What would happen if humanity embraced Transhumanism?

The History of the Future

The Post-human Future

In 3013 AD, a dying society of cloned future humans sends an agent back in time to 2035 AD, in an attempt to change the past and save themselves. In 2035 AD, an enthusiastic promoter of Transhumanism sets the human race on an inevitable path to a dystopian future. A young inventor and his friends are the only opposition to a scientific-technocratic society that is blindly rushing toward its own destruction.

What is Transhumanism?

Harry Kaine has a vision: physical life extension through nano-biotechnology, gene editing, and mind uploads to printed bodies that always stay healthy.

Harry’s A Better Humanity centers are embraced by a world population used to mass vaccinations. The new Transhuman bodies are brimming with health, and never get sick.

This creates a schism in society between those who embrace physical life extension and those who choose a more spiritual evolution that embraces the evolution of human biology. Then, something happens to billions of people who have become enhanced...


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