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In my lifetime I have been exposed to many doomsday scenarios. During the Cold War we lived under the threat of nuclear annihilation. The Cuban Missile Crisis almost plunged us into World War III. Over the years, events in the Middle East nearly did the same. The worldwide electronic and computer infrastructure was supposed to collapse during Y2K. 9/11 was supposed by many to be the beginning of the end. When the Deepwater Horizon oil platform exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, some said it was the beginning of an extinction event. A meteor was supposed to hit the earth and destroy all life on the planet. The poles were supposed to shift, creating calamities such as floods and tectonic events. The world was supposed to end on December 21, 2012. But none of this ever occurred.

Now, I look back on these very fearful events and laugh. "Oh, they were just conspiracy theories! We all totally overreacted." But were they? If something doesn't happen, there's no way to determine the probability that it might have happened; we just know that it didn't happen. For us on the safe timeline, we never know what the potentials were. We assume that events either happen or they don't, like an on-off switch. But what if the universe operates quantum mechanically? In quantum mechanics a system can have multiple states that all exist at the same place and the same time, superposed upon each other in a "soup" of probability. Whatever manifests is just one of many possible states, but many other states may still coexist alongside the manifested one. There may only be one timeline with many possible outcomes, or many timelines that manifest all probabilities. Either way we only know the timeline we're on and the manifestations that did occur.

What determines which of those potentials or timelines is manifested? A materialistic science says it is random, that certain events occurred because the system just shifted, and that everything else is a conspiracy theory. But this explanation ignores the variable of consciousness. Consciousness is the quantum mechanical operator that selects, from among the many different potentials, which one finally becomes real. Metaphysically this is called co-creation. Co-creation is the conscious selection of a future outcome.

Using this idea, the human race did not select World War III from among the probabilities for the planet. But we did select 9/11, Fukishima, and all the other events that did happen. If consciousness is the quantum operator, we could make a list of everything that did and didn't happen over the years, using the current news of the day as a database, to determine the "state" of human consciousness at that time. We could get an idea of the balance of light and dark on the planet at any period of history.

Let's say that human consciousness is the selection operator, determining, through the balance of our beliefs and expectations, which of the potential outcomes that are possible actually comes true. What happens when an outcome manifests? Do all of the other probabilities immediately vanish to zero? Is it winner-takes-all? My guess is no, because we live in a vibrational universe. When you drop a stone into a pond you get ripples, but those ripples don't vanish immediately. The effect of the stone dropping into the water continues until the ripples gradually fade away. Perhaps the same is true with consciousness and manifestation. Like the stone dropped into the pond, the ripples hit the edge of the water and come back, interfering with the ripples still going outward, which also sets up further disturbances called interference patterns. The event is in the past, but the effect of that moment of impact continues through time.

Similar to the pond, the earth is a closed system, a self-enclosed sphere travelling through space. If the potential for two events to occur (say, conflict leading to a world war, or conflict that is contained locally) are both high, the one that does not occur may still have a ripple effect, even though the other one manifested – because the potentials were high for it to have happened. In this case, you would still be able to detect the feeling or the vibration of the probability that didn't manifest. The potential for it to occur in the future, then, is still there. Therefore there could still be strong vibrational remnants from the unmanifested potential. Sensitives, or just people in general who are sensitive to energy, may pick up on these ripples.

Let's say that on December 21, 2012, we passed an energetic marker that makes impossible the potential for World War III, or any extinction event. The vibrational ripple effect of that doomsday scenario, however, is still with us, because that probability has been in the minds of billions of people. In other words, the potential that didn't manifest is carried forward in time.

Some people can feel that we have gone past the marker, but there is still a prevalent feeling of doom from the old vibration in the minds of many – even though there is no longer a chance of doom. But because of the co-creative power of human consciousness, the vast majority of humans still postulate a doomsday scenario! In other words, we passed the marker but people are still co-creating disaster. They can still feel the remnants of the old vibration even though it has been superseded by a new reality. A “doomsday” scenario has manifested after the U.S.  election. I know a lot of people who seriously think we are doomed now that Trump is president. They talk about a breakdown in society with a sense of inevitability.

That is why it's so important for aware and awake people to keep a positive attitude. When your friends moan and groan about Trump, or the state of the country, inject something positive without making people wrong. "Well, I think that we're headed for a positive future in the long run." You can do this without negating another's personal beliefs. This will be very important in negating the negative ripple effects from the old potentials. The more human  consciousness can project a positive future, the easier it's going to be to transition out of the old paradigm of thought.

There are still negative potentials! Not catastrophic or extinction events, but things like a financial collapse, or a civil war, or a coup d'etat. We can negate these things IF we postulate a benign future and not one filled with turmoil. I don't know about you but I've had enough turmoil in my life! (Don't look now, but some people are forecasting another cataclysm (surprise!). The latest is a gigantic solar flash that will (supposedly) generate a huge EMP that will take down the electrical grid all over the planet. Supposedly the sun does this every so often, because of the different rotational rates of the solar equator, the mid-latitude regions, and the poles. Well, we can begin to co-create that now, lol! Or we can co-create something else.)

Most people don't understand esoteric stuff like this. Most people (even if you could get them to understand) might not even care, and that's OK. But people like us, who understand the importance of metaphysics and consciousness to manifest events on the timeline, have the responsibility to smooth the waters and create a future of peace and prosperity for everyone. There's never a crowd on the leading edge, as Esther Hicks used to say. If you are an old soul (one who has had many lifetimes or expressions on earth) you will feel the power and the validity of this statement.

The Field

Sensitives can FEEL that the energy on the planet has changed. It's been turning me inside out, I can tell you that. It's to the point where I literally cannot think negative thoughts without feeling uncomfortable. That's because this new energy, which Lee Carroll calls "The Field," is a harmonizing energy. It's an energy of peace, cooperation, and coming together. Those individuals and organizations who don't go with the flow will find their organizational and cellular chemistry failing. It's cooperation, literally, or you begin to fall apart. This tendency is going to strengthen over the years and the decades. The balance between light and dark on the planet is gradually going to increase in favor of the light.

Therefore, it's gradually going to get easier and easier to be compassionate and to shine your light. It's going to become more accepted. The tough guys, the fighters, they are going to have a harder and harder time of it. We will begin to see the dark spots showing up against the white as the vibrational background becomes brighter and brighter. The dark side doesn't know how to change and doesn't want to change; they are stuck with the same methods they have always used in the old energy: coercion, intimidation, force; and their tools, fear and anger. These are the fermions and the bosons of the dark side; but these people and groups are going to stick out more and more; they will be seen to be less and less in the mainstream and more and more outlandish! And more harmful. That's just the opposite of what it was when I was growing up in the 1950s, and I am grateful for that.

What is The Field? It's a term that represents a cooperative, esoteric background energy. In quantum field theory, every subatomic particle is just an excitation of an underlying quantum field. Well, The Field is the basic substrate that underlies all vibration, from which all quantum fields arise. Because it is created by the great central source it is love-based and operates harmoniously. You’d think that the immediate effects of The Field will be to quickly turn the earth into a paradise, but what’s going to happen (as we are already seeing) is a battle between light and dark, a battle that was forecast by the indigenous on our planet. When the light penetrates the darkness the cockroaches come out and are exposed. It’s going to seem like the planet is going to hell for a time. There will be greater contrast and a greater expression of intolerance as those who want the old system fight to keep it; but at the same time we’re going to see more tolerance as well expressed by the forces of light. Enlightened ones, shine your light! By doing this you help to transform old potentials and create a brighter future for everyone.


The earth has an approximate 26,000 year cycle called the precession of the equinoxes. It's the time it takes the earth's wobble to complete one full cycle. Everything I’ve read says that this cycle has tremendous esoteric significance. The end of the last 26,000 year period was, according to the Mayan Long Count calendar, on December 21, 2012, which is 5 Long Counts of approximately 5,126 years. Apparently, at the end of each of these 26,000 year cycles there is a window of several years duration with the potential for massive change. We are in one of those periods now.

The Precession of the Equinoxes

Source: NASA, Mysid - Vectorized by Mysid in Inkscape after a NASA Earth Observatory image in Milutin Milankovitch Precession.

It is a time of shift, where consciousness on the planet has the potential for a quantum leap in evolution. Within the window of that shift many potential futures or probable outcomes present themselves. Human consciousness gets to choose what will happen until the next precession, whether we are ready or not! If we want 26,000 more years of madness, then OK, so be it. But if you are an old soul who is tired of coming back to the planet and struggling, lifetime after lifetime, it's time to step up, as they say in sports. Old souls in particular must choose a positive future, in harmony with The Field, because most of the population is clueless. They are living their lives and are working on their brands and doing all the things that human beings do, and that's fine. But with great knowledge comes great responsibility. Only a relative handful of old souls compared to the rest of the population can make all the difference in which potential future humanity chooses. Are you an old soul? Well, if you are interested in esoteric subjects and have an innate feeling of understanding about the planet, you probably are. Your past life experiences, recorded in your Akash, “leak” into your consciousness and sya to you, “You have been here before.”

  Old Souls and Co-Creation

Because we are only 4 years from the Dec. 21, 2012 marker there are still potentials for darker outcomes hanging around in human consciousness. It's our job to apply the co-creative abilities of consciousness and use its quantum operator function to select the appropriate outcomes from the soup of possibility, thus negating potential negative outcomes that, although not cataclysmic, can still be uncomfortable if they manifest. Human consciousness, through individual choices, is doing this all the time, whether we recognize it or not. Keeping to the same belief systems keeps the quantum operator selecting the same old same old, decade after decade. Change means changing what we think and what we expect and what we anticipate – and that can be hard work! But that new expectation will create a new future.

Those of us who can feel the shift past the Dec. 21, 2012 marker are also feeling the release of our past life karma. If you are an old soul – one  who has been on the planet lifetime after lifetime – you are having the hardest time because you've been burned at the stake, executed, and in general spat upon when you've dared to shine your light during the previous cycle. During the previous Long Count the balance on the planet between dark and light was in favor of the dark. But now it's tilting slowly toward the light. Enough brave souls made miraculous decisions to overcome the darkness and embrace the light, despite the danger. Thank you!

If you are an old soul you have more karma but also more wisdom. That's because you've been around so long you know how earth works. You have an innate wisdom of what to do, and what not to do. You understand the power of co-creation, and your connection to the great central source. There is power there! The power to change the future, and to make the present a much pleasanter place. Even if you are not an old soul– and it makes no difference to the planet, or human consciousness – you can use the power of co-creation to choose the brightest possible outcome for humanity and the planet. We are at the beginning of a new 26,000 year cycle! Let’s start things off on the good foot.