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The False Dichotomy

A Presidential election is approaching in the United States. All across our country, ballots are being prepared. Even though third party candidates will appear for many political offices, the mainstream media will focus exclusively on the race between Democrats and Republicans.

When the votes are counted, the major networks will show red and blue maps, indicating which state voted Democrat and which Republican. Third party votes will never even be mentioned.

In the United States, and elsewhere, a false dichotomy is offered: Left vs. Right. On the left are "liberals" and on the right are "conservatives." The ultimate leftist government, it is said, is Communist, the ultimate right–wing government is fascist or Nazi.
This false dichotomy obscures the true political spectrum: tyranny vs. freedom.

Whether "leftist" or "rightist," tyrannical governments are collectivist, and aggrandize power to themselves. Benign governments are much more "hands off," and allow freedom of expression and religion. A collectivist government is hierarchical, with a small elite at the top.

People are sometimes fooled by nomenclature. The formal name for the "rightist" Nazi Party was the National Socialist German Workers Party. The formal name for Communist China is the "Peoples Democratic Republic of China." Never were two tyrannical, collectivist outfits more inaptly named.

When a government or a corporation becomes collectivist, it "collects" power unto itself. A cursory examination of Congressional legislation since 9 / 11 shows that the government of the United States is doing just that.

The noted intelligence analyst Christopher Story, in one of his intelligence updates, points out the true state of affairs within the U.S and British governments:

Since the passage of the National Security Act in 1947 –– which legalized the commission of assassinations, torture, blackmail, and other crimes, under the blanket designation of "national security" –– and Operation Paperclip, which imported Nazi's into our intelligence community (see previous blog post), the cancer of criminality within our government has grown unchecked.

Congressional oversight of the huge intelligence establishment is a thing of the past. Actual expenditure for the intelligence community (a euphemism which satisfies what Lenin called the "useful idiots" of the mainstream press) is unknown and hidden within the budget. In a 1974 Supreme Court decision, a lawsuit brought by a Pennsylvania accountant, which demanded that all monies spent on the CIA be publically declared, as demanded by the Constitution, was defeated by a 4 – 3 vote. The deciding vote was provided by Chief Justice Warren Burger, whom Sandra Day O'Connor famously referred to as "the dummy."

Freedom is what freedom does, and vice–versa.

It is important to look beneath the rhetoric of politics, and become informed. Look not at the false dichotomy of Left and Right, Liberal and Conservative, but to the true choice of Tyranny and Freedom.

Judge all public officials by their actions, and measure them against the true standard of freedom. Freedom is Light, tyranny is darkness. Now, more than ever, Americans must become true Patriots and emulate the informed and intelligent thinking and actions of our forefathers.

Kenneth James Michael MacLean

Practicing Love
From the "Interview With Spirit" show, http://www.interviewwithspirit.com

How can you love something or someone grotesque?

We said last week that love was the ability to unconditionally accept what someone is being and doing in the moment. We know that many people would argue against this. "Someone who is hurting another is not loveable," they will say.

But we assure you that if you COULD unconditionally love, you would never meet up with such a person. You would never see anything you considered cruel or horrible.

"Yes, of course, " you say. "If you had the ability to love unconditionally, you could observe the cruelest, most horrible things with perfect equanimity. But that ability cannot change the actions of others. You become just another apologist for the bad things of this world."

Well, of course, if you practiced your ability to love, and got to the point where you could observe anything with perfect love, even the most grotesque actions would have no ability to bring you down. But that is not what we are saying.

We are saying that if you practice love, you actually clear a vibrational space around you that invites love back in, and repels evil.
Remember, dear ones, that we live in a vibrational universe. The Law of Attraction is just a statement of fundamental vibrational interaction: "like attracts like."

When you yourself radiate love, you make it impossible for hatred to come near. You sublimate lower vibrations, and cause a tendency in others to 'look on the bright side.' Again, this is just a result of vibrational interaction. None of you live in a vacuum. You are all immersed in an ocean of vibration, composed of subtle life force energy. You have the ability to mold that energy in any way you wish, adding or subtracting to it. Every thing you think and say and do has an effect on everyone else, especially those in your immediate vicinity
If you visualize yourself as a Light source, you will understand what we mean. A Light source has it's greatest effect locally, and attenuates its strength with distance. However, you also experience locally. In other words, 90% of what happens in your life happens to you from the activities of others in your immediate vicinity. Of course, there is radio and television and the internet. But these things are brought into your space by your intent to interact with them.

In that sense, your reach into the world is as large as your conception of self. And love is the most expansive of vibrations! Love begets more love. Love causes others to forget their problems and difficulties, and connect with their true desires. Love beckons. Hatred repels. The lower emotions are entrained by higher ones.

On the surface, a hater will be repelled by a joyful, loving person. But that is only on the surface – only the artificially created mask of the dear one in hatred is repelled. But the fundamental kernel of that person is attracted as only one who is starved for nourishment is attracted. Yes, dear ones, we assure you that all those in negative emotion feel miserable. These dear ones feel trapped by the vibration they have created around themselves, which attracts more like unto it. So criminals and haters attract their like, yet at the same time, are repelled by them, for hatred repels, you see. And so it is never possible for them to establish a stable relationship. That is why you see criminal organizations and groups constantly fighting amongst each other. The universe destabilizes such, as a result of the operation of universal laws. And this should tell you that the universe is not negative, but positive; based on love and attraction, not hatred and repulsion.

Of course, repulsion is a natural attribute of the polarity of a physical universe, but the polarity that comes from hatred is in a continual state of flux and destabilization. So those of the Light have an overwhelming advantage, you see. Only when those of the Light turn away from love, and decide that hatred is more powerful, can hatred temporarily gain the upper hand.

Within a hater is a fundamental contradiction ––for within such a one is the inherent longing for love. These people are, therefore, being simultaneously pulled in opposite directions. Such an one has, within him or her, a great tear in their fabric, which can only be repaired by love. Here is the most important datum for living: ALL THINGS ARE COMPOSED OF LOVE, AND RESPOND TO LOVE!

How do you practice love?

By admiring things exactly for what they are. The easiest way to practice love is to take a walk outside and look at nature. Throw away your considerations of how things SHOULD be, and simply observe. Let your senses soak in your environment. Listen for the music of the birds, or the rustle of a lake, or a stream, or an ocean. Tune in to the basic goodness of your world, and begin to resonate to it.

When you go out amongst your fellow man, simply observe, and suspend judgment. Try to feel the joy in your world that we feel in every moment. You see, in every moment of NOW is a little packet of love and admiration. When you tune into this vibration –– which is the fundamental vibration of the universe (the OM) –– you feel and understand the magnificence of ALL things. You see behind the masks, the bluster, the pain, the cruelty and the judgment. You see, feel and understand that the universe is a truly magnificent creation, and is there for you to experience and enjoy.

Remember that if you approach someone with love and they reject you, that person is giving you a report about themselves. There is no need for you to turn away from love, or feel that there is something "wrong" with you. Perhaps you have disturbed a mask of theirs, or activated a self–limiting belief. When you truly feel love, there will be a part of that person who rejects you, a longing for the love you are projecting. Such a person will likely behave irrationally, and might even become confused. Those who fall out of love are often confused, dear ones! Be patient with them. Be understanding. But above all, continue to feel love, for that is your most powerful protection against the unwanted things of your world.

Love attracts more love, do not worry! Love can never attract hatred! If someone approaches you in hatred, and you are feeling love, be assured that the true self of that person is what is bringing them to you, and that only the mask is rejecting you. Those of you who do healing work understand this fundamentally: you always talk to the true being inside, not the mask.

And so, dear ones, no harm can come to you when you practice love. You can only spread the powerful vibrations of goodness throughout the world, and ensure that your own experiences become happier and happier ones.

Kenneth James Michael MacLean

What is the role of affirmations in manifestation? Well, I went through an "affirmations" phase myself. I discovered that for me personally, repeating the words didn't do any good unless I actually believed them.

The idea behind affirmations is a good one I think, but for me it felt like after a while I was telling myself a lie. So I just gave up on the whole idea and began meditating instead.

I think that words aren't as important as your actual signal to the universe, and you can alter that signal without the words. I was thinking about the role of language at work today. We can use language to express one idea while really thinking another; in this sense, language is merely an adjunct and sometimes an actual impediment to true communication. We can then fool ourselves by thinking words in our head (or saying them) in a sort of hopeful attitude that somehow the words will change our fundamental vibration. I went through most of my life this way!

Another great way to change your fundamental attitudes (and thus your vibrational signal to the universe) is to make a Mind Movie or listen to audio tapes with affirmations on them. This way, you don't have to keep repeating affirmations all the time; you record exactly what you want to manifest, and then just play it back. The repetition helps to orient your thoughts and intentions toward what is wanted. I found that I had a habit of repeating my affirmations by rote, which did me no good at all, and these methods work much better for me.

Implicit in the idea of change, or manifestation, is the present reality from which we are launching our new desire. I have found that the lighter I can feel about what I want, the faster it comes.

I'm a firm believer in what Gregg Braden says, that getting the feeling of what you want to manifest is the most important part of the manifestation process.

I've found that if I can get that feeling without 'working on the manifestation', things go smoother. For me, that feeling of 'doing work on my creation' was coming from the consideration that it wasn't happening, so I had to push on it a little more. Which of course made it not happen even more.

So I guess I'd say that affirmations are great if they help you to actually alter your tone. And you can always tell what your tone is on the subject by consulting how you are feeling about it. Your feelings are the truest measure of your actual vibration on any subject.

Kenneth James Michael MacLean