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We are in the beginning of the Shift – a shift in consciousness. Speaking metaphysically, the light is shining brighter and brighter, like a light on a rheostat that is being gradually turned up. Can you feel it? The very fabric of spacetime feels different to me. A new energy is flowing all over the place, an energy of transformation.

Where is this light/energy coming from? My guess is from the conscious desire of almost 8 billion human beings for a better world.

The planet is undergoing a Reset – not the pathetic Great Reset talked about by the endless war globalists – but a reset toward higher consciousness. This is a conscious decision by all souls within the human family on the other side of the veil. We have all agreed.

This is a planet of complete free will, so there are human beings on the dark side and in the light. The dark side is absolutely necessary, in a physical human family mired in low consciousness, to spur this change. It is unfortunate that over the millennia humanity has created so many dark memes, and so much dark energy, within the collective consciousness. We have all, in our various incarnations, expressed the dark side. So we’re all complicit! Together we have to walk through the darkness and into the light. The tension and conflict we see in current events is a reflection of the cleaning out of the dark closet of humanity.

2020, apparently, is the year chosen by the human family for the beginning of it.

Why 2020? Perhaps because we’re ready for it. Before 2012, when the planet was on a track toward destruction, the Shift was not possible. The human family is responsible for it – not an outside power, not aliens in UFOs, or evil interdimensional beings. The human family made its bed and now, individually and collectively, is cleaning up our mess. Fortunately, we are now on a higher plane of consciousness. There will be no massive kinetic war, no WW III. No civil war (although the media will promote the transformation as such). The war we are fighting is on a higher level of consciousness than that.

It’s an information war. 

Might there be violence? Certainly. We’ve already seen it for months, with riots in the streets. As I’ve said before, we might see minor regional conflicts that mimic the old consciousness of destruction. That’s because we have to work through the old memes and expunge them. So don’t panic if you see contention turn to violence on the world stage. It won’t escalate.

The dark army is mobilizing now, in a desperate attempt to hold off the Shift to a higher consciousness. The brave souls living these lives are miserable, I assure you. That doesn’t make their crimes any less tolerable. But again, working through the darkness is the only way through a low consciousness to a higher consciousness.

The greatest evil on the planet are the human/child trafficking networks. These networks must be exposed and taken down. Say what you want about Trump, he is (or was) engaged in shutting them down. If you care to research this you’ll discover the truth of this. It’s one of the reasons for the almost mindless hatred of this guy. The child trafficking networks are engaged in unimaginable horrors. The people in them are incorrigible stone-cold killers, sick and twisted human beings. Before humanity can walk into the light, enough of us will have to confront the problem of  the children. We won’t want to. The Shift is going to expose them, and the people involved. My intuition tells me that some of the names will shock us all. These people have no choice now but to fight to the death, for the exposure of their crimes will result in an outcry for their instant execution.

This is why (IMHO) the U.S. Department of Justice changed the rules regarding executions to include death by firing squad. Having the government involved in killing people is beyond barbaric, but we live in barbaric times.

See, US Justice Department amends federal execution rules to allow death by hanging, electric chair, gas chamber & FIRING SQUAD 


This amended rules change was placed into the Federal Register on November 27th.

The game we’re playing on earth isn’t a video game. It’s for real. That’s why old souls and lightworkers are so important now. Now is the time to shine your light. Meditate for peace every day; it’s very important because we can change the allowed parameters of action. As more and more light comes into human consciousness, we raise the bar of allowable actions. Like an old-fashioned temperature gauge, we make it too “hot” to engage in low consciousness activities. You won’t see this process (unless you are a psychic) but it occurs every time you meditate for peace, or show your light in society. It happens every time you are tolerant to those who don’t deserve tolerance. It happens when you have a cheerful word for someone. These actions are vitally important right now.

Tensions are Rising 

Sorry, but we have to talk about the election and current events because the information war affects everyone on the planet. That is the way the human family planned it. This is an information war, but it’s really a consciousness war. Two paths are opening up for each individual on earth: the path toward tolerance, integrity, and cooperation, or the path of hatred, intimidation, and violence. Every single person on the planet will have to choose – sitting on the fence is no longer possible. And that’s a good thing, because almost everyone will choose the path of light, which will isolate the darkness and force it to organize even more and reveal itself. There will be a reckoning, but it’s not going to be some guy with a long beard floating down on a cloud surrounded by angels blowing trumpets. This reckoning will occur in the soul, heart, and mind of every human on earth.

Tensions are rising as Trump asserts election fraud, and the left tries to ram through election results. In Raleigh, N.C. on Nov 28, left and right fought it out in the streets during a multi-group election protest.

The U.S. election is the battleground. Most of the official battle is being fought in the courts. The rest of us are fighting it out on social media and in our blogs and podcasts. Big Tech is censoring speech on both right and left. I tried to post a Johns Hopkins study yesterday that was blocked by Facebook, the same Facebook whose CEO sent $400 million in private money to various districts in battleground states to influence election results.

A group that received hundreds of millions of dollars from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is accused in post-election lawsuits of contributing to constitutional violations in key battleground states. The Center for Tech and Civic Life, a national nonprofit based in Illinois, provided funding to over 2,500 election offices across the country to run elections amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Funds were used to pay poll workers, put up ballot drop boxes, and acquire mail-in ballot equipment and supplies.”

Private groups shouldn’t be spending that kind of money to influence public, federal, elections. In my opinion.

Retired US Army Major Jeffrey Prather, the founder of the Warriorschool, gave an interview on Nov 27. I mention this because this guy reflects the opinion of many on the sidelines who have not yet taken part in the 2020 battle of dark and light, but who might do so if things escalate.

The Warriorschool, since 1995, has  trained the US Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard special forces, as well as most US federal law enforcement agencies such the FBI, DHS, the US Marshals and the Border Patrol. This guy is no lightweight and speaks for many on the right. During the interview he

Confirms that multiple raids on the servers of vote rigging systems were conducted, in three countries.

Confirms that the NSA has hard evidence on treasonous actors, and that this evidence is likely being leveraged by Trump’s people.

Confirms that Trump can use the NDAA, combined with the Sep. 12, 2018 Executive Order, to declare domestic treasonous actors as “enemy combatants.”

Says Trump will be President on January 21st.

Warns that the transition from information warfare to conventional (kinetic) warfare may happen very soon.

Warns that the left-wing backlash against Trump’s victory will result in bloodshed that cannot be avoided.

Reveals that we aren’t facing a “civil war” but rather unconventional information warfare with elements of kinetic warfare, best suited for Special Operations Forces (SOF).

Says that cities may become headquarters / hubs of anti-American enemy forces, which work to exert their influence and control into rural areas.”

Jeffrey Prather isn’t just blowing smoke, because there are so many guns in this country, and because opinions have hardened on both sides. And because the Right owns most of the guns. says that “In 2019, a survey found that around 37 percent of households in the U.S. reported owning one or more firearms. This makes the United States the most heavily armed civilian population in the world.”

That was before a huge gun-buying spree in 2020.

On the one hand, gun ownership is good because it prevents other countries from invading your territory. Despite centuries of war in Europe, Switzerland has been able to maintain its neutrality because every household in that country owns a weapon, and citizens are trained in firearms. No, it’s not because the Swiss are so nicey-nicey. The official foreign policy of Switzerland is called “armed neutrality.” Not even the Nazis wanted to mess with the Swiss!  See

In China, the CCP is able to keep its totalitarian rule over 1.4 billion people because the Chinese people are not allowed to have weapons. All weapons are in the hands of the State.

On the other hand, using guns is always a low-consciousness solution to problems. Using weapons only temporarily solves anything because the defeated side just rearms and the conflict begins again, generation after generation. The use of violence and weapons perpetuates a consciousness of endless war. This has been the history of our planet for millennia.

I personally don’t own a gun, have never owned a gun, have never even fired a gun. But that’s just me. If a gun is good enough for the peaceful burghers in Switzerland, who feel it necessary to have them even as their entire nation embraces neutrality, I won’t say anything against it. I just won’t use one.

So where are we going?

In the US, we are in a period of chaos in which the darkness on both sides is exposed. There won’t be a full-fledged civil war, a la 1860–1865. If Biden takes the oath of office the right won’t take to the streets (hopefully), even though the right owns the vast majority of guns. If Trump can prove election fraud and becomes president, however, look for the radical left to use violence, as ANTIFA and radical elements of BLM have already done in the streets of Kenosha, Rochester, New York, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, and St. Louis. (You won’t understand this if you listen exclusively to NPR or read the NYT. However, raw footage of the riots are available on alternative media, filmed by citizens using their mobiles.) ANTIFA, unfortunately, is affiliated with the Democratic Party (or should I say the globalist/corporate/endless war faction of the Democratic Party), and has already promised to burn the cities if Joe Biden is not president.  Type into your browser. You will be re-directed to

Establishment corporate/globalist/endless war Republicans like Mitch McConnell are just as corrupt as corporate/globalist/endless war Democrats like Joe Biden. This isn’t about Democrat and Republican, because these two corporate/donor class parties will soon be gone from the political arena in their present form, unless they change their elitist policies. Two new parties will spring up, both populist parties that actually represent the working class and the middle class, and Main Street instead of Wall Street. On the progressive-populist side is the recently formed Peoples Party. On the right, those who support Trump may decide to abandon the Republicans and form their own populist-nationalist party, especially if Biden is inaugurated in 2021. So we will have a populist progressive party (which may be led by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who should have been the 2020 Democratic ticket) and a populist nationalist party built around Trumpism. The endless war / elitist / World Economic Forum crowd of billionaires (with their so-called Global Reset) and their political running dogs will, of course, hang on as long as they can.

What’s likely to happen vis-a-vis the election? Nothing will be determined by December 14, which is the final date the electoral votes from the states have to be counted and sent to the Congress for ratification on January 6, 2021. Trump’s lawsuits alleging election fraud will either succeed or fail in the Supreme Court; it doesn’t matter. Trump’s play will be to submit his claimed massive evidence of voter fraud in the court of public opinion at some point before January 21, 2021. If there really is such evidence (I believe there is), a Biden presidency is dead in the water before it even begins. If Trump’s evidence amounts to nothing, he will lose in the Supreme Court and look like a fool. Like him or not, I never count Trump out. Whenever he looks the weakest (a la Sun Tzu), he somehow comes up with a winning move, as he did in 2016. Keep track of General Flynn – Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, and briefly Trump’s national security adviser – and his lawyer, Sidney Powell. These two will be in the news a lot during the coming weeks.  

OK, enough of  that!

We live in exciting times, but the glass is half-full now, and slowly getting fuller, despite the noise and chaos created by a globalist/corporate media who want to “reset” to the bad old days of endless war and elite control. It aint happening because the human family has decided to move on to a higher consciousness. But this process is going to be messy.

 Now is the time for all lightworkers to come to the aid of their country! The energy of massive change is here, and the world won’t look like it did for the past 6,000 years. Old systems and people who lack integrity will fall, and people you never heard of will rise up and embrace the light. New organizations based in peace and tolerance will be created and gain more and more popularity. When you have confidence in a positive ending, it makes getting up in the morning a lot easier.

This is an article I am re-posting in full from Diana Zhang, PhD. This name is a pseudonym to protect her and her family back in China from retaliation.

Communist Party cadres hang a placard on the neck of a Chinese man during the Cultural Revolution in 1966. The words on the placard states the man’s name and accuse him of being a member of the “black class.” (Public Domain)

Communist Party cadres hang a placard on the neck of a Chinese man during the Cultural Revolution in 1966. The words on the placard states the man’s name and accuse him of being a member of the “black class.” (Public Domain)

I Grew Up in Communist China, Here’s My Warning to America

Diana Zhang November 24, 2020 Updated: November 25, 2020


This year’s election had a historically high turnout.

Recently, many Americans haven’t cared so much about elections, thinking there ultimately wasn’t much difference between Republicans and Democrats, or between specific candidates.

However, with the approach of the 2020 election, many people became alarmed. They realized how far our country had strayed from its foundations. If we don’t take ownership now, they thought, it will be beyond repair.

The whole world is watching this election closely. Some Chinese have commented: “We thought China was going to become America. Instead, America is becoming China!”

It is so true. At this point, there are a lot of things we cannot say in America. Political correctness is not a matter of choice; it is a survival skill. If you say one word wrong, you can lose your job. If you don’t follow the mainstream narrative, you will get attacked by the mainstream media. It has reached such an extent that we should ask, do we still have freedom of speech?

This reminds me of China. Fifty years ago in communist China, if you made casual comments about the communists, you would end up in jail or a labor camp.

Someone who was at home and made one comment not in line with the CCP would be punished. A son would report on his father, a daughter on her mother, and a husband and wife on each other. Fear of the Communist Party, and indoctrination by it, had become a second human nature, pushing out natural feelings.

I immigrated to America more than 30 years ago. I always tell people, “America is the least discriminatory country in the whole world.” Yet we hear “discrimination” and “racism” daily in news reports. “Discrimination” and “racism” have become political weapons. They are no longer a matter of moral principle.

With so many protests and riots being organized in the name of fighting racism, the issue of race is now purposefully used to divide our society. In communist countries such as China and the former Soviet Union, the communists created division based on social class.

Communists always talk about class struggle. They claim that any inequality of wealth is because the wealthy exploit the working class. Communists use the working class to take down the middle and upper classes, until the country’s whole economy is destroyed.

By turning one group against another, they cause chaos in society and open the door for seizing power. Ruling with communism is always the real goal.

Just as the communists have never been for the working classes, here in America, their real concern is not racism or discrimination. By fostering division among the races, they create an opportunity to seize power. Again, communism is the goal.

America has been a beacon of freedom for the world. My friends in China used to hide under their bed covers to listen to Voice of America. Listening to VOA was a crime that could land you in jail. People living under communist regimes used to take great risks to listen to a voice from America.

And America has been the envy of the world. I have traveled to around 20 countries, and everywhere I hear people talking about immigrating to America.

To people in Europe, America means more opportunity. To people in other areas, America is a place to have a better life. Even those who look down on America are jealous of America, and those who fight with America want to come to America. They know America respects individual rights. America has always been the home of freedom lovers.

But America has changed. Today, VOA is no longer a radio station the Chinese think is worth risking their safety to listen to. America has become more and more like the socialist country they are trying to flee.

America is still wealthy, still has some freedom in lifestyle and the economy, and still is an open society compared to many other countries. However, we have long been on a slow, steady track heading for the same communist society that I once knew.

This is why so many came out to vote. This is why they are fighting voter fraud. It is now or never. This train is heading for a cliff. If we don’t stop it now, it will be too late.

Diana Zhang, Ph.D., is a staff writer with 20 years’ experience in the study of China. Based in the United States, she uses a pen name to protect her family members in China.


Charade: A game in which the players are typically divided into two teams, members of which take turns at acting out in pantomime a word, phrase, title, etc., which the members of their own team must guess. (From

The election charade in the United States has now reached absurd and dangerous proportions. Massive electoral fraud in six swing states has been documented by analysis of the voting in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin. The Smartmatic and Dominion voting machines were used to alter votes from Trump to Biden, employing the strategy of “Drop and Roll.”

After the polls closed at 11p.m. on November 3rd, Trump had big leads in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. By noon the following day, those leads had magically disappeared.  The chairman of the U.S. Federal Election Commission, Trey Trainor, has stated, the “massive amounts of affidavits that we see in these cases show that there was in fact fraud that took place. And the other side really needs to answer these questions.”

Here is proof of voter fraud in Pennsylvania: Trump gets 19,958 votes subtracted  from his tally, while Biden gets 19,958 votes added to his tally. You can’t lose votes if the election is being counted fairly.

The absurdity has gotten so bad that a lawsuit was filed in Wayne County, stating that the Trump Campaign is “racist” because it is exercising its legal and constitutional right to challenge electoral fraud in Wayne County, Michigan.

Cars and vans with out of state license plates were filmed trucking in ballots to the vote counting center in Detroit after the polls closed on November 3rd. The center was closed at 4 a.m., and poll watchers were told to go home. By noon Trump’s over 100,000-vote lead in Michigan had gone to Biden. Similar events occurred in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and in Pennsylvania.

Here is a rigorous statistical analysis of voter fraud in Montgomery County, PA:

Chicago City Council questions why Smartmatic voting machines in the US is a Venezuelan operation (from 2006!):

On December 6, 2019, Democratic senators Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, and Ron Wyden, wrote a letter to a private investor in the Dominion Voting Systems company stating that their voting machines threaten the integrity of U.S. elections:

Here is the actual letter:,%20&%20Staple%20Street%20letters.pdf

The CEO of Dominion Voting systems testified before Congress in January 2020 that "We do have components in our products that come from China."

Ms. Lofgren (D, CA): "What components?"

Mr. Poulos: "For example, LCD components, uh, the actual glass screen on the interface, uh, down to the chip components of capacitors and resistors."

The guts of Dominion voting machines are made by the CCP. Wow.

Here's the article and the testimony, from NBC News:

Article 7 of China's national intelligence law (ratified by the People's Congress in 2017) states the following:

Any organization or citizen shall support, assist, and cooperate with state intelligence work in accordance with the law and maintain the secrecy of all knowledge of state intelligence work."

Oops. Our voting machines are made in China (they my be assembled in the US, but the components come from China), and the people who make them are not allowed to reveal their involvement in their work for the CCP. How's that for foreign interference in U.S. elections!

Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia, is an experienced cybercrimes investigator and digital security executive, who has worked with the CIA, NSA, FBI, and U.S. military counterintelligence. Partial statement below, full statement (pdf below link) from Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia on U.S. election fraud:

I conclude with high confidence that the election 2020 data were altered in all battleground states resulting in a hundreds of thousands of votes that were cast for President Trump to be transferred to Vice President Biden. These alterations were the result of systemic and widespread exploitable vulnerabilities in DVS, Scytl/SOE Software and Smartmatic systems that enabled operators to achieve the desired results. In my view, the evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible

Election fraud is a bipartisan issue.

The Democratic political machines in America’s large northern cities have been engaging in voter fraud since at least 1960, when the Daley machine in Chicago flipped Illinois to the Democrats and JFK, the Democratic candidate, beat Richard Nixon, the Republican candidate. Nixon’s campaign told him that they had proof of fraud in Chicago and that he could challenge and probably win the 1960 election, but Nixon decided to move on. (He later won the presidency in 1968 and again in 1972).

The corporatist/globalist/endless war Republicans are wimps. They are just as corrupt as the corporatist/globalist/endless war Democrats, but not anywhere near as ruthless.

The Issues Run Deeper than One Election

The reasons behind the third-world election charade in the US go far deeper than who is president starting on January 21, 2021. The U.S. election is representative of a world-wide contest between competing methods of organizing human societies. The globalist/corporate/endless war business model with totalitarian, centrally planned economies using state capitalism with low wages favorable to the balance sheets of multinational corporations -- the business model of the Chinese Communist Party and America’s business elites -- competes against a diverse and decentralized system where nation-states voluntarily cooperate with each other in a global setting, and where individual freedoms and liberty are guaranteed by free and fair elections and the rule of law.

The media in the US are now nothing more than propaganda outlets for each side.

The first step in restoring balance to the US is a thorough analysis of voter fraud accusations by the Republicans. If Joe Biden is serious about uniting the country, he should be cooperating with Republicans to show Americans that Trump’s accusations of voter fraud are false. All that is necessary is an inspection of the voting process. Auditing each vote (comparing ballots to voter rolls and signatures) will easily determine if votes are valid or fraudulent, and prove once and for all the fake accusations of Republicans and Trump.

But the Democrats are blocking examination of the votes, and the efforts at transparency in the election. Why?

Nothing is resolved yet! Stay tuned.

Foreign influence in U.S. elections -- but not Russia! From GNews, the website of whistleblower Guo Wengui. If you can believe this.

Following the arrest of Biden’s vote fraud in Michigan, and the sudden increase of nearly 140,000 votes in the middle of the night in Detroit, all of which were included in Biden’s name, the Atlanta general election was surprised to find the Chinese Communist Party SF Express package. As we all know, SF Express is the largest express delivery company in China, and it does not have a pickup service in the United States. This indicates that the votes in SF Express packages are not held by American citizens and are fraudulent votes.

Guo Wengui (Miles Guo) is a virulent critic of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and I have not been able to verify this claim. If true, however, it indicates massive foreign interference in the U.S. election.

Interestingly, in a speech last month, Joe Biden bragged about having the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics. Maybe this is a Freudian slip! I wonder if he meant the cooperation he's getting from the CCP. Biden (through his son Hunter) made many private equity deals with the CCP during the time he was Vice President, essentially selling his office to the highest bidder. That's another story you can research for yourself.

140,000 ballots were suddenly "found" in Detroit on the night of November 4th, all for Biden. In Wisconsin, 138,000 ballots were "found" at 4 a.m. on the morning of November 4. 135,000 were for Biden.

On November 2, a day before the election, a Pennsylvania official announced that Biden had already won the state. On Nov 5, Pennsylvania election officials announced that 750,000 Biden ballots had been "found," almost nullifying the TRUMP lead in the state. On Nov 6, more BIDEN ballot were found. From Nov 3 to Nov 6, a million BIDEN ballots were counted in Pennsylvania. Some of these were just checked for the presidential vote, with no down-ticket votes. I guess when you're filling in ballots as fast as you can, you don't have time to check every box!

Curiouser and curiouser. Here's a pic of two Philly election officials wearing Biden masks.

Oops! We don't like this ballot...

Voter fraud has been a part of American politics since Tammany Hall. But this year, with the voting in swing states so close, it becomes magnified.

Update 11/7/20:

Cybersecurity expert details how voter fraud and election fraud occur. Our elections are being run by private firms. 29 states' votes are housed on a server in Europe.

Wagon Rolling into Detroit in middle of the night with ballots:

This occurred in the state of Michigan, where I live. Here's the story:

“I directly observed, on a daily basis, City of Detroit election workers and employees coaching and trying to coach voters to vote for Joe Biden and the Democrat party,” she says in the affidavit, adding that she witnessed them “encouraging voters to do a straight Democrat ballot.”

Several poll challengers also signed affidavits attesting to alleged election fraud.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more polarized, they have. The line between light and dark, between low and high consciousness, is growing sharper. This line of demarcation is seemingly based on which “side” you are on (left-right, liberal/progressive-conservative, Democrat-Republican). But the true origin of the conflict is how you feel about your fellow man.

Progressives think, “Our ideas for an end to war, healthcare for all, and climate change are clearly superior. Those who can’t see this are troglodytes. Their consciousness is too low to understand. Therefore, such people must be taken out of the public debate before they infect the thinking of others.” Conservatives think, “The radical ideas of progressives never work, and always result in failed economies. Our ideas for equality under the rule of law, the importance of religion, and conservative ideas of integrity and honesty are clearly superior. Those who can’t see this are useful idiots. These people should be removed from the public debate before they infect society with their failed ideas.”

Both sides object to the perceived failure of the other side’s stale and unworkable ideas. Progressives see Trump’s increased funding of the military as the continuance of endless war, and the potential rise of fascism in the country; and Trump’s refusal to provide Medicare for all as a continuance of the status quo where some get benefits and the rest get screwed. Conservatives see the rioting in the streets, and the “politically correct” squashing of the diversity of ideas, as the precursor to communism and a CCP-style totalitarian dictatorship.

Both sides have ample historical precedent to back up their view of the present situation and where it is heading. Both sides are intolerant, and think of the human beings on the other side as hopelessly flawed.

The current sharp divide cannot be solved by policy papers, by the other side “waking up” to the “truth,” by a revolution in the streets, or by electing or defeating Donald Trump.

TRUMP is a symbol of the breakdown of the old consciousness of conflict and “me first.” He is the human avatar around which the old meme structure is breaking down in preparation for a new consciousness. We are working through the old memes that are the backbone of the old paradigm. These have been on full display for the past four years as the light penetrates the darkness and the darkness responds in the only way it knows: with hatred, intolerance, and contempt. TRUMP is the catalyst, the change agent, around which this is happening. TRUMP is having, literally, an influence on every person on the planet. This is a sign of a historic turning of events.

A New Consciousness is Required

Paradoxically, although society is fragmented into two camps, there is great unity within each camp. Society is being organized around the idea of unity even though the two camps are violently opposed to each other. The situation is ripe for a seminal event that will expose the darkness within each camp. When this happens it will break apart the old meme structure. The two united but opposing factions will eventually find common ground. In this way the sharp contrast and the fighting will, like a balloon that has a leak, slowly collapse and sanity will return, but at a higher level. This is how chaotic systems evolve: there is more and more chaos until the system finally settles down at a new level.

Fighting Negatives

Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Human societal problems are caused by a consciousness of fighting what isn’t wanted, instead of promoting that which is wanted. Many people recognize this, but nothing ever seems to change. I wrote a blog post about the difference between “ending racism” and “promoting harmony.” By embracing the latter, we subsume and dissolve the “problem” of racism. We recognize that with harmony and tolerance, racism simply can’t and doesn’t exist. By trying to “end racism” we focus on racism and make racial tensions worse.

What is needed is higher consciousness.

This sounds good, but there is a huge problem:  You can’t “re-educate” people to higher consciousness. You can’t force people to stop fighting negatives and embrace positives. “Re-education” is a low-consciousness solution that perpetuates low consciousness. It’s mired in the old paradigm. But that’s precisely what each camp is trying to do: “re-educate” the other side, marshalling arguments and factoids against the others. This is pointless, for it continues the old consciousness of conflict.

Throughout history, fascists, communists, and dictators have used concentration camps, gulags, and coercion to change thinking. After 5,000 years of this, why don’t we just admit it doesn’t work?  (“The more things change, the more they remain the same” is a pithy statement that has reflected the unchanging nature of human consciousness.)

A permanent solution to the ills of human societies and the establishment of peace on earth must involve a change in consciousness.

How is this supposed to happen? Consciousness is ephemeral and can’t even be described. Materialists (low consciousness) say it’s a bunch of neurons firing in the brain. But not even advanced spiritual thinkers can define consciousness so that it resonates with everyone. I’ve listened to Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra and Sadhguru and others for a long time, but all I know is that a human being probably has a soul, and that a person might have a merkaba, which is supposed to be the soul’s presence in the physical body. That sounds good to me, but it is unreal for the vast majority of the population.

So we’re stuck, right?

Not really.

As the contrast and the duality sharpens, and people get tired of the conflict and contention, people begin to look “out of the box” for a different solution – I’ll call it a “soul-ution” – to ingrained human problems. The fighting and conflict causes a “forcing function” to a higher consciousness.

Forcing Function

 A forcing function is usually defined as any task, activity, or event that forces you to take action and produce a result. In society today, the very sharp polarity and division is acting as a sort of forcing function for a change in consciousness. After four years of Trump – anti-Trump hatred, more and more people are seeing the only elements the old paradigm has to offer: fighting, contention, hatred, and intolerance. People are weary of it.

Eventually, enough people will look for solutions that revolve around harmony, cooperation, and tolerance. Doesn’t seem that way now because the dark army is organizing, and showing what is really is. The hate is in our faces! This process will have to continue until enough people can see that fighting negatives simply cannot result in a positive outcome.

During times of great change, a seminal event occurs that sends the system to a different level. The invention of the transistor, the discovery of DNA by Crick and Watson, the invention of the internet (not by Al Gore!); these are all events that sent the world on a different course. Now, humanity is ready for the biggest one of all: the recognition of the power of consciousness to change its own thinking, and to re-define what human nature is.

The result of the forcing function will be a seminal event that changes human consciousness. If I knew what that was I’d tell you, but I know it’s coming. I know it involves an event that will cause people to recognize the human connection to a higher power, and the redefinition of “human nature.”

We’ve Tried all of the Old Solutions

Humanity is ready now (or will soon be ready) for a higher solution.

The old thinking has resulted in no permanent solutions to the intractable problems of human society, even after 5,000 years of human civilization. We’re still fighting and killing and hating each other as we have done for millennia, even though we know that love dissolves hate.

Science can provide no answers, for science investigates the material world and necessarily avoids metaphysics and consciousness. It is fascinating to see how science and metaphysics may have common ground, but these ideas unite at the far boundaries or edges. The Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics, for example, accounts for the decisions of consciousness, but these scientific explanations aren’t real for the vast majority of people. They will never penetrate the collective consciousness enough to affect human day-to-day behavior.

The solutions we have now don’t work. We are asking the wrong questions and working on the problem with the wrong approaches. A metaphysical solution that involves human spirituality is the next evolution in human thought and will take us out of the old paradigm and into the new. Paradoxically, it will take a forcing function like rioting in the streets, and violence and hatred, to shock people out of the current mode of thinking. The dark side has its uses.

Cheer up folks! Human society is not headed for another downward spiral. The  chaos we see today is the light penetrating the darkness, paving the way for a better future.

A New Consciousness

A new consciousness on earth would dissolve the problems of injustice, conflict, and war, just as promoting harmony automatically dissolves the intractable problem of ending racism.

“So how is this to be done?” you ask.

That’s the wrong question.

As soon as you ask “How?” you open the box of old solutions that haven’t worked for millennia.

A new consciousness is simply an agreement by enough human beings that fighting and conflict in no longer supportable in human relations. This results in broad agreement throughout society in the promotion of harmony rather than the ending of injustice. It is simply a focus on creating what is wanted instead of fighting what isn’t wanted. It’s coming, and it’s coming soon.

Of course we’ve known this for millennia, so why should it work now?

Because a new, worldwide messaging network connects every human being on earth. (The worldwide internet may be the most important factor behind the forcing function.) Because people are tired of conflict and war. Because it’s almost impossible to hide anything now. In the past, before a global connection, humans were isolated into separate nations and locales that solved problems by fighting about them. Now, a beheading in Paris or the corruption of a political candidate in one country becomes headline news throughout the world.

The darkness just can’t hide anymore.

We’re already seeing a push toward harmony by the social justice movement, which asks for an environmentally supportable economy, healthcare for all, and an end to war. In true dualistic fashion, these sentiments have been hijacked by authoritarian personalities and organizations that want to establish yet another top-down, hierarchical and global control state, monitored by AI and ubiquitous surveillance, and the institution of social credit systems that treat human beings like apps. The people out on the streets rioting and looting and burning are unconsciously fighting an old definition of human nature that has been in place for 5,000 years (but they are using the toolbox of old consciousness). They see no hope of working through “the system” and are sick to death of it. Their idea is that the system must be completely torn down before a new society can be built. These activities are all part of the forcing function that will result in a higher consciousness.

The energy behind the forcing function is the fervent desire by 8 billion human beings for peace, tolerance, and cooperation. This is the energy of consciousness, which is becoming stronger and stronger and will make itself felt more and more as time goes on.

“Sounds like a miracle,” you say. “Good luck with that.”

Fortunately, luck plays no part in the new path to higher consciousness. My movie, “The Evolution of Consciousness,” shows how human thought and the desire for a better world influence the collective consciousness and the meme structure of humanity. Action follows thought.

It’s coming!

The darkness serves only to unite the vast majority of humanity toward the light.

The New Human Nature

Human beings have been trapped in a box of beliefs of our own making. In this box is something called “human nature.” Human nature is supposed to be the idea that people will always look out for themselves and reject harmonious approaches “because some jerk (or jerks) will always exploit the situation.” This idea is that the wolf will always attack, scatter, and kill the sheep. That the strong will always exploit the weak. Look out for number one.

Intellectually we know that love dissolves hate, but our intellectual understanding has not been sufficient, it is said, to overcome our baser “human nature.”

A new human nature is coming, brought to you by the forcing function of the sharp contrast and the “line of demarcation.” The new human nature will come from the understanding by people across the planet that the old ways of coercion and intimidation and violence and “re-education” don’t work anymore. People will naturally gravitate to a new paradigm based on greater tolerance, simply because all human beings are connected to God, and God (the Creative Source) is the love source.

The forcing function will propel the human race to reach past the old, outdated box of beliefs that has been driving “human nature” for 5,000 years.

We’re going to be ready for it sooner than anyone thinks, because too many people are ready to believe in something better!

I wasn't going to post this, but what the hell.

Update Monday Nov 2.

SV News has announced that federal agents are building a non-scalable fence around WH, so the first part of this probably won't happen.

SV News @SVNewsAlertsWHITE HOUSE ENTERING LOCKDOWN: Federal agents to build “non-scalable” fence around the WH starting tomorrow & over 250 National guardsman are now on standby to protect POTUS, in preparation for #ElectionDay unrest.10:06 PM · Nov 1, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

Tin-foil hat alert:

Sunday, Nov 1, 2020

Last night I had a vision. Lying in a half-awake state, I saw the White House being burned to the ground by a coordinated mob. People were inside the place and outside throwing bricks, burning the Oval Office, trashing the place, shouting revolutionary slogans. This was broadcast on all networks throughout the country, and to the whole world.

The U.S. government moved out of Washington DC to a Midwest city (Omaha, Nebraska maybe?) Mobs of people in DC were rioting, looting stores, smashing property.

California, Oregon, (and possibly Washington state) seceded from the United States and declared a new country, called the New Revolutionary State of America. The new state called in foreign troops to protect it from what it declares is a fascist U.S. government. Many of the foreign troops are from Communist China. The U.S. military immediately declares war on the new government. Before the new government can get established, the U.S. military rounds up the foreign troops. Battles are being fought in the streets of Portland, Seattle, and several Cali cities. The U.S. government cuts off all funding to the new government.

Washington DC is essentially burned to the ground by mobs. It is all filmed and broadcast to the world.

I also saw (not certain) a contingent of the U.S. military in Beijing, arresting Xi Jinping and Wang Quishan. A new government is declared in China, led by Chinese expatriates in the New Federal State of China. There is chaos in many Chinese cities as people are panicking.

In the US, the burned-out White House is occupied by the revolutionaries. These people are known to the U.S. military, who arrest them (along with their leaders in the US). These people are flown to Guantanamo Bay, where they are removed from U.S. society, but treated humanely.

The mainstream broadcast networks are temporarily taken over by the U.S. military, prompting cries of fascism from progressive bloggers. Right wing bloggers are in full support. Social media is temporarily shut down. Direct communications from the new U.S. government are broadcast to the cellular networks on people’s mobiles, bypassing the traditional mainstream media.

The mainstream networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox) show everything live without comment, 24 hours a day. All normal programming is temporarily suspended while events play out.

That’s what I saw.

Sound crazy?


Remember that TRUMP is still president until January 20, 2021. The move of the U.S. government out of DC has been planned for years, almost as soon as TRUMP got elected.

The defense of DC has also been planned, at least since 2018. There were several military exercises over the city from 2018 onward, which were commented on by bloggers.

I’m not sure whether the military will defend DC or let it burn. My guess is that the military won’t fight the revolutionaries in the streets, but will be around to set up emergency food tents so that people can be fed during the chaos.

After the activity in DC, it will no longer be the seat of the U.S. government. DC is, like in biblical times, a rotten corpse of corruption and perversion. (“This house is a house of prayer. You have turned it into a den of thieves.”)

Food supplies may be temporarily interrupted across the country, but mainly the U.S. military will work to ensure supply lines are maintained, physically protecting the trucking networks. Individual cities and states will be temporarily on their own, as the military can’t be everywhere at once.

Those in the light won’t panic. The dark army must be allowed to expose itself and be seen by the entire world. Life might be difficult for a few weeks, but order will be restored.  

In the vision, all of this will take place between now and Jan 20, 2021, and shortly thereaftter. In the vision I was told that there are many possible futures, but that this was a fairly strong possibility. There are many other possible futures, in which more gradual change occurs. I personally hope for gradual change.

I hope I’m crazy and none of this happens, but some part of me wishes that it does. The sooner the present insanity finds an outlet and is resolved, the better.