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Today my friend Khurshid told me the story of the hawk and the sparrow. I mention this because 15 minutes before our talk, I saw two hawks chasing a rabbit across the road. (I have learned that things like this are not accidental.) We were talking about the nature of life, and I asked why human beings and even Nature has so little respect for other life forms on this planet.

The story goes like this:

The Emperor was sitting on his throne in the Great Hall. Suddenly, a little sparrow flew in. “Help me!” it said. “The hawk is trying to kill me!” A couple of seconds later the hawk flew in. “Be gone, hawk!” the Emperor said. “Today your killing stops here! The sparrow has chicks to feed and a mate to take care of.”

The hawk was angry. “This sparrow is mine!” he said.

The Emperor shook his head. “I will issue an edict forbidding the killing of smaller and helpless birds.”

“But why do you deprive me of the food God has designated for me?” the hawk replied. “This sparrow is mine!”

“But I am an enlightened ruler,” the Emperor replied. “It is my job as a human being, who have been given dominion over the planet, to watch out and protect more helpless species.”

The hawk replied, “then you condemn me and mine to starvation! I also have a mate and chicks to feed. You cannot deprive me of the food that is my God-given right.”

What happens is that the King realizes that the hawk is also a deserving life form. So he tells his men to find food for the hawk, and they wind up killing a lot of sparrows. The moral of the story is that the world is already in a perfect place, given the level of consciousness present for all concerned. In other words, the world is at its highest possible advancement, given the thoughts, beliefs, and desires of all life.

What I learned from this story is that the killing of other species by species higher on the food chain seems inevitable, a natural law written into the very fabric of life. Without the death of species, other species cannot survive. The survival and evolution of all species on this planet appears to be based on death. Khurshid said, “This is not a problem unless you do not understand life, and what death is.”

Well of course, only a materialist will believe in the nonsense that consciousness is biologically or materially based. We talked about this in a previous blog post. The presumption of Spirit (or God) is that incarnated life has a minimum intelligence or awareness to understand that all life forms are an aspect of an immortal consciousness, or what my guidance calls Native State personalities, temporarily incarnated in physical bodies. This is Life 101, and is so obvious that Nature assumes that everyone knows this. Animals know this.

Their activities, like the hawk killing the sparrow or the rabbit, or the cat killing the mouse, is understood. In other words, so-called “lower species” understand death, and life, much better than human beings. I believe that an animal can enter and leave the body much more easily and effortlessly than the average human being. Therefore killing and death is not a big deal for them. Unless, of course, animals associate with humans, then they take on some of our aberrated and silly ideas about life and death.

“But Khurshid,” I said, “what is the point of an existence like the chicken, or the cow, who comes to earth merely to be butchered and slaughtered by human beings with no understanding of life, who feel nothing when he or she slaughters an animal?”

“The answer is that the animal understands its place in the scheme of things. The chicken does not consider itself being slaughtered, it has a higher awareness of its immortality and its divinity and its relationship to God/Spirit. It knows it is being of service to the whole.”

In other words, human beings have an inverted idea of life and death. I said, “OK, but when my pet cat died last year, I realized that I would never see him again, because his life was a totally unique timeline that can never occur again in the entire history of the universe.”

Khurshid smiled and said, “Yes, isn’t it glorious? That is the way the Creator designed it.”

This does not seem glorious though, when you lose a loved one or a loved pet. Especially for those parents who have lost children. Death is an agony, because we miss our friend or our child or our pet. We will see them again on the other side, but what about the pain we feel now?

“We feel that pain because we do not understand the loving nature of the universe, or of life, and the well-being and love with which the universe has been designed. That’s the long and the short of it,” Khurshid said.

My brother Rick was born 100 years too late. He rides horses and used to live 400 miles north of Vancouver in British Columbia. He shot his own food and grew his own vegetables and made his own house, and lived off the land. He describes hunting this way: "I used to live for the moment when I could simply sit there in the woods serenely, waiting for game to come to me. When you resist, when you try to stalk a deer, say, you almost never find one. But when you are in the zone, the animal simply appears before you. It's almost as if the spirit of the deer knows it is going to leave the body. You make the kill because you have to eat, but the animal has no problem with it." The way Rick described it was a symbiotic relationship between the deer and the human. Rick is the kind of person who can appreciate the spiritual aspect of life. You can't live that kind of life unless you are spiritually aware -- you get sick of it and leave, but to this day Rick still feels "the zone" when he goes out in nature, even though his hunting days are over.

I now understand that a true understanding of life means the understanding of love. And when we embrace love, we discover that life in all of its aspects is perfect. Not really great, but perfect. Physical bodies are simply a manifestation of thought. Physical objects, all Forms, are composed of thought quanta, and are linked inextricably to love, to the Creator, and to ourselves. It is sometimes hard to see that living on this planet, because the collective consciousness has not yet twigged on the true relationship between spirit and matter. But when we do, we will discover that natural laws will suddenly shift to a higher and more complete understanding of the interdimensionality of all life and its connection to Spirit. And when that happens, the regulation of species populations by predation and death will change. Nature will change. The hawk will no longer need to kill the sparrow to survive.

Then the question arises: If the hawk no longer needs to kill the sparrow, is it really a hawk? Is any predator species the same if it does not kill other species for food? And the answer to that is, for the hawk to be a hawk it must kill the sparrow. And there is the moral of the story. Khurshid is right: Predator and prey exist in a dance of spirit and the material that is well understood by all of the players. The only ones who do not understand are human beings like me.

What happens is that the prey species is rewarded with death. “Rewarded?” you say. “You’re crazy.” Well, what is death? A return to Source. A return Home. A joining up in awareness of the consciousness of the animal back into the non-physical and the divine. It’s a “Oh yeah, now I get it” kind of thing. My guidance once told me that “death” is the single biggest rush any being will ever experience, ever, by orders of magnitude. In other words, it’s frikkin’ awesome! So in that sense it is a huge reward for coming into the physical – the release from the physical.

Life 101, which they probably teach when you're 2 years old on more advanced planets: Consciousness is non-physical, so there isn’t any death. There aren’t any “trapped souls” anywhere in the universe. This is just a myth perpetuated by an ignorance of the spiritual and divine nature of consciousness. Death is a release from the physical environment of earth back to Native State, which we defined on the Interview With spirit show as the natural home for a human, earth-based physical personality. We are all going to go there when we “die,” and it is going to be totally awesome.

Unfortunately, humanity is, at the present time, still in the sad state of collective consciousness where it does not recognize or understand even the most juvenile rules of the game – rules that all other species on this planet understand. Humanity has no clue, collectively, of what it is. It is mired in a silly materialism that denies its spiritual origins. It is one thing to kill for food, as the hawk does. The sparrow, the rabbit, the mouse, the chicken, all understand this and agree to participate. Humanity merely butchers and slaughters other species in dismal ignorance. Yet the beauty of the system is that other species understand. The animals we eat for food come to this planet, understanding that the release back to Spirit is natural and easy. It’s only hard for some of us who don’t get it yet.

However, there is a happy ending to this story, a happy ending that is inevitable. We’ve talked about this before on the Interview With Spirit podcast. The rapid population increase from 2 billion to 7 billion in about 70 years has created an unstoppable spiritual momentum in human consciousness. It has resulted in an increased vibration in the thought-substance surrounding this planet. So far this has been chaotic and undirected, but it is slowly coalescing toward the direction of greater spiritual understanding. There is much more “oomph” behind the collective vibration of humanity right now.

Here is how rapidly human population growth has increased:
• 1 Billion: 1804
• 2 Billion: 1927
• 3 Billion: 1960
• 4 Billion: 1974
• 5 Billion: 1987
• 6 Billion: 1999
• 7 billion: 2011

It is no accident that the 20th century was a century of butchery and war. Such astonishing population growth literally set the thought-substance around our planet sizzling and vibrating at unprecedented levels. And when we become excited, we feel the need to jump into action. That is exactly what happened at the end of the 19th century and into the 20th. If you’ve ever been jumpy and nervous you know what I mean. You feel you need to DO something, anything, for a release of tension. And because human consciousness is polarized (“you have to take the good with the bad”) and because we are working through an old paradigm of thought that has been around for millennia, this “activation” resulted in a lot of chaos: the Great War (WW I), the even greater WW II, and a host of regional conflicts after that. These wars essentially resulted in the forced contact of all of the human cultures on the planet. It was a chaotic mixing of memes that literally exploded human action into the physical world. The almost inevitable result was, at this density, conflict. But now we have “graduated” beyond that.

All that is needed is for we, the people, to decide on a clear objective! An advance to fourth-level (planetary) consciousness doesn’t require all 7 billion of us. It just requires enough to create a “tipping point.” Like an evolutionary advance that slowly builds and then “pops” into the physical universe, so too a gradual advance in thought will manifest itself in a rapid shift in the collective meme structure. And there is absolutely nothing that the current power structure can do about it. The “upper ten thousand” who control the current fossil fuel empire are seeing their dominance slowly and gradually slipping away.

When that happens we’ll wake up one day and say, “OK, I still don’t like that guy Joe Doakes but I can tolerate him.” And that tolerance will gradually lead to a flowering of creativity on this planet that will make the Renaissance look like George W. Bush in school!