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The Bailout

"I place economy among the first and most important virtues, and public debt as the greatest of dangers. To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt."
-- Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826

As usual, the questions around the proposed $700 billion bailout of incompetent bankers is not whether the bailout should occur at all, but in what form. No one is asking the basic questions: why should we create $700 billion more money (debt) which will further fuel inflation, to bail out the private banks whose greed caused the problem in the first place? Even more basic, why should the U.S. government pay a private bank, the Federal Reserve, merely to print and create money?

The U.S. government is quite capable of doing that. The interest on the national debt this year (2008) is an astonishing $600 billion! That money goes directly to the private shareholders of the Fed, most of whom are foreigners. And what does the Fed do in return? Create more money, print more money, and keep track of the amount of money that has been created.

Here is a chart of the interest payments on the national debt from 1988:

Chart of interest on national debt
Source: National Debt & Interest Payments For Fiscal 2008 ... iscal-2008

Add up the figures: since 2000, taxpayers have paid over$ 2.8 trillion dollars to the Fed, just in interest. Add the $600 billion for 2008 and you get $3.4 trillion dollars in interest payments. With $3.4 trillion we could have completely overhauled our decaying infrastructure, and paid off 1/3 of our 9 trillion national debt. The first solution to our fiscal and banking crisis is to abolish the Fed.

“We need the bailout to save banks from collapse,” is the argument. “Do you want to lose all your money? “ Well, here’s a suggestion: if we’re going to create $700 billion in new fiat money, why don’t we distribute that to the citizens instead of the banks? That’s $2,300 million for every man woman and child in America. This suggestion has been going around the internet the past couple of days, and on the surface it seems attractive, but it wouldn't do much to solve the problem.

Bailouts make no sense when the Federal government is spending 3.3 trillion every year. Every dollar that government spends is one less dollar in the hands of citizens, who will vote for the best products and services with their pocketbooks, and who will create new companies that employ people and pay them.

It is time to abolish the privately owned Federal Reserve bank and place the creation of money back in the hands of government, where it belongs. It is time for citizens to DEMAND that our government balance its budget, and spend LESS each year, not more. Unless we do this, the world will experience a hyperinflation followed by a depression. In a depression, the value of currency finds its true value relative to the production of goods and services. Government interferes with the people’s regulation of the economy. The Securities and Exchange Commission must be funded and staffed with competent people who will oversee the securities industry and punish those who violate securities regs. We must once more put up the wall between banks and the securities industry.

How did the Mortgage Crisis come About?

Banks traditionally lent money to people and added that loan to their portfolio. So they had every incentive to lend to people who could pay, because they serviced their own loans. If a borrower defaulted, the banks lost out. The so called “mortgage crisis” occurred when Congress, lobbied vigorously by banks, tore down the barrier between banking and securities.

What banks did was to package a bunch of loans together into investment vehicles, and sold those loans to third parties around the world. That’s what securitization is. Securitization is a structured finance process, which involves pooling and repackaging of cash-flow producing financial assets into securities that are then sold to investors. A security is simply a fungible, negotiable instrument representing financial value. A typical security is a stock (equity security) or a bond (debt security). A fungible asset is simply one that can be broken down into separate units and exchanged one for the other, like crude oil –– one barrel of oil is worth the same as another barrel of the same oil– or electricity –– 1 kilowatt hour of electricity is worth the same as another kilowatt hour of electricity, or a stock ––1 share of preferred stock in XYZ company can be exchanged for another. (see Wikipedia for some good definitions).

Now banks had no incentive to lend to those who could pay. Banks sent mortgage brokers all over the country, lending to every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a dollar in his pocket. “What do we care whether our loan portfolio is solid? We’re getting paid when we sell our mortgage portfolios to the investors.” Banks created “sub–prime” mortgages, which induced people to buy houses that they really couldn’t afford. That’s part of the reason that, as Mr. Bush put it, “Wall Street got drunk.”

I encourage everyone to go to and read the bailout bill. It’s posted right on the website. Find out what the government and Congress are doing with your money! Every dollar that is spent in a bailout is one more dollar of debt that is added to the money supply, creating more inflation. Remember, hyperinflation leads to depression, as the economy adjusts and prices find their true balance.

If you do nothing else, educate yourself about money by seeing the excellent You Tube movie “Money as Debt.” Just type in “Money as Debt” into your favorite search engine. The movie is only 47 minutes long and is well worth your time.

We must stand up as citizens and make our government accountable. The first step in that process is self-education about money, banking and finance.

Kenneth James Michael MacLean

Universal Principles, War, and Peace

From Ken’s book "The Vibrational Universe”:
People object to the concept of non-resistance, especially in a political context. There are some who think, for example, that the armed forces protect a country from attack and guarantee the freedom of all of its citizens, and that non-resistance is a cowardly attempt to duck the responsibilities of a good citizen.

But this is just another of those un-inspected 'truths' which are floating around in mass consciousness.

The armed forces exist to fight. They are an exact vibrational match to others who also wish to fight, and to those who are resisting fighting, war, and conflict. (The energy stream of resistance is building a wall, and the energy of the warrior is to knock down the wall.) This resistance to war can take many forms, but it always resides on the lower levels of the Emotional Scale (fear, anger, hatred, etc.).

Their little play is acted out upon whatever stage is chosen by them, and their actions only affect those who are resonating to the vibrations of conflict. And indeed, most of us in this society have been raised in an environment of war (cold or otherwise), and if we watch the news every night, it is very likely that almost all of us have activated somewhere within us, support for, or fear of, conflict. Those who resonate purely to the vibrations of peace, harmony and love will never find themselves involved in a war, unless it is their conscious choice to become so involved (like James Twyman, the peace guy). This is something most people find impossible to believe, but it is entirely consistent with universal law. Nevertheless, we say here with absolute certainty that the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction are inviolate and infallible and will always work in your favor if you focus positively. You cannot be a victim of conflict, if you do not resonate to conflict.

The armed forces protect no one, for it is impossible to protect anyone from anything, as we have already seen. If you are a warrior, then you love fighting and the military is a perfect career, for you then associate with other warriors and you can have a grand time. Blood and guts! But don't make the mistake of thinking you are protecting anyone else. Vibrationally speaking, as a warrior you add your individual contribution to the overall vibe of fighting and war. For a true warrior fighting is a release, but to the rest of us, war is a very imprisoning activity.

The idea that the armed forces protect the citizens of a nation from attack is, however, a great justification for their existence. You could not think of a better reason to promote military activities! It is actually a very clever way of psychologically training people to resonate to war and conflict.

If you have followed me so far, however, you understand that fighting those who wish to promote or fight wars is pointless. Vibrationally speaking, you engage the other on his own ground! You become that which you hate, and find yourself part of the problem instead of the solution. Eventually, you learn the hard way that attempting to change the activities of others places you squarely in opposition to the Law of Free Will. Actions stem from beliefs, and although you may physically conquer, it is impossible to ensure a change in thought. Objecting to unwanted things feeds energy to them. Thus, love is the only way to deal with hate.

There may be many objections to this. "OK, what about WW II? If morons like you had their way, we'd be speaking German right now and living in a dictatorship." Well, resistance to Hitler (or fear, same thing) allowed him to grow in power. In Germany, much discontent and agitation existed from the grossly unfair terms imposed on that country (in the minds of many Germans) by the allies after WW I, and the hyperinflation of the Weimar government threatened to wipe out what was left of the middle classes.

Hitler grew powerful internationally because of an enormous amount of resistance. Hitler started out as a little punk that grew more influential, not because people ignored him, but because they did not ignore him. Historical evidence shows that some of Hitler's funding came from sources outside Germany.

Somebody who wants to fight needs another to push back. A vibration of conflict needs a matching vibration in order for it to take root. The martial art known as Aikido operates upon this principle, essentially refusing to resist the fighter and by using his own energy against him. Every time you resist something, you feed it power.

Many people think this is nutty. "If we didn't fight Hitler he would have walked all over us." People like to point out examples in history where peace-loving people were massacred by invading barbarians. The lesson, they claim, is that negative forces, if ignored, can overwhelm entire societies. But this is not how it works. We do not live in a universe where beings in it are powerless. There are no victims. The belief in negative forces is a massive distortion that mankind has placed into the species mass consciousness.

It sets up a self-fulfilling idiocy in which a powerful vibration is offered, and eventually matched.

It may seem nutty to say that if people outside Germany placed their attention on well-being instead of resisting Hitler, that he would not have attacked them. However, the universe responds to individuals, even though it seems that groups of people are randomly affected. The only way every one of a group of people could be affected by the same event is if all of them thought alike. Mankind as a species has a tendency to want to agree. This is a divine impulse born from inner knowledge of love and connection to all things, but it gets people into trouble when the agreement is on something uncomfortable! That is why mass media is so effective, for it gets people thinking and agreeing on the same thing. It allows those who control the media to inculcate ideas into the minds of people on a massive scale.

A truly loving person never encounters hatred. That is an inevitable conclusion from the vibrational universe concept. There are, however, unacceptable religious consequences (for some) that proceed directly from its acceptance, and which are beyond the scope of this book.

Group dynamics are always a function of individual dynamics. Every individual conscious being in this universe is guaranteed to have complete freedom of choice, and the universe is designed to always respond to those choices, no matter what others are doing. I don't care how many history books or political commentaries you have read. All individuals are guaranteed by the laws of the universe to be sovereign regarding their own experiences. If this seems hard to believe, I invite you to test it for yourself.

People don't believe in their own power because the history of planet earth for the past several thousand years seems to be one of inevitable disaster. The thought stream of conflict and war is very powerfully activated in the human mass consciousness. We are raised from birth immersed in the idea that in order to be secure, it is necessary to protect yourself from the bad guys. However, no one ever bothers to actually look at history. The history of this planet is mind-numbingly predictable: find something you don't like, try to get others to change their behavior to suit you, if they don't do what you say start a fight. Or, look at something you don't like, become afraid that it will come into your experience, and try to protect yourself from it. Those who want to fight and those who protect themselves are perfectly matched vibrationally. This nonsense has been going on for millennia, stupidly, over and over and over and over.

You cannot protect yourself from anything. The attempt to protect yourself from something unwanted draws it
to you. It's a simple application of the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction.

When the battles are fought, a person with a vibration of peace will not be present. He or she will be at a dinner party, or somewhere out of harm's way. A person who is tuned to well-being has far greater probability of being somewhere that war is not, and well- being is. That is because the ratio of well-being to disaster is overwhelmingly in favor of well-being.

History texts and news media proclaim 'country A is at war' implying that every person in the country is affected by the war and supports it, and that war is present over every square mile. But of course that is not true. Go back to WWII and look at where battles were fought and bombs were dropped. Even during the height of the destruction of Germany, only a small area of the country was involved in conflict at any one time.

"Country A is at war" means that a relative handful of people in the government of country A have declared war on the government of country B. Now, goes the mantra from mass consciousness, it is the patriotic duty of every citizen to get behind their government and support the troops, thus entraining the vibration of the populace to war. An analysis of how this happens and how entire populations get involved is beyond the scope of this book, but it would make an interesting political study.

In the physical sciences, resonant entrainment of oscillating systems is a well-understood principle. If you hit a tuning fork which produces a frequency of 440 cycles per second (an A note) and put it in close proximity to another 440 Hz tuning fork, the second tuning fork will begin to 'sympathetically' oscillate, or resonate. The first tuning fork is said to have entrained the second. The physics of entrainment apply to biosystems as well, especially brain wave entrainment.

In other words, the idea of patriotism sets the citizenry up to resonate to the vibration of fighting and war. The more powerful vibration has a tendency to entrain individual ones. However, knowledge is a powerful thing. Once you step into your power you can't ever be fooled again. No one can BS you, propagandize you, trick or coerce you. You become immune to harm.

In this book, we have extended the meme concept mentioned in an earlier chapter and the entrainment concept above to consciousness itself, and have postulated a thought/vibrational interaction based upon the influence of a universal field of subtle energy. The validity of such an approach only becomes apparent when you begin to think and act from such an orientation. Then the value of it becomes obvious, for it places you always at cause-point in your life.

In our vibrational model of the universe, vibrational proximity is more important than nearness in time and space. In my rural neighborhood, there are a dozen houses close to mine, but there is little interaction. I have much more in common with some of my Internet friends who live hundreds of miles away. A salesman may approach you with a sales pitch, but he has no hope of success unless he is vibrationally aligned with you. In fact, vibrational incompatibility results in physical separation.

I remember, several years ago in my negative phase of life, I showed up at a group meditation for world harmony and peace. There were a dozen people present, and after a few of my cynical comments, some guy looked me in the eye said politely but firmly, "You don't seem to be catching the spirit of this. Perhaps you shouldn't participate." Everyone turned to me in silent agreement, and I felt like a puppy caught crapping on the carpet. I slunk out of there with my tail between my legs, embarrassed, my negative contributions powerfully rejected. Vibrationally, I was incompatible and could not comfortably occupy the same space.

It's not my purpose to bad-mouth the armed forces. As I said earlier, warrior types love to fight and the military is a perfect expression for their desire to mix it up. The rest of us just have to wise up and stop trying to 'fix' them. The [warriors] of the world are not going to go away, because their decisions are fully supported by universal law. There is nothing wrong with someone who disagrees with you, or acts differently than you. He or she is just different, and contributes their valuable note to the overall symphony of life.

"Yes, but the military kills innocent citizens and wreaks destruction," you say. It does. But I invite you to stop them! You will quickly find out what an impossible task it is, but you will probably learn a lot about the principles of the Universal Operating System in the process.
If you do not want war, then paradoxically you must allow all war. By that is meant, you must not resist or push against those who believe in war. If you do, then in your worry, fear, or anger, even if it is only for others, you will begin to resonate to the vibration of war and contribute to it. This is the impossible principle so many wise ones have tried to explain to the bulk of humanity for millennia. Stated more generally, non-resistance to the vibration of X is the only way to guarantee that you will never become involved with X.

The implications are enormous, for it means that you cannot prevent another from becoming involved in harmful activities! Each being is sovereign and has control over his or her vibrational platform of attraction.

What is the solution, then, for those who wish to prevent war? It is to focus exclusively on peace, to BE peace, as my friend Craig would say. To focus on peace and network with others who are also of like mind and begin to spread the vibrations of peace around the world. The more people who pick up on these vibrations, the less chance of war, for those who might be drawn into conflict, in their fear of it, will be placing their vibration in an attitude of peace instead.

The best way to influence others is by setting an example. Help, in the form of persuasion, coercion, reward and punishment, will eventually fail. By living your truth you become a beacon for all who observe you. You walk the walk, and not just talk the talk.

It is very easy to talk the talk. It is very understandable to want others to change their behavior, because if you don't like "A," it is obvious that if you can eliminate "A" from your environment, you can be happy. But going down that road is a long, hard trek, for you must constantly monitor your environment, vigilantly ensuring that those who disagree with you behave themselves. Unfortunately, you usually end up morphing more and more into what you dislike. As Walt Kelley, the late writer of the old "Pogo" comic strip once said, "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

The Harmony Project

Speaking of walking the walk, wouldn’t it be a great idea to spread positive vibes throughout the world? Well, I believe there is an easy way to do so. The Harmony Projectis based upon the concept of social networks, and the power of love and inspiration. Positive vibrations subsume lower ones. The Harmony Project outlines two simple but powerful activities that anyone can do in their own communities that will make positive change. You don’t need any training, or permission from anyone. It’s something you do quietly, at your own pace.

Kenneth James Michael MacLean

The Value of Discernment

"For those who stubbornly seek freedom around the world, there can be no more urgent task than to come to understand the mechanisms and practices of indoctrination. These are easy to perceive in the totalitarian societies, much less so in the propaganda system to which we are subjected and in which all too often we serve as unwilling or unwitting instruments.”
–– Norm Chomsky, linguist and educator

Which side of the climate change crisis are you on? Do you believe in global warming, or the alternative, global cooling? There seems to be evidence on both sides.

Which side of the Democrat– Republican debate are you on? Do you believe in big government, or laissez–faire?

Hermann Goering, head of the Nazi Luftwaffe and Hitler’s designated successor, once said at the Nuremburg Trials

“Naturally the common people don't want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

As I remarked in my last blog post, “the materialist dialectic,” it is easy to get people excited and disturbed, merely by creating a problem and offering a solution that always keeps attention focused on the desired result. In the climate change crisis, it’s global warming vs. global cooling. In politics, it’s Democrat vs. Republican, or Left vs. Right, or War vs. Pacifism. Humanity has been taught to take sides. “Where do YOU stand?” is the question we are asked, and fence–sitting is not admired, for it smacks of indecision or even cowardice. Thus is nuanced thinking discouraged.

Taking sides polarizes opinions and hardens attitudes, creating conflict and separation between and within human populations.

Discernment, however, is the ability to recognize subtleties in thought and action. A discerning person is more aware, and more intelligent. For example, if you believe in Creationism, you are forced to accept the fact that dinosaurs are only a few thousand years old. In the Creation Museum in Kentucky, circa 2007, saddles were placed on the backs of dinosaur skeletons, showing that dino’s existed right alongside horses! Although this is an obvious example of the stupidity of polarized thinking, it is very easy to become entrapped in political or religious drama. You might be asked, for example, “Are you a Christian?” or, “Do you believe in God?” There are only two answers to that question, yes or no, placing you at one extreme or the other. But a brighter person might respond, “Why do you ask?” or “How do you define God?” These are questions that are difficult for those trapped within false dichotomy’s.

Either–Or thinking seems to excite the emotions as well. If you’ve ever gotten into a religious or political debate, you know what I’m talking about! Unfortunately, emotion usually obscures reason and inhibits tolerance of other points of view.

The arena of politics is especially susceptible to such polarized thinking. Politicians are required to tell us whether they are “soft on terrorism,” or “soft on crime,” and as citizens, national elections are always framed in these simplistic, lowest–common–denominator terms.

How do crises and polarized thinking become perpetuated? Through repetition.

It is accepted practice among propagandists (and marketers!) that a message will not get through unless it is repeated over and over. In fact, the dark actor Joseph Goebbels, Nazi minister of propaganda , once said

“[propaganda is] a carefully built up erection of statements, which whether true or false can be made to undermine quite rigidly held ideas and to construct new ones that will take their place. It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. What after all are a square and a circle? They are mere words and words can be moulded until they clothe ideas in disguise."

It is important to understand that you don’t have to take either–or positions on any issue. To those who are interested in manipulating opinion, it is irrelevant whether climate change, for example, means global cooling or global warming, for both sides serve the intended purpose, which is the crisis. (And the next crisis, and the next one, and the next one.) Once Communism collapsed, for example, terrorism became the next big global crisis. Once the Saddam Hussein straw–man was destroyed, the debate became the crisis between the Sunni and the Shiite in Iraq. The list of crises is practically endless!

How do you determine whether an issue is defined by a false dichotomy? Simply observe how the issue is framed. If you are told that disaster will result if you do not see an issue in the presented manner, or, you are encouraged to fight or resist something, then more than likely, someone has an agenda and is trying to convince you to follow it!

Rational and reasonable people welcome differing opinions, because well–intentioned people want to SOLVE the problem, not perpetuate it!
The materialist dialectic of created crises is just a way to confuse and obfuscate.

The proper way to handle a conflict of opposites is to practice discernment. A discerning person is difficult to indoctrinate; for he or she does not fall for the presented simplistic and polarizing dichotomy. He or she is capable of moving deeper into the question, and transcending the limiting and polarizing “conflict of opposites.”

A crisis can only exist when there are two opposing sides, continually clashing together. Nuanced thinking allows both “sides” to create new solutions that are at a higher vibration than the crisis, thus transcending the problem and dissolving it. Thus is propaganda defeated by mindful thinking and deliberate creation of your life.

Those who are spiritually aware have almost always transcended the simplistic and polarizing conflict of opposites. It is up to us to educate our brothers and sisters who are still immersed in the false dichotomy of crises and polarization.

So let’s get to work!

Kenneth James Michael MacLean

The need for Protection

The need for protection attracts unwanted things. Protection is a concept rooted in fear-of-something, and it only serves to get you resonating along with the thing you are attempting to protect yourself from. It is unnecessary, and if carried far enough, self defeating.

Drug advertisers, politicians, and modern "intelligence" structures understand this perfectly, and use it to sell products, themselves, and tyrannical legislation. The process goes: create a problem (like prostate cancer or terrorism) and then offer a solution to the problem, beneficial to the creator: "One in three men will have prostate problems." "Pass the Homegrown Terrorist Protection Act so that we can be safe from terrorists."

"Protection from" is an impossibility, for it vibrationally focuses your attention on the unwanted thing and makes it bigger. That’s because the universe does not understand the word no. No is actually yes, and yes is yes, because the universe says, “no what?”and your vibration replies, “No prostate cancer.” “No terrorism.”This is the genius behind the materialist dialectic, which is used by those who have an agenda and want you to follow it!

The philosophy of dialectical materialism was developed by Karl Marx and Lenin, and emphasizes conflict. Marx and Lenin took the classic dialectic, expanded upon by Hegel, of thesis - antithesis - synthesis, and postulated a conflict of opposites. At the heart of Marxist dialectics is the idea of contradiction, with class struggle playing the central role in social and political life. Modern advertisers and political groups have adapted this materialist dialectic very effectively: first, one creates a "problem" (thesis), opposition to the problem (antithesis), and then one offers a "solution" (synthesis). Example: War (thesis), anti-war demonstration (antithesis), police raid (Solution). Cancer (thesis), fear-based advertisement (antithesis), drugs and surgery (Solution). You can probably list others. In materialist dialectics, the solutions always proceed from an artificially created clash of opposites. Because conflict is at the heart of the deluded philosophy of materialism (which is the tried and true modus operandi of modern governments, despite their claims to religious or idealistic motivation) tension and discord is the inevitable result. Even a cursory observation of our human societies confirms this.

Protection from (fill in the blank) is the vehicle of resistance. It gets you resonating to the unwanted thing.

As individuals, and as a society, we can avoid falling victim to this nonsense by simply focusing on the desired thing, and paying no attention whatsoever to the unwanted thing! Without tension and conflict, the oppositional philosophy of the materialist dialectic must fail, for it depends utterly upon resistance! When we do not resist, but create in a positive fashion, we automatically defeat those who thrive upon opposition and confrontation. Thus does Light penetrate the darkness and dissolve it.

Kenneth James Michael MacLean

The False Dichotomy

A Presidential election is approaching in the United States. All across our country, ballots are being prepared. Even though third party candidates will appear for many political offices, the mainstream media will focus exclusively on the race between Democrats and Republicans.

When the votes are counted, the major networks will show red and blue maps, indicating which state voted Democrat and which Republican. Third party votes will never even be mentioned.

In the United States, and elsewhere, a false dichotomy is offered: Left vs. Right. On the left are "liberals" and on the right are "conservatives." The ultimate leftist government, it is said, is Communist, the ultimate right–wing government is fascist or Nazi.
This false dichotomy obscures the true political spectrum: tyranny vs. freedom.

Whether "leftist" or "rightist," tyrannical governments are collectivist, and aggrandize power to themselves. Benign governments are much more "hands off," and allow freedom of expression and religion. A collectivist government is hierarchical, with a small elite at the top.

People are sometimes fooled by nomenclature. The formal name for the "rightist" Nazi Party was the National Socialist German Workers Party. The formal name for Communist China is the "Peoples Democratic Republic of China." Never were two tyrannical, collectivist outfits more inaptly named.

When a government or a corporation becomes collectivist, it "collects" power unto itself. A cursory examination of Congressional legislation since 9 / 11 shows that the government of the United States is doing just that.

The noted intelligence analyst Christopher Story, in one of his intelligence updates, points out the true state of affairs within the U.S and British governments:

Since the passage of the National Security Act in 1947 –– which legalized the commission of assassinations, torture, blackmail, and other crimes, under the blanket designation of "national security" –– and Operation Paperclip, which imported Nazi's into our intelligence community (see previous blog post), the cancer of criminality within our government has grown unchecked.

Congressional oversight of the huge intelligence establishment is a thing of the past. Actual expenditure for the intelligence community (a euphemism which satisfies what Lenin called the "useful idiots" of the mainstream press) is unknown and hidden within the budget. In a 1974 Supreme Court decision, a lawsuit brought by a Pennsylvania accountant, which demanded that all monies spent on the CIA be publically declared, as demanded by the Constitution, was defeated by a 4 – 3 vote. The deciding vote was provided by Chief Justice Warren Burger, whom Sandra Day O'Connor famously referred to as "the dummy."

Freedom is what freedom does, and vice–versa.

It is important to look beneath the rhetoric of politics, and become informed. Look not at the false dichotomy of Left and Right, Liberal and Conservative, but to the true choice of Tyranny and Freedom.

Judge all public officials by their actions, and measure them against the true standard of freedom. Freedom is Light, tyranny is darkness. Now, more than ever, Americans must become true Patriots and emulate the informed and intelligent thinking and actions of our forefathers.

Kenneth James Michael MacLean

Practicing Love
From the "Interview With Spirit" show,

How can you love something or someone grotesque?

We said last week that love was the ability to unconditionally accept what someone is being and doing in the moment. We know that many people would argue against this. "Someone who is hurting another is not loveable," they will say.

But we assure you that if you COULD unconditionally love, you would never meet up with such a person. You would never see anything you considered cruel or horrible.

"Yes, of course, " you say. "If you had the ability to love unconditionally, you could observe the cruelest, most horrible things with perfect equanimity. But that ability cannot change the actions of others. You become just another apologist for the bad things of this world."

Well, of course, if you practiced your ability to love, and got to the point where you could observe anything with perfect love, even the most grotesque actions would have no ability to bring you down. But that is not what we are saying.

We are saying that if you practice love, you actually clear a vibrational space around you that invites love back in, and repels evil.
Remember, dear ones, that we live in a vibrational universe. The Law of Attraction is just a statement of fundamental vibrational interaction: "like attracts like."

When you yourself radiate love, you make it impossible for hatred to come near. You sublimate lower vibrations, and cause a tendency in others to 'look on the bright side.' Again, this is just a result of vibrational interaction. None of you live in a vacuum. You are all immersed in an ocean of vibration, composed of subtle life force energy. You have the ability to mold that energy in any way you wish, adding or subtracting to it. Every thing you think and say and do has an effect on everyone else, especially those in your immediate vicinity
If you visualize yourself as a Light source, you will understand what we mean. A Light source has it's greatest effect locally, and attenuates its strength with distance. However, you also experience locally. In other words, 90% of what happens in your life happens to you from the activities of others in your immediate vicinity. Of course, there is radio and television and the internet. But these things are brought into your space by your intent to interact with them.

In that sense, your reach into the world is as large as your conception of self. And love is the most expansive of vibrations! Love begets more love. Love causes others to forget their problems and difficulties, and connect with their true desires. Love beckons. Hatred repels. The lower emotions are entrained by higher ones.

On the surface, a hater will be repelled by a joyful, loving person. But that is only on the surface – only the artificially created mask of the dear one in hatred is repelled. But the fundamental kernel of that person is attracted as only one who is starved for nourishment is attracted. Yes, dear ones, we assure you that all those in negative emotion feel miserable. These dear ones feel trapped by the vibration they have created around themselves, which attracts more like unto it. So criminals and haters attract their like, yet at the same time, are repelled by them, for hatred repels, you see. And so it is never possible for them to establish a stable relationship. That is why you see criminal organizations and groups constantly fighting amongst each other. The universe destabilizes such, as a result of the operation of universal laws. And this should tell you that the universe is not negative, but positive; based on love and attraction, not hatred and repulsion.

Of course, repulsion is a natural attribute of the polarity of a physical universe, but the polarity that comes from hatred is in a continual state of flux and destabilization. So those of the Light have an overwhelming advantage, you see. Only when those of the Light turn away from love, and decide that hatred is more powerful, can hatred temporarily gain the upper hand.

Within a hater is a fundamental contradiction ––for within such a one is the inherent longing for love. These people are, therefore, being simultaneously pulled in opposite directions. Such an one has, within him or her, a great tear in their fabric, which can only be repaired by love. Here is the most important datum for living: ALL THINGS ARE COMPOSED OF LOVE, AND RESPOND TO LOVE!

How do you practice love?

By admiring things exactly for what they are. The easiest way to practice love is to take a walk outside and look at nature. Throw away your considerations of how things SHOULD be, and simply observe. Let your senses soak in your environment. Listen for the music of the birds, or the rustle of a lake, or a stream, or an ocean. Tune in to the basic goodness of your world, and begin to resonate to it.

When you go out amongst your fellow man, simply observe, and suspend judgment. Try to feel the joy in your world that we feel in every moment. You see, in every moment of NOW is a little packet of love and admiration. When you tune into this vibration –– which is the fundamental vibration of the universe (the OM) –– you feel and understand the magnificence of ALL things. You see behind the masks, the bluster, the pain, the cruelty and the judgment. You see, feel and understand that the universe is a truly magnificent creation, and is there for you to experience and enjoy.

Remember that if you approach someone with love and they reject you, that person is giving you a report about themselves. There is no need for you to turn away from love, or feel that there is something "wrong" with you. Perhaps you have disturbed a mask of theirs, or activated a self–limiting belief. When you truly feel love, there will be a part of that person who rejects you, a longing for the love you are projecting. Such a person will likely behave irrationally, and might even become confused. Those who fall out of love are often confused, dear ones! Be patient with them. Be understanding. But above all, continue to feel love, for that is your most powerful protection against the unwanted things of your world.

Love attracts more love, do not worry! Love can never attract hatred! If someone approaches you in hatred, and you are feeling love, be assured that the true self of that person is what is bringing them to you, and that only the mask is rejecting you. Those of you who do healing work understand this fundamentally: you always talk to the true being inside, not the mask.

And so, dear ones, no harm can come to you when you practice love. You can only spread the powerful vibrations of goodness throughout the world, and ensure that your own experiences become happier and happier ones.

Kenneth James Michael MacLean

What is the role of affirmations in manifestation? Well, I went through an "affirmations" phase myself. I discovered that for me personally, repeating the words didn't do any good unless I actually believed them.

The idea behind affirmations is a good one I think, but for me it felt like after a while I was telling myself a lie. So I just gave up on the whole idea and began meditating instead.

I think that words aren't as important as your actual signal to the universe, and you can alter that signal without the words. I was thinking about the role of language at work today. We can use language to express one idea while really thinking another; in this sense, language is merely an adjunct and sometimes an actual impediment to true communication. We can then fool ourselves by thinking words in our head (or saying them) in a sort of hopeful attitude that somehow the words will change our fundamental vibration. I went through most of my life this way!

Another great way to change your fundamental attitudes (and thus your vibrational signal to the universe) is to make a Mind Movie or listen to audio tapes with affirmations on them. This way, you don't have to keep repeating affirmations all the time; you record exactly what you want to manifest, and then just play it back. The repetition helps to orient your thoughts and intentions toward what is wanted. I found that I had a habit of repeating my affirmations by rote, which did me no good at all, and these methods work much better for me.

Implicit in the idea of change, or manifestation, is the present reality from which we are launching our new desire. I have found that the lighter I can feel about what I want, the faster it comes.

I'm a firm believer in what Gregg Braden says, that getting the feeling of what you want to manifest is the most important part of the manifestation process.

I've found that if I can get that feeling without 'working on the manifestation', things go smoother. For me, that feeling of 'doing work on my creation' was coming from the consideration that it wasn't happening, so I had to push on it a little more. Which of course made it not happen even more.

So I guess I'd say that affirmations are great if they help you to actually alter your tone. And you can always tell what your tone is on the subject by consulting how you are feeling about it. Your feelings are the truest measure of your actual vibration on any subject.

Kenneth James Michael MacLean