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I’m a curious bloke. All my life I have asked “Why?” when faced with something I couldn’t understand. This has led me down many paths of research and inquiry, which has increased my knowledge base. But the asking of Why? has been a blessing and a curse.

As we move through the Shift to higher consciousness, we also move through our karma, both present life and past life. Humanity as a whole is moving collectively through the darkness we have all created during hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes on earth. This evolution means that on our way upward we encounter negative stuff.

Recently I have been doing some powerful meditations and affirmations, trying to place myself in a very high state of consciousness, and in the light. However, this has inevitably led to encounters with the barriers of negativity from my past actions, thoughts, and emotions. We have all experienced this: the paradox of advancement into the light means we must work through the darkness we have created along the way.

I have been experiencing both physical and emotional barriers as my meditations get more powerful and build on themselves, but I have not been able to fully accept these barriers. “I’m supposed to be in the light! Why am I experiencing this negative stuff?”

It’s one thing to preach, but it’s another thing to practice what you preach! The practicing part, that gets hard.

Curiosity is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it can get in the way. When something happens that I don’t understand, I always ask Why? I realized this morning that curiosity about something fascinating or exciting or informationally new is a good thing. But asking Why? when something bad happens sticks you in the bad thing. Asking Why? puts you inside it, and then you begin to feel crummy. The problem is that asking why is an intellectual exercise, and it doesn’t help you to resolve emotional or physical difficulty.

For example, I have been having balance issues. I’m walking around OK, but I feel that I’m going to fall over. In the past this has been resolved by seeing my chiropractor, but that hasn’t worked this time. So I ask “Why am I feeling so crummy?” This is the wrong question! It isn’t surprising that I’m having balance issues, because the entire planet is unbalanced right now, especially in the US, where the hatred is just getting stronger and stronger, and people are taking sides. Apparently, if you aren’t screaming invective from the Left or the Right, you’re not even in the game.

In my meditation this morning I decided that instead of asking Why? when something negative happens, I decided to replace the why with the love of God. Lee Carroll and Kryon are really big on this. We are all an aspect of God, so why not use that to our advantage? Replace why, with love. Since love is the basis for all emotions, both positive and negative, replacing a crummy feeling with love should dissolve it.

This sounds pretty obvious when you write it down linearly on paper, but it was a profound realization for me. That’s because I always ask Why? Moreover, asking why is a God-driven impulse, because the Creator is the most curious entity in the universe. The Creator sends trillions of souls from the Great Central Source into the physical, to gain experience and discover Itself. We are all little pieces and part of the One.

So, wanting to understand is a Godly impulse. But asking why about negative stuff just flips you more into it. The solution is non-linear: replace the negative emotion with pure love, as much as you can generate. When something unexpected happens to me my first impulse always was, “Why?” Now it’s going to be acceptance, then love.

It doesn’t matter to me anymore why something happens. It happened, so what, accept it. This is an old philosophy (stoicism), but in the old energy it was usually followed by apathy, because the dark was stronger. “Nothing I can do about it.” “You can’t fight City Hall.” So you just grind it out, hoping things will get better.

You Are Your Best Counselor

The good news is that you don’t need anything outside yourself to advance yourself spiritually. You don’t need the latest procedure to enhance your DNA, or remove your karma, or whatever spiritual marketers are hyping. Folks, I don’t want to step on any toes, but there are a lot of spiritual people out there trying to make money. I’d bet almost all of them are genuine, and genuinely believe that their program is the greatest thing since sliced bread (that’s an old phrase my grandpa used to say). But we are all aspects of God. Therefore we all have God inside. The path to enlightenment isn’t through your spiritual guru or the latest and hottest self-help book or program. It’s through your personal connection to God. And that you have complete control of. Your personal path leads through your personal connection to the One, and only you can do that.

This is why I have abandoned all spiritual teachers except Lee Carroll and Kryon. Lee offers his audio lectures for free on his website, you can hear everything he does. Sure, he sells books and tickets to his talks when he channels Kryon. But Lee makes it clear he isn’t in it for the money, even though he’s probably pretty well off (hundreds of people come to his presentations all over the world). I have no problem with that. He doesn’t hype his talks, even though he is hands-down the most genuine channel on the planet (IMHO). I’ve heard other channelers but they don’t even come close. Kryon is the real deal: that energy is coming directly from the other side of the veil. If you are looking for inspiration, go to and click on “free audio.” There are channels all the way back to 2002, and it’s not new-age bullshit. If you haven’t heard Kryon before, you are in for a pleasant surprise.

Information Chaos Is Good

I realize now that my understanding of Why is a logical progression from emptying my box of beliefs, as I talked about in previous posts. My belief box was so cluttered with “now I have tos” and “now I’m supposed tos” and “scientist A says this” and “my trusted information source says that” and “here are the facts I am marshaling on this, and this, and that to support my arguments” that I got too emotionally riled by stuff that happens in my life. I was getting too “triggered” by events that were just the opposite of what I wanted, which is peace on earth.

Here in the US, almost everyone gets triggered because the lunatic media spews hatred of the “other side” 24 hours a day. I’ve learned to simply ignore the news programs, because they just marshal facts (or lies) to support a political agenda.

Objective journalism is dead in the USA, but that’s a good thing because before the Shift, the fix was in. Reporting was more “objective” but it was all about keeping the darkness and the status quo firmly in place. I used to read the New York Times, the NYT Book Review, the Economist, the New Republic (when it was liberal), Rolling Stone, NPR, and the Guardian, and convince myself I was “informed.” Hah! I was informed all right, but informed about memes that supported the old energy and the old paradigm. If you think mainstream media are giving you the full picture, think again.

The current information chaos is a great thing because now the darkness is being exposed. People are talking about things that really matter to them, even though the information isn’t “objective.” There’s a lot of hate, but it’s genuine hate! not covered-up bullshit. The fix is no longer in – well, the old order is trying to keep the lid on, but it’s blowing off folks. By election time in 2020 we’re going to know a lot more about the true state of affairs, and who is truly working for the light, and who is working for the dark. As the old energy paradigm releases its hold, we are going to see that things (and people) are not always what they appear to be.  

So don’t panic about the current scene. Believe it or not, it’s much more honest. The old energy paradigm is dissolving before our eyes. People are waking up. The world as we know it, which has been surrounded by a shell of darkness, is breaking apart like new life coming out of the egg.


If you are like me you can see a disconnect between what is reported in the news, and what is going on in the spiritual realms. Some old souls are feeling a massive increase in awareness, which has led to almost a feeling of separation from the world. We know we are IN the world,  we operate in the world, but some are beginning to see past the world as it is and into a higher realm. For me, this has led to some frustration.

It can also lead to an emotional roller-coaster as the Shift in human consciousness ramps up. Have you found yourself flying along and then, wham!? This phenomenon is happening to a lot of old souls. However, old souls are less than 1% of the population now. If this is happening to you, you might feel weird, strange, or even “picked on.” Relax! It’s perfectly normal for old souls. We have so much in our Akash that needs to be cleared, from hundreds or thousands of lifetimes. It happens gradually (thank God!) Fortunately there is a rule: You never get more release of old energy than you can handle. Sometimes the release of old energy seems almost unbearable; certainly, when it happens, it is uncomfortable. I have noticed myself having trouble sleeping. Usually around 3 or 4 in the morning I will get another “cleanse.” I often have very vivid  dreams in which the old energy gets released. Sometimes these dreams are very positive as well; I dream that I have new abilities I don’t have in real life.

If this is happening to you, you are not alone!

This is what old souls signed up for: the Shift. We’re cleaning up our Akash’s and in the process, releasing more of our  light into the world. For me this is happening in a funny way.  I find myself becoming quieter and quieter. I don’t talk a lot these days; I just go about my business.

Most people who aren’t old souls (if you are reading this you are an old soul) simply go to work and live their lives as if nothing has happened since the year 2000. Their concerns are work, kids, try to find some free time to have fun. That’s great; it’s necessary. But there is an entirely new world of awareness that is opening for people who are sensitive to it.

I have to keep my mouth shut (mostly) when people talk about politics or life. I am finding that with increased awareness comes increased responsibility. It’s not my job to educate people into anything. It has to be enough for me to do the research that results from an increased awareness, and be satisfied with that. I am finding my outlet in listening to inspiring music, and in writing books and this blog. I am beginning to understand the phrase, “love is quiet.”

I think this is how God, or Spirit, feels. Souls come forth from the Creative Source, and God lets them experience and learn. Spirit doesn’t try to “educate” them, or force-feed them.  God lets human beings make decisions and live with the consequences. God knows that all endings are happy endings. No matter how miserable the life, the end result is that the soul goes back Home to perfect unity and love.  It’s a benevolent spiritual system. God’s formula is, “What happens on earth stays on earth. Have fun!”

Last month I wrote about my “box” of beliefs, and how I have tried to empty out this box. It really is easier to live without all of those beliefs and opinions banging around in there. It is causing me to think a little more clearly. It’s refreshing to understand that I don’t have to have an opinion about anything. My mind is quieter, and so I feel more serenity. That’s important for me because I was born with a volatile Irish temper, which still sometimes gets the better of me.

Linear vs Multidimensional

A linear mindset goes, do this, then do this. If I believe this, then I must believe that, because it logically follows. I then need facts to support my beliefs and opinions. This fills up a person’s box of beliefs, which becomes cluttered. People object to your opinions, which then have to be defended or you look stupid. This is a stressful way to live life.

A more multi-dimensional mindset might go like this: Opinions and beliefs are unimportant. Feeling inspired and creative is important. This leads to doing more things that are inspiring, and increases the intuitive ability. It enables synchronicity and more coherence. It results in less planning and a less stress. It quiets the mind.

If you have kids and are financially squeezed, life can get frantic. This leads to survival mode, and we all know what that is: an almost frantic feeling that impels action toward the goal of making it in the world. Your box fills up pretty fast because the mortgage or the rent has to be paid, the kids have to be fed and clothed, and you have to figure out how you’re going to do that. A career has the same characteristics: How am I going to get ahead?

Survival mode is enabled by the corporate state we live in.

The Corporation

Our corporate society fuels anxiety. Corporations rule humanity. Our food, our technology, the organizations who make the devices we depend on in life, are corporate. Most people in the workforce are employed by a corporation. Unfortunately, the corporation was created to limit the responsibility of human beings for their actions. A polluter can hide behind the corporate shield, for example. Financial collapses and booms are engineered by corporations; the small investor is squeezed out. A corporation is responsible only to its shareholders, and the motive for the corporation is almost always monetary profit. The corporate world is so pervasive we never think about it. “I need to get a job so I can pay the rent/mortgage.”  No one asks, “What does this corporation do? Does it treat its workers properly? Is it environmentally responsible? Does it benefit humanity and the planet?”

Even government agencies are corporate. There is really no such thing as a “private sector” or a “public sector,” it’s one big corporate sector. For example, take a look at the United States Senate, which is listed as a private corporation at Bloomberg.

The meme structure of corporate/business culture is almost completely profit-money driven. Business culture is all about “get ahead” and “beat the other guy.” Is it any wonder so many people are stressed?

When the American colonists declared independence from England in 1776, they also freed themselves from control by English corporations that extracted their wealth and dominated trade. The young government of the United States had a healthy fear of the corporation, and until 1886, the states could routinely revoke a corporation’s charter if lawmakers felt it was not operating for the public good. The industrial revolution changed the pastoral nature of U.S. society and also empowered the corporation, which united with other corporations to create vast private fortunes.  The courts began to apply legal doctrines that made protection of corporations and corporate property the center of constitutional law. State charters, which had been used to limit corporate power, were undermined by Federal laws and Federal court decisions. Citizen and state sovereignty was undermined. The key decision came in 1886, in the Supreme Court case Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad, which was used as a precedent to say that a corporation was a “natural person.” Since then, federal courts have struck down hundreds of local, state, and federal laws enacted to protect people from corporations. As a result, corporations were legally able to increase their control over resources, jobs, commerce, and politicians via the tremendous corporate pocketbook. A United States Congressional committee concluded in 1941 that “the principal instrument of the concentration of economic power and wealth has been the corporate charter with unlimited power….”[1]

This planet is run by corporate networks who buy off entire governments. Individuals have tried to protect themselves by incorporating their small businesses, and even themselves! This is backwards. Corporations are not natural persons, but have been used to shield their human controllers who pollute, bribe, and accumulate vast fortunes to private owners. The corporation has been humanized, but has de-humanized human beings. The planet-wide corporate structure is never challenged by citizens; we just accept it to our detriment.

What does the future look like?

Human beings have built planet-wide corporate networks that have far more power than national governments. Apple, Google, Twitter, and Facebook, and other social media are essentially intelligence-gathering organizations. We’ve all heard that your phone, your Alexa, your Nest listens to you and tracks your movements, your emails, your online shopping (everything is online!). Facebook is actually DARPA’s Project Lifelog, which was set up to track a person’s life from the moment of birth until death. These communications corporations are so pervasive and influential that governments are demanding that they be regulated. Facebook and Google execs have been hauled before Congress and the European parliament. Corporate networks traffic arms, drugs, and human beings.

A rational person, if he or she looked at current events, would conclude that humanity is going quickly down the tubes. But that is not how I see it. The light is shining brighter and brighter, exposing the dark underbelly of human societies. This is the first step to dismantling the private corporate networks that control our lives.

In 2019 and 2020 we are going to hear about the human trafficking networks that involve modeling and casting agencies, children’s organizations, and some respected international agencies. It all has to come out before there can be peace on earth. It’s going to be messy folks, but don’t despair. Dark activities have been a part of human societies for millennia. Now, we have advanced to the point where the darkness, and the people behind them, will be exposed. This uncovering is happening because the consciousness of humanity is rising. Light is penetrating the darkness, and it’s planet wide. For the first time in human history humanity has the opportunity to clean itself up completely! The exposure of darkness is a startlingly positive development.

One of the great things about spring is that the weather warms; the snow and the ice melts and you can breathe fresh air again. But then there’s spring cleaning! The carpets have to be cleaned, the garage has to be cleaned out, cars have to be vacuumed, the junk in the basement and the closets has to be sold or thrown away. That’s where we’re at now. Humanity is cleaning out the junk from thousands of years of buildup. This process is in its infancy dear ones; we have a long way to go. But it’s necessary; absolutely vital, for a fresh start.

Peace on earth can never occur within the current corrupt planetary structures. Corporate networks must be cleaned out. Drugs, arms, and human traffickers must be exposed and their influence eliminated in our societies. During the next several years (if things go right) we’re going to learn a lot. People and organizations we thought were good guys will turn out to be not so good, and vice-versa. The rate of progress will be determined by 8 billion individuals on earth. Will we be able to confront the darkness, or will we ignore it?  Humanity must accept the inevitable house-cleaning or the old system will perpetuate. Therefore it is up to you and me to not panic, not despair, and understand that the exposure of dark activities is a positive development.

It’s so easy to hate on Trump or Clinton, or whoever your favorite bogeyman is; it’s so easy to go into agreement with friends or family who say the planet is going down the tubes. Well, it isn’t! Lightworkers have to shine their light. This is the time old souls were born for, for a very good reason. We have been here for hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes. We have the light to shine, so let’s shine it!  Many of us are star seeds who have come from more advanced planets to help humanity. Now is the time to do our jobs! Stay positive, we’re going to make it, and spectacularly. 


Postscript – Current Events: Player vs Playa

On the stage today there are a lot of players. I use playa to distinguish someone with great influence, as opposed to a regular player. The chief playa is, of course, Donald Trump. The number of Democrats vying for president in 2020 is now up to 15, I think, as of this writing. It takes 15 normal people to make one Donald Trump. Mueller’s investigation, after dominating the news for two years, is now over. That was all about Trump as well. Say what you want about Trump, he is a planet-wide figure. Without Trump several media outlets would have gone broke probably. The guy dominates coverage and events in the US. Trump has an agenda, but the Democratic agenda seems to be, simply, to bash the guy. That’s how you know he is THE playa. The Green New Deal, for example, wasn’t a serious proposal (which is why it disappeared so quickly from the news cycle); neither is spending money even more recklessly than we are doing now.

The Right hates the Clintons, the Left hates Trump and his coterie. But are these really the most powerful playas in this drama? They are certainly the most visible; but visibility doesn’t always equal true power or influence. What if I told you that billions of dollars that were earmarked for the California bullet train actually went to construct underground tunnels and bunkers in order to facilitate the transfer on the southern border of illegal arms, drugs, and trafficking in human beings? Would you think I was a nutter? The news highlights people crossing the border on the surface. But there is a lot of other traffic underground.

Here’s a pic of the Cali bullet train:

Image result for california bullet train

Image Source: Los Angeles Times

As you can see, it looks like an erector set toy built by a child who lost interest. Kinda like Trump’s Wall. But this thing cost billions in taxpayer money. Where did that money go? Who has the power to divert billions in Federal funds from a public transit project?  “The California high-speed train is a poster child for how badly awry these projects can go, with gross mismanagement and billions of dollars in waste that could have been used productively elsewhere.”[2] Well, my point is that maybe it wasn’t mismanagement; maybe the money was used elsewhere. We are always told that money is wasted, but the people wasting it are never identified.

The Federal “black budget” is operated in a similar fashion. Over the decades, trillions of dollars have been diverted from Pentagon and classified programs into hidden programs, using a fake accounting system that charges $5,000 for a toilet and $300 for a wrench.[3]

Who is doing this? Certainly not the evil Donald Trump or the evil Hillary Clinton. The Pentagon has no idea where their money is going, but someone(s) are diverting it. Congress has no oversight over hidden programs. No, ladies and germs, such massive diversions of money can only be done by the truly powerful people who influence events behind the scenes. These people are not known, and so havc been called the “Cabal” or more popularly, the “Deep State.” They aren’t players or playas, because their power is seemingly exercised invisibly, behind the scenes. Visibility is not required for influence.

I categorize such powerful people as eminence grises, or grey eminences, after François Leclerc du Tremblay, the right-hand man of Cardinal Richelieu of France. From Wikipedia: “Leclerc was a Capuchin friar who ... never achieved the rank of cardinal, [but] those around him addressed him as such in deference to the considerable influence this ‘grey’ friar held over ‘His Eminence the Cardinal’.[4] Other powerful historical figures were John Dee, court astrologer to Elizabeth I, and more modernly, Dick Cheney, former Vice President, who was often considered the eminence grise in the George W. Bush administration. However, these historical figures, and politicians like Cheney, were known. Whoever is exercising the power to move billions, even trillions, of dollars in our society are yet to be identified. These people, whoever they are, are operating in secrecy. That should tell you whether they are dark or light.

The point is that informationally, despite the worldwide web, we are still in the dark. I believe that in 2019 and 2020 we are going to find out what some of the playas who are in the news have been doing. But who are the true movers and shakers, the eminence grise’s, behind the scenes? When we finally understand who these people are we will have penetrated the darkness all the way to its core. We will then discover who is behind the terrorist acts, the global pedophile networks, the gun and drugs networks, and the government corruption. After that it will be possible to have peace on earth.

So, we have a lot of work in front of us, a lot of darkness to confront. But that’s what happens when you follow the path to the Light.

[1] See “Our Hidden History of Corporations in the United States,” at

[2] “After Spending $5.4 Billion, California’s Bullet Train Is Still Going Nowhere,” Lee Ohanian, December 4, 2018. From Stanford University’s Hoover Institution,

[3] See “29 Trillion dollars missing from Pentagon. Trump calls for audit,” December 15, 2017. (I have seen this figure vary from $6.9 trillion to $29 trillion.)

[4] Wikipedia, “Eminence grise.”