We are all on the Hero's Journey

200,000 years ago human DNA was altered by an advanced galactic race

The Old Soul

The Shift Is Here

For millennia the earth has been ruled by darkness. The internet has exposed the trafficking in arms, drugs, and human beings; especially the abuse of children. Now people are realizing how bad the problems are.

The first step in a new awareness of Self is the understanding of our divine nature. When you die, you continue. A human being is not a hunk of biology. Every human being has a divine component, and is connected to God.

200,000 years ago, human DNA was altered. This alteration came from the stars; from an advanced, Graduate race who understands the God within. The planet earth, and the human race, were given a chance. In a test of free choice, humanity must decide: are we going into darkness, or into the light? It's up to every one of us.

We are on the road to Ascension. But first we have to confront and handle the darkness we have created over thousands of years of human history. It's not easy, but we are winning.

Over the next several decades the Truth is going to come out. It's not going to be pretty. But after it's over, the entire human race will be standing in the light.

The Old Soul is about the esoteric and divine nature of the human being. It is the story of Wa-hee, an original soul who has been coming to earth for 200,000 years. It is about human history and the divine impulse to go to the light. It's about battling the darkness in the Hero's Journey, and coming out on top.

Current events are the result of the battle between dark and light on the planet. It's time to wake up.


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