parties long ago merged into an Establishment party some are calling the Uniparty.

Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.

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When I first saw this article (below) I thought it was lunacy. Then I read the whole thing. Apparently there are people who actually think this is a good idea! Forewarned is forearmed, I guess. Ignorance is not bliss. You have to read all the way to the end to understand the wet dream of the globalist/corporate/fascist/communist "new normal" Global Reset crazies.

I wouldn't even bother posting this lunacy, except that the State of Michigan (my home state) plans to vaccinate 70% of the population (5.6 million people) by the end of 2021.

Source: https://www.michigan.gov/documents/coronavirus/MI_COVID-19_Vaccination_Prioritization_Guidance_710349_7.pdf

BIDEN has announced that his administration will set up thousands of local "clinics" to distribute the mRNA bio-device all over the country.

So, apparently, these plans are not just wet dreams; they are being executed. Stay informed.

Article excerpt:

Things won’t get back to normal until we have gotten a vaccine out to the entire world” – Bill Gates

Nothing here is speculation. I will just present the facts and evidence, and you can form your own conclusions.

Bill Gates, along with Robert Langer of MIT, have developed a human implantable quantum dot tattoo micro-needle vaccination delivery system, which will also double as proof of vaccination.
Firstly, we have the never-tested on humans mRNA based COVID-19 vaccination that he wants to give every person on earth.

Then there will be quantum dot micro-needles, a digital identification mark, in the form of a dye under the skin, a sort of tattoo that can be detected with special light and/or scanners.

The ink or dye required is called Luciferase.

And lastly, either a implantable microchip, or more likely; the same type of nanoparticles used as a delivery system of mRNA vaccines will act as transmitters once inside the body, transmitting every detail about you in real time, including exactly what you are doing, and you will be rewarded with a centralized cryptocurrency for performing approved tasks. Of course you may also be penalized as well, if you do something to displease Gates.

This is all detailed in a patent filing, numbered; WO2020060606.


Click on the link and read the entire article to understand the sweep and scope of this plan.

Here is a vid of the Capitol, dated 1/14:

There are now 26,000 National Guard troops in DC. Does this look like preparations for an inauguration? Oh, and there's the Air National Guard 182nd Security Forces, Air Force combat infantry, today loading up on a C-130 Hercules transport plane on its way to DC:

Florida National Guard comes to DC!

But this is just for the inauguration of Joe Biden. Right.

Asked if the extensive security measures around the city would be reversed after the inauguration, Bowser said, “We are going to go back to a new normal,” she said.

“I think our entire country is going to have to deal with how our intelligence apparatus, security apparatus at every level deal with a very real and present threat to our nation.”


The Mayor of DC just told you what the "new normal" is for the USA. IF the CCP and the globalists get their way.

Check this out:

That's January 17th folks, two days from now. Notice the not-so-subtle 3 yellow stars on the red background -- the stars in the Chinese Communist Party's flag.

Yeah. If riots occur on the 17th, we know who is backing them. Who do you think was behind the "insurrection" at the Capitol Building on January 6th? You know, the one where police officers opened the gates and let people in? (You can find vids of this if you search for them, even if Facebook and Twitter and Google ban them).

Here is Trump telling right-wing crazies to stand down and stay home:

President Trump is signing executive orders and acting like a person who has won a second term. And maybe he has. Allegations of massive voter fraud may actually be true. Did Trump win the 2020 election?


Here is a vid from a poll-watcher in Fulton County, Georgia:

Here is a statement from President Trump at WhiteHouse.gov. Notice the present tense. "I will always be committed to stopping the endless wars."


This statement doesn't sound like a guy who is giving up on being president.

Yesterday President Trump told reporters: “We have very strong emergency powers under the Stafford Act,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office on Thursday. “I have it memorized, practically, as to the powers in that act. And if I need to do something, I’ll do it. I have the right to do a lot of things that people don’t even know about.”


I have a feeling something massive will go down in DC within the next few days. National Guard troops are literally sleeping on marble floors in the Capitol Building. Check out the images in this article:


My hope is that whoever is president decentralizes the federal government out of DC. There is far too much corruption in DC. Legislation is written by K Street lobbyists and sent to the Congress for rubber-stamp approval. What's the difference between the U.S. Congress and the CCP's Peoples Congress? Not much these days. Both are anathema to their own people.

We're living through the most monumental period in world history. What happens here in the US will affect the rest of humanity. Watch what happens!