Monthly Archives: December 2016

For most people in the US, this election was a shocker. No one really expected Donald Trump to win. Trump is looked on by the majority as an attention-seeker, a TV personality, a buffoon, almost a cartoon character. However, an interesting fact emerged from the exit polling: 60% of voters on both sides felt that their candidate was not a good one. In other words, 60% of the people who voted for Hillary thought she wasn’t a good candidate, and 60% of the people who voted for Trump didn’t think he was a good candidate! But Trump won because everyone felt that a radical change was needed.

In essence, Hillary was the candidate of the old system. Trump is a change-activator. He’s a temporary solution. You are looking at a property and you see a really nice piece of land. But the property itself is falling apart. The first guy you call is the wrecker – who comes in with a big crane and destroys the place with one of those huge wrecking balls. It’s dirty, it’s messy, and it makes a lot of noise and destruction. But you have to get rid of the decrepit structure before you can rebuild that nice, shiny new property. Trump is the wrecker. He’s only there for a short time, and everybody can’t wait until he’s done so they can get to work building something meaningful. Almost all of my friends are appalled that Hillary didn’t win – especially the women, who see Trump as some kind of barbaric rapist who hates women. In the last post I talked about “historical forces.” I believe Trump is a necessary part of the energetic shift to a new consciousness. He represents the action component of the collective decision to reach a higher consciousness.

Of course this will seem ludicrous and absurd to most people, who regard Trump as a major step backward. One African American guy even said it was a return to the Jim Crow days. It’s perfectly understandable why people think this. However, things are not always as they seem! Hillary was the step backward, even though she appeared to represent a step forward: the first woman president. But Hillary represented the status quo, the same old two-party dictatorship that has ruled America for the past century, the old decrepit house. If we are going to truly make a shift forward, we have to remove the corrupt political system that exists. Ladies and germs, you don’t have a democracy when the Congressional approval rate is around 10% – 13%! How can we say we have representative democracy when 9 out of 10 people don’t approve of what their representatives are doing? The simple answer is that we can’t. We need a barbarian at the gates of DC to knock down a few of those gates so we can reset to a system that works better and represents people instead of corporations.

The Clinton campaign blew it for the Democrats. Hillary and her crew forced out Bernie Sanders, who was the true alternative to Trump. If Bernie would have gotten the nomination he might have won. But the old order had to assert its authority and Bernie was swept aside, just as Hillary was swept aside. Still, my intuition tells me that Trump, in the long run, is the stronger, and necessary, personality who will force change. Bernie is too nice a guy.

I wouldn't be surprised if Trump didn't finish his term. If The Donald goes overboard, or pisses off too many people, an impeachment vote might succeed in the Congress.

I didn’t vote for either Hillary or Trump; I voted third party. However, Trump is the kind of bloke who has a chance to make a big dent in the endemic corruption that is Washington DC. Like a bull, Trump doesn’t seem very bright – but once he sets his mind on something he will go after it fearlessly. We need someone fearless right now in Washington who will represent the people of the United States, not the corporate network and the special interests that run this planet. Trump will not be intimidated by threats. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if some “lone nut” took a shot at The Donald. He represents (like the wrecking ball) a serious threat to the Matrix of lies and corruption that has been established on the planet.

The Republicans won both the House and the Senate so if Trump has an agenda he will likely be able to push it through if he can mend fences with the rest of the party. The problem is that although Trump ran as a Republican he is a maverick (and a former Democrat). He alienated many of the party big-wigs in his run to the presidency. All of this speaks to a chaotic period for the new president.

This is fitting because the US right now is in a chaotic situation. I’m speaking more in a mathematical sense: In a chaotic situation the number of possible outcomes increases very rapidly as the old system breaks down. Look for a lot of uncertainty and even bewildering changes during the next year or two in the US as the old order falls apart and a new international system of finance comes on board. Keep in mind that chaos is necessary to advance to a higher level, and that chaos leads to a situation of flux as the old rules become outdated and new rules are written into the public consciousness. During periods like these the system has an opportunity to advance to a higher level. Pay no attention to Chicken Littles in the media who predict disaster (they ALWAYS predict disaster).

Unlike almost everyone I see this election as a step forward: a firm and determined choice to leave the old order behind. The problem is that we have not decided on a course for the future. Right now Donald Trump is a perfect representation of the collective consciousness of the US: a guy who knows that something is very wrong but isn’t quite sure how to set about changing it. Trump is a person of action who will sweep with a very large broom. That broom may sweep out some of the good with the bad, but history will eventually see this election as the first step toward a true change in consciousness (for the better).