Daily Archives: September 5, 2008

The need for Protection

The need for protection attracts unwanted things. Protection is a concept rooted in fear-of-something, and it only serves to get you resonating along with the thing you are attempting to protect yourself from. It is unnecessary, and if carried far enough, self defeating.

Drug advertisers, politicians, and modern "intelligence" structures understand this perfectly, and use it to sell products, themselves, and tyrannical legislation. The process goes: create a problem (like prostate cancer or terrorism) and then offer a solution to the problem, beneficial to the creator: "One in three men will have prostate problems." "Pass the Homegrown Terrorist Protection Act so that we can be safe from terrorists."

"Protection from" is an impossibility, for it vibrationally focuses your attention on the unwanted thing and makes it bigger. That’s because the universe does not understand the word no. No is actually yes, and yes is yes, because the universe says, “no what?”and your vibration replies, “No prostate cancer.” “No terrorism.”This is the genius behind the materialist dialectic, which is used by those who have an agenda and want you to follow it!

The philosophy of dialectical materialism was developed by Karl Marx and Lenin, and emphasizes conflict. Marx and Lenin took the classic dialectic, expanded upon by Hegel, of thesis - antithesis - synthesis, and postulated a conflict of opposites. At the heart of Marxist dialectics is the idea of contradiction, with class struggle playing the central role in social and political life. Modern advertisers and political groups have adapted this materialist dialectic very effectively: first, one creates a "problem" (thesis), opposition to the problem (antithesis), and then one offers a "solution" (synthesis). Example: War (thesis), anti-war demonstration (antithesis), police raid (Solution). Cancer (thesis), fear-based advertisement (antithesis), drugs and surgery (Solution). You can probably list others. In materialist dialectics, the solutions always proceed from an artificially created clash of opposites. Because conflict is at the heart of the deluded philosophy of materialism (which is the tried and true modus operandi of modern governments, despite their claims to religious or idealistic motivation) tension and discord is the inevitable result. Even a cursory observation of our human societies confirms this.

Protection from (fill in the blank) is the vehicle of resistance. It gets you resonating to the unwanted thing.

As individuals, and as a society, we can avoid falling victim to this nonsense by simply focusing on the desired thing, and paying no attention whatsoever to the unwanted thing! Without tension and conflict, the oppositional philosophy of the materialist dialectic must fail, for it depends utterly upon resistance! When we do not resist, but create in a positive fashion, we automatically defeat those who thrive upon opposition and confrontation. Thus does Light penetrate the darkness and dissolve it.

Kenneth James Michael MacLean