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Something remarkable happened last week: Pope Francis released an encyclical that called for the phasing out of fossil fuels. "Pope Francis has called on the world’s rich nations to begin paying their 'grave social debt' to the poor and take concrete steps on climate change, saying failure to do so presents an undeniable risk to a 'common home' that is beginning to resemble a 'pile of filth.' The pope’s 180-page encyclical on the environment, released on Thursday, is at its core a moral call for action on phasing out the use of fossil fuels." Source: The Guardian, "Pope's climate change encyclical tells rich nations: pay your debt to the poor."

The Vatican, although bruised by scandals, is still a major player on the world scene. Under the guise of climate change, Pope Francis is sending a thinly veiled message to those families and corporations who control the fossil-fuel empire on this planet: release the hidden technology. Consider: if there were no practical alternative to fossil fuels, the Pope's statement would be the height of irresponsibility, and no one could possibly take this assertion seriously. The importance of the Pope's encyclical is that it acknowledges publicly what only "kooks" and "conspiracy nuts" know: that the human race is sitting on exotic hidden technology and that it is now time to release it to the public governments and the public sectors of earth.

The existence of a private network with exotic technology has been becoming more and more publicized with shows like "The Fringe." I saw an excellent Australian TV series called "The Code" that also takes this theme. The words "national security" are simply code for "protect the fossil fuel empire at all costs."

Unfortunately, intimidation and even assassination, and the classification of new discoveries as a threat to national security have been all to effective over the past several decades. And the public media are, unfortunately, controlled by this private corporate network so that public knowledge of its existence is fodder for "fringe" thinkers.

Dr. Steven Greer (one of the world's foremost authorities on the black programs and hidden technology) has said that there are essentially two governments on earth: the public ones, which we see on the "news" and read about in newspapers, and a hidden government composed of privately held corporations that control exotic technology that could change the face of this planet. The reason this technology is being held back is simple: greed. Those who are at the top of the fossil fuel pyramid don't want to give up their privileged positions.

But behind the scenes – meaning, beyond the New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR, and the "news," a secret intelligence war is being fought for control of this planet. Those who desire the status quo are simply trying to preserve a $200 trillion fossil fuel economy. Literally, fossil fuels represent the old paradigm of thought and the hidden technology represents the new. It's exciting to think that a major world player (the Vatican) that has been around for 2,000 years is beginning to see the light!

The pope has done the world a favor by calling for the phasing out of fossil fuels and the release of some of this hidden technology. Congrats Pope Francis!

This is one more example of the rising consciousness of humanity shifting the parameters of possibility. We've talked about this before: the demand for a better world by billions of people is literally creating a more and more powerful vibration. Like a quantum mechanical operator, that new vibration is selecting, from a large set of potential futures for earth, a set of potentials at a higher level. Hopefully the human vibrational operator will soon reach a tipping point. When that happens, millennia of the closed-system, control-from-above paradigm will shift toward a more open system concept of share the wealth, frontier physics, and cooperation. Despite the many localized incidents of shootings here in the US, for example, people are waking up. It's happening all over the world.

Violence around the world is becoming more and more localized as the collective vibration of humanity shifts. These localized incidents of violence are signs that the psychopaths and the Powers That Were are having a harder and harder time keeping up with the new wave of thought. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 56 million deaths occur every year, at the current global average. That works out to about 153,400 per day, or a little more than 100 per minute. But for every death, there are a little over 2.25 births, or just over 350,000 per day. Therefore, there are 2.25 "new" humans coming into the planet every day for every one "old" human. Of course, some of these "old" humans may have been enlightened, but it is safe to say that all of the "new" souls are being born into an earth that is at a higher energy state. In the past, the number of births and deaths didn't matter, because human consciousness was stuck at a pretty low level. So the "new" humans were being born onto a planet with about the same energy state as the "old" humans. But today it is different!

There has never been even close to the number of incarnated human beings on the planet as we have in 2015. As I've pointed out in past newsletters, this huge population growth is a very new phenomenon. In 1926 there were less than 2 billion humans, now there are over 7 billion. From the first recognized human civilization after the last ice-age (Sumeria, 4,000 BC) until 1800, there were never more than 1 billion people on the planet. From 4,000 BC until 1500 AD, or 5,500 years, the planetary population was under 400 million. However, for the past 500 years we have experienced rapid population growth, which coincided with a shifting consciousness and a better understanding of the world.

Why? Because a human being is a physically incarnated Native State spirit connected to the one consciousness, and the sheer increase in numbers has resulted in a "ramping up" of the vibe on this planet, just like when you apply heat to a pot of cold, sloshy water. As the new souls come into a planet where the collective consciousness is rapidly shifting, it makes it much easier for a person to understand their spiritual connection and get into contact with their soul purpose. Whereas in previous generations, you were likely to be told to shut the f--- up and do what you are told! The meme structure was so strong and so well-established that new souls coming in were overwhelmed. But no more!

This paradigm shifting is all happening on the mental plane, so it's essentially invisible to anyone with a strictly physical orientation. Over the past several decades, the popularity of "channelling," and books like The Secret, and interest in the law of attraction are all signs that people are seeing past the strict materiality of the five human senses. It will eventually be discovered that the earth is surrounded by grids of subtle energy that contain the thought templates for every species on the planet.

Because these grids are invisible to our materialistic science, most of us aren't even aware that they exist. Imagine that all of the thoughts from 7 billion people on earth are being recorded and stored in a dynamically changing database whose state is, at any time t, a representation of the current human consciousness. Predominant thought patterns – memes (thoughts that people keep thinking over and over again) determine the set of possible physical manifestations, just as when you query a database, the current SQL query determines the answers you get out of the database. So humankind is literally creating the collective consciousness every day – and we can change that consciousness if enough of us can think beyond the commonplace and the status quo.

In a vibrational universe, nothing is ever written in stone: the planetary database responds instantly to any change in thought. Therefore, one way to keep the status quo active is to create a materialist science that denies the higher potential of human beings. This is what has been happening on the planet for several centuries. But the other side of the coin is that humanity is empowered to literally change the future evolution of itself and the planet to a higher state. A better understanding of consciousness, and the relationship of consciousness to physical biology, will hasten this evolutionary leap forward.

There's an old Chinese saying that goes, "May you live in interesting times." Well, this is the most exciting time ever, as every human being has a chance to do his or her part in raising the collective vibe and creating a better world.