We are all on the Hero's Journey

The Old Soul

The Spiritual History of Earth

Based on the work of Lee Carroll, The Old Soul chronicles the Wheel of Karma for an original soul, who first incarnated on earth 200,000 years ago.

The Old Soul is the soul story of Wa-hee, who is working, lifetime after lifetime, to raise the consciousness of humanity on a planet of total free choice.

It is about the human history you don't read about in the history textbooks. It'a about the divine impulse to go to the light. It's about battling the darkness in the Hero's Journey, and coming out on top.

Life Is Bigger Than We have been Taught

The history of earth for the past 6,000 years is a chronicle that describes intervals of peace between wars.

But behind the scenes there is a much bigger story of the human soul family, who have come to this beautiful planet to bring it to Graduate status.

LIke Wa-hee, we are all spiritual warriors even though most of us haven't realized it yet. We are all pieces of God in human form, playing a Game that is as big as the galaxy.

Follow the adventures of Wa-he through thousands of incarnations from the very first moment of humanity's existence on earth.


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