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    Ken Ken

Ken is a spiritual author interested in spirituality, science, music, Toastmasters, geometry, and disk golf. Ken has written 8 books, produced 4 movies and written over 100 articles in the spirit/mind/body framework. He has also written a math/geometry book.

Ken MacLean was born in 1951, during the height of the Cold War. When he was three years old, his mother, Lorraine, died of leukemia at the age of 29. That event was to have a profound influence on his life.

When the little boy toddled up to see his mom laid out in the coffin, he didnt understand at first. Why didnt she get up and give him a hug? But then, looking at the body, he suddenly understood that the true essence of her was still alive, but no longer inhabiting the body.

How can you know something like that at the age of three?

I dont know, but you can! Ken has an unshakeable and complete certainty that he, and every other life form in the universe, is spiritual and immortal. This is something you get, or not. The most inspiring and uplifting speakers and authors are those who remind you of your magnificent, inherently divine nature.

Ken has a B.A. in Political Science and a B.S. in Computer Science. In college he studied physics, politics, computers, and math. Although Ken is a spiritual author, he has always been interested in science, math, politics and geometry, and his writings reflect these interests. Ken has written a geometry/math textbook analyzing some of the more important 3 dimensional solids. Ken says: "I believe that spirituality and rational thought are not mutually exclusive!" Ken believes that spiritual concepts are most valuable when they can be applied in everyday life. As one of Kens readers remarked, your material unites spirituality, science, and common sense.

Fundamental universal principles make sense to everyone because they resonate to our common spiritual heritage, says Ken.

"I believe that deep within us is the latent understanding of our spiritual origins, and the existence of universal laws that are based upon the quintessential unity of spirit and matter -- an underlying, but invisible substrate that permeates and composes all things."

Ken is a healer and has been trained in Reiki and Urevia, which are vibrational healing modalities that draw forth from the ethers, the subtle energy of Spirit. The unity of spirit and matter is the fundamental truth of our universe, Ken says. These subjects are not incompatible with science or rational thought, despite those who choose to think otherwise.

Ken is an accomplished editor and writer, and has published his own work and has had some of his books published under the Loving Healing Press label.

For 20 years Ken worked as a painting and decorating contractor. In this work, he met people from all walks of life, and became comfortable speaking and relating to people of all classes, beliefs, occupations, and religions. I can now see life from almost any perspective, says Ken. Its a good feeling to know that all human beings have something to offer.

In the late 1990s Ken began to write down the wisdom accumulated from 50 years of living. By 2007, he had written 8 books, over 70 essays, and had produced three educational Flash movies on spiritual subjects. Inspired by Lee Carroll, Esther Hicks and Jane Roberts, Ken began to channel his own spirit guides. Anyone cam channel, Ken says. Its not a big mystery! Inspiration comes from spirit and the shared consciousness of all life forms.

Ken is also a personal coach, and uses his understanding of life and his experiences to help others.

In January 2005, Ken became very ill. He experienced depression, chronic fatigue and other physiological and psychological symptoms. A year later, Ken discovered that he had chronic mercury poisoning. 47 years with a mouth full of dental amalgam slowly leaking into the brain and adrenals, finally took its toll. Ken had been a runner for 25 years and, before his illness at the age of 53, was in fantastic physical condition. "At first I was bitter and couldn't deal with it," Ken says. "I was also depressed and felt like I was going crazy. Then, after almost a year, I finally discovered the problem." In Feb 2006 Ken had oral surgery in Montreal to remove the mercury from his mouth. It took another year of suffering before he discovered a protocol for safely removing the metal from his body. "It's a long, slow process," Ken says, "but I'm feeling better now. Without certain knowledge of my spirituality, I never would have been able to get through it."

Through it all, Ken discovered that it is possible to feel the love of spirit, and to create at a high level. A spiritual being can never die. Creativity, love, and well being is who we are at the deepest level of our being.

Ken understands what it means to experience the highest highs and the absolute bottom of despair and hopelessness. This experience has made me more compassionate towards those who are in difficulty, Ken says. Sometimes, I feel an overwhelming feeling of love and compassion toward my fellow men and women, no matter how well or how poorly they are doing in life.

Ken lives with his wife of 30 years (Jenny) and their three cats in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

For inquiries into speaking engagements, personal coaching, book editing, or technical and creative writing, email ken at, or call 734 223 4933.