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The Big Picture Blog looks at life from the perspective of an observer who has newly come to earth from a sane, rational civilization!

If you examine humanity's systems of belief, you will find that they are almost all inverted. Human beings believe as a species in fighting something to make it better; we believe in using polluting fossil fuels instead of clean, alternative energy sources; we believe that our societies should be organized hierarchically, from the top down, to benefit a tiny few at the expense of the many. I could go on, of course! The point is, we believe these things because that is the way we have organized our societies.

What manifests is always the result of held belief systems. Thought always precedes action!

Humanity, as a species, is adolescent. That is not a bad thing; however, adolescents are also arrogant (in case you haven't noticed!) believing, in their limited experience, that they have all the answers. Fortunately, the consciousness of humanity is evolving rapidly; and hopefully, to a new level of awareness of the value of cooperation and teamwork.

I have attempted in this blog to point out some of the irrationalities in human society, with the intention of creating conceptual distinctions that can lead to a new understanding.

If humanity ever graduates to a rational, sane society that respects and cherishes life, we will be able to quickly transform the face of our planet to a new era of cooperation and prosperity. We will be able to get ourselves out of "quarantine" and join the galaxy of civilizations that exist outside of our severely limited conceptual framework, and  reach a mature understanding of life and all the benefits that will accrue.

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