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In the movie "The Matrix," the idea that reality as we know it is not what it appears to be is presented. I believe that on planet earth at this time, the reality is just the opposite of what is thought.

In the matrix, a dominating power controls what people think and what they experience. Because planet earth has hierarchical societies that seem to grant power to a few elites and leave the vast majority at the bottom, it would appear that the powerful actors on the world stage, mainly in government and finance, have that power. In my study of intelligence and economic and political matters, it would appear that the world’s intelligence services, linked with organized (and unorganized!) crime, have usurped the authority that once belonged to our representatives in Congress (or Parliament) and our Presidents. A look at the current world financial crisis shows that powerful bankers, backed by political authority, have used “creative financing” to undermine the integrity of world currencies by ignoring sound banking practices. And the “solutions” that have been devised seem to benefit not the people, but the bankers and their regulators who created the problem in the first place.

A cursory look around planet earth shows a stubborn and powerful elite who control politics and finance, while the rest of us suffer.

But I would like to offer a different take.

What is really happening is that the actors who appear to have power are creating conditions that will destroy them.

In the United States, citizens are becoming more and more fed up with government intervention in the economy – bailouts of incompetent bankers, corporations and insurance companies costing hundreds of billions of dollars, irresponsible deficit spending (the 2009 fiscal year deficit ion the US will be around $1.7 trillion) and a Congress that won’t even read the bills it passes. The trillion-dollar health care bill was brought to the House floor and voted on before the bill was even passed. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer laughed when it was suggested that representatives actually read and understand the bills they vote on, as I remarked in a previous post. All of this (and plenty more) have made people in the United States realize that their Congress is nothing more than a rubber-stamp for special interests. There is still a lot of good feeling for President Obama, but he seems to be conducting business as usual in Iraq, Afghanistan, and in the critical areas of government spending. Nothing has changed, really. Except that the government now owns a majority interest in General Motors and Chrysler. Does this remind you of communist Russia and communist China? A top-down system of control? Well, it should!

Anyway, what is happening is that government is attempting to aggrandize power to itself. Government decisions are made by a small elite: 535 members ofCcongress and a small coterie of decision-makers in the Executive branch, which includes the national security establishment.

Of course a small elite cannot make decisions for 320 million people without the entire system blowing up, simply because the dynamics of an entire nation making individual decisions creates a complex matrix of interaction that cannot be modeled. Not even a city full of the fastest supercomputers could model such a system, because we simply don’t have the knowledge to do so. A nation’s economy and social organization is an immense, sophisticated matrix that is dynamically changing in every moment. For any group of people - even the most brilliant and distinguished scientists – to think they can create a successful framework of action-response is simply ludicrous. But that is precisely what the government of the United States (and other world governments) are trying to do. Such an effort will fail; it is as simple as that. Imagine a nation as a vast neural network with 320 million nodes and billions of filaments, representing decisions and actions of individuals. Now imagine trying to control or guide that system from above. All of the billions of information lines have to be crowded into just a few cables that lead to the top.

This system is merely a “one-size-fits-all” design that will be about as successful as trying to herd cats.

When America was at its strongest, we had a limited government and a vital private sector, a strong educational system, and a political system that was much more responsive to the needs of constituents. What we have now is a facade; a constricted system that shows a false front of democracy but is actually a cleverly designed matrix to keep incumbents in power by denying access to third parties, and to support a small number of powerful corporations. Such a system cannot long survive, for it attempts to deny power to the majority who actually have the power. Such a system can survive only as long as we, the people, continue to sleepwalk.

If you know my work, you know that I am a firm proponent of the vibrational universe concept, which says that the universe is a dynamically interacting environment where individuals have power and that the universe responds to each person by matching the current focus of attention. What is happening on the world stage is simply that we, the people, have agreed upon a set of beliefs that allow the current shenanigans to continue. All of the actors on the world stage are utterly dependent upon what we, the people, collectively agree upon. If that sounds fantastical, then you are probably one of those people who believe that you can’t fight city hall, that there is nothing anyone can do about the world situation, and so we should just give up, sit back and go with the flow. Well, going with the flow will simply continue along a course that will result in a collapse of the world economy.

What is happening “underneath” the Matrix we live in, is a rising consciousness, a rising awareness that a human being is more than a bunch of firing neurons and protoplasm. This one meme – the idea that consciousness is biologically based – is the primary, underlying meme that is at the root of the present world situation. But more and more people are “waking up” to an understanding that they are much more powerful than they have been led to believe. A nation or a planet CAN be controlled when it’s inhabitants are mere biological automatons who believe in their own unworthiness, which leads directly to the “follow the leader” mentality and hierarchical control from above.

However, as individuals discover more about ourselves, the present system will become more and more untenable. It IS becoming more and more untenable, is it not? It is coming apart at the seams! This is a good thing, for we have the power to guide the future of humanity without resistance, without protesting in the streets. As I have remarked before, submission and protest simply resonate to that which is being protested, and perpetuates the very thing that is being resisted, This is the powerful universal principle that the Old Order has used to corral thought and behavior for 5,000 years. But people are finally wising-up!

We CAN evolve to a new paradigm of thought without the collapse of the old system. We can evolve smoothly to a new set of beliefs based not on the irrationality of war, conflict, domination and hierarchy, but one that is more consonant with our spiritual origins. When enough of us wake up to the idea that we are powerful spiritual beings having a physical experience –which is just as obvious as saying “2 = 2 = 4,” the human race will reach a tipping point in consciousness and what has been hidden will all come out.

And when that happens, there will be such a shock to the system as the Light of truth exposes the seamy underbelly of the old paradigm, that we will be able to change the political and economic structures on our planet in a very short time.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are approaching that dénouement as you read this. And you and I are a part of it! As more and more of us shift our belief systems, it will become more and more impossible for the so-called “powerful elite” to continue in the old top-down patterns.

The powerful neural network that we the people of earth are creating, will constrain and guide the actions of those on the world stage. In fact, these people will be seen to have less and less power and influence as individuals step into their personal power.