I’m a curious bloke. All my life I have asked “Why?” when faced with something I couldn’t understand. This has led me down many paths of research and inquiry, which has increased my knowledge base. But the asking of Why? has been a blessing and a curse.

As we move through the Shift to higher consciousness, we also move through our karma, both present life and past life. Humanity as a whole is moving collectively through the darkness we have all created during hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes on earth. This evolution means that on our way upward we encounter negative stuff.

Recently I have been doing some powerful meditations and affirmations, trying to place myself in a very high state of consciousness, and in the light. However, this has inevitably led to encounters with the barriers of negativity from my past actions, thoughts, and emotions. We have all experienced this: the paradox of advancement into the light means we must work through the darkness we have created along the way.

I have been experiencing both physical and emotional barriers as my meditations get more powerful and build on themselves, but I have not been able to fully accept these barriers. “I’m supposed to be in the light! Why am I experiencing this negative stuff?”

It’s one thing to preach, but it’s another thing to practice what you preach! The practicing part, that gets hard.

Curiosity is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it can get in the way. When something happens that I don’t understand, I always ask Why? I realized this morning that curiosity about something fascinating or exciting or informationally new is a good thing. But asking Why? when something bad happens sticks you in the bad thing. Asking Why? puts you inside it, and then you begin to feel crummy. The problem is that asking why is an intellectual exercise, and it doesn’t help you to resolve emotional or physical difficulty.

For example, I have been having balance issues. I’m walking around OK, but I feel that I’m going to fall over. In the past this has been resolved by seeing my chiropractor, but that hasn’t worked this time. So I ask “Why am I feeling so crummy?” This is the wrong question! It isn’t surprising that I’m having balance issues, because the entire planet is unbalanced right now, especially in the US, where the hatred is just getting stronger and stronger, and people are taking sides. Apparently, if you aren’t screaming invective from the Left or the Right, you’re not even in the game.

In my meditation this morning I decided that instead of asking Why? when something negative happens, I decided to replace the why with the love of God. Lee Carroll and Kryon are really big on this. We are all an aspect of God, so why not use that to our advantage? Replace why, with love. Since love is the basis for all emotions, both positive and negative, replacing a crummy feeling with love should dissolve it.

This sounds pretty obvious when you write it down linearly on paper, but it was a profound realization for me. That’s because I always ask Why? Moreover, asking why is a God-driven impulse, because the Creator is the most curious entity in the universe. The Creator sends trillions of souls from the Great Central Source into the physical, to gain experience and discover Itself. We are all little pieces and part of the One.

So, wanting to understand is a Godly impulse. But asking why about negative stuff just flips you more into it. The solution is non-linear: replace the negative emotion with pure love, as much as you can generate. When something unexpected happens to me my first impulse always was, “Why?” Now it’s going to be acceptance, then love.

It doesn’t matter to me anymore why something happens. It happened, so what, accept it. This is an old philosophy (stoicism), but in the old energy it was usually followed by apathy, because the dark was stronger. “Nothing I can do about it.” “You can’t fight City Hall.” So you just grind it out, hoping things will get better.

You Are Your Best Counselor

The good news is that you don’t need anything outside yourself to advance yourself spiritually. You don’t need the latest procedure to enhance your DNA, or remove your karma, or whatever spiritual marketers are hyping. Folks, I don’t want to step on any toes, but there are a lot of spiritual people out there trying to make money. I’d bet almost all of them are genuine, and genuinely believe that their program is the greatest thing since sliced bread (that’s an old phrase my grandpa used to say). But we are all aspects of God. Therefore we all have God inside. The path to enlightenment isn’t through your spiritual guru or the latest and hottest self-help book or program. It’s through your personal connection to God. And that you have complete control of. Your personal path leads through your personal connection to the One, and only you can do that.

This is why I have abandoned all spiritual teachers except Lee Carroll and Kryon. Lee offers his audio lectures for free on his website, you can hear everything he does. Sure, he sells books and tickets to his talks when he channels Kryon. But Lee makes it clear he isn’t in it for the money, even though he’s probably pretty well off (hundreds of people come to his presentations all over the world). I have no problem with that. He doesn’t hype his talks, even though he is hands-down the most genuine channel on the planet (IMHO). I’ve heard other channelers but they don’t even come close. Kryon is the real deal: that energy is coming directly from the other side of the veil. If you are looking for inspiration, go to kryon.com and click on “free audio.” There are channels all the way back to 2002, and it’s not new-age bullshit. If you haven’t heard Kryon before, you are in for a pleasant surprise.

Information Chaos Is Good

I realize now that my understanding of Why is a logical progression from emptying my box of beliefs, as I talked about in previous posts. My belief box was so cluttered with “now I have tos” and “now I’m supposed tos” and “scientist A says this” and “my trusted information source says that” and “here are the facts I am marshaling on this, and this, and that to support my arguments” that I got too emotionally riled by stuff that happens in my life. I was getting too “triggered” by events that were just the opposite of what I wanted, which is peace on earth.

Here in the US, almost everyone gets triggered because the lunatic media spews hatred of the “other side” 24 hours a day. I’ve learned to simply ignore the news programs, because they just marshal facts (or lies) to support a political agenda.

Objective journalism is dead in the USA, but that’s a good thing because before the Shift, the fix was in. Reporting was more “objective” but it was all about keeping the darkness and the status quo firmly in place. I used to read the New York Times, the NYT Book Review, the Economist, the New Republic (when it was liberal), Rolling Stone, NPR, and the Guardian, and convince myself I was “informed.” Hah! I was informed all right, but informed about memes that supported the old energy and the old paradigm. If you think mainstream media are giving you the full picture, think again.

The current information chaos is a great thing because now the darkness is being exposed. People are talking about things that really matter to them, even though the information isn’t “objective.” There’s a lot of hate, but it’s genuine hate! not covered-up bullshit. The fix is no longer in – well, the old order is trying to keep the lid on, but it’s blowing off folks. By election time in 2020 we’re going to know a lot more about the true state of affairs, and who is truly working for the light, and who is working for the dark. As the old energy paradigm releases its hold, we are going to see that things (and people) are not always what they appear to be.  

So don’t panic about the current scene. Believe it or not, it’s much more honest. The old energy paradigm is dissolving before our eyes. People are waking up. The world as we know it, which has been surrounded by a shell of darkness, is breaking apart like new life coming out of the egg.


If you are like me you can see a disconnect between what is reported in the news, and what is going on in the spiritual realms. Some old souls are feeling a massive increase in awareness, which has led to almost a feeling of separation from the world. We know we are IN the world,  we operate in the world, but some are beginning to see past the world as it is and into a higher realm. For me, this has led to some frustration.

It can also lead to an emotional roller-coaster as the Shift in human consciousness ramps up. Have you found yourself flying along and then, wham!? This phenomenon is happening to a lot of old souls. However, old souls are less than 1% of the population now. If this is happening to you, you might feel weird, strange, or even “picked on.” Relax! It’s perfectly normal for old souls. We have so much in our Akash that needs to be cleared, from hundreds or thousands of lifetimes. It happens gradually (thank God!) Fortunately there is a rule: You never get more release of old energy than you can handle. Sometimes the release of old energy seems almost unbearable; certainly, when it happens, it is uncomfortable. I have noticed myself having trouble sleeping. Usually around 3 or 4 in the morning I will get another “cleanse.” I often have very vivid  dreams in which the old energy gets released. Sometimes these dreams are very positive as well; I dream that I have new abilities I don’t have in real life.

If this is happening to you, you are not alone!

This is what old souls signed up for: the Shift. We’re cleaning up our Akash’s and in the process, releasing more of our  light into the world. For me this is happening in a funny way.  I find myself becoming quieter and quieter. I don’t talk a lot these days; I just go about my business.

Most people who aren’t old souls (if you are reading this you are an old soul) simply go to work and live their lives as if nothing has happened since the year 2000. Their concerns are work, kids, try to find some free time to have fun. That’s great; it’s necessary. But there is an entirely new world of awareness that is opening for people who are sensitive to it.

I have to keep my mouth shut (mostly) when people talk about politics or life. I am finding that with increased awareness comes increased responsibility. It’s not my job to educate people into anything. It has to be enough for me to do the research that results from an increased awareness, and be satisfied with that. I am finding my outlet in listening to inspiring music, and in writing books and this blog. I am beginning to understand the phrase, “love is quiet.”

I think this is how God, or Spirit, feels. Souls come forth from the Creative Source, and God lets them experience and learn. Spirit doesn’t try to “educate” them, or force-feed them.  God lets human beings make decisions and live with the consequences. God knows that all endings are happy endings. No matter how miserable the life, the end result is that the soul goes back Home to perfect unity and love.  It’s a benevolent spiritual system. God’s formula is, “What happens on earth stays on earth. Have fun!”

Last month I wrote about my “box” of beliefs, and how I have tried to empty out this box. It really is easier to live without all of those beliefs and opinions banging around in there. It is causing me to think a little more clearly. It’s refreshing to understand that I don’t have to have an opinion about anything. My mind is quieter, and so I feel more serenity. That’s important for me because I was born with a volatile Irish temper, which still sometimes gets the better of me.

Linear vs Multidimensional

A linear mindset goes, do this, then do this. If I believe this, then I must believe that, because it logically follows. I then need facts to support my beliefs and opinions. This fills up a person’s box of beliefs, which becomes cluttered. People object to your opinions, which then have to be defended or you look stupid. This is a stressful way to live life.

A more multi-dimensional mindset might go like this: Opinions and beliefs are unimportant. Feeling inspired and creative is important. This leads to doing more things that are inspiring, and increases the intuitive ability. It enables synchronicity and more coherence. It results in less planning and a less stress. It quiets the mind.

If you have kids and are financially squeezed, life can get frantic. This leads to survival mode, and we all know what that is: an almost frantic feeling that impels action toward the goal of making it in the world. Your box fills up pretty fast because the mortgage or the rent has to be paid, the kids have to be fed and clothed, and you have to figure out how you’re going to do that. A career has the same characteristics: How am I going to get ahead?

Survival mode is enabled by the corporate state we live in.

The Corporation

Our corporate society fuels anxiety. Corporations rule humanity. Our food, our technology, the organizations who make the devices we depend on in life, are corporate. Most people in the workforce are employed by a corporation. Unfortunately, the corporation was created to limit the responsibility of human beings for their actions. A polluter can hide behind the corporate shield, for example. Financial collapses and booms are engineered by corporations; the small investor is squeezed out. A corporation is responsible only to its shareholders, and the motive for the corporation is almost always monetary profit. The corporate world is so pervasive we never think about it. “I need to get a job so I can pay the rent/mortgage.”  No one asks, “What does this corporation do? Does it treat its workers properly? Is it environmentally responsible? Does it benefit humanity and the planet?”

Even government agencies are corporate. There is really no such thing as a “private sector” or a “public sector,” it’s one big corporate sector. For example, take a look at the United States Senate, which is listed as a private corporation at Bloomberg. https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/32663Z:US-united-states-senate

The meme structure of corporate/business culture is almost completely profit-money driven. Business culture is all about “get ahead” and “beat the other guy.” Is it any wonder so many people are stressed?

When the American colonists declared independence from England in 1776, they also freed themselves from control by English corporations that extracted their wealth and dominated trade. The young government of the United States had a healthy fear of the corporation, and until 1886, the states could routinely revoke a corporation’s charter if lawmakers felt it was not operating for the public good. The industrial revolution changed the pastoral nature of U.S. society and also empowered the corporation, which united with other corporations to create vast private fortunes.  The courts began to apply legal doctrines that made protection of corporations and corporate property the center of constitutional law. State charters, which had been used to limit corporate power, were undermined by Federal laws and Federal court decisions. Citizen and state sovereignty was undermined. The key decision came in 1886, in the Supreme Court case Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad, which was used as a precedent to say that a corporation was a “natural person.” Since then, federal courts have struck down hundreds of local, state, and federal laws enacted to protect people from corporations. As a result, corporations were legally able to increase their control over resources, jobs, commerce, and politicians via the tremendous corporate pocketbook. A United States Congressional committee concluded in 1941 that “the principal instrument of the concentration of economic power and wealth has been the corporate charter with unlimited power….”[1]

This planet is run by corporate networks who buy off entire governments. Individuals have tried to protect themselves by incorporating their small businesses, and even themselves! This is backwards. Corporations are not natural persons, but have been used to shield their human controllers who pollute, bribe, and accumulate vast fortunes to private owners. The corporation has been humanized, but has de-humanized human beings. The planet-wide corporate structure is never challenged by citizens; we just accept it to our detriment.

What does the future look like?

Human beings have built planet-wide corporate networks that have far more power than national governments. Apple, Google, Twitter, and Facebook, and other social media are essentially intelligence-gathering organizations. We’ve all heard that your phone, your Alexa, your Nest listens to you and tracks your movements, your emails, your online shopping (everything is online!). Facebook is actually DARPA’s Project Lifelog, which was set up to track a person’s life from the moment of birth until death. These communications corporations are so pervasive and influential that governments are demanding that they be regulated. Facebook and Google execs have been hauled before Congress and the European parliament. Corporate networks traffic arms, drugs, and human beings.

A rational person, if he or she looked at current events, would conclude that humanity is going quickly down the tubes. But that is not how I see it. The light is shining brighter and brighter, exposing the dark underbelly of human societies. This is the first step to dismantling the private corporate networks that control our lives.

In 2019 and 2020 we are going to hear about the human trafficking networks that involve modeling and casting agencies, children’s organizations, and some respected international agencies. It all has to come out before there can be peace on earth. It’s going to be messy folks, but don’t despair. Dark activities have been a part of human societies for millennia. Now, we have advanced to the point where the darkness, and the people behind them, will be exposed. This uncovering is happening because the consciousness of humanity is rising. Light is penetrating the darkness, and it’s planet wide. For the first time in human history humanity has the opportunity to clean itself up completely! The exposure of darkness is a startlingly positive development.

One of the great things about spring is that the weather warms; the snow and the ice melts and you can breathe fresh air again. But then there’s spring cleaning! The carpets have to be cleaned, the garage has to be cleaned out, cars have to be vacuumed, the junk in the basement and the closets has to be sold or thrown away. That’s where we’re at now. Humanity is cleaning out the junk from thousands of years of buildup. This process is in its infancy dear ones; we have a long way to go. But it’s necessary; absolutely vital, for a fresh start.

Peace on earth can never occur within the current corrupt planetary structures. Corporate networks must be cleaned out. Drugs, arms, and human traffickers must be exposed and their influence eliminated in our societies. During the next several years (if things go right) we’re going to learn a lot. People and organizations we thought were good guys will turn out to be not so good, and vice-versa. The rate of progress will be determined by 8 billion individuals on earth. Will we be able to confront the darkness, or will we ignore it?  Humanity must accept the inevitable house-cleaning or the old system will perpetuate. Therefore it is up to you and me to not panic, not despair, and understand that the exposure of dark activities is a positive development.

It’s so easy to hate on Trump or Clinton, or whoever your favorite bogeyman is; it’s so easy to go into agreement with friends or family who say the planet is going down the tubes. Well, it isn’t! Lightworkers have to shine their light. This is the time old souls were born for, for a very good reason. We have been here for hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes. We have the light to shine, so let’s shine it!  Many of us are star seeds who have come from more advanced planets to help humanity. Now is the time to do our jobs! Stay positive, we’re going to make it, and spectacularly. 


Postscript – Current Events: Player vs Playa

On the stage today there are a lot of players. I use playa to distinguish someone with great influence, as opposed to a regular player. The chief playa is, of course, Donald Trump. The number of Democrats vying for president in 2020 is now up to 15, I think, as of this writing. It takes 15 normal people to make one Donald Trump. Mueller’s investigation, after dominating the news for two years, is now over. That was all about Trump as well. Say what you want about Trump, he is a planet-wide figure. Without Trump several media outlets would have gone broke probably. The guy dominates coverage and events in the US. Trump has an agenda, but the Democratic agenda seems to be, simply, to bash the guy. That’s how you know he is THE playa. The Green New Deal, for example, wasn’t a serious proposal (which is why it disappeared so quickly from the news cycle); neither is spending money even more recklessly than we are doing now.

The Right hates the Clintons, the Left hates Trump and his coterie. But are these really the most powerful playas in this drama? They are certainly the most visible; but visibility doesn’t always equal true power or influence. What if I told you that billions of dollars that were earmarked for the California bullet train actually went to construct underground tunnels and bunkers in order to facilitate the transfer on the southern border of illegal arms, drugs, and trafficking in human beings? Would you think I was a nutter? The news highlights people crossing the border on the surface. But there is a lot of other traffic underground.

Here’s a pic of the Cali bullet train:

Image result for california bullet train

Image Source: Los Angeles Times

As you can see, it looks like an erector set toy built by a child who lost interest. Kinda like Trump’s Wall. But this thing cost billions in taxpayer money. Where did that money go? Who has the power to divert billions in Federal funds from a public transit project?  “The California high-speed train is a poster child for how badly awry these projects can go, with gross mismanagement and billions of dollars in waste that could have been used productively elsewhere.”[2] Well, my point is that maybe it wasn’t mismanagement; maybe the money was used elsewhere. We are always told that money is wasted, but the people wasting it are never identified.

The Federal “black budget” is operated in a similar fashion. Over the decades, trillions of dollars have been diverted from Pentagon and classified programs into hidden programs, using a fake accounting system that charges $5,000 for a toilet and $300 for a wrench.[3]

Who is doing this? Certainly not the evil Donald Trump or the evil Hillary Clinton. The Pentagon has no idea where their money is going, but someone(s) are diverting it. Congress has no oversight over hidden programs. No, ladies and germs, such massive diversions of money can only be done by the truly powerful people who influence events behind the scenes. These people are not known, and so havc been called the “Cabal” or more popularly, the “Deep State.” They aren’t players or playas, because their power is seemingly exercised invisibly, behind the scenes. Visibility is not required for influence.

I categorize such powerful people as eminence grises, or grey eminences, after François Leclerc du Tremblay, the right-hand man of Cardinal Richelieu of France. From Wikipedia: “Leclerc was a Capuchin friar who ... never achieved the rank of cardinal, [but] those around him addressed him as such in deference to the considerable influence this ‘grey’ friar held over ‘His Eminence the Cardinal’.[4] Other powerful historical figures were John Dee, court astrologer to Elizabeth I, and more modernly, Dick Cheney, former Vice President, who was often considered the eminence grise in the George W. Bush administration. However, these historical figures, and politicians like Cheney, were known. Whoever is exercising the power to move billions, even trillions, of dollars in our society are yet to be identified. These people, whoever they are, are operating in secrecy. That should tell you whether they are dark or light.

The point is that informationally, despite the worldwide web, we are still in the dark. I believe that in 2019 and 2020 we are going to find out what some of the playas who are in the news have been doing. But who are the true movers and shakers, the eminence grise’s, behind the scenes? When we finally understand who these people are we will have penetrated the darkness all the way to its core. We will then discover who is behind the terrorist acts, the global pedophile networks, the gun and drugs networks, and the government corruption. After that it will be possible to have peace on earth.

So, we have a lot of work in front of us, a lot of darkness to confront. But that’s what happens when you follow the path to the Light.

[1] See “Our Hidden History of Corporations in the United States,” at http://reclaimdemocracy.org/corporate-accountability-history-corporations-us/

[2] “After Spending $5.4 Billion, California’s Bullet Train Is Still Going Nowhere,” Lee Ohanian, December 4, 2018. From Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, https://www.hoover.org/research/after-spending-54-billion-californias-bullet-train-still-going-nowhere

[3] See “29 Trillion dollars missing from Pentagon. Trump calls for audit,” December 15, 2017.
https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/29-trillion-dollars-missing-frompentagon-trump-calls-for-audit/ (I have seen this figure vary from $6.9 trillion to $29 trillion.)

[4] Wikipedia, “Eminence grise.”

This month’s post is all about being your own counselor. In an age where almost everything you see or read is suspect, how are you supposed to know what truth is? The answer is that you can’t find truth outside yourself. You can find facts to bolster an opinion, but are these facts truth? If you are a Trump supporter you can find lots of facts to support your position. If you are a Trump hater you can do the same. All you’ve done is find structural elements to support your box of beliefs. That’s what people do these days: they find facts to support a belief or an opinion they feel comfortable with. Frankly, almost all of this is counterproductive because it leads to a hardening of attitudes. Then you get the current intolerant political atmosphere.

In my new book The Old Soul (coming in March),I describe an uplifted earth. Uplift is a term coined by the great SF writer David Brin. In Brin’s universe, space-faring races with high consciousness “seed” races who are just starting out. This seeding involves an enhancement, or uplift, of their DNA, which advances their biology and intelligence. In the book I take this a step further. The enhancement of DNA also contains an esoteric overlay; a template of God, or Spirit, that is laid on the DNA of the new race. The challenge for the Uplifted race is to find higher consciousness. The only way to do this is to get past materialist belief systems that only involve the body. Skepticism, a “prove it” mentality, over-intellectualizing, etc. are all dead ends because they look for truth “out there.”

The Uplift of humanity came from the stars; from a race with higher consciousness. Our 24 chromosome pairs became 23. This is explained as a genetic “accident,” but an evolutionary accident doesn’t create a successful new species whose population is now closing in on 8 billion. All hominidae on this planet have 24 chromosome pairs, not 23. So something cool happened to the human race a long time ago, and it wasn’t an accident. I prefer to think of it as divine intervention, and that that human DNA has a  divine component. The Uplift is a kind of test: Can human beings find the God within? It’s a hard test because esoterics are not provable. At least not now. If you are interested in metaphysics you are often countered by people who say “prove it,” and you can’t. You are called a kook, a space cadet, or your writings are pronounced “pseudoscience.” (If you want a good laugh go to Wikipedia and look up “Epigenetics,” then go to the “Pseudoscience” section.) Look what happened to cell biologist Rupert Sheldrake, who has a PhD. His TED talk was banned because he had the audacity to suggest that science is dogmatic and that psychic phenomena like telepathy are not impossible.[1]

The test is hard. You know there’s something bigger than you but there’s no way to definitively show others. All you can do is write, blog, and make movies that suggest it.

How do you find higher consciousness? Well, that is the wrong question because it looks for a formula or a process or a system. None of that is going to get you to the promised land. The promised land is inside your uplifted DNA and it is activated by your intent.

Enhanced or uplifted DNA contains a multidimensional component that is a gateway to higher consciousness. This gateway is esoteric, not physical. By definition it is not common sense, it is in no way obvious, and it is not subject to scientific measurement (at this point). It will be rejected by science, medicine, political opinion, and mainstream media. It can’t be found by marshaling facts to support this opinion or that, no matter how enlightened that opinion is. On the other hand, materialists can’t prove to you that you’re wrong. It works both ways!

For me personally, it has been very helpful to inspect my box of beliefs. When I did that I wound up throwing most of them away. Opening up that box made me realize that I don’t have to have an opinion. On anything. In fact, it has been most helpful not to have too many beliefs. This frees me up to more easily change when circumstances change. I can more easily let go of anything I’m holding on to that makes me feel uncomfortable. As a result, I feel a lot quieter inside. The chatter of the mind has lessened considerably because I’m no longer trying to defend or support my beliefs.

“What’s your opinion on the Wall, Ken?”

“I don’t have one.”

“That’s stupid. [Argument for or against goes here: ‘A wall is needed to keep out criminals, drug dealers and human traffickers.’ ‘A wall is the last refuge of a dying society that is ready to collapse in on itself.’ Etc. , Etc., Etc.] 

“All of these are great arguments,” I say. “There are lots of valid facts and opinions on this issue. My stance is that people will do what they want to do and are in a position to do. Whatever happens I’ll live with it.”

“If everyone was like you we’d have [fact or opinion on either side goes here].”

My opinion is that people should do what makes them happy. Now that I don’t have a box of beliefs rattling around in my consciousness, I feel a lot better about it.

“If everyone was like you nothing would get done. Without an opinion you are just an empty shell; a do-nothing waste of space.”

So be it. I’ll forego an opinion on the Wall, or Trump, or Ocasio-Cortez, or Jussie Smollett, or whatever the latest drama is out there promoted by a news media that seems to love chaos.  I can tell when something has hit my box when I get angry at something I see or read. When that happens I understand that something has triggered my box and I try to look at what it was. Flow a little love at it. Then I calm down and get on with my (pointless, some would say) life.

I’ve come to realize that everything important comes from inside. The higher emotions and feelings are the rudders of my life now. Facts are useful when I’m writing something because it’s important to fact-check and not spread disinformation. It’s also important to keep informed on things. For instance, in Whole Foods magazine there’s a good article about how GMO foods are going to be labeled “bioenhanced.” That’s a good fact to know, but facts aren’t opinions. I have pretty much thrown out all of my opinions about stuff that isn’t factual, like whether Trump is a racist or a demigod, or whether Jussie Smollett staging a hate crime on himself makes him a bad person, or whether the Green New Deal is a bunch of crap.

Almost all of the “news” today is just opinion. (I have a subscription to the Washington Post. Almost every article in the Post email is an opinion piece.) It’s too hard to maintain my box and keep everything settled in there, so I decided to empty it out as much as I could.

There isn’t a formula for higher consciousness, or happiness. Hey, take all the courses and seminars you want if it floats your boat. Keep yourself informed; I do! But you aren’t going to find the answers you’re looking for unless you look inside. That’s what the masters and enlightened ones have been saying for thousands of years. They say this because they know about the Uplift of humanity, and that the gateway to higher consciousness lies within your own enhanced DNA.

No one can tell you how to do this. It’s the most personal, intimate thing you have: the relationship of you with you.

If you’re just a regular Joe like me, you have to practice this. I try to find a feeling of love and happiness and let that soak into the cells of my body and my consciousness. At the beginning of each day I try to place that feeling all along the time track. It’s easier for me because I’m mostly retired now. If you have kids and go to work every day, life can get frantic. But it helps if you can empty your box a little. Then when life  rattles you, there’s less junk banging around in there. It’s less painful. You get triggered less. You feel a little quieter inside.

I’m pretty sure tolerance and compassion come when you can empty out your box of beliefs.

“I’m offended by ____” “How can anyone do something like that?” “Are you crazy to think that way?”  “Have you heard the latest outrage about [fill in the blank]?” It just goes on and on, the stuff you object to, and then the way those objections make you feel.

“That’s stupid,” you say.  “We have to stop criminals and human traffickers and other evil elements like [fill in the blank]. If you were in charge all that bad stuff would continue.”

Maybe. The good news: I’m not in charge. I don’t have an agenda. People in charge have agendas! They like “getting things done.” In order to get stuff done you need leaders and followers. You need people to believe in causes. The current political atmosphere demands that you choose sides, and then argue with the other side by finding facts to support your position.  What would happen if people threw out all those beliefs and let other people get on with their lives? Maybe there would be less tension in society. Maybe people would find it safer to look inward and find the God within. Just  sayin’.

My advice for those who want to stop others: try it and see where it gets you.

I find that listening to inspired people helps. My two favorites are Sadhguru and Kryon, but you may have your own personal favorites. I download or listen to a lecture every night before I go to bed, and afterward put good energies on my timeline for the following day. Then I go to sleep. When I wake up the next day I feel a little boost. I find that I have to practice this every day, week after week, month after month, because of my Irish temper and my Scottish and German stubbornness. But it gets better as time goes by.

Try it and see if it works for you. Get your box out and start inspecting those beliefs. Try not to have opinions about things. See what happens.

God bless!

Postscript ­­– The Trickster

Joseph Campbell (and others) describe a trickster god, one whose purpose is to sow confusion. The Trickster is actually a teacher, and he is alive and well in society today.

One day the Trickster walked along the main road with a large, pointed hat that was white on one side and black on the other. Some of the villagers said, “Eshu is a good guy because he wears a white hat.” The other villagers disputed this. “Eshu is a demon because he wears a black hat.” The village started to debate this and tempers flared. The next day Eshu came walking toward the village from the opposite direction. Now those who had seen him as a good guy saw a black hat. Those who saw him as a demon saw the white hat.

Everyone was confused. Eshu said, “There is good and bad in all of us. Do not fight and argue, but seek wisdom.”

Our current society is just as confused as the villagers. We see disinformation everywhere, but this is a good thing, because it shows that the truth isn’t “out there.” The truth is inside. You are your own wisest counselor. Learn to trust the divine voice within you.

Postscript Two – The Kim-Trump Summit: The Duality on Full Display

President Trump arrives in Hanoi, North Vietnam, with crowds lining the streets, to talk peace with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. Meanwhile, Michael Cohen testifies before Congress and accuses the president of being a liar, a cheat, and a conman. While Trump is trying to negotiate the de-nuclearization of North Korea, the U.S. press (and Congress) is very excited about getting rid of Trump, and impeachment is in the air. It’s dark and light: the duality on full display in brilliant contrast.

I’d imagine that 90% of Americans don’t know that the Korean War has never ended. It has been ongoing for 70 years. U.S. troops still occupy a demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. North Korea has been a threat for nuclear war for 40 years. Although no agreement was signed at the Vietnam summit, further dialogue and communication at the highest levels was undertaken. The president – whatever you think of him – has mitigated the NK nuclear threat, and that’s a good thing.

1) Interesting fact: The North Korean embassy in Madrid, Spain, was broken into last Friday, just before the summit between Kim and Trump. Several unidentified men entered the North Korean embassy, bound and gagged staff, and stole documents and computers. The North Korean ambassador in Spain is Kim Hyok Chol, the person who prepared the summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un. He is a top Korean nuclear negotiator. Make of that what you will. (Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/02/27/mystery-intruders-break-north-korean-embassy-madrid-hold-staff/   https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-02-22/north-korea-s-surprise-new-nuclear-envoy-key-to-trump-kim-talks). Afterward, Jim Acosta, the CNN reporter who has had many run-ins with Trump, gloated that the president was walking away empty-handed.

It’s duality time! (said to the tune of, “It’s Groundhog Day!”)

2) Do you remember the EMS broadcasts in Hawaii and Japan last year?

These texts appeared on cellphones, saying that a nuclear missile was on its way from NK to Hawaii. A similar text was sent in Japan. Was a nuclear missile really launched toward Hawaii? Was it launched by North Korea? What was the purpose of these messages? Why would anyone want to scare the crap out of millions of people if it wasn’t true? Was it sent by the dark or the light?

The Trickster is alive and well, but the light is winning. That’s why so much stuff is happening, and why there is so much chaos.

I remember vividly the War in Vietnam. The idea that an American president could travel to Hanoi for peace talks with North Korea is, frankly, astonishing. Younger readers will shrug their shoulders and say, “Who cares?” Well, we’ve come a long way to peace on earth. We’ve just begun, actually, because this planet has been dark for millennia. But it’s lighting up.

We are making tremendous progress. The chaos we see is what happens when light penetrates the darkness. The light is spotlighting the darkness in all of us. That’s why we’re taking one step backward for every two steps forward. President Trump is in the big spotlight. His bad points and his good points are all showing up. The same is happening to all of us.

The point is, there is dark and light in all of us. If you are looking for the good guys or bad guys in politics, you’ll never find them (yet). That is why it is so pointless to argue about it. I quoted Solzhenitsyn several posts ago: “If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?” Compassion and tolerance is the key. It’s important to recognize when something inspires you and when it makes you angry or puts you into fear. That’s what the inner voice is all about: transcending the duality.

The key is not to have opinions, but recognize facts.  Be on the lookout for those who stimulate the emotion of hate and fear within you, no matter what side they are on. Recognize when you feel inspired by something, no matter what “side” the information is coming from. That is the God within you lighting up. The goal is peace, tolerance, and compassion.

[1] TED has since relented and you can find Sheldrake’s talk at https://blog.ted.com/the-debate-about-rupert-sheldrakes-talk/

However, TED says “TED’s scientific advisors...recommended that the talk should not be distributed without being framed with caution.”

New Energy vs Old Energy

If you are like me you meditate and visualize. I have learned to identify the difference between “old” energy and “new” energy in my meditations. Sometimes when I’m visualizing, or saying affirmations a bunch of negative stuff comes to the surface. I call this “old” energy. Sometimes I get really connected. I call this “new” energy.

The new energy moves (vibrates) really fast and it contains many different aspects or variables. It feels really good. It’s light. There are a lot of different components or aspects to it. I would call it “multi-variable” or “multi-dimensional.” If you compressed a multimedia movie into a half-second, that’s what it feels like. Everything is happening all at once. It’s an amazing experience; I like it a lot.

The “old” energy is heavy, it feels crummy, it moves very slowly. It’s dull and stupid.

This morning I was experiencing both in my meditation, so I moved some of the faster moving energy into the crummy-feeling heavy energy. The old energy broke up; it couldn’t handle the faster-moving new energy. Isn’t that exactly what is happening in the world today? The old paradigm is breaking apart. The old system can’t handle the new energy. Or, in other words, the dark can’t handle the light.

If you recall, before Trump things were pretty slow. Oh, a war here, a scandal there, but the world was operating within a box. As soon as Trump came on the scene, the world began to move a lot faster; the sides and the top of the box exploded. Emotions became stirred up. Coincidence?

The Trump Interlude

I am hoping that after the year 2020, after 4 years of the Trump Administration, the population of the US will be ready for a break from the hatred, the confrontation, and the chaos. I’m ready for it now!  Who knows, this could go on for a while longer if Trump runs in 2020 and wins again. But after that, what’s next?

The interlude of Trump is preparing the way for something better. Trump is a temporary phenomenon. He’s necessary right now; he’s the perfect person to break an old system mired in darkness and corruption. Am I saying that Trump is a warrior of light? Well, he’s a wild card. He’s a drink-stirrer and a party crasher. But what party is he crashing?

Democracy hasn’t been working in the US very well for the past several decades. Incumbents in Congress were getting re-elected about 95% of the time, until 2018 when many resigned or didn’t run again. “Incumbent members of the House seeking re-election are all but assured re-election. The re-election rate among all 435 members of the House has been as high as 98 percent in modern history, and it's rarely dipped below 90 percent.”[1]

Does the U.S. Congress represent the people? We know the answer to that; the Congress has become historically unpopular during the past two decades, yet incumbents keep getting re-elected. An old-energy system is in place. How do you change a system that isn’t working? You stir things up.

Trump is objectionable because he’s not a politician. He breaks the “rules” of high politics, which is to shut up, be “presidential,” give nice speeches to placate the masses, be respectful of your corporate masters, and don’t rock the boat. Trump knows how corrupt the system has become because he has himself manipulated the system. (It takes one to know one.) The other presidents, Democrat and Republican, knew it too. Presidents since Eisenhower (except for the Bush’s and Obama) have tried to break the deep state, where all of the hidden “black” programs are. None have succeeded. Indeed, the great John F. Kennedy was erased for his efforts.[2] Trump has had a hole card that JFK didn’t have: whatever remnants of the military who are still loyal to the Constitution and the rule of law.

We are in a transition phase out of the old energy and into...something much different. The new paradigm moves a lot faster. Things happen quickly. Traditions fall by the wayside, and this angers a lot of people who want to be left alone to raise their kids and go to work in peace. Well, there are too many problems for that to happen. The fossil-fuel economy with its attendant pollution, the world’s broken financial system that turns people into wage slaves and creates poverty, and corporate corruption, have seeped into politics, our homes, our families, and our daily lives. Trump is the Transitioner. It’s ugly folks, and it’s going to get uglier. That’s because the old system is really ugly. When it starts to fall apart a lot of ugliness is exposed. The key point is that the ugliness is being exposed because the light is shining brighter. As 2019 unfolds there will be more exposure of corruption and darkness. This will continue into 2020. Look for it! It’s a good thing even though some of the stuff that will come out is horrible..

After Trump

The next step for humanity, after Trump, is a gradual increase in compassion. Does this sound silly? Yeah it does, given the current environment. But the current chaotic scene is a result of a greater light quotient in human consciousness and on the planet. The primary characteristic of the light is love and compassion! In order for this to manifest the ugliness has to come out and be inspected. The cancerous growths have to be removed. These cancerous growths are hatred and intolerance. That’s the period we’re in now. A lot of ugliness is coming to the surface.

“Yeah, but Trump is responsible for it! He’s a barbarian!”

Trump is what the Light sent us to break up the old system. Notice, I didn’t say heal wounds and create a new golden age. That comes later, after Trump. We’re still in the “discovery stage,” as lawyers say.

I don’t know how many years it will take for people to get tired of arguing and hating on each other.  But the next step in politics, in business, and life in general is a more compassionate attitude commensurate with the rise in the collective consciousness.

The “toxic masculinity” Gillette ad, for example, is a plea for more compassion. Some on the right say it is an insidious Bolshevik attempt to undermine the male gender, and masculinity in general, and turn the US into a nation of wimps, ripe for a deep state takeover. That’s the thing about the duality: there are always arguments on each side. My interpretation is that it’s genuine, the manifestation of the changing consciousness of humanity. It’s the result of a gradual balancing between male and female energies in human consciousness. It’s the forerunner of a more compassionate consciousness. Compassion means a softening of hatred and hard-heartedness. It’s a good thing.

Some people on the right say that softening is bad because we need to be strong in these times of darkness, in order to face the darkness and overcome it. Others on the left say that the Transition period is actually the beginning of fascism, represented by Trump. Both of these are old-energy conclusions. Compassion and love are never bad. Fascism is old-energy and doesn’t stand a chance in the new paradigm, no matter how hard the dark army tries to resurrect it. Look what is happening in Venezuela. Maduro is the epitome of a fascist dictator (doesn’t matter what he calls himself). He’s been trying to bring things back to the old energy. It’s not happening. The new energy is tearing his country apart. If you’re a Trump hater you can console yourself with the idea that if he truly is a fascist, he will also fail. So, no worries! Hate is not necessary.

A more compassionate consciousness is going to lead to new discoveries in science that will change our world for the better. I’ve already talked about this. The two things – compassion and science – are logically unrelated. The two seemingly have nothing to do with each other. But compassion = greater connection to source = greater intuition = new breakthroughs in knowledge.

Time will tell. I believe that the current chaos is the darkness being resolved. It all depends on your expectations for the future. My expectations are overwhelmingly for a new paradigm and an eventual golden age for humanity that will result in a high level of consciousness. The Transition is the first step along that road.

We are all co-creating the future. It’s our choice!

Compassion is the Key

Compassion is the ability to see both sides in an argument. A compassionate person feels no need to argue, because he or she can see the other person’s point of view. In the old energy you “fight” for causes. You “resist.” This is juvenile and silly. Whatever you resist persists, for the simple reason that you flow power to it and put all your attention on it. It’s simple Law of Attraction. Fighting something, by definition, postulates its continued existence. Fighting and resisting are low consciousness solutions because they guarantee the continuance of what is not wanted.

 The consciousness of separation is what causes hatred, struggle, and conflict. Compassion is a higher awareness. It comes from a position of strength, not weakness. Weak people are often bullies. Truncated human beings (like psychopaths) have a single-minded attention to their own selfish interests. They are atrophied on the other dynamics of life; they don’t notice people and don’t care about others. Which is why they can devote their full attention to selfish ends. It’s why they have risen to positions of power on a planet where the dark-light balance has been in favor of the dark for thousands of years.

Now that the light is penetrating the darkness we’re seeing an explosion. Here in the US, energy is building up in a corrupt system that has had the lid on for decades. The result is that lids are blowing off. Trump is being blamed.

Yeah, he’s at fault. He’s doing it on purpose! Just read his tweets and listen to his speeches. He’s trolling everyone he thinks is part of the problem. Is he doing this because he’s a saint? Some people think so. Other people say it’s just his destructive nature. Whatever the reason, Trump is funneling the hatred toward himself. I think that’s admirable. When an old corrupt system breaks apart there’s a lot of energy and hatred released. Trump is deliberately taking it on, deliberately provoking a system that would have fallen apart even if he had not appeared on the scene. He’s just doing it faster. It would have fallen apart anyway because it is old energy and is run by corrupt people. The sooner the better is what I say.

People who support Trump are all in, but there’s really no one in the other party to hate. Hillary is becoming an afterthought. There are a lot of Democrats jockeying for position right now in the party, but Trump has been the overarching figure in US politics (and in world politics) since 2016. People are coming together, amazingly, on both sides. Trump is a unifying influence! Like a strong magnet, he’s unifying people for him or against him.

The next step is the collapse of the intense polarization surrounding Trump. Once enough “charge” has been blown off the duality, on both sides, people will take a step back. They will wonder what they have been doing with their lives, why they have been so passionate for or against. The creation of two clearly identified sides will lead to an inspection of both sides. When that happens, people will be able to see the motivations of both sides. Eventually that will lead to a more compassionate attitude.

The end result of the hatred and contention of the Trump Era will be more compassion. People will see that the polarization and the hatred gets nothing done. People will get weary of the blame game and begin the create-something-better game.

Is this a crazy idea?

Nope. Right now opinions are clouded by high emotion, on both sides. We’re still blowing off energy caused by thousands of years of karmic accumulation in the consciousness of humanity. Trump is the figurehead around which this is happening. This guy is a planet-wide figure.

Eventually we’ll have real democracy in the US, and candidates who actually want what is best for everyone. We aint there yet folks!

Love him or hate him, Trump is the perfect guy at the right time. If Trump leaves the scene after 2020, it will be a sign that compassion is rising, and we’ll see a few politicians run on  compassionate platforms. They will probably lose, but it’s a start. This will lead to a positive trend in politics, where voters expect more cooperation. If Trump runs in 2020 it will be a sign that hearts are still hard and we may see 4 more years of fighting, contention, and chaos. Personally I can’t see this lasting beyond 2024. People are getting exhausted by the passion and the constant bickering and fighting.

Time will tell.  

Esoteric Explanations

As I said in a previous post, no one expected what is happening. There are so many variables and so much chaos a physical explanation for current events is impossible. When that happens you have to move upward to a meta-physical or esoteric explanation for events. That’s been my focus all along in my books and articles and blog posts. Moving upward is the goal of  higher consciousness.

Higher consciousness by definition is reaching conclusions that were not possible before in an old system. It’s going “out of the box.” That’s precisely what’s happening today. So we can conclude that current events are going in a positive direction, even if we are taking a step back for every two steps forward. People are waking up.

Nationalism is on the rise. In the old energy, nationalism meant dictatorship and fascism, whether that fascism was leftist (Bolshevism, Communism) or rightist (Naziism, corporate fascism). Today it means a rebellion against the planetary corporate fascist state. Guess what ladies and germs, we are already living in a freedom-stifling paradigm. In the old energy before 2012, fascism already won. It has insinuated itself on a global scale, in global structures like the IMF, the World Bank, and military organizations like NATO that perpetuate poverty, top-down economic control, conflict, and hostility. Post-2012 nationalist movements are a freedom-based reaction to that IMO.

Nationalism naturally brings on fear from a lot of people, especially those who are old souls, or who lived through  WW 2 and its aftermath. Some people refer to Trump as Hitler 2, but this is a reaction from the old timeline. In the past, every time a figure like Trump appeared it led to tyranny. The rise of nationalism seems to be history repeating itself, but it is a time fractal from the old paradigm. We’re on a different track now, a different timeline. But the remnants of the old timeline are still powerful. If we go with them we’ll create a future that looks just like the past. No sane person wants that.

It all comes down to your attitude and your expectations. In a vibrational universe, your expectations set up a resonance that co-creates whatever your expectations are. It’s a simple as that. Universal laws are superior to man-made laws, whether we like it or not. Whatever you go with you create.

Therefore, we must look past the chaos to a bright future, despite all the good reasons not to. The news and the media will try to sink us back down into the mire; the media always emphasizes the negative. The solution is, despite the craziness, to hold your light and create a great future. Even if you can only do that for yourself, you will be doing everyone a great service, for you will be generating positive vibes. These vibes don’t go away, because they are captured in the earth’s esoteric grids. Every time you meditate, every time you exercise compassion for yourself or another, you put that energy into Gaia, where it is stored. So go ahead and do that despite all the reasons not to!

It’s time to break out of the box of old thinking and reach for new solutions. Greater compassion is a good start; compassion for ourselves and others, even when we/they do stupid things.  


Here’s a great video from Sadhguru about compassion and stepping into your power.

[1] Thought.com. “Do Members of Congress Ever Lose Re-election?” https://www.thoughtco.com/do-congressmen-ever-lose-re-election-3367511

[2] On January 19, 2019, on the occasion of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a group of over 60 prominent American citizens is calling upon Congress to reopen the investigations into the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Senator Robert F. Kennedy. You don’t assassinate a president, a prominent politician, and two important social activists and get away with it unless you are powerful and hidden. This is what people call the “deep state.” Also, you don’t begin to expose this evil unless the light is shining brighter and brighter. See the full statement on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/notes/american-truth-and-reconciliation-committee/kennedy-and-king-family-members-and-advisors-call-for-congress-to-reopen-assassi/2211554989056103/

The Intelligence War

The intelligence war between the CIA and the NSA is ongoing. The war has been hidden, for good reason, by the mainstream press. You can’t release information until the public is ready to receive it. Otherwise you just upset people and cause a lot of divisiveness and anger and conflict.

The CIA was created in 1947 by the National Security Act, signed by President Truman. It is the principal civilian intelligence gathering agency.

The NSA was created in 1952 in a memorandum by President Truman. It is part of the 17-agency intelligence community. It’s existence, however, was not even known to the general public until much later. Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald exposed the activities of the NSA in 2013. That’s when  the general public really became aware of its existence. “The agency’s mission includes the protection and formulation of codes, ciphers, and other cryptology for the U.S. military and other government agencies as well as the interception, analysis, and solution of coded transmissions by electronic or other means. The agency conducts research into all forms of electronic transmissions. It also operates posts for the interception of signals around the world.”[1] So the NSA is more associated with the military and military intelligence.

As the CIA grew in power and influence, it began rogue operations around the world, as the arm of the deep state. The CIA has been involved in wonderful projects such as the toppling of the Mossadegh regime in Iran (1953), when popularly elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh was overthrown in favor of the monarchical rule of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.[2] The CIA was involved in a coup d’etat on (ironically) 9/11/1973, when the democratically elected Allende government in Chile was overthrown in favor of fascist dictator Augusto Pinochet.[3] Other rogue operations include the CIA’s dark MK-ULTRA program[4], and it’s spying on Senate staffers in 2014 trying to hide its rogue “waterboarding” activities during interrogation of suspected terrorists.[5] Back in 1996 Gary Webb of the San Jose Mercury News wrote the first of many accusations that the CIA is involved in running drugs into the US. These are just a few of illegal activities promoted by this rogue agency, the right arm of the Deep State.

So what about the NSA? My understanding is that military intelligence is using the NSA to spy on the CIA, and the deep state. In the process, of course, they spied on everyone, including you and me. Edward Snowden and Julian Assange (who published these docs) made that quite clear back in 2013.

Countering the Deep State

How do you counter a Deep State that has control of the intelligence apparatus? You use the NSA to get the goods on them. But you can’t release the info all at once. You have to do your homework, collect enough evidence, and then wait for the best opportunity to release the information. The point isn’t to “win.” You can’t tell the truth if it’s going to cause a second Civil War. Because this info is so damning and so dark that it would. So you bide your time, accumulate 60,000 cases against the dark actors, and slowly turn the screws. This is what the Trumpster has been doing.

The covert intelligence war is what the Envelope Affair was all about (see below) at the funeral of George H. W. Bush last November. If you look at these videos and read the article you will see the true nature of the intelligence war, which is being fought totally behind the scenes. It’s being fought in code on Twitter, at celebrity award shows, on CNN, MSNBC, and on FOX. Sometimes people come out into the open, as when Robert DeNiro said “Fuck you, Trump” a number of times at the Academy Award show. It’s for real.

The battle of dark and light is really a battle for the hearts and minds of 8 billion human beings. But it is being played out by the actors on the Washington DC stage, and in places all around our country. The United States is the eye of the needle right now. The US is the focus of planetary events. This battle has spawned Brexit in Great Britain and the YVM in France, and is now spreading to other countries in Europe. It is about the light confronting the dark.

Because the situation is so complicated, the forces of light often use the tactics of the dark. It’s unfortunate. But as I said in a previous blog post, humanity has never seen what is happening today, not in 6,000 years of human history. There have been thousands of revolutions in the past, but none like this. How this battle unfolds is simply not predictable. There are no precedents for it. And so it is so important to exercise discernment.  

As I have said before, I didn’t vote for Trump, I thought he was a buffoon with his stupid show The Apprentice. He’s gone bankrupt a number of times. I thought he was a nutjob. But my thinking has turned around the more I’ve investigated the dark-light conflict. So I’ll come right out and say it: Trump is under attack by the dark forces. Some people think Trump IS the CEO of the Dark Army. It often appears that way because of his contentious tweets and his antagonistic statements. Surely now, this man has a gigantic ego.  But if you look under the surface you’ll see a different story. Trump is trying to kick out the deep state in charge.  

Trump is often accused of being a racist. If that is true, why did he host Kanye West and the militant Jim Brown at the White House last December, and give them a platform to express their views? Take a look at these pics:


A picture is worth a thousand words: The Rev. Al Sharpton shakes hands with Donald Trump while talking to Jesse Jackson at the launching of the Rainbow Coalition’s Wall Street Project at the WTC in 1997. James Brown (The King!) is also there.

So my thinking has been turned around. Yeah, I thought Trump was an a-hole, that’s why I didn’t vote for him. But I was wrong. Well, maybe he’s too contentious. But when you look into this stuff and understand who he’s fighting, it makes perfect sense why he does what he does. If this pisses you off, so be it. And if I’m wrong, I’ll apologize to the 3 or 4 readers I have left! But I don’t think so.

What is the “Dark Army”?

Who are the “dark army?” That’s the problem, we don’t know (yet). But you can tell by their actions. The dark army survives on lies and pretense. In order to fit in to society they operate by pretending to be us. They take up fake personas, pretending to be Catholics, pretending to be Muslims, pretending to be Republicans or Democrats. They are playing a part, like an actor plays a part, because within them is a lack of humanity, a lack of love, a lack of compassion. This lack of love and compassion defines the darkness, because the dark by definition is an absence of light.

Those who go to the dark have little or no conscience.  They are motivated by the most base kinds of needs and wants – sex, food, ego, power, lust.  Selfishness permeates their every move and motive. No matter how old you are you have met at least one person like this. These are the people who, when they were younger, liked to torture animals and pull the legs off frogs, and who delight in bullying others verbally or physically. When they grow up they become heads of corporations and important political leaders, because their single-minded selfishness propels them to the top of organizations whose goal is to accumulate money, power, and influence. This is the old energy!

So why is Donald Trump having such a hard time? A lot of people say it’s because he represents the darkness, that he brings it on himself. The latter is partially true.

Trump is an outsider to all this craziness. He is not a politician, he’s a businessman. He doesn’t like politicians and their prevarication. Trump is blunt, for this reason the media portrays him as a crude barbarian. He isn’t “nice.” But neither is the system we live in!

When Trump went to England last year he deliberately walked in front of Queen Elizabeth and the British elite. He was telling them, “The reign of the elites is over.” The media went nuts, saying that he isn’t “presidential” and that he is a “disgrace.” Well, I was proud of the president on that day for doing what he thinks is “saying truth to power.” Why? Because the Queen of England – no matter how nice the old lady is – represents the aristocracy, the elites who run the planet. Read about the aristocracy. A great series of books about the aristocracy are the historian C. S. Harris’s popular “Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery Series.” These books describe in vivid and gruesome detail what England was like under the aristocracy: 10,000 elites – the “upper ten thousand” – who ran the country, while the people starved. This is the old energy.

Does anyone seriously think that this country and this planet are well-run, and that the system is set up to benefit the people? Seriously??  For example, U.S. foreign aid doesn’t go to the people in countries who need it, it goes to elites who waste it on their own selfish pleasures. That’s why things never really get better in these countries. This has been going on since I was born in 1951! This is the old energy system that Trump is trying to take down.

Trump knows this, but he is the first president since the great John F. Kennedy (our greatest president) who is willing to do something about it. Why do you think Trump made such a stink at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos last year? (Every year the planetary elites and their representatives – the modern aristocracy – gather in Davos to decide what their plan is for you and me). He was in their faces from the moment he stepped off AF1. I cheered. Why do you think he criticizes Merkel in Germany, May in England, and Macron in France? Any idea? Well, do some research into these people. “He’s not presidential, he’s a barbarian.” Yes, he is. But at least his heart is in the right place, no matter how misguided his actions seem to be to a lot of people.

What does being “presidential” mean? It means going along with a system mired in the old energy, and run by those who don’t want the current system to change. It means not rocking the boat and letting things remain the same. But when 78% of U.S. workers live paycheck-to-paycheck, despite the good economy, there’s something wrong with that system. If you think that the planet is in great shape, fine. But when hundreds of millions of people don’t even have enough to eat, that’s wrong. When endless war and conflict is the norm, that’s wrong. The system is run by anti-social, selfish people. Like him or hate him, these are the people Trump is fighting.

Trump is surrounded by political gangs, professional gangs, even military gangs made up of anti-social people who are in it only for their own interests. These gangs are a logical result of the corruption of governments worldwide by corporate interests. We all know this. We can see it every day on the news. Just listen to the BBC World News or read the international section of your favorite paper.

That’s my take anyway.

The Box of Beliefs

As I said, I was a Democrat, or Democrat-leaning, for most of my life. The Democrat party used to represent classic liberalism, which is caring about others, helping others, being strong ethically, doing the right thing. It’s beautiful. But that has changed. When circumstances change, you have to let go of your old beliefs. At least I do.

Sometimes you have to discard old memes that have been hanging around in your consciousness for decades. I had a lot of that stuff. I used to hate the USA because I thought the country had been taken over by bad people. I was right. I refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance because to me it represented the dark people in charge, like the Bushes. And the Clintons and Obama. Oh yeah, when you find out what that guy was doing you’ll agree. I’ll say nothing more until everything comes out.

I had a lot of baggage in my Belief Box that I recognize now as part of the old energy. Old fogies like me have more of a problem with letting go, because we tend to be set in our ways. But old dogs can still learn new tricks!

I was born working class in Detroit. I voted Democratic until I became disillusioned with politics. I have always had an iconoclastic point of view. My first inkling about Trump came when I began reading his tweets from 2009 to 2016. Then, after he got elected, the stock market went up. (Some people think that the stock market is for rich people, that’s a load of bullshit.) Most of my savings are in the market. I was a home services contractor when I wasn’t editing manuscripts. I worked my butt off without a lot to show for it. When Trump got elected I thought the market would crash, but it started going up. The Dow climbed past 25,000 and I made some money. I was happy. Why shouldn’t working class blokes be prosperous and not just elites and wealthy people? That got me thinking about Trump and why so many people hate him. Sure the man is abrasive, but that didn’t account for the virulent hatred of him when he became president. After he made peace with Kim Jong-Un (the greatest foreign policy achievement since Nixon went to “Red China”) he was either ignored or pilloried, because “Kim has a poor human rights record.” What??? North Korea has been a flashpoint for WW III for decades. It was a brilliant accomplishment for peace on earth.

Even lightworkers hate this guy! I don’t get it. How can hate create peace on earth? How can hate solve our problems?

 Look into this yourselves and make up your own mind. For sure don’t believe all of the stuff you hear in the media, do your own research.

Take the Gloves Off

Let’s take the gloves off and admit that darkness exists, and that we are in a battle. A battle between dark and light. A battle against pedophilia, planet-wide human trafficking networks, a worldwide drug distribution network, and arms traffickers. Yes, the deep state exists and until now it has been running the show. Before the worldwide web, the fix was in. Media covered for the perps if something got loose. Now it’s different. It’s much harder to hide nefarious activities.

There are people on both sides who are fighting either to maintain the old ways or to take humanity to a new level of consciousness. Who is on which side? There is so much disinformation that it’s hard to tell the “good” guys from the “bad” guys. Well, in 2019 we’re going to see a little clarity on that issue IMO.  

On the surface we have an egomaniac as president who is tearing down all that is good, and tarnishing the names of popular political and entertainment figures. But underneath the surface the picture is much different.

For example, take a gander at this article from State of the Nation. It’s about the funeral last November of George. H. W. Bush, Bush 41.  “THE ENVELOPE AFFAIR: Bush Funeral Service Foreshadows a Major Series of Radical Events in Washington, D.C.”


Notice how the Trumpster is standing in the aisle, looking on, with a frown on his face. He knows who he is dealing with. What was in those letters?

Here’s something else:

“Alan Dershowitz: ‘Secret’ Emails About Underage Sex Allegations Will Put Prominent People in Handcuffs’”


Trump’s insistence on the Wall is part camouflage and part real. The southern border of the US is where most of the human trafficking takes place, it’s where most of the drugs that wreck our cities flow from. Trump is focused on shutting down these networks. Take a gander at the Executive Order of December 21, 2017, and stay tuned. Maybe this is where some of the hate is coming from? 

Just Shut Up

People who are interested in spirituality (like my wife) want nothing to do with this stuff. More than likely she is right. However, if it isn’t exposed, it will continue. That’s been the history of the planet for the past several centuries. The dark hides itself, and has been very clever doing so.

Why are people talking more and more about this dark stuff?

Because the light is exposing it. It is, as Al Gore said, An Inconvenient Truth.

Lightworkers all over the world are doing their jobs, bringing in the light through meditations and other spiritual activities. Lightworkers are responsible for all of this! In a good way. God, Spirit isn’t going to wave a magic wand and make everything go away. We created the darkness throughout our incarnations on the planet. Now we have to clean it up.

Look at current events from a Big Picture perspective and things begin to make more sense.

During the next two years no one will be able to avoid the Clean Up. People who don’t follow politics will be forced to deal with it, and their own belief systems. Why? Because this stuff will be in your face, you won’t be able to avoid it. There will be no more fence-sitters like my wife, who hates Trump and wants nothing to do with current events.

The watchword for this chaotic period (2019–2020) is, “Things are not always what they seem to be.”

The last two years of Trump’s presidency are going to be a wild ride. Buckle your seat belts and hold on. 2019 is going to be a year of massive change!

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For me, 2018 was the year of illumination. If you add 2+0+1+8 you get the master number 11, which in numerology means illumination or revelation. It wasn't anything I was expecting!

Life is hard sometimes because it's impossible to know what's going to happen next. You can make  detailed plans but those plans are linear -- step one do this, step two do that, etc. The problem is that life is non-linear. In life there are too many people, too many situations, too many possible variables to keep track of everything. People you don't even know come out of the woodwork and enter your problem space! Life is too complicated to control everything, even though I want to. I won't elaborate on this because we've all experienced it.  So how do you cope?

A lot of people just work harder. When Jay Leno was breaking into the comedy business he wanted to be famous, but it wasn’t happening even though he was working 12 hours a day. His solution? Work 16 hours a day. Well, it got him the host of the Tonight show, so maybe working harder is the solution for everyone. But many of us work our butts off and we don't see success like Jay Leno did. Or success at all.

My solution has always been to think my way through and work hard. However, as the Shift gets more and more powerful, that isn't working for me anymore.

The Shift

What is the Shift? It's a change in human consciousness that is sweeping the planet. Even the dullest person can see that change is sweeping the country. People are going bananas, shooting up nightclubs, schools, synagogues, and public gatherings. The polarity in politics has never been more pronounced. Haters abound on both sides of the political spectrum. No one knows where the economy is going. No one knows where ANYTHING is going. That which has been predictable is now unpredictable. The rapid pace of change is literally unbalancing people. Uncertainty is the most prevalent theme.

What is causing this? The only explanation that makes sense to me is an esoteric one. You can't model what's happening; there are too many variables and they are changing too rapidly. There seems to be no structure to the changes that are occurring.

The primary esoteric cycle on this planet is the precession of the equinoxes, a 25,772-year wobble of the planet about its axis. The ancients knew it. In the Mayan calendar it is approximately 5 sequences of 13 Baktuns, each sequence being approximately 5,128 years. The planet's wobble is also the subject of prophecy in many cultures. The Mayan Long Count ended on (approximately) December 21, 2012, which was the end of a 26-millennia-long precession cycle.

What happens after that? The Shift. The Shift is a long process in which human consciousness transcends the duality and attains a higher state of awareness. I used to think that this could happen at the speed of thought -- overnight. But that was a pipe dream.

It's going to take a while. If current events are any indication, we have a lot of crap to work through.  Darkness has been the order of the day for millennia. To see this take a cursory glance at the history books! At the end of these precession cycles there is a great reckoning. A civilization must deal with its accumulated karma during the previous cycle! Fortunately we made it past the end of the precession cycle without destroying ourselves and the planet in a nuclear war. But there is a lot of karmic housecleaning to do before we can march off into a golden age.

When consciousness goes from dark to light there is hope, excitement, and a feeling that things are going to be a lot better. And there is also the dark baggage attached to that. The spiritual system on this planet validates responsibility. That's what karma is all about. We don't get to be slackers. A magic wand isn’t waved and everything is perfect, that is an adolescent idea. Everything we are working through is because, in our past lives, we did a lot of dark things. All of it is stored in our Akash, and within the grids of subtle energy that are part of the earth's esoteric system.

Why? Because it’s a spiritual accounting system; a sort of esoteric ledger that validates responsible action. We don’t get away with anything because the system tallies everything we do. If we killed or betrayed someone in a past life, that action is recorded. Karmic energy is created and it is entered into the ledger of the soul who incarnated on the planet. When that soul comes back he or she has to pick up the karma that was created in the past life and work through it.

How did this esoteric system get established? Through the Uplift, or the Seeding.

The Uplift

My understand is that 200,000 years ago, humanity were hominids. For some reason this planet was chosen as the site of a great test of energy. The gift of dark and light -- the precursor to evolutionary growth -- was given to humanity. This is recorded metaphorically in scripture as the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Knowledge.

Our DNA was enhanced. Every life form on this planet has 24 chromosomes, but humanity has 23. The Seeding, or the Uplift, elevated human DNA from hominid to human being. Logically, this could not be accomplished by the low consciousness which existed on the planet at that time. It must have come from a Graduate planet with an advanced race of beings. So our heritage is from the stars.

David Brin, the SF writer, has this right in his Uplift series of books. Graduate, or high consciousness civilizations, help out their younger brothers and sisters by enhancing their DNA and giving them a shot at higher consciousness. What happens after that is entirely the free choice of the inhabitants of the Uplift.

In this conception, there is a galaxy out there filled with life, and we are a part of it. We are not alone in the universe, which is an absurd and adolescent concept that comes with low consciousness.

Whichever Graduate race Uplifted us – your guess is as good as mine – transformed the 24th chromosome  with a multidimensional component through an enhancement of human DNA. The planet was also seeded with grids of subtle energy that would record everything that occurred during the Great Experiment.

Why do this?  Again, to create a spiritual system that validates responsibility. Gaia is a participant in this system. The planet records the decisions and actions of humanity and cooperates with human consciousness.  Gaia reflects back to humanity, via the law of attraction, the state of humanity's collective consciousness. It's a good system. According to Marshall Vian Summers, there are a few Graduate planets in the galaxy; those who have attained a very high consciousness through spiritual evolution. But the rest of the galaxy, according to Summers, is like earth except with advanced galactic technology (a la Star Wars). Perhaps this seeding of planets is an attempt to raise consciousness in the galaxy.

A civilization that stays mired in primitive materialism will never be able to reach the multidimensional spiritual gateway to higher consciousness. The seeded civilization has to recognize that there is something beyond the John and Mary of life ("if I can't see it it's not real"), even though this spiritual gateway is completely invisible and un-provable. That’s what Old Souls have been doing on the planet for a long time.

The DNA enhancement of humanity was the responsibility of the Seeders. Whatever galactic technology they used is beyond our understanding. But the 24th chromosome would have a multidimensional component. It would be the potential connection between a race of hominids with no knowledge of esoterics, and the Great Central Source, the creator of all. It is what is meant by the phrase "God inside."

Clearly, during this test, humanity chose the dark side. If you have any self awareness at all – by that I mean a knowledge of the Light within you – you have experienced pushback from the dark. You probably got criticized, taunted, even physically confronted if you expressed your views about spirituality. You were probably perceived as “different.” Many of us learned to shut up and not push too hard.

Well, despite all that we made it past the extinction events, we made it past the December 21, 2012 marker. So what’s next? The Shift to higher consciousness. We’re in it now! To understand this,  just look around. Try to talk politics to someone. Whew! Opinions have hardened. The false dichotomy is Liberal vs Conservative, Left vs Right. That’s what the mainstream media promotes. The true dichotomy is between love and hate, tolerance and intolerance. There is hate and love on both sides. We have to choose in a way we never thought.

So – the Shift is the great battle at the end of the world between hate and love. More and more people are discovering the Light within them, but those who have many lifetimes on earth are also discovering the darkness that accompanies it. We are now in the window between the second precession cycle and the beginning of the third.  It all began in Lemuria over 50,000 years ago (before that homo sapiens was just evolving from hominid to human being). After the fall of Lemuria many other civilizations rose and fell during the second precession cycle. Most of these will never be discovered. Our present civilization began about 18,000 years ago after the last ice age. We made it. We are now in a short 36-year (or thereabouts) period after the second precession cycle. Whatever humanity decides collectively will set the stage for the next 25,772-year cycle.

So the time we are in is a really big deal folks.

The Shift is causing people to choose between love and tolerance over hatred and intolerance. The Shift is being framed, falsely, by the media as a Trump-Clinton dichotomy, or a Democrat-Republican conflict.

Head vs Heart, Intellect vs Intuition

 As the Shift proceeds it is creating a chaotic situation where the parameters of the old system recede and new potentials arise. Many people don’t recognize this, they are simply living their lives and not questioning anything. But old souls are having a harder time of it. If you are reading this you are almost certainly an old soul.

In quantum physics a system can be described as a superposition of potential states, any of which could manifest. When a system evolves it settles into a new set of parameters, which then manifest a different physical nature or structure. The beginning of a system shift always involves a period of chaos, in which many of the superposed states are presented for inspection. That’s what’s happening now. Current events are chaotic, if you haven’t noticed!

For me personally, I used to get by being cerebral and working hard, but this is not working for me anymore. In fact, my life right now is at a complete standstill. A lot of blackness has descended on me during the last few months. After a lot of meditation I figured out that this blackness wasn’t some outside force – it was my own Akash trying to clear. The longer you have been on the planet, the more karma you have to clear. The time it takes to clear is time dependent. How many lifetimes have you had? What shit have you been involved in? That’s what determines the strength and duration of your clearing.

I have no idea how long this is going to take for me but at least now I have an understanding of why and how. I told you I was cerebral and for me it’s important to understand why stuff happens. God understands everything and all of us carry a little piece of God within us. The desire for understanding is a divine impulse! You may not feel this way and if not, the Shift is probably going to be easier for you.

In my meditation last night I discovered the difference between intuition and the intellect.

Human beings exist in a body-mind-spirit framework. The brain, the mind, the intellect and the ego are all linear systems. You have a problem, you analyze the problem, you take step by step action to solve the problem. The idea that intuition could be involved in solving life problems doesn’t really occur to the intellect, or to any linear system, because it is illogical. “I’m going to use intuition to solve my problem,” you say to the brain. The brain responds, “WTF are you talking about? Identify the problem and use logic to solve it. Make a plan.” To a linear system, a non-linear solution is not comprehensible.

As far as the body goes, the body is just focused on its needs and desires. The body can get in the way of intuitive understanding if the person is focused primarily on the body’s needs and desires. That's where a lot of people are at right now. Just watch TV and media for a little while!

The heart understands intuition and love because it is the seat of intuition and love. The heart is the key to spiritual understanding. In my clearing sessions I place my attention in the heart chakra and I don’t attempt to analyze how or why I am feeling the way I am. Logically, there is no reason whatsoever for me to feel bad about anything. I have a great life! But if that is so, then why do I feel so crummy? The explanation is non-linear and esoteric. It doesn’t involve psychology or the standard self-help formulas. The clearing of the Akash goes way, way beyond these simplistic explanations that only involve the current life, and it applies primarily to old souls.

The heart is the seat of intuition and non-linearity. So whenever the darkness comes in I power up the heart chakra and send pulses of love to the rest of the body, especially the head. (I've noticed something interesting: I always feel the darkness center around the head.)  Everything seems to calm down. When I realized this it was in a flash of understanding; a kind of illumination. “Hey brain, hey mind, you don’t have the tools or the understanding to deal with what is happening. Stand down.” That doesn’t go over well with the part of me – the linear part – which thinks it’s really stupid and that it will never work.

I realized I had become cerebral because of my upbringing. I was raised Catholic. My father was very devout. When I looked at the images of the saints and other holy figures, they always had halos. Look at these representative pictures:


St. Nicholas, St. Mary, Christ

The halos of these holy figures surround the head. So, the head must be the most important bit if you want to advance spiritually, right? After all, the head contains the pineal gland, the organ that transmits the esoteric, sacred energies into the body.

It’s things like this that slip inside your box of beliefs. Your parents tell you something, you read something in a college textbook or in a sacred text, you hear something from a respected scientist or a spiritual leader or a mentor. You don’t think about it, but it becomes part of your belief system. Then you begin operating on those assumptions.

The idea that “spiritual advancement comes from the head” thus entered my box of beliefs. But I have discovered that those halos should really be centered in the heart area, and encompass the entire body not just the head. The head –  the mind, the intellect –  is linear, and there is a place for that. We use the brain and the mind to negotiate through daily life. We need it. But now my life is changing in ways I never thought it would because of the Shift. I need something more.

Intuition is Non-linear

What I have been doing for the past several months while all of this was going on, is trying to guide my life only by intuition. For my cerebral, linear personality this has caused a ton of worry and anxiety. “But how are you going to make money? What are you going to do? We need a plan!!!”

I haven’t got a plan. But my old life is now going away, it's a weird feeling. The old linear ways of thinking and planning just feel wrong. The answer to these questions of life is, for me right now, “I don’t know. It will all work out. I’m trusting my intuition.”

“That’s not good enough,” the mind says. “What are you, a space cadet? Get your act together fool!”

I suppose you could call this a "mid-life crisis." But it's not. I'm 67 years old now, my mid-life crises are all behind me. Been there, done that. No, this is something much more profound. It's part of the year of illumination for me. Apparently I'm headed off on another life path, but right now I haven't a clue what it is!

Apparently the new life path has to do with clearing my Akash. The exciting thing is that during this clearing of darkness, whenever I follow my intuition I get excited and a feeling of certainty happens as long as I am doing action cycles associated with my intuitive guidance.  It makes no sense logically. But gradually, over the months, I am learning to trust my intuition.

I am a writer. I was sitting at my desk last August when I became inspired to do some more research on the geometry/math textbook I wrote some years ago. “Write up a research paper about the truncated icosahedron (soccer ball) and add it to your book,” my intuition told me.

“Where did this come from?” my brain asks. “Why?”

“Just do it,” my intuition says.

So I begin to work every day on analyzing this polyhedron (a polyhedron is a geometric solid like the cube. These geometric designs are found in nature and in mathematics and in sacred geometry). About two weeks later I get a call from a guy who has read my book. He says, “I am a curriculum developer. I have some high level contacts at several universities. I want to create a college course using your book.”

Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather. Where did this guy come from? I wondered. I look him up and remember he communicated with me a few years ago about the book. So that’s coincidence, right? My intellect says, in its linear fashion, “You got lucky. You can’t run your life like this.”

Two weeks later I finish the new paper and add it to the book. My intuition then says, “Rewrite some of the chapters for greater clarity.” I start on that and the curriculum developer calls me again, saying he is developing a plan to get the book in a college course. I’m thinking, “Wow, that’s another coincidence.” We have another conversation and start talking about what we are going to do.

Six weeks later I get another intuitive flash. “Scalar Vector Graphics. Create your book using SVG images so they look really good and can be studied easier by students.” Scalar vector graphics are mathematical objects, not pixels. So you can make SVG images as large as you want with no loss of resolution. SVG graphics look sharp and clear no matter how big they get. In my book this is important because I am doing a detailed analysis of these polyhedra. I have a lot of diagrams that show the guts of these polyhedra. I need sharp, clear images so people can understand how these things are built.

It takes me another month to do that because I have to learn how to do it, and there are 170 images in the book. Then my intuition says, “Make all of the sections of your book, and the images,  linkable.” That takes me another two weeks. It is now the middle of December and I have been working on this every day for 8 to 10 hours since the middle of August.

Meanwhile I am not working, I have no money coming in, and my brain is freaking out. “WTF are you doing!!! Get off your butt and find some work!”

My intuition tells me to relax. “Complete your book, don’t do anything until the end of December. “ So now it’s almost the end of December. My life is still up in the air. “How is this going to turn out?” my linear brain says. My intuition says, “Stop worrying. After you finish this geometry book finish up your latest novel.” Last year (2017) I started writing a novel called The Old Soul. But I dropped it in 2018 because I couldn't figure out how to end it. So now I'm working on that and it's the end of December. Bills are coming in and the brain is getting worried. My intuition tells me to relax.

I’m realizing that there IS a multidimensional component to life. I'm experiencing this in my meditations and in my life now. It’s not logical, it’s not  understandable to the brain.  It’s the law of attraction, which I wrote about in my book The Vibrational Universe. The law of attraction is a wonderful, helpful concept that I have been using for a long time. But now I’m finding that my old life, for some reason, is over. Probably because of the meditations and visualizations I have been doing over the past year, during this year of illumination. Some of these meditations have been very powerful. Now my life is changing in unexpected ways. Now I have to trust that the things I have been asking for will come. I am ready to grab any opportunity. But it’s a little scary not knowing how or when things will turn around. The process, I am beginning to realize, is non-linear. So by definition I can’t figure it out with my intellect. I have a feeling that artists and creative people live their lives like this, but I am not used to it.  

So I say to myself, “I don’t know where I’m going or how it will turn out, but I trust that the universe is benevolent and that my intuition will guide me to the right place.”

Whew! That really doesn’t appeal to my linear personality at all. But I’m learning. It really is a different way to live.

That's my report for this month.

Happy New Year!

Current Events Update

Wow – the bullshit from the media is reaching epic proportions. Let’s take a step back and figure out what is really happening. In the first place, the reason for the “Wall” nonsense at the end of December 2018 has little to do with the current government shutdown. Trump can build it, and is building it, from monies already appropriated. There is a parallel negotiation going on between the Republicans and the Democrats and it involves Inspector General Horowitz and his assistant John Huber, who have 470 trained DOJ investigators looking into corruption. The Democrats tell Trump to shove it by refusing to appropriate money for his Wall. Trump counters by instituting a long government shutdown, thus making the Democrats' victory in the House hollow as long as the govt is shutdown. But not to worry folks! Congress already passed a law  that guarantees the salaries of lawmakers during the shutdown, even though Federal workers and their own staffers don't get paid! How's  that for democracy! (Federal workers will get paid for the time the govt is shutdown anyway. They just don't get the money until the government shutdown is over). There are other factors involved as well, too complicated to discuss here. There are deeper forces at work than the debate over a stupid wall.

In 2019 there is probably going to be a financial reset for the entire planet. The current financial system hasn’t been working for a long time.  This is going to cause turmoil in the markets, it’s already begun in the anticipation of this. The market has been jumping wildly because investors get spooked by every announcement from the Fed, or an event that gets blown out of proportion by the media, or  a Trump tweet.  According to Benjamin Fulford (who is sometimes way off base but gets it right a lot of the time) a decision has been made at the highest levels of world power to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem and turn that city into an international free zone.  This is why, along with the financial reset, 2019 is likely to be a year of great change. The Jerusalem free zone will (hopefully) be the precursor for a permanent solution to the intractable Middle East problem. But there will probably be a lot of insanity during that process as unbalanced people on both sides overreact!

 Meanwhile the do-nothings in Congress will be trying to impeach Trump (in the Democratic House) or investigating Democratic corruption (in the Republican Senate). The fact is that there are  thousands of sealed proceedings sitting at the Department of Justice right now (see pacer.gov for a state-by-state list). Inspector General Horowitz and his assistant John Huber have been compiling indictments against criminals all over the country, including politicians from both parties. (The IG has over 470 trained investigators, in comparison to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s pathetic 15. The Mueller report will be an afterthought, but it will be blown (as usual) out of proportion to its real significance by the media.) Why do you think so many politicians have resigned or have decided not to run again during 2018? Almost all of the gerrymandered Congressional districts in the US are shoo-ins for incumbents. The reason these people are resigning or not running again is that most of them are crooks, and Horowitz and Huber have the goods on them. In exchange for their cooperation, they are being allowed to walk quietly off into the sunset. I posted a list of these politicians in one of December’s posts. There will probably be more in 2019.

2019 will also see many of these sealed indictments go public. It will be interesting to see who is named and what is revealed.

Hating on Trump or the Clintons, or  Democrats or Republicans, will not get us where we want to go. Hate will drag us down. I have turned off the news. I read a few sites I trust, very briefly. True journalism is dead because 99% of the media (on both sides) have an agenda. For example, here are two headlines from the Washington Post.


Why is Trump pulling troops out of Syria? Why is he going to pull our military out of Afghanistan? Why did he negotiate peace with Kim Jong-Un and President Xi of China so we can get our troops out of the Korean Peninsula? Because the people who want them there, fighting and creating tension, are the same people whose agenda is endless war and the protection of their worldwide corporate interests. Just as the conservative Nixon was the only guy who could make overtures to Red China back in 1972, so too it is the military-friendly Trump who has the cred to bring our troops home.

It's about time!!!! Personally I'm all in favor. The US shouldn't be the world's policeman for a corporate fascist state run by elites that look out only for their own interests.  Those who truly want peace will support Trump's withdrawal of U.S. troops. Those who don't will bullshit about "maintaining alliances" and "terrorist threats." That's old energy talk for, "We want the world to stay the same so we can continue to exercise our influence." You can tell who's for peace and who isn't by reading and listening. The Post, for example, is owned by Jeff "CIA" Bezos. The CIA is a wonderful organization known across the planet for its peaceful pursuits and its integrity!

Besides, the US has been bankrupt for many years. We can't afford troops all over the world. I don't understand anyone's objection to this. The Post is totally wrong about this, IMO.

My advice: Turn off the “news” and meditate instead. Find the God within. Be nice to yourself, your family, your neighbors, and your co-workers.

Let’s make 2019 a year of light!

In December, Prime Minister Macron of France said, “patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism, nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism.” This in response to the nationwide protests by the “yellow vests.” In England, the Brexit debate rages on. On the left, people see the rise of patriotism and nationalism as the precursor to a rise in fascism and an age of darkness. On the right, people see nationalism and patriotism as appropriate reactions to an evil globalist agenda.

Who is right?

We have to look at the situation from the standpoint of the Shift, as we talked about in the last post. The Shift is a readjustment of the fabric of reality brought about by a global change in human consciousness. It is literally altering the background energy of the entire human race. Things are happening that no one expected!

The retrenchment to nationalism is not a broad trend toward fascism, although those with that mindset are undoubtedly going with it. The rise of nationalism is happening because a true globalism based on love and cooperation cannot succeed at this time. There is too much corruption and entrenched darkness within globalist institutions. In Europe, the European Union democracies are being dictated to by Brussels, where un-elected bureaucrats shape foreign and national policies, finance, government spending, immigration, and a host of other things. Brussels has essentially become a Soviet, unresponsive to the needs of the democracies that created it. Thus Brexit, the Yellow Vests, Hungarian, Polish, and Italian objections to mandated government spending policies and immigration.

You can’t impose globalism. It’s a wonderful concept – open borders, free trade, and cultural exchange – but not when the systems that support it are corrupted. The current retrenchment, here in the US and in Europe, is a necessary step toward cleaning out the garbage, dismantling the arms, drugs, and human trafficking networks, and breaking the worldwide corporate-fascist state that promotes conflict and endless war.

During the Shift, human events must be observed and evaluated from the lens of consciousness. The old paradigm is based on materialism. In a lower and older energy where the dark was stronger, we looked at who won and who lost, who has more power, more money, more influence. These calculations filtered their way down into our private lives as well. A “successful” person was one who accumulated more money, a bigger house, more followers on Twitter, etc. Political and economic calculations were also based on these factors, but such a mindset will no longer do.

The problem with the current globalist agenda is that it is composed of elites who don’t want to give up their influence. The situation in France is a perfect example. Fuel increases were scheduled so that the elites who own energy companies in the fossil-fuel matrix could benefit. Well, the French people have had enough! The resurgence in nationalism is a reaction to old-energy policies that are no longer acceptable, both here and in Europe. As we talked about last month, this resurgence is being caused by light penetrating the darkness within human consciousness. NOBODY knows HOW the Shift is going to work because it’s too unpredictable. All we know is that we are heading toward the light. There will be no worldwide fascism; that old system (“the new world order”) has run its course and is beginning to fall apart.

Of course there will be steps backward, but the overall trend is firmly upward for the human race. Our progress can be retarded by hatred, however. Now that the dark and the light are battling it out, it is very tempting to see the people on the other side as monsters. This is just what the old paradigm of thought wants: division via hatred and conflict. If you understand that the basis for the entire conflict is love, light, and evolution OUT of the darkness, it’s a lot easier to see the other point of view. What I’ve learned is that 99% of people, even when they do stupid and even destructive things, do it because they think it’s the best thing to do. “Never assign to malice that which can adequately be explained by stupidity,” is the maxim I follow. The light is unbalancing people. It’s unbalancing me, and probably you too.

I used to think that my discomfort originated from something in my life I was doing wrong. But that is a mis-identification. The reason people feel uncomfortable is a massive change in the structure of energy on this planet. By that I mean a massive shift in human consciousness, which is stirring everyone up. No one is immune! It’s not your life that’s at fault. It’s the Shift.

We asked for positive change, we are getting positive change; but when the dark is exposed it fights back. When the dark is exposed in our personal consciousness, we feel “negative energy.” Guess what – working through our personal darkness is why we came to this planet at this time. We came for the Shift. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy! That’s why people who are aware and awake and who are working to raise consciousness are called lightWORKERS. We are, literally, working with the light and the dark within our own Akash.

Prophecy told us that we were all supposed to die in a nuclear war, but that didn’t happen. Then it was supposed to be a collapse of civilization at Y2K. That didn’t happen either. We never got a comet or an asteroid smashing into the earth. The planet Niburu didn’t change its orbit and wreck the earth. The earth’s crust didn’t shift and wipe us out. A thousand different horrible scenarios never happened. We forget about that. We’re on a different timeline now, gradually entering a higher dimension.

The only solution to our personal and global dilemma is love and compassion. This solution will not only bring about world peace (eventually), inner peace, but also advancements in science and technology that will allow us to generate clean energy directly from the quantum vacuum and solve the pollution problem.

Don’t get too worried about the rise in patriotism and nationalism. Within the next two years or so we will all see the necessity for it as more and more light piles on the corrupt, dark systems that have ruled this planet for millennia. In order to clean house you have to make some messes first, and haul out the garbage. The dark actors can hide behind institutions for only so long; eventually they will have to be rooted out. There will be no problem identifying who the baddies are: these are people who are intolerant and thrive on hatred. As human consciousness rises it’s going to be easier and easier to identify who is with the light and who has taken the dark path. The key point is that it will no longer be possible to fool people with a dark agenda because their ugliness will stand out more and more.

The darkness only knows one way, and that is a low-consciousness solution: fear, anger, hatred, struggle, and killing. More and more people under the Gaussian distribution curve are sick and tired of that! When an old-energy consciousness tries to survive in a higher energy it can only resort to the tried and true, because that’s all it knows. These people will become recognizable even to those who have not awakened yet; for their words and their actions will be recognized more and more as irrational. That’s what happens when the light begins to penetrate the dark.

For example, the Big Pharma executive is pulled up in front of a Congressional panel to explain why his company sells drugs in the US that are known to have harmful side effects. He says, “It’s the capitalist way. We are just making a profit for our shareholders.” That’s old-paradigm thinking, perfectly valid in an older, lower consciousness. But that shit aint going to fly anymore folks. Old paradigm thinking is going to be recognized for what it is: a sick, twisted methodology of grabbing and maintaining influence. People will be amazed at these responses and actions. “Do people really believe that nonsense?” they will say. The sad answer is yes, they do! Lower consciousness is stupid. Hating on these people is pointless, for they truly believe they are doing the right thing in a mis-aligned way. It’s what the dark IS.

The thing to do is isolate the infection and excise it, as you would a cancerous tumor. You don’t go in with guns blazing, firing at will and wrecking the good with the bad. That’s the solution of hatred. Hatred merely perpetuates the old consciousness.

Think about that the next time you are about to hate on the Clintons, or Trump.

Anyway, the nationalist retrenchment is explained from a higher consciousness as a way to isolate the various dark actors in each country and eliminate them. It’s like when you have a weakened chain, you have to examine each individual link to find the defective ones. Or examining a string of Christmas lights to determine which ones are stopping the flow of energy to the rest. Once the chain is strengthened we can build a true globalist world based on love and compassion instead of hatred and war. It’s coming; we are seeing evidence of the Shift every day.

Forget about the “news.” Or watch and read with a grain of salt. The mainstream news media is owned by the elites. Their stories are always biased toward what’s best for the few, not the many. For example, the Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos. What 3-letter agency is Bezos associated with? The CIA. Bezos’ AWS got the cloud contract to supply information storage and retrieval for all 17 intelligence agencies. Even the most naive person would have to admit that the CIA has not been known for its integrity. Who owns FOX news? 21st Century Fox, a media and entertainment conglomerate founded by Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes. What do these news outlets do? Promote conflict and hatred. It’s what the elites want: people fighting each other. The late night “comedy” shows are all about hatred as well, mostly Trump hating. Anything to keep people mired in the old meme structure. Yes sir, most drama shows are advertised with guys holding guns and firing at the “bad” guys.

It’s all so transparent, so silly and stupid! When will people wake up? Well, they are. France and the yellow vests are just the beginning. It’s going to happen all over the world. It started here in the US with the election of the change agent Trump, who began a nationalist movement in the US called “QAnon.” Now it’s spreading to Europe. Check this out:

Yellow vests in France

I laugh when I read the Washington Post, who are constantly claiming that the “Q” phenomenon is just a bunch of fringe crazies and lunatics, which is what John Podesta posted the other day. Yes, I read the Post and follow the qanon.pub website to get both sides.

When you approach the issue from a higher consciousness POV you can see how all is working out well. We are going to the light!

In last month's blog we talked about energy, and said that energy is fundamentally polarized. If the black-hole-white hole phenomenon exists then the duality exists as a fundamental characteristic of the entire galaxy, and perhaps the universe itself. If this is so, then there has always been a conflict between light and dark on the planet. This goes a long way to explaining current events.

Humanity is now confronting a meme set -- a set of beliefs based on the choices we have made -- that we have created lifetime after lifetime. Did you think your thoughts were unimportant? Not so! Every thought you have ever had, every decision you have made, every intention, and every action has been recorded in your Akash and within human consciousness.  We'll talk about what human consciousness is, and where it is, in another blog post. But suffice it to say that every one of us is important, and our thoughts and activities are noted by what might be called an esoteric, metaphysical "accounting" system.

The planet earth, Gaia, is conscious just as we are conscious. The planet earth is the gameboard in a great test of energy, and it cooperates with humanity. By that I mean the planet, through the law of attraction, will bring to humanity that which humanity is focused on. In the past this has meant disease, natural disasters, plagues, and the like. Gaia reflects back to humanity the consciousness of humanity.

The earth is very resilient. Gaia will still be here, with or without us. Humanity's pollution of the oceans and the air is not causing the weather phenomena we see. Ice core records from the Arctic and the Antarctic show a million years of warming and cooling. By the year 2030 it will be obvious that the planet is going through a cooling stage.[1] The ozone layer will heal itself, the oceans will be restocked with food, all in preparation for humanity's gradual evolution over the next thousands of years into ascension status. Until then, there will be LOTS of change. The Trump phenomenon is just the very beginning. The darkness humanity has created will all have to be confronted, which brings me to what I really want to say this month.

Since the end of WWII the advance of technology and communications has essentially created a worldwide corporate-fascist state. I don't mean fascist in political terms, I mean it in a dark-light sense. The dark global infrastructure is engaged in arms trafficking, drugs trafficking, and trafficking in human beings and children. The light is beginning to expose this dark system, which includes a very dark cult that worships satan, traffics children, and uses them in dark rituals. All of this is going to be exposed in great detail over the next several years.

The next stage in the light-exposes-dark phenomenon is the exposure of the worldwide pedophile network. The sick people who engage in these rituals are in politics, business, and entertainment. They worship a horned god who is often shown holding children or babies. People who engage in these twisted rituals believe that the blood of children and even babies has life-giving properties. This may very well be true. NGOs sponsor children's foundations, as do politicians, business people, and celebrities. Some of them are engaged in the buying and selling of children.  Everyone reading this has probably already heard this stuff so I won't go into it more. It is most definitely not fake news.

Below is a representation of Baphomet, the horned god of satan worshippers and pedophiles.

Why am I talking about this dark stuff? Why not just stay totally positive? Because when this gets exposed for real many people will feel that it's a sure sign of the Apocalypse. It's not! It's a positive indication that a dark system that has been in existence for thousands of years is finally being cleaned up. We are at the stage now where the duality is sharpening so that the light can fully see the dark for what it is. It won't be pretty. But human consciousness created it and so must confront it and clean it up if we are to advance spiritually.

People don't want to think that human beings engage in this twisted stuff (see "Ex NYPD Officer: '35-40% Of Washington Is Involved In Covering Up Human Trafficking,'" http://humansarefree.com/2018/11/ex-nypd-officer-35-40-of-washington-is.html). That's why it has continued to exist. Because it's too horrible.  What did Marshal McLuhan say? “Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.”

Since we passed the marker in 2012, the light is increasing. The darkness IS going to be exposed, there's no stopping it now. But lightworkers should understand that the road to ascension requires a psychic cleanup of the human meme structure and belief systems. Be ready for what's coming. People are going to become unbalanced when this stuff is exposed, they will come to you. Try to remain as positive as you can. Meditate and pray every day. Send light to every corner of the earth. The more we do this the faster the cleanup will proceed.

The Future

Over the next several years, look for the dark forces to organize around some charismatic leader. This will happen because the dark forces will be forced to come into the open by the increasing light that is emanating from human consciousness, where formerly their activities could be carried out secretly. Like some psychopaths, this leader will appear to be charming and extroverted, but this will be more fake news. The purpose will be to bring the planet back to the old energy.

Pedophilia will (and already is) being presented as a "normal" human activity.

There are going to be a number of "wildcards," as Isaac Asimov called them in his "Foundation" SF series. Trump is just the first wild card, more are coming. A wildcard is a change agent, a catalyst that stirs up the hidden, moldy old belief systems and the dark networks that have been functioning on this planet for thousands of years. Change will accelerate as human consciousness gradually frees itself from the old paradigm. There will be no history to compare the coming changes to, because what's ahead has never happened before. We are on a new track! Get ready for change that is different from anything that has happened in human history. Hold your light.

Combine this with the coming weather changes – global cooling – and people will feel like the world is going off the rails, especially in more northern climes, which are going to get colder. The weather change will have one positive effect: it will become obvious after a while that the planet is balancing itself, not going off the rails into runaway global warming. Cooler heads will prevail!  By the year 2030 the weather change will be obvious even to the most die-hard global warming activist.

What else might happen?

1) Organizations that are out of integrity will start to implode. This is already happening within the Catholic Church, where pedophile priests are being exposed. Over the next couple of decades other organizations, such as pharmaceutical companies that are in medicine purely for profit, will either mend their ways or go under. Organizations will either reform (or fail) from within. The people who work in these organizations will start to come forward in greater numbers.

2) Politics will become even more fragmented and divisive until the people demand more tolerance and compassion. Dark actors will be exposed. The underbelly of human consciousness will be revealed, forcing everyone to confront the dark and make a decision: Do we want reform, or business-as-usual? The actors in this play will self-identify either with the light or with the dark. Which side a person is on will become evident by their words and deeds. The measurement will be a simple one: Dark = intolerance and hatred. Light = tolerance and compassion.  People we thought were heroes will turn out to be dark actors, and vice-versa. All of this will occur so that human beings can see the big choice we have to make: to go to the dark or go to the light.

Buckminster Fuller expressed this idea succinctly when he wrote, "Dear reader, traditional human power structures and their reign of darkness are about to be rendered obsolete." (Source – "Cosmography: A Posthumous Scenario for the Future of Humanity.") Bucky was a visionary; he saw the transition to the new energy before it occurred.

3) Those who are sleeping will be awakened. Everyone will have to confront their inner demons and transcend them. Those with little earth experience will have an easier time and will mostly be observers, easily swayed to one side or the other (the sheeple?). For old souls the choice will be obvious. But old souls will also have a much harder time as the Akash is cleaned out. Old souls have probably done all the dark stuff it is possible to do over the millennia. For us our awareness is high, but with that also comes lifetimes of being burned at the stake and being "different."  We have to deal with what we have done and with what has been done to us over many, many lifetimes.

As I have said in previous posts, over 5 billion "newbies" are on the planet now, new souls who have come in since 1930 and who only have a couple lifetimes of earth experience. These are the part of the population within one standard deviation on the normal Gaussian distribution – the Bell curve – about 68%. Check out the graph below. The total population of earth is around 7.4 billion. 5 billion / 7.4 billion = 67.6%! Old souls are outliers, lying between 2 and 3 standard deviations from the norm (between 95.75% and 99.73% on the outside parts of the curve).

Source: Melikamp - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=65001875

Last month's post talked about the meme war. Both the NPC meme and the Russian bot meme refer to the 68%. The idea behind these memes is that if you have little experience on earth you don't know how life works, so you can be programmed much easier.

Looking at the graph above you can see where old souls are relative to the population (in the red). The situation might look hopeless but it’s not. The good news? Everyone is beginning to awaken, from the middle of the graph on out. Part of that awakening will include becoming more aware spiritually, but also confronting the dark. The duality has two sides.

Spirituality in the Past and in the Future

In the past, it was easier to be "spiritual." When you meditated, or did healing sessions, first you had to clear the space of dark energy. Then you tuned into your channel and did your thing. The channel didn't move, the procedures you used were tried and true. You knew the dark energies were powerful and you felt good spreading as much light as you could. Some people became spiritual leaders. In the old energy this was fine, it was inspiring to listen to recognized spiritual authorities.

It's all different now.

The “source” channel is moving higher due to the infusion of light onto the planet. The light is more powerful now, there is no need to clear dark energy. Yet somehow, the tried and true methods don't work as well as they used to. The entire spiritual scene is changing and it can sometimes feel confusing. You look out at the world and see so many unbalanced people doing crazy things, shooting people in schools and outdoor venues and in nightclubs. You ask yourself, "So this is what the new energy is? I want to go back to the good old days when I was more certain, and knew I could help people in safe and trusted ways."

The old spirituality existed in a milieu where the dark was more powerful, but where you could create a little bubble of light, a safe space. Now everything is moving so fast it's getting uncomfortable. Some have found their channel and can keep up with the changing energy; for them this is the best of times. But what about the rest of us? How do you keep up with such rapid change in a time that is supposed to be evolving to a new and better paradigm but that can feel very uncomfortable?

The Old Paradigm vs. the New Paradigm

What happens when you take an old consciousness and put it into a new energy? Objection, opposition, resistance! This happens because  the old paradigm was slow and linear, but understandable. Before, you made your plans, wrote them down, proceeded logically step-by-step to your goal. Often there was a lot of struggle, because the old paradigm was a zero-sum game: Everybody knew there was only so much to go around, so you better get your piece of the pie. “Nice guys finish last,” was the phrase that epitomized the old paradigm, which featured endless war and a top-down hierarchical structure even within democratic societies.

The new paradigm is different. It's more intuitive, less defined, less understandable logically. People can already feel the difference. Whatever you want to call it, the new energy or whatever, feels different. It’s faster, it’s not so linear; the connections between things sometimes are not obvious because there’s now a multi-dimensional component. The old ways of plodding along step-by-step don’t seem to work as well for most people. There is a LOT of resistance (#Resist).

In the past I never understood the sometimes violent hatred of Trump. I didn’t vote for the guy but he’s our president, like it or not. In a democracy we accept that and move on, working to get the candidate we like in next time. Now I understand that it’s not about Trump at all. (Most people who don’t like Trump will tell you otherwise, but this is mis-identification.) It’s about the character of the new paradigm, the new energy. There’s no escaping it! The very fabric of spacetime is changing its character. There’s a feeling of inevitable, unavoidable change. To some the feeling is one of doom. Well, it is doom, but for the old paradigm.

It’s like the ethers are saying,

“Deal with it! You wanted ascension, you’re getting ascension!”

“Yeah but I didn’t know the road to ascension and higher consciousness would be so hard!”

“It’s about higher intuition and non-linearity. It’s a faster-moving energy now. You wanted change, you got change.”

“I didn’t think change would be like this!”

“The vibration of ‘source’ is changing in response to the demand of humanity for a better world. Did you think that a world mired in darkness would remain the same with just a few tweaks here and there? The road to ascension requires a massive shift into the light. You’re in it now.”

“If Donald Trump is what we get in the new paradigm I want to go back to the old one.”

“Aint happening sweetheart. Once you go down this road, you’re committed. Mr. Trump is just a placeholder for the new energy; more like him are coming. He is helping you to confront all of the problems in society. He’s the change agent, the bull in the china shop. It’s necessary.”

“Resist! Opposition! ...”

We all know the drill. People are going mad, shooting up nightclubs, community centers, synagogues, and even mass public executions as in Las Vegas. Most of us who aren’t going mad are just objecting to the very rapid pace of change. This is a symptom of an old-energy consciousness entering a new, faster moving paradigm.

Who or what do you think is behind this? Do you really think that the Trumpster is responsible? Nope. He's a convenient scapegoat (because of his big ego) for a process being set in motion by the collective consciousness. Trump is just one of many actors in this unfolding drama, which is being driven by the demand of humanity for a better world.

The dark forces are massively resisting change, those who have held power in the old paradigm for ages. Call (((them))) the deep state, the cabal, whatever. These are the folks who had it made in the old energy. These people will not give up their power and influence, or their dark lifestyles. They will fight to the death to keep the old ways. Some of them are vile and evil. During the next decade or so those responsible will be identified and neutralized. Believe it or not, Trump is the guy leading the charge. He is directly confronting (((them))), he is in their faces, he is not backing down, he is telling (((them))) their days are numbered. It’s not about Democrats vs. Republicans. Look at the politicians who have resigned or who Trump pressured out of office:

Left office

Diane Black (R) (Tennessee, District 06)

Raul Labrador (R) (Idaho, District 01)

Luther Strange (R) (Alabama, Senate)



Xavier Becerra (D) (California, District 34)

Jason Chaffetz (R) (Utah, District 03)

Thad Cochran (R) (Mississippi, Senate)

John Conyers Jr. (D) (Michigan, District 13)

Charlie Dent (R) (Pennsylvania, District 15)

Ron DeSantis (R) (Florida, District 06)

Blake Farenthold (R) (Texas, District 27)

Al Franken (D) (Minnesota, Senate)

Trent Franks (R) (Arizona, District 08)

Patrick Meehan (R) (Pennsylvania, District 05)

Tim Murphy (R) (Pennsylvania, District 18)

Pat Tiberi (R) (Ohio, District 12)


Retiring at end of session

Joe Barton (R) (Texas, District 06)

Robert A. Brady (D) (Pennsylvania, District 01)

Bob Corker (R) (Tennessee, Senate)

Ryan Costello (R) (Pennsylvania, District 06)

John K Delaney (D) (Maryland, District 06)

John J Duncan Jr. (R) (Tennessee, District 02)

Elizabeth Esty (D) (Connecticut, District 05)

Jeff Flake (R) (Arizona, Senate)

Rodney Frelinghuysen (R) (New Jersey, District 11)

Tom Garrett (R) (Virginia, District 05)

Bob Goodlatte (R) (Virginia, District 06)

Trey Gowdy (R) (South Carolina, District 04)

Gene Green (D) (Texas, District 29)

Luis V Gutierrez (D) (Illinois, District 04)

Gregg Harper (R) (Mississippi, District 03)

Orrin G Hatch (R) (Utah, Senate)

Jeb Hensarling (R) (Texas, District 05)

Darrell Issa (R) (California, District 49)

Lynn Jenkins (R) (Kansas, District 02)

Sam Johnson (R) (Texas, District 03)

Ruben Kihuen (D) (Nevada, District 04)

Sander Levin (D) (Michigan, District 09)

Frank LoBiondo (R) (New Jersey, District 02)

Rick Nolan (D) (Minnesota, District 08)

Ted Poe (R) (Texas, District 02)

Dave Reichert (R) (Washington, District 08)

Tom Rooney (R) (Florida, District 17)

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R) (Florida, District 27)

Dennis Ross (R) (Florida, District 15)

Ed Royce (R) (California, District 39)

Paul Ryan (R) (Wisconsin, District 01)

Carol Shea-Porter (D) (New Hampshire, District 01)

Bill Shuster (R) (Pennsylvania, District 09)

Lamar Smith (R) (Texas, District 21)

Dave Trott (R) (Michigan, District 11)

Niki Tsongas (D) (Massachusetts, District 03)

Source:  “115th Congress Casualty List,” OpenSecrets.org, https://www.opensecrets.org/members-of-congress/outgoing-members-list?cycle=2018

There are far more Republicans than Democrats on this list: 38 to 13. If Trump was the Evil One, why would he force out three times as many members of his own party as the opposition? A cynic might say that he’s doing this so he can gain absolute power in his party, but he already has that; he’s had it since the election win in 2016. My take is a new energy one: Mr. Trump is a necessary phenomenon on the way to a better world. The more you resist change, the more you resist Trump, the more unbalanced you will be and the worse you will feel. Feeling crappy doesn’t help get us over the hump into the new paradigm. Objecting and resisting doesn’t help to bring peace on earth.

During the next two years Trump is going to try to expose the worldwide human trafficking and pedophile networks. I had a dream about that. Things are going to stay hairy until 2020 in the political world; but on the other hand, behind the scenes, improvements are and will be occurring as well. Despite all the animosity and name calling, the economy is doing well, people can get jobs, salaries are rising. Peace has returned to the Korean peninsula. The turnout for the mid-term elections was very high (excitement!).[2] During the last midterms in 2014, voter turnout was at a 70-year low (apathy). People are participating! These are signs we are being blessed from Spirit.

Carry on, don’t give up the ship. The world needs old souls to spread their light.

 Postscript: The Beginning of the End for Big Pharma?

In the Guardian last month I found a fascinating article: “Sackler family members face mass litigation and criminal investigations over opioids crisis.”

This is a good read. It shows clearly how people and organizations who lack integrity will be exposed. More of this is coming.

From the article: “Plaintiffs are now determined to make the Sacklers pay, even though their money is scattered in property, charitable foundations, trusts, a multitude of companies and overseas bank accounts. ’I don’t know where it all is yet, but I’ll find it,’ Conroy said.”[3]

The dark army survives via offshore bank accounts, charitable foundations, and trusts. What’s going to happen when this network is exposed? The fall of Big Pharma, and the exposure of the worldwide human trafficking network. We live in exciting times!


[1] See “Ocean circulation in North Atlantic is at its weakest for 1,500 years - and at levels that previously triggered a mini Ice Age, study warns,” the Daily Mail, Nov 27, 2018. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-6430691/Ocean-circulation-North-Atlantic-weakest-1-500-years-trigger-Ice-Age.html?fbclid=IwAR2oBNQJWTcK6gymiKfOBTf9xnxgyOSx14fBiDStQS79DK7MYC-kT_yMrtk.
Also see, "A Little Ice Age Is Where We are Heading, According to Multiple Scientists," Collective Evolution.com, Nov. 3, 2018. https://www.collective-evolution.com/2018/12/03/a-little-ice-age-is-where-we-are-heading-according-to-multiple-top-scientists/?fbclid=IwAR3C5Xp3SgsuvvIMbyy_X0dBccrDyaYhDCjAjvZQUHir44CnRCfA8pCpHD0

[2] According to the New York Times, “By percent of people eligible to vote, it was the highest turnout of any midterm election since at least 1970 and the first time midterm turnout topped 100 million, said Tom Bonier, chief executive of TargetSmart, a data analytics firm that studies voter data. He based his analysis on the county- and precinct-level data reported so far.” The turnout could be higher once all votes are counted.

[3] https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/nov/19/sackler-family-members-face-mass-litigation-criminal-investigations-over-opioids-crisis


Is the polarization in our society reflective of a more fundamental property of energy in the universe?

“In general relativity, a white hole is a hypothetical region of spacetime which cannot be entered from the outside, although matter and light can escape from it. In this sense, it is the reverse of a black hole, which can only be entered from the outside and from which matter and light cannot escape.” -- Wikipedia

Izthak Bentov, Russian physicist, has theorized that at the center of the universe is a white hole – black hole system, in which the white hole sends out energy, which curves around and is then sucked back in through the black hole. Here is a diagram Mr. Bentov drew:

Physicists call this the Circular Universe concept.

Here is an image of our own galaxy.

Milky Way galaxy

Notice the energy coming out from the center, forming the spiral arms. Is there a white hole – black hole system at the center of our galaxy? (Astronomers know that the center of the galaxy contains a black hole.)

Of course, white holes are speculative at this point. But if this is the design of galaxies, then there is a fundamental polarization of all energy in this universe. That would go a long way to understanding why the duality is present in everything we see. Perhaps the duality is a fundamental property of this universe – not just on earth.

If that is so, then all souls on the planet are working through the duality, no exceptions! Masters like Buddha and Christ, who all possessed high consciousness, would show much more love and light than low consciousness humans. Perhaps high consciousness can transcend the effects of the natural energy polarization of this universe. Perhaps this property of the physical universe provides the opportunity for soul evolution.

When I first saw this diagram of Bentov’s I was immediately struck by the idea that polarization, or the duality, might simply be an inherent property of energy. The only way out would be to transcend matter and energy itself – which would be something that only consciousness could do – high level consciousness. It would provide the impetus to evolve spiritually. You’d try every solution you could think of with the intellect, but this approach would only spin you around in a box. In order to get out of the box you would have to look inward and find the God within. The key must exist somewhere within the consciousness (or maybe the DNA) of the human being. This is what the masters and the great yogis and gurus have been telling us for thousands of years.

Whatever the key is, it is probably multi-dimensional. Or at least non-material. It probably can only be reached through an exploration of human consciousness, or a looking inward. It's probably why science, which looks outward at the physical universe, has given us great technological advancement but has not advanced spiritually.

I find it somewhat comforting that that the universe is built around duality. It means that it’s not our fault! Struggle in life is inevitable until you finally twig on the idea that you are an aspect of the One. In order to do that you have to go beyond a purely materialistic worldview and get more metaphysical. You have to understand that there is more to life than making money and  promoting your brand. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it won’t get you anywhere in the sense that you will still be running around inside the box. In order to get outside the box you have to think multi-dimensionally, non-linearly.

It’s a good system. It literally forces you to look for Spirit, however many lifetimes that takes, after you finally get tired of the same-old same-old.

Old souls are awakening on the planet, millions of us. The rest are in various stages of awakening, depending on how many lifetimes they’ve had on the planet. As I’ve said before, over 5 billion new souls have come to earth since 1930 (based on population increases), so the majority of the planetary population is busy building their brands or just trying to survive.

The Meme War

Here in the US the battle is raging. The level of hatred and violence is rising as those motivated by the old energy desperately try to bring humanity back to the old ways. I've already remarked in previous blog posts that this phenomenon is inevitable when the light begins to penetrate the dark. In order to go to the light we have to transcend the darkness, and the programming, that we have created for ourselves over the past 6,000 years.

Every one of my friends sees it differently. They claim that the world is hurtling into doom, that fascism is around the corner (represented by Trump), that the violence  and hatred we observe is an obvious indicator of a world heading toward destruction. I don't get this point of view. It's one of the reasons I keep writing this blog! If you are a lightworker how can you support this idea? Old souls are on the planet to spread light, not to get taken up by old energy remnants that co-create a dark future for humanity. I see this totally the opposite. The hatred and violence is an indicator that we are winning, that light is penetrating the darkness and that the darkness is fighting a losing battle. Sound irrational? In a linear way, it is irrational because a lot of evidence exists to support the "doom-and-gloom" idea.  A more multi-dimensional view requires a person to stand in the light and view current events.

I believe that the meme war is an indication of the progress we are making. I will try to explain.

The Nov 6 mid-term elections are coming, and the action is hot. Lots of people are motivated to vote. During the last mid-term elections in 2014, turnout was at a 70-year low. This year, it will probably be at an all-time high. This is a positive development: a more inclusive electorate.

The dark-light war is heating up big-time, represented in human form by the Trump camp and the Clinton camp. These humans are just placeholders, or board pieces, for the struggle within human consciousness. The duality is becoming sharper: those who favor the dark and those who favor the  light are having to firm up their positions! You can no longer sit on the fence.

This sharpening of the duality has in turn led to a war of memes and information. I want to get into the meme war a little bit because it represents a very powerful phenomenon that is going on within consciousness here in the US, an awakening of sorts. It all began when those who favor the Trump-Russia narrative accused the screamers on the right of being programmed Russian bots, unable to see the obvious. The hint was that these people are merely following a script, and unable to think for themselves. This hit home to those on the right, who have responded with an even more powerful meme: the NPC meme.

I will let the New York Times explain this meme:

NPC stands for “non-player character” and comes from gaming. In World of Warcraft and other online games, people play against other people. But there are also computer (game) generated characters who interact with the human player characters. These “non-player” characters are one-dimensional and can only say and do what their limited programming tells them to. NPC’s have no inner life, no spirituality. The NPC meme image is based on Wojak, the face in the  MS Paint program,

, and evolved into this:

The original Wojak/Feels Guy is now used by memers to portray real human beings, the gray-face is used to represent NPCs.

The fascinating thing about this meme, and the Russian Bot meme, is that they check all the boxes of awakening in popular culture. These memes cut right to the heart of a person’s belief systems. They tap into the movie memes of “They Live” and “The Matrix,” the idea that humanity is programmed to think only in certain ways. Here are a few generic examples:

The fundamental dilemma of the human, according to the NPC meme, is whether or not he or she is an NPC, as shown in this meme:

The idea behind this meme, and the Russian Bot meme, is that if you are “triggered” by the meme, something has activated your programming.

Here is an example of the meme war between left and right, using both the Russian Bot meme and the NPC meme:

The “Russian Bot” meme and the “NPC Meme” both check the conspiracy theory box as well. These memes act as a sort of thought and belief cleanser by asking the question, “Are you a [Russian Bot][NPC]?” Which is the same as saying, “Do you really think for yourself, or do you merely parrot stuff you hear on the news (CNN, NPR, Fox, etc)? Is what you think and say really yours, or is it someone else’s opinion?”

These memes (whether on the left or the right) force you to ask yourself whether your belief system is programmed. It’s a very powerful way to break through what Lee Carroll calls a person’s “box of beliefs.” Many people don’t even know WHAT they believe! The meme war is forcing people to look inward and do a little self-inspection. In this throw-away culture of bling and superficial trendy marketing that places your attention outside of Self, that is a good thing.

Humanity has been Programmed: By whom?

History shows us that humanity has been programmed for thousands of years. History is just war after war, constant fighting and conflict. Nothing ever changes. Oh, a civilization might rise and have a golden age for a while, but it always sinks back down into the muck. Why?

If humans were really independent thinkers, if they truly had at least a little spiritual awareness, the cycle would have been broken long ago. The fact that it has not been broken is a testament to the idea of mental programming. The meme war is breaking open this question all over the planet. In a few simple photos or drawings with text, a powerful message is transmitted. Minds are being challenged, belief systems are being challenged. And that’s a good thing. Even better, anyone can make a meme and post it! Your opinions are only limited by your imagination. This phenomenon could never have happened if the dark was winning. Why? Because the darkness thrives when people are sleeping. Anything that wakes people up a threat to the dark side.

Although the debate is getting more and more contentious, I believe that the meme war is a very positive development. We have been mindlessly going down the road of “technology is our savior” when it is clear now that technology is just another in-the-box solution that can never transcend the fundamental duality that is part of the energy configuration of the universe itself. If the technology-as-savior idea persists without accompanying spiritual advancement, it will lead to a Borg-like, soulless society dominated by AI, cloning (a biological dead-end), or another materialist control system. The meme war, to me, is proof that humanity is beginning to awaken. The very existence of the NPC and the Russian Bot memes show that the human race is beginning to question its programming.

The idea that belief systems can be programmed is a fascinating one, because this idea never could have come about if it were not for technological advances! Computers and computer programming are the basis for this idea. Those who shout the loudest on both left and right are somehow “triggered” by these memes, which question the fundamental idea of Self. Those without self-awareness cannot look inward to examine their soul motivations, which causes immense frustration (“triggering”). Some brilliant person once said that love is quiet. I think that's true. A balanced, compassionate person doesn't need to shout.

Some on the right say that “NPCs” may not even be human – that they are programmed collections of protoplasm that simply react emotionally to events. This is absurd, in my mind.

A far better explanation is that many who get triggered are souls who genuinely want to see humanity rise in consciousness and reach our potential, but they recognize that it’s going to take a long time for this to happen. They want to see humanity quickly reach a tipping point in consciousness, and are frustrated that humans with “lower consciousness” are preventing the collective consciousness from doing so. The motivations of these people are good. Of course, many more on both sides of the meme war simply love to fight. The fascinating thing about the meme war is that even if your intent is only to skewer the other side's programming, the result is positive! It gets people on BOTH sides to look inward and question their programming.

I believe it was Max Planck who said, in respect to science, that scientific ideas don’t get accepted because the community sees how brilliant a new idea is, and embraces it. No, Planck said, new scientific ideas become accepted only when supporters of the old ideas die off. In a previous blog post I summed this idea up with the phrase, “Human progress advances one grave at a time.” I’d imagine that in the old energy, this was true of ANY idea. However, there is a fundamental difference, metaphysically speaking, since the end of 2012. We made it past the extinction events. Humanity is going to survive and go forward on this planet. There will be no WW III, no runaway global warming that will destroy the environment, no meteors striking the earth from space, none of that shit.

So who programmed humanity? A bunch of reptilian ETs a la David Icke? Or was it us? The answer is another question. When will humanity finally get over the view of itself as victims? The meme war is helping us to understand that we are co-creating our lives and our futures.

Humanity is facing the meme structures that it built over the past 6,000 years. We all participated in building this meme structure, that’s why everyone who has ever lived on earth is here now. It is up to us to examine these memes and decide whether we will continue to participate in old, superannuated belief systems. As the saying goes, “We made our bed and are lying in it.” Fortunately, we all have free will and can decide to build something better.

We Are Making Progress

As the consciousness of humanity rises the light penetrates the dark, and old systems and beliefs are exposed. Some begin to fail if they lack integrity or are self-defeating. Those who hold to the old beliefs and  systems will fight to the death to preserve them. But the battleground has shifted with the advancement of the meme war. It has shifted to the thought/mental plane, where all the action is! The mental plane is where beliefs live, and where the motivation for action lies. The meme war is hitting this directly; it is targeting minds all over the planet via the worldwide internet messaging system.

In my opinion, we have advanced incredibly far since December 21, 2012. I never thought we would make this much progress so fast; and yes, we are making progress. Those who think that the world is going down into darkness – on both sides – are accessing the old time fractals, the old potentials that have been hanging around in human consciousness for 6,000 years. The Akash of old souls tells us: “It’s always happened before that when we get to this stage, society collapses. I remember because I lived through it. We’re at that stage now.”

Yeah, we’re at that stage now, but we are making great leaps forward.  2018 has been an amazing year, 2019 will be just as amazing or even more so as the light continues to penetrate dark and hidden structures and organizations. The rabbit hole is very, very deep and we have only scratched the surface of what will eventually be revealed.

We are on a different track than before 2012. The old prophecies and paradigms no longer apply. Rapid change is occurring in a new paradigm that we have never seen before as the planet ascends. Ascension isn't a waving of a magic wand by ascended masters as everyone magically goes to the light all at once. Some of us will be dragged there, kicking and screaming.

Don’t give up the ship just when we’re starting to right the ship. Lightworkers and old souls, this what you came to earth for: to be part of the movement of light that gets us over the hump for good!

And if you feel inspired, make your own memes and post them.


Here is the ultimate "are you programmed" meme. I laugh at these things, hopefully you will too, because it's supposed to be a joke:

Last night I had a dream. I was with my wife and a bunch of people I have never met this time around. Something bad was about to happen. We all knew it. Something was happening to the sky; it was turning colors in a bad way. It was the precursor to annihilation. I woke up shivering; what the HELL was this?

Whenever I have momentous, strikingly vivid dreams I always meditate afterwards, asking my guides what the dream meant. I was given two things. The first was an image I had seen the previous evening. It was a picture of a huge circular area in the Sahara Desert in Northern Africa. This formation wasn't seen until recently, it can only be viewed from space. I was reminded of something I read once about a huge area of fused sand in the same area. The writer remarked that it was the sort of thing that could only be created from very intense heat. The writer speculated that it had come about from the explosion of a nuclear weapon.

Huh? Everyone knows our ancestors were primitive savages and that our civilization is the epitome of evolution on planet earth.

The second thing I was given was that the dream I just had was the remembrance of my presence at the end of a previous civilization on earth. According to Lee Carroll, who channels Kryon, there have been 10 previous civilizations on earth during the last two precessions of the equinoxes, which describes the earth's 26,000-year wobble around its axis.

How can this be? And how can anyone take a dream like this seriously?

If you are like me you have had at least one monumental vivid dream in your life. You know it is true because of the feelings you have when you are in it. These dreams are conscious remembrances from a previous life.  You can't prove it to anyone else of course, but you know it happened. The vividness of the experience, the sensations, the thoughts, the emotions, the interactions with the other people in the dream -- you know it happened. It's a memory of an actual event.

After I woke up I was taken on a sort of guided tour of my experiences at the end of previous civilizations. If you are an old soul and have experienced such memories, you know what I'm talking about.

In the dream there was a  feeling of inevitable, impending doom. Everyone knows it's the end. And it is. I have experienced this feeling over and over again during this lifetime and I always wondered where it came from. I always thought it was because of the untimely death of my mother, who died of leukemia at the age of 28 when I was 3 years old. This death traumatized my entire family because, of course, there is no cure for cancer (well, at least not an officially acknowledged one) and we all knew she was going to die. I have had plenty of counseling in the form of Traumatic Incident Reduction about the death of my mother. I thought I had totally "run it out." But if this was the true source of the feeling of doom, why was it still coming back?

This feeling of doom, I was shown in my dream, goes much, much deeper. Apparently I have been present on the earth for a long time, and have been there for more than one collapse of human civilization on earth. Again, this makes no sense unless you have had a dream like this. It really isn't a dream; it's a re-living of an event.

"This is why you have the feeling of doom," I was told. "It is a remnant from your Akash, the record of every lifetime you have had on the planet."

I was blown away by this, as you might imagine.

Next, the guidance said, "but you/we made it." The presence was telling me that on the tenth try, the human race finally made it past the marker of total destruction.

"OK," I replied. "But I still have these horrible memories and feelings."

I remembered one of the Kryon channels, where he said that time is in a circle: present affects both future and past because all events are connected. "You made it this time. Do you understand the significance of this?"

Suddenly I saw it: present affects past. Success! I went back to all of those past events and told everyone there that we did finally make it, to have hope for the future, that the lives we are leading are not in vain.

This was a remarkable experience, even though describing what I experienced in words sounds lame. But I learned that present does affect past. The feeling of doom lightened considerably. "What you are experiencing are shadows from the past; phantoms with emotional content that still may come up from time to time. But now you know that the light you hold has the power to positively affect events in the past and pave the road to a better future."


Human consciousness has not yet reached the stage where our Akash is an open book. There are a few who probably have this ability, but the vast majority can only get glimpses into the past. And often these glimpses may be fleeting. Unless you have a powerful experience like the one I had last night. These experiences are not provable but undeniable; they are as real (or even realer) than "real" life.

So what does it mean that "we made it?"

"It means that everything is going to be lovey-dovey from now on," you might say. Not quite!

Cleaning up our act

I used to think that. I used to think there would be a tipping point in human consciousness, where everyone would suddenly wake up one morning and realize that love was the answer, Well, that might eventually happen in the future.  What I learned is that we first have to transcend the duality. And that means confronting, as a civilization, all of the darkness we have created over the past 52,000 years. We don't just get to wave a magic wand and sweep everything under the rug. We don't get to be victims and say, "but it's not MY fault!"

If you are reading this you are probably an old soul. That means you have lived many, many lifetimes on the planet and through your free choice, you have contributed to the mess we are all in now.

Last night I learned that each individual has to eventually take responsibility for his or her participation. That is why every human who has ever incarnated on the earth is either alive right now or will soon be coming back to the planet. This period of time is the denouement, the final act of the last two esoteric cycles over the past 52,000 years.

Your guidance will present to you your past participation in a way that is appropriate for you. You will undoubtedly confront things, people, situations, in your life that are a result of your past lives. The karma you have to confront will come from your own Akash. If you are very good at spirituality you can knock out almost all of your karma with pure intent and affirmations. But if you find yourself having to confront  uncomfortable things, it's because it's part of your life path. Before you came here there were markers you set for yourself; personal challenges that you agreed to take care of when you were born.

These are assignments you gave to yourself! So there are no victims; only free will choices.

It's all part of the planetary equation that includes free will.

Passing the marker in December 21, 2012 was just the beginning. It voided all previous 9 collapses of civilization, and all extinction events. There will be no WW III, no planetary pandemic, no meteors striking the earth. None of that shit is valid anymore. There may be time fractal remnants, Akashic remnants of these past events, but they are remnants only.

Now the human race is freely deciding its own destiny. Part of that destiny is confronting the dark side, on an individual and a collective basis.

We are in that battle now. The forces of darkness on this planet are making themselves known. As consciousness rises the dark is panicking. Individuals who choose to reject the light are becoming more and more unbalanced and are doing more and more crazy things. The good news: these people are beginning to expose themselves. No longer is it possible to hide their activities from the world. The drug running, the arms trafficking, the child abuse, the dark rituals, the secret societies who thought they were safe are now realizing that the world is watching.

It's going to be a great show for those who stay in the light.

Globalism vs Populism

After WW II (which paradoxically and forcefully introduced cultures to each other via a planetary conflict) organizations were created that brought the world together. A divided and battered Europe formed the Common Market, breaking down barriers to trade and commerce. In Africa, the Organization of  African States (OAS) was formed. In Asia, the Organization of Southeast Asian States was created, primarily to counter the influence of  China. As the decades passed, especially in Europe, the Common Market became the European Union, which has turned into a rigid, unelected bureaucracy dictating to democracies. Open  borders and free trade have resulted in mass migration into Europe, as well as an increase in drugs, gangs, and trafficking in human beings. This in turn has led to the rise of populist movements who demand a return to the nation state. In the US, this is precisely the agenda of President Trump. Globalists see in the populist movement a return to fascism and the old ways. Populists see in the globalist movement a worldwide imposition of dictatorial overseers determined to snuff out cultural identity via "diversity."

There is light and dark on both sides of this conflict. Ultimately globalism will win out when human consciousness rises to the point where there is no more war and people see the value of cooperation. But we aren't there yet! There will be a temporary retrenchment back to the nation state as humanity clears out the dark actors, who exist on both sides of this struggle. Then, when the light-dark balance has shifted even further toward the light, there will be a natural impetus toward unity and cooperation. Borders will open back up and a global community will be formed. How fast will this happen? As quickly as individual human beings transcend their own dark sides.

That is why old souls are so important. Old souls are going through the Akashic cleansing process first, because old souls have so much experience on the planet and can create so much light. This process is invisible. Old souls who are doing their inner work are creating a path for those to come en masse.

This process of Akashic cleansing may appear (as it has at times to me) to be utterly pointless. Why am I suffering so much? I would ask myself. After I understood that I was cleaning my Akash, the process became simpler and clearer to me. As I clear out my Akash I feel better myself and also affect the past and the future, because time itself is connected in a circle. As old souls clean out their soul closets they help out everyone else, and the planet as well.

There is a point to all this madness!

It's dark vs light for every old soul on the planet. That's where we are at now. Power has truly returned to the people as the infusion of higher energies has transformed the conflict from national leaders to individuals. The battle is in the mental and the Akashic areas now. National actors merely reflect the set of possibilities granted to them by the collective consciousness of the culture or nation.

"But how can individuals change the nation?" people ask. "We are going in the wrong direction."

The answer is that you cannot create in another's experience. The old energy ways of protesting and fighting will no longer work. They will be and are being tried, but their effectiveness is very limited. Violence and intimidation will no longer be effective in the new energy. "Re-education" is pointless today because it is an imposition of belief systems and it violates free will. Those who try this will be seen as unbalanced. It is already evident if you follow current events.

President Xi of China, for example, is leading a great nation down the wrong path. He is creating a surveillance state  based on AI  and the imposition of cultural values from above. This will not work because it is the opposite of the new energy framework. Oh, it may for a time but soon the Chinese people will rebel. President Trump understands this very well, as he continues to pressure China on trade issues. If the Chinese continue along the path they are on, their economy and their social cohesion will suffer. That's my prediction, and it's an easy one to make if you understand that the battle between dark and light isn't some cutesy little metaphysical fantasy. It's for real. Those who go the wrong way in this battle will be punished by the unfolding of events as humanity gradually goes further and further toward the light.

So, old souls, continue your work. You are not alone, there are tens of millions of us all over the planet. More and more people are waking up. Every time you void your karma with an affirmation, or send light into your own personal darkness, you make it easier on yourself and everyone else. You help the planet ascend to a new level of consciousness where true harmony and cooperation will be the norm, and where never again will there be war.

When you void your personal karma you may find that the crazy events of the world don't touch you anymore, because the fear is gone. Your vibe rises; you find more good things coming into your life. And if your path is one of leadership, you will discover that your message of light will reach more and more people (as long as you don't try to control the process).

Old soul, it's an exciting time to be alive, a time you wanted to be here to experience.