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Sometimes you just need a helping hand.

I have personally experienced the lowest lows and the highest highs in life. I've been a janitor, driven a taxi, run my own business, and founded a successful writing career.
I'm 60 years old and I've lived life, from bottom to top.
I'll be giving you the benefit of my life experience, as well as my understanding of universal principles. I see my function as reminding you or nudging you along a path that you already know exists.
Sometimes you already know what you need to do, but just need somebody to confirm it. Perhaps you need a little push in the right direction. Or maybe you just need to be inspired.
Whatever it is, we'll figure it out together.
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In order to spend our time together wisely, I'll need you to tell me a little bit about yourself.
The most important are the "What I need help with" and the "What I intend to get out of our session" boxes. Please spend some time and organize your thoughts before you fill these in.
For example, "I need help with relationships" doesn't really tell me much. "I want to be able to talk to my sister without her getting mad at me" is much better. The more precisely you can identify the desire or difficulty, the easier it will be to find a solution. Sometimes, just writing these things down is enough to put you on the right road.
I also suggest that you prepare written questions, or an outline, of what you want to discuss beforehand. If you've ever attended a meeting without a written agenda, you know how much time can be wasted. I want our time together to be productive!
Note: The parameters of our coaching session will be based around the material provided on the website. It might be a good idea to check out some of the articles, so you have an idea what we'll be doing.
Note: For all those who pay for a coaching session (either a half-hour or a full hour), I will send you free, upon request, a copy of my course The Keys to Deliberate Creation. This course is a valuable coaching aid and can help you to find and deliberately create your life's passion.
  • International callers: If you wish to use Skype, or another internet phone service, please contact me at least one day before the session so that we can work out details.

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