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Last month we talked about the human family and about how there are actually two branches: the non-physical and the physical. The non-physical branch of the human family subsumes the physical branch, because incarnated human beings are “pieces” or more accurately, aspects of a higher consciousness (a really vague term, I’ll admit). We often talk about our “higher selves,” and by that we mean that the aspect of our consciousness associated with the physical body is not the entirety of who we are. And so even an incarnated human being is the representative of Spirit, of a non-physical consciousness with a much broader perspective.

And that brings me to a pet peeve I have – this is a peeve I have with Spirit. Those of us who have woken up enough to understand that we aren’t pieces of meat know that there must be some sort of divine plan for earth. I have heard many variations on this theme, but essentially it says that human suffering isn’t pointless, that there is a reason for having planets like earth, and a planetary consciousness that seems only to value killing and fighting and suffering and misery.

My favorite channeller, Lee Carroll, is always talking about how the divine plan is so awesome, so grand and magnificent, and that we knew this when we came down here to earth. Lee also says that if we were ever to gain even the slightest glimpse of what it’s really like beyond the veil, every single one of us would find a way to leave the body and go Home.

So my question is, “What’s the point?” What kind of divine plan creates physical environments like earth where the veil is so thick people have no connection to Spirit? It makes no sense to me, I can tell you that!

I always laugh when I hear channellers or spiritual people say that a lifetime on earth is just a cosmic blink of the eye. Well, yeah, but as we all know, these physical lifetimes are interminable. They go on, and on, and on, and on, and they seem to last forever, especially when your health gets bad, or your life sucks.

Maybe you guys have an answer for me.

My guidance just sends me love and tells me that when we get back Home we’ll see the point of everything, and that it is all good, and that it all makes total sense, and I feel so much love that it seems pointless to whine about anything. Sure, but sometimes, as my wife Jenny says, you just can’t get in contact with Spirit to the level you desire.

That’s when life on earth gets you to the complaining stage.

OK, I’ve vented. I used to do that a lot on the Interview With Spirit show, and every time I’d feel this wonderful energy flow through me and everything became great. In the presence of Spirit all your negativity just goes away. That energy is 100% positive and 0% negative. I can’t explain it.

I’ve asked the Guys many times why they don’t acknowledge my very valid negativity, and they always laugh and say that consciousness is total well-being and love and joy and eagerness for life. And when I’m in that energy all my complaining goes away, it seems trivial and dumb, and I say to myself that I’ll never have anything more to do with it. But then I go back to my life on earth, and I find myself getting away from that great energy of spirit, and the circle starts all over again.

So, I know the answer to the question of “Who am I?” but I don’t know the answer to “Why does life on earth have to suck so bad sometimes?” What is this grand divine plan?

Lee Carroll says that the earth is a seeded planet and that consciousness here is on the very first baby steps toward a civilization that will eventually join other spiritual civilizations in the rest of the galaxy. And that’s all great! But then I say, “yeah, but I’m 63 years old and I might never live to see this grand stuff.” And then I get, “But sure, you’ll come back next lifetime and it will all be so much better, because a young civilization like earth has to evolve into spiritual greatness.” And then I say, “Yeah, but for thousands of years we’ve been coming down here and getting killed and burned at the stake, and starving and dying in wars. And now you’re telling me that NEXT lifetime it is all going to be good?” And then I get all sorts of love and good energy back, and the same old story about how you eagerly came down here to do the work, and you’ve done it lifetime after lifetime, and the divine plan is so great you’ll come back again and again because you don’t want to miss anything. And then I say, “OK, but it really sucks now (I am just recovering from a bout of pneumonia).” And then I get more love, and the Guys tell me to do things that are fun and make me feel good, and when I really think about it I know I don’t want to leave, and that’s where I leave it. Until next time.

So, all this as an introduction to karma and human relationships.

You see, the human family is a lot more than being born into a physical body, and the present lifetime, and the stuff you can only see and understand from the 5 human senses. Of course, as we talked about last month, there are at least 5 billion newbies down here messing everything up. I mean, some of these people are really, really clueless. They have no earth experience, they are here for the first time, or maybe the second or third, they have no idea about human relationships on earth, they do cruel and stupid things that hurt other people’s feelings, and even start wars because some of them are so ambitious to succeed, and the veil is so thick for them they haven’t a clue.

Because, people, no spiritually aware person with a lot of earth experience is ever going to start a war, or murder anyone, or do any of the other egregious things we see every day. And that’s because we’ve been on the other side of that too many times.

“Crimes of passion” AREN’T committed by experienced earthians – they are always committed by newbies (young souls). That’s not to say that experienced earth souls don’t feel passion, or the desire to kill someone or harm someone. It’s just that when the impulse to do harm is upon us, we have enough experience to step back just enough to stop ourselves. Newbies don’t.

So here you are, born into a physical human family.

There may be a newbie in your own family – you know, the brother or the sister that just doesn’t get it, he or she seems not to care about anyone but themselves, bro or sis may even be a psychopath. Well, as Robert Heinlien famously said, “never assign to malice that which can adequately be explained by stupidity.” What you have here is a newbie who is probably so overwhelmed by this earth experience, he or she just says, “Hey, I’m just trying to keep my head above water, I can’t handle human relationships, so I’m just going to look out for myself.”

In other words, there is evil on this planet, but it is always the result of stupid newbies who don’t get it – and sometimes they really get into the dark side and do horrible things, until they go back Home and realize who they are and what they did was probably not so great. But the point is, the motivation even for evil acts always comes down to stupidity, not inherent evil. Because consciousness is love, and unconditional love allows any action to take place, knowing that the ending (going back Home) is ALWAYS a happy ending. OK, so that explains why some of us have to deal with family members who are out of control and who don’t seem to get it. That’s probably a minority of us.

What really irritates us is when we incarnate with souls who we interacted with in previous lifetimes. You are the son or daughter now, but you were the father or mother, the uncle or aunt, the grandparent. And your siblings or your children were your siblings or children before, or your parents or grandparents.

And people, you don’t even want to know about the tangled threads of energy that everyone in your family is born with. It’s so complex because you might have had 100 previous lifetimes with these souls, and you might have killed them before, or betrayed them before, and they might have done the same to you.

And now here you are, you get born on earth and even old souls are mostly clueless because of the veil, and your parents tell you that when you die you’re dead, and be nicey happy-happy to your sister or brother, when you really want to slap them, because, remember, that bastard stole my wife last lifetime and wrecked my life! You want to slap them because there is so much invisible interactive energy between you that you can’t see. Little things your family members do piss you off so much, and innocent things (to you) that you do piss them off, and pretty soon you are yelling and screaming at each other.

From a this-lifetime perspective it makes no sense, but from a human family perspective it makes total sense.

You, and your other human family members, are here working through the accumulated karma of 5,000 years. And on top of that we got an entire planet where there are 5 billion newbies out of 7 billion, messing everything up. So that’s why human family relationships can get very, very complicated and tangled. And that’s why, now that consciousness is waking up on earth, we are going through so much crap. Because all of that buried stuff is now being activated. It has to be activated and transformed if the human race is ever going to reach true fourth-level (planetary) consciousness.

And it’s happening to you and me right now.

The point is, it’s not you. It’s everyone.

Life seems to throw you a lot more curves than would be justified if you were just here once and then dead. Nope. There’s 5,000 years of history from this civilization, and then who knows how many millennia from previous civilizations. All that karma has to be worked through. And then we got the newbies! Remember, in 1926 the population of earth was only 2 billion. Now it’s 7 billion. In 3 generations that’s 5 billion more incarnated souls, and each of them has 3 or less lifetimes here.

That’s what a newbie is. And man, are they stupid sometimes! The clueless guy or girl who just doesn’t get it, the moron at work who makes life tough for everyone else, the jerks in their cars applying makeup and texting while driving 70 MPH, or aggressively cutting you off, and endangering everyone else. That’s a newbie. We all know who these people are.

It’s a testament to the power of love, really, that our planet is in as good shape as it is.

Personally, I don’t experience these people anymore because I’ve managed to get my vibe in shape so that I don’t meet these people anymore. And you can too, that’s the point. Even newbies have a connection to spirit, and if they aren’t stressed too much they’ll probably find it.

That’s why it’s always good to treat people with respect, even when they are being jerks – because you’ll just rile them up even more and they’ll do something even more stupid. That’s what a newbie does, and we all know this, because we were newbies too, and we did the same stupid shit.

So there is an innate understanding of irrational acts and emotional stupidity in each one who is awakened. And more and more of us are awakening. And the great thing is that a newbie doesn’t have a lot of accumulated karma, so he or she can wake up more quickly than an old soul who has so much experience here. Old souls have a lot more to work through. Newbies are just overwhelmed.

If we can make things nice around us by being good people, and using our spiritual awareness and understanding, then the newbies around us will be able to find themselves. The more stress there is, the more people lose their connection to Spirit, especially the young souls.

So the message this month is what Robin Williams said to Matt Damon in “Good Will Hunting”: “It’s not your fault.” Because it’s pretty complicated down here, and almost all of it is hidden from us. And the second part of the message is that human relationships are far, far more complicated than we think – so the best way to approach people is, very simply, with as much love as we can muster. If you don’t want to be nice for them, do it for yourself. Because, newbie or not, being grouchy is either going to stress the other person out, or activate some long-buried incident 500 years ago where you betrayed that guy or gal and now you’ve somehow just reminded him of it when you treated him or her badly (and you reasonably justify your conduct because you remember when he or she did it to you 200 years later).

You wanted to know why life on earth is so complicated sometimes? Well, now you know!

And don’t ask me about the divine plan, because I haven’t a clue, other than it’s going to turn out great in the end.