Monthly Archives: February 2008

What is Love?

Love is the fundamental vibration of the universe. Love is attraction. It binds all things together. It is the carrier wave upon which all things communicate. It is a frequency infinitively high, that permeates and composes the All–That–Is.

When you feel love, you are in the moment. You feel a sense of glorious well being. You know that everything is absolutely perfect; and yet, at the same time, you feel a sense of eagerness, excitement, and exhilaration as you look over that next hill for the next adventure.

Is it possible to feel perfected and complete, and at the same time fresh, eager and excited for new experiences!


It is the most wonderful, magnificent feeling in the world. It is how you feel when you connect to Source, to who you are. Exhilaration, excitement, joy, playfulness, eagerness, all of these wonderful feelings have their basis in love, for love is the glue that binds all things together. Love is attachment, you see, the innate and quintessential harmonious bonding that draws all things together in unity consciousness. Ken must use words to express these ideas, and words are pitiful representations of the real thing –– but we hope you can feel the love from us, that comes through these words.

If love is who you are, then why do not human beings experience this feeling of love more often?

It has to do with the vibration of your species consciousness and the inherent properties of thought. You see, every physical experience you have ever had has been imprinted upon the grid of subtle energy that is an inherent part of the makeup of your planet. All of your experiences have a vibrational stamp with your name upon them. As a magnificent being of Light, you enter the physical realm completely free of any “karmic” influences. As a spirit, you know who you are and you feel love permeate your consciousness. However, the vibrational imprints left over from your previous physical experiences still exist within the planetary envelope. You re–connect with these vibrational imprints according to the law of like attracts like –– and so you carry a background vibration that may or may not influence your life, depending upon the intensity of your previous experiences, and your choices in the present life.

Now we are going to say something that may shock you: you have never, ever made a mistake! That’s right! As human beings, you consider yourselves to be imperfect. “To err is human,” the saying goes. But we want to modify that to say, “The perception of error is human.”

You see, all of you have free will. Free will is part and parcel of unconditional love. Free will and unconditional love are intimately bound up with each other, for true love IS unconditional. This means that no matter what you think, say, or do, you are loved and are supported by love.

“But what about pain, torture, poverty, pollution and injustice?” you say? Well, these ideas only exist when you are not feeling love. These ideas are very real when you experience them, but when you allow yourself to BE who you ARE, these negative emotions disappear like a foggy mist after the sun comes out. When you truly feel love, worry, anxiety, hatred and fear are seen for the phantoms they are –– utterly without power, and totally dependent for their very existence upon the fundamental vibration, the OM.

We want you to recall the last time you felt wonderful. What happens? All of your cares, all of your worries simply dissolve. If you were to feel complete and total love, you would feel the ultimate serenity and bliss, and an intimate union with every single thing in the universe! You would, literally, BE the entire universe!

It is literally true that love conquers all. Well, this is how humans say it! We would rather say, Love transcends and encompasses all feelings, all emotions, all thoughts, all action. The universe and everything in it literally exist in a container of love!

Does this surprise you? Does it not seem irrational that love could lead to not–love? To pain and misery? Dear Ones, this is the only way it can be, for the vibrations that compose the physical universe and which you perceive with your human senses, must, to some extent, be lower harmonics of something infinite. For us, the drop off is negligible. But in the human game of earth, the possibility exists for a great attenuation! It is, of course, always your choice how you feel and what you experience.

We want you to look at your human existence from a higher perspective. You came to earth to experience yourself in fullness. In order to do that, you have created an environment that includes the possibility of disconnection.

What if the concept of love were to be expanded? you asked. What if it were possible to re–discover love even in an environment where there is separation from Love? This is the glorious game that you are playing on earth! To us, you see, this idea is so magnificent that we can only imagine it, but not experience it. It is an idea of love that expands the boundaries to unknown and unimaginable heights! This is what you, the earth bound masters, are exploring. To love someone despite another’s harmful intent is a definition of love that expands the notion of unconditional! Unconditional love means unconditional allowing. Unconditional allowing means that all actions, all thoughts, are lovingly supported! Why? Because all endings are happy endings! Death is a glorious release back to joy, and Native State. So you cannot make a mistake, do you see?

We assure you that only the very strongest and most powerfully connected beings can do this. Unconditional love always comes from a position of power. Anger, hatred, violence, all of these emotions come from weakness and insecurity, despite appearances to the contrary. Those who stand in their power are the greatest allowers, did you know that? These are the people with the greatest reach and scope of possibility in their lives. The more love, the greater is your reach into the world.