Monthly Archives: May 2007

I wanted to let people know about two new movies I've made and three new websites I've put up.
I'm a practical guy who has been interested in spiritual stuff -- the Big Picture -- for most of my life. I have been a contractor for over 25 years and now I am writing full time.
As you know Rhonda Byrne has made a big splash with The Secret. I think it's good that people know about this stuff, but I like to take principles like the Law of Attraction and make it real to people and apply it in practical, day-to-day living. What good is a bunch of theory if you can't make it work for you in life? That's what my writings are all about, even though most of my blog postings so far have been about politics!
Anyway, here is the info on my new projects:

Along with my partner, Medreth Thomas, we have just released two movies: "The Unity of Spirit and Matter" and "The Law of Attraction Explained."

The Unity of Spirit and Matter is about consciousness and its relationship to the material world. It is also a call to action and a celebration of our inherent spiritual nature. Mankind is in trouble because we have forgotten who we are! When consciousness is put into its proper relationship to science and the material world, the result is clarity, inspiration, and balance. As we approach closer and closer to a planetary denouement, understanding of self is crucial to the very survival of our species and our planet. To see a trailer for the movie, Click Here.

The Law of Attraction Explained is a short movie explaining the basics of the Law of Attraction, and how it works in life. Without fanfare or marketing gimmicks, it simply explains how this fundamental universal principle works in practical, day–to–day living. To see a trailer for the movie, Click Here.

Our new affiliate program is called Marketing With Spirit. An affiliate program is where you can sell Big Picture products on your site and make 50% on every sale. Our program is for spiritually aware people who want to inspire and empower others to see their greater potential, AND make money too! To see what this program is all about, Click Here.

We have also launched three new websites:

1) The Vibrational Universe Community website, whose goal is to network with spiritually aware people to produce eBooks, movies, and websites that inspire and educate people to see their greater potential.

2)Sunrise–Production Studio, which hosts our multimedia products, and

3) Mental Keys To Success Article Site a site with hundreds of articles by successful people on achieving success.

Have fun viewing our movies and exploring our websites!