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Science and Consciousness

Matter and energy are unresponsive and uncooperative to our intent, and seem to have laws of their own. Anyone who has ever worked on a car or tried to do home repair knows this: if something can go wrong it usually will. The nut gets stuck on the bolt, the roof rack you ordered doesn’t fit and it can’t be modified, the plastic bushing cracks when you put it on the axle. Physical objects are dumb and lifeless, that’s just the way it is. Or is it?

The idea that matter and energy could be responsive to consciousness seems totally absurd, except perhaps for “spoon benders” or the occasional master who incarnates every thousand years or so. We just accept – because it seems so obvious – that matter and energy are completely separate from our consciousness, our will, and our intent. I have to laugh here because when I work on stuff around the house I use at least one swear word every minute!

Physical laws have been studied in great detail by scientists and mathematicians over the past several centuries. Mechanics, electrodynamics, and the material sciences have all been rigorously developed from experiment – it is impossible to question these results. As a result, we stress, heat, twist, and explode matter and energy because that’s the only way we know how to manipulate it..

I’ve been taking an online physics course to review what I learned a long time ago in college, and so I’ve been thinking about science and its relationship to consciousness. Being a writer who occasionally brings in science into my blogging, I can’t afford to be an airhead.  I’ve been going over my math and learning about mechanics, electrodynamics, relativity, and chaos theory. The course I’m taking is a college-level course and not an in-depth study required for serious PhDs, but nonetheless it outlines all of the concepts behind the formalism, and shows how the principles of these basic subjects are derived. It has been a fascinating adventure for me.

The formalism of science is based on the idea that the laws of the universe are written in the behavior of matter and energy. Through study and experiment, scientists seek to discover the underlying principles that have created the universe. The assumption of science is that these physical laws are unvarying and will never change because they are based on principles that apply everywhere. We study matter and energy as if it were separate from us, and at this level of consciousness, it is.

But what if physics itself is connected to consciousness? Then there would be other levels of physics waiting for us that may make current assumptions and observations obsolete. My suggestion is that the laws of physics respond to these assumptions!  There is broad agreement about the current formalism in science – but at a higher level of consciousness these assumptions will change. If consciousness is somehow connected to physics – to matter and energy – then there might be such a thing as consciousness-assisted physics. At this higher level, matter and energy may become cooperative with consciousness, like a guy at the help desk who cheerfully volunteers information that makes your life easier.

This idea seems absurd because we don’t have a clue what consciousness is. We define consciousness as coming forth from matter, so we look to matter to define who we are. This is backwards.

When a civilization is as dense as ours, we default to a “basic system” that gives us the ability to survive, somewhat like learning disabled children who need special education, which gives them the most basic curriculum designed to enable them to get along at a low, but acceptable, level. By dense I mean, how do we define ourselves? Are we electromagnetic sponges walking around in meat bodies, who only live once? Or are we pieces of God with an unimaginably powerful spiritual heritage? My contention is that our spiritual heritage also comes with a sophisticated knowledge base that we have barely begun to tap into. In this higher knowledge base is consciousness-assisted physics.

All inspiration, I would argue, is a tapping into this higher knowledge base. After the shift we now have a greater ability to do this.

Consciousness-assisted physics would originate at a level beyond the EM spectrum and within a “higher vibrational” realm that we might call subtle energy, which would contain a sort of Platonic set of information systems that program the physical fields, potentials, atomic particles, and physical objects of current physics. This “etheric” information system would be totally unavailable to conventional thinking, and would underlie the current laws of physics. This higher physics would lie at a “graduate” level of consciousness in comparison to current physics at the “undergraduate” level. To reach this level we would need to go beyond conventional thinking. We would need to utilize our intuition.

Does this seem nutty? Look about the world. We are still using technologies that are almost a century or more old (internal combustion engine, jet engine, steam engine [nuclear reactor]). Our societies are still organized around scarcity and competition, and problem resolution between nations still revolves around conflict, violence, and war. Our  religions, politics, and economies reflect the same meme structure that underlies our science.

The response to this is, of course, that the present situation exists because it’s the true reality, and anyone who questions it is delusional. But if the present situation on earth is as good as it gets, then we have already reached the penultimate goal of evolution, and we shouldn’t question the status quo. Is this believable? It sure isn’t to me. More and more people are realizing that something is wrong with our current worldview. More and more people are looking past the current reality to a higher level that has not yet manifested.


I’m not talking about faith. Faith is often used by those with agendas. Intuition is an aspect of consciousness that goes beyond the body and into the realm of metaphysical or spiritual understanding. It is an ability, a siddhi, accessible to everyone, and reaches into these subtle information systems.  Intuition is also a force that allows us to pull society up to a higher level by its own bootstraps, by consciously reaching into this invisible information system. At the present time there may be no supporting factual evidence to back up our intuitive understanding other than a very powerful FEELING that something is true even if it cannot be explained in detail. But you know, there is never a crowd on the leading edge. When you create something you are going out on a limb because there is no physical evidence (yet) of your creation! You rely on intuition that it’s going to work out.

Intuition is different than delusion. Delusion is a theetie-weetie idea that by ignoring a train coming at you, you can wish it away. Intuition is a definite feeling of knowing that comes from the higher self, from the next level. It’s something you can grab on to. It’s inspiration – sometimes informed information. It’s an “aha!” moment. It’s very far away from delusion, or even faith. It’s like something you glimpse with your peripheral vision. You know something is there, but you can’t yet pin it down.

Intuition is the starting point of the creative process. From there you do the work necessary to advance your concept. There is no better feeling than being on the creative path, whether that path is in business, the arts, in tech, or anywhere. I have spent the latter part of my life doing this and it has made me very happy. It doesn’t matter if your creation finds wide acceptance or not because whenever you acknowledge your intuition you go to the other side, you touch your Higher Self, you reach past what people call the veil. When you are inspired you place higher vibrations directly into the planetary grids. You contribute directly to the push toward graduate status for our planet. We all know that doing spiritual work can be frustrating: you are creating something that is far from showing up in the real world. But if you didn’t do it, the doorway to higher awareness would NEVER open. Kudos to all of you on the spiritual path.

If the fundamental nature of matter and energy changes as our consciousness changes, then greater insight into who we are may allow us to look inside the structure of matter and perhaps even alter it. Perhaps the inherent nature of matter and energy is cooperative and benevolent. Wouldn’t that be a kick?

To get to the next level of science and physics we have to have a better understanding of consciousness. Our current understanding of consciousness is primitive and materialistic, based on the observation of matter and energy. Thought is assumed to be the result of electrochemical interactions within the brain. It is remarkable, really, how far we have advanced with this limited understanding of who we are. A human being, at this level, is assumed to be a mere electromagnetic sponge for incoming signals, and consciousness is assumed to be a stimulus-response reaction to these signals. This level of understanding relegates human beings to the status of biological robots, and is insufficient to take us to the next level. Therefore an  advancement in science must originate in a proper understanding of consciousness. Guess what new-agers: you have been right all along!

I believe that planetary evolution proceeds roughly along the same lines as has happened here on earth. Societies that don’t make it to the next level abandon their spirituality, and become dependent on lower-level physics and technology. The battle we are fighting here in the End Times is spiritual. It’s a battle between materialistic ignorance and an unprovable, invisible, metaphysical idea that a human being is a piece of God and that the very substance of the universe itself responds to an enlightened consciousness.

That’s why intuition is so important.

As I took my physics course I understood that the formalism presented – the math and the physics – will eventually be superseded at the graduate level. It would be possible then for a being to see directly into the essence of material structure and manipulate its internal structure. Of course this is a long way away yet, but if our society continues to increase its vibration, people with new abilities are going to show up. Children are going to be born with abilities their parents do not have. The ethical dilemmas associated with this issue are already being explored in movies: Are these new beings dangerous to “normals”? Fortunately these new abilities cannot show up in our biology until the consciousness of the planet is ready. Therefore, many of the dilemmas shown in these movies can’t occur in a higher consciousness.


In Hinduism, extraordinary abilities are called siddhis. Siddhis are spiritual, paranormal, supernatural, or seemingly magical powers or abilities that are the products of spiritual advancement through sādhanās such as meditation and yoga.

Here are some siddhis:

  • Being undisturbed by hunger, thirst, and other bodily appetites
  • Hearing things far away
  • Seeing things far away
  • Moving the body wherever thought goes (teleportation/astral projection)
  • Assuming any form desired
  • Entering the bodies of others
  • Perceiving objects while blindfolded
  • Walking on water

Siddhis are defined as new abilities that show up after an advance in consciousness through the practice of yoga or meditation, but they may also appear at higher levels of consciousness. There are a lot more siddhis than the ones listed above! The X-Men and Fantastic Four franchise of movies (and others) show humans with siddhis, where each member of the team has a particular power. Many of these powers are gimmicky, such as the ability to project fire, or the ability to levitate objects. Siddhis are mostly mere parlor tricks at this level of consciousness. In the Fantastic Four and the X-Men movies, the team uses their powers to fight criminals and there is a lot of destruction of property.

Throughout history a few humans have had special abilities. In a story attributed to the Buddha and found in the book "BUDDHISM: It's Essence and Development" by Edward Conze (pp. 104–105), the Buddha meets an ascetic who is sitting by the bank of a river one day. This ascetic had practiced austerities for 25 years. The Buddha asked him what he had received for all his labor. The ascetic proudly replied that now, at last, he could cross the river by walking on the water. The Buddha pointed out that this gain was insignificant for all the years of labor, since he could cross the river using a ferry for one penny!

Apparently the Buddha considered this siddhi a form of entertainment!

I admit that the ability to project fire or levitate objects is pretty cool, but it currently has no application in the world, unless you want to be an entertainer or run a circus show.

A more advanced consciousness, however, should see useful abilities manifesting in succeeding generations, and the gradual disappearance of crime altogether. Crime is product of scarcity and a consciousness of struggle and contention. During the advance to the graduate level, the elements of a new physics (and a new medicine) should show up as well.

After the Shift

Three hundred years ago the aristocrats of the day in Britain (the Upper Ten Thousand) did nothing useful. They spent their lives gambling, engaging in sport, going to parties with themselves and having affairs with each other, while the rest of the population worked their tushies off. In India a rigid caste system survived for centuries. Societies all over the globe were much more rigid. A society that is rising in vibration will have less and less class division – and less crime. It will also have a better balance between the sexes. Backward societies will subjugate women, enlightened societies will allow full expression. We have come a long way, but there is still a long way to go.

As we rise higher and higher in awareness and consciousness, the duality gets less and less because there isn’t as much need for it. At the level of Spirit, there is no duality at all, and awareness is at the God consciousness level. Even at the graduate level there can be plenty of contention, but without crime or violence.

Spiritually speaking, the human race is like a three-day-old baby so we have to cut ourselves a little slack. We are only three years after the December 21, 2012 shift. By shift I mean we are on a track – potentially – to graduate status. Despite what you see on the news, there is no longer a potential for World War III, or an extinction event for humanity or the planet. All conflicts are now local or regional, not planetary, and will gradually become more and more isolated as the years go by.

The shift occurred completely on the mental plane, in the programmable realm of subtle energy. It was completely invisible to 99.99% of the people on the planet, but it was a real shift. On my radio show and in a previous blog post I described my own experience of this shift – it was realer than “real life.” It happened.

However, our success is still not guaranteed because of a little thing called free will. There is a lot of work to do to prepare the planet vibrationally for the new children and the new energy.

If you see a child who suddenly remembers his or her past lives, don’t freak out. If you see a child suddenly manifest a new siddhi, don’t criticize him or her. The veil is thinning as the vibration on earth slowly rises, and the Akash – the planetary recording system on the mental plane – is becoming more and more available. As the decades pass, the subtle energy information systems hidden within the planet’s invisible holographic field will become available. People will be able to download abilities just as Carrie-Ann Ross did in the Matrix movie, where she learned how to fly a helicopter in a couple of seconds.

Moreover, intuition is going to play a more and more important role in life. It is an ability all of us have but don’t use enough. As the vibration of the planet rises we’ll find it easier to trust our intuition, which is just a doorway into the Higher Self.

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