As the world becomes mired in materialism, fake ScienceTM, AI, and transhumanism, we lose the connection to Spirit, to our own divinity, which provides the fundamental optimism and creativity that motivates a prosperous society. Embracing materialism, we lose the human connection that recognizes and respects each other and leads to tolerance and respect for the diversity of thought and belief that is the bedrock of successful human interaction. As a result we get a society awash in drugs, violence, and hatred.

The lack of a spiritual connection in our daily lives leads instead to self-criticism, dehumanization, and even the refusal to protect our culture.

There will never be peace in a world without spirituality or religion. I am not religious myself but I follow this simple little dictum: “Blessed is the human being who finds God any way they can.”

There will never be peace in a world without a fundamental belief in the divinity of the human spirit.

This Christmas, whether you are religious or not, let us ponder what kind of a world we want to live in, and then begin to create that world in our daily lives.

Blessings to all this Christmas!

The two main issues

Another endless war is developing in the Middle East, and the insane war in Ukraine continues, brought to you by our psychopathic overlords. Meanwhile, the United States economy is being hollowed out by insane government spending that has resulted in  the escorting of 8 to 10 million illegal migrants over the southern border since January 20, 2021, along with massive amounts of fentanyl that is killing 80,000 people a year in a reverse Opium War.  

The Mexican drug cartels control our southern border now, and every migrant who comes over must pay thousands of dollars to these criminal organizations.

The U.S. government is the world’s largest human trafficker.

There are two main issues facing the US as I see it.

(1) Massive government money printing has resulted in a yearly interest payment that has now reached $1 trillion. The government took in about $4.5 trillion dollars in fiscal year 2023, but it spent $6.5 trillion (figures are approximate). That’s a $2T deficit. In FY 2023, over 20% of every dollar collected by the gummint was spent on interest payments. With interest rates way higher than before, that debt interest will get greater and greater every year, particularly if spending isn’t cut to reasonable levels.

If nothing is done, how long can this continue before the whole thing collapses?

We are in the final phase of capitalism: finance capitalism, where the amount of goods and services grows less and less because the government grows larger and larger and sucks more and more productivity out of the private sector. In its place, worthless fiat paper currency is printed. Today, a significant portion of U.S. GDP is just government spending. Our manufacturing base was sent to China during the Bush 43 and Obama administrations.

Yet the U.S. economy still limps along. Mostly everything still works, but how long will that last?

(2) The second issue is the massive invasion of our country along the southern border, with millions of young men of military fighting age, fifth columnists, CCP/PLA operatives, Hamas and Hezbollah operatives, IDF spies, and criminals from every nation coming across — which is also a cover for the massive influx of fentanyl and the trafficking of children and women.

Ukraine and Israel are not on the list. I’m sorry for Ukraine and Israel, but we must address our own border and protect U.S. sovereignty first, even as the national security state and mass media are all-in for the New War as the Old War sputters out amid a hundred thousand deaths.

So why is all this happening?

The Shift

Human consciousness in a Shift. In the last post I talked about social bifurcation and the chaos that develops when events accelerate in preparation for an evolutionary leap to a different social state.

With the advent of social media, a bifurcation occurred. The pandemic and the lockdowns accelerated social isolation for individuals, and the “vaccine” debate and the mandates further hardened attitudes and created rifts in our society. The introduction of millions of migrants from literally all over the world, who do not share the tradition of tolerance and open-handedness that was the bedrock of the middle class here in the US, is creating  and will create more chaos.

We’re in the chaotic period now where bifurcations are occurring rapidly and events are really hard to keep up with. The only question is: Will we evolve to a higher state, or will society collapse?

Well, why create a negative future? Humanity has been conditioned by our history of war and conflict to always expect the worst. The Shift offers the possibility to take a  different track. Events are accelerating due to a shift in human consciousness, which affects every person on the planet. The darkness is being exposed.

Those who want to keep the old energy of war and conflict going are creating these wars. The lies of the national security state here in the US are so numerous, tangled, and contradictory that their entire Narrative War is collapsing under the weight of its own falsehoods and internal contradictions. It is instructive to watch a White House  news conference and watch Karine Jean-Pierre stumble all over herself in an attempt to obfuscate and lie about the news of the day. Thios is what happen when you build a House of Lies and then try to defend it.  I don’t envy KJP.

The national security state psychopaths have only one tool set in their toolbox: lies, deceit, and when that doesn’t work, violence. Their narratives are facilitating the consciousness shift.

The Great Awakening continues.


As the election approaches, watch for more and more absurd mainstream media narratives and, of course, more chaotic events like shootings and train wrecks like the one in East Palestine. Executive branch agencies are part of the problem. They have, like Congress, abandoned their original mission to serve the people and instead serve special interests (this, dear reader, is hopefully not news to you!).

The EPA, for example, is completely captured by the industries it is supposed to regulate. The EPA rep on the scene in East Palestine OKed the horrendous blast of carcinogenic chemicals which has polluted the land and the rivers and streams for miles around, and then blamed it all on the local fire chief! (even though the EPA had jurisdiction). While that was happening, the cardboard cutout political hack EPA director was on a plane with celebrities, going to a posh “climate change” conference in Africa. (The irony of this is appalling. The EPA effected “climate change” on the people of East Palestine. Don’t need to go to Africa to see that.) When this bureaucrat was hauled before Congress to answer questions about the environmental catastrophe, he stalled, mumbled, and deflected. It was patently obvious he knew nothing about the situation, and didn’t care. I could barely stand to watch his testimony.

I remember celebrating the creation of the EPA back in 1972, but now it is just an industry-captured bureaucracy. The EPA doesn't care as much about polluters or pollution as it does about phony, fake “climate change” Scientism.

That's my rant for today!

Can we live in peace?

Why can’t we live in peace?

We can, except we let a small minority of psychopaths rise to the top of our social and political organizations. We let them control the narratives and convince people to fight each other. These people are highly motivated because they focus only on themselves and their myopic goals of self-promotion and self-aggrandizement.

Let’s ignore these people. The greatest fear of the psychopath is that no one pays attention to them.

We don’t have to protest out on the streets and scream and yell. Fighting against just empowers the other side and contributes to more conflict.

Ignore the calls to take this side or that side in a conflict. Don’t participate, and don’t comply. Research all claims, even on media you agree with, and make up your own mind about issues. Quietly share your research with others or in blog posts or on X.

Informed citizens are key – as a citizen, perform due diligence on all narratives and claims.  

An informed citizenry is vital for the successful functioning of a democracy.

This is reflected in the famous quote of Benjamin Franklin: “A nation of well-informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins.”

Substitute the word “people” for “men” and you have a quote that perfectly applies to current events. When Franklin says “the rights which God has given them” he is talking about inalienable rights that are enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and enumerated in the Bill of Rights for all U.S. citizens.  Inalienable means, “that which cannot be taken away.” These are inherent human rights granted not by the State, but by the Creative Source, the maker of the universe, and the higher power that all human beings are connected to.


The power to move the Social Overton Window to a higher state is fully in the hands of every individual. The national security state and the endless war crowd are fighting a losing battle!


There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks in which decades happen.”

Vladimir Ilytch Lenin

The current news cycle reflects the latter. Every day, it seems, “breaking news” happens.

Societal changes often do not follow smooth trajectories; they occur via irregular starts and stops.

When a physical system begins to evolve rapidly, it begins to bifurcate onto new paths more and more swiftly, reflecting the increased acceleration of events. Perhaps this is also true of social events.

In physics there is a phenomenon called bifurcation. In the study of dynamical systems, a bifurcation occurs when a small change made to the parameters of a system causes a sudden change in its behavior. If this occurs rapidly, we can get something like this:

Source: https://www.marksmath.org/classes/Fall2016FractalLAC/demos/BifurcationDiagram/shadedBifurcationDiagram.png

In Period 1 (Decade 1, let’s say) the society is stable and is just humming along. Then in Period 2, a significant change is introduced (let’s say, a pandemic), which causes a bifurcation. Then the system begins to change so rapidly that you can hardly keep track of events and chaos results.

Systems can evolve chaotically and when they do, they usually settle down and stabilize, as shown in the next diagram:

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bifurcation_theory#/media/File:Chaosorderchaos.png

On the left, a chaotic system settles down to one state. This carries on for a while until changes occur that evolve the system to a new state. The file is aptly named “ChaosOrderChaos.”

My guess is that this is how evolution occurs: first a slow change, then more and more rapid changes and evolution to a new, stable mutation. If social systems evolve in this way, where are we right now in the US? I’d say in the chaotic period. No one knows to which state our social system will change to: it could devolve to a barbaric state or even destroy itself, or it could evolve to a higher state.

You can connect the right side of the diagram back to the left side to get a repeating pattern. This pattern is called “human history.”

Change in Social Systems

What causes changes in social systems? There are a lot of people smarter than me who have studied this, but I’m going to take a different tack. In a previous post I talked about a “Spiritual Overton Window,” which could also be called a “Social Overton Window.” Here, the decisions of the people within the society decide where the system evolves to. This may seem obvious, but it is of crucial importance.

A society composed of people who decide that the economy is going to collapse, or that WW III will destroy the planet, are creating that energy in the human consciousness, or what I call the Human ThoughtSpace.

The decisions of 8 billion people within the Human ThoughtSpace determines the permitted actions of any of the players. Some of the political/social actors on our planet (who are, in my opinion, mostly psychopaths) seem determined to create a dystopian future. But these actors are not more powerful than the rest of us. It may SEEM that they are because they currently control the levers of power and finance. But the ultimate destination of any social system is determined by all 8 billion human beings. The Game of Politics is, and has always been, to convince the public of a certain agenda. If people see that the powerful actors have decided to go in a downward direction the rest of us get angry and depressed, and begin to rail against and resist the “New World Order.” But this just entrains our thought to their agenda! Some of us get depressed and just give up, thinking that the common person is powerless. “What can I do to stop these nutjobs?” is the refrain.

But the common person is not powerless. The collective consciousness determines the permitted actions of all players in society, including those who currently hold power. The problem is that so many of us feel a sense of unworthiness, whereas the psychopaths feel an unwarranted sense of entitlement; that all of their goals, even if they are selfish and destructive to the common good, are divinely ordained.

However, there is one thing almost every sane person in our rage- and hate-filled society can agree on: that people should be prosperous, and that human life should be respected. (The psychopaths are less than 5% of the population, so they are hopelessly outnumbered in the Human ThoughtSpace.)  

Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives, can all agree on that. In this conception, the thought streams that enter and flow from the Human ThoughtSpace determine what can and cannot be done, because broad agreement from billions of people is an overwhelmingly powerful force. This powerful “thought force” naturally entrains thought and belief to it.

We’ve all experienced what happens in a group when everyone agrees on something and you are the only one who disagrees. Can’t you feel an actual force pressing on you to agree? People on juries experience this if they are the one holdout preventing a case settlement. Now imagine the power of millions of people all rejecting the current paradigm of war and death, and agreeing about peace! Thought is a very, very, very powerful force.

The so-called “Powers That Be” can only operate if we go into agreement with them. Let’s not do that! The psychos and the nutjobs are only looking out for themselves anyway, and they are in the overwhelming minority. Their power in the Human ThoughtSpace is minimal compared to the rest of us, unless they can convince us that it’s all hopeless.  That’s the Narrative/Information Game that is being played out on the planetary stage, for the  hearts, minds, and souls of humanity.

We can move the Social Overton Window to higher and higher states if we understand that the spiritual system on our planet empowers us. This might not be obvious, but it is part of the evolutionary process humanity is going through. Human evolution is a spiritual process, where humans reject the negative and focus on the positive.  

The War in Ukraine will be the last major war on the planet

The collective consciousness

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Russia is preparing for an all-out offensive against Ukraine this spring as it  masses up to  half a million troops and 1,800 tanks on the Ukrainian border. China looks like it is preparing for an assault on Taiwan as it builds up its Navy and Air Force. Hatred and fear seem to be the strongest human emotions in many societies across the globe. So what kind of moron would make a statement like, “The War in Ukraine will be the last war on earth?” All of the evidence is against it.

The reason is simple: there are 8 billion human beings on the planet and we are all sick and tired of war and conflict. “Yeah, so what?” you say. “We have no control of the people in power.”

But we do.

Certainly, the sociopaths and the psychopaths have risen to the top of the world’s governments, militaries, and “intelligence” communities. Fortunately, these people are an insignificant minority of the people on earth.

This is important because we live in a vibrational universe. By that I mean that the power of thought and intent is paramount in directing the affairs of human societies. Even though this has never been recognized, it has always been true. Thought always precedes action. The intent to do something is the energy and the programming behind every program, narrative, and action.

8 billion human beings have created a collective consciousness on the planet – a collective “vibration” of 8 billion individuals – somewhat analogous to a Fourier transform, where a potentially infinite number of unique and individual sine waves can combine to form a single wave, or vibration.

Image credit: Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky 

This collective consciousness creates an Overton Window of possibilities for action, because action follows thought and intent. An Overton Window describes the range of possible actions for the collective consciousness of humanity.

World war?

For example, some are talking about the war in Ukraine escalating to a third world war because Russia has the world’s largest collection of nuclear weapons and the US has the second-most. The US is, according to some, essentially fighting a proxy war against Russia via the Ukraine. The U.S. arms industry is doing a land office business selling weapons to Ukraine (and anyone else who will buy them, as the war generates fear and hatred). The war is being promoted across the world on all media. The US has given Ukraine $120 BILLION, more money than the entire yearly military budget of Russia!

Yet most people aren’t paying attention. Of course activists on both sides of the conflict are screaming on social media, but the people who get up every day and go to work don’t really give a shit.

The people promoting this war are shocked that there hasn’t been more “uptake” on the war. In the past, a regional conflict like the one in Ukraine spread to the entire world. In WW I and WW II, in the Cold War against the Soviet Union, and in Vietnam, a small crisis became a very large one. It seems that the war in Ukraine and the potential one in Taiwan have the potential to do so as well.

But they won’t. I’m making a fact-free statement here, based entirely on my intuition: We are on a new track of history. Looking to the past for examples of what will happen in the future is inaccurate. That’s because the population of earth has had it with war and conflict.

The collective vibration of the human race has risen to the point where the Overton Window has moved higher, past the possibility of world war. It’s never going to happen. The predictions of world war are echoes of the old track of history.

As Ukraine becomes a slaughterhouse, the collective mind of humanity is sickened by the pointless carnage. The old meme structure of problem resolution via conflict and war is being rejected by more and more people. The collective vibe of humanity is forming a new wave, a wave more inclined toward peace, rising above the tired old memes of power and money being the controlling factors.

People are sick of war. The U.S. military has a huge recruitment problem. In Europe, no one wants to fight in pointless wars any more. The European forces are a joke. The entirety of NATO MIGHT be able to muster two or three divisions – 30,000 troops, in comparison to Russia’s 300k to 500k. Everyone in Europe knows this. No one wants to send their sons and daughters to fight in the Bloodlands. NATO (and Europe) is essentially a U.S. Protectorate – a word that means a superior power fighting for the dependent countries it is allied with.

There is no support for the War in Ukraine in Europe by the masses. There is very little support for it here in the US. The rest of the world looks on in astonishment as warmongers feverishly escalate this pointless conflict. Everyone can see that the people promoting the war aren’t the ones fighting it.

The War in Ukraine will be over by the summer. Russia will win this war in a mass slaughter; or, if cooler heads prevail (hopefully), negotiations based on the 2014 Minsk agreement, will finally be implemented. NATO will fall apart.

In the South China Sea, the Chinese military will be exposed for the paper tiger it is. The saber-rattling will go on, of course, but China needs Taiwan’s advanced chip production capabilities just as much as the US and Europe do. The CCP have never been able to successfully build an advanced chip facility despite all of the technology they have stolen. So that war, even if it begins, will soon fizzle out.

Because so many people on the planet don’t want war, there will soon not be any more wars. I’m NOT saying that there won’t be small regional conflicts and that we will have peace on earth. I’m saying that the collective vibe of humanity will move the Overton Window past the possibility of major conflicts.

Every individual is powerful and influential

That’s how it works in a vibrational universe. Thought and intent direct action. The materialists and the warmongers and the people who have no knowledge of Self, no knowledge of their inherent connection to the Creative Source, will never understand this. Fortunately for the rest of us, they are a small minority. Prwesently these people sit at the top of governments, of militaries, and the medical bureaucracies, but their time is up. And they know it.

Inside China, the CCP is on its last legs. Despite their brilliantly executed planetary game of Go, using their Belt and Road program that has now encompassed the world, the communists in China are slowly losing the Mandate of Heaven. The recent massive protests against their insane COVID lockdowns is the beginning of the end for them. The US military-industrial-complex, supported by the permanent political and administrative class in DC, is also on its last legs, because the central banking system is on its last legs. This debt-ridden system that is built on greed and corruption is also failing. It must fail, for organizations that lack integrity will fall into the dustbin of history as the Overton Window moves past them. The sociopaths and the psychopaths will continue on, of course, but more and more people will reject them until their Great Reset finally falls apart.

The collective vibrational imprint of humanity is moving more and more toward the light, toward compassion and the desire to help human beings instead of controlling them. This means that war and conflict will become less prevalent.

Here’s the point of this little essay: Each individual human being is enormously powerful because every human being can consciously change their thought and intent. Each human being can move the Overton Window further and further up the scale, and there is nothing the crazies can do about it. This is why they are pushing AI, Transhumanism, gender surgeries on kids, war, and attacks on religion and spirituality in a last, desperate attempt to save their corrupt system that benefits a small core of elites.

This system can only continue until human beings realize their power to affect world events.

artificial intelligence is another Information Influence operation


Machines can be stopped. Technology and AI can be hacked. These are all outer technologies. Inner technology (spirituality) can never be stopped. Epigenetics is superior to DNA altering gene technology.

The creations of the Creator are always superior to the creations of the creations of the Creator, such as AI (thank you Jeffrey Prather).

Low tech warfare can beat high tech warfare, for example. The US lost the Vietnam War with superior technology facing primitive North Vietnamese guerilla forces. The US eventually lost in Afghanistan and in Iraq to low tech forces even though we bombed Iraq back into the Stone Age with our high tech weaponry. The primitive Taliban outlasted the US with guys on horseback.

The same thing will happen with artificial intelligence.

AI is vastly overrated, in my opinion. The promotion of AI is essentially a sophisticated Information Influence Op to scare the crap out of people, and to lower resistance to the Internet Of Things (“smart cities”) and the Internet of Bodies (neural implanted humans). The real goal of the AI program is to destroy religion and spirituality, and to create a zombie population of fearful victims that no longer understand their divine origins and who will willingly become a part of the machine. (We've all heard about the AI scam Nate, which was just using humans to do the work AI was supposed to do.

See https://www.theverge.com/2022/6/6/23156318/artificial-intelligence-nate-app-ecommerce-go-read-this)

Outer technology vs Inner technology

Inner technology beats outer technology because outer technology comes from the creations of the Creator. Outer technology appears to be sophisticated because it is so complex. But complexity is weakness, for it has many parts or aspects that can be attacked. Inner technology is simple and invisible, for it is a direct link to the Creator of the universe.

That is why it sometimes looks like we are not winning, for outer technology with its sophisticated Information Ops can pelt away at the inner being, like water dropping onto the surface of a rock. Understanding of Self – linking to the inner being – counters that. Knowledge trumps propaganda every time.

Outer technology dominates the Western world. It has resulted in a top-down form of predatory capitalism that is almost as bad as the communist regimes that ruled Russia and now has turned the laobaixing of China (the common people) into slaves. The police state known as China depends heavily on outer technology such as AI, smart devices, and the ubiquitous cameras and 5G transmitters that dominate every large city. The CCP ruthlessly squelches religion and spiritual belief, suppressing millions of Catholics, Muslims, and Christians, and the Falun Gong, a spiritual practice developed in China.

Tibetans and Buddhism is also ruthlessly suppressed using outer technology.

Tibet was overrun by the CCP in 1951 during the Korean War. It is true that the Dalai Llama signed the annexation accord on October 24, 1951, but he later repudiated that “agreement” on the grounds that he signed it under duress. This is how outer technology works: through suppression, intimidation, coercion, violence, and, modernly, information and psychological operations.

These are the only tools in the toolkit of the dark forces. They are becoming less and less effective as the light shines brighter and brighter. To see this, look at the terrible war in Ukraine. The psychopaths and profiteers and warmongers have escalated this intra-Slavic contest to the point of starting a war with the world’s largest nuclear power, Russia. The crazies who are promoting this war are stunned that it has remained a regional conflict, despite all of the propaganda, jingoism, and beating the drums of war in every mass media outlet.

The fact is that people aren’t buying it because people don’t want war. Inner technology is beating outer technology.

Artificial Intelligence is a PsyOp

AI itself is a lie. It is fake. It is another outer technology Op. A sophisticated one, granted, but we need to look behind the curtain of AI and investigate the claims of its effectiveness. Chat GPT is, on the surface, very effective. Also the latest text-to-imaging software is incredible. See the Imagen site. Imagen, developed by the Brain Team at Google Research, is “a text-to-image diffusion model with an unprecedented degree of photorealism and a deep level of language understanding.” Check out the images. Also look at MidjourneyDALL·E 2, and Stable Diffusion, and read Joe Allen’s great article in Singularity Weekly titled “AI Conjures A Cronenberg Film. It’s Like Gazing Into the Gates of Hell.”

All of this outer technology is impressive in a very glitzy, unimportant way. For those with Knowledge and understanding of Self, however, it is just a tawdry, glitzy carnival billboard. It will be embraced by those who have lost their way in the dark jungle of materialism. The inner being, suffused by the Creator, will reject it.

AI technology in its current form is a tool of the dark. That’s not to say that technology itself is bad, that would be ridiculous. The over-reliance on technology – turning ScienceTM into a religion, and its spokespersons into mini-Gods whose words must be accepted without question – is ridiculous.

It’s important, however, to read good reporting about AI developments, to keep abreast of the scam. To do that you can follow Joe Allen, who writes for Singularity Weekly.


Undoubtedly AI advances are being made, but I don't believe the wild claims made for it ("AI is going to take over the world!"). Call me a Luddite, but I still have faith in the God-given intelligence of the human race.

Biological humans are far superior to the sterile so-called intelligence of AI, which is all developed by humans anyway. Once you discover your personal inner technology that is a part of every biological human being, you can never be fooled again. Those with Knowledge can see through the planet-wide materialist Op being unfolded on the human race, and will keep true to Self and their divine origins. And in the process, unleash the human spirit and human creativity that will create a new Renaissance on planet earth.  

From Raheem Kassam, on the new ""Inflation Reduction Act."

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) commissioner Charles P. Rettig told Congress his agency wouldn’t increase audits on households earning less than $400,000 after being handed circa 87,000 more agents in the Orwellianly-monikered Inflation Reduction Act hurried through the U.S. Congress this weekend.

Which means they absolutely will be doing that, if historical promises by agency heads in front of the lawmakers they pretend to answer to are anything to go by. And they are.

In other words, they just used your taxes to increase your taxes so they could hire 87,000 IRS agents to rifle further through your taxes in case you owe more taxes.

Welcome to American kleptocracy.

IRS estimates (which we know are always excellent) reveal supposedly uncollected taxes of around $1trn each year. Or, as I like to call it, one-eighth of a “war on terror.”

Even Senator Susan Collins has pointed out this move “more than [doubles] the size of the agency and [gives] the IRS more employees than the number of Pentagon, State Department, and FBI employees as well as Border Patrol agents combined.”

Source: https://raheemkassam.substack.com/p/american-kleptocracy

Welcome to "Our Democracy" folks!

Do you think the government needs 87,000 new IRS agents to harass the rich? Nope. They need it to go through the taxes of the working class and the middle class. And remember: The IRS has bought $696,000 in ammunition in 2022. That's a lot of bullets, folks. Turns out the IRS buys ammo every year.

While gun control laws are passed against citizens, the government makes sure it is armed to the teeth.

One of my favorite artists is the generational talent, guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel. In any band he's ever been in, his solos and compositions stand out as exceptional and inspirational.

Nowhere is this more evident than in his 2021 release, "The Chopin Project." Here, Kurt and his band interpret the music of Frederic Chopin, a composer whose music is still very much alive almost two centuries after his death.

Wikipedia says of Chopin, "He has maintained worldwide renown as one of the best composers and musicians in history, one whose 'poetic genius was based on a professional technique that was without equal in his generation.'"

The same can be said, in my view, of Rosenwinkel. To illustrate this I want to play two versions of Chopin's Prelude in E Major, Opus 28, No. 2.

The first is a standard classical version of this short piece by pianist Evgeny Kissin:

Here is Rosenwinkel's interpretation of this (in my opinion) rather plodding piece. Somehow he finds something truly joyful, bright, hopeful, and happy in the original.

Some listeners might think that reinterpreting a classical music work in this fashion is heretical. But I think it's inspirational!