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“A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”

– Max Planck, originator of quantum mechanics

Evolution in thought, as in the evolution of physical systems, occurs gradually. In physical evolution, changes in organisms occur very slowly “behind the scenes” and then suddenly burst out in a new mutation, making it seem that evolutionary changes are spontaneous. Discarding for a moment the ludicrous theory that consciousness stems from biology, and embracing Max Planck’s idea that “matter [is] derivative from consciousness.... Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness,” then perhaps physical evolution is a subset of thought evolution. In other words, what a species thinks ultimately determines its reality.

The idea that a species can think – that it has a collective consciousness – is completely unprovable. Only if the physical universe is a subset of a grander, non-physical Creative Principle does this make any sense at all.  A materialist will say, “There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that thought creates reality, because something cannot come from nothing.  Such a belief is delusional. In fact, thought itself is a function of neurons firing in the brain.” But from the POV of Spirit, it makes perfect sense. If in fact thought does precede and influence physical reality, then if you can think it, it already has existence. I illustrate this idea in my movie, “The Unity of Spirit and Matter,” which you can see for free at

Your thought may be very fuzzy indeed, and may not be near fully-formed, but more concentration can evolve your thought into a sophisticated template. Nikola Tesla was able to do this – he designed his turbines and other devices in his head and knew they would work when built – and they did!  Moreover, broad agreement on any idea creates a strong vibrational template from which physical reality may be formed or influenced, just as a physical blueprint (which is merely a physical representation of someone’s thought template) becomes a house, or a 3D printer, or a bridge, or a refrigerator.

Thought precedes reality, even a materialist can agree with that. The materialist just believes that thought itself is material! Which is quite silly, because matter cannot create other matter. “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed,” is what the materialists say, and they are hoist on their own petards. It is interesting that a scientist will scoff at the idea of a non-physical creative principle, yet insist on the legitimacy of theories like the Big Bang and its offshoots, which postulates that all of the matter and energy in the universe came forth from a singularity – an area of spacetime with infinite density and zero volume – itself an impossibility in the physical universe!

Yet in my career as a writer, blogger, and radio show host, the most stubborn belief I have ever encountered is, “when you die, you’re dead,” the belief in the biological basis for consciousness, or the superiority of matter over consciousness. Those who have this belief will, simply, never give it up. Until they “die,” of course, and then they will see how silly it is. But Max Planck was right: at the present level of human consciousness, people will hold on to their cherished beliefs until they leave the planet. Therefore, a change in consciousness will only occur when enough of the believers in the old system die off, and new beings come in with a fresh viewpoint. A new “mutation” in consciousness cannot occur until a tipping point in awareness is reached by enough individuals.

As the process of awakening proceeds gradually, behind the scenes, the human race is going to become more and more aware of thought – the mental plane – as a superset of everything in the physical universe. Surrounding the planet earth is a holographic field which some have called the Akash. The Akash is a storage and retrieval system – in the mental plane – for every thought, intention, desire, and action of every human being on the planet since Day One. It is the basis of Jung’s “collective unconscious.”  Right now the Akash is a vague concept, and completely unrelated to the lives of human beings. But it is a very important aspect of human life because within the Akash lies the meme structure of humanity – the set of beliefs and assumptions that motivate and drive human society. The Akash contains all of the “now I’m supposed tos,” and all of the “everybody knows” beliefs that are unconsciously accepted by most of us, and it all happens through the interface of thought. (See my movie “The Evolution of Consciousness” for an illustration of this idea).

Of course, human beings have been shuttling on and off this planet since the days of the cave men, but the content within the Akash has only recently begun to change. Approximately two people die every second, and about four new beings are born every day, according to the Ecology Global Network in 2011. So twice as many beings are born as die, every second. You’d think that change should come very quickly! But it doesn’t, and one explanation is the Akash. Within the Akash is humanity’s balance of thought. When a new being comes from Spirit he or she meets up with the energy recorded and stored in the Akash from all of his or her previous lives – the concept of karma. And he or she also meets up with the collective memes and beliefs that have been placed in the Akash for millennia.

The collective “karma” of the human race is also energy – thought energy. Somewhat ephemeral, but it does have force. We all know the force of a belief: it drives us, motivates us, we can get very passionate about a belief. Crimes of passion are committed by people with irrational beliefs such as, “an eye for an eye.” A person who believes that “All Republicans are evil,” may one day try to kill a prominent politician. A man who believes that women are temptresses will probably attack a woman sometime in his life. Look at all of the irrational actions human beings do – watch the nightly news or listen to any news broadcast and you can get an idea of how many utterly irrational beliefs are floating around in the Akash.

I can actually feel these memes as a psychic pressure on my consciousness. As I’ve grown in awareness I have to be much more careful now not to let the more “dark” areas of the Akash influence my thinking. But it’s getting easier as more and more people wake up and change the balance of thought toward the Light.

Who Is Responsible?

Who is responsible for all the bad stuff in the Akash? The bad guys, right? Nope. ALL of us. The bad guys may just be more susceptible to these darker thought forms than the rest of us. Throughout the history of the human race we have created a set of thought templates – memes, beliefs, whatever you want to call them. We have created a recipe book for human consciousness. In that recipe book are all of the crazy beliefs being manifested by 7 billion human beings every day. Every time we insult someone, or hit them, or do things even more gruesome, it’s recorded in the Akash. The Akash is like a dynamic, interactive database of subtle energy, and it interfaces with thought. The Akash can actually influence what we think, IF our vibrational orientation is that way (law of attraction). Because some of the impulses we receive are irrational and inexplicable, we blame outside forces for some of the things we do – but those forces are being generated by individuals every day contributing to the mass consciousness. Positive thoughts enhance the Akash and negative thoughts contribute to its “demonic,” or dark impact on our lives. The human race is programming its own experience on this planet. We don’t recognize the force of the Akash because it operates invisibly, and we haven’t yet clued in to the crucial importance of thought.

An individual human being is like a page in the Akashic Recipe Book: we have access to our page, but all of the other pages as well (the collective). We say, “look at Joe Doakes over there, what an a-hole. He got drunk yesterday and beat his dog. People like that should be punished.” But Joe Doakes wasn’t born with original sin, as the Catholics say. He was a fresh new being from Spirit who, for some reason, was subject to some powerful memes in the Akash, or perhaps from parents who themselves might have acted out memes that have been “handed down” to them by their own parents.

I don’t want to get into the idea of victimhood here. Of course we are all responsible for our actions, but let’s take a deeper look at what’s going on. A materialist will simply say that evil and wrongdoing must be punished, otherwise it will continue to flourish. But punishment will only add to the already existing dark memes and thought forms in the Akash. Punishment will only strengthen these thought forms. Therefore, if we truly want to advance in consciousness, we must eliminate punishment.

This idea upset me when I really understood it. I was raised by a police officer who taught me to keep my nose clean and live a good life. He believed that people who wouldn’t do this should be taught a lesson, and I’ve had these memes installed prominently in my psyche for decades. It’s just WRONG not to punish a-holes, isn’t it? How will they learn to behave themselves? When the truly evil people on the planet are finally identified and brought to justice, we need to kill these bastards and remove their stain from the collective consciousness, right? WRONG! Doing so will only create a massive boost to the dark memes. And so, we must do as Christ advised: turn the other cheek. We can’t punish them!

That seems WRONG somehow, because when we discover what these pederasts, torturers, child molesters, murderers, and criminal scum have been doing, it will be devastating.[1] People will be outraged, and for very good reason. The call will be for termination with extreme prejudice – to give these people a taste of their own medicine (the old “eye for an eye” belief is always strongly activated when criminals are brought to justice). If we do this, however, we will fail. Our civilization cannot advance until we deal compassionately with the people who are acting on the thought forms ALL OF US have put into the Akash. Stated another way, the “bad guys” are stand-ins, or representatives, for the memes all of us have placed into the Akash. Or, as Walt Kelley so aptly put it: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

The Dynamic Nature of the Akash

I was talking with my friend Khurshid the other day. He told me the story of one of his friends who was having trouble with his son, a young teenager who would go around the house scratching up the furniture and raising hell. The father was tearing his hair out, trying to figure out what was wrong with this kid: maybe he was a sociopath. Punishment didn’t seem to work and he was ready to give up. One day he was talking with Khurshid, who suggested he speak to  his son as follows: “Son, you and I and your mother live in this house, and I need your help. If the house is a pigsty we don’t live happy lives. So I want you to tell us how we should keep the house clean.” Long story short, the son’s antisocial behavior went away as he realized that he could have a say in the household. This is another example of what we talked about in a previous blog post: creativity is the highest activity on the planet. Behavior modification based on allowing someone to exercise greater creativity in their lives is always the preferred solution (unless the person is a raving lunatic of course).

Punishing the child just added more dark energy to the Akash. The solution based on creativity added energy of a higher vibration and strengthened the higher vibrations not only in the family, but also in the Akash. We alter the balance of Light and Dark in the Akash every second. And the Akash then interacts with our own consciousness – we feel passionate about something, we feel happy, we feel like killing someone. We are creating our own reality.

Every day, 7 billion human beings are shaping and changing the dynamic balance in the Akash. These thought forms then direct action via the law of attraction. Yopur point of attraction determines what you receive from the Akash. We’re having a bad day: guess what part of the Akash we’re contacting and strengthening?  I know, it’s really, really hard to get out of the dumps when you’re in them. What I do is take a time-out. If I can’t feel good, at least I can stop feeling rotten. I am becoming more and more aware of the mental plane, of the effect of my own thoughts on my mood, and even my physical well-being. I simply can’t think thoughts of anger or hatred without feeling physically ill. There’s a time lag there, but I know I’ll pay the price.

The point is that the mental plane – the Akash – is becoming more and more important in our lives. Even materialists are affected, because the root of everything is consciousness, and consciousness originates with Spirit. Like it or not, 7 billion incarnated souls are “amping up” the Akash, just as the energy provided by the stove heats up the water in the pan. A watched pot never boils, but, almost invisibly, heat is being transferred to the water until viola! The water begins to boil. People in my generation didn’t grow up with computers and cell phones, we developed computers and cell phones. For many of us these devices are really cool, but we simply don’t have the familiarity with them that our children and grandchildren do. Well, it’s the same with the Akash. The generations to come are going to be able to see into it, will be more aware even of their past lives and any abilities they may have had in past lives. Just as computers and cell phones are implicitly accepted as part of our lives, so too will the Akash become part of the lives of future generations.

But it aint going to happen overnight. It sucks, but I’m pretty sure that’s the way evolution works. Physical evolution proceeds on a logarithmic curve. At the beginning, evolution just plods along: there’s a huge tail to the curve on the left that hardly moves for a long time. In the graph below, the tail goes to the left for several feet at the bottom of the graph if you start from the year zero AD (not shown) But once enough momentum (“vibration”) gets into the system, we begin to see a gradual increase, then a very rapid rise indeed to a much higher level. The rate of growth in populations is related to the exponential function e, which is a natural constant that is its own derivative, and typically looks like the curve of human population growth below:

Figure 1. Long-term world population growth, 1750-2050. Source: United Nations Population Division

The population density lowers the upward trajectory of the curve as more and more people competing for the same number of resources present barriers to growth. So the rate of growth of the human population is going to slow over the next 50 years. But the die is already cast! Within the next two generations, I believe, we are going to see a much more rapid rise in consciousness. By that I mean a decrease in conflict and violence to solve problems, and an assumption that the best way to go about things is to cooperate. Why? Because the natural order of things is cooperation, not conflict. In 1920 the graph really began to take off, and we have now reached the tipping point, the point beyond which enough oomph has been imparted to the system to make our ascension to a higher level of consciousness inevitable.

With this “rise” in consciousness to a new level will come a much greater awareness of the Akash. It’s already starting. During the next two generations, thought will be recognized for its power to influence physical structure. New laws of physics will be discovered that can only come about from increased cooperation, for this more advanced physics assume that thought, consciousness, and energy/matter are interrelated in harmonious ways beyond the understanding of our current science based on conflict and the consciousness of competition and  adversarial relationships. Think about the internal combustion engine, which works by compressing and igniting gases in an explosion that drives a piston up and down. This is a primitive idea brought about by a primitive consciousness based on conflict and struggle. That is gradually going to go away as a more enlightened human race recognizes the effect it is having on the collective consciousness with every thought and intention.

As Max Planck said, the old memes gradually die off and the new memes become ascendant. The Akash contains templates of more advanced thought – new physics, new medicine – that can only be accessed when our collective vibration becomes a match to a more cooperative, harmonious, and powerful system of thought. One day, very quietly and without fanfare of any kind, without a press release, the human race will begin to think and act more harmoniously, and it will seem the most natural thing in the world. To an observer, a spontaneous new way of thinking will have occurred seemingly out of thin air. But the new paradigm will be the result of a lot of awesome people like you and I who are doing our spiritual work, slowly changing the dynamic balance in the human meme structure.  I am living my own life with a greater awareness of the Akash and my contributions to it, as well as how I am affected by it. The good news is that the law of attraction can work for you. If you keep your vibe at a more harmonious level, you will experience more harmony and life will get easier.

[1] George Bush Sr. is said to have told Sarah McClendon, the grand dame of the White House press corps at the time: “Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the streets and lynch us.”

— From a June, 1992 exclusive and published interview granted by President George H. W. Bush