High consciousness can see and understand low consciousness. But low consciousness can’t see or understand high consciousness. This idea has an analogy in physics, as I point out in this article. 


This creates an obvious problem in human relationships!  

First let’s try to pin down what “high” consciousness and “low” consciousness is. High consciousness is the ability to recognize that you have a divine component, that a human being is more than the physical body. High consciousness recognizes the value of love, tolerance, and compassion. Low consciousness is materialistic, and cannot see past the body. A materialist believes that a human being IS the body, and has no conception of God or the higher self. A low consciousness person has no spirituality, would laugh and scorn the idea (“prove it!”).

So a nuanced person has difficulty with a person who is self-centered, is fixated on one or two ideas, or who has no idea that helping and caring for others is valuable. A self-centered person is a “look out for number one” sort of bloke. The laws of the universe (the law of attraction and the law of vibration), however, guarantee that what you focus on you get more of. Therefore, self-centered people are often very successful because they are laser-focused on goals that benefit themselves. These are the people who have risen to the top of human organizations, and who are the leaders in the current globalist corporate state that humanity has created. A system has been set up to benefit the very, very few self-centered people and organizations at the expense of the many.

I have been noticing a curious phenomenon, which I wrote about in my book Beyond the Beginning: the law of attraction is bringing together persons of higher consciousness, as well as person of lower consciousness. Eventually two groups will form.

This has been ongoing for a long time, actually, as cliques of people form in any organization, at work, in families, and in even in cities. As the duality intensifies, this trend will become more and more evident.

For example, the great Western writer, Louis L’Amour, describes a typical old West town with citizens leading normal lives on one side, and gunfighters, criminals, and other low-lifes hanging out on the other side:

In more traditional [old West] towns, there were generally two sections. There was the part where the saloons and the red light district were...where most of the rough stuff like gunfights went on. On the other side there were churches and schools and citizens carrying on their lives like normal people would.  Sometimes all the law-abiding people knew about the gunfights across the way was the sound of gunfire. They didn’t know who was shooting whom until they heard about it later.”

(Source: The Outlaws of Mesquite, Authors Note)

In other words, higher consciousness people hang out on one side, lower consciousness people on the other. As the dark-light balance shifts in favor of the light, we are going to see those who have chosen the dark side come together into geographic areas, and those who have chosen the light do so as well. Sociologists will try to explain this as a socio-economic phenomenon, but I believe it’s a result of an ongoing spiritual battle between dark and light.

People are waking up and choosing sides; this is obvious now. It started with the wildcard Trump, who is the catalyst for a restructuring of society. The current result? An intensification of the duality. A large group of people hate Trump so much, they would prefer an economic collapse to get him out of office. I had someone tell me this last week. Another group of Trump supporters regard “the Democrats” as pure evil, as if “good” people are all Republicans. This simplistic, childish thinking (on both “sides”) is the precursor to an eventual sorting of society into those who want the light, and those who choose the dark. Right now we are all mushed together.

The light is ever-so-gradually getting stronger. People are being forced to choose. The good news: more people will go to the light than to the dark. Those who choose the dark side will be in a gradual, ever-shrinking minority. This minority will get louder and louder in their complaints, not understanding that the solution is to go to the light; to choose cooperation, tolerance, and harmony.

Right now it is not possible to see who the light guys are, and who the dark guys are, because so much disinformation is present. But Trump is forcing people to make choices; he is holding a big stick and stirring up the pot. It’s chaotic, but necessary, in a broken political and economic system that just isn’t working anymore.

Pockets of Darkness

As more and more people go to the light during the coming years, the dark will become more and more strident as their numbers decrease relative to the population as a whole. In any geographical area we’ll see pockets of darkness surrounded by (or adjacent to) areas of prosperity. This is already observable. This will lead to further cries of discrimination and racism, fascism, (fill in the blank to whatever form of “ism” you like)  from the dark side. For those who choose the dark side, these complaints are entirely reasonable, for they will see a larger and larger group of people being against them. The dark can’t see (or choose not to see) the light. The dark will feel attacked.

As this separation increases, the dark will largely fight it out amongst themselves in their pockets of darkness, just as in the towns of the old West, and in certain areas of our densely populated cities. The violence will, of course, occasionally spill out into society at large. Eventually, those who go to the light will completely understand the value of cooperation and the tolerance of opposing views. These areas will gradually get more prosperous and vital, whereas the dark pockets will shrink, and sink further into conflict. Eventually we’ll have peace on earth, with a few pockets of die-hards who choose the dark side (because earth is a planet of free choice). But that is down the road a bit. Right now the dark is still embedded within the larger society. Unbalanced persons emerge into society and lash out by shooting innocent people. This will change as the unbalanced persons congregate with others who have chosen the dark side. For them, the higher vibe of the light will become intolerable.

The Star Wars franchise had it right: we are in an all-out battle between dark and light This battle will be won or lost on the spiritual plane, as consciousness manifests into the physical universe. The higher the consciousness, the more positive will be the manifestations, and vice-versa.

An All-Out Assault on Liberty

(Image source: the Verdict website. “Facebook rating score has echoes of China’s Social Credit System,” https://www.verdict.co.uk/facebook-rating-score-china-social-credit/)

We’re seeing an all-out assault on liberty from the dark side now.  Google helped the CCP (Communist Party of China) develop the algorithms for their “Sesame Credit” social rating system, which seeks to impose rigid standards of behavior on 1.4 billion people. Don’t look now, but the same thing is happening here in the US.

What is the problem with Big Tech using algorithms to identify online behavior? Most websites use algorithms and other keywords in SEO packages for our businesses. What’s wrong with Big Tech identifying anti-social behavior? Well, it’s an end-run around the legal system, allowing the heads of a few big corporations to decide who is good and bad. I’d rather let Santa do that! Consider this:

Nobody likes antisocial, violent, rude, unhealthy, reckless, selfish, or deadbeat behavior. What’s wrong with using new technology to encourage everyone to behave? The most disturbing attribute of a social credit system is not that it’s invasive, but that it’s extralegal. Crimes are punished outside the legal system, which means no presumption of innocence, no legal representation, no judge, no jury, and often no appeal. In other words, it’s an alternative legal system where the accused have fewer rights.

Social credit systems are an end-run around the pesky complications of the legal system. Unlike China’s government policy, the social credit system emerging in the US is enforced by private companies. If the public objects to how these laws are enforced, it can’t elect new rule-makers. An increasing number of societal “privileges” related to transportation, accommodations, communications, and the rates we pay for services (like insurance) are either controlled by technology companies or affected by how we use technology services. And Silicon Valley’s rules for being allowed to use their services are getting stricter.

If current trends hold, it’s possible that in the future a majority of misdemeanors and even some felonies will be punished not by Washington, D.C., but by Silicon Valley. It’s a slippery slope away from democracy and toward corporatocracy. In other words, in the future, law enforcement may be determined less by the Constitution and legal code, and more by end-user license agreements.”

(Source: Mike Elgan, “Uh-oh: Silicon Valley is building a Chinese-style social credit system,” https://www.fastcompany.com/90394048/uh-oh-silicon-valley-is-building-a-chinese-style-social-credit-system)

‘Nuff said. The “social credit” trend in Big Tech is just another example of the dark-light battle going world-wide. But now Big Tech’s control systems have been exposed, greatly nullifying their influence. (You can go to the Project Veritas website to read testimony and docs from Big Tech whistleblowers.)

The current trade tensions between the US and China are not just about trade. It’s about freedom vs dictatorship. We still have the remnants of democracy here in the US. But President Xi’s China is a few hundred persons in the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) hierarchy ruling over the entire country.

Big Tech is the US Deep State version of the CCP’s ruling junta. The trade war also involves the values of freedom and democracy vs. Big Tech totalitarianism. We’re facing it here in the US, just as China is facing it. In Hong Kong the people know what’s happening to their society, and they are objecting to the imposition of totalitarianism. In France the Yellow Vests are still protesting against the imposition of a corporatist/elitist agenda against the people. Good on them!

Consciousness and the Field

The origins of this great dark-light battle are in the spiritual realm. As above, so below. Materialists, and those with low consciousness, will NEVER see this. These people will be content to pointlessly argue and shout, trying to make themselves right and “the others” – those who disagree with them – wrong.

Those who meditate and work for peace are performing a great service for humanity, even though it seems hopeless sometimes. The invisibility of the process makes it seem that nothing good is being done. Nothing could be further from the truth! Lightworkers, and those who exercise tolerance in their daily lives, are propelling the consciousness of humanity upward. As a consequence, more light is pouring in and exposing the darkness. Unfortunately, exposing the dark is necessary to achieve peace on earth, even though it results in chaos for a time. You may reach 5D consciousness, you might become ascended, but your work still isn’t done. World peace won’t happen unless we all make it.

This POV isn’t popular, I know. People want to hear that just a few old souls reaching higher consciousness can magically carry billions of souls (who have karma from past lives to work out) into a wonderful new world of peace and harmony. Sorry folks, that aint happening. We’ve got a lot of work to do. We all have to make it, not just the chosen few. The path to the light leads through the darkness, for every one of us. That’s the best way, and it’s the only way. Each one of us must attract and create peace, harmony, and serenity through our meditations and actions in the physical universe. The planetary vibe is raised a little at a time, not all at once.

The physical universe is, essentially, a gigantic and complex perturbation of an underlying universal “field.” This field (for want of a better term) is a latency. It is programmable by consciousness. Hindu thought calls it the Unmanifest. Physicist David Bohm called it the implicate order. James Clerk Maxwell called it the ether. Subatomic particles are excitations of the Field. Ultimately, everything physical is an outgrowth of consciousness programming the Field, and the Field responding. Therefore, anything that occurs in the physical universe is a manifestation of consciousness programming the Field. This is the meaning of the word “co-creation.”

That’s why your meditations, your expectations, and your intentions are so important. All of these program the Field. The mindless (or should I say unmindful) squabbling that is the current hallmark of American politics only places lower vibes into the earth’s grids, and into the Field. It’s up to us, as old souls, to do the job we came to earth to do: raise the vibe of the planet. We can do this because we are wise. We have been through it all in previous incarnations. There’s a knowingness in our Akash, an intuition that tells us what to do and what not to do in life situations. We need to access that intuition and strengthen it.

Peace on earth will come from the higher realms, from higher consciousness. It’s a lot of work, but it’s exciting work. It’s our soul mission to do this work!

This is an article published by Dr. Steven Greer, of the Disclosure Project. Dr. Greer has been working tirelessly for over 25 years to expose the "black" programs hidden within the bowels of the intelligence community. These programs are surrounded by secrecy and their activities are the true threat to our democracy.

Dr. Greer has extensive experience dealing with government. the military, the intelligence community, and the media. What he has to say about our media is interesting, given the current furor over "fake news."

Written in 2004, this article is (unfortunately) even more important now that it was when it was written 15 years ago. It is important enough that I will quote the entire article, which is available on his website: https://siriusdisclosure.com/cseti-papers/media-play/

Steven M. Greer MD

April 2004.

Conventional Wisdom has it that we live in a free and open society with a free press, which plays the role of a key check and balance on government secrecy and abuse. This and other fantasies, foisted on a gullible public, have enabled runaway illegal secret projects to get away with murder, and they are now on the verge of planeticide – the killing of an entire planet.

The truth is that we have free media – so long as it is inconsequential. That is, freedom of the press exists so long as it is exercised within a certain sphere of influence that does not reach a critical mass of significance. Sure, you can say and write anything – so long as it does not get placed in front of the masses in an honest way. The quaint notion of a free press, serving as the Fourth Estate and watching vigilantly over the interests of The People is one of the great lies perpetrated by the government, and by the corporate media itself. Every insider knows this is a lie.

Big Media must be distinguished from the media in general, insofar as the former is utterly corrupted and the latter is sequestered into spheres of limited influence and significance. Mass retail media – the nightly news, CNN, The NY Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek, Time and the like are less free on anything of real significance than the media of many third world countries – or even communist China.

We know, because we have beta tested the system. (More on this later.)

The implications of this corruption cannot be overestimated. In the world today, the corrupt, dumbed-down and controlled Big Media is the central reason for significant investigations being killed, illegal secrecy persisting and major scientific breakthroughs being suppressed.

Without the cooperation, compliance and corruption of Big Media, the shadowy programs that keep the world burning could in no way prevail. In fact, when recently asked by a member of Congress how these illegal operations persist and flourish, I had to tell him it was the primarily due to the fact that Big Media give them a free pass.

Years ago, while at a gathering in New York City with Laurence Rockefeller and a few other influential people in the city, Bob Schwartz, a noted journalist who had been on the Board of Time Life (before it was Time Warner, or AOL Time Warner etc, etc) flat out told me that the Big Media “…had become scribes taking dictation from the right hand of the king…” rather than really functioning as a free press and the Fourth Estate. He proceeded to tell me how he had given his friend Mike Wallace of CBS’ 60 Minutes a number of government documents on UFOs, and that Mr. Wallace wanted to pursue the story, but ultimately dropped it due to pressure from ‘somewhere’.

Now, Big Media will tell you that the UFO matter is closed, that the Air Force looked into UFOs and ended Project Blue Book with a report from the Condon Committee that essentially said there was nothing to study. This is one of the Big Lies and can be proven to be so. But every Big Media outlet in the US holds to this line, notwithstanding overwhelming evidence to the contrary – and the fact that we can now prove that Dr. Condon himself corrupted the study and was on the payroll of the shadowy projects keeping the matter secret!

Essentially, America has no free press of any significance when it comes to real investigative reporting, government secrecy or serious technology breakthroughs dealing with energy and propulsion systems that could replace Big Oil. The Big Media is vertically and horizontally integrated into a large corporate and quasi-governmental matrix of shadowy interests and corrupting influences. In no way is the major media in America free, nor has it been for decades.

In the late 1990s I met with a senior reporter for the Washington Post, whose beat included government, military and national security issues, who told me that he was sitting on rather explosive files on a number of issues (hint: we were talking about secret underground facilities and certain genetic experiments that are ongoing). When I asked him when they would run that story he winked and said, “Oh Dr. Greer, you know that nothing important is ever printed in the Washington Post. We will never print that kind of story and, if anything, we will work to debunk it if it appears anywhere else…” When I asked him, “Well what about the Fourth Estate – our free media being a check and balance on government and extreme secrecy that is out of control?” he said, “You know that doesn’t exist anymore…” We had a drink and went on our way.

Senior government officials, members of Congress and top Pentagon officials with whom I have met have cited media infiltration, corruption and ridicule as the main reason they steer clear of certain areas. Why look into super-secret UFO related projects if you will only be shellacked by the Big Media as Senator Moon Beam?

Of course, many people in the media never look into these issues since they have blindly accepted the party line and bought into the ridicule and disinformation surrounding the subject. A lack of independent investigation, and a prevailing prejudice, prevents most journalists from even giving a cursory look into these controversies. A senior editor for the Boston Globe once told me that they would never run a story on UFOs “…even if you put a dead ET on my desk…” since such topics were the stuff of the low-end tabloids. (I guess 24/7 coverage of titillating details of sexual escapades and lurid murders are ok, however.) Persistent ridicule and a glib dismissal of ‘conspiracy’ theorists and ‘UFO believers’ are about as far as most journalists get. The facts are seldom investigated, and on the rare occasion when they are, the story is blocked.

It is also an open secret that the intelligence community has infiltrated and used the media for decades. What is not acknowledged is the extent to which the Big Media are controlled by corrupt interests that are the antithesis of freedom. It is a pervasive problem that is subtly managed very quietly, but anyone who has gotten close to the truth on a really Big Story that these interests want kept secret know what happens.

Such journalists walk into the mother of all buzz saws, and learn very quickly how un- free the Big Media really is. Into The Buzzsaw, with a foreword by Gore Vidal, is a book that recounts the experiences of a number of journalists who came across a story that ‘they’ did not want out – and who found out how ruthless media suppression really is.

The crown jewel of secrecy is the collection of projects that deal with advanced technologies, energy systems, propulsion systems – and UFO matters – that, once disclosed, would end the need for oil, gas, coal or nuclear power. The corruption and secrecy surrounding this issue is like none other – it is in a class of its own. The media can only cover the subject either in a cavalier or dismissive way – or through direct disinformation and ridicule. No honest investigative report has ever appeared, over time, on this subject in any Big Media outlet – not in over 50 years of secrecy. Why?

Because they are not allowed to do it. And if they did, it would mark the end of their career and possibly their lives. It is not an overstatement to say that I have spoken to mainstream journalist who evince palpable fear when the matter is brought up.

Of course, because of sensational cases of ‘investigative reporting’ like Watergate, Monica-gate and the like, the public believe the media is this fierce watch dog guarding the interests of the people and courageously ferreting out the truth. If only.

Sure, Big Media can have 24/7 coverage of trivial matters like a President’s private sex life (NEWS FLASH: Powerful men are known to have affairs and may even – gasp – lie about it!). Or a bungled and clumsy break-in at the Watergate. But the really big stories are never printed, the research is not allowed, and the truth is only whispered about privately, and carefully.

Shills in the Big Media are the central reason why the truth about many matters of great importance will never be told. Sure they will tell you about a titillating scandal, or about a tax cut, or a bombing. But get close to stories related to real power, and these Big Media hacks run the other way.

The proof?

In May of 2001, The Disclosure Project (www.DisclosureProject.org) held a major international press conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC. Hosted by legendary White House reporter Sarah McClendon, the event featured over 20 top-secret government, military, intelligence and corporate witnesses to UFO events and projects. No flakes amongst these: The witness testimony presented ranged from Brig. General to Colonels to a top FAA official. The National Press Club ballroom was packed with media from around the world and the event was – briefly – reported on CNN, BBC, Fox and many other outlets.

This two-hour event was the most watched live press event on the Internet and eventually over 1 million people saw the event on the net. We called for a full investigation into illegal covert programs dealing with UFOs and covert energy and propulsion projects. Congressional hearings were requested and the media were asked to fully investigate the matter. Tens of thousands of people wrote members of Congress and the US President asking for full, open, honest hearings at which some of the over 400 military and government-connected witnesses identified by The Disclosure Project could testify. (The reader may read the testimony of over 5 dozen of these witnesses in the book Disclosure or view their testimony at www.DisclosureProject.org).

Interestingly, the first hour of the event was externally electronically jammed by “someone outside the Press Club”, according to Internet hosting company Connect Live. (Sources later confirmed that this was an electronic warfare jamming of the broadcast.)

Senior producers at two Big Media networks, who had been briefed in advance and were planning major exposes in their newsmagazine programs, later told me that they were not allowed to go forward with their investigations or broadcast the programs. When I asked why, they simply said, “They just won’t let us do it.” And when I ask who are ‘they’, I was told, “Dr. Greer, you know who they are…”


Here, smoking gun evidence, official government documents and dozens of credible, corroborated, top-secret witnesses were presented to the world’s major media – and Big Media did virtually nothing. On major stories, involving controversial matters, I am told the New York Times requires three points of corroboration. Here, dozens were presented, from men and women with impeccable credentials and high national security clearances – and they were not anonymous sources, but presented with name, rank and serial number! But the coverage was brief (just enough to allow for ‘plausible freedom of the press’, I am told by insiders) and then quickly taken down. And no Big Media entity was allowed to do serious follow-up investigations. And none have occurred up to this date.

Such ‘editorial discretion’ has been abused hundreds of times to keep big stories out of the major media. People do not realize it, but we already live in an extremely controlled and closed society that is micro-managed by an elite few – all the while looking populist, democratic and open. As I write this a few miles from Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello, I can feel him spinning in his grave…

Meanwhile, it is up to us to get the truth out, notwithstanding the overwhelming force and corruption of the Big Media. It is almost too late – but not quite. With a Herculean effort, we might yet get the facts out before the public before the control freaks run the entire biosphere into the ground and we end up, Mad Max-like, fighting over the last barrel of oil in endless oil wars.

Perhaps someone in Big Media will step up to the plate and do the matter justice. But more likely, we need to identify a financial sponsor to start what I am calling “The Disclosure Network” via satellite. With adequate funding, we could begin real investigative reporting on issues that really matter – and renew the promise of a free press.

Until then, spread the word and get the truth out. Ultimately, if the people will lead the leaders will follow. Time is getting short for the corrupt corporate Big Media to regain its role as the Fourth Estate. And the earth cannot take another 50 years of ecological abuse, geopolitical instability born out of the injustice of poverty, and more oil wars. It is up to us to change course and create the sustainable civilization necessary for peace. For without peace there can be no future – and peace is impossible without truth, an open society and justice. There is time to act, but we must act now.

Steven M. Greer MD

The light is exposing the dark underbelly of human society. The Jeffrey Epstein saga, which gets more bizarre by the day, is the trigger point. An event, a person, acts as a trigger or a catalyst that releases hidden activities.  We know that Epstein kept meticulous records of his interactions with the people he associated with. A lot of powerful people (so-called “elites”) are worrying right now.

The idea that Epstein committed suicide is improbable. Only one prisoner has been able to commit suicide within the Manhattan Correctional Facility, and that was back in 1998. The Washington Post reports today (August 15)

An autopsy found that financier Jeffrey Epstein suffered multiple breaks in his neck bones, according to two people familiar with the findings, deepening the mystery about the circumstances around his death. Among the bones broken in Epstein’s neck was the hyoid bone, which in men is near the Adam’s apple. Such breaks can occur in those who hang themselves, particularly if they are older, according to forensics experts and studies on the subject. But they are more common in victims of homicide by strangulation, the experts said.”


The New York Post reported this, also on the 15th:

Jeffrey Epstein was confident he could fight the child sex trafficking charges against him and was in “great spirits” just hours before his jailhouse death on Saturday morning — even telling one of his lawyers, “I’ll see you Sunday,” The Post has learned.

The convicted pedophile also told his lawyers that the neck injuries he suffered in an earlier incident at the Metropolitan Correctional Center were inflicted by his hulking, ex-cop cellmate, which led the lawyers to request that he be taken off a suicide watch, according to a source familiar with Epstein’s case.

Epstein’s optimism behind bars — expressed during daily visits with his lawyers that lasted up to 12 hours each — was so great that it struck some of those around him as “delusional,” the source said.

“He thought he was going to win the double-jeopardy motion” that his defense lawyers were planning to file in connection with his 2008 Florida prostitution conviction, the source said.”


Lawyers for Epstein's victims are also dubious:


Jeffrey Epstein is not going quietly into the night. Unlike Jimmy Saville, who abused children for decades while working for the BBC, Epstein is eventually going to blow open the lid on the worldwide pedo networks. It’s going to take some time, but this is a positive development. As I’ve been saying on this blog for quite a while, humanity cannot make progress toward peace on earth until enough people confront the dark side the human race has created over the past several millennia. Epstein and his activities are part of that dark side. Pedophilia and child abuse has existed since before the time of Christ, in Babylon and even in Sumeria thousands of years ago. It has existed in every human society; no one culture or country is exempt. The time to expose it, and those involved, is now.

Why IS the duality Intensifying?

In the midst of the Epstein saga, the hatred between “left” and “right” is intensifying, fanned by politicians and media on both “sides.” #ClintonBodyCount vs #TrumpBodyCount (a recent Twitter trend) is a perfect example of how the duality has polarized, and how phony and superficial the debate has become. Alec Baldwin has even said that “the Russians” killed Epstein! I thought we had finally dismissed that idiocy with the testimony of Robert Mueller before Congress, but I guess people will believe anything.

Why is the duality intensifying?

Because the so-called “elites” are involved: “important” people in politics, business, and entertainment. They are fighting back, mainly against Trump, who was the moving force behind the arrest of Epstein. A lot of people hate Trump because of his divisiveness, but some of the “important” people hate him for fear of exposure. Some people say Trump himself is involved in pedophilia, but I don’t think so. We’ll see.

The driving factor behind the intensifying duality is a metaphysical one: the light is penetrating the darkness and exposing it. This is happening because the human race is experiencing a collective rise in consciousness, driven by the desire of the collective to change conditions for the better. That which has always remained hidden is now coming into the light.

Those who have no understanding of self, or lack spiritual awareness, won’t get this; it will sound like airhead nonsense. But it’s true! These days materialists are totally confused, for there is no “scientific” explanation for the insanity that surrounds us.  

As I’ve said before, we cannot reach ascended status unless the darkness within the human psyche, and in human societies, is exposed and dealt with. That’s just common sense. If you are one who refuses to even look at darkness, wanting to stay always in the light, you are going to be faced with the dark sooner or later. Either it will come from within your own Akash or you will see it in current events. The duality will probably intensify even further; it will reach even those who choose to ignore the current situation.

Staying in the light should be the goal of all self-aware persons; but those who resist the dark will attract it, simply because of the law of attraction and the law of vibration. A balanced person will be able to see both dark and light, and not be afraid of either.

I’m not saying that you have to listen to the news, or keep up with current events. But we are living in a co-created reality, and some of us are creating a dark reality. So, unless you are already a Master, you are going to be confronted with the dark side.

What does the dark do? Those who embrace darkness take the natural, divine, God-given duality and enhance the lower consciousness aspect. On a planet of free choice, this is a conscious choice.

In God’s design, the duality is a good thing. Contrast, or opposites, provide an impetus for change and advancement. It’s why people tell you to get out of your comfort zone. However, there is one aspect of the duality that is almost a universal law: low consciousness cannot see high consciousness, but high consciousness can see lower consciousness. This means that the bully, the predator, the anti-social personality, the child molester, are so limited they cannot see the higher vibrations of harmony, peace, and understanding. People like this say that pedophilia – having sex with children and even babies – is a natural human impulse.

Therefore, when confronted by low consciousness, the higher consciousness person has a harder time. You cannot reason with a person like this; they firmly believe they are justified in their twisted, dark activities. In the past, the only argument a low consciousness person understood was force. And so war and conflict prevailed on the planet for thousands of years. “Re-educating” someone in the old energy was hopeless. Dark army actors like Stalin, Mao, Idi Amin, and Pol Pot used “re-education” to justify the murder of millions.

How Does High-Consciousness Deal With Low Consciousness?

The vibration of the planet, although slowly rising, is such that a higher consciousness person may not be able to muster enough tolerance and love to transmute the lower consciousness person, who uses the tactics of fear, intimidation, and intolerance. We all know how it feels. In everyday life it’s called “having a bad day.”

What to do?

A lot of us take seminars and courses, go to inspirational lectures, or take a vacation. But that usually only works for a short time. Then you’re back to the grind.

What works for me is to understand that the darkness is part of the duality. When it comes into your life, recognize that it’s a natural phenomenon on a planet that is throwing off the dark and going to the light. The duality must intensify if the darkness is to be confronted and then transformed. That’s because most people simply ignore events. How did Jimmy Saville, the UK pedophile, get away with abusing kids right on the properties of the BBC, for decades?


Pedophilia is reported in the news almost every day, but people ignore it.


Therefore, the darkness is going to intensify until it is in the faces of everyone; until it is impossible to ignore.

This is true for individuals, groups, and nations. When the light hits it harder and harder, the dark gets exposed. The dark army will be forced to come out from under the rocks and openly organize for its very survival. When the planet was more low-consciousness, the darkness could remain hidden. Now, it cannot. So now it’s more visible. It’s being recognized and reported, so it seems that the planetary vibe is worse, not better.

Nope. It’s way better now, despite the insanity. Chaos is the natural result when light penetrates darkness. The dark guys go nuts.

It isn’t pleasant. Makes me wonder why I volunteered to come to this place!

Unfortunately you don’t get to wave a magic wand and make everything go away. In an advancing civilization that is coming out of the dark, the path to the light MUST lead through the darkness.

The Path Out of Darkness

That path, for each of us, is slightly different. However, there are some common elements that all who go to the light must master: tolerance and compassionate action. I didn’t say unconditional love, because that’s impossible except for the Masters.

Tolerance can often be, simply, biting your tongue. You want to lash out at the low consciousness person, but you know it will escalate emotions and make you (and them) feel worse. So you zip it and walk away. It works because when you get into a fight you almost always regret it afterward. Even if you think the other person is a bozo, by not manifesting anger you keep the social vibe from going to low-consciousness. That’s a win for everyone.

Humans in this society have been taught that backing down is a sign of cowardice, but not engaging is actually a sign of great strength. Anyone can get angry and let off their feelings. Adolescents do that all the time. But grown-ups are bigger than that. Simply by NOT getting angry you are raising the vibe of the entire planet.

In other words, you don’t have to express love to an angry person because for most of us this is impossible. Just not expressing your anger in the moment to another living being is an enormous accomplishment. Then you go home and smash something on your workbench, or go for a walk. Tolerance isn’t love, but it’s a great beginning to a personal state of higher consciousness.  

Compassionate action is recognizing when someone is in trouble and helping them.

Tolerance and compassionate action is what is needed now amidst the chaos and the intensifying duality.

As the Democratic debates descend into attack mode, with candidates even bashing the policies of former Democratic President Barack Obama, I’m wondering where this is all leading. After the first set of debates I concluded that in this era of Democratic identity politics, Kamala Harris surely would have the best chance, being a woman of color. But after the second debate, in which my favorite Dem Tulsi Gabbard (who served in the military and went to Afghanistan) eviscerated her record as a prosecutor, and got a lot of applause for it, it occurred to me that the Democratic debates were being scripted. The front runner, Joe Biden, is being attacked by the other major players (Elizabeth Warren, Harris, and Bernie Sanders) even though he still leads in the polls. Biden is being taken down, slowly but surely, like a pack of dogs harassing a weakened elk.

I was talking to a 28-year-old (a kid to me) and he says everyone his age and younger is all for Bernie Sanders. They like his anger at the “system” and his fresh new ideas! (Oh dear, the naiveté of youth). I can’t criticize because in my younger days I voted for George McGovern, who could be considered, back in 1972, as that era’s Bernie Sanders. But does Bernie, with his way-out socialist/communist program, really have a shot to beat the Trumpster? I don’t think so. There are still too many old fogies like me out there who remember the Cold War, and how the commies destroyed Russia, China, Cambodia (Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge), and Eastern Europe, establishing gulags and killing 100 million people in the process.

So what is my theory? That Michelle Obama is being groomed to step in as the Dem nominee. It’s kinda like friendly fire destroying the troops before they can get set to fight their enemy, Donald Trump. I was going to do some research for this and write it up. Then I saw that Robert Bridge, writing for the Strategic Culture Foundation, already did a bang-up job on this conspiracy theory. So here’s the link to the article. What do you think?

The election of Donald Trump was a wildcard in human affairs, as I have mentioned before. Like him or hate him, Trump’s election was a bomb exploding within the old system, breaking it apart. Here’s just one example of a crack in the old paradigm:

NY Fire Commissioners Call for New 9/11 Investigation, Citing ‘Overwhelming Evidence of Explosives’

History was made this month in regard to 9/11 as New York area fire commissioners called for a new investigation into the tragic events that unfolded that day. The resolution called for a new investigation due to the “overwhelming evidence” that “pre-planted explosives . . . caused the destruction of the three World Trade Center buildings.

On July 24, 2019, the Franklin Square and Munson Fire District, which oversees a volunteer fire department serving a hamlet of 30,000 residents just outside of Queens, New York, became the first legislative body in the country to officially support a new investigation into the events of 9/11, according to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

The resolution calling for a new investigation was drafted by Commissioner Christopher Gioia and it was immediately and unanimously approved by the five commissioners.

‘“We’re a tight-knit community and we never forget our fallen brothers and sisters. You better believe that when the entire fire service of New York State is on board, we will be an unstoppable force,” said Commissioner Christopher Gioia, adding, “We were the first fire district to pass this resolution. We won’t be the last.”’

“According to the report

“The complaint cites the failure of the FBI and its 9/11 Review Commission to assess key 9/11-related evidence that the FBI can be shown to have had, or been aware of, regarding:

  • the use of pre-placed explosives to destroy World Trade Center Buildings, 1, 2, and 7;
  • the arrest and investigation of the “High Fivers” observed photographing and celebrating the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11;
  • terrorist financing related the reported Saudi support for the 9/11 hijackers;
  • recovered plane parts, including serial numbers from all three crash locations;
  • video from cameras mounted inside and outside the Pentagon; and
  • cell phone communications from passengers aboard airplanes.”

Those of us who have been following “conspiracy theories” for decades are about to see a few of them, at least, become validated. I am excited to finally learn the truth about what happened on 9/11. The official explanation that airplanes took down the Towers was always preposterous to me. We’ll see.

The pentagram is a symbol used in black magick and other dark, occult practices. These practices are associated with evil, pedophilia, satanic ritual abuse, child trafficking and molestation. The people who do these things haven’t a clue what the symbol means. Many of the people who discuss the pentagram have no idea of the geometry behind the symbol.

This is a short article because the truth is simple and powerful. Ignorance and perversion occludes the truth and makes things complicated. When the dark twists the light it must hide the truth behind a lot of disinformation and silly ritual.

The pentagram is a geometric symbol. Here is what one writer says about it:

Morons who think the pentagram is an evil symbol use it in dark rituals.
Image credit: VGN-1 - by The GrakNi - 27 July, 2019, at https://mega.nz/#!2w1SHAJa!9yvMLggK2yBQxN6fF0VgCVL4vk9VW-sXJ5ofiNh9Um0

The inverted pentagram, however, is just the interior of a pentagon, like so:

The pentagram is actually a representation of perfect, divine harmony

The pentagram has 5 points on the outside of the circle. You just connect the diagonals together as I have done here, to form the orange lines on the inside.

The pentagon, geometrically, represents perfect mathematical harmony. Do you see how the orange lines run into each other and form smaller lines? Each of the orange lines is divided into 3 smaller lines: a small one in the middle, surrounded by 2 bigger ones.

If you measure these lines and compare them to each other you discover an astonishing fact: they are all in Phi Ratio. Phi represents perfect mathematical harmony. This has been known for thousands of years. So the inverted pentagram actually represents God, or divine harmony.

Notice how the intersecting orange lines form a smaller pentagon in the middle. If you draw diagonals in this smaller pentagon you also get Phi ratios of perfect harmony. This pentagon can grow the same way into a bigger pentagon. So the pentagram, inverted or not, also means divine growth and divine contraction.

In fact, all of the lines in the pentagon (including the black ones) have a Phi relationship with each other. Thus the pentagon, and the pentagram, is literally a geometric representation of God – divine, perfect harmony.

Now ask yourself a question: How can people use this symbol in evil rituals?

Answer? They are really, really, really ignorant.

Don’t be fooled or scared by evil, or the dark. As Q says, “These people are stupid.”

This information can be found on my geometry pages at https://www.kjmaclean.com/GeometryHome.php, which are excerpts from my geometry book, available at https://www.kjmaclean.com/Products/GeometryProductPage.html

Office of the Special Counsel head Robert Mueller testified before the House Judiciary Committee and the House Intelligence Committee yesterday. People on both sides of the aisle agreed that Mr. Mueller’s testimony  did nothing to forward the impeachment of Donald Trump.


Mueller seemed to bumble and stumble his way through. He couldn’t even identify Fusion GPS, the opposition research outfit that provided input into the famous Steele Dossier, which was used  to obtain FISA warrants on minor Trump campaign operatives George Papadopoulos and Carter Page, which was then used to get info on higher-ups in the Trump Administration.

People in DC were very confused by Mueller’s performance. Apparently, this guy is regarded as a razor-sharp pit bull who knows everything about his cases. So why did Mueller appear so befuddled during his testimony yesterday?

Here’s a theory.

Recall that Attorney General Jeff Sessions, an Alabama Republican, recused himself from overseeing the Mueller investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, which was to probe the connection between the Trump campaign and Russian officials. Sessions didn’t want to be seen as biased because he is a Trump supporter. Here’s how the New York Times tells it:

Mr. Rosenstein appointed Mr. Mueller to take over the F.B.I.’s investigation into whether Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election and what part any members of the Trump campaign may have played in those efforts, as well as whether the president tried to obstruct the investigation. He then oversaw Mr. Mueller’s work because Jeff Sessions, a former Trump campaign adviser and the attorney general at the time, had recused himself from all campaign-related inquiries.”

Source: “Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to Step Down in May,” New York Times, https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/29/us/politics/rod-rosenstein-resigns.html)

So who was responsible for the oversight of the Mueller probe after Jeff Sessions stepped away? Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein.

Rosenstein was seen by Democrats in the House and Senate as sympathetic to Mueller, and not sympathetic to Trump. To see this, just look at the confirmation votes in the Senate for Rosenstein and Sessions. Rosenstein’s nomination was overwhelmingly supported by both Republicans and Democrats. Sessions’ nomination barely squeaked through because Democrats knew he was sympathetic to Trump. So when the Mueller probe began, from the first day, Sessions was gone and Rosenstein was in charge.

As we all know, Mueller hired people who didn’t like Trump. All of Trump’s 18 prosecutors/lawyers identified as Democrats. This is easily seen because Trump, during the two-year investigation, constantly railed (and still does) against the “18 Angry Democrats” and “the Witch Hunt.” Democrats basically gave Trump the finger, telling him to stop whining and live with it.  

What happened next is the interesting part.

In 2018 we found out about a “plot” (so the Republicans say) to wire people in the White House to secretly record Trump’s conversations. This plot was to collect info that would show that Trump is mentally incompetent, and to use the 25th amendment to remove him from office.[1]

 Rod Rosenstein, if you recall, called it “a joke.” But I’m not so sure it was a joke. Remember Omarossa, the former Trump aide? She was let go back in December 2017. Omarossa claimed this was because Trump is a racist. She even wrote an anti-Trump book about her time in the White House, titled Unhinged, which got a lot of media play. But what if the real reason for her firing was that she was wearing a wire? Here’s what Wikipedia says about this:

Omarosa Onee Manigault Newman (born February 5, 1974), often mononymously known as Omarosa, is an American reality television show participant, writer, and former political aide to President Donald Trump. She became widely known as a contestant on the first season of NBC's reality television series The Apprentice. After becoming assistant to the president and director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison during the Trump administration in January 2017, Newman resigned the White House on December 13, 2017. Subsequently, she competed on the first season of Celebrity Big Brother, making it to the final five of the season.

In August 2018, Newman published Unhinged, detailing her tenure at the White House and criticizing Trump and his administration. Two days before the book was released, she released the first of as many as 200 secret tapes she recorded during her White House tenure. As of 26 July 2019, she has released four tapes. The first tape she released, which was secretly recorded inside the Situation Room, was described as ‘one of the worst White House security breaches ever,’ though the tape is thought not to violate the Espionage Act.”

Wikipedia, " Omarosa Manigault Newman "

This makes a nice conspiracy theory doesn’t it? But it gets better.

Recall that Jeff Sessions resigned as AG in November 2018.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned on Wednesday at President Trump’s request, ending the tenure of a beleaguered loyalist whose relationship with the president was ruined when Sessions recused himself from control of the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign.”

(Source: Washington Post, 20 November 2018, “JeffSessions forced out as attorney general,” https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/attorney-general-jeff-sessions-resigns-at-trumps-request/2018/11/07/d1b7a214-e144-11e8-ab2c-b31dcd53ca6b_story.html?utm_term=.d818c033a356)

Rod  Rosenstein retired from the Justice Department in May of 2019, just after  the Mueller investigation ended in April and the report was issued.  Trump then appointed William Barr to be Attorney General.

Apparently Bill Barr has a lot of respect in DC as an able lawyer, with both parties.

Here’s where the conspiracy theory comes in. What would have happened if Jeff Sessions had never resigned?

Well, the Mueller investigation would have continued. Leaks to the press would have continued, showing Trump and his alleged involvement with the Russians. But why? So that Trump, known for his gigantic ego and his impulsiveness, would have had to eventually fire Mueller and his team. This would have led to another Saturday Night Massacre. It would have been Watergate all over again. Trump could then, legitimately, be accused of obstruction of justice. This would have led to impeachment proceedings, just as it did with Richard Nixon back in 1972. Another Republican president would have bitten the dust, yay!

But, strangely, Trump did nothing except rant on Twitter for two years as Mueller and the media pounded him. He let the investigation continue, he provided documents, he did not cite Executive Privilege (as Nixon did) and allowed witnesses in the Executive Branch to testify before the OSC. (Trump has asserted executive privilege when it comes to his taxes, but that is an entirely different matter.)

But once Barr was appointed, Mueller and the OSC had to face the fact that they were now being overseen by a highly respected lawyer with high credentials, and someone they had respect for and had worked with in the past. The OSC knew they couldn’t mess around with Bill Barr.

Mueller, before he testified to Congress yesterday, realized he was trapped. During the previous two years he had the support of the Deputy AG and all Democrats in Congress. But after the 2018 mid-term elections, progressives like AOC, Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar began attacking moderates in the Democratic party, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The Democrats began to splinter. Moreover, the release of the Mueller Report itself was basically a dud politically. Mueller didn’t charge Trump with any crimes, although he did say Trump wasn’t exonerated. Nevertheless, Democrats (all of the people in the OSC identified as Dems) weren’t happy.

When the Mueller team disbanded, another attempt was made to breathe life into Russiagate. Mueller was asked to  testify before Congress about the report. But Mueller was in a bad spot. Although he didn’t like Trump, he knew that there was really nothing behind Russiagate. Christopher Steele, Mifsud, Stefan Halper, George Nader (who was accused recently of sex crimes) and the other actors in the Russigate play couldn’t connect Trump to Russian spying. Mueller knew his report was lame, he knew that his new boss, AG Barr, knew it was lame, and his Democratic backers were now in disarray.

Media observers were confused by Mueller’s performance. But Mueller knew he had a flimsy case with Russiagate. He could have given the Dems their sound bites but if he did, it would be a liability for himself and his teammates. He knew Barr already had an ongoing investigation about the origins of Russiagate, and that the actions of his team were being scrutinized. If his testimony actually did lead to an impeachment investigation of Trump (this was clearly the purpose for the hearings) the actions of the OSC would have been exposed when the investigation uncovered that their flimsy case against Trump was largely manufactured (the Mueller report itself is long on accusations and short on evidence).

Mueller didn’t even know what Fusion GPS is? Beyond his purview? Nonsense. Sure he looked tired, but Mueller is a sharp cookie.

I think he reasoned like this: If he admitted he knew Fusion GPS was an opposition research group whose research was paid for by the Democratic National Committee, and that the Steele dossier was paid for by Perkins Coie, the Clinton’s law firm, the question from Republicans would be, “What have you been doing for the past two years?”

Moreover, Mueller knows his report is filled with inaccuracies. Here’s just one example: the Mueller Report mentions Joseph Mifsud, a European academic with ties to Link University in Rome, a training ground for Western intelligence agents. John Solomon, of The Hill, says this:

Mueller’s team alleges that Mifsud is the person who fed a story in spring 2016 to Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos about Moscow possessing purloined emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”

[Note: this is the collusion story promoted by Mueller, that the Russians hacked the DNC server to get Hillary’s emails, and that the Russians then gave these emails to Trump.].

It was the earliest known contact in the now-debunked collusion narrative and the seminal event that the FBI says prompted it on July 31, 2016, to open its probe into the Trump campaign. Mueller concluded that Mifsud was a person with extensive Russia ties who planted the story about the Clinton emails in Moscow and then lied about his dealings with Papadopoulos when interviewed by the FBI in 2017. Papadopoulos has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Mifsud. But unlike others accused of misleading Mueller — including Papadopoulos, former Trump adviser Michael Flynn and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort — Mifsud was not charged with a crime....”

Source: https://thehill.com/opinion/white-house/454409-robert-mueller-soon-may-be-exposed-as-the-magician-of-omission-on-russia

Why not? Could it be that Mifsud wasn’t really working with the Russians for Trump? Solomon continues:

A May 2019 letter from Devin Nunes [Republican House Intelligence Committee member whom the Democrats love to hate]­ to U.S. intelligence officials reveals photos showing that the FBI conducted training at Link in fall 2016 and that Mifsud and other Link officials met regularly with world leaders, including Boris Johnson, elected today as Britain’s new prime minister.... Mifsud received instructions from Link superiors to “put Papadopoulos in contact with Russians,” including a think tank figure named Ivan Timofeev and a woman he was instructed to identify to Papadopoulos as Vladimir Putin’s niece. Mifsud knew the woman was not the Russian president’s niece but, rather, a student who was involved with both the Link and LCILP campuses.... ”

Source: https://thehill.com/opinion/white-house/454409-robert-mueller-soon-may-be-exposed-as-the-magician-of-omission-on-russia

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we seek to deceive. Why didn’t Mueller even interview Mifsud, who was readily available? If the Russiagate narrative is correct, Mifsud could have provided direct evidence against Trump. Sounds like Mifsud is trying to entrap a Trump advisor, not collude with the Russians against Hillary. Moreover, if the FBI suspected that Mifsud had ties to Russia, why would it provide training to his academic group at Link University? These are the sorts of questions that would have been asked if Mueller didn’t present himself as dazed and confused.

Mueller did the only thing he could do: pretend to be an idiot. But he isn’t an idiot. It was a great acting job though. The special prosecutor was covering his ass. And he did a really good job of it.

What’s Next?

The Mueller Report will be swept aside by the investigations into child trafficking. Jeffrey Epstein is just the tip of the iceberg. Flight logs of those who traveled to Little St. James (“Pedo Island”) are known. All those who used Epstein’s “services” are known. Some of these people – businessmen, entertainers, and politicians – are famous. They are going down. When that happens, the silly blip known as Russiagate will disappear into the dustbin of history.

When Russiagate is analyzed it will be seen as an op by a group of people that couldn’t accept the results of the 2016 election. The reasons for that are tied up with the dark networks, including (particularly) the sex trafficking and child trafficking networks, and the organizations and people running them. By the time November 2020 rolls around, a lot of this stuff will be revealed.

We live in troubled, but interesting, times.

[1] The relevant portion of the 25th amendment is in Section 4, which states the following (italics mine):


“Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.

   “Thereafter, when the President transmits to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives his written declaration that no inability exists, he shall resume the powers and duties of his office unless the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive department or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit within four days to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. Thereupon Congress shall decide the issue, assembling within forty-eight hours for that purpose if not in session. If the Congress, within twenty-one days after receipt of the latter written declaration, or, if Congress is not in session, within twenty-one days after Congress is required to assemble, determines by two-thirds vote of both Houses that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall continue to discharge the same as Acting President; otherwise, the President shall resume the powers and duties of his office.”

In the last blog post an image was posted of a trans woman and a straight woman:


The subject of sexuality is a hot button for many people. The debate between straight and trans, between lesbians, gays, and trans persons, can often get heated.

To understand this issue better, I suggest that we take a more meta-physical point of view.

First off, we’ll reject the materialistic Western theory of consciousness that “man is meat” and that self-awareness comes from neurons firing in the brain. Let’s accept a more Eastern view that people reincarnate, and don’t die after the body ceases to function. Let’s assume that each human being has a divine, spiritual, non-physical component that continues, lifetime after lifetime, incarnation after incarnation. In Western thinking, the human being has a higher self, or soul, that is not dependent on the physical body.

Now let’s ask the question, “Does a being reincarnate as the same sex for every lifetime?”

If you have only had a few incarnations on the planet, this question is moot. There are 5 billion newbies here now. Between 1926 and 2011 the population of earth increased from 2 billion to 7 billion. That means that most of the earth’s population have only had a couple of incarnations. Let’s say that in order to be comfortable during the lifetime, the newcomers have always incarnated with the same sex. But what about the souls who have been here dozens of times, hundreds of times, or even thousands of times? Does a person ALWAYS incarnate with the same sex?

That’s very unlikely. It’s much more probable that the other 3 billion of us have been both male and female, multiple times. For old souls, we have probably transitioned genders many, many times.

You get used to being one sex; it gets comfortable being a man or a woman. The Akash of the being becomes biased toward one sex or the other.

What happens when a being has been a man for 20 consecutive lifetimes but transitions into a female body? What happens when a being has been a woman for 20 consecutive lifetimes and then transitions into the body of a man?

When it comes time to transition to the opposite sex, the first lifetime after the transition can get uncomfortable. A being whose Akash is biased toward the male, when he gets into a female body, can become a lesbian. The physical body may be attracted to men, but the being is attracted to women. Similarly, a being whose Akash is biased female,  when she gets into male body,  can become gay.

This is an entirely natural process when we look at it from a meta-physical viewpoint. It would seem, then, that a certain percentage of the human population will always be LGBTQ, as souls transition between the genders.

Now that medical technology allows people to literally change their physical sex, it becomes easier for the soul to become a trans person. It is now possible to have much more compassion for transitioning souls as they try to adjust to a new sex, or change the sex of their body in order to lead a more comfortable life. Combine this with the ongoing light-dark battle, in which the light is penetrating everywhere, transitioning souls can be very uncomfortable right now.

So the trans woman in the image above may have been born into a male body with a bias toward the female. It’s not hard to imagine that such a soul would want to appear as a woman even though she is in a male body.

Old souls, as well as those with many lifetimes who have been through this process, will subconsciously/intuitively understand this transitioning process very well. The newbies won’t have a clue. They have been one sex for all of their incarnations. Naturally, it would seem ridiculous to them to want to transition to another sex. Idiocy! Well, these souls haven’t yet been here long enough to undergo the transition process. But they will, eventually. When that happens, they will need compassion, or at least, tolerance.

Politics and Religion

Religious beliefs tend to get in the way of sexual understanding. Religious persons will say that homosexuality is twisted and just plain wrong. LGBTQ people will overreact and call religious people fascists and bigots.

This is understandable if we take the meta-physical view, but without this big picture understanding a lot of hatred can be generated.

Both sides of this argument are right. For those who are comfortable in their bodies, LGBTQ persons seem weird. To LGBTQ persons, straight people can be awfully narrow-minded and bigoted.


The sexual molestation of children (or anyone) is, however, inexcusable. Pedophilia is a dark, twisted expression of the incarnated soul that must be eliminated from our societies.

While the straight-LGBTQ issue is just a straightforward soul/Akash/body issue, pedophilia is a dark-light issue. No matter how many TED talks are given, or posters printed (see below) pedophilia is not a natural human impulse. It is dark, twisted, and evil. Pedophiles must be identified and removed from society. If you disagree with that, too bad. Abuse of any kind is low consciousness and has no part in a planet that is going to the light.


What’s the difference between fake and real?

That is usually in the eyes of the beholder. Mostly, people accept as fact that which is in agreement with their beliefs. It is a rare person indeed who objectively looks for info on both sides. Certainly not anyone in the current political madness.

However, underneath the surface, a clearing of sorts is occurring. The real IS being separated from the fake.

“Nah,” you say. “Reality is perception, and that’s different for every person. Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister, said that he could convince anyone that a square is a circle if he repeated it often enough.”

This argument has validity. Propaganda is based on the simple truth that repetition, even of a blatant untruth, can be accepted as fact if enough people agree.

Nevertheless, propaganda is based in materialism, in the idea that people are pieces of meat, unintelligent ciphers that will simply absorb information. Those who promote propaganda are themselves materialists interested in a service-to-self paradigm. Their calculations are based on getting people emotionally excited and/or stirring up opposition and hatred for their own benefit.

However, they simply cannot calculate for the unexpected/unknown spiritual factor in a human being. This factor is present even in people who claim to be atheists, because inside the biology of every human is the God template. This higher template can be ignored, but will often show up during times of confusion or severe stress. The 2020 election is likely to be very stressful.

This spiritual/higher self connection is ignored, necessarily, in polling and surveying, be cause this invisible  connection is not measurable. It is the variable that results in “wildcards,” or unforeseen outcomes such as the election of Donald Trump in 2016 when the election of Hillary was supposedly a given.

The 2020 election will be based on the perception of fake versus real. It’s already happening.


(Source: photo attribution unknown)

Here is a pic of a trans woman confronting a binary woman. Which one is fake and which one is real? Here is what one anonymous commenter posted:

Observe his vaguely threatening stance and gesture; the difference in size between his massive skull and hers....the remnants of what appear to be sideburns on the side of his face versus the woman’s clear cheeks; the intense expression on his face versus the bewildered expression on hers, the sheer difference in size between their torsos – his is probably double the size of hers; his masculine profile with his chin jutting out and his longer face versus her rounder face. [The] assertion that...there is no meaningful difference between them makes for the most exquisite irony when their differences are juxtaposed so vividly. The contrast is almost divine. On the left is man’s hubris, his desire to capture the beauty of nature and make it his own, his cerebral and conscious understanding of what it means to be what he thinks he is, his intentional “becoming.” While on the right is nature, beautiful, effortless being. No doctor’s appointments or hormones or surgeries, just an “is” that needs nothing added to it in order to be complete. He tries so hard and yet the harder he tries to “become” the further he takes himself away from the effortless “is” of the thing he wants to be.”

I post this not to make fun of anyone, but to show starkly the difference between real and fake. There IS truth, but truth is not facts, figures, statistics, opinions, or emotions. TRUTH is what appeals to the divine within each one of us. When we fail to appreciate what and who we are, we diverge from real and become fake. The object of life is the discovery of who we are, and the acceptance of our life path and our soul mission. That discovery goes beyond the tawdry materialism of the body.

Who knows, maybe the life path of this guy is to balance the energies of male and female; perhaps he feels the feminine energy and is doing all he can to make himself congruent with it. I applaud that, as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others to have their own beliefs.

 Looking at a photograph like this will inform you of what you consider to be real. I’m all with the woman on the right, but an LGBTQ choral group I attend the concerts of has many trans people in it, and they would identify with the person on the left. To each his own, but the essence of a person goes beyond the physical body.

An assertion that two things are identical when they are not is a lie. It’s fake, it’s Orwellian. It’s a diminution of the language and the startling difference between what is real and what is fake. The guy on the left is not a woman, no matter how many cries of “transphobic” are uttered. The assertion of something over and over is an attempt to propagandize; it is not (necessarily) a fact.

For example, I accept completely the fact that the person on the left believes he is a woman. But to say, “If you do not believe that the person on the left is a woman, then you are transphobic,” I will not accept.  For the simple reason that such an assertion, and the demand that I alter my own belief system, destroys my personal self-determinism and my integrity. No one has the right to demand that of another.

A person is free, as far as I’m concerned, to assert that he or she is anything he or she wants to be, and to demand my tolerance of that assertion, but not to control my own thinking. Nevertheless, fascists, communists, nazis, dictators, lunatics, and other psychopaths have been doing this since humanity came out of the caves. The demand to control another’s thinking is rooted in a terrible personal insecurity, and indicates mental, emotional, and/or spiritual imbalance. Persons who demand that you change your beliefs to suit them NEED others to change in order to be happy, but this is an insufficiency within them.

The need for others to change is a violation of their free will, and denotes personal immaturity. Sorry to say, but a person’s feelings and emotions are their responsibility. A person learns this after he or she (or they, if you are gender neutral) grows from adolescence into adulthood. If you never learn this, you never learn any responsibility at all, for if you do not have sovereignty over your own emotions you cannot live a happy life. You can’t be happy if you constantly demand change from others but not yourself. It’s pretty simple.

 Now that I’ve insulted half the readers, I’ll get back to the point of this article: The election of 2020 is the most important in this country’s history. We have to decide, as voters, what kind of country we want: a country that recognizes personal responsibility and personal freedom, or a fake country that demands adherence to a “one-size-fits-all” line of thought. Will we become a country that continues to tolerate pedophilia, child abuse, satanism/satanic ritual abuse, and corruption?

Before the election next November, enough info will have come out about the dark networks across this country to scare the shit out of you. Then, all of us will have to decide what is truly real, and what is fake.

How is it all going to work out? In today’s chaotic political environment everyone is shouting at each other. This is the goal of the dark army, whose aim is to spread chaos.

Most of my friends simply don’t pay attention to any of it, which is probably the sane way to go. However, by not paying attention you make decisions based on a lack of information, and are more easily manipulated by a mainstream and alt-media where journalistic standards have been abandoned in favor of strident political agendas.

On the one hand we have Trump, who claims everything is getting better and better. On the other hand, the opposition Democrats claim Trump is a racist and a fascist, but offer no workable solutions other than Green New Deals and Medicare for All. Each of these programs would cost twice as much as our $22 trillion dollar deficit to implement.

The US is in the middle of a systemic breakdown of the old order, run by elites who are used to rigging the system to benefit themselves.

How is it going to work out? The answer to that question is 100% dependent on We the People. On the surface this seems like an absurd statement, for do not elites hold the power? What can the little guy do?

The Power of Consciousness

Over the years, in my articles, books, movies, and blog posts, I have made the argument that the collective consciousness of humanity assigns the parameters of action for everyone, including so-called elites who have rigged the system. The Game is actually controlled by the 8 billion, not the elites. That’s because of the incredible creative power of consciousness. In the body, for example, disease cannot take hold if your vibration is high enough. Royal Raymond Rife proved, 80 years ago, that the pathogens that attack the body resonate at a much lower level than do the organs and cells of the body. However, a human being can lower his or her vibe and become susceptible to disease.

“But environmental pollution also causes disease.” Yup. And what is the collective vibe of humanity that allows corporations to pollute our air, land, and water? It aint very high folks. Whose fault is that? Evil corporations? Or a collective humanity mired in low consciousness and ignorance of its own power?

Actions follow thought. Action is determined on the mental plane, via the thoughts and intentions of the population. So far, humanity has been fragmented. We have not gotten our collective shit together, because we have been convinced that a human being is powerless and  insignificant. We have been convinced by dead-head materialists (the so-called “elites”) – who have no self-awareness or spiritual understanding of their Higher Selves – that we are powerless. So the human race does not use its power to create reality because we don’t think we can. Or, more accurately, human beings unconsciously create a default reality shown to us by mass media. It’s the same thing.

The only power the “System” has is to convince us that we are powerless. That about sums it up.

Look at the situation this way. Reality consists either of many, many worlds depending on which quantum experiment we conduct (decisions we make), or there is one universe with an infinite number of potentials, and our decisions determine what materializes. According to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy,

The Many-Worlds Interpretation (MWI) of quantum mechanics holds that there are many worlds which exist in parallel at the same space and time as our own. The existence of the other worlds makes it possible to remove randomness and action at a distance from quantum theory and thus from all physics.

“The fundamental idea of the MWI, going back to Everett 1957, is that there are myriads of worlds in the Universe in addition to the world we are aware of. In particular, every time a quantum experiment with different possible outcomes is performed, all outcomes are obtained, each in a different world, even if we are only aware of the world with the outcome we have seen.”

“The Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics,” at https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/qm-manyworlds/

In this interpretation, what’s done is done. You make a decision, you live with the outcome. The other decision you MIGHT have made now exists in another universe, and another you is living it. Basically, in this interpretation, you missed the boat and are stuck with the decision you made. (Of course you can always make another decision, but that in turns spawns a chaos of more and more worlds, and more and more “yous” living them. A person can get spread mighty thin doing that!)

In the other interpretation, which corresponds quantumly with the Schroedinger equation, there are an infinite number of potentials in one universe, all superimposed on each other. You get to decide which one manifests. In this interpretation of reality, if you don’t like the outcome you can select a different one from the “soup” of potentials.

I like the second one better because it puts you at the center of your personal universe, not spread out all over the place. It makes you the creator of your universe and empowers you. Potential outcomes in the physical universe surround you all the time. You just have to pick the best one.

The problem is, we don’t do that.

“That’s nonsense,” you say. “I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work. How can a couple of thoughts stand up to reality? I want to be a millionaire and that aint happening.”

Sigh. Saying that you want to be a millionaire (or similar ideas) is saying “I want to be prosperous.” If everyone was a millionaire, everyone would have the same amount of purchasing power and NO ONE would be rich. Saying “I want to be a millionaire” is saying, “I want to be the rich guy.” OK, that’s cool, but that is a zero-sum game. If someone is a millionaire then a lot of other people have to be just average, or poor. This kind of goal is self-defeating because it doesn’t operate on the axiom of the best solution for everyone. It’s a service-to-self postulate that can work (because of the law of attraction) but it requires that a few win but many more lose.

Doesn’t that sound like a description of the world we live in? It’s a service-to-self world where a few land on top and the rest are scrambling to survive. These self-serving goals/postulates very often don’t work because they aren’t inclusive enough.

However, the statement “I want to be prosperous” is much more open-ended. It includes being a millionaire, and a lot of other potential outcomes. It doesn’t require a zero-sum game where some win and some lose. You can select from a number of potential outcomes and let the laws of the universe sort it out for you.

“That’s stupid,” you say. “WTF are the laws of the universe? That’s nonsense.”

Well, there are laws of the universe, but I’m not talking about physics. I’m talking about meta-physics. These laws are invisible to scientific instruments but they operate everywhere. They are based, not in materialism, but in the mind of God, who created the universe and everything in it.  Sorry, but materialists who are dissatisfied with this explanation will continue to struggle, whether they are “on top” or “on the bottom.” If you have any self awareness at all, you know there are higher laws that are beyond today’s materialistic science (see The Vibrational Universe).

Let’s get back to the title of this essay, “Interpreting the Chaos.” The chaos is being created by 8 billion human beings who don’t understand the power of consciousness. Most of us have no clue what consciousness IS. Science and neurobiology tell us that a human being is a piece of meat, and that consciousness comes from neurons firing in the brain.

Ladies and germs, if we are ever going to make it out of the chaos we have to stop giving adolescent ideas like this any credence at all. This is an idea promoted by an elitist orthodox “science” that is geared to keeping human beings stupid and brain-dead.

The current political chaos is being created by confused human beings who don’t understand they can choose an outcome that benefits everyone (not just themselves) and that the laws of the universe will work to mesh these decisions together.

You Aren’t Believable

This philosophy has been decried by thinkers for centuries. The best (and funniest) criticism is Voltaire’s character Pangloss in Candide. Pangloss says, cynically, that all is for the best “in this best of all possible worlds.” Yet bad things continue to happen to him. In a brilliant analysis of Candide on Sparknotes (believe it or not) the author says the following:

This optimistic sentiment is the main target of Voltaire’s satire. Pangloss’s philosophy parodies the ideas of the Enlightenment thinker G. W. von Leibniz. Leibniz maintains that an all-good, all-powerful God had created the world and that, therefore, the world must be perfect. When human beings perceive something as wrong or evil, it is merely because they do not understand the ultimate good that the so-called evil is meant to serve....

Voltaire illustrates two major problems inherent in Pangloss’s philosophy. First, his philosophy flies in the face of overwhelming evidence from the real world. Pangloss is ravaged by syphilis, nearly hanged, nearly dissected, and imprisoned, yet he continues to espouse optimism. He maintains his optimistic philosophy even at the end of the novel, when he himself admits that he has trouble believing in it. Voltaire advocates the induction of ideas from concrete evidence; Pangloss, in contrast, willfully ignores any evidence that contradicts his initial opinion....

Second, Pangloss’s philosophy encourages a passive and complacent attitude toward all that is wrong in the world. If this world is the best one possible, than there is no reason to make any effort to change things perceived as evil or wrong.”

“Pangloss,” at https://www.sparknotes.com/lit/candide/character/pangloss/

Here is where the chaos occurs in our thinking: We don’t recognize the power of consciousness. Eight billion human beings continue to vibrationally co-create a world of conflict, struggle, and endless war. Through our expectations and intentions we set the vibrational baseline, or scope of action, for everyone on the planet. This “reality” is, however, a created reality. A very powerful reality created by most of the human race. The evidence for this reality manifests because action follows thought, and is congruent with the level of consciousness.

Fortunately, some of us are beginning to wake up and create something different. When enough of us do this, the power of thought and consciousness will be further recognized and the world will shift vibrationally upward, making lower consciousness activities impossible, just as a body with a higher vibration will reject a disease that others might get.

Pangloss Was Right

I argue, despite all evidence to the contrary, that Pangloss is right. The laws of the universe work to bring to humanity precisely that which is being created in the collective consciousness, in the most harmonious way possible. If we are dissatisfied with the current reality, why do we focus on what is not wanted by fighting and resisting it? “Resist” is the goal of the dark army because it spreads hatred and chaos.

Truly, the world we live in is, as Pangloss says, “the best of all possible worlds.”  We’re creating the reality we live in. Now we have to become bright enough to recognize that we’re doing it.