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How to change the world

If you listen to the news and follow current events, you can see that our planetary societies are hierarchical. For some reason, mankind has allowed a small group of elites to dictate to the billions. If you study the history of the Federal Reserve, for example, you can see that deception and falsehoods were used to establish the central bank from its inception.

In a book entitled "The Fluoride Deception" author Christopher Bryson shows how fluoride*, one of the most toxic substances to human biology, was pronounced safe by eminent doctor Harold Hodge back in the 1940's, influencing the public health community to begin placing it in the public water supply. It turns out that fluoride was used in the Manhattan Project, and in the manufacture of nuclear weapons. Fluoride is also used in the aluminum and steel industries. Therefore, powerful business and governmental interests had a financial stake in the debate over the harmfulness of fluoride. I'm sure you can think of other examples.

So why are special interests allowed to control the nation's currency, and dump fluoride into our water supplies?

The answer is usually, "because if you have money and power you can do anything you want." The most popular solutions to the problems of hierarchical control are protest and fighting. "If we can just get enough people angry, we can force change," is the common thinking.

Well guess what folks: fighting and protesting against only strengthens the vibration of the unwanted thing. Anger is a lower vibration, and can never result in a positive solution.
"You're nuts!" you say. "If we didn't fight the Nazi's in World War II, we'd all be living under German rule now."

Well, let's ask: how did Naziism rake root in the consciousness of mankind? Through vibrational resonance to it, simple as that. And what happens when you sit up and take notice of something? You increase vibrational resonance to it, and it gets bigger. The Law of Attraction says that if you do not pay attention to something, you do not feed energy to it, and it must diminish.

Does this sound insane?
Of course!
That's because mankind believes that if you do not fight that which is unwanted, you will be rolled over. "What about peaceful societies that are attacked and destroyed by barbarians?" you say. "In the American southwest, peaceful, agrarian tribes were destroyed by more aggressive ones. If you don't stand up for yourself, you get killed. The only way to stop the Nazi's was to kill them."

Yes, and that's exactly the mindset that has led to the ascension of criminals to the very top of our government and financial structures. (See --> w --> for details). It is precisely that mindset that has allowed war, conflict and scarcity to remain vibrationally ascendant.
The fact is that universal principles are infallible. Humanity, however, is stubborn. We insist on our beliefs even when they are killing us.

What's the best way to stop pollution? Or war? Or criminals in government?
The first step is for individuals to WAKE UP. To begin right now to focus exclusively on what is wanted.

What is your ideal life? Do you even know? Do you know what your passion is? What would you love to be, do, and have?
It is remarkable, but almost no one ever asks themselves these questions! And these are the most important questions you could possibly ask yourself! If you know the answers, you can begin to create a life of happiness and prosperity for yourself. And if you don't, you never become sovereign. You remain a part of the vibration that continues to nourish the vibration of "follow the leader," and "oppressor – victim." In other words, you continue to be part of the problem, not part of the solution!

The most important thing you can do for yourself is to figure out what your passion is. Does it seem too hard for you? Well, ask yourself whether your life right now seems too difficult. If not, then congrats! You are probably one of those who are on your path to spiritual awakening.

The fact is that criminality and oppression and all of the other ills of our human societies cannot grow and flourish unless there is vibrational resonance within the consciousness of the people. It is as simple as that!

The Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration tell us that World War II, for example, ended because the populations of the affected countries changed their vibrational resonance. The fighting, the killing, the battles and the strategy are not as important as the vibrational orientation of the people!

The history books have it all wrong. They describe the battles and the thought processes of the elites as they created and fought the war, bringing in the masses through a strongly held vibrational position. World War II only became possible when enough people began to resonate to it. And people did so because they did not understand the vibrational universe concept. People do not understand how powerful the individual is!

We could stop the war in Iraq almost instantly, simply through a change in thought. I guarantee that if 300 million people in the United States suddenly woke up tomorrow morning with the conviction that the war must stop and that peace was the most desirable solution, you would see a miracle. A culture cannot grow without the proper nutrient solution. A war cannot begin unless the vibrational environment is prepared. That vibrational ground was sowed by 9/11.

What would have happened if the people of the United States simply ignored 9/11?

That question is heresy, of course! Insane! Stupid! Criminal! You gotta be crazy!
But look what happened after 9/11. Patriot Acts, Military Commission Acts, and other legislation that has essentially decimated the Constitution and destroyed civil liberties. That is what happens when you give your attention to something unwanted.

Those of us who understand that the U.S. government and its intelligence community has been taken over by criminals, AND who have the understanding of universal principles, understand that there is a very powerful method of changing the world: one heart and mind at a time. Through the proclamation that we are all sovereign, that the universe supports our decisions! One of the tricks that a criminal government uses on its people is to convince individuals that they are powerless.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Individuals simply do not understand the ENORMOUS power of thought, and the vibrational universe concept! It is literally true that we could transform our human societies almost overnight if more people understood these concepts.

The power of your example to affect others is not understood.
It is literally true that if you strolled slowly down a busy street with a pure vibration of love and harmony, you could create an enormous change in the vibrational resonance of others. A group of people who did this could create a miracle.

Life Experiment: Try this, but do it quietly. Don't chant, or sing, or make yourself conspicuous in any way. All of that is not necessary. You are not a performance artist! You are opening yourself up to Source and becoming a powerful vortex of life force energy that will attract others to you like a magnet.

Meditate beforehand and orient yourself properly to love and acceptance. If you do this correctly, I guarantee that people will look at you. Some will stop and want to talk. If you have anything to say, you will have established a true communication line: from soul to soul. And that is powerful communication indeed! This is the best way to change the world: by becoming a living example of your own divinity, of your own connection to God force. Try it and see if it works! A
t the very least you will have raised your own personal vibration, at least for a time. And that is the best gift you can give yourself, and the world.

Note: If you try this with a group, don't hold hands or draw attention to yourselves in any way. Just walk down the street radiating love and harmony (or any other positive emotion). If you are resonating to love and acceptance, your ego will not come into the picture.

I am going to start a project on the website called "Day of Harmony Project." Here is where we can all discover for ourselves how powerful we are as individuals, and how we can individually and in small groups, move our societies toward love, compassion, and well–being for all.

* Fluoride is the term used, and sometimes misused, by laymen and scientists to indicate a wide variety of substances containing the element fluorine. Fluorine is the most negatively charged and most chemically active of all elements on earth. Contrary to the mythical public image, fluoride substances are prized by commercial, agricultural, pharmaceutical and military interests for their extreme corrosivity, high toxicity, ability to inhibit enzyme activity and ability to disrupt and re-configure molecular bonds. Fluoride is more toxic than lead, only slightly less toxic than arsenic, and is chemically the most active seeker of electrons which it "steals" from its neighboring molecules.
Commercially, fluoride is used to etch glass, ceramics and computer chips; refine petroleum products; make ceramic materials more porous; inhibit fermentation in breweries and wineries; polish aluminum; refine metals; and is used as a refrigerant, as a rust remover, and more. In agriculture, fluoride is the key ingredient in the world's most widely used insecticides and pesticides. The most commonly used fumigant for termites is sulfuryl fluoride (Vikane).
Sodium fluoride is a powerful roach killer and rat poison.
In medicine, fluoride is used in most general anesthetics and in many psychotropic drugs. Prozac (fluoxetene), Phen-Fen (fenfluramine, the diet drug recently removed from the market), and Rohypnol (flunitrazepam, or "Roofies," the date rape drug) are a few recognizable examples of fluoride-based drugs which affect chemical activity in the brain.
In the military, fluoride is used to separate uranium isotopes in the production of nuclear warheads, in rocket fuels and in certain types of nerve gas. One example is Sarin Gas (rated 1,500 times more deadly than cyanide).

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It is literally true that you cannot be aware of something that is out of the range of your beliefs. For example, I have an older friend who has pancreatic cancer. I offered to treat her with my Rife machine. Royal Raymond Rife was a brilliant American scientist who, in the 1930’s, invented a device that cured cancer in medically documented tests. This machine is being used by my own doctor (who shall remain nameless) to actually cure people of cancer. However, my friend believes in allopathic medicine, and might not even consider alternative treatments. That’s what happens when your beliefs restrict your thinking.

Would using my Rife machine (treatment is completely painless and uses the principle of vibrational resonance) cure her cancer? Who knows? One thing is certain though: if my friend tries the treatment but does not believe it will work, it won’t!

How can you tell when your beliefs (or someone else’s) are a mismatch to something? Well, in the case of my friend, does she show up for a treatment? If you show up (even if you SAY you are convinced it is useless) then there must be some belief that the treatment will work! Her physical presence indicates that there is a vibrational foot in the door, so to speak.

Awareness of anything is dependent upon vibrational resonance to it. Vibrational resonance also leads to physical proximity. If you don’t like baseball, for example, you will never go to a baseball stadium, even if you live across the street from one. If you don’t believe in peace, you will never sit down to negotiate. If you don’t believe that men and women can get along without fighting, then you will experience a lot of turbulence in your relationships. Your state of being regarding anything determines the parameters of your experience. This is just a consequence of the Law of Vibration.

That reminds me of the time I was searching for a lost TV remote. I describe this incident in my book, “The Vibrational Universe.” The remote was sitting on my desk, literally 2 feet in front of my face. I looked directly at it several times, but I did not see it. After looking for almost half an hour in all of the rooms of my house, including a couple of trips back to my office, I finally noticed the thing.

Now, if consciousness / awareness is merely the firing of neurons, then I should have discovered the remote when the photons that bounced off the object reached my eyes, and were translated electro–chemically to my brain. But I didn’t! The thought uppermost in my head was “I can’t find my remote.” And so I couldn’t find it, even though my eyes were staring right at it!

The Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction tell us that it is not possible to get rid of anything you don’t like, because when you pay attention to something, you feed energy to it, and you make it bigger. Those of us who have heard Esther Hicks speak about this understand it very well conceptually. But it is another matter entirely to actually apply universal principles in daily life! That’s because you can’t be aware of something you aren’t aware of.

So how do you improve? How does my friend who has cancer find an effective treatment that will not cost her $300,000, her hair, and months of pain?

First there must be a desire to improve, or get well, or have a better relationship, or have peace.
Amazing as it sounds, just having a desire is the first and most important step in the manifestation process! Without a desire, the universe, through the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction, has nothing to respond to. If you want to get a job, you have to fill out an application. A desire is your application to the universe.

Actually, I know my friend with cancer has a desire for alternative treatment because I wrote my email to her without feeling squeamish. Have you ever had an idea about helping another, but felt such a strong negative reaction that you didn’t bother? Well, part of that is obviously coming from within yourself, but a part of it is also coming from the other person! Yes, my friends, we are all connected. The statement above isn’t some airy–fairy new–age bullshit. We ARE all connected, through the medium of thought. Thought travels instantaneously within a universal sea of consciousness. Every human being (even skeptics and other dead–heads) is an immortal spirit temporarily associated with a physical body. And so our thoughts, intentions and desires, once launched into the ethers, travel round and are picked up by others who are vibrationally attuned to them.

Can I prove this? Nope! It’s something you either understand, or don’t. It’s something you experiment with in life, and that requires living mindfully. It’s something you either have experienced, or haven’t. And of course, if you believe that you are a piece of meat, you will always have experiences that directly match your vibrational resonance. And that vibrational resonance is determined by what you believe. Life is a self–fulfilling prophecy.

So what’s the point?

The point is, if you want a better world and a better personal life, you have to ignore what you don’t like!

This is the single most difficult thing to do in life, have you noticed? When Esther Hicks says it in a lecture, you say, “Of course! Easy!” But how the hell do you apply this principle practically in life?
It seems to be instinctive in the human psyche to want to rail and fight and talk about the stuff that doesn’t make any sense. Why this is, is easy to understand. We talk about stuff we don’t like precisely BECAUSE it doesn’t make any sense! Because it is the opposite of who we are.

Fear, war, hatred, poverty, illness, etc. are aberrations. They are unusual in that they don’t resonate to who we really are. Like a poison pill that must be spit out, we focus our attention on those things we don’t want. The amazing thing is that if you never admitted the possibility of illness in your life, you’d never swallow anything harmful. Of course, we don’t believe this because we believe that you have to take the bad with the good. We believe that conflict is inevitable. We believe in all sorts of things that, of course, eventually manifest precisely because we believe them. Then we look at them and say, “Did you see that? Isn’t that ridiculous (or horrible, or evil, etc.)” which then turns them into 800 pound gorillas. Then it’s pretty difficult NOT to notice them. Then we say, “it is what it is and there’s nothing we can do about it.” Humanity has built itself a prison of thought and belief and, like the dog with an invisible fence, refuses to go outside the box.

If you want your life to change, you have to work with your beliefs and your desires. It isn’t possible to have a desire unless you actually believe in it, did you know that? That’s why desires are so important! A true desire will light you up, make you feel great. That happens because your thoughts are aligned with it, or, at least, there are no counter–thoughts of resistance. Resistance to anything not only focuses your attention on the unwanted thing, but also blocks the flow of life force energy and brings you down the emotional / vibrational scale.

Without desires, you are dead.

With desires, you feel animated and passionate.

And do you know what? A true desire is always positive! That is because our essential nature is divine. To connect with that divinity, all you have to do is find a desire and begin to focus on it. You’ll discover that all of those negative emotions you had, that you thought were so important, will vanish instantly.
It is literally true that you create your own reality.

What kind of reality will you make for yourself today?

Exercise: 1) Before you go to bed tonight, find something, anything, no matter how trivial tha
t you would like to be, do, or have. This must be something that really makes you feel good. For example, you could say “I want lots of money,” but if you don’t feel really bright and animated, that’s no good. (Rule: if something makes you feel good it is not trivial! It is a precious jewel).

2) When you get out of bed tomorrow morning, decide what kind of day you would like to have.
You don’t have to spend a lot of time at this.

Every night before you go to bed, think of something that makes you feel good. And in the morning when you get out of bed, decide how you want to feel during the day. Try this simple exercise every day for a couple of weeks and see how much better you feel.