Anyone can participate

So many major events are occurring every day in the news cycle. It is impossible to keep up. From bank failures to the war in Ukraine, from a wide-open southern border to inflation caused by massive government spending, from rigged elections to a Transhumanist assault on humanity itself, the world seems to be falling apart.

The world IS falling apart – the world of darkness. It is a bit depressing to realize that many of our institutions – both  private and public – are being run by psychopaths, but that’s the way it is. The people in charge are the worst of us.

I could have written 20 pages on a list of occurrences that would back up the opening paragraphs, but you wouldn’t be reading this substack if you weren’t aware of this. Besides, it’s boring and unproductive to point out all of the things that are wrong. Let’s try to shed a little illumination on a world that is undergoing a revolution in consciousness.

Yes, a revolution in consciousness. If you follow current events, what you see on your screens every day is what a revolution in consciousness looks like. It’s an exposure of the Dark.

The collective consciousness of humanity is cluttered with negative energy and karma. The dark closet looks filthy and gross when you turn on the light. When you start to clean it out you get dirty.

Looking to “world leaders,” or leaders of any kind, to solve societal problems won’t work anymore because the situation is planet-wide. It’s too massive for any leader or group to solve. We are way past the “follow the leader” paradigm. We did that for 6,000 years and look where it got us. Th e solution involves 8 billion individuals. It’s a decentralized solution, not one imposed from above.

We live on a planet where every individual exercises free will. The world situation is a combination and conflation of 8 billion independent creators. The UN isn’t going to solve our problems, or the WHO, or the goverment. This is a collective problem contributed to by 8 billion unique individuals.

Human Consciousness

First let’s discuss what human consciousness is. Human consciousness is a melding of the physical body with a divine soul. Without the understanding that awareness comes from a higher, divine source, the  situation on this planet will continue to deteriorate.

 The idea that self-awareness comes from neurons firing in the brain is something invented by people with no self-awareness. Yet humanity has been operating on this paradigm since hominids emerged from the caves 200,000 years ago. Isn’t it obvious by now that this definition of consciousness produces nothing except war, conflict, misery, and poverty?

Cooperation and harmony, the bedrocks of all successful human societies, comes from a true definition of consciousness: something divine and loving that wants people to succeed, and which brings out the best in people.

The human race is now in the process of discovering this, discarding old belief systems that simply don’t work anymore. On the other side of the equation are those who consciously turn to the dark side and who are working to destabilize the planet. Those people are manifesting the dark memes in the collective consciousness and covering their activities with a veneer of Light. However, the dark memes and the karma in the collective consciousness have been placed there by all of us! Therefore, to disable them requires everyone’s participation. In a sense, current events are a physical representation of the current status of the collective consciousness.

Assigning blame for bad outcomes (conspiracy theories) to one or two human beings or organizations identifies the wrong target (“It’s Bill Gates’ fault!” “Klaus Schwab is the evil genius!” “The government is to blame!” “It’s Donald Trump!”). The situation is being created by all of us, for all humans on the planet contribute to the collective consciousness.

Assigning blame does not solve problems, it continues them.

It’s probably going to get worse before it gets better. Human beings – and all life forms – learn through experience. In order to see the failures of those who apply degraded definitions of consciousness to human societies, people have to see the results in real life. So a lot of bad stuff has to happen first.  That’s the phase we are in now collectively; the phase of working through collective karma.

The question is, how much more time do we have to spend being miserable?

It depends on how many people continue to embrace a false definition of consciousness. A person can believe anything they want. It’s what a person chooses to believe that is important.

To illustrate this concept, here is an assertion: “Intractable human problems like world hunger can be solved overnight if every person on earth embraced the Light.”

What was your reaction to the last sentence? I’ll bet it was something like, “That aint never going to happen.” If it was, don’t feel bad! That’s the natural reaction of probably 99% of the population. It shows how much our minds have been conditioned to believe in a degraded conception of what a human being is, and how we have embraced a faulty conception of human nature.

Humanity has embraced the wrong definition of consciousness

We have, as a species, convinced ourselves that an individual human being is a pile of meat, a savage masquerading as a civilized being, and that human nature not only is conflicted and greedy, but that it is immutable (cannot be changed).

As our societies degrade further into barbarism, the human race is now facing a stark, undeniable fact: We either recognize the divine nature of the human being, or we regress into  worldwide societal collapse.

That’s what the process of Awakening involves: an acceptance of the true nature of consciousness and a rejection of everything that is not in alignment with it.

There are no other “solutions” to humanity’s survival. We have tried them all – political, economic, and sociological – and they have all failed. Our society in 2023 is not too different than society was 200,000 years ago. We still kill animals for food and compete and fight with each other for resources, just like our caveman ancestors. The only difference between then and now is an overlay of technology and a veneer of “civilized behavior.”

We have not advanced very far in wisdom, as a species, since the first primitive hominid emerged from the cave and wondered, “What are those fascinating lights in the sky?”

Back then there was an excuse – humanity was just an infantile species and didn’t know any better. But not today.

  Humanity has always had two evolutionary paths: Dark and Light. The evolutionary path of Light eventually opens a portal to the One consciousness, to Spirit, to God, to the Higher Power, and to peace on earth. The Dark path leads to species suicide.

Our species has the choice to open that portal and achieve peace and prosperity, or to destroy itself. Humanity is in the crucial phase of making that decision at the present time.

Which way will it go?

Well, all humans have free will, and trying to stop another from doing what they want is futile. Maybe after 200,000 years of evolution we can finally learn this! History is replete with groups of people trying to get other groups of people to follow their agendas. That’s how wars start, and how societies collapse.

The only solution left in the evolutionary toolbox is for individuals to embrace a true definition of consciousness; one that rejects hatred and anger and embraces cooperation and harmony. That’s what it has come down to, folks, and it’s a little late in the game to be asking the same stupid questions about which leader or what new policy to follow. It’s time to choose the path of Light and we have to do it NOW. We either understand our divine origins and reject materialism, or we are going under.

For over 300 years we have given ScienceTM a big chance to prove itself. But ScienceTM has now reached its evolutionary endpoint in this materialistic society. It has become manipulated and politicized junk, just another narrative used by psychopaths to impose their agendas.

“Choosing the path of Light” sounds pretty vague and ineffective, doesn’t it? People have been saying this for 200,000 years. Well, a tiny, tiny minority of people have been advising this throughout human history, but it has never been embraced collectively. The tired, superannuated and false conception of consciousness is always rearing its ugly head to remind us that we are just walking hamburger, and that individual human beings are powerless. However, embracing these false conceptions is a choice.

False, degraded definitions of human nature is the evolutionary path of the Dark that leads to species destruction. We are seeing this destruction on our screens every day.

Anyone Can Quietly Participate

There’s no more time for the same old shit. The consciousness revolution can’t be fought in the streets. That’s an old solution that just leads to revenge, retribution, and death. The new consciousness revolution begins with individuals looking inward, fining their personal portal to God. At this point who cares how you do it! If you can find your personal connection in a church, have at it. If you can find it by walking in the woods or playing on the beach, go for it. Or through meditation, or martial arts, or by embracing a career, or by being a homemaker, it doesn’t matter. Find your path to the light and reject all of the thousands of Dark paths.

The reward for following a path of Light is positive emotion.

Love and harmony are universal solvents because they dissolve hatred and expose darkness. Fighting and conflict increases the stupidity quotient. Embracing harmony and cooperation makes a person more intelligent, and we need more smart people in the world! Anyone can quietly participate in the consciousness revolution. It’s no longer just a nice idea. It’s essential to saving our societies and our planet.

Welcome to the medical surveillance state.

...the U.S. government has secretly been tracking those who didn’t get the COVID jab, or are only partially jabbed, through a previously unknown surveillance program designed by the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), a division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The program was implemented on April 1, 2022, but didn’t become universally adopted by most medical clinics and hospitals across the United States until January 2023.

"Under this program, doctors at clinics and hospitals have been instructed to ask patients about their vaccination status, which is then added to their electronic medical records as a diagnostic code, known as ICD-10 code, without their knowledge or consent so that they can be tracked—not just within the health care system but outside of it as well.

By "partially jabbed" is meant anyone who is not current on any recommended vaccine.

For example, ICD-10 code Z28.310 identifies those who have not received a COVID jab and Z28.311 identifies those who are not up to date on their shots. [emphasis mine]

The War in Ukraine will be the last major war on the planet

The collective consciousness

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Russia is preparing for an all-out offensive against Ukraine this spring as it  masses up to  half a million troops and 1,800 tanks on the Ukrainian border. China looks like it is preparing for an assault on Taiwan as it builds up its Navy and Air Force. Hatred and fear seem to be the strongest human emotions in many societies across the globe. So what kind of moron would make a statement like, “The War in Ukraine will be the last war on earth?” All of the evidence is against it.

The reason is simple: there are 8 billion human beings on the planet and we are all sick and tired of war and conflict. “Yeah, so what?” you say. “We have no control of the people in power.”

But we do.

Certainly, the sociopaths and the psychopaths have risen to the top of the world’s governments, militaries, and “intelligence” communities. Fortunately, these people are an insignificant minority of the people on earth.

This is important because we live in a vibrational universe. By that I mean that the power of thought and intent is paramount in directing the affairs of human societies. Even though this has never been recognized, it has always been true. Thought always precedes action. The intent to do something is the energy and the programming behind every program, narrative, and action.

8 billion human beings have created a collective consciousness on the planet – a collective “vibration” of 8 billion individuals – somewhat analogous to a Fourier transform, where a potentially infinite number of unique and individual sine waves can combine to form a single wave, or vibration.

Image credit: Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky 

This collective consciousness creates an Overton Window of possibilities for action, because action follows thought and intent. An Overton Window describes the range of possible actions for the collective consciousness of humanity.

World war?

For example, some are talking about the war in Ukraine escalating to a third world war because Russia has the world’s largest collection of nuclear weapons and the US has the second-most. The US is, according to some, essentially fighting a proxy war against Russia via the Ukraine. The U.S. arms industry is doing a land office business selling weapons to Ukraine (and anyone else who will buy them, as the war generates fear and hatred). The war is being promoted across the world on all media. The US has given Ukraine $120 BILLION, more money than the entire yearly military budget of Russia!

Yet most people aren’t paying attention. Of course activists on both sides of the conflict are screaming on social media, but the people who get up every day and go to work don’t really give a shit.

The people promoting this war are shocked that there hasn’t been more “uptake” on the war. In the past, a regional conflict like the one in Ukraine spread to the entire world. In WW I and WW II, in the Cold War against the Soviet Union, and in Vietnam, a small crisis became a very large one. It seems that the war in Ukraine and the potential one in Taiwan have the potential to do so as well.

But they won’t. I’m making a fact-free statement here, based entirely on my intuition: We are on a new track of history. Looking to the past for examples of what will happen in the future is inaccurate. That’s because the population of earth has had it with war and conflict.

The collective vibration of the human race has risen to the point where the Overton Window has moved higher, past the possibility of world war. It’s never going to happen. The predictions of world war are echoes of the old track of history.

As Ukraine becomes a slaughterhouse, the collective mind of humanity is sickened by the pointless carnage. The old meme structure of problem resolution via conflict and war is being rejected by more and more people. The collective vibe of humanity is forming a new wave, a wave more inclined toward peace, rising above the tired old memes of power and money being the controlling factors.

People are sick of war. The U.S. military has a huge recruitment problem. In Europe, no one wants to fight in pointless wars any more. The European forces are a joke. The entirety of NATO MIGHT be able to muster two or three divisions – 30,000 troops, in comparison to Russia’s 300k to 500k. Everyone in Europe knows this. No one wants to send their sons and daughters to fight in the Bloodlands. NATO (and Europe) is essentially a U.S. Protectorate – a word that means a superior power fighting for the dependent countries it is allied with.

There is no support for the War in Ukraine in Europe by the masses. There is very little support for it here in the US. The rest of the world looks on in astonishment as warmongers feverishly escalate this pointless conflict. Everyone can see that the people promoting the war aren’t the ones fighting it.

The War in Ukraine will be over by the summer. Russia will win this war in a mass slaughter; or, if cooler heads prevail (hopefully), negotiations based on the 2014 Minsk agreement, will finally be implemented. NATO will fall apart.

In the South China Sea, the Chinese military will be exposed for the paper tiger it is. The saber-rattling will go on, of course, but China needs Taiwan’s advanced chip production capabilities just as much as the US and Europe do. The CCP have never been able to successfully build an advanced chip facility despite all of the technology they have stolen. So that war, even if it begins, will soon fizzle out.

Because so many people on the planet don’t want war, there will soon not be any more wars. I’m NOT saying that there won’t be small regional conflicts and that we will have peace on earth. I’m saying that the collective vibe of humanity will move the Overton Window past the possibility of major conflicts.

Every individual is powerful and influential

That’s how it works in a vibrational universe. Thought and intent direct action. The materialists and the warmongers and the people who have no knowledge of Self, no knowledge of their inherent connection to the Creative Source, will never understand this. Fortunately for the rest of us, they are a small minority. Prwesently these people sit at the top of governments, of militaries, and the medical bureaucracies, but their time is up. And they know it.

Inside China, the CCP is on its last legs. Despite their brilliantly executed planetary game of Go, using their Belt and Road program that has now encompassed the world, the communists in China are slowly losing the Mandate of Heaven. The recent massive protests against their insane COVID lockdowns is the beginning of the end for them. The US military-industrial-complex, supported by the permanent political and administrative class in DC, is also on its last legs, because the central banking system is on its last legs. This debt-ridden system that is built on greed and corruption is also failing. It must fail, for organizations that lack integrity will fall into the dustbin of history as the Overton Window moves past them. The sociopaths and the psychopaths will continue on, of course, but more and more people will reject them until their Great Reset finally falls apart.

The collective vibrational imprint of humanity is moving more and more toward the light, toward compassion and the desire to help human beings instead of controlling them. This means that war and conflict will become less prevalent.

Here’s the point of this little essay: Each individual human being is enormously powerful because every human being can consciously change their thought and intent. Each human being can move the Overton Window further and further up the scale, and there is nothing the crazies can do about it. This is why they are pushing AI, Transhumanism, gender surgeries on kids, war, and attacks on religion and spirituality in a last, desperate attempt to save their corrupt system that benefits a small core of elites.

This system can only continue until human beings realize their power to affect world events.

artificial intelligence is another Information Influence operation


Machines can be stopped. Technology and AI can be hacked. These are all outer technologies. Inner technology (spirituality) can never be stopped. Epigenetics is superior to DNA altering gene technology.

The creations of the Creator are always superior to the creations of the creations of the Creator, such as AI (thank you Jeffrey Prather).

Low tech warfare can beat high tech warfare, for example. The US lost the Vietnam War with superior technology facing primitive North Vietnamese guerilla forces. The US eventually lost in Afghanistan and in Iraq to low tech forces even though we bombed Iraq back into the Stone Age with our high tech weaponry. The primitive Taliban outlasted the US with guys on horseback.

The same thing will happen with artificial intelligence.

AI is vastly overrated, in my opinion. The promotion of AI is essentially a sophisticated Information Influence Op to scare the crap out of people, and to lower resistance to the Internet Of Things (“smart cities”) and the Internet of Bodies (neural implanted humans). The real goal of the AI program is to destroy religion and spirituality, and to create a zombie population of fearful victims that no longer understand their divine origins and who will willingly become a part of the machine. (We've all heard about the AI scam Nate, which was just using humans to do the work AI was supposed to do.


Outer technology vs Inner technology

Inner technology beats outer technology because outer technology comes from the creations of the Creator. Outer technology appears to be sophisticated because it is so complex. But complexity is weakness, for it has many parts or aspects that can be attacked. Inner technology is simple and invisible, for it is a direct link to the Creator of the universe.

That is why it sometimes looks like we are not winning, for outer technology with its sophisticated Information Ops can pelt away at the inner being, like water dropping onto the surface of a rock. Understanding of Self – linking to the inner being – counters that. Knowledge trumps propaganda every time.

Outer technology dominates the Western world. It has resulted in a top-down form of predatory capitalism that is almost as bad as the communist regimes that ruled Russia and now has turned the laobaixing of China (the common people) into slaves. The police state known as China depends heavily on outer technology such as AI, smart devices, and the ubiquitous cameras and 5G transmitters that dominate every large city. The CCP ruthlessly squelches religion and spiritual belief, suppressing millions of Catholics, Muslims, and Christians, and the Falun Gong, a spiritual practice developed in China.

Tibetans and Buddhism is also ruthlessly suppressed using outer technology.

Tibet was overrun by the CCP in 1951 during the Korean War. It is true that the Dalai Llama signed the annexation accord on October 24, 1951, but he later repudiated that “agreement” on the grounds that he signed it under duress. This is how outer technology works: through suppression, intimidation, coercion, violence, and, modernly, information and psychological operations.

These are the only tools in the toolkit of the dark forces. They are becoming less and less effective as the light shines brighter and brighter. To see this, look at the terrible war in Ukraine. The psychopaths and profiteers and warmongers have escalated this intra-Slavic contest to the point of starting a war with the world’s largest nuclear power, Russia. The crazies who are promoting this war are stunned that it has remained a regional conflict, despite all of the propaganda, jingoism, and beating the drums of war in every mass media outlet.

The fact is that people aren’t buying it because people don’t want war. Inner technology is beating outer technology.

Artificial Intelligence is a PsyOp

AI itself is a lie. It is fake. It is another outer technology Op. A sophisticated one, granted, but we need to look behind the curtain of AI and investigate the claims of its effectiveness. Chat GPT is, on the surface, very effective. Also the latest text-to-imaging software is incredible. See the Imagen site. Imagen, developed by the Brain Team at Google Research, is “a text-to-image diffusion model with an unprecedented degree of photorealism and a deep level of language understanding.” Check out the images. Also look at MidjourneyDALL·E 2, and Stable Diffusion, and read Joe Allen’s great article in Singularity Weekly titled “AI Conjures A Cronenberg Film. It’s Like Gazing Into the Gates of Hell.”

All of this outer technology is impressive in a very glitzy, unimportant way. For those with Knowledge and understanding of Self, however, it is just a tawdry, glitzy carnival billboard. It will be embraced by those who have lost their way in the dark jungle of materialism. The inner being, suffused by the Creator, will reject it.

AI technology in its current form is a tool of the dark. That’s not to say that technology itself is bad, that would be ridiculous. The over-reliance on technology – turning ScienceTM into a religion, and its spokespersons into mini-Gods whose words must be accepted without question – is ridiculous.

It’s important, however, to read good reporting about AI developments, to keep abreast of the scam. To do that you can follow Joe Allen, who writes for Singularity Weekly.


Undoubtedly AI advances are being made, but I don't believe the wild claims made for it ("AI is going to take over the world!"). Call me a Luddite, but I still have faith in the God-given intelligence of the human race.

Biological humans are far superior to the sterile so-called intelligence of AI, which is all developed by humans anyway. Once you discover your personal inner technology that is a part of every biological human being, you can never be fooled again. Those with Knowledge can see through the planet-wide materialist Op being unfolded on the human race, and will keep true to Self and their divine origins. And in the process, unleash the human spirit and human creativity that will create a new Renaissance on planet earth.  

life is a contest between self-awareness and the dead doctrine of materialism

Introduction: Premises

●          The earth is the physical playground for a divine, non-physical consciousness that reincarnates into physical bodies over and over. The physical evolution we observe in species is the corporeal mirror of consciousness evolution, because the essence of non-physical consciousness imprints itself on the physical life, lifetime after lifetime.

●          The “mysteries” of life and death are simple and clear if we understand the role of consciousness. Death is terrifying to those who regard human beings as meat bodies.

●          Religion attempts to clarify life and death – which are really misnomers – by postulating the existence of a soul. The soul is the non-physical individual consciousness that reincarnates into different physical bodies. This is as good a term as any, I suppose. The higher self is that portion of the soul consciousness that cannot “fit” into the physical body. The concept of angels and “guides” are the non-physical portion of the soul that acts as an esoteric guide to the incarnated being during the physical lifetime.

●          The craziness we see manifested in human societies today is the resolution of millennia of karma between individuals and groups throughout human history. Acts that appear to be senseless are the culmination, or ongoing process, of previous activity between people and groups that continue to be unresolved at the soul level. In human relations, very little is random.

Consciousness Evolution

As the soul evolves from lifetime to lifetime, it resembles a spring: a rising series of circles stacked one on top of the other. Each circle represents a lifetime. In each lifetime – no matter how seemingly pointless, miserable, or unsuccessful – something is learned during the interaction with the physical universe.

The spring is a good analogy to life and death because it is continuous. There are no “breaks” in the spring, indicating that consciousness continues, unabated, from lifetime to lifetime. Death is just a reorientation of self-awareness from the physical to the non-physical.

The diagram shows birth, the physical life where Knowledge is gained, and then reincarnation and another birth

From the POV of a non-materialist, physical “death” is a temporary phenomenon, akin to a state change in frozen water when it becomes liquid, or from liquid to water vapor. Conscious continues, uninterrupted during the transition from physical to non-physical. From the soul perspective, “death” is a return to the Source of consciousness, and “life” is a temporary physical interlude where the physical being  advances in Knowledge during the physical lifetime.

In my movie The Unity of Spirit and Matter (free on YouTube), I attempt to illustrate this concept from a metaphysical perspective.

Despite the appearance that death is a termination of life, there are no breaks or stops in self awareness. I have tried to flesh out this idea in my book, The Old Soul, which describes the fictional consciousness evolution of an individual human soul over the 200,000-year period that hominid/human life has existed on this planet.

The genesis of the current spiritual war we are experiencing is between those who understand the concept of consciousness, and those who don’t.


The physical universe inherently includes separation and duality as a built-in feature. Hot and cold, light and dark, dry and wet, and the natural differentiation between physical objects and physical bodies is part and parcel of what makes the physical universe. “This tree is different than that tree,” and so on throughout the gamut of species and objects on this beautiful and diverse world.

The physical body of a human being, from a geometric perspective, creates a unique viewpoint of the world, because physical bodies are separate and cannot occupy the same place at the same time. Everyone is perceiving from a different angle and position in the physical universe.

All individuals are unique. From the point of view of consciousness, all creatures on this earth are unique. All lifetimes are unique, for they exist uniquely within the space-time continuum.

Separation and duality create contrast, individuality, and individual personalities. Without contrast there can be no distinction between things, and no identification with things.

Because contrast, separation, identity, and individuality are inherent to physical life, there will be conflict. Conflict can only be avoided when enough people understand the nature of life and consciousness.

The Battle

The spiritual battle is between those with purely secular and materialist beliefs, and those who understand – through having lived many lifetimes on the earth, who have transitioned back and forth many, many times between the physical and the non-physical – that consciousness has a metaphysical origin, and that there is no interruption of self-awareness, ever.

The current conflict around Transhumanism and transgenderism, for example, is muddied by those who have a purely materialist conception of life.

Transhumanism is promoted by strict materialists who are terrified of death, and who believe that consciousness is snuffed out when the body dies. In order to prolong life, augmentation of the physical body, or non-biological containers for consciousness, is required.

The idea that Self is snuffed out at death is terrifying, which is why extreme measures are necessary to implement this distorted perspective of life.

Gender confusion originates in the Akash of an incarnated human being who has had enough lifetimes as both male and female to develop a bias one way or another. The Akash is the soul record of every lifetime a person has experienced, somewhat like a steganography image that has concealed information as part of the image bitmap.[1] The Akash is carried with the person during each incarnation. A being who has had 50 lifetimes as a male may find themselves in a female body. I imagine this could cause tremendous confusion, and even anger. So too for the being who has had 50 lifetimes as a female, suddenly finding themselves in a male body. Yikes!

In the past, people just had to make the best of it. But now, with the advance of medical technology, surgery is available for those who do not accept their current physical gender. Unfortunately, very often these surgeries lead to unfortunate complications, for medical technology is not advanced enough to perfectly gender-inverse a physical body. And there are scumbags who take advantage of these vulnerable people.

Gender identity is one of life’s mysteries that can be explained by an understanding of consciousness. Another is the concept of diversity.

Diversity is an idea that, in its original conception, was a positive concept that allowed for the inclusion of different opinions and ideas. But it has been twisted by those with a completely materialist viewpoint. To a materialist, diversity refers only and strictly to the attributes of a physical meat body. Therefore, materialism is quantitative. A broader conception that includes the Source of consciousness will also include quality.

Quality vs Quantity

Quality is the inherent characteristic of consciousness.

For example, “good” and “bad” are qualitative because they are the conclusions of consciousness during the life experience. Beauty, integrity, love, harmony, and compassion cannot readily be quantified. These conceptions are the considerations of consciousness, whereas materialists will determine worth strictly based on observable physical characteristics. Diversity, to a materialist, means “how many white people are there in the group, how many people of color, how many Asians; how many females, how many males,” etc. Those who can look beyond a materialist viewpoint will not only look at obvious physical attributes, but also at character, intelligence, and the diversity of opinion and ideas.

A materialist ignores these distinctions and considers such ideas inflammatory, unhelpful, and crazy. “What are you talking about?” a materialist would say. “Diversity is a racial and sexual characteristic.” And in this conception of consciousness, they are right.

Nowhere was this better illustrated than the recent debate over the election of the Speaker of the House of Representatives last week. The Democrats voted as one group, time after time, for their candidate. They were very exasperated and frustrated by the Republicans, who kept talking about “diversity of opinion,” and “the exchange of ideas,” and “debate is the way democracy works.” It was evident from those who nominated Jeffries that these ideas were  regarded merely as a front for a group of crazies who just don’t get it. Democrats saw their group as united and harmonious, as opposed to the Republicans, who seemed to want to argue and fight endlessly.

On the other hand, Republicans saw how broken the House is, and were debating how to change it. The Democrats nominated Jeffries primarily because he is a person of color. This fits their definition of diversity. During the process of electing the Speaker, the Republicans also nominated a person of color for the job, but ultimately their concerns were more about what they considered diversity of thought and opinion.   

No one side is completely right or wrong. It’s just a matter of perspective.

An Understanding of Consciousness

Unless the nature of consciousness is broadly understood, fighting and conflict will continue to dominate the political landscape.

For a successful life, quality and quantity must be combined.

Meditation and affirmations (quality) are helpful to good health, and so is eating a quality diet. Getting enough sleep, food, and exercise (quantity) are also important.

For success, the metaphysical must be combined with the physical.

Life is a combination of materiality and spirituality. The two must merge if we are to proceed to the goal of peace on earth and prosperity for all.

[1] The word Steganography is derived from two Greek words- ‘stegos’ meaning ‘to cover’ and ‘grayfia’, meaning ‘writing’, thus translating to ‘covered writing’, or ‘hidden writing’. Steganography is a method of hiding secret data, by embedding it into an audio, video, image, or text file. See “Image Steganography in Cryptography” at

A massive shift in human consciousness is occurring on our planet

Today, here in Michigan, we are in a deep freeze. The temperature at 2 p.m. is 1 degree Fahrenheit. The winds are howling. Many people think that the weather is a sign of the dark times we are living in. That is a logical interpretation of current events, but I have a radically different interpretation.

As the human trafficking on our southern border reaches over 10,000 per day, along with the trafficking of dangerous drugs like fentanyl, and with the war in Ukraine accelerating in its intensity, and the screaming of people on social media continuing, the world definitely appears to be in a dark place. But in actuality, the darkness is being forced to come to the forefront by the Great Awakening of the consciousness of humanity.

There is a massive energy shift on this planet, can you feel it? Even my two cats can; they are usually bouncy but have been acting strangely all day.

The howling winds of change are the planet’s reaction to this awakening. Behind those winds is a massive infusion of light – the light of awareness, the light that uncovers hidden, twisted monstrosities that have been a part of human consciousness and human society for thousands of years. After this huge winter storm the weather will calm and become sunny. So too will the light of awareness become brighter and more powerful.

The earth has consciousness. It exists in cooperation with humanity. The earth has always had a place in human societies – our very bodies are composed of atoms that come from the earth. The indigenous, for 50,000 years, have kept the human connection to earth alive. Anyone who gardens does so also. Farmers must connect to the earth to know the best times for planting and harvesting, and the best ways to fertilize the soil, and when to let it rest. The earth is the source of life and nourishment for any human society.

The indigenous might grab a handful of dirt, smell it, and taste it.

“What are you doing?” you ask.

“I am communicating with my ancestors.”

Dust thou art, and to dust thou shalt return. Generation after generation, the atoms of the human body return to the earth and are co-mingled.

Our modern religions and spiritual teachings have lost that connection to the earth. We live in metal and concrete cities, and many of us only go outdoors to go to work, enclosed in metal machines and working in office cubicles. Our spirituality teaches us about the Ascended Masters, and God, or the angels, who live in an almost inaccessible realm beyond human understanding. As a result, humanity (especially in the West) is stuck in the higher chakras. We aren’t grounded anymore. We have lost that balance, common sense, and inner strength that comes from connecting to the earth.

Consequently, twisted and dystopian systems of belief like Transhumanism have arisen. Transhumanism wants to merge the human body with electronics such as brain-computer interfaces, or do away with human biology altogether by merging with artificial intelligence created from sterile computer networks.

This is a dark road that, if followed, will lead humanity to an evolutionary dead end.

Behind the Transhumanist movement, and the dark forces in general, is a conscious turning away from the light. All materialist movements such as Transhumanism are based on an irrational fear of death. That is why (they think) the human body must be altered with electronics to prolong life as much as possible, or printed bodies must be created, or human consciousness itself must somehow be moved to artificial containers sustained by computer networks. These are irrational pipe dreams that will never succeed.

Those who turn away from the light gnash and snarl and attack the light, but their motivations are always based in the lower emotions of fear and anger and hatred. These emotions are self destructive, and those who adopt them will destroy themselves. This is already evident and obvious in society today.

The solution is to create a belief system that includes not only God, spirituality, and the angelic realm, but to also re-connect to the earth. In this way the human chakra system becomes balanced. All chakras become activated as a part of normal life.

Many people already do this, and they are the happiest people on earth.

A belief system that includes spirituality/God and the connection to the earth automatically activates all of the chakras. The dark insanities that currently manifest will  gradually subside if this belief system is adopted in society as a whole. But we can do it individually, for ourselves, and create a better balance in our lives regardless of the craziness manifesting in certain individuals and groups.

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas this holiday season!

The gameboard is changing so fast it's hard to keep up

Understanding current events is problematic. Events are occurring so rapidly, and the gameboard is altering so much, that even a view from 40,000 feet is a confusing patchwork of forces going at each other in every sector of human society.

However, a few broad patterns are emerging.

1) Investigation into the worldwide Psyop – the mRNA injections – is heating up, despite the frantic efforts of Pfizer and Moderna, and their captured regulatory agencies such as the CDC, FDA, and NIAID, to squash them. Dr. Robert Malone – who was instrumental in developing the mRNA technology and is best qualified to comment – writes frequently on the effectiveness of the vaccines and describes in detail how they operate. Other substacks include those of Dr. Robert Kory, Dr. Peter McCullough, eugyppius (who comments from Germany), and Igor Chudov, all of whom have studied the vaccines from the beginning. The consensus from scientists is that the vaccines do not stop transmission or infection. In January 2022, the director for the CDC publicly acknowledged in a CNN interview that “the COVID-19 vaccine is not effective at preventing transmission of the virus.” The claim is that the vaccines protect from serious injury and death, but there is little evidence to support this. Indeed, some studies show that after several months, negative effectiveness is observed, meaning that the shots actually increase the chance of getting Covid.

Despite the growing consensus among scientists that the vaccines are largely ineffective and cause severe adverse reactions, vaccine mandates are still required in some workplaces even though the courts have blocked the president’s vaccine mandates for federal employees. It is clear now that the vaccines were not introduced to stop the spread of COVID-19 (because they do not stop transmission or infection, and we still do not know what is in them). Rather, COVID-19 was introduced to support an Information and Influence Operation to get the world vaccinated. This Op has been wildly successful: According to the New York Times, 71.2% of the entire population of earth has gotten at least one dose of the mRNA shots – 5.47 billion people out of a total of 8 billion!

2) The United States Government is not only cooperating in the trafficking of human beings, but dangerous drugs as well. The New York Times, in October of 2021, said that “Migrants were encountered 1.7 million times in the last 12 months, the highest number of illegal crossings recorded since at least 1960.” That number has increased in 2022.

The Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 (TVPA) is the federal law that defines human trafficking. It is based on the language in the US Code, 22 U.S. Code § 7102. Section 11 defines severe forms of trafficking in person:

The term “severe forms of trafficking in persons” means—


(B) the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor or services, through the use of force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or slavery.”

22 U.S. Code § 7102, Section 11

The U.S. government works with NGOs like Catholic Relief Services to actively recruit and move people illegally across the U.S. southern border, without vetting them in any way. These NGOs, supported by DHS, are working with the Mexican drug cartels, violent criminal organizations who forcibly charge trafficked persons to cross the border. The cartels are working with the Chinese Communist Party, who make 90% of the fentanyl and its derivatives trafficked by the cartels through our southern border. Fentanyl is a highly dangerous and addicting drug that kills tens of thousands of Americans every year.

The U.S. government, at the time of this writing, is demonstrably supporting human trafficking and drug trafficking.

3) Last, but most important, are the attacks on the family and on religion and spirituality.

The family is the bedrock and foundation of all human societies, and has been so since we came out of the caves. The United States is awash in drugs, both legal and illegal. Most of the TV programs in this country are sponsored by drug companies. During the pandemic, lockdowns and forced vaccinations caused massive psychological and economic damage to the family, and particularly to children. Churches were closed, preventing the gathering of like-minded folks to pray and be with each other in the light. All totalitarian societies suppress religion and spirituality, because the dark is afraid of the light.

The forces of darkness have mobilized a massive Transhumanist assault on humanity, which focuses on women and children, and relegates men to die on soccer fields, or in Qatar, or lifting weights, or jogging. The Transhumanist goal is the elimination of biological reproduction altogether. The dream of Transhumanism is printed bodies (like what you do with a 3D printer), and merging human consciousness with AI, all of which can be remotely directed. This concept was illustrated brilliantly in the SF series “Eureka” a few years ago.

Check out this vid from Ectolife. This is the Matrix, for real:

It is clear now that the Transhumanist program began with the introduction of the mRNA vaccines. It will continue with the introduction of programmable bio-nanobots into the blood, brain-computer interfaces (a la Mr. Fetterman), and programmable neural links (Elon Musk). The recent G20 declaration, which is posted at, begins this process in the United States by developing a sophisticated “digital infrastructure” whose purpose is to build an Internet of Bodies (hackable/programmable bodies). It also calls for the elimination of nation state sovereignty and thus eliminates pesky Constitutions that guarantee basic human rights. Under the guise of “public health,” it would give complete worldwide control over the health of the human population to the World Health Organization, an outfit funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Xi Jinping’s Chinese Communist Party.

Transhumanism is an attack on humanity itself, and biological reproduction. It is primarily an attack on women and children.

A woman contains the seed of creation in her womb. She is the source, the creative force, in ALL human societies. She reflects the divinity of God, the Creative Source, that is the source of all life everywhere. Anything that harms women is a danger to society.

Dr. Naomi Wolf says about the Pfizer documents that were the basis for the Emergency Use Authorization approval of the mRNA vaccines,

the 55,000 Pfizer documents, released via a lawsuit by Aaron Siri and his firm, have been reviewed by our volunteer group of 3500 medical and scientific experts; they have written, under the leadership of DailyClout COO Amy Kelly, 48 reports. These experts have proven that 77% of the adverse events in the Pfizer documents are sustained by women, and that of those, 16% are, in Pfizer’s own words, “reproductive disorders.” [italics mine].

These vaccines target women.


The human race is experiencing a Great Awakening, spurred by a massive spiritual contest between the forces of darkness and the forces of light. This contest is becoming more and more visible. The darkness is being exposed so completely that it is being forced to organize openly and try to normalize practices that have been ongoing for thousands of years. These practices – human trafficking, drug running, pedophilia, and the sexual abuse of children and women – have always been present in human societies, but ruthlessly hidden and covered up. They are being forced into the open.

The dark forces know that their time is up. They are proceeding in haste. If enough of us wake up in time, they will surely fail.

A view of life from 40,000 feet


This essay assumes the existence of the soul, or the animating principle – a non-physical consciousness independent of the physical body. The soul is a concept that has been a part of every culture in human history.


We perceive time in a straight line and it only goes one way, from past to present to future. Everything in our world has a beginning point and an end point. Life is born and it lives for a while and then it dies. From a purely physical point of view, time is linear.

Let’s take that line and close the left side of the line with the right side of the line:

We have gone from one dimension (line) to two dimensions (a circle in a plane).

What happens to our timeline?

Well, there really isn’t a beginning or an end anymore. We could arbitrarily choose a point anywhere on the circle and call it the beginning. But past, present, and future doesn’t make much sense now. The flow of time can go either “backward” or “forward.”

There’s a lesson here. It has to do with the next higher dimension (dimension three).

Imagine a spirit (soul) incarnating into a body. The point of birth is at A on the circle, where the spirit enters the physical universe. From the point of view of the circle, the entry of the animating principle is invisible. It comes from outside the circle, and the circle can’t see it come in because it can’t see outside the two-dimensional plane of its awareness. The entry of the soul appears to be magic from the viewpoint of the circle. It says, “Well, something is here that wasn’t here before but we don’t know how it happened.” The same thing happens at death. Whatever that “something” is, leaves, and the physical body is dead. The soul is no longer in the flow of time, from the circle’s perspective.

A life can be graphed by showing the soul entering the circle at point A, traveling along the flow of time (living) until it gets to point A again, which we call death, and then leaving. Birth and death are the same point.

The same thing happens in three dimensions, if you imagine the circle being drawn on the surface of a sphere:


Three lives: the black circle (a) on the sphere represents a life, and so does the green circle (b) with a different life path. A shorter life is represented by the red circle (c).

Now imagine the circle getting smaller and smaller, and shrinking to a tiny dot (dimension zero. Imagine the dot is infinitely small).

What happens to time?

If the circle of time shrinks infinitely small, then past, present, and future merge. Time essentially disappears. The dimensionless point represents something timeless: the non-physical soul or animating principle. It appears invisibly at birth and returns to its non-physical home at the time of body death.

A timeless entity is a strange concept because in the physical universe all events are separated by time. A world where past, present, and future happen all at once would result in incomprehensible chaos. To a physical entity, timelessness makes no sense, but this is the soul’s perception as it exits the physical universe and enters a timeless state.

Dimension zero is a singularity.

In math, according to Wolfram MathWorld, “zero is the integer that, when used as a counting number, means that no objects are present. It is the only integer (and, in fact, the only real number) that is neither negative nor positive.” This definition suggests that zero has no physical qualities at all.

In cosmology, the dimensionless point can represent an infinite amount of matter and energy within an infinitely small area. The Big Bang theory of the universe says that everything in our universe originated within a cosmic singularity.

If the soul is itself a dimensionless entity it would be invisible in our three dimensional physical world. Indeed, science (correctly) rejects the idea of an animating principle or a soul, or any non-physical awareness, because it cannot be observed or measured. Science does not deal with the intangible, and the soul by definition is intangible and dimensionless.

The concept of the soul – an awareness beyond the physical body – has persisted for millennia throughout every culture in human history.


The point of this little essay is that it is impossible to understand the soul from our physical perspective. The closest we can come is an intuitive approach. Intuition, by definition, is that which exists beyond the five human senses. Intuition could be defined as the non-physical soul communicating with the physically incarnated human being.

Mostly we dismiss or ignore or don’t recognize our intuitive impulses. However, in my experience, intuitive flashes occur when I am meditating, or when I am completely calm. They seem to occur “out of time,” which suggests a non-physical source. It is comforting for me to think that, as a human being, there is more to “me” than just a physical body and the limitations of the five human senses. Perhaps, if we paid more attention to our intuitive/inner voice, we might learn something more about a greater or higher aspect of ourselves.

Human society has reached a massive inflection point

Definition of Denouement:

1. The final resolution or clarification of a dramatic or narrative plot.

2. The events following the climax of a drama or novel in which such a resolution or clarification takes place.

3. The outcome of a sequence of events; the end result.

—— Wordnik

Spiritual Principles

“All Endings are Happy Endings.”

This was the theme of my former radio show called Interview with Spirit. On the show, which went from 2008 to 2014, I looked at current events from a spiritual perspective.

The meaning of the phrase, “All Endings are Happy Endings,” is simple. All life, all consciousness, comes from the Creative Source (God, if you prefer), the benevolent, non-physical source of all consciousness in the universe. No matter how bad your life is in the physical universe, no matter how evil you have been in your physical incarnation, or how good, the divine essence that makes you, you, returns to the Source of All.

All endings, therefore, are happy endings.

Another saying I had on the show was, “What happens on earth stays on earth.”

This just means that the evil, or good, you do on earth is stored in your personal “soul space” associated with the planet, lifetime after lifetime. When your body dies you leave all that shit in your personal karmic space and ascend, unencumbered, back to the Creative Source. When you are ready for another lifetime, you pick up all of the crap that happened to you and begin again.

Every time you come in, you come in completely clean. Every time you leave, you leave completely clean. It’s like playing a board game. You take your piece out of the box and play with it, then you take it off the board and put it back after the game is over. In this analogy, the player is the soul and the board piece is the body.

Just as each board game is unique, each physical lifetime is unique, and will never occur again in the history of the universe. But consciousness (self-awareness) continues.

Reincarnation is the process of soul evolution in the physical universe.

Looking at life from the lens of these two spiritual concepts simplifies living. No matter how bad life is, there is relief at the end. No matter how evil you are you can start over afresh.

Confusion about life comes about when people muck around with human belief systems. “When you die you’re dead,” for example (“You only live once”), creates a franticness about life. You have to be very, very careful. If something happens to that body of yours, your consciousness is snuffed out forever. You gotta look out for number one and not let others get over on you, “because life is too short.”

But what if life is a continuation of consciousness interrupted by birth and death? Then, death is just an interruption in physical consciousness, and birth is an interruption in soul consciousness. But you are still you.

Living life without spiritual understanding stifles cooperation (“Why should I help the other guy? Screw him”), leads to a consciousness of scarcity (“There’s only so much to go around”), and creates degraded ideas about human nature (“We’re only slightly above the animals,” “It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there,” etc.). These attitudes about humanity lead to societal imbalance, poverty and injustice, and constant conflict and war. 

The source of human misery, at its core, is a lack of spiritual understanding.

Life is set up to be benevolent

There are two important corollaries to the two principles above.

1) Consciousness is eternal and does not depend on physical systems. A more limited consciousness results when the soul associates with a physical body, which limits perception and awareness to the five human senses.

2) Consciousness is inherently benign and benevolent, because all self-awareness is associated with the Creative Source.

Human history on this planet has been, essentially, the record of violations of these principles, due to limited understanding.

In the last post we saw how the human body itself is based on musical and mathematical harmonies. The design of our world, including animals, plants, and insects, is based on harmony, not conflict. The diverse ecosystems on this planet cocoon and nurture life. Their design is benevolent and life-supporting.

And so – all life on earth is set up for harmony and cooperation.

Now: throw in a wild card called Free Will.

Free Will means just that: the ability to turn away from the harmonious setup life gives us and do whatever we want. Free will creates tension that spurs new ideas and provides the engine for growth and evolution to higher (or lower) states. Because of this tension, nothing ever stays the same: systems are either contracting or growing, evolving or falling apart.

Life is a delicate balance between a harmonious baseline and the ability to choose differently.


I don’t want to get too complicated here, but we can model the tension between a benevolent setup and free will by borrowing some concepts from the genius of Buckminster Fuller. Bucky modeled the tension of life using what he called tensegrity structures. Tensegrity is a combination of the words “tension” and “integrity.”

(If you are interested in this concept in greater detail, go to the article The Geometry of Harmony on my website, which explains how tension creates energy and gives living systems a dynamic quality.)

Very briefly, a static system (once which can’t evolve) might look like this:

Figure 1

All of the blue struts are rigidly connected to the little white balls. This structure is very fragile because if you knock it even a little, the struts come out, or break, and the whole thing collapses. You could glue or snap in the struts rigidly to the balls to make the connections stronger, but if you play around with it you’ll see that it will fall apart under stress. This kind of structure can be beautiful, but it cannot adapt. It is fixed in position, and cannot change. It cannot change because the individual pieces of which it is composed have no freedom to operate. They are constrained to come together in only one way. There is no dynamic tension here.

Let’s compare this to one of Bucky’s tensegrity structures:  

Figure 2

Here, each strut has a notch in it at the end of it and is covered with a red tip. Each of the struts is connected to the others with a red tension wire that fits into the notch and is slightly shorter than the strut, separating each strut and creating tension within the structure. What happens when you hit this thing? The tension wires flex and the struts find balance because they aren’t rigidly connected. You can throw it across the room, or at a wall, and it will remain intact. None of the struts ever touch each other. They are independently islanded so that if forces act upon any part of the structure, the whole thing immediately finds balance. When a structure is built in this way, it can withstand tremendous forces upon it. If you push on it or strike it there will be an immediate, uniform, and symmetrical response around the entire structure. It is dynamic and can flex inwardly and outwardly, always finding equilibrium within itself. In other words, it can easily adapt to change.

So, tension isn’t a bad thing if it is accompanied by integrity! Tension gives life a built-in energy source that comes from within. To see this, build or buy one of these tensegrity models. If you work with tensegrity you can see that the structure internally generates all of the forces upon it and within it. Tensegrity generates its own energy and dynamically balances it. It does not require energy from the outside. It is self-contained, independently energy generating, and self-balancing.

Just like life itself.

Current Events

So – Life has tension, integrity, and flexibility built-in to it. If it didn’t, it would quickly collapse. The same goes for political systems and societies.

Tyrannical, dictatorial political systems constrain thought, speech, and action. A “one size fits all” society crushes diversity of opinion and new ideas under the guise of “hate speech,” or “misinformation,” or whatever the dictator doesn’t like. Such a system is like the first structure above. The more rigid and dictatorial the system is, the more certain that it will eventually collapse.

 Rigid, inflexible systems contain the seeds of their own destruction because they cannot adapt.

The Denouement

  If all endings are happy endings, why is there so much misery in the world? Perhaps it’s because humanity has adopted distorted and unworkable ideas about itself. We study the human body and fail to realize that its basic structure is designed around harmony. We design drugs to fight disease instead of promoting health and supporting the body’s underlying cooperative and harmonious nature. We design political systems based on mindless, ruthless competition. We denigrate the divine, creative impulses that generate new ideas and insist on a hive mind approach that crushes merit and ability. We do not let the human spirit soar!

Folks, the human race is rapidly approaching a denouement. We have struggled with a false conception of the human being for over 6,000 years, but we are now coming to a massive inflection point in human affairs. Either we recognize basic spiritual (and design) principles, and adopt a true understanding of who we are, or human society will go over a cliff.

It’s not about designing new political and economic systems. We are far beyond that now, for 6,000 years of human history has conclusively demonstrated that it is impossible to solve a problem with the same consciousness that created the problem. Therefore, we must abandon our failed conceptions and distorted ideas about human nature, and embrace the fundamental, core design principles that describe our divine, inherent, harmonious nature.

Harmony and cooperation are inherent qualities in humans, animals, and plants

Most life forms on earth are built around perfect mathematical harmony. Most of the life forms on the planet are built around the Phi ratio, a mathematical and architectural concept that represents peaceful cooperation, affinity, and compatibility. The Phi ratio has been known since the time of Euclid, thousands of years ago.

The Phi ratio (also called the golden section) can be stated in one simple sentence: “The smaller is to the larger as the larger is to the whole.”

This doesn’t sound like much, does it? But, like a seed that contains the complex biological information necessary to make an apple tree or a gigantic redwood, the Phi ratio contains information that creates the inherent harmony that allows trillions of cells to form complex organisms like humans, animals, and plants.

To put it simply: Life forms are complex systems based around harmony and cooperation.

Let’s take a quick look at how the Phi ratio works (don’t worry, no math!). We’ll begin with something simple: a straight line. This line has been divided in the Phi ratio:

   a is the smallest segment. It is the distance between point X and point Y. b is the larger segment. It is the distance between point Y and point Z. The whole segment is the length of the entire line, the distance between point X and point Z.

This isn’t a math essay, so I’ll just summarize by saying that the relationship between segment a and segment b is exactly the same as the relationship between segment b and the entire line. It turns out that when you apply this concept to architecture or nature, the result is an inherently harmonious and compatible structure.

Let’s look at what happens when we divide the segments in a rectangle in Phi ratio:

You get a spiral. What does nature do with this information? Look at these images.

Nautilus shell.

Common sunflower. Notice the built-in spirals.

Echeveria Agavoides. Note the spiral pattern of the leaves.

The human body is based on the Phi ratio. The bodies of animals with skeletal structures are all based on proportional harmonies like the Phi ratio. Here’s a diagram of the Phi relationships in the human body:

From The Power of Limits, Gyorgy Doczi, p. 143   

The leg: The distance from the hip to the knee, and from the knee to the ankle.

The face: The distance from the top of the head to the nose, and from the nose to the chin.

The arm: The distance between the shoulder joint to the elbow, and from the elbow to the wrist.

The hand: The distance between the wrist, the knuckles, the first and second joints of the fingers, and the finger tips.

Of course every human body is different and nature can only approximate these relationships. The point is, the design of the human body is based on the mathematics of harmony.

Once you become aware of the built-in harmony in nature you begin to see it in many life forms:

The Indian peafowl. The eyes of its tail are logarithmic spirals.

Galaxies also have spiral arms: Here is a picture of the Milky Way:

The universe itself must have a harmonious underlying structure in order for it to continue in such a self-organizing and cooperative fashion.

(For a detailed explanation of the proportional harmonies in nature, art, and architecture, read The Power of Limits by Gyorgy Doczi, quite probably the most elegant book ever written).

If life and even the structure of the universe are based on proportional harmonies, why is the human race so conflicted? Why do animals kill other animals to survive?

Because, for thousands of years, human beings have been trained and educated in a false belief system about ourselves. Moreover, not all of nature is predatory: dolphins and whales, for example, exist cooperatively, not competitively. It’s why people go to sea to observe dolphin pods and soak in their energy. Animals don’t necessarily have animosity toward each other, even different species:

The human race has chosen to accept the falsehood that human nature – how a human being is inherently biased – is selfish and conflicted. But this goes against the very structure of the human being!

The power of thought and expectation, and our biased education systems, have an enormous influence on our attitudes about ourselves. Perhaps, in the past when we didn’t know any better, there was justification for a service-to-self attitude toward our fellow humans and other life forms. But not anymore. We don’t have to live with the attitudes and expectations of the past. That is what the Great Awakening is all about.

It’s all going to turn out well, because the invisible, underlying information that builds our world and even our bodies – what quantum physicist David Bohm calls the Implicate Order – is cooperative and benevolent. The human race is beginning to look past the facade of our false belief systems and into a true new world order that is divinely inspired and designed.