Dark vs. Light

The battle for planet earth is on!

Just as prophecy foretold, during the End Times a battle for the hearts and the souls of humanity will be fought between the dark and the light. It's happening right now.

Intolerance is at an all-time high. It looks as if the world is going down the toilet.

Not so!

This planet is going through a Shift in consciousness as the entire human family wakes up. As light penetrates the darkness, chaos results. The darkness that was hidden for thousands of years comes to the surface. Gloom-and-doomers predict the end of the world.

Well, it IS the end of the world. It's the end of the old world based on greed, coercion, and endless war.

We don't get to magically move through this without dealing with it. Thousands of years of karma are being resolved. Everyone who has ever incarnated on earth is here now. We have to expose the darkness, confront it, and deal with it. The way out of the mess is through it! That's what old souls and lightworkeres are here for.

The New World

The new world will not be a new version of the old one. We are headed into uncharted territory. Things will occur that no one has ever seen before.

Change causes fear because, in the old energy, change just meant more bad stuff. During the Shift we will see plenty of bad things being exposed: drug running, arms trafficking, human trafficking, satanism, and pedophilia. The world, which has been in darkness, is coming into the light.

Those who are not awakened yet are influenced by loudly shouted emotional arguments and debate. The one with the loudest voice gets the media attention. But the real action is on the inner plane. Events in the outer plane (the physical world) manifest based on the status of humanity's co-creative consciousness. That which is decided upon on the inner plane shows itself in action in the outer world. The need to identify the dark actors has never been greater. The need for tolerance and compassion has never been greater.

Universal Laws Supersede Man-made Laws

How can we make sense of a world gone mad? By applying bedrock universal principles that have been known for thousands of years.

Universal laws apply to every situation in life. That's what this website is about. There are a few universal principles that have been identified down through the ages. Applying them to daily life makes sense out of complicated and impossible situations, and allows for a resolution on a personal level.

Deep within us is the latent understanding of our spiritual origins, and the existence of universal laws that are based upon the quintessential unity of spirit and matter. These laws unfold from an underlying, but invisible substrate that permeates and composes all things. Quantum physicist David Bohm calls this invisible substrate the Implicate Order, and says

"there is a universal flux that cannot be defined explicitly, but which can be known only implicitly, as indicated by the explicitly definable forms and shapes, some stable and some unstable, that can be abstracted from the universal flux. In this flow, [which Bohm calls the holomovement] mind and matter are not separate substances. Rather, they are different aspects of one whole and unbroken movement." -- David Bohm, Wholeness and the Implicate Order(p. 14)

If there are universal principles, they must be senior to man-made laws. They must apply everywhere, to all persons regardless of their social or economic status. Those who have somehow (even unknowingly) glommed onto them become successful. Those who ignore them, fail.

The second mission of this website is to describe these universal principles in a practical context, and how they can be used realistically in life for happiness and success.

It doesn't matter if you are a trained scientist or a high school dropout; a successful businesswoman or a homemaker; a teacher or a student. The quality of your life in every area reflects how successful you have been in applying them. Apparently, universal laws transcend man-made laws. That is why a wealthy person can be miserable; and a poor person happy.

Fortunately, millions of people on our planet are waking up to the idea that life transcends the electromagnetic impulses from our body's receptor cells. The evolution of consciousness on planet earth is why the forces of darkness are fighting so hard to return to the old ways. It is also gradually returning us to a unified view of life and the universe that is in greater alignment with universal principles.

This idea is at the core of everything on this web site. The articles, eBooks, and movies here outline the higher potential for individuals, the human race, and the planet.

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