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It used to be lauded in society that when you fall down, you get back up. When you fail, you try again. When you get a game-over screen, you hit continue. The idea of persistence and perseverance was desirable, but now, after a generation of “everyone gets a trophy,” the idea of failure is incomprehensible.

When you’ve lived your entire life being told you are special and can do no wrong, what do you do when you enter the real world only to find out you are average at best? The answer is, you tear everyone who is better than you down. You rig the game. You change the rules. After all, you are special, you deserve it, just like mommy and daddy told you.”


Cue (for example) Elizabeth Warren, who had to apologize to the Cherokee Nation for falsely claiming that she was Native American. Senator Warren has many admirable qualities (among them, exposing potential voter fraud in U.S. elections), but grifting isn’t one of them. She was able to use her claim as a Native American to get a cushy job as a law professor at Harvard, a place that loves their “diversity” quotas, and apply to the Texas bar under a minority classification.

“Special” persons have no qualms at all about lying publicly for personal advantage. They deserve it. It’s all part of rigging the game.

That’s what DEI (for example) is all about: rigging the game for those who couldn’t have success any other way. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is not about equality of opportunity, it’s about equality of outcomes. Here is what InclusionHub says about Equity:

Where equality is a system in which each individual is offered the same opportunities regardless of circumstance, equity distributes resources based on needs. We live in a disproportionate society, and equity tries to correct its imbalance by creating more opportunities for people who have historically had less access.”

“What IS DEI,”

Yup. Some people have “needs” that require a society where ability, hard work, and persistence are “racist.” The ultimate evolution of a world that embraces this irrational belief is an Idiocracy. The US is rapidly heading down that road under the urging of people who have never had to get off the mat after having tried and failed.

If two human beings are the same, one of them is superfluous. Equality of outcomes guarantees that the able and the talented are the nails that get hammered down in a termite colony society.

The goal of the privileged grifters behind DEI and other lowest-common-denominator philosophies is the squashing of the human spirit, which always seeks to create, to inspire, to do better, to soar above the mediocrity of the herd.

To the spoiled and arrogant, however, striving to be the best is a fearful concept. Therefore, strivers like Joe Rogan must be canceled. Instead of open debate, censorship of opinion is a necessity, for incompetents fear the exposure of the principles behind their special programs. Grifters cannot win debates on the merits; therefore, those with high ability must be silenced. Programs for gifted children, for example, must be eliminated. We wouldn’t want exceptional children to display their abilities! They might grow up to be exceptional persons and that would make the incompetent feel small.

In New York city,

Students currently admitted to gifted and talented program will continue their elementary education in their current programming, the DOE said. Under the new plan, students heading into third grade will be universally screened to evaluate whether they may benefit from tailored accelerated instruction, however will remain in mixed-level classrooms, according to the DOE.”

The task of mandating equality is hopeless, because we are all born with different abilities. Under the mantra of “diversity” such equalizing programs kill diversity. The basis of programs like DEI is a stupid sort of materialism that only regards the physical body. Materialists don’t see past the physical body, they lack self awareness and perception of a human being’s higher potential. Such awareness goes beyond the physical body and into the realm of higher consciousness. Therefore, to materialists, “diversity” means race and gender, which are all characteristics of the body. True diversity goes far beyond that. It involves the divine qualities of the human spirit, which animates the body and comes from the Creative Source.

If you want to really piss off a materialist, present this argument. Such persons will immediately become triggered, for the idea that there exists a realm of thought and reality beyond the meat body is terrifying to them. Grifters, materialists, cancel culture, and programs that seek to place human beings in a blender and come out with a homogenous liquid, kill the spirit that makes society work. It is a path that leads to societal collapse.

Let’s give everyone an equal opportunity without destroying the aspiring nature of the human spirit that has created everything admirable and inspirational in human society.

The world is run by psychopaths and anti-social personalities.

This has become evident as the world’s institutions collapse under the weight of their lies and corruption.

The permanent political class are propped up by their billionaire and corporate donors whose lawyers write legislation that is rubber-stamped by their bought off politicians. Politicians never read the legislation they vote on because they don’t have to – as long as they vote the right way.

The medical bureaucracy (WHO, NIH, FDA, CDC, NIAID) is bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical companies. The military-industrial complex is funded year after year regardless of party as endless war continues to be their battle cry (the latest attempt by corporate controlled media to drum-up another phony war is in the Ukraine). The corporate controlled media make no pretense of fact or objectivity. These “news” outlets are propaganda broadcasters backed by the vested interests who run the planet.

More and more of this will be exposed in 2022. The lying, the propaganda, the hypocrisy – all tools of the psychopath – will accelerate this year as the world’s ruling classes try to hold on to power and establish a bio-fascist, totalitarian, technocratic surveillance state.

That’s the bad news!

The Darkness Must Be Exposed

The good news? All of this is necessary. The darkness must be exposed before humanity can advance in consciousness. As we said in a previous post, the world’s karma must be resolved before peace on earth can manifest. The darkness must be confronted. Although the pharmaceutical companies and their experimental vaccines will fail in their objective to create a planet of human slaves, this is only the beginning.

The drug cartels and their worldwide networks must be exposed. Over 2 million people came illegally over the U.S. southern border in 2021. All of these people are run by the Mexican drug cartels in cooperation with the U.S. government. Each person who enters illegally pays thousands of dollars to the cartels. Now multiply that by 2 million and what do you get? Billions. Human trafficking is big business.

The U.S. government is in business with the drug cartels. The United States government is the world’s largest human trafficker.

These organized human trafficking networks must be exposed. The child abuse networks must be exposed on a broad scale. The abuse of women and girls must be exposed.

They will be exposed because the outcome is inevitable – the light is overcoming the darkness and will eventually win this evolutionary competition for the souls of humanity.

Truth vs. Lies

I believe that 2022 will be even crazier than 2021.

Unhinged lunacy is already accepted as fact by our elites and in our universities (“men are no different than women!”). Illogic and irrationality will continue to be the order of the day, promoted by corrupt media talking heads who will continue to promote fear and chaos. However, this state of affairs cannot last, because eventually the lies and the propaganda will become so absurd, so unhinged from sanity, that even the deluded will be able to see through it.

Eventually, lies and propaganda crumble under the weight of their own internal contradictions.

This process is inevitable. A lie energetically promotes itself into the future, whereas a truth is instantly recognized. A lie attracts lower emotions such as fear and hatred, which build up the more they are spread.

The truth is surrounded by serenity and peace.

In the present environment, the truth is that which you cannot talk about, or are afraid to talk about. A totalitarian society seeds its own destruction by using force to prevent discussion of the truth. But that eventually gets people focusing more and more on the truth. Tyrants engage in activities that inevitably results in their own self destruction.

Personal Discernment

In an environment of lies, narratives, and misinformation, personal discernment is the only way to retain your sanity.

What does “personal discernment” mean?

It means discovering your personal truth and carefully comparing what you hear to it. And then not wavering from your personal truth. Mass media is simply the presentation of narratives. These narratives promote agendas. Discernment is the process of staying centered in your truth.

“But how do I know what is my truth?”

Truth is unencumbered by narratives and emotion. If you find yourself hating on someone or something you are not in your truth, you are promoting a narrative. A narrative is someone else’s truth.

Discernment goes beyond mass formation phenomenon, which is merely blind adherence to a narrative. Mass formation – a form of hypnotism – leads to lower emotions such as fear and hatred. But this condition isn’t permanent, because human beings have been blessed with a quality called self-awareness!

 The best way to stop the insanity is to recognize the truth, which is to say, your personal truth. If this is done from a place of peace and serenity – which is where truth resides – you will be contributing positively to the common good. 

 The yelling and the screaming is going to crescendo in 2022. There’s no need to fight back against it. Fighting anything just promotes it more, and mires the promoter in negative emotion. It’s a great way to avoid the truth.

Human beings are easily manipulated. People with agendas who want to promote Agenda A also set up organizations to “fight” Agenda A, ensuring full-spectrum coverage and promotion of Agenda A within society. The yellers and the screamers “fighting” Agenda A are actually promoting Agenda A. As Mae West used to say, “All pub is good pub.”


The vaccine-lockdown-totalitarian-contact tracing effort is just a precursor to the much broader Transhumanist agenda, which seeks to redefine what humanity is. Click on the link earlier in this sentence for more information. I also discuss Transhumanism in my novel, The History of the Future. The Transhumanist effort is promoted by persons mired in materialism and the fear of death. It seeks to prolong life of the body at any cost, merging biology with electronics and editing genes to create life extension. Ultimately, Transhumanism seeks to place human consciousness in programmed artificial bodies and avoid biology altogether. The metaverse is the first step in promoting an artificial reality.

This termite colony vision for humanity is attractive to the same psychopaths who are promoting the Great Reset. Unfortunately it is an evolutionary dead end for the human race, for it moves humanity away from biology and the connection to the earth. Every molecule in our bodies comes from the earth and will return to the earth. Inside our DNA is an esoteric gateway to higher consciousness. Of course the Transhumanists and the materialists will never see this, because they lack self awareness.

The next great effort after the push to vaccinate every life form on the planet is Transhumanism, and this will begin to be heavily promoted in 2022, I believe. Put on your personal discernment filters, folks!

The Bigger Picture

Billions of dollars are being spent on Transhumanist technologies. Coincident with the emphasis on Transhumanist technologies is the emergence of the planet into a galaxy teeming with life. Humanity now has a technical infrastructure and is more and more attractive to civilizations outside our solar system. Let us dispense with the adolescent idea that the earth is alone in the galaxy. This idea is, prima facie, absurd, and is (of course) promoted by the same crazies behind the Transhumanist agenda. Our galaxy is not a huge empty space just waiting for human beings to colonize it. The galaxy is billions of years old with hundreds of billions of stars and planets, with life that has been evolving for a long, long time. The idea that all this space is empty is preposterously stupid.

Transhumanist thinking, however, believes that the entire cosmos is a vast, empty canvas devoid of life. Here is an example of their thinking:

Considering that mankind’s long-term future is in space, and that space right now is pretty devoid of any structure useful or habitable to humans, we have a lot of work to do, and if you can make the projects megascale, why not? Like some of the other items on this list, megascale engineering is only indirectly transhumanist — but is still very relevant to the long-term future of intelligent life. Megascale engineering goes hand-in-hand with the grandiose transhumanist vision: intelligent beings spreading across the cosmos, and eventually shaping the very structure of the universe itself. The fact that these vast expanses of colonizable space are currently neglected imposes on us a vast opportunity cost — if we hurried up a bit and colonized them, we could give rise to tremendous numbers of people leading worthwhile lives. What experiences would they have, and what stories would they tell? We’ll never find out, unless we make it happen.”

From “Megascale Engineering,” at

Part of your personal discernment will be identifying factors that do not resonate with the best outcome for humanity. Transhumanism is part of that. Do you think that the galaxy is filled with benevolent, peaceful space brothers and sisters welcoming us to a benign, new-age galaxy? I’m sure there are lots of those folks around, as Dr. Steven Greer has shown us with his CE-5 initiative and his writings. But consider the idea that the Transhumanist agenda may be part of a broader picture. Consider the idea that the galaxy is more like the Star Wars franchise movies than a heavenly collection of helpful, benevolent civilizations. Perhaps the competition and the consciousness we see on earth reflects the consensus reality “out there.” Consider the idea that that the earth is not like other planets in the galaxy. Our lush biological and natural resources may not be the norm in the rest of our galactic neighborhood.  (For more on this, see the Allies of Humanity messages.)

Even if the above paragraph is all bullshit, one thing is certain: Humanity must come together and unite in order to best utilize the planet’s resources. Incredibly, the Transhumanists are willing to completely abandon the earth. Their idea is to adapt the human body to live in space, in gigantic O’Neill cylinders, which are artificially created worlds.

In his book, The Millennial Project, Marshall T. Savage estimates that the Asteroid Belt could hold 7,500 trillion people, if thoroughly reshaped into O’Neill colonies.”

#7, “Top Ten Transhumanist Technologies,”

The ultimate goal of Transhumanism is the merging of human consciousness with a purported artificial super-intelligence.

These nutty and crazy ideas are the product of warped minds. They are the wet dreams of psychopaths like Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, who hate humanity and our God-given biological bodies that contain the gateway to higher consciousness.

Therefore, the personal discernment of everyone on the planet will be challenged even more during 2022. Nutjobs will show themselves all over the corporate controlled media, spewing unhinged ideas that are more and more divorced from reality, common sense, and reason. But sanity will prevail! In England, as I write this, Boris Johnson (Prime Minister of England) has announced that the mandatory forced vaccinations and lockdowns will be discontinued. This is an example of how the spreading of lies eventually collapses under the weight of a narrative’s own falsehoods. Israel, one of the most heavily vaccinated countries in the world, has found that the fourth booster shot is ineffective and that vaccine mandates are not justified. Meanwhile, in Austria, the bio-fascist government there has required forced vaccinations for the entire country! This policy will eventually fail because even pro-vax medical professionals are disappointed in how effective the vaccines have been in stopping infection and transmission.

2022 will see the collapse of many narratives and the beginning of new ones. So put on your discernment filters and stay centered in your truth. In this way you can separate misinformation from the truth that will give you peace of mind.